Downton Abbey Recap: Arrested Development

Downton Abbey Anna Arrested

The investigation into Mr. Green’s murder took a sharp turn down WTF Avenue on Sunday’s Downton Abbey as a Bates was unexpectedly placed behind bars — but not the one you might have expected.

Is it possible? Could Anna really have pushed Mr. Green to his death? The witness to his murder certainly didn’t hesitate to pick her out of the line-up, but I remain unconvinced. Turning Anna into a killer seems like a shark over which even Downton wouldn’t dare to jump.

Still, things aren’t looking too great for her as we head into next week’s season finale. They’ll eat her alive in jail.

Downton Abbey Rose WeddingUNHOLY MATRIMONY | Rose and Atticus’ wedding, which managed to happen in spite of the couple’s respective in-laws’ best efforts, stole most of the episode’s focus — and for good reason. Not only did Rose’s mother frame Atticus by sending a prostitute to his room, but when that scheme blew up in her face, she announced her intentions to divorce Shrimpy, knowing full well that the D-word would force Atticus’ father’s hand. And her Plan B might have worked, had it not been for the intrusion of Atticus’ mother, who threatened to give her husband a real scandal should he decide to stop the wedding. (How amazing was Shrimpy’s “Down, you cat!” moment, by the way? I’m #TeamShrimpy for life.

downton-abbey-mary-tonyPLUS NONE | Speaking of wedding-related awkwardness, Mary was forced to fake a smile as she accepted an invitation to Tony and Maybe-It’s-Mabel Lane Fox’s nuptials. The worst part? With Tom (potentially) leaving for Boston — something neither Mary nor I am looking forward to in any way — she might have to go solo! That’s, like, Edith-level depressing right there. At least she got that nice pep talk from Carson: “He wasn’t good enough for you, my lady. Not by half.” (I’m not sure I agree, but whatever.)

INDECENT PROPOSAL | And Tom isn’t the only one who might be parting ways with the Abbey. The Dowager Countess got a real sexy proposition from her princely ex-boyfriend, who said he wants to “spend my final years” with her “as a friend… as a lover.” Despite her previous objections, Kuragin’s latest attempt appeared to penetrate (…) the D.C.’s icy exterior; could she really be considering leaving with him?

GET A CLUE | Often one of the last horses to cross the finish line, Robert used his keen observational skills this week to (finally!) figure out that Marigold must, in fact, be his granddaughter. He didn’t seem as huffy about it as I expected him to be, but it’s possible that Bricker-gate helped him realize he shouldn’t keep rushing to judgment. I think our angry little man might actually be growing up.

Odds and Ends:
* A new footman named Andy was introduced. I thought Thomas was going to make a move, but then he didn’t. So… nothing to see here, folks.
* Daisy’s getting real big for her britches, I’ll tell you what.
* I don’t want any more of this Molesley-Baxter romance, because it just makes me think about how weird Molesley probably is in bed. Don’t judge me; he’s like a real-life Mr. Bean.
* That whole subplot about Mrs. Patmore and the memorial (aka the perfect opportunities for bathroom breaks) also reached its conclusion this week.

Lords and ladies, do you think Anna killed Mr. Green? Should the D.C. take up Prince Kuragin on his offer? And was I crazy for expecting something to happen between Thomas and Andy? Drop all of your thoughts and theories in the comments section below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Nick says:

    Lady Mary throws the best shade:
    “We should all go to lunch together. Edith you can come too.”

  2. paul h. alford says:

    Is it just me aren’t mary and tom getting closer than just friends?

    • lkh says:

      Maybe, huh? just for Mary tho?

    • dman6015 says:

      Nah. New love interest for Mary being introduced in the next episode.

    • Jim says:

      The writers have hinted Tom and Edith became kindred spirits way back when she started her column devote to the changing times. It’s also been written Edith and Tom confide and he approves of her wanting to assert her independence, Sybil-style. Remember Edith driving both a motor car and then the tractor? If true love doesn’t blossom for these two very watchable characters, I will be disappointed.

  3. Matt says:

    This Anna/Bates/Mr. Green story is never going to end, is it?

    • maggie says:

      It certainly feels that way. Who with the Bates be accused of killing next year? That seems to be the only storyline for those two.

    • The Beach says:

      Talk about a “who gives a crap” storyline this ranks right up there with Mrs Pattmore’s deserter nephew. Green is dead…someone maybe pushed him in front of a truck…good. Now can we give the Bates’ something fun to do?

    • Znachki says:

      I’m hoping the “Christmas Special” will give us the present we all want – the end of the “who killed Mr. Green” storyline. Now that it’s been confirmed he was a serial rapist, heck, any one of a dozen people could’ve killed him. Hopefully we’ll find out it’s one of them!

  4. Jenna says:

    Can’t wait for the finale and for Matthew Goode’s debut as Henry Talbot. Rose and Atticus make a very cute and savvy pair. The woeful Bates are becoming so hard to bear as couple. Anna can stay but wouldn’t mind if Mr. Bates moved on.

  5. Ally Oop says:

    I do not want Tom to leave. My favourite characters used to be Sybil and Matthew but they were written off and now its Tom. If Tom goes I will be really sad.

  6. Ian says:

    That cinches it. They’ve lost me. Lately, this once good series just gets more and more insufferably operatic at every turn. And now, this nonsense of recycling the Bates wrongful imprisonment conceit — it’s too much to bear. I used to like that couple but now I just wish they’d hang the pair of them and be done with it.

  7. lkh says:

    Shouldn’t we give Thomas a ‘well done’ re: the Dowager’s maid? And I’m never in the mood to give him a well done. Ever since he got that carbuncle on his butt, he’s been nicer–scares me a bit.

  8. maggie says:

    Anna was the only one nervous in the lineup, so it most likely led the man to focus on her. I really hate this storyline, and can’t wait for it to end. It seems silly for the police to spend so much time and effort on Greene’s death when no one has actually come forward to say they saw him pushed. And how did Greene saying he was surprised to see someone turn into Greene arguing with someone? There is still nothing that says it was anything more than an accident.

    I love Baxter and Moseley together. They make such a sweet couple. I like that Daisy realized that she has people who truly love her, and that leaving them isn’t going to be easy. Now if Tom would only realize that, I would be happy.

    Violet will never take up Prince Kuragin on his offer. Their situations in life are too different. She made her choice years ago, and isn’t going to change her mind now.

  9. Aimee says:

    If Anna had killed Green she’d have known her husband was innocent which she clearly did not, she seemed fairly shocked to realise he was innocent actually.

  10. Bob says:

    Another source indicates that this WAS the season finale. Could we have to wait to find out?

    • Bob says:

      No. My local PBS station says it’s ending next week. I guess not all TV websites are to be trusted.

    • Amanda says:

      When it aired in England it was the season finale but that’s because they count the Christmas special as a separate episode, like a TV movie. When it airs on PBS the Christmas special becomes our season finale and it airs next week. Matthew Goode makes his debut next week too.

  11. dman6015 says:

    They really have to end this Mr. Green nonsense once and for all. It was not a storyline worthy of a season and a half of exposure. Let’s hope the Christmas episode ends it for good.

  12. IMO75 says:

    I will say the Mrs Patmore storyline did bring me to tears, although when in aired in the UK it ended on the week of Remembrance Day. Which certainly added to the emotional impact of seeing all those young soldiers (some physically and/or emotionally injured) paying tribute to their fallen comrades and knowing that there is no one left of that generation to stand guard.

  13. Luis says:

    1. Julian Fellowes, are you frakkin’ kidding me? What’s next, are Anna and Bates going to celebrate her eventual release by heading off to their London townhouse only to have a meteor fall on it? Holy crap!
    2.Inviting Mary to the wedding? Mabel Lane-Fox, you feisty bitch!
    3. Robert might not be Sherlock Holmes, but he isn’t a complete muttonhead.
    4. Run away Countess, run away!! Could they play the theme from “Dr. Zhivago” as their train pulls away?
    5. Julian Fellowes, if you send Tom Branson, the most sensible person in that whole estate, and his adorable daughter to America I will never forgive you!
    6. I have always loved Rose, that empty-headed but full-hearted sweetie pie.
    7.When Daisy started going on about the failed promise of the Labour party in last week’s episode I nearly kissed the screen!
    8. Stop throwing shade at Moseley and Baxter – that sad sack of a footman needs some love in his life. And now he can be first footman!

    • bill says:

      It would be a huge mistake to write Branson and Sybbie out of the series. Let’s hope Tom changes his mind and decides to stay at Downton.

      • As I replied earlier today, I do hope Edith and Tom become romantically involved beyond just the practical considerations of raising Marigold and Sybbie together. They both want society and the estate to move forward into the new era.

        • geminimom82 says:

          That would be weird to think that Tom and Edith get together… maybe even married. Then, their kids would be stepsisters and cousins…. WEIRD.
          But, if Tom is written out, I’m done. I love his character and my heart always goes out to Edith. I hate the way Mary treats her. And Rose… silly little airhead… she’s adorable and I love Atticus.

          I’m real sick of the Mr. Green crap. He’s dead, he hurt Anna let’s move on. Maybe he jumped in front of the train or another woman pushed him for violating her. WHO CARES!!! Goodbye to bad rubbish.

  14. bill says:

    Mary should end up with either Charles Blake or Branson. They don’t need to start stunt-casting new suitors (Matthwew Goode). The whole “Mr. and Mrs. Bates are doomed” storylines have got to stop. It has gotten beyond ridiculous. Does anyone think that Season 6 will be the last?

  15. Lawrence Karch says:

    The police are playing a double game by arresting Anna. That faux line-up at Scotland Yard shows that Scotland Yard doings are not all that they appear.

    • Darcey says:

      Yes, I agree. They no doubt lied about a man shorter than Bates to get Anna to admit to the rape. When that didn’t happen, they arrested her, knowing he will confess now. But I expect it to all be cleared up next season.

      • Jan says:

        Yes! That’s what I think, too. All a ruse to get HIM to confess.
        Robert garnered a few brownie points from me in this episode. Finally showed his decent side.

    • KC says:

      I totally agree. The whole lineup and arrest are a fake by the police to draw Bates out and force him to confess, although I personally don’t think he is guilty. I don’t believe he would have lied to Anna about his innocence.

  16. pkdaly says:

    So Mr Fellowes killed off Isis for a plot point? Lord Grantham now needs a dog memorial, and sees in the guy’s sample book he also makes plaques, and decides this will tie up the storyline with Mrs. Patmore’s nephew and the war memorial! Quite a long walk!

  17. Gerald says:

    Is it too late for Tom & Mary to marry?

  18. I says:

    I am hoping that Bates will make the ultimate sacrifice and confess to the murder of Green. Then they can hang him and close out the story line.jacksu

  19. Darcey says:

    Anna has been worried sick that Mr. Bates killed Mr. Green, so how could she have possible done it?

  20. LV Sunny says:

    The Mr. Green storyline is to PBS’ what the Red John storyline was to The Mentalist on CBS. OMG. Take the clue from the most overused phrase in the last year and just Let. It. Go. Would the police in that historical time period really have taken up so much of their resources to go after this couple for the death of a nobody?

  21. Laurie Brown says:

    It seems that the Granthams are running a prison to work release program in their home with all these servants that have been in prison running around. Yikes couldn’t the writer have come up with a new and original twist on something instead of dragging out old story lines? It is getting tiring.

  22. Alichat says:

    I actually thought Denker was the better person and Spratt was being a toad, but after her little trick with Andy, I stand corrected! And good lord Rose’s mother is a piece of work. Was she always such a dreadful woman…..even when Rose was growing up?? No wonder everyone in the family likes Shrimpy more. I was hoping that the Dowager would hit her with a few more zingers to knock her down a bit. Where were Rose’s siblings? Wouldn’t they be here for her wedding? Mary’s invite for lunch which included Edith!….and her “even you Edith” even sounded affectionately joking……it made me almost spit my dinner! I too am sick to death of the Mr Green-Bates drama. And I do hope Tom doesn’t go to America. He’s my favorite character.

  23. There for awhile I was certain Thomas was after poor Andy. So glad that didn’t happen, phew! I like that Daisy is wanting more for herself but not sure she knows just how to do it properly. Don’t like the influence of her now gone teacher…sorry I’ve forgotten her name already. I didn’t like her for Tom either!! Absolutely no way would Anna have killed anyone! I imagine it was a former lover of his, who favored Anna, that found out he had cheated on her. And as far as the DC leaving with her Prince I just can’t imagine DA without her, so I hope she bids him a very fond farewell. And just an added remark, I was so proud of Robert’s remark about Marigold. I do so like seeing his somewhat softer side:)

  24. Susan King says:

    I don’t think Anna killed Green! I think she thought her husband had done the deed for a long time until they talked about the ticket and she realized he didn’t do it!!! She seemed very relieved to hear this from Bates! So, she couldn’t be the murderer!
    I’m wondering if Baxter did. Could Green be the man who pushed her into stealing those jewels? Maybe he raped her too? We’ll find out soon about this! No, the CD will not marry the prince who is penniless!! It seems he knows it would improve his situation to marry someone with financial security! He was a womanizer when he first met the CD. why would we think he wouldn’t be the same now!?

    • Darcey says:

      You are right. Anna didn’t kill Green or she wouldn’t have worried her husband did.
      Interesting theory about Baxter, though. I hope not as I would like to see her happily situated with Mosely.
      The prince didn’t propose marriage. He has a wife. He proposed they become lovers. I can’t see the CD ever becoming someone’s mistress.

  25. anglophile says:

    And poor Isis! :( Isis and then Anna!

  26. I truly love this show&it’s twist&turns of the characters&script!!! I’m 1″ takes alot of attention 4 me 2 be interested in anything these days!!!Great performance from all angles!!! :)