Vampire Diaries' Candice Accola Breaks Down Stefan and Caroline's First Kiss, Previews What's in Store for Them

Vampire Diaries Stefan Caroline

Thursday’s Vampire Diaries (The CW, 8/7c) is bound to be a tearjerker — Sheriff Forbes is, at last, laid to rest — but Candice Accola tells TVLine there’s a silver lining in the hour for Caroline, and it goes by the name of Stefan Salvatore.

“Caroline and Stefan definitely need to have a talk about what happened,” Accola acknowledges. “We will see them discuss it, and the result of that conversation will really paint a picture of what’s in store for them in the future.”

Read on for more of Accola’s thoughts on Caroline’s relationship with Stefan, the loss of her mother and the next step in her journey towards becoming “the best person that she can be.”

TVLINE | When we left Caroline last week, she was, understandably, a mess. What’s her mental and emotional state at the top of Thursday’s episode?
First of all, I don’t think there’s ever been a more depressing ending to a show ever. [Laughs] We’re going to see Caroline waking up to the reality that her mom is dead. We’ll see the exact same Caroline we’ve seen for six seasons; she’s got a goal to accomplish, which is to bury her mother, and she’s going to do it in an efficient fashion. She’s making lists and assigning tasks. We’ll see the business of death, all the things you have to do and the realities you have to face.

TVLINE | It’s been a rough season for Caroline as a character; how has that been for you as an actress?
It’s been a long couple of months with these emotional episodes. The running joke has been me saying, “Julie, can you please let me stop crying? I’m tired of crying!” But the episodes have also been so powerful, so I feel very grateful that the role of Caroline and this journey she’s on have been entrusted to me. So it’s exhausting, but I’m also grateful to go to work every day and play it out.

TVLINE | Are you bummed that you won’t be working alongside Marguerite McIntyre anymore?
The reality is that I probably saw her more outside of work than I did at work sometimes, so it actually works out fine for me. Whenever she writes an episode of The Originals, she comes down to Atlanta for the filming, so there are plenty of nights we’ll see each other. I am sad about not getting to work with her, though, because it’s always such a privilege to act in a scene with her. She brings such grace to the set, and I hope to emulate that. We all went out after the big death scene and had what we call an “Irish wake” for Sheriff Forbes, our own heart-to-heart moment to honor her.

Vampire Diaries SpoilersTVLINE | OK, let’s talk about Stefan and Caroline’s kiss, which I’ve been waiting for since Season 2. What was it like to finally film that moment?
loved the progression of the Stefan-Caroline relationship. I love that it’s been such a slow burn, and I love that it wasn’t this aggressively dramatic moment; it was just really sweet and tender and the sun was setting. They didn’t need to start ripping each other’s clothes off. It was just a sweet, simple first kiss. And we could not have had a better sunset for that location shoot. The first day we were supposed to shoot it was cloudy and grey, so we swapped some scenes around and we filmed it the next day. We had to wait for the sun to set, then once it started setting, everybody was like, “Go! Go!”

TVLINE | Elena seems relatively cool with Stefan and Caroline becoming close. Will that change?
As of right now, everybody’s really comfortable. Caroline’s comfortable telling Elena that she kissed Stefan, Elena’s comfortable hearing about what they’re up to, Stefan’s comfortable with Elena and Caroline talking about it, Stefan’s comfortable with Elena and Damon being together — everybody’s comfortable. I’m not sure how this would all work out in real life, but this is a vampire show, so it seems like everybody’s OK with it.

Season 6, Episode 15TVLINE | Caroline and Damon haven’t always gotten along, but it seems like they’re in similar situations with Sheriff Forbes. Will her death bring them closer together?
I love that Damon gives Sheriff Forbes’ eulogy. And you’re right, Caroline has been very back-and-forth about him; they haven’t gotten along for many seasons. But the fact that Caroline is focused on burying her mother, she doesn’t have time to think about her past experiences with Damon. I think her reaction to Damon giving the eulogy will surprise many of the viewers.

TVLINE | Julie Plec described this as the “Sheriff Forbes chapter” of the season. What does the next chapter have in store for Caroline?
We’re actually not that far ahead of the episodes that are airing right now, so the next chapter is building as we speak. For now, she’s just very focused on honoring her mother and figuring out what she needs to do for herself to move forward and to be the best person that she can be.

Vampire Diaries fans, do you approve of Stefan and Caroline’s budding romance? And what do you hope to see happen to Caroline in the next “chapter”? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

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  1. Beth says:

    Caan’t wait to see what happens next with steroline! Their first kiss was perfection, but Caroline is going through such a hard time I don’t know what will happen! And yeah poor Candice having to cry so much all season!

    • charlotte says:

      Caroline has been with Demon, Matt, Tyler and proclaimed her love, crush, devoted, blah blah blah to all of them, now Stefan? Watch out Alaric Caroline’s gotta put another notch on her head board buddy and your turn is coming. So when Stefan said it’s not gonna happen Caroline in season 1 episode 1 and we were told this was a show about an epic Love between Stefan and Elena were we lied to? played? promised so we’d watch then pulled a fast one? they’ve changed this show from the wildly exciting show it used to be and turned it into the Dullena Diaries. Congrats Julie and Caroline, you lost another viewer. The ratings have dropped since this show was turned into the dullena diaries.

      • Beth says:

        sorry babe, I can’t hear your pointless slutshaming over the sound of Stefan and Caroline being adorable.

        • charlotte says:

          Lol, you DELENA’S pretending to be fans of Steroline are sooooooo obvious it’s pathetic. Don’t bother BS-ing up “babe”

          • Me says:

            Pathetic huh, and what are you, commenting on a show you don’t even watch anymore.

          • Clo says:

            First stop assuming all SC fan are DE fan we’re not. And stop with the slutshaming. What if she has been with other guys before, he’s not a Virgin either, he has been with a lot of different girls during the 5 1/2 first Seasons. Maybe you’ve found your only love the first time but for most people it’s not the same. As opposed to DE whose a toxic relationship, SC is healthy but also beautiful and sweet and based on trust, support and friendship. And i personnaly love that kind of relationship.

          • Beth says:

            Que? I don’t care one way or another about Delena. My favorite character is Caroline, and I’ve always liked Stefan better than Damon. I’m a nappy camper at the moment! No need to project on me just because you ship something else and are therefore mad about Steroline. IDRC!

          • Amanda says:

            I agree with Charlotte the rest of you are only pouncing on her because you are whining Delena fans. We comment on the show because we have been loyal fans from the very first episode and we hope that what used to be our favorite show can find it’s way back to what it used to be. We invested in these characters, we spent hours watching this show because we used to love the entertainment it provided, there is NOTHING wrong with us commenting on how we feel about it. This show is NOTHING like the books and I would be o.k with that if it at least stuck to the basics but no of course it wouldn’t because they’re to busy listening to the rantings of sex crazed teenagers with out of control hormones who’s one purpose of watching the show is to stare at Damon’s face! look at the ratings the numbers don’t lie..this show is not what it used to be! In what day and age is it o.k to dump a man for his brother? or how about getting it on with every male character she comes in contact with(ahem Caroline) It seems like they show that girls are needy, self centered and could only thrive with a man in her life…Elena should have been with Stephan. No it was not boring…It was very true love and for once that is what I wanted to watch and if you think that it’s exciting to watch a very dysfunctional relationship that’s border line abusive where Damon kills Elena’s brother because he’s throwing a tantrum when she break’s up with him (even if it was Katherine because he didn’t know that) then I’m sorry but there is something wrong. I only watch out of loyalty but I think even I have had enough and now the CW is doing the same to Reign…God what has this world come too?

      • Cali says:

        Stefan has been with Elena, Katherine, Rebekah and Ivy etc why isn’t it him you have a problem with??? Stop internalized misogyny 2k15.

        And you were “told” it was a love triangle, which for 5 yrs it was, it’s now been resolved which always had to happen. If you chose to ignore the premise of the show, that’s your own fault.

        • stefan says:

          Thank You for emphasizing the love triangle thing. On Netflix the description of the show is literally ” feuding vampires Stefan and Damon vie for the affection of captivating teenager Elena”. After which Damon won and they’re coming up with new storylines.

        • stelenalove says:

          You’re a fool if u think the original ESD triangle is resolved. Julie just gave an interview saying that ots still pretty mich the basis of the show. Too soon to be calling Damon the winner of elenas affectiobs

          • Damon's Brown Eyed Girl says:

            What are affectiobs? Just out of interest?

          • Cali says:

            Gurl, come on. It’s not rocket science to figure out which pairings are gonna end up together on teen CW shows. It’s gonna be Delena and Steroline, it’s obvs.

      • Rebecca says:

        Steroline will be the ruin for TVD……………

      • R says:

        That was way back in season one for crying out loud. Life happens!

    • Cali says:

      Me too I love Steroline together :)

    • Jessica Chang says:

      I’ve never seen a love story more boring that Caroline and Stefan. The only romantic pair that worked for Stefan to date was Katherine.

    • Danton says:

      The Steroline kiss was terrible. I don’t have a favorite ship, but definitely Candice and Paul has zero chemistry.

  2. Samantha says:

    I’m excited to see what’s next for Steroline. I love what Candice said about it being simple and not over dramatic. That’s why I love Steroline so much because it’s so different than all the other relationships on this show.

  3. lorna says:

    Not at all a fan of Steroline. I hope it does not last.

  4. Sarah says:

    The Steroline kiss was so perfect! I’m loving the slow burn to their relationship as well

  5. Bill M says:

    Looking forward to more Stefan and Caroline plus Caroline dealing with her mom.

  6. Letti says:

    This interview is so… ugh. Everything sounds so bad.

  7. amy says:

    sick of steroline.. i can’t wait for caroline to share scenes with someone else

  8. Cali says:

    Great interview Andy!!!! I enjoyed what Candice had to say about her arc this season, the loss of Liz, Steroline etc etc etc. Imo she’s been knocking out the park this season with her performance she’s sooo good and seems way sweet IRL :)

    As for Steroline, you asked so I’ll answer lol!!! ITA with Candice…loving how they’ve developed them and omg that 1st kiss was perfection!!!! I’m in favor of them becoming a couple and living happily ever after lol. They’re a perfect match imo :) Btw, happy to hear there’ll be no angsting from Elena over it, the love triangle got sooooo old and boring, I’m happy with Steroline and Delena as the show’s main couples, I like them both :)

    • Rebecca says:

      Unfortunately, the ratings say otherwise….and you know, TV shows needs ratings

      • Cali says:

        Except ratings don’t say otherwise at all. They’ve constantly been in the 0.7 to 0.9 range for the past yr.

        • stelenalove says:

          And these are low ratings for a show that used to score double of these demos in the first seasons

          • Cali says:

            Lol yeah bc that’s what happens as shows age, ratings go down.

          • Julia says:

            Oh please give me a break. That is not an excuse. Last season the show lost over a million viewers alone. The age of the show has nothing to do with the ratings. Supernatural has been on for ten seasons and it’s still higher rated than tvd

          • Cali says:

            Ratings usually drop as shows age and listing the odd exception ain’t gonna change that. And btw, SPN has lost a few mil viewers since it’s glory days too, premiering to 5.69m and currently getting 2m.

  9. Britt says:

    I’m impressed with how they’ve handled Steroline so far. They’ve planted small seeds since season 4 (some even before that) and let it slowly start to happen. We don’t see many relationships like that on television anymore so I’m intrigued with where they take them.

  10. rochelle says:

    Steroline was amazing as a friendship! They ruined it for this romance that came out of nowhere! Caroline spent years shipping Stelena and suddenly she had feelings for Stefan herself! Phlleeease!

    • Crystal says:

      Stefan and Caroline is forced. I truly believe that the creators staged that whole Klaus & Caroline hook-up in “Season 5” to get them rolling. Because we all know that if Caroline never slept with Klaus, Tyler & Caroline would be together.

      Stefan has only been ‘in love’ with Elena. I don’t where DE Fans got the idea that he was ‘in love’ with Katherine & Rebekah.

      Season 3 | Reckoning:
      “This is something I’ve never seen before. The only thing stronger than your craving for blood, is your love for this one girl.” | Niklaus Mikaelson

      Perhaps Stefan and Caroline Fans (majority of them are DE), need to remind themselves of that fact…

      • Cali says:

        Bc he was???? And IDG why you need him not to have been???? People in fiction and RL fall in and out of love all the time. 1864 Stefan wanted to be with Katherine forever. 20s Stefan was in love with Bex. 2009-10 Stefan was in love with Elena. Now he’s falling for Caroline. As his BFF Lexi said, there are multiple “ones” and that’s ok.

      • Tasha says:

        I’m so tired of comments like this.. stop saying that the majority of steroline fans want it because of delena! It’ NOT TRUE! I was always indifferent to delena, and not only me. I love stefan and caroline together because these two are the best characters on the show and their relationships are the most profound, tender and beautiful

    • Your boyfriend/girlfriend can still be your best friend too, so it’s not like their friendship will completely demolish itself, and Steroline will be all about making love (like Delena), they’ll be the kind of couple that’s sweet, passionate, and still best friends. They’ll always turn to each other when they have problems cuz they’d be best friends and a couple sort of at the same time.

    • Sara says:

      I think you’re seeing what you want to.

      • rochelle says:

        Seeing what I want to see? “Elena, Stefan is your epic love.” Remember when Caroline said that? Or did I hear what I wanted to too?

  11. deb says:

    TBH I stopped watched TVD for a while but I saw that Steroline was happening and I loved their scenes in season 2 so I decided to catch up on the show but really Steroline are the only reason I tuned back in!! LOVE THEM!!!!

  12. neda says:

    i just want a steroline june wedding

    whatever else happens idc

  13. Merina says:

    Steroline is like when Joey and Rachel decided they wanted to date and realized they were too good of friends to make it work. I’m just not feeling it. They had more chemistry as friends.

    • Kristen says:

      I couldn’t agree more! That’s exactly what Steroline reminded me of- Rachel and Joey. They are great as friends but as a romantic couple… ick. I just don’t feel it. Still, I am going to give it a try and keep watching just like I did with friends back then.

    • Emilia says:

      I agree! I Hope it wile be the same with Steroline and they’ll understand that friendship is better for them. Caroline is my favourite character on that show but I don’t like path writers are choosing for her.

    • Rebecca says:

      Agreed! I prefer them as best friends.

  14. mollytanner says:

    I am so out of the loop on this show. This is like when I heard Humphrey was dating Blair.

  15. Bianca says:


  16. steroline love is eternal says:

    “Vampire Diaries fans, do you approve of Stefan and Caroline’s budding romance? ” Lol, I just wait for Steroline since season 2!!!! What kind of stupid question is that? If you waited a tiny piece than I waited for, you wouldn’t ask this question!

  17. charlotte says:

    Lol, not quite sure what she’s talking about. All the rest of us seen was forcing Stefan with Caroline so the Dullena Diaries is still front and center. Yawn, this show is so bad now

  18. Euvee says:

    I hate Steroline and I hope that arc is over and done with as ASAP. My heart broke a little with that first kiss. Why couldn’t they just remain friends? Why? *sigh*

  19. deanspie says:

    Steroline are beyond annoying at this point. I thought Care would know better than to fall for him when she knows how deeply he loved Elena? I feel like she will be insecure knowing he will never love her the same way. I don’t like seeing Caroline pining over a guy tbh.
    I hope she will go dark or lose control. I also agree with Candice about the crying scenes lol

    • Kristen says:

      Yes. I would love to see Caroline lose control and go dark for awhile. It would be so interesting since she is usually so uptight.

    • Dude says:

      He’s over Elena. People do move on. Elena certainly has so those feelings shouldn’t prevent him from moving on when Damon had no problem dating Elena knowing how they felt about each other.

  20. m3rcnate says:

    Love them as a coupling, however i think (per usual) its so funny how they start off this series talking SO much about how Vampires have heightened emotions…and how they are borderline uncontrollable and make vampires SO passionate and why they are so quick to love/sex/hate/killing/feeding etc….but ever since Elena turned (and that was all brought up a ton) it has TOTALLY disappeared…and now look at these Vampires lmao…her mom was dying and now died and she has reacted like normal human Caroline..if anything she is handling it pretty damn well for a human being let alone a supposedly “hyper emotional” Vampire.

    Yet again the show has left established mythology in the dust once they are done using it…another one is why all the alcohol drinking? If i remember right they cant get drunk or buzzed…in the first season they said they drank it to take the edge off of being hungry for blood…so why are they now drinking ALL the time and enjoying it and acting like they are getting buzzed? They drink it socially and at times (like when sad) when you’d only drink it as a human to get buzzed or drunk, so why the heck are they drinking it? Yet again mythology they established and they have moved on from or forgot about.

    • Katie says:

      How old are you? Lots of responsible adults drink alcohol because they like the taste of it. If people drank it just to get buzzed or drunk then there wouldn’t be so many different types of alcohol. Why wouldn’t they drink it socially? In fact if you can’t get drunk because you’re a vampire and you love drinks, then it makes perfect sense that you would drink lots of alcohol because it has no permanent effect on you.

  21. heather says:

    I’m absolutely loving Steroline! Great interview with Candice!

  22. Samara says:

    I cannot stand Steroline, but seeing as there’s no going back now, I’m hoping after burying Liz the group can go back to interacting and working together again. I miss Damon and Stefan & Stefan and Elena interactions.

  23. Christina says:

    Wake me up when Caroline is over all these loser guys on TVD. She don’t need any of them and can take care of herself.

  24. Teighlor says:

    Steroline kiss was so pretty I loved the sunlight and everything

  25. Catey says:

    I love these questions and the answers that she gave! I am so excited for Steroline and to see where they will go. I’ve waited since season 2 for this, so I am beyond thrilled with all that is going for them. They are definitely the best couple on TV.

  26. Dot says:

    I think the reason I love Stefan and Caroline so much is bc when you watch their scenes it feels like a completely different show. They are just so bright and Paul and Candice bring something special to their scenes together. I hope the writers don’t screw them up.

  27. Tasha says:

    Steroline is the best thing in tvd now and the only reason i still watch it

  28. Maya says:

    So Candice has done a complete 180 and now touting Steroline when she’s said for years that she’s always wanted them to stay friends, and that Caroline never felt that way about him. Not buying what they are selling at all.

  29. L says:

    I’m appreciative of the work Candace has been doing, but I’d have liked it better if they actually showed more of Caroline with Liz before she passed.

    Her talking about Caroline’s future didn’t really go anywhere. She talked about the next episode, but that’s it.

    Of course after she finds that best version of herself she should move on from Mystic Falls.

    However long it takes.

  30. Izzy says:

    I’m really disappointed with how they’ve written Caroline’s storyline and character this season. Her mother was dying/died and yet her main issue seems to continue to be Stefan. Have these writers ever lost somebody close to them, especially a parent? Talking to the guy I made out with and missed saying goodbye to my mom, would not be one of my top concerns and I would hope the guy would understand that. Seriously, this whole storyline has been so gross and has left a lot to be desired. I was hoping to get ONE storyline for Caroline that didn’t involve romance and even this had to be about a guy and it really reads like the writers just killed Liz off so Stefan could finally be convinced to give Caroline a chance.

  31. Cassie says:

    No, I’m not into Steroline. I’m into to a non-romantic story for Caroline.

  32. Denise Sayer says:

    Steroline as a friendship yes, Steroline as a romantic relationship – absolutely NOT. It’s an insult to both Stefan and Caroline and the writing for this is awful, just like all of the writing has been since the god awful Sire Bond.

  33. Ruby says:

    I’m sorry I just can’t get behind Steroline. Their storyline was horribly written and I’ll never be okay with them killing off her mother just to make them happen and it bothers me that her mother just passed but still her main concern is Stefan.

  34. Emily says:


  35. Lindsay says:

    Caroline you need to find you chill girl. Your mother just died why are you still so concerned about the guy you just made out with? Don’t you guys have eternity or whatever so you can set your priorities? I used to like her character a lot but after everything that went down with her mom and her focus still being just the dude she wants to bang instead of her mom or idk, her best friend that’s still trapped on the other side, the only character I’m here for is Bonnie. At this point, I just want to see Miss Bennett tell her friends how messed up they all are and then high tail it out of there and rule the world on her own. Miss Bonnie deserves better.

  36. chloe says:

    the only tvd characters i care for now are stefan/caroline/bonnie everyone else im done with…love the steroline sl

  37. Monica says:

    So her mom just died and all Caroline can think about is her make-out sess with Stefan and something she just HAS to address at her funeral right? Wow. Just when I thought I had seen it all. Point blank: Caroline is only coming off like a self-centered jerk. YOUR MOM DIED why are you so obsessed with Stefan?

  38. Steroline Endgame says:

    Great interview, i loved the part when Candice threw shade to the disgusting and abusive ship that is Klaroline. She stated in the past she did not like it too. Steroline Is endgame.

    • Brandon says:

      Dude just because you don’t like the ship doesn’t mean it’s cool for the actors to be throwing shade. I don’t care for Klaroline either but I think their fans have been given enough grief as it is. Just think about how you would like it if she or Paul started throwing shade at Steroline? It’s not cool either way so just be chill and don’t rub their nose in it.

    • Sofia says:

      I completely agree.

      Some of yall wanna talk about Steroline being forced why don’t we flashback to last season when Caroline went completely out of character and screwed Klaus in the woods just to please the Klaroline fandom.

      • Me says:

        That was not out of character for Caroline, seeing as she’s been with everyone else, why then not Klaus!

      • lizz says:

        oh please? Caroline had feelings for klaus since season 3 so i don’t know what you are talking about? you know what is out of character, falling for your bestfriend’s ex boyfriend, a relationship that she diehard supported for 4 seasons long!!! She just lost tyer who she saw as the love of her life, she lost klaus who left to new orleans and who wanted to give her the world, but nope caroline had to get feelings for stefan in that SAME season out of freaking NOWHERE. she should have dealed with the breakup with tyler and klaus first, but the writers had to make her story about a man AGAIN, and not just someone no her bestfriend who will always have feelings for elena her other bestfriend, how stupid is that? Caroline deserved more and a way better storyline, she still needs to find out that klaus has a child with haley!! but everything gets set aside just to give stefan a storyline. it makes me sick. and yes they should have handled the klaroline romance better, but there wasn’t any time because she had to fall in love with stefan 7 episodes later.

        • Guest says:

          YES! I could not agree more with what you wrote! She was always pro Stefan and Elena. She used to hate Damon…. WTH has happened to this show?

    • Sara says:

      You may hate Klaroline but abusive? Just no. Damon was abusive.

  39. Brandon says:

    Nope. Not here for Steroline and wish they had not been forcing that ship down our throats all season and killed off her mother to prop up this ship. Someone call me when something interesting happens and this show doesn’t just revolve around boring and messed up ships.

  40. Sofia says:

    Idk why some people complaining about that Caroline and Elena sneak peek. Obviously Caroline is just overcompensating and trying to focus on anything but her mother’s death. Some of yall just look for anything to complain about.

    I’m hoping we see a different side of Caroline after Liz’s death and I am hoping the slow burn between Steroline continues. It’s nice to see the show taking something slow.

  41. Marina says:

    I’m still waiting for Klaroline endgame. :) He intends to be her last love, however long it takes. We had two years of build-up that I refuse to believe ended with just a hook-up after he made such an epic declaration. It may not be in the plans yet, but I’ll keep waiting. Even if we don’t see it play out onscreen, in a year or even a century, they’ll be endgame. :)

  42. .......... says:

    No to Steroline…just no!


  44. Laurie says:

    Steroline – LOVE THEM

    Poor Caroline though

  45. Jane says:

    Enough with Steroline! We couldn’t be given more than a handful of Liz/Caroline scenes when this storyline should’ve been about them but we managed to get a ton of Steroline scenes to add to the ridiculous amount of Steroline we’ve already gotten this season? What even is Stefan’s storyline outside of Caroline?

  46. Kristen says:

    Nope not here for Steroline. Call me when Caroline actually has her own storyline that doesn’t revolve around what dude she’s going to hookup with.

  47. Gracie says:

    I was okay with the idea of Steroline at first but after literally every character kept talking about how much we should love them and basically tried to pressure Stefan into dating her I was put off by them and after they killed Liz off just to get them to hookup, I was completely over it. Can Caroline have other friends support her through this? Not that it sounds like she needs much support since Stefan’s all she’s got on the brain. But Stefan just got his brother back, why can’t we see more of them? I feel like Stefan’s and Caroline’s characters have really been done a disservice with this ship so please end it soon before they continue to be dragged through the mad. Candice I love you but I’m not buying this. Your character’s mother just died why is she so concerned about talking about this kiss and the guy she likes?

    • lizz says:

      it’s like they don’t care about stefan and damon at all. I thought they were the real story of the vampire diaries, but we haven’t seen a good flashback of them for ages, like to know more about their mother, everyone is asking for that since the beginning of tvd, or to see damon and stefan getting to know sarah, but nope everything is about steroline and delena now :)

  48. Jess says:

    For crying out loud her MOM JUST DIED!! Why is the biggest concern who she just made out with? Like this just solidifies that Liz was killed off to make Steroline happen and that’s just 50 shades of wrong.

  49. Love what Candice said about Steroline! Thanks for asking her about them!