Arrow Preview: Have Laurel's Lies Turned Lance Against Team Arrow?

Arrow Preview

Has the truth set Arrow‘s Laurel free, or found her veritably disowned by her devastated dad?

In tonight’s episode (The CW, 8/7c), we will lay witness to the fallout of Quentin Lance processing Laurel’s multiple lies and sins of omission, including the truth about Sara’s (latest) death and the identity of Starling City’s new Canary.

Paul Blackthorne shared with TVLine a preview of how the family patriarch weathers this emotional blow, and what it might mean for Team Arrow’s heretofore friendly alliance with the SCPD.

TVLINE | I know that a chunk of this week’s episode is set in flashback, as Oliver sneaks back into Starling City. Where is Quentin at at this time?
Well, he’s got a nice head of hair, for a start. [Chuckles] I might just start wearing that [wig] when I go out to dinner. And of course paralleling what’s happening in the present day, in the flashback scenes Lance is dealing with Sara’s death, from the first time around. It was a bit of a disaster how he dealt with it before, with the The Returndrinking and the breakdown of his marriage and his family and his personal life, so hopefully he’s going to handle it a little better the second time around. But yeah, this is going back to a dreadful time in Laurel and Lance’s relationship. It’s an even worse thing when you’ve lost somebody but you can’t confirm it. How much closure do you put on it, how much hope do you still have? It’s just awful. And yet all good fun — Angry Lance is back!

TVLINE | That first time round, Laurel and Lance were not there for each other, right?
As you see in the flashbacks — and we talked about this a lot when we had the scenes before with Alex Kingston (as Dinah) — it’s a very difficult situation where you’re dealing with grief, where people want to be there for each other but it’s obviously so difficult because you’re going through so much yourself. Plus as I said, there’s that particularly awful aspect of not being a definitive death. How much of an optimism do you maintain?

TVLINE | Meanwhile in the present day, how is Lance taking the news of Sara truly and sincerely dying?
Obviously it’s going to have a huge effect on his relationship with Laurel, because she lied about it for so long. The trust issues are now huge between the two of them. The relationship is going to change enormously, and there will be repercussions of that. He almost feels like she is against him now. And as other events take place in Starling City, that will put even more strain on their relationship.

TVLINE | What does he think of her point of view, on why she lied?
Well, you know — Lance isn’t buying that. Why couldn’t she tell him three months ago? It’s not a good enough reason, as far as he is concerned. There’s the fact that he wasn’t given a chance to A) perhaps seek the killer at that time, and B), most tragically in Lance’s mind, he didn’t get a chance to lay his daughter to rest. He thought he did before, in a pseudo fashion. But this time, when she is dead, Laurel has buried the body before Lance got a chance to see her. I always felt like that was one of the most heartbreaking things, so I believe we will see him at the gravesite trying to get his head around that idea.

TVLINE | Does the fact that Dinah knew about Sara’s death come up?
There’s an interesting moment in the episode where that comes up, yes — much to the disgust of Lance. It gives him even more reason to feel aggrieved.

TVLINE | Just to clarify, Lance knows for sure that Laurel is the Canary? Or has that topic been tabled?
No, he knows that she’s the Canary. And really, he’s disgusted with that idea, that Laurel thinks that she can step into Sara’s shoes. She’s a lawyer, she always had her head in the books growing up…. And here she is trying to emulate Sara? Lance is like, “Look, Laurel, I’ve lost one daughter down that route. Please, don’t continue. I want to keep you alive.” And the fact that she would do that behind his back… Aahh!

TVLINE | Might this be the beginning of end of Lance’s love affair with the vigilantes?
Well, [Arrow] of course is the other person who didn’t tell Lance that Sara is dead, so yeah, their next meeting is going to be “interesting.” Lance isn’t going to be too happy with him, either! His trust in the Arrow is going to be pretty much shelved.

TVLINE | Lastly, do you feel any sort of job security being — for lack of a better term — the show’s lone remaining “wise elder”? Do you feel pretty safe?
No! I don’t take anything for granted. If people don’t die every so often, there’s no reason for people to think that people could die in these high-stakes situations that arise. So no, one would never consider one self to be secure in any way. So you just enjoy it while it is happening and go with the flow. But it’s just so great being a part of this show — it has such great storylines, great characters, great mythology…. I very much enjoy being part of it, because it’s a lot of fun.

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  1. Sarah T. says:

    It will be interesting to see the parallel story lines on this one. I don’t know that I’m really interested in Oliver and Thea’s return to the island (not that it might not work, it just doesn’t seem to fit going into the episode).

    • Isobel says:

      I think it’s an interesting juxtaposition from previous episodes and their flashbacks. It’s usually the island in flashbacks and starling city in modern time, next episode will have starling city in flashbacks and the island in modern time

      • Katie says:

        I thought the same, but it kind of reminds me of the show LOST which did the flashbacks to modern times and back to the island. Did you watch LOST? And does anyone know if Paul Ryan Blackthorne is going to be back on this show or is he off the show now? He is my favorite.

  2. carie says:

    Lance has always treated and favored Sara over Laurel. Despite her picking his drunk ass up time and time again or forgiving him for using her as leverage against the arrow she has been there for her dad and has tried to have his best interest at heart

    Laurel is way to good for the Lance family. They have always taken her for granted. Her dad, mom, and sister.

    • Jill says:

      I got the feeling that while Quentin loved Sara, it was Laurel who got favored. In the family flashback, they were all about how great Laurel was for applying to law school, while assuming that Sara the screw-up had got kicked out of college.

      But I’d be all in favor of no more Quentin/Laurel scenes. Poor Paul Blackthorne, that’s all he’s had on the show all season except for a couple of one liners to the Arrow.

  3. nikki says:

    I think Quentin needs Donna Smoak to mend his broken heart.

    Also, if he wants to be a jerk over this whole Sara thing he deserves to have a heart attack. A mild one. Don’t kill Quentin. I love him.

    • John NYC says:

      Donna Smoak would probably solve the mild heart attack problem……

      But would making Ra’s al Ghul jealous a good idea?

      [His being Felicity’s dad and all…..]

  4. Viv says:

    Well, even I wasn´t buying the reason Laurel gave to not tell her father. However good her intentions may have been, he had a right to know…
    on another note: Lance has to know Oliver is the Arrow, right? I know, he said he doesn´t want to know, because symbol of hope and so on, but it is so obvious: Felicity, Laurel, Sara, Roy. Those are an awful lot of people close to Oliver… he has to have an… educated guess, right?

    • Plus like i said to my missus before, Oliver and the Arrow went missing and showed up at near enough the same time after his ‘death’ yet people not in the know don’t realise. Thea was the worst i thought at not realising!

    • Alichat says:

      I’ve been wondering that as well…..especially considering how close he’s stood to Oliver in the Arrow get up. And then a few eps ago when he basically called Roy out, I figure he has to know it’s Oliver.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        I believe I speak for every single ARROW fan globally when I say that we assume Lance is going the “plausible deniability” route and thus knows but isn’t saying.

        • How does it make sense that he’s going for plausible deniability at the same time as he’s trying to catch Arrow?

          • Sarah T. says:

            He’s no longer trying to “catch” the Arrow. At the beginning of the season he gave a press conference and said they were calling off the search for the Arrow because they realized all the good he did to help protect the city.

        • Oliverette says:

          I still feel that after 3 years there is a mutual respect between Arrow and Lance. It should be Laurel who should be responsible for the secret. I could understand the immediate rush to judgement by Lance that if it wasn’t’t for Sara’s involvement with crime fighting with Arrow she wouldn’t be dead. I won’t blame the guy for his rash emotions, but, to me, Laurel made the decision to keep the lie for months. She should stand up for Oliver when Lance does find out. If she doesn’t then she is as lame as I have thought she was.

          • What’s to stand up for Oliver for? You’re the one blaming Quentin’s anger at the Arrow on Laurel when it’s clear he’s angry because he needs to hold someone responsible for the life Sara lived and the Arrow is the easiest target.

  5. Alichat says:

    I can understand Quentin being upset, but hopefully he’ll work this out. Considering the rabbit hole of damage he tumbled down the first time Sarah ‘died’ and now with this heart condition, I can understand Laurel being afraid to tell him. And it’s not like she told Dinah. Her mother figured it out. So, hopefully he’ll work through the hurt and anger, and understand why she didn’t tell him.

  6. Jill says:

    Oliver should have ignored Laurel’s wishes and told Quentin himself. That’s what comes of listening to Laurel. She’s making everyone stupid this year.

    I don’t know if this is the season of Arrow I’ll never watch again, or the season that makes me stop watching for good. I got hooked with the formula of Oliver/Diggle/Felicity + villain + background story. This season there has been too much of costumed comics characters like Laurel, Ra’s and Ray Palmer, and too little of Diggle (now the black driver while Laurel and Roy are out doing the fighting) and Felicity (who only exists to tell Laurel how great she is and try to get Ray his spin-off).

    I want to see more of Quentin Lance, but not if it’s with Laurel and Ra’s. Not until I’m getting more of what I actually want from this show..

    • carie says:

      You can stop watching. The ratings are just fine anyway :),

    • nikki says:

      And here comes to anti-Laurel rants.

      FYI, Laurel-haters aka Olicity shippers the best Arrow team was not Oliver/Diggle/Felicity but Oliver/Diggle/Sara/Roy/Felicity.

      Unfortunately Olicity will happen so get of Laurel’s back.

      • Andy says:

        Speaking as somebody who thinks Oliver and Felicity make a better pair romantically than Oliver and Laurel, we’re not all Laurel haters.

      • Jill says:

        Not everyone who thinks Laurel is taking up too much of the show is an Olicity shipper. There are also those of us who like Diggle and don’t like that the best fighter on the team is left behind in the basement or the van so that Laurel can join Roy and Oliver in the field.

        I thought that Oliver/Diggle/Sara/Felicity team (Roy was mirakuru’d at the time) was too crowded too. Sara was a great fighter but even then it ended up with Oliver and Sara in the field without Diggle, and Felicity got 2 lines an episode.

      • Tai says:

        Not everyone who hates Laurel is an Olicity shipper. I actually don’t ship anyone on this show. But I just cannot connect with Laurel. She makes so many poor decision that I just cannot click with her. I never could and I seriously doubt that I ever will.

        And for the record as much as I do like Roy and Sara, I actually did prefer the original Arrow team. It’s called an opinion and everyone is entitled to have one.

        • Meg says:

          What Tal said. I am not a shipper, and have a hard time connecting and liking Laurel. Boy have I tried. I can say that minus the whole lying to Lance stuff she is better on the annoying scale this season. She is more around a 6-7 than the horrible pill popping 10. So apparently she is growing on me.

          • Isobel says:

            Agree she comes off as rude and makes poor decisions, I don’t care about Oliver’s romantic entanglements, I just don’t like Laurel

        • Amell says:

          That’s me as well. I adore Oliver. Many other characters I adore also. But, u said exactly how I respond to Laurel. I’ve tried to warm to her, but, she’s made some really outlandish decisions that I can’t relate to. Furthermore, she hated Oliver last season. I really don’t ship couples at all, especially, this show. They’re not something to hope for yet. For me, I love Oliver and Thea now.

          • Lila says:

            You guys are right. I think it depends on who you connect to. I actually like Oliver the least. Maybe it’s Stephen’s acting. (sometimes he is too stiff but he’s good looking soooo) 😂😭 Everyone in the show has made stupid decisions although they seem to get a “Get out of jail” card since people try understand them the most. Laurel was actually one of the characters I loved from the beginning. But her not being part of the main story line from the start made her look whiny since she didn’t know anything.

      • Wee says:

        That’s an awfully biased generalization you have there. I’m just here for the good storytelling. And every storyline related to Laurel has not been good storytelling. Digg, the most experienced and best field fighter has been sidelined so she can go out and fight, Sara has been killed and demonized to further her story (not to mention Felicity being completely out of character while speaking to her which almost never happens) and now team Arrow is in jeopardy because she didn’t have the decency to tell her dad that Sara died. I’m so tired of all these characters getting sidelined and moved around at her expense. I wish they would just send her off to train with the League of Assassins for a whole season so we wouldn’t have to hear from her.

    • Oliverette says:

      I agree with you. Season 3 is pretty lame.

  7. starmanmatt says:

    I’m glad to see the chickens are coming to roost for Laurel. Everything the nightmare Sara and Quentin said was true. Laurel is a junkie who has continually denied responsibility for her actions and ignored the potential consequences of everything she was doing for the people closest to her.

    • carie says:

      Ummm what? Laurel has been one of the only characters on this show to OWN her faults and admit when she’s wrong. You are confusing hypocritical Oliver for Laurel.

      • Oliverette says:

        I beg to differ with u. She was fine season 1. Season 2 No.

      • Jill says:

        Sara owned her faults when she thought she could never be forgiven for what she did in those 5 missing years.
        Quentin owned his faults when he apologized to Dinah for abandoning her after Sara’s death, and to Laurel for having to deal with his alcoholism.
        Moira owned her faults when she warned people about the Undertaking.
        Robert owned his faults to Oliver in the life raft.
        Oliver owns all the time that he’s not as good a person as he should be.
        It’s only Thea and Malcolm who don’t own their faults on the show.

    • Isobel says:

      Agree Laurel didn’t own her fault when sending out the riot police or a lot of her poor decisions. Hopefully with Thea getting better she will end up owning poor decisions, Malcolm as the villain probably won’t unless he does become redeemed

  8. Lucy says:

    As usual everyone else will pay for Laurel’s bad decisions. Will Laurel EVER have to face the consequences of her actions? I’m really over the Laurel story.

  9. Kate says:

    I suspect that all Oliver needs to do (and this won’t be for a couple of episodes since it sounds like the Queens will be on Lyan’u tonight and I believe Malcolm is there too and then the LoA descends and takes Malcolm) is probably just say, listen, I didn’t agree with it but we left it up to Laurel as her sister. I had to respect her wishes and have you ever talked Laurel out of something? I actually suspect the harder conversation will be between Lance and Felicity.

  10. B says:

    Arrow is and has done everything right this seqson from the death of Sara to Laurel taking over as the Canary! I was worried that Oliver’s death would be mishandled but it was done perfectly I dont get the hate this season is getting

    • Jared says:

      Me either. I personally think it’s its strongest creatively.

      • Amell says:

        Not to me. I don’t care for the griping, disagreements, snarling, everybody mad. Every episode. It is not that great. It’s a TV show. Characters I like are people I don’t care to see. I don’t like how their written. 3 episodes I liked this season, the rest I won’t watch again. We have a difference of opinion of what a good story is.

  11. Jared says:

    I LOVE Paul Blackthorne on Arrow and his scenes with Laurel and the rest of the team are some of my favorites. I hope they don’t kill him off.

  12. Dean says:

    ‘His trust in the Arrow is going to be pretty much shelved.’ So basically its Slade all over again.

  13. MKR says:

    I´m not a big fan of Laurel, but i think Her journey to become BC is the most realistic on the show, and she is very good in the drama department, also i didn´t mind her not telling her father the truth about her sister, because he did have health problems, even her mother wasn´t against her, not telling him, I still think felicity is the most annoying member on the team, i just hope we get equel screentime for everybody, so the show doesn´t suffer, also better writing for everyone, that will def. do the trick, and please keep felicity away from Flash, it´s my favourite superhero show at the moment, and she just ruin it for me when she stops by. just my opinion ofcaurse
    sorry for my english.

  14. OMFG! I LOVE how this article is framed to place the blame on Laurel for “ruining” Lance and Arrow’s alliance. Literally the funniest thing I’ve read in years.

    Because like, Lance would totally want an alliance with the man who knows who murdered his daughter, right? Because Lance would want an alliance with the man keeping that secret from him and his surviving daughter, right? Because it’s totally not really mostly Oliver’ fault that Sara was murdered in the first place, right?

    The ridiculousness is astounding.

    • John NYC says:

      “really mostly Oliver’ fault” How does that go again? Brick kills Malcolm’s wife so Malcolm goes off to the the LoA, get’s trained then violates their code and get’s a death sentence handed down. To dodge said death sentence Malcolm comes up with the the plot to drug his own daughter into killing Lance’s daughter and current LoA member Sara in order to leverage Oliver’s love for his sister into manipulating Oliver into fighting Ra’s al Ghul who otherwise will kill Thea to avenge the death of Sara, a LoA member.

      Sara’s LoA membership is all on her, she was OUT and decided to walk back in on her own. While her death is solely that sick bastard Malcolm who chooses the most twisted “solutions” to any problem he confronts (mass murder to “save” the Glades???).

      Had she died on the boat, that’s on Oliver, but she didn’t and at some point adults own their own lives.

  15. Lash says:

    I swear that was Billy Bob. lol

  16. harperrush says:

    I want to see Lance act like a cop after he gets over Laurel’s betrayal. Arrow is gone, Ollie is gone. Arrow is back, Ollie is back. Put on that cop cap and figure it out, my friend.

    • John NYC says:

      His officially knowing Oliver is Arrow could be inconvenient at times, cops versus vigilante you know. Plausible deniability.

      At least until we see some unavoidable situation where his affirmatively knowing is better and at the moment that doesn’t appear to be the case, he communicates with Arrow just fine. Does he really need to kick back in the lair knocking back cold ones while watching Oliver salmon ladder? Felicity might get jealous.

      On a plus side he could get his own glass case for his suit!

  17. Man, in that pic with the wig he looks full on Dresden again. Really loved him as Harry Dresden, just a shame SyFy botched the show.

  18. Briggs says:

    Yeah, I knew it. All of this. Laurel’s actions are going to have huge repercussions. How anyone thought this was a good idea is beyond me, but it’s going to have the affect I thought it would. Not happy, but at least they’re being realistic about it.

  19. Charles Harvard says:

    If Felicity dies , I’m done with Arrow!