Vampire Diaries Funeral Photos — Plus: Scoop on Damon's Emotional Goodbye

Funerals have become regular occurrences on The Vampire Diaries, but Thursday’s fond farewell to Sheriff Forbes (The CW, 8/7c) looks to be especially devastating.

Ten new photos offer our first look at the heartbreaking tribute to one of Mystic Falls’ finest, and all of your favorites are in attendance — looking their very best, naturally — including Stefan, who appears to share yet another tender moment with his (potential) new girlfriend during the service.

“The two people that are carrying the most weight in the next episode … are Caroline and Damon,” executive producer Julie Plec recently told reporters. “When all is said and done, Liz was sort of a surrogate mother and a best friend to him … and he’s been tasked with the burden of writing a eulogy to stand in front of the entire town and honor his friend.”

Season 6, Episode 15And while Damon’s never short on zingers, he finds himself at a loss for words when it comes to the late, great Liz Forbes.

Plec says, “He’s got a line where he’s like, ‘This is ridiculous. This is having to make me be a nice person, and I’m not a nice person. I don’t want to be a nice person.’ He’s struggling with ‘Hero Damon,’ as always. He wants to do right by his friend … but it’s putting him outside his comfort zone in a way that’s really messing with [him].”

Browse the new photos below, then drop a comment: Are you ready to say goodbye to Sheriff Forbes, once and for all?

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  1. tina says:

    this show is such a joke

    • Portia says:

      Why is it a joke? Becaue it is not showing the story you and other fans wish to happen and you all not getting away with it? Sometimes some episodes sukc for sure and other times they are good it happens in all the shows. Dont take too personal and by the book the show, it is just make belief .

      • liame says:

        Yeah that’s generally how it works. If the show only focus on certain characters in almost every episode fans lose interest. So this show is definitely a joke.

        • Nona says:

          I thougfht the showwas based on the books and the bookjs main focus anre Stefan Damon and Elena the rest of the characters are like bck up

        • sam says:

          I definitely lost interest in the show until they introduced kai and that was refreshing. Because when he kills someone they usually stay dead, he’s funny in a different way than everyone in this show, and he wants to kill a lot of the same people in this show that we’ve gotten bored of. plus good fashion and good looks.

      • Ray says:

        One reason why the show is a joke is because death is never permanent. How many characters have been resurrected from death, and multiple times to boot?

        So glad I quit watching this tripe last season.

        • Gwen says:

          So let me get this straight last Season was S5, which ended back in May – but you are still commenting on a show that you stopped watching 10 months ago? – Wow I am not in marketing but I would say that the show must be doing something right if fans are still taking the time to comment on this show having not watched it for 10 months. Wouldn’t You?

      • DELENAFOREVER says:


      • DELENAFOREVER says:

        You need stop to shipping Stelena Portia it’s never going to happen again I hope you know that. It never really happened. Go read fanfiction until you can see appreciate the development of Damon and Elena’s relationship that have been built over THREE years unlike Stefan and Elena’s love at first sight sometimes I don’t know if people like you and me are watching the same show. Paul is a terrible actor and he is horrible to the cast open your eyes,

        • Man are you out of your mind. Ian Somerhalder was struggling so hard to act those scenes out in these last two episodes. He has no range. All he can do is play wise cracking Damon when the script demands anything more we get his terribly wooden acting and dry cry face. Paul Wesley is a god send compared to him. This Show favors characters like Damon and Enzo so much that it breaches plausibility. Anyone who is not a love struck and delusional Ian Somerhalder worshipper (the writers of this show included) can see where this show started going downhill. Those of us with common sense have been scratching our heads since season 4. Why because it makes no sense!!! Anyone with any kind of common sense can see that Elena and Damon should have NEVER got together. The minute they did he character was ruined and so was this show. Who falls in love with the guy that enslaved her best friend, killed her brother, took her brother hostage and threatened to kill him again and meant it, killed numerous good decent people (Zack, Lexie, etc). Someone who acts out and murders someone everytime someone hurts his feelings. Betrays his friends and tortures his brother. Someone who is infinitely selfish. Why because he’s pretty. Even if you can get past that which I find impossible. You have the fact that they are TERRIBLE as a many episodes have ended with them questioning why they are together with Damon in his whiny voice telling her “I’m the bad guy you shouldn’t be with me” and her making some ridiculously implausible argument about why they belong together. It has literally happened like six times or more in the last two seasons. The only thing keeping me watching is I want to see Stefan move on with Caroline I love the slow build of it from friendship to love and I never want to see him anywhere near that skeezie betrayor Elena ever again. Seriously you Delena people are ridiculously out of touch with common sense. Alla pretty guy has to do is smile and make a few entertaining wise cracks and everyone forgets he’s a homicidal maniac 95% of he time.

    • emma says:

      Completely agree! Lets see Damon gets the best lines, storylines, the women, his brothers girlfriend, best fight scenes, hero scenes, best friend, final moments of someone else’s mother a girl btw he abused, and so on. Now he’s giving the eulogy? This show is definitely becoming the joke of the cw. The writers, Julie Plec and Caroline Dries have made this show their own personal little worship at the alter of Ian Somerhalder and now the consequences are a show that literally loses viewer’s every week. The show has hit a wall and now people are bored and frustrated. This used to be a GREAT show. Seasons 1 2 & 3 were the best. That’s when this show had a full cast of great storylines and ALL the cast played a role. Now it’s literally all Ian/Damon/Dullena. At least the rest of the cast will be able to move on and get other roles. As for Ian, Lol, poor guy will be only hired by the cw as a Sheriff, dad, uncle. He is type casted as Damon and couldn’t be taken seriously in any other role.

      • Gwen says:

        And who is the bigger fool someone who continues to watch a show where they cannot stand the writing or the writers? Honestly, if that is the way you see the show and have always seen the show Why Continue to Watch? I believe the show has been balanced but Damon’s character was always meant to be one of a deeply flawed individual and his journey to redemption – it did not matter who got the part. As far as Ian is concerned I am sure he will have no trouble finding work post TVD.

        • emma says:

          Gwen, I have been watching TVD’s since it began. It was a complete show and when I say complete I mean it was a show about the entire cast. Some characters I loved, some annoyed me, some I loved to hate. I invested several years in this show and have been a devoted fan. BUT, over the past 2 seasons I’ve seen this show deteriorate and has changed the focus from a show about TVD’s to a show about one man, Ian. I like Ian as Damon but I don’t want an entire show about him. The writer’s have crossed the line having the character Damon say the eulogy. He abused Liz’s daughter when she was barely 18 and to have a man who did this to her daughter be at her death bed giving her the emotional good-bye was wrong. That scene should have been Liz’s daughter Caroline and ONLY Caroline. The eulogy is given by the same man who literally abused physically, verbally and emotionally Liz’s daughter. Having Damon say it is offensive and just plain wrong. Sure Damon can redeem himself all you and all Delena’s think and hope for. But, come on this is wrong, very very wrong.

        • Acid Rain says:

          Redemption? Sorry but he’ll always be the dude who killed a pregnant woman to me.

          • emma says:

            I completely forgot about him killing Zack’s pregnant wife. Delena’s will have an excuse. It’s ridiculous. This really is the Dullena Diaries. Omgggg. laughable

          • Samara says:

            Laughable but you are still here..there’s something wrong with you then

          • Gwen says:

            And Stefan will always be the dude that killed a village of women and children and ripped peoples heads off & put them back together and the guy that wrote all those names on the wall in Chicago – I wonder how many of those families survived? Yes, this is a show about vampires – their emotions are heightened, humans are their food source, which is not going to go well for the humans.

      • Michelle says:

        I totally agree with you!!!!!

      • Cas says:

        Clearly you never saw Lost.

      • Man I’m glad I’m not the only one out there who thinks this. They crap all over the Stefan character and give Damon everything. Even when it makes no sense whatsoever.

  2. Portia says:

    I just will have to say Damon looks pretty yummy all suit up

  3. dude says:

    That headline is everything that is wrong with this storyline. Damon’s emotional goodbye to CAROLINE’S mother?! The fact that his grief has been presented as more worthwhile than Caroline’s makes me sick.

    • Portia says:

      Now even the article writer is getting criticized just because he posted the wrong photo? Chill out people!!! Why take it so personal.


      You need stop to shipping Stelena it’s never going to happen again I hope you know that. It never really happened. Go read fanfiction until you can see appreciate the development of Damon and Elena’s relationship that have been built over THREE years unlike Stefan and Elena’s love at first sight sometimes I don’t know if people like you and me are watching the same show. Paul is a terrible actor and he is horrible to the cast open your eyes,

  4. Pat says:

    I noticed this with yesterday’s comments on the recap of VD. Why are so many fans hating on this show now. First it was, we hate Stefan and Elena we want more Damon, then it was we hate Damon and Elena.. Then it was Caroline is so great, now it’s we hate her with Stefan. And yes the writing was way better in the first 2 seasons but cmon it isn’t a train wreck. It isn’t my fave show on tv but it’s good enough viewing especially since there is no competition for me at that time slot. And of course people can change their minds on former favourite shows but there’s so much hate right now for VD it’s shocking. This isn’t Lost or Breaking Bad or Game Of Thrones. It’s a teen drama about vampires on the CW. Relax with the hate everyone.

    • Portia says:

      VERY WELL SAID PAT!! Could not agree with you more. Some fans take things way too personal. Just watch the show as it comes it is a teen drama what more of a drama in the teenage years than the story TVD develops about romance, break ups, vampires in their teenage years!!!!! That is what teenagers do, soap opera drama. We are not watching Law and Order or Criminal Minds

      • Gwen says:

        I could not agree with you more both – Pat & Portia – fans are acting like 12 yr old’s who’s parents just told them they can’t have dessert because they did not eat their veggies – Really watch the show or don’t watch the show – I don’t care just stop complaining about it already – this shows storyline has more then likely been planned out since S1 they are not going to drastically change from the original plan (that JP just recently talked about) over a few fans complaining & really if you think about it why would they listen to a few sour grapes – the show has a loyal following and the majority enjoys it for what it is and has always claimed to be about a story about a young girl who falls in love with 2 brothers & those 2 vampires brothers road to redemption.

        • Andy G. says:

          I was a huge Stelena fan and now have grown to love Steroline. I genuinely love the show for what it is but I do find it convenient that you are preaching to all the other fans about sucking it up when in fact, you got the story you wanted. I was a fan of the books before watching the series and while I knew they were not going to follow the books word for word, they did say they were going to honor the books. Six years in and I can say they have not honored the books. Julie Plec is a talented writer and show runner but she is not infallible. She has made mistakes with this show. So for you to say that fans who have invested a lot of time into loving this show just need to worship at the altar of Plec and have no right to question anything she does is extremely short sighted.

          • Gwen says:

            I believe they have confirmed the show is based “Loosely” on the books. From what I have read over the years fans of the books are rarely happy with the show but that is to be expected if they are portraying 2 different story lines and character development.

        • DELENAFOREVER says:

          You need stop to shipping Stelena Gwen it’s never going to happen again I hope you know that. It never really happened. Go read fanfiction until you can see appreciate the development of Damon and Elena’s relationship that have been built over THREE years unlike Stefan and Elena’s love at first sight sometimes I don’t know if people like you and me are watching the same show. Paul is a terrible actor and he is horrible to the cast open your eyes,

          • Tina says:

            Saying the same thing over and over wont change anybodies mind! Oh can´t wait for the day which will be soon when ian quits and yall are gonna be in tears now thats gonna be a good day.

  5. Spoiler Junkie says:

    Only TVD can do it. A story line that should have been all about a daughter and her loss has been turned into a center stage for Damon’s feelings. Why can’t the other characters of TVD ever have center stage, ever be the focus? Why does it always have to involve either the two brothers or Elena?

    And what is this crap about Liz being a sort of surrogate mother to Damon? Are you kidding me? Devoted TVD fans, can you jog my memory about Liz being a surrogate mother figure Damon? I need some examples because I can’t remember any such thing happening.

    • H says:

      He raped her daughter so they were basically family.

      • Gwen says:

        You are disgusting to even suggest that a show that is on during family hour would allow a girl to be raped. You should really think before you comment especially on a topic as serious as this. How many people who have seriously been a victim of rape have you just insulted by basically not knowing the difference?

        • Tara says:

          Sorry but are you actually denying that Damon abused Caroline! At the time it was strongly implied that he did sexually abused her i mean the scene with her in her nightgown being thrown violently on the bed for just some blood yeah not buying it and having said that he did physically abuse caroline and that in itself should have been the reason that Liz and him shouldn´t have shared her last moments, but then julie decied to damon had to be a good guy so they swept the whole thing under the rug. Then theres damon´s relationship with Andy! that was all under compulsion and there was sex there is that not abuse either? having sex with someone under compulsion. This whole thing with Damon and Liz is disgusting and TVD should be ashamed of themselves.

        • Dude says:

          You’re right, Damon just compelled Caroline as way to force her to sleep with him and he dehumanized her and used her as a human Capri Sun but of course that’s totally different from rape.

          • Tara says:

            Yeah its totally cool and acceptable i bet these people think Caroline deserved it as well

          • the says:

            So you’re saying if there was a mind control drug and you used it on a girl to sleep with you it wouldn’t be rape??? kind of not buying it

    • Nona says:

      Arent the books the story of Elena, Damon and Stefan and the rest of the characters are some sort of back up?

    • Jo says:

      Surrogate mother might be a stretch, but they’ve been friends since S1, why are people acting brand new over this? And are you seriously asking why the show has to revolve around the 3 leads??? Lemme help you: it’s bc they’re the 3 leads.

  6. AddieM says:

    I’m loving everything about this storyline,when Damon spared Liz’s life in season 2, it was the first time I saw Damon’s glimpse of humanity and him doing something selfless when he had nothing to gain. They have been good friends since then and I think it is fitting that he says the eulogy.
    I find Damon’s friendships to be much more pronounced than Stefan’s because Stefan is generally a wonderful lovable guy and is friends with everyone but with Damon even after 6 seasons he does not care to have a r/ship or friendship with Matt, Tyler, Caroline or even Jeremy to some extend. But when it comes to Liz and Ric, you can tell that these people mean alot to him, even though he has a weird way of showing it at times.

    • Tara says:

      Nothing says best buds like the raping and abusing her daughter

      • Samara says:

        Yeah and 6 years later, Caroline has not mentioned it to anyone? That’s ridiculous

        • Maria says:

          I think caroline definitely feels that damon took advantage of her. Which is why she was so upset about elena’s sire bond. She definitely does not consider him a good person. She did tell him that she wanted nothing to do with him and he compelled her to stay with him sexually. so yeah we are entering a grey area..dark grey i feel..more towards black. When she became a vampire, all of it came back to her and yes she felt disgusted and taken advantage of. I think one reason she never said anything is because first she was trying to get hold of this vampire thing, and after that its always been one thing after another. when your fighting for survival on a daily basis, you don’t really hv the time to sit and cry over your best friends bf abusing you. it could also be because she dint want to think about it anymore. That was her human self and she was a different person now. As in real life, sometimes people get abused and they don’t talk about it. that doesn’t mean it wasn’t real or tragic. Whatever her reasons for not ‘sharing’, it doesn’t take away the fact that Damon has wronged her. I don’t think he’s ever apologized for it either.

        • Tara says:

          That dosen´t change anything that happend on the show thats the writers for changing damon from the bad one to the “good” one.

    • Maria says:

      i donno, i feel stefan hardly has any friends. he does not form bonds of friendship easily. He’s more of a detached personality type. Just coz he helps ppl, dsnt make them his friends. Eg: Alaric – damon’s friend. Stefan and Alaric hardly have scenes together. U can’t say they are friends. Liz again damon’s friend. Stefan and Liz were connected in the end coz of stefan’s bond with caroline. Matt again not stefan’s friend. Tyler not stefan’s friend. Stefan has no friends apart from an ex and caroline.

  7. rose says:

    what a waste of time

  8. g0tik4 says:

    Damon was Liz’s best friend, of course he’s taking it worse than anyone else – beside Caroline obviously – so get a grip people! And about the rape comment, if Damon ‘raped’ Caroline, then the same thing could be said about Katherine who ‘raped’ Stefan, so how come I never hear about Katherine ‘raping’ Stefan? Because this is just another stupid reason that stupid fans find to hate Damon, a reason that makes no sense at all….

    • Jo says:

      Yeah and if compulsion not to know/care about the vampire thing = rape it’d also mean Stefan was raping girls in the 20s and Caroline sexually assaulted (and intended to rape) Matt in S2. Funny how I don’t see comments about either of those things…….

      • Gwen says:

        Agree these rape comments turn my stomach – the reason you do not see these comments applied to any other character but Damon on the show is because they are made by children who have not grown up and know the difference. They do not think before they speak and they do not consider the hurt they are causing individuals who have Actually been through this terrible ordeal.

      • Tara says:

        Are you joking with this? So according to you if a vampire compells someone and then has sex with them its NOT abuse? Having your free will taking from you and then having the same person use your body as well its not rape! WTF

        • Jo says:

          If a vampire compels someone to have sex with them that would obvs be rape. If they compel them not to know/care about the vampirism then people need to either view it as rape in every case or not at all. But nobody ever has ANYTHING to say about Stefan being a rapist or Caroline being guilty of sexual assault and attempted rape under the same rules. If people only care when it’s Damon it gives the impression they’re concern trolling bc they’re pressed over ships etc.

          • Tara says:

            i´m sorry but thats just the stupides thing i´ve ever heard, by compelling a person you´ve taking away the free will a person has no matter what you do with it!
            We never saw Stefan compell someone and abuse them if i had seen that i´d say he´s an abuser as well BUT we saw damon do it! And what are you on about caroline raping matt WTF

          • Jo says:

            Are you under the impression Stefan’s date at the beginning of 3×03 was responding sexually to him groping her while killing her bc she just enjoyed getting murdered sooo much??? He’d obvs compelled her and per his diary entries he was having sex with a lot of his other dates before/during murdering them during that period. Btw you should be calling him an abuser regardless of that bc he was abusive to Elena in both S1 and S3. And Caroline lost control, attacked and nearly killed Matt, he was compelled to forget it, she knew he wouldn’t be ok with continuing a relationship with her, yet made out and had a grope session with him in his compelled state and was gonna go have sex with him.

        • Jo says:

          Sorry, should’ve read “if they ‘just’ compel them not to know/care about the vampirism”

        • .......... says:


  9. Liza says:

    Where is Tyler? I don’t know why Michael Trevino stays on this show. He hasn’t had a decent storyline in years and disappears for long periods of time. TVD is really wasting this actor’s talents!!! And along those lines, I was thrilled when they brought back Alaric, but so far, he is majorly underutilized.

    • Maria says:

      if tyler dsnt turn up to the funeral I’m going to be mighty pissed. I hope he dsnt say something like, she slept with the guy who killed my mom so i won’t be there for her… i mean I’m gonna break the damn tv if that happens. But its worrying coz in the hospital we hear stefan on the phone calling tyler and asking him to come to MF, yet he’s nowhere in the promo pics or in the trailer.

  10. Acid Rain says:

    Damon was always ment to be controversial character. So why is it so shocking for Damon fans to hear that some people have strong opinions about him? He isn’t supposed to be liked by everyone, and he’s not. I for one don’t like the character, and never will.

  11. Cas says:

    Why don’t most of you just stop watching and stop commenting on these articles? That would be refreshing for once.

  12. Jl says:

    OMG you haters are pathetic. if you don’t like the show, stop watching and stop complaining. Why do you even bother to go to this site if you hate it…

  13. Wow, it really amazes me that people sit here and criticize the show and then watch it week after week. Damon and the Sheriff have a very close, personal bond. He was her best friend since pretty early on in the show. It was only right to show them together having a few final moments. We have already seen Caroline saying her goodbyes and coping on past episodes. This isn’t real life, it’s showing the fans final moments they want to see. I love all the characters equally and think it’s amazing how well the writers do with keeping our interest with each A or B character individually. The actress who played Sheriff Forbes was really great. She always kept my interest and because of her I even started to get into Kyle XY. I’m sorry to see her go. Each episode I watch it blows my mind that I can still watch this show after six seasons and really feel these characters so much that I have even cried at their death scenes (even though most usually end up alive again). My only two complaints are why can’t you put Alaric back on the show more? What was the point of bringing him back (which was a great twist) and now he’s not allowed on the show? And are we really not rescuing Bonnie till the season finale? Cuz that’s where this is heading and that’s pretty corny. She is dead more than she’s ever alive for Gods sake! All in all it was a sweet episode, I’m glad Caroline and Stephan kissed, Damon is forever hot ( stop complaining that the show is too much about him because they will never change that in these final hours he’s just too good ), and I’m excited to see where this show is headed because in the end it never disappoints.
    Ps – I really hope it doesn’t turn into a new Sheriff that gives them trouble for being Vampires again. That areas been done enough!

    • Essie says:

      Very well said!! If you don’t like the show anymore then why still watch and take time to comment on here why you dislike it so much. Doesn’t make sense. I too have been feeling like the writers have been dropping the ball lately on good story lines but I still love to watch it because I’m attached to the characters. Like you said, in the end it never disappoints.

      I have seen Kyle XY, great show. Marguerite MacIntyre is a great actress and I will miss her as Liz. She was a good character and her moments with Damon this episode were very well done.

  14. Lee says:

    Wish you would ease up on hate & give Damon a break. Lets not forget that Domon almost died saving Caroline and got bit by Tyler while rescuing her after she insisted that they take Tyler with them even though she knew all well that it was a full moon that night. Oh and I don’t remember her thanking him for that.

  15. Steve says:

    Shame on TVD producers & script writers for kiling off Liz Forbes, the last of the ‘older’ generation of characters – Hope it won’t turn into one of those ‘bratpack’ shows now !
    I’d rather they had killed off Enzo. He’s so irritating ! (I mean – what is this quarrel & vendetta with Stefan really ?). It seems to me he was only brought in as an inferior Damon MK 2, when there was speculation in Series 5 that Ian Sommerhalder was quitting. Well Ian’s still there, so give Enzo the heave-ho.
    P.S. – Also hope they kill off Kai by the end of this series – Not keep him on for series 7, like they did with Silas in series 5.

  16. steroline says:

    i wish bonnie would have a funeral… i know they dont have a body and all but she deserves something, even if its just for whoever knows about vampires and all. at least its something.
    i mean common the girl sacrificed herself so many times she was such a good person ughh i miss bon bon

  17. Alana says:

    It’s so sad I’m sitting here crying my eyes but anyway to answer your question yes she does die and she will not come back to life I know this is devastating to the people that were emotionally attached to sheriff Forbes and they are most likely addicted to the show as well as I am so I’m sorry.