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Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: Stars, EPs Explain [Spoiler]'s Death, Jeremy's Surprise Exit and Steroline's Future

Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Thursday’s Vampire Diaries — unquestionably one of the series’ finest hours to date — bid two very different farewells to fan-favorite characters, allowed a long-awaited ‘ship to finally set sail and revealed more buried secrets than you could shake an Ascendant at.

A quick recap of the episode: Sheriff Forbes finally, tragically succumbed to her cancer (without her doting daughter by her side); Caroline found comfort in Stefan’s arms (and lips!); Jeremy left Mystic Falls behind to become a roving hunter, despite telling everyone (but Alaric) that he’s going to art school; Enzo exposed his vampirism to Sarah; and it was revealed that Elena’s adoptive parents’ car accident was, in fact, just an accident.

Below, executive producers Julie Plec and Caroline Dries, along with actress Marguerite McIntyre and writer Brian Young, break down the episode’s biggest twists and preview the tear-jerking events still to come.

SHERIFF FORBES’ DEATH | If you thought Sheriff Forbes’ death was too much to bear, you’re not alone; Dries reveals that the network asked if she could insert a “silver lining” into the moment, which led to Liz’s speech to Damon about how Caroline is “meant to be extraordinary.” Plec asked McIntyre, who has penned several Originals episodes, to write what she thought Liz would want to say to Caroline at her funeral, and her words were used in the final draft of the script. “To me, it felt like … the most important thing she’d want [Caroline] to know is that she’s OK … and how much [Liz] felt about her,” McIntyre says. “Inside her head, that would be the message.”

As for the mood on set, McIntyre says she was surprised at how melancholy her co-stars became — particularly one Ian Somerhalder: “Everybody knew it was coming, so for weeks beforehand, everybody was being so emotional with me in this way that I’m like, “Dudes, I’m fine!” … Every time [Ian would] see me, he’d [whisper], ‘Hi.’ When we did that table read, after the table read, he was like, ‘By the way, you get well, right?’ From then on, he’s been very clingy.”

Vampire Diaries SpoilersSTEROLINE’S FUTURE | Fans might have been ‘shipping “Steroline” for years, but in Stefan and Caroline’s minds, the concept of them dating is still rocky territory. “What’s the first conversation you have after your first kiss?” Plec poses. “Right now, something pretty dramatic has happened, so [next Thursday’s] episode is all about judging what and when and how that first conversation is going to go.”

JEREMY’S (SURPRISE) EXIT | Though Plec assures us Jeremy has “a standing invite for weddings, funerals and whatever else comes along,” we have seen the last of him for a long while. “[His departure] couldn’t really line up with Bonnie’s [return], because her journey is never-ending. We don’t know when she’ll be back or what will become of her, so he really needed to make decisions for himself.” As for why he didn’t simply go to art school, “When you come out of Mystic Falls, there is no such thing as a normal life. … Jeremy was someone who went through so much and needed a purpose. … Jeremy’s secret is, ‘I’m forever changed, but I’m going to use this change for the powers of good.'”

Vampire Diaries SpoilersAdds Young, “It feels like a victory in a way. Like, he got out. He made it out.” (And before you ask, yes, the possibility of a spinoff or “summer series” revolving around Jeremy, or even a visit to The Originals, has been bandied about in the writers’ room. Quoth Plec, “You never know!”)

MATT’S NEXT STEP | First of all, don’t worry about losing Matt next; “I will never kill Matt Donovan,” Plec insists — ignoring, of course, that she once said the same thing about the late, great Sheriff Forbes. Do, however, prepare for a major change in the blue-eyed wonder’s life. “He’s about to embark on a new path for himself,” Plec teases. “This experience, what he’s had to go through being Enzo’s little bitch boy and watching his friends all sink deeper into their supernatural lives, is going to make him take a stand and have a really clear point of view on who he wants to be.” (Before you go naming him the new sheriff of Mystic Falls, Plec says Caroline’s mom’s vacant seat will “remain open” until at least Season 7.)

Vampire Diaries SpoilersENZO’S MASTER PLAN | Speaking of he who made Matt his “bitch boy,” Enzo will be thrown for “a bit of a loop” the next time he encounters Sarah, who now knows he’s a vampire. “He’s going to be surprised by her response,” Plec hints. Additionally, the final chapter of the season — once we collectively mourn Sheriff Forbes — will explore “the backstory of Enzo and what makes him tick.”

BONNIE’S RETURN | If spoilers about Bonnie’s future are out there somewhere, know this: They’re not coming from Plec. All she’ll say about Bon-Bon’s return to present-day Mystic Falls is that it’ll happen “soon.” So… do with that what you will.

Vampire Diaries fans, once you’ve dried your tears, try to form some thoughts: Were you surprised by Jeremy’s shady exit? How devastated were you by that final Sheriff Forbes scene? And what was your knee-jerk reaction to that Stefan-Caroline kiss? Drop a comment with your thoughts, however candid, below.

Reporting by Vlada Gelman

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  1. Hannah says:

    I can’t believe they made Damon have more scences with Liz than Caroline..
    And as Happy as I am for the shippers (they begged for it for a long time) it felt totally misplaced and weird, hope it ends sooner rather than later

    • CDG says:

      lol Delena shippers were begging for way too long. Forced Julie Plec’s hand with their threats (Kids) Result: TVD became a soap opera because of Delena. #TheEnd

    • Samara says:

      Nothing on this show can be worse than Steroline..nothing!

      • Nic says:

        Agree with you there. Forcing Caroline and Stefan into a hookup and maybe more (though I hope not) rings false. The chemistry between the actors is non existent so I can’t understand why Julie Plec and the rest keep trying to make this happen. Bring in new blood (pardon the pun) for each of the characters if they absolutely must be in a relationship with someone. The whole kissing scene? Weird and non sexy, so I just fast forwarded over it until I got to something more interesting in the show. Make it stop. Please.

    • Me says:

      Actually the writers stayed true to Caroline’s character, she’s always prioritized men/her love life above anything else. She always feels the need to be attached to someone and it’s not a shock that the past two episodes she’s been off with Stefan rather than be by her mother’s bedside.
      She clearly heard her mother tell Stefan to look after her and she did not object or say anything to Stefan meaning she does want Stefan by her side.
      Also her fixing that cabin was just Caroline’s control freak nature yet again, she had to be the one to chose & fix the environment Liz would spend her final days. She was busy stressing about unnecessary issues like which book her mother would read last or if she’d like Jane Eyre. Two weeks back we saw her looking for funeral bouquets, instead of being with her mother. She feels the need to fix everything and everyone.
      So none of what happened in this episode with Caroline and her mother is out of the ordinary,it is all very true to Caroline’s character.

      • Nuh uh says:

        Excuse you? I think you are confusing Caroline with Elena, you know the girl who kills and manipulates, do drugs and leaves all of her friends and family behind to be with a guy. Caroline was like that in season 1 when she was so insecure she wanted everybody to love her but even then she loved her parents very much and wanted their support but they just weren’t there for her.
        We have seen her grow and change into a person that respects herself and the people she loves and you are going to tell me that her being with Stefan when her mom was dying was in character? not even Katherine would have done that had she had a choice.

        • Me says:

          That’s the thing Caroline has not changed much since S1, she’s still insecure and a control freak evidenced by what happened in the first half of this season, she wanted to control how everyone grieved, more like did not agree with anyone’s method of grieving.
          This is not about Elena, i fail to see why u even mentioned her. So Caroline has never killed or had feelings for the biggest villain in MF. smh
          My point is nothing was out of the ordinary with this episode, everything was spot on, she’s someone who tries to take charge & fix situations even ones that cannot be fixed. After that whole giving her mother vamp blood incident she should have then never left her mother’s side becoz she knows her days are numbered but no she had to prance off on useless missions with Stefan. It’s her to a Tee..nothing shocking there

          • Beth says:

            Wow, hypercritical much? This wasn’t a useless mission. Caroline accepted her mother’s illness and that she was going to have to let go, and she was making the cabin a place they could live out her final weeks together. No one expected Liz to die that day. Caroline can’t do nothing but be with her mother all the time in case she died. The fact that she died before they could say goodbye is a tragedy that will probably drive Caroline’s grieving in the next episode. Caroline is indeed a control freak, but that’s part of who she is and not something she needs to (or even can) grow out of — she can learn to channel it better, and the cabin surprise as opposed to trying to cure her mom’s tumor is a perfect example of her channeling it well. Seeing how Caroline grieves after she was very critical of Stefan and Elena’s grieving processes (which to be fair were legitimately unhealthy and in many ways selfish grieving processes) should be interesting.

          • Me says:

            There’s nothing like selfish grieving. There’s no process when it comes to grief. So Elena and Stefan were selfishly grieving because they did not take Caroline’s feelings into account!
            The whole point of an illness being terminal is any minute could be the last, Caroline knew that but she still chose to go off and get closer to Stefan instead of staying by her mother’s side. Saying Caroline did not expect her mom to die that day does not really fly.

          • Beth says:

            No, there are definitely wrong and unhealthy ways to grieve. Elena erasing her memories and Stefan isolating himself and picking fights are absolutely unhealthy ways, and Caroline had a right to have her own feelings about them since they did affect her.

            And are you not reading all the comments in this post from people who weren’t there when their parents or loved ones died? Just because someone is terminally ill doesn’t mean you can or should be by their side 24/7. It’s not on Caroline that she wasn’t there. It’s just unfortunate and sad.

          • Me says:

            Caroline has no right to tell anyway what to do with their lives, she can kindly suggest as a friend but not to be all judgmental about it and then throw a fit when things don’t go her way. She’s just a control freak who always has to have her own way and she has not matured at all in that aspect.
            Did she really have to go and dig up an old teddy or was it just a ploy to be with Stefan. SInce her mum was been diagnosed, Elena and Damon have been around Liz more than Caroline has. Her character has always prioritized men above anything else.

    • Ari says:

      I think Stefan and Caroline are just so weird together. They made great friends so I guess it’s only natural that they explore if they could be more, since this is TV. I just hope that they do what Friends did when Rachel and Joey dated in the final season and just have them realize they are better friends than lovers.

    • Homesick says:

      I guess I’m just glad the kiss happened before the Sheriff died and not because she died. But I’ve got to agree Damon was the wrong character to hit the emotional mark needed for the Sheriff’s departure. I keep thinking of The Walking Dead and how their death this week made me concerned over Sasha, Noah and Judith, all the while knowing what this was doing to Rick, Michonne or Glenn and, compared to The Vampire Diaries, Sheriff Forbes’s demise lacked the emotional impact it should’ve had.

    • emma says:

      That was DISGUSTING! They couldn’t even allow a daughter who as we all seen be with her mother, to say good-bye. Caroline out of all the characters really did love her mother. To give that scene to Damon had me literally shaking our heads. (I watch it with 4 other people) The “big anticipated kiss” looked and felt so WRONG! Caroline and Stefan had a great friendship. A friendship like Stefan had with Lexi and we really enjoyed how they had each others back. But Caroline Dries and Julie Plec decided to ruin it by having them kiss. It was gross, brother and sister nasty. As my friends and I watched the show we like we always do, discuss it. We’ve come to the conclusion the show is only going to get worse. We’ve been watching since the beginning and loved seasons 1 2 and 3 because it was a complete show about ALL the cast. Now it’s just Damon and Delena. We honestly have tried to hang in there hoping it would get better. It hasn’t. TVD’s has lost us. So disappointed in this show. Totally get why the ratings are so low. Guess we’ll have to find a new show for Thursday’s at 8. It really is sad what they’ve done to this show and how they’ve allow the writers Caroline and Julie to carry on writing this show as the ratings have dropped because of there werid fantasy about Ian Somerhalder.

      • Me says:

        Yes this is what most of you people say every week, and yet you are still here. You don’t like the show, stop watching. As much as I don’t like Steroline I have accepted this is the route the writers have chosen and I ffwd every Steroline scene, and enjoy the rest of the show. Steroline and Delena seem to be end game like it or not.

        • emma says:

          What are you talking about? How many times has Liz died? If you’re talking about the Delena Diaries part, it’s common knowledge that 99.9% of the sites have people saying and DOING what they say. People have and continue to stop watching this show because they are bored and disappointed because it has turned into the Damon/Dullena Diaries. Check TV by the numbers, every single week the ratings go down.

          • Me says:

            Yes and the whole universe knows that..but my point is why the H are you still watching and following a show you clearly resent, are you that much of a masochist that you like you own pain and displeasure. Normal people who don’t enjoy it have stopped watching. Note key phrase “normal people”
            As it is Delena and Steroline are endgame, nothing you and the other 99.9% supposed viewers can do about it. So either STFU and enjoy the show like the rest of us or stop watching or clicking on anything to do with TVD. Coming here with your stats and ratings BS every week does not mean anything esp since it has been renewed for another season.

          • Fran says:

            Who are you to tell people to “STFU”? People are allowed to voice their displeasure at the downwards spiral of a show they used to love. Some people watch because they still have hope that the characters and storylines that used to be so compelling to watch… might someday return again. There’s nothing wrong with that and that certainly doesnt mean they are not normal. This is a comment section, for both positive and negative points of view. Yes, sometimes they go too far (for both sides) but that sometimes happens when people are passionate about the characters.

        • You says:

          Oh dear Me, telling people what they are allowed to say, trying to chastise and edit other peoples opinions and their right to voice them. *Whispers* Its called agency sweetheart, and obviously commenters here, unlike characters of certain shows still possess it. But defending the show as you do, I guess its not surprising that you just don’t recognise it, sad- but not surprising.

          • Me says:

            Either English is not your first language or you are naturally bad a grammar..either way, learn to proof read before you post….Your post did not make sense.

      • TillyMonstar says:

        That’s how death works people. My mom went into a coma the same way with a DNR order. My dumbass was at home sleeping because everyone told me everything was fine then BOOM she died about an hour before I could make it to the hospital. Caroline was trying to make her mothers’ final days peaceful and needed to stay busy, not be with Stefan! He wanted to be with her. I don’t find it selfish or weird and it’s just like real life. That’s why I just love this show. I cried my face off.

        And their first kiss was awesome! I love them together. Trust me, they are going to be great!

      • Dras Sony says:

        Giving more scenes for Damon with Liz rather than Caroline shows the disrespect to remaining characters other than Damon, Elena and Stefan.Not everything in the world revolves around these 3. Give Caroline her own story line rather than forcing Steroline to fill romance space for Stefan.I would like some day to see “Organic” story line as stressed by them which surely they are not providing. Give preference to characters and the story rather than laying the roads to pave for their desired ship. And no world revolves around 1 specific person and neither should Caroline’s world revolve around 1 specific person.

        • Beth says:

          Buy Caroline is a secondary character on a tv show that actually DOES revolve around Elena, Stefan, and Damon. And if you do not find Stefan/Caroline organic, the fault is clearly not in the writing. They have obviously been laying the groundwork for romantic Steroline since Season 4. You’d have to be as oblivious as Stefan to have missed it.

  2. I have pretty much have had it with bonnies storyline this year. I fast forward through it cuz all it does is dragggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg on.

  3. diane says:

    so liz death is all about her daughters rapist and his guilt over his own mom and not caroline liz’s actual daughter! wtf show oh and that kiss lacked everything, new low tvd new low

  4. emms says:

    utterly amazed that liz’s entire death episode revolved around damon’s feelings. and next week he will be giving her eulogy. this show is a ****ing embarrassment.

    • Josh says:

      You don’t expect The Vampire Diaries to ever be about the women? Not anymore! They’re just their to be loved. Save for Bonnie who’s getting her own storyline after six seasons. But when she comes back to the land of the living, you bet she’ll lose her plot again!

    • jerrired says:

      Despite going into S6 ready to give up on the show, I’ve actually enjoyed it a bit. At least some elements, but tonight’s episode ranked high as one of the worst ever done by the series…And I can’t believe they chose to let Liv’s final moments be with Damon and not Caroline. When did Damon become the only important character to the writers? I’m not saying this as a bitter shipper or TVD fan, but as a bitter television fan because I’m just flabbergasted by the choices tonight.

      • Megs says:

        I thought it was a beautiful episode. It brought me back to the death of my grandma. I wasn’t able to be with her in her final moments, as desperately as I had wanted to be and I had definitely planned to be. She passed while I was driving to the hospital to be with her in her final moments but unfortunately I was a few minutes too late. The other thing is when a loved one dies it does change your relationships with the people you care about. I think Caroline and Stefan bonded in a very profound way as Caroline tried to come to terms with Liz’s prognosis and then finally begin making arrangements for what she thought would be Liz’s last days. Sharing such a profound experience can only serve to push a relationship to a deeper level. The scene with the bike and training wheels had me bawling. It was perfect. And geez, cut Damon some slack. He really cared about Liz and is entitled to manpain. Having a love one die sucks. I don’t see why VD should pretend we’re suddenly back in 1950 where men aren’t allowed to experience and express grief. It”s 2015.

        • murley says:

          I was standing out in our front yard when my mom died. I walked back in the front door to my dad telling me. It is said that people often pass in the one moment their closest loved ones aren’t present. Like they need you not to be there to be able to feel like they can leave. It was very sad, but well done I thought and certainly opens up even more emotional story for Caroline. The whole story of Her mom’s cancer and growing closer to Stefan has actually been, in my opinion, one of the least forced plot lines on the show in a while. From someone who has lived it. sort of. I am not a vampire etc :)

          • Cali says:

            What a great episode! S6 has been so good and this one made me cry and cry (and squeal happily over the Steroline kiss – finally!!!). So sorry to say goodbye to Liz and even Jeremy who I didn’t know I cared that much about, lol. Next ep looks like it’s going to break my heart to pieces tho. Poor Caroline :(

            And I see the comments section here continues to be a thinly veiled Bitter Shippers Meeting each week. The transparent concern trolling that actually means “wah, I’m not getting my way with the ship I want” remains lolarious. Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

          • Cali says:

            Whoops, sorry murley. I just clicked the add comment button as normal, no idea why my comment showed up as a reply after yours.

          • Leeeeeeeee says:

            completely agree!

        • jerrired says:

          First off, I’m sorry you didn’t get to say goodbye to your grandma. :( I get that the series was trying to capture that type of agonizing feeling. But I feel like the show won’t really deliver a compelling way to explore her guilt. She’ll distance herself from Stefan, act out, give a speech about feeling guilty. And then move on. The real purpose of Care missing her mom’s death seems like it’s to delay the inevitable “endgame” Steroline. I doubt the show will really use it to explore Caroline’s psyche, which I would commend them for if they did. Also, I think people aren’t saying Damon can’t be sad or have feelings. I think people (at least me) are saying that the series made it less about this pivotal and heart-wrenching moment of a daughter losing her mother, and more about Damon losing a friend, or when he lost his mother. Damon’s losses are important, but at this point, the show should have focused on Liz and Caroline. No one else. Because what anyone else felt was kind of irrelevant, in my opinion. And the show has, up until this point, made Liz’s death about Caroline. Then in her final moments, it’s all about Damon’s loss? If they were going to explore someone losing Liz, besides Caroline, in her final moments (to create their desired angst), I would have even been okay with Elena. Since Liz was kind of a mother figure to her as well, the same goes for Matt, Tyler, Bonnie, or Jeremy.

          • Fran says:

            Really well said…. You summed up my feelings perfectly. If they used this to explore Caroline’s grief and move her character forward, that would be one thing. Unfortunately we’ve seen this same scenario time and again and it never happens. That’s whats a shame and the reason I think people are so upset.

        • luv2cook says:

          I was present when both of my parents died and to this day I wish that I hadn’t been. Those are the most painful memories in my life and I would have preferred to remember them as they were instead of the very not nice things that I did see.

          • Beth says:

            I’m really sorry to hear that. I can’t imagine how difficult that must have been, and I’m sorry for your loss!

          • murley says:

            I am sorry. I had the opposite experience so I don’t know what that would be like but I am sorry it was painful for you.

      • I agree. Steroline was better as a friendship. I don’t ship any of the other ships (Stelena, Klaroline, Forwood, etc) right now either. I just don’t think that it was necessary to make it into a romantic pairing.

        Also, I don’t think that the anti-Steroline people are all bitter shippers. Many of them are just fans who simply don’t like the inconsistent, rambling direction of the season or the unnecessary, slapdash couplings.

        I don’t think that people should “hatewatch” a show either, but I believe that the so called bitter fans are simply following a show that used to intrigue them, perhaps in the misguided hope that the season will improve.

        There’s nothing wrong with continuing to watch a show that isn’t entirely to your liking. Once you come to care for a group of characters, it’s hard to let go.

        There are times when shows can get too bad, though. Just look at Glee. *shudder*

        • Claire says:

          Thank you. Everything you said is everything I feel but you said it much more nicely than I ever could. I’m not a big fan of Steroline happening either not because I ship a particular couple but because their friendship was likeable and genuine and I think that sometimes shows should just allow characters to stay friends because that’s what happens. People stay friends. Not everyone has to end up together and that’s okay. As for so many people’s comments on how Caroline didn’t get to be with her mom in her final moments, I see where they are coming from but I’m okay with the way things ended up. I thought that scene with her mom letting her go on that bike was beautiful and it did somehow give her a chance to be with her mom one last time.

  5. tina says:

    so next week what steroline focus is on the talk not the fact liz just died jesus fxxx well it makes sense since her dying is now all about damons manpain! horrible episode made by incompetent writers

  6. Riana says:

    Can we have Tristin Mays as a regular for Season 7. I know they’ve never promoted a female character (even though Rebekah appeared more than some of the regulars in Season 3 and 4), but there’s finally another Salvatore. Can we keep her?

  7. stella says:

    I ff through every scene with Stefan and Caroline because I’d fall asleep from boredom otherwise, so maybe it’s time to delete the ep from my Tivo…and the season pass with it.

  8. Lorinda says:

    Quality tears shed tonight. It was a truely precious moment between Carolyn & her mother.

    • Aimee Harbolt says:

      I Agree.

      • Lambsilencer says:

        I actually was surprised they went with her moment of death at the very end of the episode. There is a saying that TV stations don’t like to have episodes end on very sad notes, especially on 8 PM shows, because they fear that viewers will lose interest in the next program, having simply had enough to deal with for one night.
        It was a beautiful episode, and Candice Accola is always so heartbreaking in those scenes.

  9. Josh says:

    Yes, like all parental deaths, in the end it’s really about which boy you’ll kiss.

    Or at least on The Vampire Diaries. It will always come down to which boy will like you on the TVD. What else is a woman for if not to be loved by a guy?

  10. Maya says:

    Enzo has become such a useless character. Steroline is so painful to watch.

  11. Jason says:

    I thought it was quite a lovely episode (despite Enzo). I really like Caroline and Stefan together and I thought their kiss was very romantic. They have a great potential relationship built on a solid foundation of friendship. It’s probably the most adult relationship they’ve ever had on the show. One grounded in something more lasting. And Although it was sad that Caroline missed out on her mom’s last moments, it led to some powerful scenes at the end, even expanding Caroline’s understanding of her abilities as a Vampire. Plus I always liked Damon and Liz’s scenes together over the years. It seemed appropriate, even allowing him to open up about things he has never spoken of.

  12. kate'shomesick says:

    Okay, that is not how a person dying of cancer looks like. I’ve seen several of my relatives die of different cancers… they all looked horrible in their last weeks…sunken in, huge weight losses, loss of hair and so on…did they say why she looked so healthy? And was able to move around pretty normally?

    • Jo says:

      As far as I can tell it’s because she had no time for chemo, radiation etc. her tumor was already so large when they found it (it was a stage 4) so no amount of treatment would have helped. Therefore she didn’t have any of the symptoms of chemo and radiation. Cancer itself does not cause hair loss, emaciation etc especially a very fast growing cancer. And they did make her look thinner and her face was sunken in. My neighbor when I was growing up had a very fast spreading cancer and she was gone before the hair and weight loss and pain progressed to a visible state. I also watched a cousin slowly whither away as the chemo and radiation destroyed her as it tried to save her. Not all cases are the same. This was an accurate portrayal of an extremely quick spreading cancer. I’m actually happy that they chose to not drag this out and have her die slowly and painfully. If they had to kill off the sheriff with cancer I am glad they did it with dignity and didn’t have her slowly waste away.

    • Leeeeeeeee says:

      maybe because its a tv show…. about vampires lol, take some of that logic your using out.

  13. Someone says:

    Do these people even outline anything? It’s like stuff happens on this show for absolutely no reason with no clear plan or purpose or rhyme or reason or common sense. What is the point of anything they even attempted to say in this article? SMH.

  14. Enzo and Kai roll is way too log. Make for a boring, long, drawn out roll. Sherrif Forbes roll should have been longer. Caroline deserves that, and Bonnie is always been torn with. Stop taking her out so much.

  15. Julia says:

    Steroline is dreadful

  16. elanor says:

    rip liz forbes you died so stefan could feel like banging caroline! oh and also for damon pains well done writers well done

  17. Julia says:

    I hate how they made liz’s death all about steroline and Damon’s man pain. I’m really not here for it.

  18. Z says:

    Awesome episode loved the scenes between Liz and Damon I’ve always loved their friendship and Damon is one of the best characters on the show

  19. Dmac says:

    Of course the SOD would Liz’s death focus on Damon, because he is just that amazing.

  20. may says:

    what a crapfest! liz dying is now all about damon cause caroline is busy making out with stefan who looked thrilled by the way! and stillno bonnie bravo julie bravo

  21. Kim says:

    i hate that it takes Caroline’s mom dying for her and Stefan to get together!!! Gimme a break.

  22. Cheryl says:

    There was something comforting in having Sherrif Forbe’s around even if she never had much of a storyline. She did a great job making you care for a character that wasn’t given much to work with. I did like the scene between her and Damon because we finally get to see a little more about their friendship, but I agree that it turned to focus more on his feelings (again a slim storyline for Liz). What a mistake to take her off of the show. Kinda pissed me off.

  23. Autumn says:

    I just cannot stand Stefan and Caroline. They have the dullest, most contrived romantic moments thus far on the show and that’s saying something (considering Bonnie and Jeremy). Just not a fan. What I did like was Sheriff Forbes and McIntyre’s wonderful performance. I loved all the moments between Damon and Sheriff Forbes. I know people are upset about Caroline, but Caroline did get the last moment with the flashback. That worked so much better than watching Caroline control her mother would have been. It’s too bad the show lost one of their best characters.

  24. Rinnie says:

    I didn’t shed a single tear, the whole episode was beyond ludicrous. Caroline fails AGAIN to properly say goodbye to her mother ’cause she was too busy sterolining, (how long before her mom’s cabin becomes a love cabin ?), Matt gets AGAIN dragged in Enzo’s childish play for no reason (I still fail to see the purpose of his quest seriously, and I do not want to explore his backstory, he had his purpose, now he gotta go), Liz decides to spend her last moments working on a case for Elena (who could not care less), and Jeremy decides to hunt vampires outside of Mystic Falls where the population is probably 50% supernatural stuff (he could have at least done us a favor and kill Enzo before leaving), and Bonnie… well who cares about Bonnie, just send a memo when she’s back.

    • shawn says:

      I totally agree! The idea of Step & Caroline has lovers is a terrible terrible direction to take the show in. Those characters are sooooo much better and more interesting has friends!!!

    • shawn says:

      I couldn’t said this better myself! I totally agree with you!!

  25. Fran says:

    “Unquestionably one of the series’ finest episodes to date”…. Huh? Did I watch a different episode? I have hung in there with this show but they truly did reach a new low tonight. Disgusting.

    • LIsa says:

      Disgusting pretty much sums it up. Because the one thing you want to be doing while your parent is dying is make out with a guy. And I’m talking from personal experience.

  26. Kalee says:

    I’m gonna miss the Sheriff but who on earth has been shipping ‘Steroline’?

    The 20 or so teenaged girls on Tumblr? Meanwhile, everyone is going “ICK! They’re better off as friends! Stop it!”

  27. Amber says:

    The scene between Liz and Damon was powerful and the best part of the episode. Though Caroline’s memory of her Mom as a little girl was a nice touch too! Honestly, Liz will be sorely missed. She is my favorite female character of the series. That all said, I just can’t get into the Caroline/Stefan romance. It felt awkward and contrived to me. And I say that not because I’m particularly rooting for either of them to be with anyone else. My natural response was to kind of cringe. But overall, it was still a good episode. I’m glad Jeremy didn’t just go off to art school. As for a spinoff, I’d say probably not. But it did sound like a setup!!

    • CDG says:

      You Will have that reaction if you not a shipper, it’s normal. I loved the episode cause I love both characters (Stefan and Caroline). It’s called preference. For the people who are saying they do not make sense. Now how the hell does Delena make sense to you?

      They ve been very good friends (best friends in fact) Stefan cares for her and will always be there to protect her. Friendship is now ruined cause she felt for him. This is the type of situation that I see everyday in my life. Steroline is real, pure. No complications such as: not knowing if feelings are real because she turned into a vampire now, type of crap.

      • Leeeeeeeee says:

        couldnt have said it better myself smh steroline haters are ppl that wanted klaus and caroline to happen(which made no sense to me) or delena shippers(which also is a little crazy to me).

        • Maya says:

          That is such a broad generalization. I know a lot of fans who aren’t in those groups. Steroline is awkward for so many reasons that doesn’t include shipping another couple.

        • Me says:

          I’m a Delena shipper and I hate Steroline, as for Klaus and never really care about their affections

      • Amanda says:

        Steroline is just disgusting and Delena doesn’t make sense to me either. I have continued watching out of loyalty since I have been watching since it first premiered but really enough is enough. TVD has become the fantasy land of teenage kids.

  28. Aimee Harbolt says:

    I Love that Caroline and Stephan may become a couple. As far as her mother I was crying like a baby. So sad. I Will miss her on the show. Jeremy lying about art school is going yo p off Elana, will be interesting to see where it takes him. I Love the show. Keep it coming.

  29. Emily says:

    I know it’s been this way for months, but I still cannot believe that they used Liz’s death to fuel Steroline. It’s just so… disrespectful.
    To women, to feminism, to mothers and daughters, and to anyone who has ever lost someone to cancer. It’s just unthinkable that these writers chose to lock Stefan and Caroline away together during Liz’s last moments. It’s not poetic, it’s trashy and wrong. They serviced their most degrading romantic pairing with an hour of “ohhh he’s on a ladder and he’s so hot” instead of giving Caroline and Liz the goodbye they deserved. I loved the final scene with Liz’s memory of letting Caroline go on that bike. It was beautiful. But even that was cheapened by Stefan’s hovering. A constant reminder that while Caroline might be destroyed by grief at the moment, we shouldn’t forget that she’s still on the sexy track for Stefan. This episode should NOT have been about him or Steroline at all. It should have been about a mother and a daughter and their last day together.This entire season-long Sterolinefest has been a disaster, and I hope these writers understand how insulted and disgusted fans are with the entire thing.

    • Chris says:

      Actually, not all fans are disgusted. Caroline was doing her part trying to make her mother’s last days comfortable, but she has to move on too and be happy. Sometimes, you miss time. That’s life. If Caroline didn’t die with Damon’s blood in her system and become a vampire, she would have died with a horrible relationship with her mother. Their entire relationship is borrowed time. Stefan made the point that the moments leading up to the end were most important, not literally the last moment. I thought it was handled tastefully, ESPECIALLY since this has been an arc carrying over for a couple of episodes now. The preview for the next episode was about her funeral.

      • Wendy says:

        Well I think that its pretty terrible. As a woman I am growing more and more frustrated with the misogynistic and sexist writing, that this is written by woman astounds me. TVD is becoming a train wreck.

    • Arran says:

      As a man, I got SICK of waiting for Liz to die and I couldn’t care less about feminism, mothers and daughters lol! The show is not about that! Accusing the writers of being sexist when sexism is so strong in you. I can’t imagine the life of your poor husband/boyfriend.

      • Gen says:

        With your dismissive attitude about feminism I would be more worried about your girlfriend or wife then the men in our lives, but then with your attitude your probably unlikely to have either.

  30. Mikw says:

    Many parents die without their kids in the room- as a nurse I’ve seen many people actually wait to die until when their loved ones are not nearby- it’s very true- so I totally get it- I wish Caroline would have been shown walking up to her mom after little Caroline rhode off on her bike and they said good bye like Damon and Rose! Otherwise tears everywhere!

    • murley says:

      Exactly what I shared above, along with my own experience of that. And also on the same page with the tears! I thought it was really well done. I expected to see them interact in the memory but I am glad they didn’t. I thought it was nice to just see them share that moment of Liz letting go of young Caroline knowing that it symbolized her letting go now.

  31. Nicole says:

    Caroline should have been with her mom, not with Stefan. I don’t know what is going on in that writers room but they sure aren’t using their brains. Who in their right mind made the decision to have Caroline dillydallying her day away with Stefan while her mother is dying of cancer. I think this story line was handled very poorly. It should have been about mother and daughter, but instead their story line was used to prop a romantic ship that is known as Steroline. The focus should have been on the power dynamic between mother and daughter not a lack luster kiss. In my opinion, Caroline and Stefan were great as friends, but this show has a hard time depicting men and women as friends.

  32. bon says:

    these writers are such meninists, Caroline’s mom is dying and they use it to prop up a ship, because at the end, who cares if your mom is in the last moments of her life when you can kiss a boy, I’m so disgusted

  33. Cassie says:

    I knew TVD had gotten bad but damn what a way to prove how far this show has truly fallen. I am sick to my stomach that so called writers have the nerve to do this. I have a question for these writers, if you know your mother is down to her last days on this earth, are you really worried about who you’re attracted to? Or are you going to be spending every last moment at her side? If this is the best episode according to Julie Plec, lady you are sadly mistaken.

  34. Secret Name says:

    Missing vampirey actions!!! Where’s the blood, flying, and secrets! Where’s the magic?!

  35. Marakis says:

    So recalling a previous season, maybe one of the first few, was it not Damon laying in the middle of the road (pulling one of those stunts) that caused Eilana’s and her families crash? Am I remembering that correctly?

  36. Lia says:

    Is she serious? Next episode is the funeral and the episode will be all about first kiss conversation? I reached my limit, Goodbye TVD

    • Linds says:

      Agreed. I’m in the exact same boat. The entire storyline with Liz’ cancer was horribly executed and now they’ve managed to hit an all-time low. This storyline should’ve been about Caroline and Liz. Stefan had no part in it and I’m sorry but she couldn’t be there for her mom’s last moments because she was with Stefan AGAIN? What even is Stefan’s storyline besides being pressured into pity dating Caroline?

  37. Linds says:

    “What’s the first conversation you have after your first kiss?” Plec poses. “Right now, something pretty dramatic has happened, so [next Thursday’s] episode is all about judging what and when and how that first conversation is going to go.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Her mother just died, literally her last living parent and family she has dies and THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO FOCUS ON? How soon she’s going to bang Stefan? These writers are the most misogynistic writers on television and they’re WOMEN. Not only did you cheapen what should’ve been Caroline’s entire storyline with her mother, she wasn’t even there for her death because she was too busy getting on the sexy track with Stefan. These writers have hit an all-time low. I don’t think I’ve ever been so disgusted by a group of women writing for women. Officially done with this show.

  38. Jammy says:

    Im honestly upset that they didnt have Caroline spend time with Liz! I wanted the mother-daughter goodbye sort of thing & not Caroline having no choice but to enter her mom’s mind while she was in her death bed!
    P.S. Still not on board with Steroline as more than friends!:/

    Nothing against Damon cause I know he & Liz were close but it should have been Caroline there with her mom during her last moments! And Sheriff’s death means pretty much all the parents are dead!:(

    And honestly I dont know where they are going with the whole Sarah Salvatore plot with Enzo! Seems kinda like a waste of time.
    And Matt too, it has been said that he will stand up for himself & so but I dont see that happening as he’s human & can easily be manipulated & overpowered! That’s why he’s as they put Enzo’s “Bitch Boy”!

    And I cant wait for Bonnie to return! I miss her!! #BringBonnieBack

    Despite character(s) departure tdy’s ep was kinda boring. I dont know what next the writers can write which doesnt seem repetitive! It seems like they have explored & exhuasted all storyline possibilities!

  39. Emma says:

    Get me if I’m wrong but tv is supposed to be entertainment right? I mean, there are reality shows and documentaries you can watch if you want REAL life drama, but tvd is not that. Is it stupid that Damon becomes the good guy when Liz dies and Caroline is off with Stefan? Sure, but apparently they are doing something right because it’s one of the most watched showed on the cw. No one forces you to watch it and I definitely don’t watch it to see how realistic they are going to make someone die of cancer or get mad when someone is yet redeemed after going on a killing spree. It’s strictly entrainment and I’m pretty sure you can stop watching it anytime you want. I for one enjoyed the episode, corny unrealistic moments and all and that’s what u like about tvd.

    • huh.... says:

      Look, people just don’t want this misogyny in the writing. Do you know that fans were so thirsty for Caroline to have a decent plot line, that didn’t involve what guy she was going to bang, that fans took to twitter and trended WW asking for her to please have a non-romantic plot line- the writers response? Kill Liz and use it as a prop for romantic Steroline………do you get why the masses are up in arms?

      The kind of writing this show currently has, might have worked 5-6 years ago, but things have changed, society has started to demand more agency for female characters, why do you think Bella Swan and 50 Shades get hammered?

      As to one of the most popular shows on CW? Go to the wikia and look at the ratings page, see how the ratings compare over all of the seasons. It doesn’t look good, why? Just read the frustration above from people who have watched this show for the last 6 seasons, TVD needs to lift its game, big time.

    • Dany says:

      one of the most watched shows of the CW? haha that was in S1-3 when the show was good, the most watched shows in the CW are Flash, Arrow, Supernatural

  40. jenn says:

    I can’t believe Plec calls herself a feminist writer when she does garbage like this. Caroline’s mom died and you can’t even let her be in the same room as her dying mother cause oh nooo, it’s more important that steroline gets to make out. IS A BOY REALLY MORE IMPROTANT THAN YOUR DYING MOTHER? WHAT KIND OF MESSAGE ARE YOU SENDING TVD??? I am utterly disgusted with this show and if this is the best that they can do even though Plec outright said she’s taking over control of TVD again, this show needs a mercy killing.

    • Wendy says:

      I think Carinas tweet ‘boom feminism’ when a woman slapped a man, is a great tell about the ‘talent’ that Julie surrounds herself with- clearly they have absolutely no idea what feminism is, so its not surprising that their writing comes across dated and misogynistic.

    • Beth says:

      The message you think TVD is sending is only in your head. At no point did the show suggest that Stefan is more important to Caroline than her mom. Caroline not getting to say goodbye is for the sake of creating conflict, it’s not anything anti-feminist.

  41. Ugh, this show... says:

    Didn’t Plec already say Bonnie would be back by the end of this next arc (which she listed as episodes 11-15)? If that’s the case, I don’t believe for a second they couldn’t work things out to have Bonnie return before Jeremy left/Liz died. It’s ONE episode. You really couldn’t have taken out some of the filler to move Bonnie’s return up so she could be there to say goodbye to Jeremy and mourn Liz?

    I honestly couldn’t sit through most of this episode. I’ve been dreading it from the moment we learned Liz was sick. Of course her death wasn’t about her or even Caroline. Of course it was about Damon, like everything on the show nowadays. And as much as I adored Liz, I loathed her relationship with Damon. This guy abused her daughter for weeks on end but she never learned about that so she just keeps right on being his friend. Then again, since she didn’t know about it or most of the other horrible things Damon has done, she’s really the only one I can understand still having a relationship with Damon. At least she didn’t know any better.

  42. AnnieM says:

    Personally, I was PO’ed when Elena & Jeremy blew off the phone call from Sherrif Forbes. I don’t care that they were stoned; they know the woman was dying! That was just plain stupid on the part of the writers.

  43. murley says:

    Ok nobody has to like this storyline but just for a different perspective- my mother did die of cancer when I was in my early 20’s. We were very, very close and while I moved home to be with her and help take care of her I was not with her every second until she died. She wouldn’t have allowed that because that wouldn’t have been good for me. And some of that time that I wasn’t with her was spent growing closer to my boyfriend at the time. Having that kind of love at the time was really important and helped me feel like an actual person. And that romance happened at the same time that I was totally focused on being with the most important person in the world to me while she died. The show repeatedly made clear that Caroline was spending tons of time with her mom and was totally focused on her. In fact where she was all day was setting up a comfortable space for her mother’s final days. Not making out all day without a thought for her mother. As someone who lived their own version of this story it is actually really on point. Hate it if you want but maybe at least consider the perspective of someone who can really relate to it.

    • Izzy says:

      I’m sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing your experience with us. I agree that one can’t be there all the time and you don’t always get to say goodbye your loved ones, it’s unfortunate but it’s a part of life. But what the writers did here was create this entire cancer storyline to promote a ship and that’s what I’m not okay with. From the start this cancer storyline has been about everyone else’s pain when the focus should be on Caroline. They needed to find a way to redeem Stefan in Caroline’s eyes so they pushed him into every aspect of this storyline. Why were none of her other friends really there to support her? Elena grew up with Caroline and were supposed to be best friend’s yet where have their scenes been? We get to see Elena grieving because she’s loosing a mother figure for her (I’m sorry since when? Liz was an absentee parent for most of Caroline’s life according to season 1 yet we’re expected to believe she was a replacement mom for Elena?) but when do we see Elena and Caroline growing closer because of this, just being there for one another the way friends are in real life? We get Elena and Damon and Caroline and Stefan instead. What about Matt or even Tyler? Why did the writers allow no one else besides Stefan be there for Caroline? Because this storyline was really about them. Even on TVDRehash, they have the recapper telling people they should ship Steroline because Mama Forbes on her deathbed does. The show may have made it clear that Caroline was spending all this time with Liz but why couldn’t we see that in the narrative? We have all this time dedicated to Stefan/Caroline scenes but we can’t get more than a handful of Liz/Caroline scenes with what’s supposed to be their biggest and most important storyline? Since we found out that Liz has cancer I have seen more Stefan and Caroline scenes than ever before and why is that? Julie Plec’s teaser for next week about Caroline is literally about Steroline’s first kiss while Damon’s the one who gets to give the eulogy? “The original idea for the episode was Caroline creates the perfect day for her mom, but there was no conflict in the story,”-Caroline Dries.Translation: there was no conflict for Steroline. If this story were really about Caroline and her mom, we would have seen a very different storyline than the one that played out.They literally killed off Caroline’s mother for the sake of a ship and that is why I cannot accept this storyline and as someone who has also family to cancer, I am disgusted they reduced losing a loved one to something as serious as cancer as nothing more than a gimmick to prop a ship and create angst for them.

      • murley says:

        Thank you. As I said I understand that people don’t like it and their reasons why. I guess it just comes down to me seeing more come out of the storyline (and the potential for even more) than just the relationship with Stefan and so it doesn’t just feel like a prop to me personally. I do completely agree about the fact that Elena hasn’t been present at all. Frankly though I have found it annoying that Elena seems to barely care about anyone but Damon anymore so I saw it as more of the same on that front. I have actually enjoyed the Stefan and Caroline romance and found it more organic (people do grow closer in times of grief) than Damon and Elena reuniting. I prefer stories about friends falling in love as opposed to the whole we are drawn together with fiery passion type. Side note! Anyway my point is I get what people are mad about, and it is always good to challenge the way women tend to be portrayed in media, but I just see it differently. Thanks for the respectful debate! It is always refreshing to be able to disagree while understanding the other person, especially in the comments section!

  44. Izzy says:

    I will never be over the fact that these writers killed off Liz Forbes for the sake of a ship.This entire storyline should’ve been about Caroline and her mother yet Stefan was crammed into every single part of this storyline for what reason? I understand you not being able to be there when a loved dies, I wasn’t there when a close family member passed also but the way these writers went about executing this was ridiculous and an obvious prop to a ship and that’s what I can’t get behind. Caroline inadvertently sped up her mother’s death and she knew this yet the writers decided to have her spend all of this additional time with Stefan instead of her mother who was on her deathbed. That’s gross and the blatant misogyny on this show is appalling. We can all take comfort though in the fact that Mama Forbes’ death brought Steroline together but shame on her for dying and cockblocking them right after they kissed. But everyone can tune in next week to see how her death affects the future of Steroline because that should matter more to Caroline than her only real family dying. Bravo writers. You managed to take a good show and fill it with garbage like tonight’s episode.

  45. Chris says:

    Why is everyone freaking out about Damon spending time with Liz? No one expected her to die that day. That’s how life and death is. Sometimes, you don’t expect it! And they have had plenty of Caroline with her mother scenes in the past few episodes. It was fitting that she wrapped up her unfinished business and accepted her natural death, especially since trying to cheat it with magic nearly gave her the worst death possible.

    And as far Liz being friends with Damon after him being “Caroline’s rapist” please know that she did see Caroline KILL her deputies, she killed 12 witches, slept with KLAUS who KILLED Tyler’s mom, and so on. They all do bad stuff, and Liz swept stuff under the rug in the end. And you guys have to get over this “Damon raped Caroline” nonsense. He may compel people to do a lot of crappy stuff, but he did not compel her to sleep with him.

    I was glad to see Damon and Liz have more screen time. I liked their relationship since season 1. If they weren’t friends, he would have killed her in season 2 after she tried to kill him. He stuck up for Caroline when Liz didn’t even want to see her after learning she was a vampire. They were friends.

    And as far as the eulogy, I’d be surprised if Caroline just let Damon have that, but as much of a control freak she is, it’s probably best that she doesn’t do too much and overwhelm herself. Her emotions will be heightened and nobody wants her to switch them off (though it would be interesting…New Orleans anyone?).

    • hey there bro says:

      Oh look its a menimist. Yeah totes agree dude, it doesn’t matter if Damon took away her mental and physical agency, everyone just needs to shut up about the fact that it was probably really destroying to her as someone who cherishes her control to have it violently taken from her. I mean so what if he raped her, she killed twelve witches in an spur of the moment decision to save her best friend, that’s way worse right…….I mean there was no premeditation to the act but still, stop bashing Damon, he loves family and has always respected the family of his friends and love interest……… he is a man and thus deserves to be soothed and coddled, after all we wouldn’t want him to experience manpain.

      • Yes! says:

        Yes and then next week mr perfect rapist damon will comfort caroline his victim oh how wonderful!

      • D. says:

        Whats wrong with this comment section. I see people throwing around words like feminism and ‘menimist’ as if we are back in the 20’s. Ever since we got things like positive action/discrimination – which is basically discrimination against men – the feminist movement should have been put to sleep. Yet it still seems like a lot of you women in here interpret everything against your gender.

        If you want to fight for equality why not call yourself an equalist and take on a more realistic approach by focusing on important things like wages instead of worrying about storylines in television series, which by the way should never be limited by movements/beliefs or opinions of any kind. The author should be free to express her artistic expressions regardless of whom it might offend.

        • Meninmist and co says:

          How dare woman talk about how mainstream characters are portrayed, its not like it perpetuates the problem at all…………. I can see how some guys might get uncomfortable having stuff like this pointed out, but please put away the victim card here. The fact that you feel as a man that its ok to chastise woman for opening a dialogue about perceived misogyny in the writing of a TV show, because apparently they need to just focus on other areas that YOU think they should, Honey its called having a voice, and the right to opinion, something that woman are encouraged to do now days. Do you even get the irony of what you wrote?

      • ks says:

        The people who wrote this drivel make me sick.

    • Emma says:

      Are you kidding me with this?

    • ..... says:

      I agree with you Chris

  46. Beth says:

    RME at some of the comments here. People need to take a step back from their baggage and anger — yeah I get it we have all been watching this show for a long time we all have a lot of opinions about characters and ships — and look at the bigger picture instead of pointlessly nitpicking. Liz’s death is a catalyst for Stefan and Caroline to grow closer. Any storyline can be a catalyst. It’s not disrespectful to a character or women or ppl with cancer — it’s how stories work. And yeah it sucks Caroline didn’t get to say goodbye — that was kind of the point! She spent the day trying to control her mother’s death and the POINT of her mom dying while she was making arrangements at the cabin was that she can’t control it. It’s not anti-feminist or the show being all about Damon. At least let the storyline breathe for an episode or two and let’s see if Caroline’s anguish about not being with her mom is part of her storyline for the end of the season. Sheesh.

    Anyway, it was a great episode. I liked how Liz was trying to solve cases (like mother like daughter) and that the normalness of the Gilbert accident was a way for Liz to compare it to her own situation and have her moment of anger at being terminally ill– I don’t think she could have had that moment with Caroline, she would have tried to remain positive and strong for her daughter but could lash out with Damon. The kiss was sweet and a little tentative and very warm and everything it should have been for Stefan and Caroline and the sadness of the current time. I thought it was lovely. The end made me cry and bb Caroline was perfect and they tied in the bike and everything. This was a very good tight episode, would have been perf if they’d just have gotten rid of Enzo!

  47. jule says:

    Um. “Caroline Forbes Deserves Better” Steroline can walk itself right through a wide open door and never come back.

  48. It's Me says:

    Why do i keep watching this junk?

  49. CNM says:

    Congrats to those who like the Steroline romance…..cute for you but I didn’t like it. This show used to give great story line… everything is used to prop up a ship in some way and that’s where the frustration is coming from. I loved Caroline’s and Stefans friendship. Now in the next episode theres going to be a showdown about the kiss and instead of Caroline (her only daughter) giving the eulogy for her mom, Damon Freaking Salvatore gets to do it. Any way as stated before, it was refreshing to see the Steroline friendship (I loved it) because you don’t get to see that as much especially on TVD where everyone hooks up with everyone. They might as well just put all of the characters in one room and have them kiss each other at this point. For those who are watching, enjoy the show but I won’t be watching anymore.

  50. ..... says:

    I loved seeing Damon and Liz bond, they had become best friends and it was good to see them working together one last time. Then don’t even get me started on Steroline. So for the past two episodes Caroline has not been by her mother’s bed side so she can be off with Stefan..for shame!
    She has always prioritized men above all else and it was no surprise here. That kiss was terribly awkward. I’ve tried to root for these two but nah..there’s no chemistry there.