The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Recap: The More, the Burier

The Walking Dead Tyreese Dies

When at first it appeared that the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead was going to be full of philosophical navel-gazing, you were probably annoyed. (I was.) But I’m willing to bet that, when you realized what was actually going down, you were as sorry as sorry could be that the hour wasn’t just going to be a whole mess of introspection. (I was.) Here’s why…

GRAVE MATTERS | In the trippy, disorienting opening of “What Happened and What’s Going On,” we flashed from a funeral (Beth’s being the logical but incorrect assumption) to blood dripping on a framed picture of a quaint home and from Rick and Co. deciding to follow through on Beth’s plan to deliver Noah to his family’s place in Richmond, Va., to Mika, sister Lizzie by her side, sweetly saying, “It’s better now.” But to whom was she saying it, WTF did it mean and were the girls ghosts? Visions? What? We wouldn’t find out until later. (And when we did, we wouldn’t be happy.)

ROAD TRIP | En route to Richmond in a station wagon with Rick, Glenn and Michonne, Noah tried to assuage any guilt Tyreese might feel over Beth’s death by assuring him that he’d made the right call in suggesting a trade with Dawn. Noah also revealed that he had a mother and twin brothers waiting for him — “I hope,” he added. In turn, Tyreese opened up about the way his father had made him listen to the news on the radio, no matter how upsetting the stories. Facing those ugly truths was just “paying the high cost of living,” he recalled his dad saying. Then, about two miles from the group’s destination, they pulled over, parked amid some wrecked vehicles and started walking the rest of the way through the woods. “Just in case,” Rick said.

HOME, BITTERSWEET HOME | Sadly, Shirewilt Estates was no longer the safe base full of loved ones that Noah remembered. There was a gap in one of the gated community’s perimeter walls, and inside, it was nothing but walkers and bodies. While Tyreese comforted a tearful Noah, Michonne let her hopeful façade drop, and Rick debated with an increasingly cynical Glenn whether it mattered that (or even why) Dawn had been killed. Perhaps sensing that they were all becoming feral after so much time on the run, Michonne desperately argued that they needed to find someplace to stop. “You can be out here too long,” she noted.

THIS BITES! | No sooner did it appear that Tyreese had convinced Noah that “this isn’t the end” for him than the grieving youngster had run off to his old house. There, he apologized to the body of his mother (a chunk of her rotting head missing) for arriving too late to save her, and Tyreese, rather than put down one of the boy’s brothers in front of him, bypassed a bedroom that clearly had a walker in it. In the next bedroom, the gentle giant became so transfixed by a photo of the twins that he didn’t notice one of them — zombified, of course — sneaking up behind him until its teeth were in his arm! (Insert your expletive of choice here.)

VISION QUEST | After Noah beaned his little brother (with a handy toy plane that had been embedded in the ceiling) and ran for help, Tyreese began seeing visions. First up: Martin, the Termian whose worthless life the big guy had spared. As much an asshat as ever, Martin tried to lay the blame on Tyreese for everything from Bob’s demise to Beth’s. Luckily, it wasn’t long before Tyreese saw a vision of Bob, who immediately called bulls— and assured his pal that “it went the way it was always going to go.” As a nearby radio broadcast reports of the horrors Tyreese had witnessed since the apocalypse, the Governor turned up like a bad penny to add his two cents, and Lizzie and Mika promised that “it’s better now” (presumably now that they’d crossed over). Along the way — as if he didn’t have enough to contend with! — Tyreese was forced to stick his wounded arm in yet another walker’s mouth so as to dispatch the monster (in such a way that its blood then dribbled artfully on the picture from the episode’s prologue).

SWAN SONG | Meanwhile, Michonne seemed to be beginning to lose it. She was even keen to patch the hole in the perimeter wall and stay put until she noticed the nearby woods full of walkers’ lower torsos. (We later learned that the upper torsos, still wriggling, were stashed in a truck near the gang’s parking space.) Finally, she suggested that all the survivors head for Washington. Though Eugene was a big, fat liar, he had done the math, she pointed out, and concluded that the city offered them their best odds of survival. “Don’t you want one more day with a chance?” she pleaded with Rick. And since he did want another day with a chance, it was agreed. Washington would be their next — hopefully last — stop. Just then, they and Glenn heard Noah hollering, rescued him from a walker attack and made tracks to try and save Tyreese, who by this point was being serenaded by Beth.

PARTING WORDS | After the Governor mocked Tyreese for forgiving Carol for killing Karen — try explaining those 11 words to a non-fan! — the injured party stood up to the bully and declared, “It’s not over.” Alas, it was almost over. As Tyreese imagined Lizzie taking his hand, Rick was actually holding his arm steady so that Michonne could hack it off at the gnawed-on part. And even that didn’t help. As Rick, Glenn, Noah and Michonne drove Tyreese back to rendezvous with the others, he pictured himself in the station wagon with his ill-fated friends, and asked that the radio and its awful newscast be turned off. He was done paying the high cost of living. So it turned out that — dammit! — the funeral in the show opener was actually his. (Personally, I think he’d have wanted to be buried in the knit cap he always wore. But it was kinda nice the way they perched it on his makeshift grave marker, too.)

What did you think of the episode? Were you moved by Tyreese’s death, or after so recently losing Bob and Beth, are you becoming numb to the losses? And wasn’t it weird that Tyreese didn’t have a vision of his girlfriend, Karen?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. kat says:

    What a waste

  2. Stephanie says:

    I’ll never look at a scruffy hat like that the same way again:(

  3. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    We just LOST Bob and Beth and now Tyrese?!!!…..WTF! What a DEPRESSING episode just down right sad. I have no other words to describe this sh*t!!

  4. jax says:

    rip tyreese.

  5. Maureen says:

    Not Tyreese…Nooooooooo

  6. K says:

    I always thought they would do an ep from the perspective of being bitten and what your last moments would be like. I just didn’t think it would be Tyrese. I was really hoping that he was going to make it. Grrr. It’s just too soon to lose another key person.

  7. Joey Monardo says:

    To me, this was a one of the best episodes in a long time. I found it sad to watch such a big strong man fade away into a light and visions of little girls. It was a peaceful death for him (besides getting bit) but still got to me. I liked Tyreese, but I guess this gives the plot an interesting twist. Sad to see him go.

    • relaxxx says:

      I lost it when I say Lizzie Mika n Bob with his stump. It was even cool to see the governor. This episode was so sad but so far its now my favorite for season 5. Strangers and Four walls n a Roof are now tied as second for me.

    • j says:

      I understand why you think it’s interesting, but aren’t you mad that they killed him off for something that was completely avoidable?

      • David says:

        If you read Chad Coleman’s comments as some other have stated, it almost seems like he wanted off the show and was done. He might have decided this after they already had their plan for Beth… I don’t think the showrunners would have put this (one off) episode right after they had the death of Beth. If they knew Chad wanted out, they would have prolonged Beth and kept her around a little longer.

        Hense, the other reason why I think he got such a “avoidable” death.

        • wild_child says:

          that doesn’t make sense especially considering that they shot last night’s premiere not too long after they shot the mid season finale in which Beth was killed. It may seem like there was a long break since we had to endure the 2 month hiatus but the shooting schedule was pretty consistent so they would have already known that Tyrese was going to die by the time they shot the Beth episode.

          • David says:

            What I mean by this, Beth’s arc was written for her – Her death was written for her last year… (not that the episode itself was written, but her arc was) She was captured, taken to the hospital, etc etc – basically that whole subplot had been going on for what like 10-12 episodes between the time she was captured last season to her death this season.

            The fact that Chad was already booked on another show like 3-4 months ago means that he “knew” about his death when they filmed. He didn’t have much of a layoff, and could have even been cast in the other show first, then came back and told Walking Dead he was done…. He also mentioned in an interview that he found out about his death about the same time as Beth’s. I would have to go back and reread who found out first.

            Anyways, all I am saying here is that I do believe that he possibly wanted out to do other things, and this episode was kinda written for him.

            Because they already had the 1st half of the season written last summer they didn’t didn’t kill Tyrese till they had the chance – This was their first chance to kill him off and had the writers known last summer when they wrote the arc (again IF Chad really wanted out) then they might have spared Beth. Not saying they would have spred Beth, but they could have – Or they could have done it for shock factor – wanting to kill off a major character at the end and beginning – although they haven’t done this in the past it is a possibility… Just stating an opinion….

            Looking back, you kinda got that from her in some of her interviews last November. Emily wasn’t ready to leave Walking dead and I think this is what she was alluding to in her interviews.

  8. Erin says:

    Just beyond sad. Tyreese was one of my favorite characters and he will be so missed.

  9. Brigitte says:

    That one was really hard. I think because they started the progression of his death so early that you really had time to feel the pain of losing another major character and really nice person. Wow

  10. relaxxx says:

    I haven’t been this misty eyed since Mufasa died in the Lion King. Its been that long since a show had made me teary eyed. This episode was just so beautifully done. I already knew that Tyreese n Beth were goners from filming spoilers but the way Greg Nicotero directed this episode….man o man. This is one of the best episode n by far the saddest death IMO. Very well acted. I loved seeing all the flashbacks n seeing all the dead characters Ty knew even Beth. I loved Noah’s break down n Chad was so great. I need more Glenn moments n my girl Michonne was amazing n beautiful as always. I didnt care to hear Carol on the walkie talkie. Im so tired of Carol. I get it Gimple but enough with Carol already. How about Sasha speaking to Rick it was her brother out there damn. Fantastic episode other wise.

    • K. Dela cruz says:

      I feelt bad about what happend to tyrese. The last i cried was when Hershel died and now.. Man! He was one of if not the most kind hearted among the cast. Why do they always have to kill someone :(

      • Bill D says:

        Like they say on the show compassion and goodness will kill you. He was strong but you knew he would make that mistake. Noah was a newbe not a long time of the group. After everything that he has seen why would you commit to this mistake considering his compassion mistake which cost Beth her life.

  11. J Sebastian says:

    I think the producers of The Walking Dead are going way overboard with the “no character is beyond being killed off” underlying theme that made the show unique. Now it’s at the point that they are just doing it for shock value and novelty. Or perhaps it’s just a way to bring the cost of the payroll down. Who knows?

    And in order for random characters to die they have to make them really stupid now. Tyrese, doesn’t notice that a walker is sneaking up on him? A character that resourceful just let’s his guard down in an unfamiliar environment? Really? My radar for danger is more up when I go into an unfamiliar 7-Eleven for crying out loud. Not to mention mostly all the characters walk around wearing short sleeved shirts so they can conveniently be bitten. I’d be armored up like the Michelin man.

    • relaxxx says:

      So true so true. The only one that has it right is Morgan. He has a mask,goggles, gloves n a winter coat in the Georgia hotness. I would imagine that they have to notice the walker stence also when they’re about to attack so yeah Tyreese was dumbed down for this one.

    • m3rcnate says:

      First: I disagree regarding killing the characters. If you read the interview with the actor, the break down as to why makes 100% sense, and it is laid out for you in his hallucination when bitten. The show is telling you that he didnt fit with the group, he didnt do what needed to be done, because he didnt kill that guy, because he wouldnt be violent, because he was different than the group, he died.

      Second: I completely agree regarding the stupidity of characters in this world and how its completely unrealistic at least for the guys/gals this experienced this deep into the zombie Apocalypse. It didnt make sense to breakup in the first place (Tyreese and the kid sticking behind). How does that make sense? What if out of no where a horde comes up on them? Then its a hobbling unarmed kid and Tyreese against a horde? No you stick together. BUT you have to put that away…because the facts are this world isnt that dangerous. With duct tape, jean/leather material and a motorcycle helmet i can make a full body armor suit that makes me invulnerable to zombies…because fact is no zombie has a more powerful bite or scratch or pull than a normal healthy human…and no human can bite through jean, or leather, or layers of duct tape. So right there if this show was real life, every character would be invulnerable, completely removing all “drama” and “suspense” in regards to their lives being in danger.
      (To round out the armor you wear camo pants/shirt over it, spray paint helmet matching camo, in the backpack you always have on you have a hydration-bladder to stay hydrated in the heat and find a bullet proof vest or Plate Carrier for armor (police stations, on a solider, local store like cabela’s etc) and look at that…you can walk into a horde of 10,000 zombies and come out the other side.

      My point? At this point i have stopped holding the show to the standard i felt it should raise itself up to. Its not going to get smarter, or more realistic, or stop doing stupid things. Sad cause never once did i think “Oh come on that would never happen!” when reading the comics.

      • sully says:

        I always wondered why no one ever broke into a museum and grabbed a suit of armor. You could walk through the street with a bullhorn drawing every walker for miles and… who cares? You’re invincible. The za is tailor made for medieval gear. Also a scuba suit would probably be nice. Or they can just go set up camp at a duct tape factory and get it up and running and be home by episode 0511. “Hey zombie, stop trying to gnaw through my duct tape body wrap or I’ll have to slowly walk away”

        • m3rcnate says:


          If anyone wants the easiest proof as to the shows being unrealistic in its setting (have to buy in that Z-A is real for the show), Rick had a H&K 23 with a suppressor a few episodes ago…basically the perfect handgun/suppressor setup for the Z-A…so why is he still walking around with that 4lb hand-canon on his hip and using that as his primary gun against walkers? With its weight, kick, slow reload time, very high Db level when shot, rare ammo, difficulty getting back on target and difficulty shooting one handed, why is he still using it instead of that suppressed H&K?
          Cause imagery is what the show cares about most. The image of our Sheriff/Cop with his revolver on his hip. very Americano.

      • David says:

        Um, if you’re really smart you would move to an island – Florida Keys maybe… Caribbean… I dunno – It’s been established that the walkers don’t swim across rivers… And even though their zombies, sharks and other sea life would eat em up, so if you were even more worried, you would goto Shark infested waters.

        I was thinking about that last night – Michonne talks about all the places they could go and finally settles on Washington… Helllooo what about a friggin island? Grow your crops, easy to see everywhere with no trees, only ocean (Rick)… and no walls to break down and let the horde in – Governor…

        I know it don’t follow the story – but in the Spin off, they should at least try to goto an island and show either why it would or wouldn’t work….

        • m3rcnate says:

          Yup. Though my plan would be to find a yacht and put it in the middle of the habor and then drop its anchor (so it is essentially a island). Use boating rope to tie the boat to the nearest dock (like 200 feet away) but the rope isnt taught, its got slack so its in the water (so no one can see it), i then use a kayak or canoe to shuttle myself to the Yacht/land and back (using the rope). That way i am still fairly near a big city+small towns that i can scavenge if need be. And if crap hits the fan then the yacht is fueled and i just pull up anchor and gtfo.

          The only true threats in the Z-A are humans (aka guns) and having your guard down around humans. We saw on the show why the latter is so bad…in the prison they put their guards down, a living human dies of a disease/virus (flu or w/e it was) and he turns into a walker, and then goes on a killing spree. Every night it would be smart to handcuff/tie yourself to your bed so if you turn at night you don’t kill your family/friends.

          • kate says:

            uh thats what they tried to do in the video game and it didnt work! also who wants to watch them living happily on an island, bro

      • Eating Chicken says:

        Umm… if you walked into a horde of zombies, they would pick and pull and claw at anything you were wearing until they pulled it apart and got at your skin. Not to mention that while they might not be able to break through to the skin, they could still break bones and injure you. That or you’d be dogpiled and asphyxiated to death by them as they would never relent and get off of you.

        • m3rcnate says:

          Umm…you’re nitpicking. I didn’t go into full on detail because its not a real problem (zombies) and no one would read a huge lonnnnng comment. What you are describing is fairly easily compensated for.

          First off as someone mentioned…stop by a local museum and grab some replica knights armor..and bam right there, you are invulnerable to all Walkers. It just goes to show how with 2% smarts 90% of the people that died from Walker bites on the show would be alive. Grab a bunch of strong branches from a tree that are about a inch in diameter, cut them so they are the length of your forearm and ankle (from below knee to above foot) and put them on and duct-tape them there…so when a walker bites you they are biting into a tree branch not your arm/ankle. That would have saved Hershel’s leg and all thats needed is duct-tape and some sticks lol.

          Overall the general idea is you can get a few guys armored against walkers…using duct tape, leather (from couches/jackets etc) and jean material. You can also find welding equipment (prison would have had some) and grab a ton of fencing (chain-link type like at the prison) and using that fencing built a exoskeleton of metal that is “tear/pick/pull apart” proof, that is bite proof, and is fairly light weight and allows for you to bend your limbs.
          Now with a group of 5…(with [under the armor] a hydration bladder with tube to your mouth so you can stay hydrated) you have small knives (conserve energy, small quick stab to each head), one in each hand, you pick at the huge horde until its gone. You use your speed and intellect to not get overwhelmed. You create a diverse (big fire or something) and then pick them off from behind, then when starting to get tired run back into the forest, climb some trees and rest. (If need be the armor/clothing can be made to look like a ghillie suit so if you just dropped to the ground in the fetal position you look like a bush to walkers (and even some humans).

          Overall the point is, i have not seen a zombie situation once yet that i couldn’t have easily solved or wouldn’t have been a problem to begin with. With basic knowledge and good prep, every situation they got in that involved walkers would have been EASY.

    • poo says:

      No really….in the comics tyreese is dead. So a lot of the killings of characters is in the comics, it’s not really for shock value. Beth was a shock. Tyreese was slow. If you read the comics you know who is going to die pretty much. Glenn will be next at some point and then Morgan whenever he comes back, he will die in Alexandria w/Negan due to a walker I believe thats how he died in comics.

      • Jack says:

        The comics have no basis on how they die on the show. The only character that I can think of who went out the same as his comic counter-part was the Governor. So, Glenn may go out the way he did in the comics. And even if he was going to, they have already said that the Negan storyline is a couple of seasons away, so Glenn would not be next, as you said.

      • Mary Bergin says:

        I don’t know…if anything, reading the comics opens you up to more surprises. The show seems to be following it’s own rules.

  12. Denice Langley says:

    I may have to call it quits with this one. What a f’d up way to open. There wasn’t much substance to this episode at all.

    • BeaAnn44 says:

      I’m not done, but I kind of felt the same way. Didn’t like the open and the only thing that really happened is the whole episode is that Tyrese died. He is a major character and I don’t mind that they gave time to that, but couldn’t we have seen the other half of the group too? Maybe something meaningful to the journey could have happened there? Instead of watching Tyrese hallucinate dead characters. I have to say I didn’t love the episode.

    • Julia says:

      I totally agree. I was hoping to see some of Maggie and Daryl after what happened to Beth. They missed an opportunity.

    • Kate Young says:

      You are very welcome to your opinion. I don’t share it.

    • Jack says:

      We all know that you will all be back next week. So, the point is moot.

  13. Debbie says:

    I m sadden byTyreese’s death and dont iunderstand why they didn’t kill his brain I fdon’t want him back as a zombie

    • relaxxx says:

      I imagine when they pulled the car over n started to wrap him in the sheet that it meant they got his brain. They drove hundreds of miles back with the body n buried it so I doubt he’s coming back.

    • Anomic says:

      Wondering the same thing!

    • AnnieM says:

      Hubby & I were thinking maybe they stabbed through his ear or back of his head, somewhere it wouldn’t show easily, esp since they were taking his body back with them for burial. Bad enough for poor Sasha that her brother was dead and his arm was hacked off, at least she wouldn’t have the last memory of her brother’s face with a big hole in his forehead.

    • Nick says:

      Michonne raised her sword, and I believe that implied that she took care of it.

  14. Whatever says:

    This is getting ridiculous. I’m know, I know the comics are worse, but I don’t care. I’m starting to wonder if Andrew Lincoln saying the 2nd half of the season is like a whole new show is because everyone on the show now will be dead and we’ll have a whole new cast. I loved Tyrese. Booooo

  15. Prince says:

    you are a waste

  16. justsomeguy says:

    I guess the quota is in full force with TWD. See ya Chad.

  17. Kutaba says:

    Did anyone notice all the walkers in the truck had a “w” cut into their foreheads

    • sully says:

      When they entered noah’s home town, there was white graffiti on a wall that said “wolves not far”. Considering everyone in town had obviously been slaughtered by people and not overrun by walkers, I’m guessing that w was carved in their foreheads by this wolves gang, who had left that warning on the wall. They’re about to run into a group of people that’ll make the gov look like a girl scout

    • Becky wallace says:

      Yes I did I really would like to know what is the purpose of the W . Also why are those people cut up like that very creepy

    • Julia says:

      Yes I noticed that too! Do any of the comic book readers know what this is about? Or, is this a new plot just for the show?

  18. Fdo says:

    To me it’s simple. Now Sasha is having a huge break down, they are trying to get at least one character to go beyond her bounduries and start thinking craaazy. Maybe Sasha is getting Carol’s dead in the comic … just saying. #SuicideIsComing

    • Jimmy says:

      That’s what I thought too… Eventually, I think she’s going to have a breakdown and fall on her own sword because of it. She’s lost so much already

  19. I think they just kill a fee characters off tbh I think it’s all Noah’s fault for he’s death and tyresses death I wonder what Noah will cause next question what episode do you think Morgans coming back???

    • I don’t blame Noah for tyress getting bit it’s tyress own Damn fault he was focusing way to much on noahs 2 twin brothers pictures n he didn’t notice the dead stench of noahs one dead twin brother walking up behind him by the time he notice noahs zombie brother bit tyress so Noah killed him then tyress got him self bit again when he thought that zombie was the Governor tyress was too weak n stupid his sister is stronger then he ever was

  20. Jimmy says:

    Beth’s death was a shock, no doubt about that. It made your jaw drop in the moment, and then after the episode ended, you had to pick your jaw back up (and wipe away the tears). It was a shock death, and it hurt.

    But Tyreese’s death was SO much worse. The slow progression of what you hoped so desperately wouldn’t come – but subconsciously knew it would – made his death the most painful to endure. It took so much for me not to break down because right from the get-go with all those visions, I knew what was coming. But I was hoping so much that it wouldn’t. That’s the thing, they gave us hope that maybe he could be saved, maybe he wouldn’t succumb to the wound or bleed out, maybe they’d be able to help him and he could recover… and I wished so deeply that it could be so. But in the end, it wasn’t. It was a well-crafted, emotionally destructive episode, and I know that’s what they were going for. They executed it beautifully for what it was meant to be, but that was probably the saddest episode of this show ever.

    And after losing Beth and Bob in the first half of the season (not to mention the brutal death of all the termites) I thought we would get a reprieve of death for a little while. At least until midway through the back half, or close to the finale. But this… it was agonizing to watch, and I’m so sad he’s gone. I’ve never felt this depressed about a death before.

  21. Grargh says:

    Can you NOT put a character death spoiler in the title? Some people haven’t gotten to watch it yet. It’s only been a couple of hours.

    • Grargh says:

      Since I can’t edit…
      It’s not in this title, but “Tyreese dies in season 5” is what it says when you come here from google. thanks.

    • Ryan says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but it only shows up if you click it yes? As a general rule, and especially with the walking dead, I tend to avoid the internet for at least 12 hours if I haven’t seen the show, otherwise someone will spoil it, be it TVLine, EW, or good ol social media. At least they didn’t put the dead person’s picture in the article.

      • Grargh says:

        In google, it said Tyreese died. I clicked to post a comment to let them know and vent a bit, since I was upset.

        I guess it doesn’t matter, because the next day(before I would have gotten a chance to watch it) one of the cast members I follow on FB also posted something about his death and leaving the show, so I would have been spoiled anyway… urgh.

  22. 'A' Has Spoken says:

    This episode was beautifully directed and written. I’m just sad that Tyreese had to go. And it was so rough having to sit there as he watched the world fade away and started seeing some of those he knew that have died (Lizzie, Mika, The Governor, Martin, Bob, and Beth). I was hurting throughout the episode. And at the end with them asking if he’s sure and telling him its okay and better now. Him accepting his death while the hallucinations watched on in the truck. BROKE MY HEART! So moving but gut crushing. Then with Rick and the group stopping the truck abruptly and dragging Tyreese out and seeing how they were all obviously torn ended it for me. Sasha looked shattered when they were burying him, and I would be too. This group definitely can’t catch a break and I feel so bad for them. Also, I need to note that they showed Glenn picking up that bat and they focused on it for a bit. Foreshadowing his downfall? (he was killed by a bat in the Comics). I just have a gut feeling that a few more will die before the end of the season and when they said it feels like a new show and fresher, they meant we’ll have a couple of new characters to replace the deceased ones.

  23. Lovely says:

    I hate it when they just kill a character and the death makes no sense. There were so many things wrong with this. Why would Tyrese be staring at a photo instead of staying alert and watching his surroundings? At this point in the game they should all know how to check a location. Why leave his back exposed and not be alert while checking a home where walkers could be anywhere? It was so stupid. If I was checking a home I would check every room with my partner, back to back no blind spots. I don’t even know the new guy’s name but he was an idiot… His foolishness got Tyrese killed. But the guy who Tyrese hallucinated seeing was right… Tyrese got himself bit. He shouldn’t have even gone in that house… At least not without proper backup. In that environment I just don’t see letting ones guard down and getting taken out like that… That is a death I would expect to see season 1 and 2… But they’ve been out there for so long at this point that you should just know better than that… sighs… Oh well. I guess they need deaths… This is the Walking Dead after all. So much for Michonne getting with Tyrese.

    • j says:

      They could have made the death better by him at least taking on 3 zombies that jump on him rather than getting bit by one LONE zombie that he should have known was lurking around

  24. AnnieM says:

    Was anyone else hoping that Tyreese would see Herschel right before he died?

  25. Becky wallace says:

    OMG What the what went wrong ? I am so sad tyreese was the man . I hope this show is only a dream for Rick . I can’t take the characters leaving the show

  26. kitttykat says:

    I am soooo tired of Carol! why do they get rid of the good characters and always leave her?

  27. Nate says:

    Who the hell is ‘W’

    • Frog says:

      The Wolves ;) probably some group of bandits or mentally sick people like the Termites. They might have pet wolves or something idk because they’re unrelated to the comics. Around the 11th minute you can also see graffiti saying ‘WOLVES NOT FAR’. You’re welcome ;)

  28. Lucky says:

    Cried my eyes out. Chad Coleman is a great actor and will be sorely missed.

  29. j says:

    I used to love the walking dead but now I’m starting to just like rather than love it.

    With the midseason breaks it feels like we’re already in season 8. Not too mention all the commercials. But for some reason compared to a show like arrow or flash the hour goes by so fast and nothing has happened plot wise in walking dead.

    In addition tyreese’s death has to be the stupidest main character death in the show. You would think that after a year in the ZA they would clear a house before checking all the antiquities, so him getting bit by a zombie when he knew the whole house wasn’t clear was a fail imo.

    Lastly, what I’ve noticed in post apocalyptic shows is that they are still redundant. Falling skies is in its last season and it’s the same as walking dead With this new boring pattern: find temporary refuge, get invaded, find new refuge, get invaded again, lose hope, repeat. Nothing goes on to explain what caused it I’m the first place.

  30. MLO says:

    Were the radio broadcasts real? Or an hallucination?

  31. Bored says:

    Hated it. Too artsy for me. Getting to where I just don’t care who dies. Getting to be a stupid show.

  32. You should be ashamed says:

    You frackin’ piece of shaysh on a stick! Why when I search ‘Walking dead spin off is there in the news a huge spoiler that says ‘Tyreese dies in season 5’? Did you just want to spoil it for everyone else without putting up a spoiler alert? You people at TV line are jerks. What kind of idiot does that?

  33. Ray Rod says:

    what a total waste of a second season opener….watched part of Talking Dead and director said he was channeling Terrence Malik (tree of life…ongoing sequences of nothing) with all of the ‘visions’ Tyreese was having…good luck, that will will the show faster than any zombie. This show was more about saying goodbye to a character than advancing any plot line…and how many commercials do we have to endure to see this show? I think the show itself was 15 min. long and rest an endless parade of commercials…

  34. ikagome says:

    I don’t see why everbody is so “shocked” about Tyrese eventually kicking the bucket. It was hinted throughout the episode. That skeleton they first came by when approaching and also leaving the town (carrying Tyrese) and at one point when Tyrese was hallucinating, the governor blocked half of a sign on the door so instead of “dead end” it would only read “dead”. From that point on you could have known that he was a goner for sure. Still a great loss for the show.

  35. good for u tyress that’s what u get for being weak
    I didn’t cry for Tyress he let Martin live so his pass got him killed loved this episode wish they bring the Governor back playing a good guy . it’s funny cause when tyress first started on WD he couldn’t even shoot a walker with a gun his sister a better WALKER killer n she’s strong when Tyress is weak

  36. Paul Colely says:

    I’ve been watching the show since Days Gone Bye and its been incredible. At some point, however, you can’t maintain viewer interest with the death of the month – or villain of the season episodes. I get that it is a zombie apocalypse, but there has to be some thread of hope. It desperately needs better plot flow and continuity. The “character arcs” and resulting deaths are wearing thin.

  37. Nicci says:

    Four things so wrong with this premire of WD.1. Way too many commericals, seemed like they shorten the show to fit them.2. Total burner episode, what a waste to have a show devoted to a lackluster member, could of shown his death the same way without dragging it out, and gave us the quest from the get go.3. Really he did not know to cut off his own arm too save himself, com on.4. Self serving twilight show episode did little to advance rick cause or the rest of the group. Please don’t buy into this is art, this was a burner to drag out the season. Tyrese R.I.P.but you were a nobody, think about it Hercehel did not get that kind of send off.

  38. Bill says:

    Very sad but good episode. I know people will hate it bc we just lost Beth but this was still good. Very sad though

  39. Jon S. says:

    This is the annoying ‘recap’ filler episode (re:Manga/Anime), a give in to all the Beth Petitioners, and a yawnfest for those waiting for the show to move on… Hershel’s Farm Syndrome?

  40. LeAndra says:

    Omg I’m so mad at that kid for getting Tyrese killed-it really was that kids fault!! Tyrese was one of my fav characters, I can’t believe it, I did not think it would be him this time. I hoped soo much he wasn’t dying but when they showed him hallucinating all the dead enemies and friends and when the two girls and beth said it’s better now I felt it, I didn’t want to believe it though. Way too sad I cried ladt time I cried at a show was when Lily Bell and Ruth dies on Hell on Wheels. This episode had me on the edge of my ‘bed’-lol- the entire time. R.I.P. Tyrese you were a wonderful character!

  41. Why is it that no-one can hear or smell the silent tip-toeing walkers sneak up behind them?

  42. Chadwick says:

    I was too inundated with commercials to enjoy the program. At one point I timed it… 4min30sec of commercials followed by 3min30sec of program followed by 4min30sec of commercials. At bit much AMC!

  43. Dean says:

    It sucks to lose great characters but in an effort keep the show as “real” as possible, you have to expect fan faves to get killed off, sometimes over very short periods of time. That is what I like about this show. As the producers and directors have often said “no one is safe”.

  44. Kenya Renee says:

    I totally agree with 100% of everything you said. Wow! I was not moved by his death and thought the writers could’ve had him die in a battle or something. He was too big to die so delicately. @kenyaproduces

  45. Jess says:

    Anyone else find it strange that putting Tyrese down for good was purposely left out. Even when the showed a close at his burial there appeared to be no head wound. It seems like his moral sense has gotten him internally damned.

  46. link past says:

    stupid to waste an entire episode on this sissy

  47. JOB says:

    So everyone is wrong! Tyrese never got head shot, even when it showed the close up of everyone putting dirt on him. So he could always show up down the road as a big ass scary walker! Didnt anyone else think about it? I mean even Bob got put down by Tyrese Right?

  48. Lucas says:

    Karen wasn’t there because she was burned. That wouldn’t have been very pretty. I agree he should have worn his cap in the end. I miss him, but I’m glad he’s gone. He was too weak to kill.

  49. Maddog says:

    Damn. You might as well as kill them all off and give Rick a whole new gang. Severely disappointed.

  50. I think one major thing people missed on the walking dead episode where Tyreese dies, is how the zombie got to him to start with! When Tyreese came down the hallway he could see the shadow of the under the door of the room it was shut up in so how the hell did the zombie get out of the room? The show has always led us to believe that zombies aren’t that smart and can’t turn doorknobs to open a door.

    • KMC#1 says:

      I agree that it was NOT NOAH’s fault.. Tyreese has done plenty of house sweeps,,,,Oh come on….writers could have done better with the story line here. Noah was a grieving young man who has learned his entire family is dead for crying out loud. Why would they have allowed Tyreese to sleep on the situation like that. It just didn’t make sense to me. It was just his time to leave the show…Noah’s fault NO..Just like Beth death was NOT his fault. I loved Beth, however she under estimated Dawn and it got her a bullet. The entire hospital seen was NUTTS all of them were sick rapist and abusers. Just pure craziness there. Good thing Noah did leave he would of been dead there too. At least he died with another family who cared about him.

    • DZ says:

      I don’t think that’s true. I forgot the episode but long ago. When the black guy and his son saved Rick and bought him to their house. The little boy looked through the peek hole and said “She’s here.” He was referring to his mom who turned into a walker, she was trying to open the door and was turning the knob. Another episode one of the little girls that turned picked up her bunny off the floor. They aren’t that stupid. There is some instinct and memory left in the brain somehow.