Red Band Society Finale Preview: EP Talks Resolution for Emma, Romance for Dash and an Amélie-esque Twist

Have a box of Kleenex handy for Red Band Society‘s two-hour series finale on Saturday (8/7c on Fox), warns executive producer Rina Mimoun — but not just to mop up tears of heartbreak.

“By the time we were writing Episode 13, while we didn’t know 100 percent that it was the series finale, Fox had indicated it was at least going to be the season finale,” she explains. “So we didn’t want to leave it on a downbeat. People come in, and people go out, but there’s always hope.”

True, last Saturday’s episode ended with Hunter dying, Leo’s cancer coming back, and Emma in a free-fall, but as Mimoun sees it, the show’s writers wanted to “leave everyone seeing this show is about the circle and cycle of life.”

TVLine caught up with Mimoun to dish the finale’s mystical twist on Kara and Hunter’s romance, Emma’s very real confrontation with her mother and a last-minute romance for Dash.

TVLINE | Can you preview the Kara/Hunter resolution? Especially because one might not suspect Hunter to return, seeing how he’d passed away last week.
All the other shows I’ve worked on, like Everwood for example, we were very grounded in reality, and we didn’t have the magical realism piece to the show. Red Band, however, always had “Charlie World.” So we thought we could push the envelope and tell a story that’s a little bit mystical and spiritual and from beyond — we were really kind of trying to live in Amélie, in this hyper-fantastical way. We thought, “well, thank God that Charlie World existed because, otherwise, it would be too weird.” But we think we pulled it off. I don’t know, though, you guys will tell me [after you see Episode 12].

RBS1_107-SC10-23_TR-0222_hires1TVLINE | As you approached these final two episodes, were there any arcs that you definitely, definitively wanted to conclude?
The story that I personally was the most invested in emotionally was Emma’s. For whatever reason, be it the way Ciara Bravo continuously knocked it out of the park or just the fact that it’s a topic that’s close to my heart — I know so many people who struggled with that disease — I felt that was the one that I needed to take further. And once we got to that emotional breakthrough with her mom in Episode 10, we knew that we needed to bring mom back. I didn’t what to leave feeling like Emma didn’t have a psychological breakthrough. It was very important for us to tell.

TVLINE | The final two episodes also kick off a new romance for Dash.
That was the only bummer,. There was a moment in time where we felt we were doing more than 13 episodes, and we were excited because we had the opportunity to introduce this new character, and I love the actress (Jessica Lu). She and Astro (who plays Dash) had so much fun together, and they just popped on screen. That is the one arc that got tragically cut a bit short; we would’ve liked to explore that relationship a lot more.

TVLINE | Dash in love is something we haven’t really seen all season, either.
It came from that iconic teenage love story idea,  that Twilight thing, when you love someone that you can’t be with. And we found out in doing research that two cystic fibrosis patients are not supposed to be together. So naturally we thought, oh my God, well that is ultimately the most epic, romantic thing. Again, if you re-watch the series, it actually made sense because Dash has always been the wise one, and has all these theories and comments on relationships. So when you finally meet this person Mae, you realize, “Oh, it’s because he has been having a relationship. He just hasn’t told anyone about it, and it’s all been online — which is really common in the cystic fibrosis community.” It felt like a great way to tell a different form of Twilight. No vampires necessary.

TVLINE | That’s a good thing.
Yes! [Laughs] I love when I don’t have to bring a vampire onto a show. I’m happier that way!

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  1. Tran says:

    Very sad to see Red Band Society coming to an end. It was destined to be one of the breakout hits for Fox this season along with Gotham.

  2. Dev chopra says:

    good morning everybody.

  3. Taunji Knudsen says:

    Very sad to see this show end, it is something that both my 20 something daughter and I enjoyed watching together.

  4. Dara says:

    Don’t know what will have me crying more… The show or the fact that it’s not coming back! I’m not sure why it’s being cancelled and yet scripted “reality” shows continue till I want to gauge my eyes out!

  5. andrea says:

    So sad that this show has to end…. Finally … A show comes on that’s actually more family-friendly and very interesting but at the same time sets an example of young kids in real life going through sickness and diseases like these kids are going through and how they cope and depend on friends they made to bond with and go through it together. Great show!! I sure do Hope there is plans for many more seasons of this !!

  6. Rachael zanella says:

    so I am a fan I really love this show I do not want to see it go away I wanted to know if they were going to make a season 2 and if tomorrow night just the two hour season finale is the last time I’m going to see the show I love it please bring it back if that is the case let me know thank you

  7. bria says:

    Loved this show hate to see it go maybe there will be a change of heart and they will bring it back such a great show cried when Hunter died and when Leo’s cancer came back Idk how they can possibly leave it like that

  8. Paige Klimczyk says:


  9. Jan says:

    How did I not know this was on last Saturday? I was out celebrating my birthday, but could have caught up before reading this (for me) spoiler. Anyway, thanks for the heads-up, Michael. One hates to see an even “pretty good” show get cancelled when there is so much trash continuing on. bachelor and Celebrity Apprentice make me especially crazy!

  10. Kelli says:

    I love Red Band Society. I am sorry it is being cancelled but thankful that there will be closure for the characters. Some of the cast members were in Atlanta and visited Houstons, where my daughter, was a bartender. She said she freaked out that they were there. She said they were ALL so nice. I hope they continue to act because the whole cast is amazing.

  11. Brittany says:

    I can’t believe they’re ending the series!! This was such an amazing show that was pretty clean and had to do with real struggles the I’ll community goes through :( this is a big loss for television and the show I will miss the most!

  12. amy says:

    I am so sad and upset with fox net work for canceling a very good show like this one . to me it was one of the best shows ive seen in a long time ! Parents say they don’t want there children watching trashy reality shows but fox goes and cancels one of the best shows like this one a show that I’m sure any parent would have approved and encouraged there children to watch ! I know I did , my 14 yur old and I watch it together and loved every minute of it !

  13. denise adams says:

    To the fox corpet director who run the show red band society i feel that the show should be renued .i am a mother of twins with several health issues .an the show shows me from the other side .from the child side in the hospital .making freind

  14. cristina says:

    Please don’t cancel this show..i love the concept the characters I love it all

  15. Amanda Hicks says:

    So sad that this show has been cancelled! My daughter and I both watch it and haven’t missed an episode. We are both very sad we cannot see the out come for these characters like you would have hoped for! Super bummed!!!

  16. M. Cochran says:

    I make it a practice not to watch new shows. I don’t have enough time to pick up another series. This one caught my eye and my daughter asked me to watch it. I really enjoy the show and wish they’d keep it on the air.

  17. veronica says:

    i am super sad that it is going to end I am a teenager and absolutely love it…….at school we all ways talk about tv shows and every week this all ways gets bought up and we try to guess what is going to happen next. Going to miss it very bad

  18. greysfan says:

    I’m seriously disappointed this show isn’t returning for a 2nd season. The show is great. Its not everyone’s cup of tea but the show itself is a quality piece of television. Another good show finishing way too early.

  19. Joey Padron says:

    sad the show is gonna be over. I wish another network would pickup the show. I want the show to continue.

  20. Sue says:

    It is really sad that an innovative and unique show like this is cancelled while interminable cops & robbers stuff just seems to multiply! Everything does not have to be the same and appeal to the same person…. Quite disappointed….

  21. bookworm001 says:

    Reblogged this on craftedbytaylor and commented:
    Oh. My. Gosh!

  22. Christopher Tatman says:

    There is a potition on lets try to save the show

    • ChasMan says:

      I’m with you… this show should replace shows like Criminal Minds and Law & Order or Survivor those that glorify the criminal instead of those that fight the real war of survival every day.

  23. denise adams says:

    No change i really liked this show it show wht the patien go though while in the hospital an how they deal with real life issues i know that well with twin with several medial problem

  24. Tricia Plunkett says:

    I loved this program! Awesome young actors and great story line! How could this be canceled!

  25. Claire says:

    I really liked this show. So sad it’s been cancelled. :(

  26. dotty says:

    Very sad to see the program cancelled. As hard as the subject is the situations moved you emotionally and gave many true life situations and wisdom that we all need to heed. There is not much good on TV….this program was moving.

  27. Barb Peterson says:

    I just cannot believe that Red Band is ending. As others have said, it was an awesome family show. It seemed to have more reality than any of the other reality shows. Please bring it back!!!

  28. ChasMan says:

    Fitting that this started with a heart transplant… this show has enormous HEART.

  29. Louise says:

    Red Band was great, We need a Season 2. It was warm , funny, sad, this is the world we live in.The characters were awesome. Lets keep it

  30. Mike says:

    right choice on this one and done.

  31. LOVED this show. Like someone else mentioned, this was a show that me and my 73 yr old mother totally enjoyed. In fact I “liked” Red Band on my Facebook so I knew it would be on Saturday nights and called to let her know. This show had it all humor, tears and life lesson’s it is a shame that the powers that be could not give it a chance. I would tell friends about the show and they had not even heard of it, they watched and were hooked, PULLED THE PLUG TO DANG QUICK!

  32. jamie says:

    I believe if they would just give it another go around that there’s a chance for this to work. ” Red Band Society ” is one of my few favorite t.v shows. Watching this show has made me realize that no matter what mistakes you make there’s always a sorry. Emma and Cara forgives their parents after their mistakes. It showed me even if you love someone if they hurt you. You can let them go. So please keep the show.

  33. patty says:

    This show was a pleasure to watch and should not have been taken off the air. If at all possible it needs to return. Take off some of the ridiculous reality shows and put this inspiring show back on TV, taking it off the air was a major mistake.