NCIS Boss Previews February Sweeps, Hints at a Finale That May 'Rattle' You

NCIS Sweeps Preview

This Tuesday at 8/7c, CBS’ NCIS kicks off its February sweeps run, during which TV’s most watched drama will tackle a sensitive topic, do some mourning, delve into DiNozzo’s past and, on a lighter note, throw a party in that big orange room.

Showrunner Gary Glasberg gave TVLine a week-by-week peek at what to expect.

“We Build, We Fight,” airs Feb. 3 | Directed by cast member Rocky Carroll, this hour revolves around the murder of an openly gay and married Medal of Honor recipient. Was it a hate crime? “The story twists NCIS Sweeps Previewand turns, and of course we go down that road,” Glasberg says, “but not necessarily.” All told, “It’s a strong episode that touches on subject matter that I think is relevant, and Rocky did a terrific job,” the show boss notes. “I personally love when we take on subject matter that has some sensitivity to it, because I feel like we do a good job.”

Since the DoD was vetting the Medal of Honor recipient at the time of his death, Susannah Thompson puts in an appearance as Hollis Mann — though she proves to be on hand not purely for professional reasons. “She’s also there for Gibbs, at a time when he’s still dealing with the ramifications of [ex-wife] Diane’s murder,” Glasberg says. NCIS Sweeps Preview“They have some really nice scenes together.”

Serving as a “light runner” in the otherwise heavy episode is a baby shower for parents-to-be Jimmy and Breena Palmer, the former of which is “your classic, nervous dad… making everybody a little crazy!” Could a sweeps birthdate be in the cards? “Prepare to meet Baby Palmer!” the EP teases.

“Cadence,” airs Feb. 10 | As previously reported, this episode guest-stars Tanner Stine (The Thundermans) as a teenaged DiNozzo, who is seen in flashbacks attending military prep school; Steve Harris (The Practice) plays Tony’s onetime mentor/basketball coach turned school provost. “I think we captured the essence of who Tony may have been when he was younger — and any time that we can give continued insight into young DiNozzo, it only informs who he is today,” Glasberg says. Among the new intel to be gleaned: You’ll see in teen Tony “a respect [for his mentor] that carries over into how he handles himself as an agent, with Gibbs. It bounces back and forth in time pretty nicely.”Cabin Fever

“Cabin Fever,” airs Feb. 17 | As the manhunt for Season 12 baddie Sergei Mishnev comes to a head, Gibbs and Fornell will “spend some time in Gibbs’ cabin in the woods and really hash through some of the grief and the issues they’re both facing” in the wake of Diane’s murder, Glasberg says. The result is “some really beautiful performances between [Mark] Harmon and Joe Spano. Those guys worked really hard on that episode.”

“Blast From the Past,” airs Feb. 24 | Closing out sweeps, a covert identity created for one of Gibbs’ undercover cases from 20 years ago resurfaces when a murder victim is found living under the alias. A blast from the past, indeed.

Looking further down the road, Glasberg says, “We’re going to see Delilah again,” while Robert Wagner. Jr. is due for an encore as DiNozzo Sr. And with Mishnev’s days numbered, the question is how to close Season 12 with a bang. Having sewed up last season with an atypically quiet, cliffhanger-free finale (so as to instead honor the late Ralph Waite/”Jackson Gibbs”), Glasberg hints that this time around, “I think I’m going to try and rattle people a little bit!”

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  1. Kubrick says:

    Awesome for Papa Palmer. I have and always will enjoy NCIS loved both the Kate days, the Ziva years and the current Bishop seasons, come cast changes or whatever I’ll be a fan till the end.

  2. Dissapointed says:

    “I think I’m going to try and rattle people a little bit!” *sighs* Right… To me the show has been a let down for the past one and a half season. Some okay episodes, but other than that, all over the place, no consistency and no follow through. Just when my interest was peaked again, I was hit in the face with something that was totally out of the blue, didn’t make sense character wise and felt like it was a purposely placed gimmick and with that it felt forced. Many things feel forced these days. Like they have to compensate for something, copying other shows, while if they just stick at what they were doing it would still be refreshing. Now it feels as if they are running after the big boys, copying to fit in, but it is that different approach that made it stand out from all the other crime shows. Now they are just one of many. It’s a shame really.
    Happy for the people who still follow it and like it, sadly for me, there has been too much disappointment and I have moved on to different shows…

    • Znachki says:

      I think it’s probably more of the double-whammy of a couple of different things. One is trying to not be repetitive after 11 seasons, insofar as that can be done within the constraints of a procedural. The other, where I think you may have missed the mark – just my opinion of course – is not that they are necessarily copying from other shows, but have been copied, and then it circles back and looks copied and so on. Let’s face it, once any show is successful the next thing you see is a bunch of other shows almost like it.

      As for the character beats, that gets me to a degree, but everyone changes, and I think that for the actors it probably helps keep things fresh. Heck, in the first episode “Yankee White”, Gibbs is the movie-quoter. Now he’s seen as a pop-culture luddite.

      • John NYC says:

        And yet what I find impressive about the show is how well they’ve largely kept to the spirit of the show laid out in that pilot for all these many years. A lot of shows lose their way and this was hasn’t (IMHO of course) if anything I find it’s been re-energized in recent seasons.

        • I agree, John. If anything, I’ve found that the last couple of seasons have gone back to the original spirit and premise – crimes against Marine and Naval personnel – rather than spy/intrigue plots that are more suited to a Robert Ludlum novel or movie. I love that they’re tackling stories and issues that impact the Navy and Marines again – the recent stories about sexual assault in the armed forces and homeless vets to name only two.

          • Znachki says:

            I so agree with you on this. I know that their group is the “major crimes squad”, but I enjoy the Navy based stories more than the spy plots as well. Not all that hot on this whole Mishnev story. Coming after Gibbs’ friends and family – been there, done that.

            Oh, and more Hollis Mann? YAY!!

          • John NYC says:

            Indeed, reaching back to their J.A.G. roots in a way…

      • mary says:

        Agree completely. It reminds me of how it first started. Also as you pointed out-it’s in it’s 12th season. As far as the “whammy” it rarely happens on NCIS. Last one would have been Eli. Need to remember it has quite a large guest-cast. Someone was bound to go.

  3. Mel says:

    Thanks for the info. Looking forward to Cadence and getting a little Tony focus and background in this so far Tony-lite season, and always a treat to see Joe Spano’s Fornell again. As for Glasburg’s promise (or is it a threat?) of rattling people with the finale, if history is any indication of what we can expect to be “rattled” with, color me nervous.

  4. Shania says:

    “rattle” good, not “rattle” bad. Right GG?

  5. ninamags says:

    All these episodes sound great.

    The show does feel different in that it has returned to its early years vibe.

    DiNozzo is bringing up movies again and he is actually in a relationship with someone who looks to respect and might just actually like him.

    I’m loving this show again.

    • John NYC says:

      Now all I need is for Gibbs to start being picked up by women in totally hot cars once again: the grinning like a fool Gibbs is the best Gibbs.

  6. Gee, “vetting a recipient of a [insert decoration of choice] while trying to determine if the person was [insert issue here]” — how many times are they going to roll out this trite little story line?
    The only show of these that seems remotely interesting is the “young Tony” episode and even that one is a regurgitation of a plot they have used so many times in the past it is ridiculous.
    Look, there is plenty going on in the world today to explore through the lens of NCIS. Get your writing crew up off its collective behind and make them earn their living.
    Ultimately it is the producer and showrunner who determine the amount of effort put in by the writing staff — in this case it seems like everyone is content to phone it in.

    • Erin says:

      I agree. I guess Tony will get his yearly one and done and then it’s back to Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, and more Gibbs. The only way that I could be “rattled” in a good way about the season finale is if it’s not another all Gibbs/all the time finale, and that’s not allowed to happen under the current leadership. I wonder if they’ll conjure up another villain with a personal grudge against you know – Gibbs and if McGee will once again be cast as his second in command, while Tony is insignificant again in any and all big stories. So tired of watching them waste Weatherly’s talent and Tony’s character so we can see the same actors and characters get ALL the big suspenseful stories, publicity, and dramatic writing.

    • SKT says:

      Agreed. The only thing they seem to add is a “love interest” every couple of episodes for one of the team members. As if everybody who works together falls into a relationship. I’ve been working a lot of years and I don’t know as much about co-workers love interest, nor do I want to! The earlier years didn’t have all that, and they still had fun with the scripts. Get back to investigation

  7. Jack says:

    Awesome! Adult beverages secured, munching material obtained. Ready for The Gibbs Slap.

  8. Stephanie says:

    I’m just going to go out on a limb and say it, but I wish that NCIS would turn Robert Wagner loose and let him chew the scenery a bit, proving DiNozzo Sr. to be the distrustful and shadowy character they’ve loosely sketched for 12 seasons.
    All along the writers have constantly been thrusting and jabbing and then neatly sidestepping the fact that this guy has been a pretty terrible father, and even when they built up to him and Tony making amends, did they really? The last time Tony even heard from dear old dad it was pretty much father forcing son to pony up for the former’s wedding to wife number 6? 7? (I’ve actually lost count)
    How many times does Tony get to bear the brunt of his father’s misdeeds? Sr. is a bankrupt con man who has made it through life by befriending rich and/or famous people (and wives, obviously). He took thousands of dollars from Tony he clearly never offered to repay (Flesh & Blood, season 7), came back for Christmas in season 10 and then slept with Tony’s next-door neighbor in Tony’s bed, and then a last reference to him in current season 12 suggests he accidentally-on-purpose missed a flight to D.C. to see Tony for Thanksgiving. And then sent him a text message hours later with no real apology.
    I keep hoping the next time Wagner is back on the show, that father-son relationship starts to dissolve. We’ve already seen Gibbs and McGee make amends with their fathers with a different kind of more subtle drama (thanks to both characters dying on the show). But Tony has been the carpet underneath Sr.’s feet for 12 seasons. I think the show could benefit with having that angst between Sr. and Jr. I also think Wagner and Michael Weatherly would be fantastic with that kind of material, and it could offer a flip side to the coin just when we think Tony is finally happy (with Zoe) in other aspects of his life.

    • Erin says:

      I would love to see a really dark and dramatic Tony/Senior episode too. I don’t think it will ever happen now though. They always make Tony one and dones comic and not particularly deep. The only characters they seem to want to feature in any big or dramatic stories are Gibbs and occasionally, McGee. Tony never gets any drama anymore and it’s a real shame since Michael Weatherly is a gifted and interesting actor to watch with good material. Sadly, it’s all given to Mark Harmon’s character and this season McGee seems to be the only other character we’re allowed to see with angst and drama. I predict this year’s Senior installment will be another “comic” episode featuring Senior doing something rather questionable and Tony fretting and squirming while his team mates look on in amusement. That’s always the story.

      • Stephanie says:

        Sadly, you’re right about the way the Senior/Jr. relationship has been portrayed for the most part. It’s routinely been Tony’s teammates falling all/fawning over his father — save for Gibbs, whose distrust and dislike of Senior has been there from the beginning. Even now he only has a begrudging tolerance of the man for Tony’s sake.

  9. peg miller says:

    why do you have to RUIN a perfectly good TV show by using homos in it.

  10. Robert says:

    First time I ever turned NCIS off

  11. carollippencott says:

    Just to let you know I stuck it out without ziva. But this is to much. Gays.

    This is not necessary. ….I am done.

  12. Charlotte Cheatham says:

    I will no longer watch this show. It has been one of my favorites for a very long time but to subject me and my family to such unnecessary family morals is unfair. The Bible teaches traditional man and woman marriages.

    • NotaBigot says:

      Yikes what a bunch of intolerant bigots. Yes anyone who doesn’t feel exactly as you do must be a pervert. Go back to your almighty Bible, so you can be told by people you never met how a “good” person should condemn people they don’t understand and then suck your thumbs.

    • Dean says:

      Go back to your cult and preach your insanity there. This is the post of a tv show not Christian’s quarterly.

    • mary says:

      That’s not what the Bible teaches. And if your going to use the Bible for your own ignorance, try reading ALL of it.

  13. I just finished watching the episode, and I think it would have been interesting if they had *had* the victim be the drug dealer. Give the state of political correctness, nobody would have seen it coming that the guy had flaws as well as virtues.

  14. Glasberg really doesn’t seem to care what the viewers want – he only depicts what HE wants, evidenced by his continual shoving of Delilah down our throats. I’d like to see her back – if it’s to tell Tim that they’re through and she’s met a very nice man over in Dubai.

    • KLM says:

      I agree. I could never understand how two people with no chemistry whatsoever involved in an awkward, lackluster “romance” could make a long distance relationship work. I would have thought, with the separation of time and distance, the relationship would have come to an natural conclusion.

      • Erin says:

        They’re just doing anything they can to feature McGee. For some reason, in the rare episodes when all the dramatic focus isn’t on Gibbs, they put it on McGee. These seem to be the only two who are allowed to have any drama or flattering focus. I agree with your comment about zero chemistry between the two. They didn’t even seem like brother and sister. McGee and Delilah scenes were overly contrived and dull.

  15. Linda says:

    No more NCIS for me and I have been watching it for years. I’m tried of shows pushing their agenda on the American people.

    • And what might that agenda have been? The brave Marine throwing himself on a grenade to save his fellow marines lives or could it be the man who was helping a friend with a drug addiction. These are the virtues that described this man to me. The world would be a better place with more just like him.

      • Angela says:

        Oh, but don’t you know? It doesn’t matter how many good, noble things a person does, if they’re gay then apparently that tarnishes everything else about their life, because…reasons, or something.
        Seriously, yeah, the bigoted comments I’m reading here are obnoxious and depressing. How utterly pathetic are some people’s lives that the mere mention of gay people on TV has them foaming at the mouth? Get over yourselves.
        Also, for those who think they’re speaking for the American people at large with their anti-gay comments-yeah, you ain’t speaking for this particular American, I can guarantee you that.

    • mary says:

      It’s called life, the real world. You know what goes on outside your door.

  16. sherry says:

    If anyone is upset about McGee is front and center, better look at past seasons where he spent many seasons in the background because if tiva. Don’t miss her, like bishop. Also, they had a whole show about Gibbs father dying. They keep mentioning Diane being killed, how come no one talks about Tim’s father dying. There wasn’t even an Abby hug. Would of liked to have seen more scenes between father and son. Tell their story.

    • Erin says:

      I don’t really want Tim’s father dying to be a big over done sob story, but your point is well taken. I am far more sick of all of Gibbs constant tragedies being strung out for multi episodic arcs. The problem is, the show has become not much more than The GIBBS Show. Every road MUST lead back to GIBBS!!!!! GIBBS!!!! is the only character who can really matter and GIBBS!!!! IMO has become so over featured that his stories are repetitive, his reactions predictable due to too seeing them too many times, and in general he’s just shamelessly over exposed. They’ve completely forgotten the team in lieu of more and more and more GIBBS!!!! and that some fans watch for more than Gibbs and McGee (who seems to be the only other character allowed to have drama – but not too much!0

  17. bigV says:

    Also a fan since inception. 1st. Bishop not close to fulfilling the part. 2nd. I don’t want to know the story line before it unfolds, meaning, too easy to read or writers think we are ignorant. 3rd. There are many places in the world of media to make a point of gay relations etc.. but writing a script that Not everyone can enjoy could be costly. It seems that the producers believe that those who do not accept change are not normal & possibly wont even be missed when they cease to tune in. Men having sex with men is Not normal. Pushing the gay agenda is not entertaining. I will miss NCIS but then again, TV is heading that way anyway.

    • mary says:

      A script that not everyone will enjoy? How many people watch NCIS? How in the world are writers supposed to make everyone happy? It will never happen, or those writers would be in extremely high demand. And there is no pushing of an agenda. It’s called the “real” world. And it might come as a great shock…but there are gay people in the Navy.

  18. nellaenajyalub says:

    I want Sivah David Back. That would make everybody rattle.

  19. Les Petersen says:

    Worst NCIS yet, too much Hollywood agenda

    • Irene says:

      Yes Ziva is exactly what the show needs

      • Zilch says:

        Well, unfortunately for you, Cote, didn’t want to do it any longer and wanted to try other acting jobs. Give it a rest, if she wants to do other things, why can’t you respect that??

        • Was A Fan says:

          Actually, it has been admitted that it was a contract dispute. Cote was recently quoted saying that her return was up to them.
          Oct 31, she will be on CBS starring in “The Dovekeepers.” Again playing a Jew, but this time, 73 AD. The book was great.

        • Sad says:

          Lol, that was a good reply.

  20. TV Gord says:

    HA! The Church Lady must have sent out a mass email tonight. Well. isn’t that special!?

  21. angy says:

    I always liked this show till tonight when it was all about a queer. Ruined it for me and my family.

    • TV Gord says:

      Jeez, it’s a good thing there aren’t any of those in your family! :-|

    • If that is all you saw from this episode then I feel sorry for you and your family. People should be judged for how they conduct their lives not for who they sleep with. The comment you made says a lot about you and your family and from where I am sitting it’s not a good place.

    • Really? says:

      Well, thank God I’ve never had the misfortune to meet you or your family! All Rise! Judge Mental is in the building! Must be wonderful to be above everyone else and casting aspersions on others. Judge not, lest ye be judged–sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so……..

      • Erin says:

        Wow! I’m just shocked by the close minded ignorance. Heaven help anyone who isn’t attracted to the God sanctioned gender. I guess they should just marry who they are “supposed to” and be miserable, and probably make their spouses miserable too so that they can be right with the Lord and the bigots. And I love the way these Judge Mental self proclaimed (miserable) “Christians” are usually the most un Christ like people and how they cherry pick the parts of the bible that support their fear and bigotry while completely ignoring the gist of what Christ said.

        • mary says:

          Quite frankly those are the people who pick things out of the Bible to use for their own ignorance. They tend to skip the parts that say Love thy neighbor…, Only God shall judge…etc. I say if God didn’t love homosexuals as much as heterosexuals, there would have been a commandment. And yes, I am Catholic.

          • TVGord says:

            I was about to comment that it’s a shame those closed-minded Christians dominate comment boards all the time, and we never hear from the vast majority of Christians who have more compassion and caring in their hearts…and then you come along and post something caring and compassionate!

            I’m a lapsed Catholic, but although I’m no longer a believer, I know scores of religious people who are always doing good works in their communities, so it always makes me sad when the more narrow-minded among them show up on boards such as this and give Christians a bad name. Thank you for your part in balancing out the discussion!

  22. Bridgit says:

    Could the murder victim using an alias be Shannon or Kelly? Wouldn’t that be a twist!

  23. mike byrd says:

    I used to enjoy your program. But you want to glorify deviant behavior that is an obamanation before God. Count me out.

    • Really? says:

      Here’s a thought, go find a mirror and take a good, long look at yourself–what you see is the true abomination (wow, you can’t even spell the damn word right), before God. God would be ashamed to count you as one of his. SMDH

      • moira4eku says:

        He didn’t misspell it, he spelled it starting with Obama..Sad, sad little minds on this board. I loved the episode. The show is showing how the real world is actually like.

  24. Anna D. says:

    It was overall a good episode IMO. As a straight person, I see nothing wrong with the storyline, and they handled a sensitive matter with the respect that it deserves. I still don’t like EW and probably never will, so that’s always a downer for me. I love ST as an actress, and I liked the Hollis Mann character till she went through Gibbs’ personal stuff and talked to Ducky behind Gibbs’ back. Funny how people have forgotten that! As far as I’m concerned, let her stay happily married to someone else and leave Gibbs alone. I hope she won’t be back again this year. I don’t really need a soap opera anyway, and this show has sure become that this season!

    • Sam T says:

      I totally agree. Her character is useless. Notice how so many of the comments are about relationships. There are plenty of soaps on, I wish the writers would stop trying to turn this into one. Leave them all single and stay out of their personal lives. That’s not the drama I expect from Crime/Drama.

    • Sam T says:

      I totally agree. Her character is useless. Never need to see that character again. Very obvious what they are trying to cram down our throats there. Notice how so many of the comments are about relationships. There are plenty of soaps on, I wish the writers would stop trying to turn this into one. Leave them all single and stay out of their personal lives. That’s not the drama I expect from Crime/Drama.

  25. ken says says:

    Bring ziva back period please

    • Irene says:

      Get bid of the blonde bring Ziva back you are right

      • Zilch says:

        Perhaps you should check with Cote about coming back–she left to do other things with her acting. Repeat, so that you, u.n.d.e.r.s.t.a.n.d–C.o.t.e. Q.U.I.T., she doesn’t want to do the show a.n.y.m.o.r.e. What part aren’t you people understanding? Cote has left the building–at least, give the woman the respect she’s entitled to, by granting her wish. SMDH

    • Such a shame that people aren’t allowed to mention how much they would like to see a beloved character come back…..happens all the time on TV shows. Oh, and I would love t see Ziva come back, even if it’s just for guest appearances. I’m glad Cote de Pablo has stated that she’s open to coming back, if it was the right storyline. :-)

      • Franklin Palmer says:

        Ziva the Diva is going to come back during an investigation of an STD epidemic on an Isreali ship that crashed into a U.S. Carrier. Dinozzo will get his piece of the pie at last, and a life-long disease called Herpes. Ziva will jump ship and join the Haitian Marines.

      • Irene says:

        I would love to see Ziva back but I hop she found what she was looking for out there

  26. Franklin Palmer says:

    Hopefully the very annoying Palmer will get killed off. Preferably he will take his wife and kid camping they will get washed away by flash thunderstorm. The bodies will be found next year when the NCIS team goes on a spiritual retreat in the same area.

  27. says:

    Story lines are not as good as all the past years. Miss Ziva and Mike Franks.

  28. Pam says:

    Ziva needs to be back on ncis.

  29. Bandit says:

    it would be nice to see an epidode with Catherine Bell and David James Elliott in it. Sort of an homage to the beginning as we will probably never get a JAG reunion of any sort.

  30. sheila chilvers says:

    Never mind New OrleansI I think Diane Neal should join NCIS as a girlfriend for Gibbs. She even has the red hair.

  31. Shawn says:

    I watch the episode with the flashbacks to Dr. Mallard’s past, over and over. The clever tribute to “Man from Uncle” and a young David McCallum were fabulous. Plus, the scene with the red-head dancing is sexy as all get out. More flashbacks with those actors, please! And more current love scenes with Duckie!

  32. Meredith Wilcox says:

    I absolutely Love NCIS and NCIS LA. Please, Please do not cancel two of the best tv series on. Enough with reality tv.. I do, however, change the Chanel when NCIS New Orleans comes on. The phony accents did me in on about the 3rd show.

  33. Ildi says:

    I have tried to give Bishop credit but she just doesn’t fit the part. Her thoughts/fears on being under deep cover might ( hopefully) be the beginning of her leaving and going back to her old job. She doesn’t want to ruin her marriage and she can not see herself cheating on her husband.
    How about a finale where Tony is going to give his girlfriend an engagement ring but then a bombing in Israel happens and he gets a call from Ziva that she needs him. He has to face a huge dilemma. The show held more appeal to me when some of the action was outside the USA.

  34. susan freire says:

    I for one think the show was great. I say was because now it seems a little bland. I know everyone is tired of the Ziva thing, but here’s my thought on what would make a great show. We all know Tony has a sweetie, who wants him to ‘ meet the parents’, and he is a bit scarred. Let’s say he does become involved with this person and then in walks ziva.. now what is he going to do? Or how’s this .. How about if Ziva rescuesTony the same way he and Magee did her…She need to come back to the show ,some how some way. It’s too mellow and not so full of surprises like it was when the show first started..just a thought…

    • Ildi says:

      I agree , somehow we need some tension and Tony being Tony again not some doormat for his new girlfriend. His personality has changed and not for the better. I liked him more when he was aggressive….He seems to just be sleepwalking in his role as a boyfriend. They do not have chemistry.

  35. maggiefinn says:

    I don’t know about everyone else, but Hollis Mann needs to come back

  36. Zorrah says:

    Glad Robert Wagner is making an appearance. It would be GREAT if they could talk Susan St. James into making an appearance when he’s there…!

  37. Linda DD says:

    Please update the NCIS spoilers were at 12.17 now like to look forward

  38. Was A Fan says:

    I loved this show and until this year…NEVER missed an episode. I still watch reruns of past seasons. But replacing Ziva with a quiet Barbee Doll, whose uniqueness is sitting on the floor eating junk food was a major mistake. The show has become flat, predictable and mundane. The killing off of Kate, Franks and the replacement of Ziva with a non-character has us looking elsewhere. Sorry.

  39. maggiefinn says:

    Is anyone other than me interested in bringing back Hollis Mann.

  40. maggiefinn says:

    Please bring back Hollis Mann

  41. I am now an avid USA fan to watch a professionaly cast NCIS. and really enjoy seeing Kate and Ziva ACT along with the other ACTORS. of this well done show. I simply skip the CBS NCIS and not have to tolerate the terrible mistake casting Wickersham.My feedback from other viewers were right. SWITCH to USA reruns.

  42. Christine says:

    I have been watching this show since its inception, and it is, in my estimation, the #1 show. I love all the characters, and I was so disappointed that Ziva wasn’t given more consideration. I love being able to watch a show that doesn’t have a lot of slur words, sexual explicit shots, and it is very intriguing. I also love the theme song and when I bought my new phone, this had to be my ring tone. I have been hospitalized for many surgeries in my day, and this gives me the opportunity to watch the show’s marathons even into the early morning hours. It doesn’t matter to me how many times I see the show, over and over again. I hope that this won’t be the last season for this terrific show.