Jane the Virgin Recap: Sin Rostro Is...

Monday night’s Jane the Virgin keeps the identity of Sin Rostro in the family, but it’s not the member everyone suspected.

Rafael’s dad Emilio returns with plans to whisk Rose away to a location he won’t disclose. Rose is convinced that her husband is the big, bad criminal and wants to go the police, but Rafael convinces her not to for the sake of the hotel.

When Luisa gets wind that a bellboy was murdered with a corkscrew at the hotel, she writes her ex-lover a letter. She was drinking on the night of the killing, and when she came back to the room, the corkscrew was gone. Now it all makes sense, and Rose needs to stay away from Emilio, she warns. But Rose doesn’t even get the correspondence; Rafael reads it instead and is understandably upset at the idea that his father might be Sin Rostro. (Wouldn’t you be driven to drink, too, if you had his family?) Through their own investigation, Michael and Nadine also become convinced that Emilio is the baddie.

But this is a telenovela, so there’s a twist. After spending much of the episode putting on a show of being worried, Rose seduces Emilio — and then buries him alive in cement! The lesson of the hour? If the lady doth deflect too much, she must be Sin Rostro.

Elsewhere, Milos arrives in Miami not to destroy Petra, but to prove that her mother is a liar. He meant to splash her mother with acid because she lied to keep them apart, he tells her. (Not winning any points there, buddy.) The anger management course he was forced to take doesn’t seem to be helping either when Petra declares she’d rather die than be with him, and he slices her throat! As blood seeps from the wound, her mother leaps up from her wheelchair, and the jig is up in more ways than one: It was all a ruse, fake blood included, to prove that Petra’s mother can walk.

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Petra’s demise may have been a fake-out, but someone else does bite it (aside from Emilio): Rogelio’s assistant orchestrated a whole plot to have Santos killed off so he could become the star of the telenovela.

“You can’t have The Passions of Santos without Santos!” Rogelio argues. “Then it’s just Passions, and that show failed!”

Jane the Virgin fans, did the unmasking of Sin Rostro’s identity surprise? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. atomicflea says:

    Pretty sure it’s Emilio, not Emolio.

  2. Amy says:

    I should have know it was Rose. It is all in the name! So glad the theories of it being Rogelio is not true. I love him more and more each week. The scene where Jane calls him dad was so sweet.

  3. Dude says:

    Pretty much the person everyone called but it was a great reveal and the way it was executed was fantastic! Also that Petra fake out had me breathless. I’m sort of relieved my Lochlan is Milos theory was wrong, keeps things interesting.

  4. Sean C. says:

    I thought it was going to be Emilio for a while, but the fact that everybody started suspecting him over the last few episodes made it obvious that he wasn’t, and throughout this episode it became clear it would have been more of a twist if Rose wasn’t Sin Rostro.

    Bridget Regan plays an amazing sexy villainess, though.

    It’s possible the show really is done with The Passions of Santos, but in case not, my guess: Jane’s death scene/Rogelio’s general popularity produces an overwhelming fan response and they demand his return (if that new guy is supposed to be taking over the show, he’s not nearly hot enough to be a romantic lead — in my straight male’s opinion, anyway).

  5. Mika02 says:

    Best episode ever! I didn’t see it coming at all!

  6. C. says:

    Really didn’t see the Sin Rostro reveal coming until Luisa wanted to give Rose that letter. Maybe I’m not paying close enough attention, but I don’t understand how the Petra story line has anything to do with the overall story anymore.

  7. Remy says:

    That moment when you realize a character death is fake because you want it to happen too much.

  8. Juan says:

    Wow this episode was fantastic! Best episode this season and I did not see that last twist coming. I also believes that whole Petra scene and I was screaming at my tv lol and the scene with Rogelio about flesh and blood being able to forgive was soooo good. Seriously best episode.

  9. Mick says:

    This show is a beautiful, well written soap opera and as a hard core soap opera fan that is the best compliment I good give. Rose being Sin Ristro. I follow Matt Mitovich on Twitter and he guessed right, but how easily she killed her husband was crazy. Luisa is lucky.

  10. Kay says:

    I knew it was Rose pretty much from the start of this episode – the way she was so insistent that Rafael go to the police about Emilio! Also, Milos is extremely hot-headed, but pretty sexy too. I wonder what Petra/Natalia’s mother will be upto now?

  11. rachelle says:

    I love this show so freaking much! I cried when Jane called Rogelio “dad.” It was so perfect! And timely/oddly coincidental because I was wondering in that episode when it would happen. Jane and Rafael continue to be cute! That line about him and the baby being the two best things in her life made me so happy. I hope they’re true and end game! I didn’t see Rose being Sin Rostro coming. At. All. My jaw dropped, I was literally in such shock. But what a reveal! The previews for next week look sad and told me that I’ll probably be crying, but I’m ready!

  12. Kc says:

    I’ve pegged Rose as Sin Rostro since the whistling in episode 3, and the recap at the beginning of this ep pretty much sealed it. That ending was still pretty killer though.

  13. crystal says:

    At this point, all I can say is that Luisa should be glad she’s away from Rose. I had no idea that Rose will turn out to be Sin Rostro. Bridget Regan and her shiny hair are super sexy when they’re being all evil. I almost threw something at my tv when I thought Milos had killed Petra. And the scene where Jane called Rogelio “dad” was very sweet and made me cry.
    Altogether a very brilliant and wonderful episode!

  14. elle says:

    Did no one else almost pass out at the Passions line?! That was one of my favorite shows in high school and the reference from Rogelio? Priceless. Great episode. Had my suspicions about Rose all along.

  15. Diva DIary says:

    I’m so glad they didn’t drag this story line out like Pretty Little Liars. Take note PLL.

  16. K says:

    I had figured it was either Magda or Rose so it wasn’t overly shocking that it was Rose. That said, the reveal with her killing Emilio was a complete shock. To quote Rafael, well played Jane the Virgin.

  17. Aki says:

    Not surprised! Called it the moment she came to Rafael accusing Emilio. How did she even know what the police were after while searching the secret tunnels unless she was Sin Rostro herself. The only people who knew what Mike and Nadine were looking for were Jane and Rafael and they told no one. Plus, it became obvious in this episode that while in Croatia, Emilio figured it out and came back to expose her, he was paying the subcontractor for info. Sleeping with Lauren and going to Rafael were smoke screens to cover up that she’d been found out. And since neither Lauren nor Rafael had the best relationship with Emilio, it was easy to convince them.

  18. Tereza says:

    Come on! If you want to do something at least do it right! Petra is not speaking Czech! Yes, those are Czech words but spoken in horrible Russian accent. The “koruna” in the last episode isn’t even a Czech coin! I’m Czech and I’m quite offended that you didn’t got it at least a little bit right.

    • jm says:

      She might be from Karlovy Vary. Anyway, praha is full of russians. So she may be russian. I agree though that everytime she said koruna instead of Koruns…

      • Tereza says:

        One koruna is right. When you have two coins then it’s two koruny. But the coin that Milos dropped wasn’t definitely any Czech coin…

  19. gaga face says:

    That was surprising at the end