Was Parenthood's Ending Too Happy? Can Elizabeth Jennings Best Arrow? How'd Olivia Frizz Out? And More Qs!

Saturday Night Live American Idol

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Sleepy Hollow, Jane the Virgin, Parenthood and Scandal!

1 | Which Saturday Night Live intern goofed, that the Family Feud sketch featured a weirdly outdated array of American Idol judges? (Also, raise your hand if you could do a better Harry Connick Jr. impression.)

2 | Were you as floored as we were, during the SAG Awards, to learn that Lifetime Achievement winner Debbie Reynolds didn’t know how to dance before Singin’ in the Rain? And did it take you a moment to figure out who a newly slim Zach Galifianakis was?

3 | Was the idea that Revenge‘s Emily would seek advice from Ben even more forced than their hookup?

4 | OK, Outlanders: What’s your guess a20Qs_Outlander copybout the identity of the woman in the background of the Jamie scene released this week?

5 | Which “Oh please, no!” HBO Sunday-night hookup is more likely to happen: Looking‘s Agustin and Richie, or Girls‘ Jessa and Adam? And on the subject of Jessa: If you’d been in Adam’s shoes, would you have given her any support whatsoever after she pulled down her shorts and urinated in between two parked cars? Or would you have walked away and told the cops she was a crazy person you didn’t know?

6 | Hmm, would Togetherness‘ Michelle ever cheat on Brett with charter school enthusiast David? Why was she so quick to Google the divorced dad when she returned home…?

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Video Ichabod Karaoke7 | How did Sleepy Hollow‘s Ichabod so quickly pick up the tune to “Proud Mary?” And how much would you give to hear an outtake of him singing “that one about the bass, ’bout the bass”? Who else thinks Katrina wasn’t sharing everything she saw when she read Irving’s spirit?

8 | How come Bachelor Chris got to put on a shirt when the group date switched from “swimming in the lake” to “setting up tents,” yet all the women had to stay in bikinis? Also, has there ever been a contestant more irritating than Ashley I, with her “but I wanted the princess date!” tantrum and her “he didn’t kiss me after I told him I was a virgin!” meltdown?

9 | Shouldn’t Jane the Virgin have been a wee bit suspicious of the rave review her script garnered from The Passions of Santos‘ showrunnerespecially knowing the first vote of confidence she received had strings attached? And given what we know about the Marbella’s secret plastic surgery room, is it possible that Lachlan is actually Petra’s revenge-seeking ex, Milos? (Or worse, Sin Rostro?)

10 | How many times is Gotham‘s Jim Gordon to bump into the “blue wall of silence” only to soon enough sway his corrupt colleagues with a rousing, inspirational speech?

The Fosters11 | Are The Fosters‘ Callie and Wyatt sporting the same hairstyle now? To Alex Saxon, if you’re reading: What conditioner do you use?

12 | If The Flash’s Iris is half the reporter she claims to be, at what point will she notice that Barry tends to vanish on her just before the speedster makes headlines? (Or are we following the Lois Lane Rule?) Why didn’t Barry & Co. hand over non-metahuman Hartley to the police? And were any soap fans wanting Mason Bridge to reference his days running The Sun?

13 | Any chance that Agent Carter’s Dottie was planted at the Griffith to protect Peggy…?

14 | Can Marry Me‘s Jake please have another falling out with his college “boyz” so we never have to endure their obnoxiousness again?

The View15 | Number of seconds it took you to change the channel after The View‘s wretched “Master Baking with Mario Cantone” began?

16 | The highlight of this week’s Hindsight: Becca channeling Lloyd Dobbler, the use of “Fade Into Me,” or Becca spoiling Friends‘ Monica/Chandler twist for Lolly?

17 | Given Arrow’s abrupt re-introduction of Thea’s DJ pal, was there any scenario where he didn’t turn out to be a bad guy? Are we crazy to think that Oliver’s new flashback wig makes him kind of sexy? (And was William Shatner right when he said it made him look like Jared Padalecki?) And how concerned should we be that Felicity seems to be contracting Joey Potter Syndrome?

18 | After her brutal beatdown of Agent Gaad on The Americans, we wonder who would win in a fight: Elizabeth Jennings or Arrow‘s Oliver? And who has the most resilient, fight-resistant wigs: the FX drama or the CW series?

the 10019 | Who would have thought The 100 would feature Grodd a gorilla before The Flash?

20 | Do we need Empire‘s Anika to score a win over Cookie sometime soon, just to keep it interesting? Or is Cookie’s three-times-an-episode victory strut satisfying enough on its own? Also, it’s time to give Gabourey Sidibe’s Becky an actual story arc of her own, right?

21 | For someone hovering near death, didn’t Parenthood‘s Zeek look quite handsome and spry throughout much of the series finale? His storyline aside, was there something a bit Oprah-like about the finale a la “You get a happy ending! You get a happy ending! And you get a happy ending!”? And wouldn’t it have been nice to slip Maura Tierney (aka the original pilot’s Sarah) into the wedding reception somewhere? Speaking of the ceremony, why the gloves, Sarah?

Scandal Olivia Kidnapped22 | Scandal spoilers ahead… OK, sure, the “man in charge” of Olivia’s abduction faked her trappings with a set, but did he also, what, pump the entire soundstage full of hot air to replicate the hair-frizzing “foreign” climate? If so, why’d he look cool as a cucumber when she found him? Also: Who’s already on board with the Vermont With Fitz sequel series?

23 | Is there a less probable Taylor Swift fan than The Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon? And for those of you who kept track at home, how did you score on the Raj-taunting game, Emily or Cinnamon?

24 | Is there a less likeable current sitcom character than Mom‘s Lorraine (played by Beverly D’Angelo)?

25 | Did Randy Jackson actually have the nerve to appear on Wendy Williams‘ 1,000th episode and reminisce that American Idol‘s Mariah Carey-Nicki Minaj pairing failed because a reality-show judging panel simply can’t support two females? And regarding his, “We’ve never had [two women] on Idol” follow-up, did he forget the cycles that paired Paula Abdul and Kara Dioguardi, and then Dioguardi and Ellen DeGeneres, without any girlfights?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kate says:

    Randy Jackson has the critical thinking skills of wet cardboard.

  2. Tran says:

    Zeek’s death made me cry.

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    Agustin and Richie can NOT happen!!!!! So it probably will but please no.

  4. chris52700 says:

    the last part of #21 makes no sense. and as far as the other, did you watch the series, if the answer to that is yes, then why in the hell would you argue with how things turned out for them? it was pretty perfect.

  5. William says:

    22. Count me out of the Fitz/Olivia saga. I am so tired of that relationship. If anything, Olivia needs to keep that Abby hallucination in mind because she becomes a completely different person (an unlikeable person at that) whenever she’s around Fitz. In order for Olivia to become the boss lady that we all know and love, she needs to take a man cleanse.

  6. Cindy Jackson (@Cindycjax) says:

    Re Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod sang the second verse of Proud Mary which leads me to believe Abbie had already sung the first verse and chorus so he could hear how it went.

  7. SUSO says:

    Don’t forget that “Parenthood” also gave Jason from “Friday Night Lights” a miracle by allowing him to walk again. And yes, I’m only being half serious, but if Crucifictorious is in “Parenthood’s” continuity then he is too!

    • Kenna says:

      That would mean that all FNL cast would be in the continuity….no WAY that Lyla ended up as a Behavioral Aide… and now way that super star Vince would end up being an alcoholic high school dropout.

      That being said i did totally say out loud “OH MY GOD AMBER MARRIED STREET!” to which my husband gave me a wicked side eye.

  8. Mare says:

    No on Anika winning over Cookie! I can’t stand her. And Cookie lost for 17 straight years. She deserves all her wins!

  9. Remy says:

    Another question for the week: On Reign, do Prince Charles & Little Henry not exist anymore? Did Reign make like the The Borgias & hope we forget about Catherine’s youngest children?

    • Viv says:

      I think they exist… somewhere. Maybe they… no, I don´t have a good explanation. On another note: anyone kept track were in the timeline we are right now? Because… if they stick to SOME historical accuracy there is a death looming. (and then those other two children have to resurface again…)

      • Jeryl says:

        (SPOILER (i’ll try to stay vague)) They might be mentionned after the death you’re talking about, but the show will probably change so the princes won’t be important. I try to keep track of the chronology but it is not really possible (it is not meant to be fully historical). I’d guess we are in the first five-six months of Francis’ reign, so probably not before season 4.

        • Viv says:

          Thanks for the answer. Yeah, I agree that they will change the show if they go “there”. I mean, they have to. Would be interesting. I know they don’t stick to the history, that was the reason I didn’t wanted to start watching the show. Now it’s just a fun guilty pleasure. I’m just asking because I’m pretty sure I read that they want to stick to the major historic facts. S4 should be a sure thing if they get a 22 ep order for S3. Will be very interesting…

  10. justme says:

    Didn’t we already see Grodd in an episode of the Flash? We saw him in a cage in that flashback sequence with Wells, right?

  11. herman1959 says:

    (12) Hartley wasn’t handed over because he has metahuman-like skills and no soul.
    (13) Hmmm.
    (17) Yes, Oliver was Wearing that wig (and facial hair)! Give the wardrobe dept. a raise.
    (21) I didn’t mind that; the question I had was from last week (?) when his wife forced him to take that walk in the hills and she looked more tired than he did.
    (22) Ahhh, the Vermont house which we now know is on a HORSE FARM…dang!

  12. Amanda says:

    #21. Zeek didn’t look spry. Most of the time he was sitting and seemed fatigued. The ending was perfect. The fact that they could be happy after losing their patriarch was wonderful. Also, why on earth would Maura Tierney need to be there. She only shot the pilot which was mostly reshot after she had to pull out. Most people don’t even know she was first Sarah. It wouldn’t be a worthwhile “nod.”

  13. Caroline says:

    Not only would I sign up for some more Olitz in Vermont (please Shonda)- I would appreciate some more shower scenes. “Hi” indeed!

  14. Kim R says:

    1. SNL – It was a major fail and upset any comedy balance the sketch might have had. It made no sense at all.
    15. The View – Not as fast as I turned the channel when Whoopi came back high as a kite and pontificating nonsense.
    18. The Americans – I don’t think I can watch this season. I don’t like one character on that show and I guess I need to at least root for someone. :)
    21. Parenthood – Too soon TVline! Don’t speak any ill of the recently departed. The finale was perfect. End of story!! :D

  15. Steven says:

    #16- I was hysterical over Becca spoiling Friends. I hope VH1 does the right thing and renews this show.

  16. Hartley wasn’t handed over because he knows that Wells has a connection to the Flash.

  17. Beanergirl says:

    Much to my chagrin, #4 is likely the dreaded Laoghaire.

    • larakingsley says:

      **Spoiler alert unless you read the books** Seeing as they show Jamie being in duel in one of the trailer, I would think that the woman is the one for which he dueled while he is in France in his youth.

  18. sarah j says:

    2) Yes it took me until he spoke to realize it was Zach.
    17)I knew the DJ was up to something, but if it is to take out Malcolm I am fine with it.
    Yes Ollie does look hot with longer hair. I hope they do not have Felicity hover back and forth between Ray and Oliver.
    21)I loved the Parenthood finale!

  19. Letti says:

    3. For me Ben is even forced to appear at all. I don’t really see his point.

  20. Nick says:

    7. Sleepy Hollow- Proud Mary was originally a Free Mason anthem, and yes, Katrina is a witch in every sense of that word. Get her off the show!
    10. Gotham- Hopefully not too many more times before someone actually helps him.
    12. The Flash- The sense that I’m getting is that Iris is TV’s Lois Lane, just as Barry is TV’s Clark Kent and Oliver is TV’s Batman. They’re supposed to be similar.
    13. Agent Carter- Read that Dottie was trained by the same KGB organization that trained Black Widow. That being said, not sure who she’s fighting for at this point.
    17. Arrow- How else would the DJ guy have heard she was leaving town. He said that and I was like “BAD GUY”
    18. The Americans- I think the fight would be pretty even but Elizabeth’s wigs are better.
    19. The 100- Never saw it coming, but hoping to see some more nuclear doped animals in the future
    23. Big Bang Theory- That was my favorite Sheldon throwaway bit in YEARS, and I got a perfect score on the game.

    I hardly ever do this, but it was fun! I watch a LOT of shows.

  21. dude says:

    I think what Felicity has is worse than Joey Potter syndrome, it’s fan pandering. The writers are too quick to let their viewers sway creative decisions in the show and because Felicity has a very vocal following, they feel the need to make her the “best person ever” in every situation. They have characters on The Flash talking about how smart and awesome she is when she isn’t even on the show. It’s like they’re afraid if all the characters don’t feel exactly the same way about her as her fans do, people will lose interest. I like Felicity but she’s not THAT great.

    • Liz985 says:

      I hate the forced relationship between Oliver and Felicity. The characters are so mis-matched in temperment and life experience. I caught up with the first season of Arrow on Netflix and had already heard the “Olicity” fan drumbeat. I was so surprised to see that it really wasn’t a fit at all. And now, in Season 2, the clumsy attempts to show some deeper relationship between the two is making the show hard to watch. And – dare I say it? – the actress playing Felicity is good, but not great. She needs some seasoning to develop her range. Arrow production does not have a good casting track record with their women. They’ve killed off the 2 most interesting women/characters (Moira and Sarah) and don’t give Thea enough story time.

      • Concerned Fan says:


        So agree, I’ve found myself starting to either skip episodes completely or fast-forward through all the Felicity-Oliver scenes, and for that matter, any Oliver- scene. I can’t take it, and I don’t really want any romance on this show with Oliver being generally horrible in his treatment of practically all the women in his life. There’s a big difference in being a “bad-boy with a heart of gold” vs. someone who consistently flips-flops on who is the love of his life, tells women what’s “best”, and cheats on them.

        Can we just go back to S1 days concentrating on Oliver’s struggle of conscience, and efforts to become the superhero he currently is not? The only storylines I’m enjoying/tolerating these days are the ones that don’t involve Oliver in the present (Ray, Black Canary, Oliver’s flashbacks, Ra’as Al Ghul).

        I’m usually the type not to post on forums, but i’m afraid if something isn’t done soon, this show will not be sustainable much longer.

  22. JB says:

    I felt Zeke’s death was like life. He died after realizing his family will be OK. Amber would be with Camille ( and vice versa), Sarah is stable, married and happy. Crosby would go back to doing what he loved. I have had family members die after waiting for a life event (like a wedding) or they die after finally seeing someone they’ve been “waiting” for. The ending is life. From the outside, we all try to make it look great, that’s not to say there isn’t problems or trouble. It was a great, real ending.

    • TVGord says:

      You’re so right, JB! My dad was in failing health when my sister got married, and he rallied for her wedding to walk her down the aisle. He looked great in all of the wedding pictures. Afterwards, though, he relapsed and was never well again.

      I’m surprised I didn’t think about that last night!

    • That’s exactly what my mother has seen in her 20+ years of being a hospice nurse.

    • Stacy says:

      It’s amazing what that last kick of hope can do… at least for a little while.

    • CAM says:

      EXACTLY…you know what? Most people get a happy ending, it’s just about whether or not they realize how blessed they are. The Bravermans usually realized it, so why not show them with happy endings? There really wasn’t anything unbelievable shown there. They were simple, “life goes on” moments. Glimpses to show us that they were all OK. LOVED it!

  23. Alichat says:

    2) That didn’t startled me as much as her rambling speech did.
    3) Yes. Neither made any sense.
    7) Perhaps he’s heard it on the radio before? I loved the karaoke moments! And yes, after that moment with Irving, I really don’t trust Katrina. I was on the fence, but now….no trust at all. She saw something or did something to him and withheld it.
    12) Because of what he knows about Dr Wells, and they probably justified it with his tinnitus issue. Perhaps they argued that they had a containment cell that would negate the ringing in his ears.
    13) Maybe…..but watching her play with the gun later, and hide the body under her bed….I’m thinking not.
    17) The only question we should have had about Thea’s DJ from the moment he appeared is ‘who’s bad guy is he’. Felicity’s 180 in the last episode was whiplash inducing. And I expected to see her mourn a bit more.
    18) I’d say The Americans’ wigs. We’ve seen more in fights than on Arrow. So their ratio is higher.
    22) THANK YOU! Seriously…where was the heat in this fake country he created???

  24. Grey says:

    Re #22: Well, obviously you don’t know very much about Afro-American hair. The climate, fake or not, didn’t make it frizz. Her DNA and genes did. Not being able to come it and apply conditioner (i.e. pomade/hair dressing), flat iron it and apply hair spray, etc. is what “frizzed” it or, more accurately, take it back to it’s natural state. We (Afro-Americans) call it “nappy” btw. I’m just glad Washington and TPTB chose to be “real” about it and didn’t keep the character perfectly coiffed and glamorous for the whole ordeal.

    It was a good performance/episode but the whole thing had me saying, “Wow, is she [Washington] trying for an Emmy or what?” It’s almost like she’s trying to keep up with, or out do, Viola Davis on “HTGAWM.”

    • Grey says:

      I meant’ “comb” not “come.”

    • Bradster says:

      thank you! I was hoping someone corrected him

    • C. says:

      Yes to this! Olivia’s pressed/blown-out hair “frizzing” out is the most realistic part of the entire episode to be honest. You can sweat in your sleep and wake up to your reverting back to it’s natural state regardless of air temperature, especially if you don’t have a satin cap or scarf…that’s just a given.

    • Smh says:

      My hair got messed up watching that episode. I had to get a brush and put it in a braid to calm myself enough to watch htgawm.

  25. Daisy says:

    Thank you for your comment about Marry Me (#14). That episode was nearly unwatchable. I hated those obnoxious guys and the fact that a lot of the ep. was focused on them was almost unbearable!

  26. LaRagan says:

    Is anyone wondering why Olivia Pope dropped the GUN she was carrying while running to the red door of freedom? She could of used it on the other side.

  27. Ben says:

    I didn’t think the Parenthood ending was ‘too happy’… it was a series of flash forwards, which enabled them to pick to show the happy things about these peoples lives going forward. Parenthood was always pretty grounded in reality, and nothing about the finale didn’t feel genuine to real life to me.

  28. Amber says:

    #21 I thought it was pretty much perfection. And Zeke did not look spry to me.

  29. CJ says:

    If Agustin and Richie hook up I will probably scream and throw things at my TV. Don’t do it!!

  30. Kenna says:

    Jason Katims was pretty clear that he wanted everyone to get their happy ending. Aside from the Zeek story line…and even then, They struggled with the death and moved on, like everyone does. Parenthood has never been the type of show that would end with “blindsiding” some of the fans A La HIMYM. I thought the ending was perfect!

  31. jenferner8 says:

    I hated the BBT “game”. I don’t know why Raj is even friends with Howard and that b###h of a wife of his. They dump on Raj almost to the point of bullying, it’s cruel and mean. Friends hold up and support each other, I’ve rarely heard a true kind word to Raj from Howard that wasn’t also a put down.

    • c-mo says:

      A friend also calls BS when it’s needed. You’ve got to admit Raj’s relationship with Cinnamon is a little much and the guys were just trying to point it out in a hilarious way. I thought that was one of the funniest TBBT episodes in a long time.

      • jenferner8 says:

        Raj’s relationship with his cat…like Howard’s relationship with his mother isn’t a bit much? My problem isn’t so much the game itself, it’s the put downs are so constant. Nearly every single week, and frankly Raj doesn’t always look like he’s enjoying having it “pointed” out to him. This “game” was just another example of what it is about Howard that bothers me so much, and I really like Simon for the most part.

    • Stacy says:

      That goes for most of the characters to the others. Howard gets crap because he’s the only one without a Ph.D. Sheldon is constantly borderline losing touch with the rest of humanity. All four tease each other for their messed up parental relationship, especially with their mothers. They may be monsters, but they’re *all* monsters! ;)

  32. Luis says:

    17. I was scratching my head, trying to remember if we’d seen the damn DJ at all since the first episode here was in. Awkward. The new flashback wig is totally hot – SA should consider letting his hair grow during hiatus.
    22. I saw the Scandal promo and said, “Forget the kidnapping;someone is gonna PAY for that hair!

  33. Luis says:

    Did ANYONE buy Laurel jumping through that window and catching a rope ladder from a hovering helicopter? I was so disappointed by that moment after what I felt was a strong episode.

    • herman1959 says:

      Yes, it was like something out of James Bond or Mission Impossible – too much.

    • Liz985 says:

      I didn’t buy her doing *anything* as the Black Canary the entire episode. The actress, unfortunately, has no athletic grace and I don’t buy her for a second as a masked crime fighter.

      • Luis says:

        I don’t think she was supposed to appear credible as a vigilante; Laurel knows as well as anyone she isn’t on par with her sister, Oliver or Roy. She felt forced by the situation to stand up. It will be interesting to watch what Laurel’s take away from this experience is after next week, and how Oliver deals with it.

  34. schu says:

    Playing Devil’s Advocate with the Parenthood finale is in bad taste! It was the most poignant bittersweet ending to a beloved show by all who watched. Couldn’t have been better!

  35. TVGord says:

    We’re in an era when series finales are very polarizing (How I Met Your Mother, The Sopranos, Lost and others). It’s nice to have the occasional show that ends just right…which Parenthood did beautifully.

  36. Tom says:

    7 | How did Sleepy Hollow‘s Ichabod so quickly pick up the tune to “Proud Mary?” And how much would you give to hear an outtake of him singing “that one about the bass, ’bout the bass”? Who else thinks Katrina wasn’t sharing everything she saw when she read Irving’s spirit?
    He’s got mad skills? And please no, can we please be done with that song and that woman? And I’m sure Kat had her reasons. We’ll find out soon enough I’m sure.
    13 | Any chance that Agent Carter’s Dottie was planted at the Griffith to protect Peggy…?
    That’s possible. There’s clearly something up with her. The better questions are who sent her and what’s up with Angie?
    18 | After her brutal beatdown of Agent Gaad on The Americans, we wonder who would win in a fight: Elizabeth Jennings or Arrow‘s Oliver? And who has the most resilient, fight-resistant wigs: the FX drama or the CW series?
    Never bet against Elizabeth Jennings. Ever.
    21 | For someone hovering near death, didn’t Parenthood‘s Zeek look quite handsome and spry throughout much of the series finale? His storyline aside, was there something a bit Oprah-like about the finale a la “You get a happy ending! You get a happy ending! And you get a happy ending!”? And wouldn’t it have been nice to slip Maura Tierney (aka the original pilot’s Sarah) into the wedding reception somewhere? Speaking of the ceremony, why the gloves, Sarah?
    I can’t answer any of the questions but I have to ask, WHAT THE FRAK IS SO WRONG WITH HAPPY ENDINGS!? Why are they the most horrible things in the world? We watch television to be entertained. We don’t want to be bummed out. At least I don’t. Television is an escape from the real world that sucks.
    23 | Is there a less probable Taylor Swift fan than The Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon? And for those of you who kept track at home, how did you score on the Raj-taunting game, Emily or Cinnamon?
    Taylor Swift has some good tunes. Just glad people are finally admitting she’s not country. As for the game, I didn’t really play.
    24 | Is there a less likeable current sitcom character than Mom‘s Lorraine (played by Beverly D’Angelo)?
    Does Glee count as a sitcom? If so, Rachel Berry. If not, then no.

  37. CK says:

    25) Come on. We all know that Randy only was in it for the free lunch. He probably just thought that Kara was the mouthy sandwich girl.

  38. ziggy says:

    Please make The View go away.

  39. Angela says:

    #7: My guess is he’s been introduced to Abbie’s music collection at some point ant time :D. And yes, I would’ve gotten a real kick out of him singing some Trainor.
    And oh, yeah, Katrina knows something about what happened with Irving. I like to think she’s trying to do good spells and hoping they’ll work, but wary of how good her magic will be, given she’s rather rusty. But who knows? I’m interested to see where that story goes.

  40. Liz985 says:

    17 – Oliver looked like Barry Gibb circa 1977.

  41. While I love me some “Dawson’s Creek,” isn’t “Joey Potter syndrome” a bit old at this point? Why not the “Olivia Pope” syndrome?

  42. Pat says:

    How they portrayed Zeek was perfect. He looked tired and he knew that the end would be coming for him, sooner rather then later. He managed to stay around long enough to see and hold his first great-grandson and also, to walk Sarah down the aisle. The ending was a happy one because they all knew that this is what Zeek would have wanted. Loved this show and I am truly going to miss it.

  43. Abby says:

    Randy Jackson is pretty much dumber than dirt. When he lost his train of thought on the judging panel he just reverted to muttering “dawg…” until actual words returned to his brain. Says it all.

  44. aaj says:

    #9 – I would hope that it would take more than plastic surgery for Petra to figure out that her old old lover was her somewhat old lover – didn’t she date both Milos and Lachlan before she married Rafael?

  45. LaPiquante says:

    13: Then why did she ditch the body under Peggy’s bed?
    17: I feel like Oliver’s new wig aims for Chris Hemsworth, and only gets Chuck Norris.

  46. Jared says:

    Could not agree more about Parenthood. It was good. But it was TOO nice. It just seemed boring to me actually.

  47. ShariaLynn says:

    First I was like Liv’s an a$$ wanting Jake to save her but living with Fitz in her dream. Then I was like she told them that’s what she wanted. Does anyone else just think of Liv as a pimp (not smack a chick pimp but u know playa type) ? She’s got two hunks that know about each other and still want her. That’s what I see as a P-I-M-P.

  48. eve says:

    You missed one Question this week:
    Hasn’t anyone gotten enough already with Switched at Birth Bemmet’s cheating cycle?
    It’s repetitive and destructing, clearly they’re not supposed to be together if they can’t keep committed to each other everytime some problems got in their relationship.

  49. DavidSask says:

    Scandal Shonda jumped the shark and I enjoyed it and pegged it early in episode. For her to rip off Saw movies was huge LOL and then Glee used Saw references next day,this is new kind of sweeps!!!

  50. Stacy says:

    21: Okay, Sarah’s gloves were weird, I’ll give you that. But how can you hate that finale? While Parenthood was very realistic in dealing with problems, it wasn’t exactly a downer show. The idea was that family gets you through, comes through, it all. While the ending showed all the families intact (no divorces), I wasn’t under the impression that their life problems stopped. We just got to see many of their future happy moments.

    For a one hour finale, they did a good job. I still would have much preferred a two hour finale. I get not jumping 10 years to Sydney as an adult, but I would have liked to glimpse more about Drew’s future. We never even got to see him embrace being an uncle! And after giving his girlfriend a whole speech about providing for his sister.

    • CAM says:

      Yes! Well said! I also think a 2 hour finale would have been better. So tired of shows that have to depict everyone’s life as being terrible. What’s wrong with showing the good things in life? What’s wrong with the message that family is important?