Celebrity Apprentice Sneak Peek: Does Kenya Moore Call Vivica A. Fox Fat?

Celebrity Apprentice Vivica A. Fox

Vivica A. Fox is about to discover that, compared to Kenya Moore, a Sharknado is like a goldfish caught in a gust of wind.

In TVLine’s exclusive first look at Monday’s Celebrity Apprentice (NBC, 8/7c), Fox volunteers to be one of the models in Team Vortex’s impromptu photo shoot, an offer which Moore politely declines.

“I wanted them to be, like, really really thin,” Moore tells her.

I won’t spoil Fox’s response, but trust me, it’s good. So hit PLAY on the preview clip below, then drop a comment: Should Moore be the next celebrity fired by Donald Trump?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Margaret says:

    Kenya needs manners and fired Vivica is a good person!

  2. Cynthia says:

    There is something terribly wrong with Ms Moore. She antagonizes for no reason. On each team she chooses to strike like a snake. It seems as if she gets pleasure is trouble making. Yes, she needs to be fired. It’s good for TV for ratings but at what cost?

    • Linda says:

      Stop hated on Kenya and get cha life

      • Cynthia says:

        Truth is not hate. Hate is an emotion that requires too much energy. I only commented from what I see on television. I do know there is editing on the show but why does Ms Moore always seem mean. I call her Ms Moore because I do not personally know her to address her as Kenya.

    • Unknown says:

      Moore is so full of her self, she always wants to be the center of attention. She has to be heard and seen at any cost. She has no class

    • Doug says:

      That’s because she creates the drama so she gets her muchly needed 15 seconds of fame….. #famewhore #notalent #fuglysouless

  3. Tara says:

    I cannot stand Kenya!! Her 15 mins of fame need to end! GO AWAY!!

  4. ComeOnNow says:

    She had a vision. Why should she change it so Vivica can be in the picture?

  5. Linda says:

    I think people shouldn’t take every thing Kenya has to say to heart. But I think Kenya is great majority of women hate on her because they are jealous.

  6. Linda says:

    I think Kenya should stay on the apprentice. And all of these women should get a back bone .

  7. Ginger Snap says:

    Kenya is hilarious. Now, Trump has said that Brandi and Kenya do something awful to Vivica. Could this be Phone Gate?

  8. Keith says:

    Kenya is ‘playing the game’. Hateful and self absorbed (no one cares about her Miss USA title), mean spirited, a liar, she grovels to Trump and is a straight up coward – Kenya is ‘playing the game’. She’s not in it for friendship, she’s there to do whatever it takes to win and thats why she’s there week after week. I absolutely loathe and detest her as a person – but she’s doing what they all should be doing- ‘playing the game’.

    • Lovely says:

      Well if she was smart she wouldn’t have stolen Vivica’s phone… That’s high school stuff and it gets her butt kicked right off the show… Kenya THINKS she really smart, but she’s isn’t.

  9. Seriously Kenya should have been fired when she mentioned LeAnn Rymes in the boardroom; Fox should have been fired when she talked about someone’s period; Geraldo should have been fired the moment he took a personal phone call at a client briefing and Sig’s penis quip should have been a firing offense too. In sort no one on Vortex should still be on the show. They are all unprofessional. Concerning this teaser it, implies Kenya is PM this project so if she did not want Fox in the shoot and Fox was then it is Kenya’s being a weak manager. If she is not te PM and refused the shoot then she is an uncooperative team member and a malcontent and should be fired for that. Either way, she is low person on that totem pole and her big mouth can not save her forever, sans Brandi, she is not good drama.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      First , the previews on NBC.com clearly indicate that Kenya is the PM for this episode . There’s been a lot leaked about the episode due to Phone Gate and Vivica clearly calls Kenya out for stealing her phone – see NBC.COM. Trump was on Kelly and Michael talking about this episode and the battle between Vivica , Kenya , and Brandi.

      Expect fireworks and drama with Vivica at the center . It should be delicious .

  10. Dee Dee says:

    Vivica has more class in her little finger,then kenya has in her who body!

  11. Teresa. says:

    Kenya should be gone already! Her perception of herself is so wrong!

  12. Tim says:

    Very exciting–I can’t wait!

  13. Virginia says:

    Kenya Moore is just nasty….

    • Unknown says:

      I can’t wait until she is fired. Stop trying to be seen and heard all the time. Can’t wait till she meets her match.

  14. rita says:

    Oh my…..is this stuff staged or for real????? Vivica — please don’t sock Kenya!!! You are about the strongest Sista I know. Keep your poise with that one. You see, it’s good that I am not a part of Celebrity Apprentice — at least this episode. Kenya would be way too-0-0 much for me to handle — honestly (and, I’m a Texas Gal too!~!!!) I need not say anymore. Keep your Cool Vivica. She’s tryin to corner you. (I’m enjoying the action though!!!!)

  15. Fred says:

    I constantly read and hear that Kenya has halitosis. Other than her cruel, low-down and nasty demeanor, maybe the breath thing is why nobody wants to hang around her very long.

  16. Doug says:

    I’ve been watching Kenya Moore on both Housewives and Apprentice and I can truly say I’ve NEVER seen a woman who is so tacky and without a fiber of class in her!

    Even the Trumps called her out in the episode prior that her act was “Classless”!

    It just goes to show that even with all the enhancement and plastic surgery you CANNOT hide an UGLY character and person.

    She really is just a big time Drama queen and creates drama just to get attention! She is really putting a damper on otherwise fun shows to watch as she really is PLASTIC!

    I think that should be her next single – “PLASTICITY” but then again even Auto-Tune could NOT help salvage her complete LACK of TALENT!

  17. lisa says:

    I think Kenya has some mental health issues lije her mother.

  18. Lovely says:

    I enjoyed watching Porsha attack Kenya on RHOA and I will enjoy watching her get fired on CA… Her horrible, nasty personality is such a turnoff. And I really hope Kenya didn’t tweet what I’ve been reading about the lovely Ms. Vivica… Something about menopause is killing me 50 isn’t sexy… Kenya is 44 herself! Does she think she’s 25? She is far from a spring chicken… This is why people call her delusional.

  19. Ruth says:

    Fire Kenya. She gives Black women a bad name. She has no class as an educated person.

  20. Ruth says:

    Fire Kenya. Has a bad attitude, thinks of no one but herself, gives Black females a bad name, educated with no class.

  21. Vicky Madison says:

    I love Kenya she’s fabulous don’t be a hater I feel like twirling

  22. puravidacostarica says:

    Kenya needs to take a long hard look at her own insecurities. Nobody that vain, obnoxious, and self-centered could possibly be secure in herself. She so clearly suffers from self-loathing (which she tries desperately to cover with egotism and narcissism) that it hurts to watch her.

  23. GM says:

    Kenya had a plan and Vivica wasn’t part of it. Simple as that. No one would be watching the show if she leaves. Shes pretty strong. Hope she stays to the end!

  24. James says:

    You are absolutely amazing, you are hand picking your team to be in the finals, first of all I’m not a big Kate fan but your decision to get rid of Kate is nothing less than more of BS. I use to think you were a fair and considerate person, NOT! To much drama, it really is sad to say but you are the only one that should go home!!! The Celebrity Apprentice has passed you by, It’s time to give your ego rest and let one of your children take over before you are the next struggling American Idol. You are a great business man, so do this business a favor and get out!!!!
    If you go back and look at the drama video’s you will’ see you have missed the boat.
    I recorded last week Celebrity Apprentice only to be disappointed again by your terrible decision to get rid of the wrong person, several weeks in a row you have picked the Project Manager and you were wrong, totally wrong. No way you can sleep at night after picking the Project Managers. I have always thought you were the best, but like I said you suck!
    Good Luck!
    Get out while you still have high ratings, I’m sure I’m not the only person that think you can’t make a right much less than a good decision.
    Not that it really makes a difference but AI refuse to watch you week after week make decisions based on your personal options. I know your boys were absolutely shocked when you got rid of Kate, Just asked them to tell you the truth, what they thought was the right person to go home. They will say you, now.
    You have lost a big fan of the Celebrity Apprentice, not that you really care
    Good Luck!
    Best Always,.

  25. Thoughts says:

    Kenya’s mother did her a tremendous disservice by disowning her. I believe that is why Kenya is so screwed up in the head. Kenya is flat-out cruel, and a true disaster. She tries to hurt people when there is no need to do so. She lies when there is no need to do so. She verbally attacks others when there is no need to do so. She brags on herself when there is no need to do so. Her mother diserted her, and as a result, we as a socitey have to suffer the nasty and negativity miss Kenya puts into the universe.

    • Lovely says:

      I think it’s a little dramatic to say we as a society has to suffer I mean if you dislike Kenya that much don’t watch the shows she is on. Personally, I think Kenya is a clown so I don’t mind her making a fool of herself on these reality shows. All she can do to earn money is act a darn fool on reality tv… I’ll watch and laugh my butt off. First she got dragged by Porsha on RHOA and now she’s going to be epically fired on CA. I’m here for it.

    • Sheila says:

      There is surely signs of mental illness. I would say personality disorder. Maybe this is her way of crying for help!!

  26. Real Deal says:

    It is sad when people are waiting to tune into a t.v. show because they dislike a person (Kenya) so much that they can’t wait to see her boss fired in a stern and demeaning way. It is clear that Kenya needs to quickly change her evil ways and mend her doings.

    • Real Deal says:

      It should say: to see her boss fire her in a stern and demeaning way (Typing too fast).

    • lola says:

      nah they tune in to watch her, trust that after she gets fired, very few people would watch. I wasn’t a big fan of the show but watched this season to see Kenya.

      • Spice says:

        Yeah you are right. They (we) dislike her soooo much, we are watching (and don’t want to run the risk of missing the episode) to see her get humiliated by the severe tounge lashing Trump will give her as he reportedly fires her. She is a skank skank skank.

  27. Revelation says:

    Kenya us confident and is well aware of this competition show. The producers are clever. They placed Brandi and Kenya together to see them implode and it did not work. They moved Kenya to work with Vivica and hoped they would. The sad fact is they bothe played into the hands of this anti-semite, insecure, masogynistic, racist’s show attempting to show two women of color at each other’s throats. Exploitative but hopefully the charities benefit from the proceeds.

  28. Jay mitchell says:

    How did brandy ever get on the show? There is no brain in the game with her.shes a drunken foul mouth no class girl. I refuse to call her a woman because women don’t act that way.i know someone like her gets ratings for her ability to stir things up,but come on the show should have more class then that..

  29. lola says:

    Kenya did not call her fat tho, why is Viv trying to insert herself with the tall model-like lady? I am not thin but I findd that conversation funny.

  30. Mariam Johnson says:

    I love krnya moore, inthink she is amazing.

  31. LOVE KENYA!!!!! TEAM KENYA!!!!!

  32. Spoke says:

    Kenya reminds me of a cess pool. This old hen is just down right nasty.

  33. clarettha says:

    This is a very unhappy person and she has a mental problem.kenya needs the attention that her mom never gave her.she is sad in her heart.

  34. Sara says:

    Definitely fore her!! I cant stand her. She should be taken off of tv. She is such an ugly person inside and out. #BULLY

  35. Sara says:

    Definitely fire her!! I cant stand her. She should be taken off of tv. She is such an ugly person inside and out. #BULLY

  36. GeGe says:

    Kenya’s idea was so ghetto people could live in it.and she will Foul to tweet about menopause…

  37. Sheree says:

    Being 44with no husband and kids, does not make her desperate. There’s a growing number of young ladies suffering from the Cinderella disease, thinking that the man of their dreams will whisk them away and they will live happily ever after, so they set out their whole lives searching and accepting anything that comes their way to fulfill what society has plastered in their heads. When God places a man in Kenya’s life he will. We don’t get that type of authority to sit and judge this woman, who only know through television.

    • Tablet100 says:

      She is the one who desperately wants a husband, and tries every single trick in the book to trap one. Remember, how Kenya tried, practically begged Walter to marry her. Atfter he was not stupid enough to marry this mean-spirited, classless, ghetto theif, she came on the next season of RHOA pretending she had a man from Africa….a man we have never seen. SHE IS THE ONE WHO HAS LET THE WORLD KNOW THAT HER SKANKY BUTT IS ON FIRE FOR A MAN.

  38. I loved seeing this episode of Celebrity Apprentice! I was so happy to see Kenya get fired. She was just as much of a snake on this show as she is on Atlanta Housewives. Then she had the nerve to try and go against my girl Vivica. Wrong move. LOL, Hay V you should have gave her bus fair home. Mr. Trump also seen through her thieving behind! I cant believe she stole her phone. I take that back, yes I can you cant trust a snake.

  39. TJ says:

    Kenya Moore is one nasty individual. Physical beauty aint everything, you need a heart. Stop using Gods name and then turn around and do dirty things. You aint all that. Someone is going to put you in your place real soon. You always attack everyone, I thought you being thrown to the floor by Porscha would have slowed you down but no such luck. Girl, you need to get a life, that is why you are not married. Roger Bob is just being nice Kenya, he really does not want to work with you. No one Does! You are filled with too much DRAMA! Look in the mirror and see really what the problem is. Guess what, I really like you, but every time I try to see the good in you, you come right back with the bad. There is something wrong ith you Kenya.