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Parenthood Finale: Show Boss Talks Flash-Forward Surprises, Deleted Scenes and That FNL Cameo

Parenthood Zeek Death

Calling all Parenthood fans who wanted Thursday’s series finale to just keep going: Creator Jason Katims is right there with you.

“It’s a big episode, and there was a lot of story to tell,” Katims said of the swan song. “We had to make several really brutal cuts in order to get the show to time, and that’s even with the network giving us some extra screen time, which was wonderful.”

Among the scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor: a sweet sequence between John Corbett’s Seth and his newborn grandson, as well as the meet-cute between Amber and her eventual husband (played, all-too-briefly, by Friday Night Lights alum Scott Porter in an episode-ending montage).

Still, even without those scenes — which Katims hopes will be part of the final season’s DVD set — viewers did receive a comprehensive, and rather satisfying, wrap-up to the Bravermans’ time on screen.Parenthood - Season 6

The entire family came together for Sarah’s marriage to Hank, which Max got to photograph (shortly before hitting it off with a lovely girl who doesn’t call him “Asperger’s”). Joel and Julia decided to adopt Victor’s newborn biological sister, and Adam took over Chambers Academy, leaving Crosby and Amber to breathe new life into The Luncheonette.

Sadly, Zeek succumbed to his failing heart, though the moment of his death happened off-screen before Camille found him, passed away, in his armchair. Per Zeek’s wishes, his ashes were sprinkled on the baseball field, and a series of flash-forwards showed the Bravermans years into the future. Some of the highlights: Joel and Julia with four kids, Crosby and Jasmine with a third on the way and Adam handing Max his diploma from Chambers Academy. (If you need to pause to dab at your eyes, we totally understand.)

Below, Katims reveals to TVLine the decision behind that final montage, how Porter’s fleeting cameo came to be and whether or not he would have done anything differently.

TVLINE | How early on did you decide you wanted to end this way — not just with Zeek’s death, but with the whole family essentially getting their happy ending?
When we knew the show was going to be in its final season, we decided that the story with Zeek would be the central story of the season. We decided that from the first day in the writers’ room, and we didn’t waver from that. When we started breaking specifically what those last few episodes would look like, I kept being bothered by the fact that the series would end with somebody dying. It didn’t feel like that represented what the end of the show should look like. This is ultimately an uplifting show, and it’s about this family coming together. We didn’t want to give the audience a fairytale ending, and we wanted the story of Zeek dying. But that’s when the idea of the flash-forwards came up. By juxtaposing the death against the family continuing to expand and thrive, that would give it the music of life. It was kind of inspired by the end of Friday Night Lights. In the final episode, we did flash-forwards to all of our characters and where they ended up.

TVLINE | Speaking of Friday Night Lights, the Scott Porter cameo was awesome.
[Laughs] Thank you!

Parenthood - Season 6TVLINE | How did that come about? Did you come up with a backstory for how he and Amber would have met?
We had this idea that we wanted to see Amber down the road a few years. The original thought I had was actually to shoot the scene of the first time the two of them saw each other. That would be when they were both playing with their kids on the playground, and he’s a single dad and she’s a single mom. We actually shot a version of that scene but weren’t able to use it for time. And then the other scene is the one that’s in there, where you see that Sarah and Hank sort of have this extended family.

We reached out to Scott, and we wanted a special actor to do it, but it was tricky getting a special actor when somebody’s coming in to do a scene with no lines. [Laughs] But I knew Scott, and we obviously had the connection from Friday Night Lights, and I happened to know that he was a fan of Parenthood. We wanted someone who could come in and, right away, feel like they were part of the family, because we didn’t have time for that relationship to grow. And he came in to do it, and it was magic.

TVLINE | There was also a scene with John Corbett that was cut. Was that purely for time, or did you not feel like it fit with the final episode’s story?
We had this scene where Seth comes back and has a moment with his grandson, and you can tell he’s really going to try to be there for him. And in that same scene, he acknowledges Sarah getting married and moving on. It was a really nice moment, and it was painful to cut it. But unfortunately, we were in a situation where we didn’t have a choice.

TVLINE | A huge moment in the final montage was seeing that Joel and Julia end up with four kids. Given where they started this season, how did you approach writing their endgame?
The reconciling really came over the entire season, and it was not a simple reconciliation. But there were so many moments of them building toward this reconciliation that, by the time we get to the two of them deciding to be together — which in my mind, was the episode that ends at the ice-skating rink — I felt like we’d earned the two of them being back together. That scene in the finale between Joel and Julia on the dance floor, when they decide to adopt a child — that one always hits me as a very emotional scene. I think it’s because it speaks to what a deep connection the two of them feel with each other. Even though they know they’ve just gotten back together, there’s an inevitability and a certain level of fate involved with this. The unexpected nature of it; I was really drawn to that.

Parenthood - Season 6The idea of the fourth child in the flash forward — a lot of people, as they go through the adoption process, it’s a long and drawn-out process. And then by the time the adoption goes through, they find out they’re pregnant. [Laughs] I feel like I’ve heard that story enough, and in my mind, that fourth child was a child they unexpectedly conceived. And now, they’re a family with four children, which is like the family that Julia grew up in, like the family we’ve been observing all this time.

TVLINE | Because the show has been such a realistic portrayal of families, were you ever tempted to end on a note that wasn’t as warm and fuzzy?
No, because the end of the show was about Zeek dying. I felt like the montage really served as a juxtaposition to that. We have this beloved character who was the patriarch of this family who we’re losing. To me, the thesis statement of that montage afterwards reminded me of the thesis statement of the whole show: No matter what curveballs are thrown at you in life, your family helps you get through it. To me, the spirit of that montage was really about seeing this family continue to grow and expand and thrive in different, and sometimes unexpected, ways. Because the whole thing was set in motion by a death, it didn’t seem appropriate to have that montage be about the difficult times. It seemed to suggest more celebratory times.

Parenthood fans, were you pleased with the series finale? Grade the episode via our poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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  1. TV Gord says:

    Perfection. That was perfection.

  2. BrightLight says:

    Well I guess we know who George Tucker ends up with now. ;)

    Yeah, I’m basically trying to make myself laugh to stop crying because it reminded me too much of my grandma.

    Perfect ending to a perfect show. I shall miss my Braverman clan so much.

    • Tran says:

      Of course it’s Scott Porter who also played Jason Street on FNL.

    • Sarah T. says:

      That’s what I was thinking-I never watched FNL (I know, I should have) but I thought, “Hey! That’s George from Hart of Dixie!”. :-)
      No mention how the finale ended just like the series pilot did, with the whole family playing a baseball game? I thought that was nice how it came full circle. Also, loved the little gems thrown in the air. The finale felt packed but in a good way. I do wish NBC would have made it 90 minute episode (heck, even The Office got an extended finale) but loved how well it played out. I’ll definitely be buying the entire series on DVD. Kudos to Jason Katims, the actors and the writers. Couldn’t have asked for a better series. I’ll miss Parenthood!

      • Sarah T. says:

        “gems thrown in there” not gems thrown in the air. Loved the flash forward parts. Now, NBC needs to do a movie next year at Christmas so we can “catch up” with the Bravermans!

        • Regina Riggsbee Howell Sullivan says:


          • I want the Bravermans back!! Lets all post r comments..maybe we will get enough and they will bring it back,they could pick up where they left off!! It would be AWESOME,and it would get enough ratings…

  3. Alyssa says:

    Did Zeek get to meet his new granddaughter? Or did the adoption take place after his death?

    • Dewey says:

      I kind’ve got the impression that he didn’t…not positive.

    • drhenning says:

      I would guess he would have since Amber had already moved in and that adoption probably was a quicky.. Camille was looking at wedding photos though so it wasn’t that long afterwards..

      • Dave Smith says:

        I believe they’re referring to the newly adopted granddaughter, not Amber’s SON, Zeke.

        • lizzie says:

          I think what drhenning is saying is that enough time had passed for Amber to move in, so it was also enough time for Joel and Julia to bring home their new baby girl.

    • jj says:

      Julia had the baby with her at the baseball game/spreading of Zeek’s ashes, so it gives me the impression that Zeek most likely would have met her

    • fiberlicious says:

      He died on Sarah’s wedding day, the same day Joe and Julia decided to adopt her, so he couldn’t have met her.

      • Rebecca says:

        I don’t think he died the same night. They couldn’t have gotten the pictures that fast. Plus the reception went pretty late in the night.

      • Sandye says:

        It couldn’t have been the same day as the wedding. She was looking at the developed photographs. This would have taken at least a day or two.

        • Rachie says:

          I agree! If not longer, because Hank probably helped Max develop them himself in his dark room, which would be a much longer process than Walmart 1 hour photo, right?! I figured if Zeek hadn’t met her, he at the very least knew of her. <3

        • not to mention Amber was all moved in and Camille came out talking about how he can’t be napping bc the are getting ready to take the baby for a walk as if its already something they do often.

      • Kathy M. says:

        I got the impression he died a week or so later minimally. They showed amber all moved in no small feat, the adoption process complete before she found him.

  4. Jobless says:

    The ending was great. Family members die, that is a painful fact of life and I’m glad they didn’t take the cheap way out. I commend them for that. I was never a fan or Sarah and Hank, they have zero chemistry, so all the emotional stuff with them fell a little flat for me. There were so many other good moments though. Well done!

    • Sam says:

      Glad I’m not alone, they have 0 chemistry! Though the baseball scene with him grabbing here was cute.

    • Ann says:

      Yeah, I never bought Hank and Sarah a a couple either. I think the writers rushed that relationship just to have a happy ending, instead of having the episode focus on Zeek’s death.

      • Mika02 says:

        Their relationship has been 3 seasons now I don’t think that’s rushed plus it’s been like 3 to 4 years their time.

        • TV Gord says:

          Exaclty. I know couples like Sarah and Hank, too. People scratch their heads, but shut up! You’ll never get it, but they work.

        • Ann says:

          No, they really only started dating last year. Before that, she was dating Jason Ritter’s character and was hung up on him for a long time. Then she dated that doctor. She and Hank were only friends and she even questioned their friendship, because he didn’t treat her very well sometimes. So, yes, they did rush their marriage just so everybody could have a happy ending. I give their marriage maybe 6 years, tops.

          • TV Gord says:

            Mika didn’t say anything about when they started “dating”. They HAVE had a relationship for three or four years, so no, of course it’s not rushed. We have seen their relationship evolve. At least, those of us who wanted to see what was really happening saw it. As for giving their marriage six years, that’s pretty funny, since they stopped existing on Thursday at 11pm.

          • Leslie Meyer says:

            I loved Hank and Sara together!!! All I know is I’m really going to miss this wonderful show!! I loved everything about it!!!

    • I was always hoping that she would end up with Jason Ritter’s character. Loved them together. Never liked her with Hank.

      • Kristina says:

        I was hoping for that too.

      • Shari Storfa says:

        I did feel that she and Jason’s character made a better couple, but that’s kind of the best thing about Sarah and Hank’s relationship. She chose the “beast” over the “beauty” , so to speak, which makes it more romantic in a way. It was a smart choice for Sarah, unlike her first marriage which was all about sex, angst, rebellion – your basic poor choice first marriage or serious relationship. A successful marriage doesn’t always start out hot and heavy with raging hormones and out-of-control chemistry. I think this is especially true of a more mature couple, like Sarah and Hank. Now, whether or not the lack of chemistry between them was the way the writers wanted the relationship to appear or if the actors just couldn’t make the magic happen, I don’t know. I LOVE both Lauren Graham and Ray Romano, but truthfully, I have to admit I preferred their characters on Gilmore Girls and Everybody Loves Raymond. I definitely prefer Ray in comedies, but I am more of a sitcom girl than a drama girl. I prefer to laugh than cry, but the best shows are the ones that make me laugh AND cry! :)

        • JessP says:

          Well said, Shari! For me, they didn’t have much chemistry either, but I felt their relationship evolved and became mature and comfortable. It seemed like the kind of relationship they both needed. I doubt the writers wanted them to have zero chemistry, lol. I was disappointed that Zeke had to die, but I guess that’s life. This show has never shied away from difficult situations. I loved all the montage’s at the end.

      • I totally agree. No chemistry between Sarah and Hank.

    • Ari says:

      I think Sarah and Hank had great chemistry. They just don’t have that blazing hot passionate chemistry. Their relationship has always felt more about companionship than anything else. I found their relationship believable. Sometimes it felt like the most mature relationship on the show.

      • helixro14 says:

        I think what Sarah and Hank have is that they “get” each other. I thought Lauren and Ray did a fabulous job conveying that. It is reflected in their eyes when they look at and listen to one another. Chemistry burns out quickly.

        • Ari says:

          Agreed hellxro14, Sarah has been through quite a few relationships that were about that hot passionate love. I think her realizing that Hank is what she needs shows how much she’s grown as a character. I used to really dislike the two of them but this year they really won me over. I finally started to get their relationship.

    • LovedIt says:

      Perhaps the “zero chemistry” you’re talking about is Hank’s difficulty connecting with people emotionally due to his slight Asperger’s.

      • vavavicster says:

        I agree. Hank talked about how he had difficulty reading people and connecting emotionally. I think it was the best relationship that he could have. Their relationship really showcased Sarah’s compassion. I think it also made it possible for us to envision that future for Max.

    • Anna says:

      The Sarah/Hank wedding was the only thing I didn’t like about the finale. They definitely rushed her into marrying him because of Zeke’s declining health, but also because it tied her personal story up, and I wasn’t really a fan. A few episodes before, she didn’t even want Hank to be at the hospital waiting with the family for news about Zeke, despite the fact that Joel, Jasmine, and Kristina were there. Plus the actors have NO chemistry. They definitely shouldn’t have married Sarah off so easily just to tie up their storyline.

    • Debbie Gasparovich says:

      You have to keep in mind that Hank had aspergers so, any emotional chemistry would have been different, due to his lack of normal emotional reactions.

  5. All the feels. Still recovering.

  6. Gaby says:

    Even though I knew Zeek’s death was coming, it still hit me hard!

    I kept rewinding during the flash forwards because they were so amazing!

    I want more!!!

  7. rebecca says:

    That was absolutely perfect. Couldn’t have asked for anything better.

  8. Sam says:

    I liked it, though it was all pretty obvious just over the course of the season. (I did like the theory of Crosby dying and Zeek getting his heart but that seemed a bit far fetched). I’m gonna miss this show, the flash forwards made me mad because I wanted more!

  9. Gaby says:

    Even though I knew Zeek’s death was coming, it still hit me hard!

    I kept rewinding during the flash forwards because they were so amazing!!

    I want more!

  10. Kristin says:

    A fitting ending to an amazing show!

  11. Sam says:

    I’ve never cried from a TV show, but I currently can’t stop. It was perfect.

    • Velocisexual says:

      Same, 6 seasons and while I would get a little emotional and “throatlumpy” I never fully cried, but at the end of this episode and especially right after it had ended I was bawling. 6 years of watching this show and the people on it and living along with them and now it’s over. In a way it feels like a small part of myself just died :(

      • Naomi says:

        I totally agree Velocisexual. Will miss the show so much like a little part of my family. I really hung onto this the show as what a family should look like at a time when my family life was NOT so good. Loved how the ending was handled but I want more! It should have been at least 90 min.

  12. Sg. Grant says:

    Amazing finale. Could go ahead and do a spin off show about any one of the individual families and I would watch, though I’d much rather see a messed up emotional show about Matt Lauria’s character finding his way back.

    • PJ says:

      A spinoff is good idea. Which family should the spinoff focus on?

      • Dewey says:

        I was thinking the same thing, but not sure it would work. I had hoped for a Six Feet Under spin-off because I didn’t want to say goodbye to the show, but I’m glad they never did it, and ended SFU SO far in the future.

      • lizzie says:

        I would have to say Amber. We could see the romance with her new husband, and how she’s dealing with raising Zeek with Ryan.

        • Shari Storfa says:

          If they did a spin-off, Amber would definitely be the best choice, I believe. Mae could totally carry the show and there would be a lot of places they could take it. The only problem with any possible spin-off, though, is that Parenthood was all about this tight family, and it would be odd to have a show about one member of the family that was no longer that connected with the rest of the family. The writers would have to move Amber a good distance away from her extended family and then they would need to have different members of the cast frequently make guest appearances. Probably best to leave well enough alone. Besides, I imagine after six years most of the actors are ready to go on to new projects. I see Mae Whitman has a movie coming out. We will definitely be seeing these actors in new roles in the future. Let’s just look forward to that. Remember the spin-off Joey after Friends? Yeah.

      • Mandy says:

        Lunchonette: the adventures of Amber and Crosby

    • Ari says:

      I’d totally watch a spinoff about Joel and Julia’s kids. I’d love to see what Sydney grows up to become.

      • Gwen says:

        I concur. Joel and Julia and kids. MUCH MUCH MUCH to work with there. :)

        only thing ‘wrong’ with this finale was the wedding dress. It was gawd-awful.

        • Lilly says:

          Only problem with spin-offs (like there’s any chance of THAT…) is that whether we realize it or not, the foundation of what made Parenthood special was the matriarch and patriarch (and the rise of new ones in their children) and their family. Spin-offs may be entertaining, but nothing could capture Parenthood they way it was written with Zeek and Camille. In fact, Parenthood wouldn’t have been the same if they’d killed one of them before the finale – or if they’d gotten divorced as they teased last season. I know that happens in real life, but we all HOPE for this sort of family unit. Some of us have seen it in real life. It’s special.

  13. Tony says:

    I thought maybe it being an hour, I would be clamoring for a TV or feature film to wrap up any loose ends. No need. That was about as good as it gets. Gonna miss this show (or at least looking forward to new episodes)

    • Rebecca says:

      I agree. I am sad but they did such a perfect job ending it that I don’t need more. More would ruin the perfectness of it all.

  14. Mary Ann says:

    It was one of the best series finales I have ever seen. Thank you everyone involved with the show for giving me such a joyful thing to watch. I will miss it terribly. One tiny complaint, Hank could have shaved on his wedding day. The scruffy look doesn’t really work on him. lol

  15. Rain says:

    That was just such a perfect ending, I can’t stop crying!

    • Rb says:

      So sad that a wonderful show comes to an end. I wish people would realize how the other violent shows are damaging our society. I will miss Parenthood 😪

      • Judy B. says:

        Rb……I totally agree ! I don’t understand why they can’t see that!!!

      • Mad says:

        You are so right, there is no show like Parenthood. It was family.

      • Lana says:

        I concurr…Our society looks for murder, or corruption or evil! I so wanted this wholesome, but realistic show to highlight over all the other shows and continue. It was the only show I looked forward to each week. Months later…I can finally write about it. :(

        • I lso miss it so much..i watch reruns on NickMom,every night!! And on the weekends,i miss it so much,i want it back on..they could bring it back with one of the characters and go from there..i am so,so, sad!! I looked forward 2 it every week!!😞😞😒😒

  16. PJ says:

    I am going to really miss this show. I loved the family and how the show dealt with real issues. I hate Zeke died but the last show was wonderful.

  17. Patricia Sobus says:

    Parenthood has been my absolute favorite tv show of all my almost 70 years and it is breaking my heart to see it end. I doubt there will ever be anything like it again. The finale was superb! A perfect ending if their had to be one.
    Wannabe a braverman

    • TV Gord says:

      I love that you’re 20 years older than I am, but you get it the same way that I do. Trust me. Go to YouTube and look for ParenthoodProdz. They have made so many great videos that I have been dining out on all night. They “get” it the same way they we do. :-)

  18. Tran says:

    I give the series finale of Parenthood an A+. One of the best series finales of 2015 in my opinion and this made me cry throughout the entire hour I can’t live without. Hope the series may have Emmy consideration soon.

  19. rock23l says:

    It was a perfect ending. I am a mess.

  20. Katie says:

    Loved it all. Thanks, Parenthood, for the years of tears (both painful and pleasant), smiles, and a family I’ve come to love like my own :)

    • sandy Lieberman says:

      Loved, loved the finale! I so love the family, my wanna be experience. Still, the last 5 minutes, I would of liked Zeke to be there, maybe pass away during the 3 year view we were given. Couldn’t they have gone to France first? Sweetness for all the other family members. Too much of a reality check. WOnderful to see a show that has love, family connection, lovely children and pure joy.
      Thank you Bravermans for sharing your lives with me!
      Sandy C

      • Jack Oslin says:

        You nailed it Sandy! It would have been nice to show Zeek and Camille in France. Do you remember how they handled the finale of The Wonder Years? A major character was killed off…in the future! They could have shown his tombstone with a date of 2018.

      • fiberlicious says:

        Zeke would have been miserable in France. Wasn’t his thing. I think of the Zeke storyline as “pulling a Grandma” – My grandmother willed herself to survive until her 60th wedding anniversary party, where stood up on spindly little legs and said “I will remember this day for the rest of my life,” went home, and died.

      • Jonita Eldred says:

        I actually was impressed that Camille went on the trip by herself. She showed such confidence and strength, and sent the message that you can do great things in any stage of your life. Even after losing a beloved spouse.

  21. bradick says:

    Who is giving C, D, and F votes in the poll? That seems unthinkable!

    • knd says:

      Whoever it is, they’re obviously dead inside.

      • Christy says:

        Hahaha. Or maybe their eyes were still blurry from tears and they hit the wrong button.

        • Summer says:

          I didn’t hit the wrong button. I would have preferred zekes death implied before the montage. Not predictably dying in his arm chair. Wasn’t moving at all. Honestly their only fail but it was
          A big one.

    • Ben says:

      Those whose entire focus when watching TV shows isn’t on creativity, quality or truth but solely on whatever outcome they want (eg, I don’t want Hank and Sarah together, therefore I hate the finale).

    • Jhm says:

      I was disappointed by the choppy and rushed feel of the finale that was punctuated by what seemed like double the amount of commercials. Hey NBC, they earned a 2 hour series finale!

    • Rebecca says:

      I wouldn’t want to know them I real life! They must be miserable people!

  22. CJ says:

    I tried so hard to keep it together, but the ending montage was just so perfect. All the little surprises were great – Jasmine and Crosby having a third baby, The Luncheonette making it, Camille visiting that place Zeek wanted to take her, Amber marrying Jason Street/George Tucker, Drew getting back together with Amy, Joel and Julia with FOUR kids, and Adam as the headmaster at Chambers – just so perfect. Really a lovely ending for the characters and the show.

  23. anon says:

    meh. at least someone died. otherwise, this would’ve been total garbage. you won’t be missed.

  24. Ann says:

    I knew I saw Scott Porter in that montage! I looked for his name in the credits but it wasn’t there…so I’m happy to know that I wasn’t just imagining him…That was a great finale. I loved that they ended the series as it began…on that baseball field.

  25. Kate says:

    Great series finale. They did an awesome job! I can’t believe its over but what an amazing episode. I have no complaints I think everyones story was wrapped up beautifully. Thank you to Jason and cast and crew for an incredible 6 seasons!

  26. Justme says:

    Best show on TV. I am heartbroken it has ended. Great ending to a great show. Well done, but still sad.

  27. Cheryl says:

    I love this show and this family ; I am so sad that it is over. I do feel like the last episode was “squeezed”. I wanted a little more, finale should have been two hours. I will miss the Bravermans.

  28. schu says:

    So well done. As sad as it is to see it end, I couldn’t have asked for a better conclusion. My forever favorite tv family will always be the Bravermans. Just so good.

  29. Missy says:

    So sad its over, I cried like a baby. My favorite show ever!!!!

  30. Margie Ross says:

    Love,love,love Parenthood! Would have loved a two hour finale with no scenes cut! Seems we finally get a family show and then it’s gone too soon!

  31. A fan says:

    Excellent ending, which kept me teary eyed throughout. Zeek died in a manner similar to my own grandfather a year ago, do that was especially hard. Both died in their favorite chair from heart-related ailments. Hearing Zeek talk about Sarah made me understand her character’s motives better.

    Can a Parenthood come back in a few years starting at Future Parenthood? :)

  32. Ann says:

    So the writers essentially tied Parenthood and Friday Night Lights together. Luke Cafferty joins the army after high school and goes to war as Ryan…comes home and meets Amber while suffering from PTSD and has a baby with her. Jason Street divorces his wife and regains the ability to walk and raises his kid as a single father and meets Amber. That’s awesome!

  33. Diz says:

    That was amazing and perfect. Bravo to everyone involved. I can’t believe it’s over. So we’ll done. I’m going to miss this show. Time to break out the dvds.

  34. Sarah says:

    This was the worst series finale of a show I’ve ever seen. For as many realistic problems they tackled, to end on such a trite, sped-up note was an incredible let-down. Not to mention that the first fifty minutes of the show were abysmal and void of any meaning at all. No one seemed to care about Zeek’s death, and Camille just left to where she wanted to be without Zeek all along. The all-too-perfect happy ending flash-forwards were certainly disappointing coming from a fan since the beginning who has loved the realism this show once provided.

    • Angee says:

      Finally, a voice of reason. Five years thrown away. The first five years made history because of some of the subject matter. Finale, not so much. All the trash on tv today makes you wonder who’s in charge because this show had a ten year shelf life at least. Sad to see it go.

    • Eddy says:

      I do not think it was the worst finale, but I agree it was weak in some area’s.. The entire second half of the show was a music montage. They had to cut cameo’s that involved story lines and and spoken lines, but could include montage viedo for about 15 minutes? The story was still sweet and it was moving, but the writers of this show had a a whole season to say goodbye and instead, seemed like they crammed everything at the end. Poor planning. Also, Zeke’s death was pointless, it had no effect on the cast what so ever, they showed no impact of his death. Great show bad planning and writing in the end.

    • jj says:

      Camille went to visit the place in France that Zeek was planning on taking her!

    • CountryQueen says:

      You didn’t get it. They didn’t show the sadness of the funeral for a reason, they didn’t want to end on a super sad note. So no funeral, but cut to a time when everyone has had a chance to grieve, and now they are CELEBRATING Zeke’s life. It was wonderful. And Camille was not just going to where she wanted to be without Zeke – she went to the place he wanted to take her before his heart condition reared it’s ugly head. It was beautiful to see her go there. It would be what Zeke wanted. Bittersweet for her to go to this lovely place where they had wonderful memories, but a wonderful thing to do in memory of the love of her life.

      It’s nice that they chose to show us how happy the family is in the future. This family has had it’s ups and downs, but has always been super close. seeing Joel and Julia be able to work it out and expand their family was realistic – when people want to work out their relationship they will work at it – and we saw them do that in the last episode when Joel admitted that he was afraid to fight, and Julia said she was afraid not to. The courage to say that, and follow through is a testament to their love, and that they wanted it, and were willing to work for it.

      I wonder what you think is an awesome series finale if you think this was the worse?

      • Lilly says:

        I agree with your analysis. Well said. The only problem I have is my daughter’s favorite character was Zeek. Knowing this (and the fact I’d been pretty sure when they didn’t kill him the first episode after the break, and told her I was sure they weren’t going to go out on a bad note), his death took my breath away. We didn’t have time to grieve (probably a good thing) before we watched them all laughing. My state of sad shock was hard to handle … at first. In the end, I think the series finale was just about perfect – except I’ve argued they needed one more episode before this to flesh out all the crap they dumped on us in 30 minutes last night. But I’m sad for my daughter. Because she truly loved Zeek’s character. He was the grandfather she never had. And him missing from the warm-fuzzy feeling of the final montage – while more true to life – was difficult for her.

        • TV Gord says:

          Sorry, but that’s ridiculous. They have been telegraphing Zeek’s health problems to us all season. It could not have been a surprise. And look at this way. As difficult as Zeek’s death might have been for you or our daughter, it will help to brace you both for the deaths that are inevitable in your own lives. That’s why we relate to these shows. They may hold parallels to what is happening in our own lives.

  35. Ohhh……I so did not want this show to end………Have totally loved this family and all of their ups and downs…………wish it would not have ended.

  36. Lilly says:

    Great series finale except it felt rushed. They could have given us another episode or two to flesh out their lives instead of cramming an adoption and career changes for everyone in the 10 minutes of the show that wasn’t a music montage or Sarah’s wedding. The show when it was over was ultimately very satisfying, but for a moment I was stunned at the lack of time to grieve over Zeek’s death while I watched them laugh as they played ball. The flash forward was genius. But in the middle I was saddened that Zeek wasn’t in it. I’ll miss the Bravermans.

    • Television says:

      I totally agree, sad over Zeek, but everyone is happy playing ball while dumping ashes?

      • Lilly says:

        Totally agree. I didn’t even have time to sob over the loss of Zeek! But the end was satisfying. Except for my daughter … whose favorite character was Zeek. Circle of life. Just think they should have given us one more episode to flesh out all those life-changing career moves, adoptions, etc. Maybe then they wouldn’t have had to delete those scenes they teased us with in this article!!

      • CountryQueen says:

        By the time they did it, they had enough time to grieve, and now were celebrating his life. It was wonderful.

    • jj says:

      They were celebrating his life by bringing together two of his greatest passions, his family and baseball. It was a much more fitting tribute than a funeral scene.

      • Lilly says:

        No, I don’t disagree with you on that. For me, they ended it beautifully. I didn’t even cry during the happy ending montage. I just was jolted by Zeek’s death and them laughing 2 seconds later (even though I know some time passed for them). I’m not sure they could have done it any better, but it just felt rushed. Mostly, I was saddened because my daughter – because Zeek was the grandfather she never had, and was her favorite character – was devastated by his death. I told her it was the circle of life. Death happens. I get it. But for her, it was still sad that Zeek was missing from the warm-fuzzy-happy ending montage.

        • jj says:

          Zeek’s death wasn’t a surprise death. I am not sure how it felt rushed to you. The entire season had been leading up to his death. His death wasn’t a matter of “if”, it was a matter of “when”. Also I don’t know how old your daughter is, but it’s not just a circle of life lesson you should be teaching here, but teaching her that he was a fictional character. I find the idea that she viewed Zeek as “the grandfather she never had” to be worrisome. I am not saying that to be hurtful, but as a psychologist, I strongly recommend you start teaching your daughter the difference between real people and fictional characters and not to use fictional characters to fill voids in your life. Because even if his character hadn’t died, his character would still have been gone from her life given the show is over.

          • Deuce says:

            I find it troubling that you as a psychologist are trying to diagnose/advise someone after reading one comment about a tv show.

            You’re reading far to much into a comment about a tv show that the writer and her daughter enjoy.

          • Sandye says:

            Well we’re down to the usual stupid bickering. Just say what you liked or disliked about the show. Everyone is going to have their own interpretation. What one person saw won’t necessarily be what someone else saw.

          • jj says:

            @deuce. try reading more carefully. there is no diagnosis given in my comment. And Lilly’s comment went beyond a general comment about a tv show. I truly hope that Lilly is exaggerating her comments. As I said, children need to learn the difference between real people and fictional characters. Seeing a fictional character as the grandfather she never had is not beneficial to her. one way or another the character was going away.
            @Sandye, Lilly and I weren’t engaged in bickering. And differences of interpretation isn’t what I am raising here. It’s the impact of fictional characters on a real person’s emotional well-being. Lilly is saddened by how strongly it impacted her daughter. I gave her advice about making sure her daughter properly differentiates between fictional characters and real people, to help her understand fictional characters are part of a story. That is actual advice that Lilly should consider. The comments from you and deuce completely miss the point. hopefully lilly got something out of it.

          • Lilly says:

            I was really just gonna let the helpful diagnosis slide since this is a blog about television, but let me just end the discussion. My daughter is in her mid-twenties. She does happen to be in a transitional point in her life so she is perhaps more emotional than usual – especially about a tv show where her favorite character happened to be the one they killed off. It was sad. Because we’d had conversations over the last month about how “they better not kill Zeek” – and I’d reassured her that, when they didn’t do so in the first ep back from the break, they probably wouldn’t let him die in the finale – I knew the moment Zeek died that she would be momentarily “devastated.” I happen to live 500 miles from her, so I may have even felt motherly concern more keenly because we weren’t together.
            But to answer what seemed to concern you most: No, my daughter is not irrationally and emotionally connected to a television character. She worked a 10-hour shift the next day. I was merely using her to explain that, to people like her whose favorite character was Zeek, the ending of the finale might not have been as terrific as for others.

    • Lovely says:

      I agree with your statement that it felt rushed. Zeek was the center of this family… We know that in real life every member of the family would have to go through the stages of grief. We saw none of that. He died and the next thing you know they’re spreading his ashes, laughing and playing baseball… Another way they could have done it is to have Zeek die mid season or at least several episodes back… give him a funeral and show each Braverman grieving… I think Zeek deserved that. Death is an important part of life and showing how loved ones find a way to go on is important. They didn’t earn the ending because Zeek died and everyone was instantly happy. In that way it was unrealistic. I know they wanted to end the series on a high, uplifting note. .. perhaps that was the motivation. A good example of how to deal with a major star’s death is Six Feet Under when Nate died… Everyone in the family had to grieve in their own way and come to terms with his death. SFU was brilliantly done though… Not many series finales can touch that one. But I still liked Parenthood’s ending; it was much better than some other series finales I’ve seen lately.

  37. Amy says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful send off! This show and TV family will be missed!

    • Rosie says:

      A poignant, powerful ending to a beloved show. I wouldn’t have expected any less from such great writers, & stellar cast & crew. I thought the ‘Forever Young’ cover during the montage, showing the performers at the Luncheonette, was a beautiful touch.

      Losing Zeek was so heartbreaking, but it was fitting that the focus was on life & his legacy–‘family’–not on his death. I watched the last 5 minutes again today & cried even harder than I did watching it the first time. I will surely miss the Braverman family, there were so many more stories to be told. I’m glad they gave us a glimpse into their future….

  38. nitzi44 says:

    Beautifully done! I am still crying. Life goes on.

  39. knd says:

    One day I’ll stop crying. That was simply perfection.
    The flashforward just made me hate NBC more because I’ll never get to see those futures develop.

  40. It was sad at the end, I’ll give it that. But I think I cried all I could cry last night during Criminal Minds so I don’t have any tears right now.

    I’m sure I’ll probably cry if I see it again in clips or such on YouTube and elsewhere.

  41. rev. Michael milinovich says:

    Thank you all for such a meaningful experience on tv over the years with Parenthood. It has been the best series of all. From the actors and scripts, to the scenes and directorship, with the music and real-life themes: I am grateful for all of your efforts. Thank you again.

    • Mad says:

      It was the best series, I always watched because it was all about family, and all the actors were super. Will miss this show, wish they would bring it back.

  42. dearlord says:

    He was Amber’s husband, not just boyfriend.

    • Ann says:

      Who was? Amber never got married during the series. She was engaged to Ryan but she never went through with it. At the hospital, when she was visiting Ryan after his accident, she stated she was his wife, but that was a lie…she said she was only because she needed to be his family member in order to see hi.

  43. Ann says:

    I have loved the show from the beginning to this perfect ending. I will truly miss it.

  44. Fozzieef says:

    Very special and unexpected ending. Thank you for showing the families moving on to give us closure.
    “May you stay forever young.”

  45. mom2jpw2004 says:

    My only complaint about the finale of Parenthood was that it was THE FINALE OF PARENTHOOD! I could’ve watched this show forever.

  46. Jenny Haynes says:

    Oohhh, I can’t stop crying!! I watched the last 10 minutes 3 times (so far) Bravo… I so loved this show..,and i am SOOO going to miss the Bravermans!! The last show I enjoyed this much was “30 Something”… Thank you… Whoever you are… For being so talented!! You have touched my heart… Again!!

  47. Laura says:

    Who was the man that walked through the door at Sarah and Hanks family dinner. Amber’s husband was sitting at the table……

    • Ann says:

      Amber didn’t get married during the series. Did I miss something implied in the montage? The guy at the table, Scott Porter, looked like a boyfriend. The guy who cane through the door was Ryan, the father of the baby. He looked like he put his life back together.

    • Mika02 says:

      It was Ryan Zeek’s Father looking very healthy.

  48. Amy says:

    Such a beautiful ending to a wonderful show. I loved that it was simple and though it packed a lot in there was still time for a few quiet moments and lots of Braverman love. After an entire season worrying over Zeek and his health I thought his death was just right – quietly and at peace in his own home. The finale montage (set to the theme song sang by one of my favorites Rhiannon Giddens) was perfect. It was the perfect tribute to Zeek. He would have loved it. I am going to miss this wonderful show.

  49. Jan says:

    So many emotions – I absolutely fell in love with this show from the very first episode and never ever missed it. I have to say BRAVO to the writers regarding the finale. This is my all time favorite show and I will be buying all seasons on DVD.

  50. Bartbro says:

    Thank you so much. It was brilliant. Even the scenes of them taking the wedding pictures made me weep as it reminded me of past family weddings. Parenthood….you did good!