Elementary Boss: After Kitty's Exit, Sherlock and Watson Must 'Evolve'

Elementary Kitty Leaves

On Thursday night’s Elementary, Kitty took her final (vengeful) bow, leaving Sherlock and Watson in “tricky, dangerous times,” executive producer Rob Doherty warns.

Although Kitty didn’t kill her tormentor Del Gruner (guest star Stuart Townsend) after capturing him, she did leave him badly scarred. Captain Gregson made it clear that he would have to track down the culprit of the crime, even if it was a name he knew, leaving Kitty no choice but to flee New York City.

“Do you know what I haven’t said to anyone in a really long time? I love you. Isn’t that the saddest thing?” she said before quickly hanging up on Sherlock.

Elementary Kitty LeavesWith her arc wrapped up, “We’re going to miss Kitty as much as Sherlock and Joan will,” Doherty says in a statement. “But with her departure, it’s time to turn the page to the next chapter for Sherlock and Joan.”

While the former partners will “drift back to a familiar arrangement, they find that they’ve changed,” the EP continues.

Their professional relationship “has to evolve… and it has to evolve quickly because old foes and new cases will be coming at them before they’re ready,” Doherty teases. “Periods of transition are tricky, dangerous times.”

Elementary fans, what did you think of Kitty’s farewell episode? Which old foes do you suppose are coming back?

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  1. Alichat says:

    I had just gotten used to Kitty being around, and then they wrap up her story. Odd. I thought they’d stretch the pursuit of Gruner out by one more episode. And did I miss it, or did they reveal who was listening to Joan and Sherlock at the beginning of the episode?

  2. lkh says:

    I think this is one of the best episodes of Elementary. Glad that Kitty got her ‘hands’ on him and glad she didn’t kill him, just ruined him. Sherlock was great, liked the flashbacks to when they met in London. Like Kitty, sorry she has to go but guess the Watson/Sherlock relationship needs to get back to what it was. One thing tho, we all know what Lucy Liu can do physically, when that guy grabbed her arm, I was just waiting, please, please, please and that would be no… too bad. Good, good episode.

  3. I am truly going to miss Kitty, she fit perfectly into the show I hope they bring back the character as often as they can. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a new addition to a show’s cast more than Olivia Lovibond. That being said, I’m looking forward to what the second half of what is turning out to be the best season yet will bring.

  4. peace2speak says:

    Um, there’s a huge spoiler in the title of the article on the homepage. Not cool.

  5. Josh says:

    I never do this, but boo a spoiler in the title :(

    • Sam says:

      Same here. I feel like TV line is really bad about doing this. I can see maybe posting a spoilery title 2 days after but the morning after? Not cool. I go to bed around 9 so I don’t get to watch a lot of prime time tv until I get home from work the next day. I’m so mad.

  6. Carla Krae says:

    Liked Kitty. Sorry to see her go. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

  7. Laura says:

    HUGE spoiler in the title. Please try and be more considerate :(

  8. andypro18 says:

    I’m a little bit shocked. I’ve grown to love Kitty’s character, and I hope she does come back. But as she was sitting in the airport, and you knew she had to leave, I had this odd sensation that Kitty might actually get a spin off show of her own. Eh, what do I know?

  9. analog says:

    Really liked that they took the acid throwing from the original story

  10. Brilliant episode. Brilliant Jonny Lee Miller. Brilliant Opholia Lovibond. It would be also brilliant if CBS renewed Elementary for season 4, provided Danny Boyle allowes Jonnly Lee Miller’s Sick Boy enough free time from the shooting of Trainspotting sequel, Porno which is to be released in 2016.

    • Cobra says:

      “Elementary” will doubtless be renewed for Season 4. CBS is not going to let it go when it’s that close to syndication. And while TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has it as “Could Go Either Way,” most other sources are saying the same as me, that it’s a sure-fire renewal given its circumstances (other sources being TVByTheNumbers, which has a very strong track record in their renewal predictions).
      (Sorry, TVLine, not meaning to pimp another site, just pointing to another source’s info.) :)

      • Lilacs says:

        CBS has a syndication deal with WGN and there isn’t much that would cancel that. Jonny Lee Miller is a brilliant actor and I, for one, hope he has nothing to do with Danny Boyle’s proposed film Porno.

    • Sorry mate! Robert Carlyle, another actor from Trainspotting confirmed that Porno will be made and Jonny will be Sick Boy again. Jonny is Danny Boyl’s favourite actor, that’s why he and Cumberbatch did Boyl’s production of Frankesteine together for the National Theatre in 2011 and for which Jonny and Cumberbatch did each other’s roles alternately every other night and for which they both got the very prestigieous Olivier award. The production was amazing and they made a film of it which i think is still showing now in NY. The other thing that might stop Jonny from not wanting to go on with Elementary in season 4 is that I think he wants to do a long marathon in the Antarctic and for which he would normally have to do training in Norway or otherwise do other big marathons. He is a brilliant actor and for those who appreciate his style of acting, I highly recommend the BBC production of Lord Byron. Absolutely amazing!

  11. oblutak says:

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  12. Cobra says:

    Very good episode. Will look forward to what happens next.

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  14. Lucia says:

    IMHO this has been the most mismanaged season of a quite good show that I remember. Nothing about the Kitty storyline came off as authentic, and its hard to mourn the passing of someone you hardly got to know and really didn’t like. Elementary started off this season with two strikes against it – a long delayed premiere date and a strong opponent in How To Get Away With Murder. This was not the time to tinker – it was time to stick to what you had going for you, bring out your best writers and shore up your base.
    So now you are going to try to get back to your roots? Hope it works, but it may be too little too late. Sucks for Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu who had something really solid going.

    • Derzog says:

      Totally agree with your comments.

    • Boiler says:

      Totally disagree. And it isn’t Elementary’s fault it started late. Same people are watching that watched last 2 years. Unfortunately more DVR due to Shonda nite

    • G. says:

      I was largely uninterested in Elementary and how the season began, but I’m back on board now. Kitty was around long enough to get me on track with being OK w/ her, and the culmination of her story was done well.

      Now, I’m interested to see how Sherlock and Watson work together, given that Watson is far more competent than the Doyle version ever was. ;)

    • Meggie says:

      Oh, thank God. I was starting to think that I was the only one who did not like Kitty. Now that I know she’s gone I will watch it again.

    • E G Olsen says:

      Spot on. I agree totally. Thanks

  15. shakstacia says:

    I’m glad she’s gone. Never liked her character. Never thought she should have been on the show in the first place. Sherlock and Watson have something and all she did was take away from that. The show for me started sucking when they brought her on.

    • If anything, Kitty brought Watson and Holmes back together after Sherlock (and not Kitty) decided to abandon Joan and head to England. Kitty helped evolve Joan into her own detective, and I think this latest episode showcased what she did for Sherlock.

      • redjane12 says:

        Completely agree with you. Like with any new character I started a bit skeptical but they way they kept the relationship quite fatherly / older-brotherly between Sherlock and Kitty was perfect. And in the end Kitty was a sort of surrogate child to both Sherlock and Watson beyond the apprentice official role

      • Boiler says:

        Excellent point Patrick

    • Errica says:

      WOW!!!! You are entitled to your opinion!!!

  16. dman6015 says:

    The show went off the rails with the introduction of her character, and not in a good way. Glad to see the character gone, for now. Remember, in the original books, Kitty was in one short story. In that, she was actually arrested for disfiguring Gruner, so perhaps she’ll return. Now, let’s get back to Holmes and Watson, please.

    • Stormy says:

      I’m going to miss Kitty because she served as a distraction from how bizarre JLM has gotten. Between the ill fitting clothes, the buttoned up over the Adam’s apple shirts, the “cut my hair with my electric razor” hairdo and the broken back posture, he always looks like an unmade bed. And the tortured facial expressions and terse delivery make me think he’s one court appearance away from being committed.

      • Bill says:

        I totally agre about JLM’s bizarre appearance and grimaces as Sherlock this season. He looks like a mental patient who cuts his own hair without a mirror. His dialogue delivery has gotten steadilt more bizarre, as well.

  17. jose says:

    Kitty was a good addition to the show and the show should keep her.

  18. Boiler says:

    Personally I felt the last 2 weeks of this show was some of the best TV I have seen all year. I liked the Kitty character but not overly upset she was gone. Too bad CBS screwed with it by putting football on early. It gave ABC the opportunity to go nuts. I know DVR isn’t critical to renewal but a lot of people watch this show and it should stay on.

  19. Christine says:

    I loved Kitty and I found last night’s episode to be possibly the most emotional one of all in the show’s run. I really hope they will find a way to bring her back on the show one day. But even if that doesn’t happen, that was still an amazing farewell.

    • Andreea says:

      I totally agree with you! Couldn’t said it better myself. I admit, at start, it was weird to have Kitty in the picture, but she has gown on me, and now.. it will never be the same without her. This sudden but amazing farewell stole me some tears..

  20. Ally says:

    Fantastic episode. Farewell Kitty, sure well see you again. Good to see the dynamic duo back again now though.

  21. Fastball says:

    One of the best Sherlock episodes. The story arc completes nicely. I will miss Kitty…she’s sorta a cross between a bad-ass and a waif who just needs love. Sigh.

  22. NotBri says:

    This was another great “12th Episode” for Elementary. The scene with Joan and Del was a wonderful moment for Joan’s character- it shows how tough she really is. And the last few scenes of the episode were very moving. As usual, Jonny Lee Miller is a master of subtlety. Another fine performance from him.

  23. Dennis says:

    Elementary went from a good show I like to watch to a show I love when they brought in Kitty, bring her back!

  24. J. Norman says:

    I got to like Kitty as a character and the possibility has been left open for her to return as a recurring character in the future (kind of like with Moriarity).

    Did she actually scar her tormentor? We didn’t see her do it, and she didn’t acknowledge it to Sherlock. Just speculating. It could be a way to bring her back to clear herself again in the future

  25. Me. says:

    I for one am sad to see Kitty go. I really thought she added to the show. I will miss that character.

  26. Michael says:

    I will miss Kitty. She added something to the show that is an intangible. I hope they see fit to have her return at a later date.

  27. watcher says:

    As Ophelia is quoted as saying,”…she (Kitty) was not brought on to be amiable….”. I wanted her GONE the moment I saw her in the first episode. By the time her arc wrapped, I have decided that the producers made a poor decision in having her vacate the role for good. I love the relationship between Sherlock nd Watson, but Kitty brings a thrid dimension, her budding relationship with Watson notwithstnding, that has been wonderful for the duo. I think it’s a mistake and I think Ophelia Lovebond is an incredible actor, one which you shouldn’t dismiss so soon, if ever. IMHO…..

  28. Sandra Twigg says:

    Am I the only person in the world who misses some of Jonny Lee Miller’s dialogue? I have to turn up the volume frequently when he speaks.

    • Stormy says:

      He does tend to mumble. You might try enabling closed captioning if it’s available to you. This season, it seems he thinks he’s Marlon Brando. I’ve reached the point where I watch for the rest of the cast.

    • No, you are not the only person who has a problem understanding Jonny Lee Miller’s dialogue. This is the reason that I did not like the Kitty character. Joan is a welcome relief when she speaks! All in all this is one of my favorite shows. My husband and I look forward to each episode.

  29. Carol says:

    Please, please, please don’t get rid of Kitty. She’s been such a nice addition to the program.

  30. Paula says:

    I really liked Kitty on the show. Very disappointed that they did not keep her as regular.

  31. bman says:

    Hope we see more of Lovibond. Good actress.

  32. Dennis says:

    I always thought Kitty was a “contrived character” destined to replace Lucy Liu. I think Lcy iu’s role will expand for the better.

  33. Jack says:

    I think it was a mistake writing Kitty out. She was human, likeable, interesting and an asset to Elementary. I do hope they decide to bring her back. I will miss her very much if they don’t.

  34. Carl says:

    Think Kitty was a great addition to the show. I will miss her character. She provided the missing emotion

  35. AnitaC24 says:

    I was skeptical in the beginning when the Kitty character was introduced, but she slowly and effectively blended in. Her back story was a painful one, and she played the role beautifully. She ended bringing a deeper level of emotion to both Sherlock and Joan. I will miss her and hope her character returns. Kudos to the writers for the way they integrated Kitty into the mix and for a great exit episode.

  36. To tell you the truth, I was about ready to give up on Elementary because I felt as if it gotten static but Kitty brought some new energy to the series. I’ll watch for awhile longer to see where it goes but I think that Kitty’s departure may be a huge loss for the series. She was a great, compelling character.

  37. Dean and Diane says:

    My wife and I don’t want Kitty to leave. At least not permanently.

  38. Milt says:

    Kitty was the best part of elementary. I hope she got a good job. We may stop watching without her.

  39. Daisym says:

    I am so relieved to be rid of Kitty and back to the focus of Sherlock and his substantial gifts. Watson remains the perfect foil- an enhancement – not a tangential plot focus. Give me more genius deduction, clever repartee and Sherlockian hi jinks!

  40. Lynn says:

    No we love Kitty, please bring her back!!

  41. James says:

    Who says we should say goodbye to Kitty,theres plenty of opportunity for her return if Sherlock regains his dark side. There has been more understated empathy coming from Kitty than Watson has managed since Elementary began, besides there is a hint of sexual ambiguity with both Watson and Sherlock’s characters which matches their complex personalities,for that reason it’s doubtful they could remain faithful for long.

  42. Tricksy says:

    No more spoilers in the headlines please!!! The episode was really amazing but it wold have been so much better, had I not known the likely end already.

    Apart from that: I didn’t like Kitty in the beginning and wasn’t sure where this was going at all. Not it all made sense and I loved the whole storyline and will really miss her. Hope she will come back sometime.

  43. TradeShade says:

    This episode definitely ranks and one of my fave . Was so skeptical when I read a new character was coming in with Sherlock and Watson. Now I’m so sad to see her go. She added an amazing element of brilliant unstability counteracting Watson’s character so well. I was in tears when she left. Great writing. Keep up the fantastic work on my favourite show.

  44. Ron A Woods says:

    The reason Sherlock and Kitty bonded so well is that Kitty is Sherlock’s daughter from a fling he had when he was a young man. He knows but she does not. She will be back.

  45. Harriet says:

    Happy to see her go

  46. Vogue78 says:

    Y? She is a much better actress and complex character then the lizard lucy liu. I’m asian. I just called lucy liu a lizard!
    The show is nothing without Sherlock. Joan Watson us weak and boring.

  47. Vogue78 says:

    Y? Kitty is a hundred times better character than joan. Bored bored. Killed off a good character is super annoying!

  48. Bear Mills says:

    Hated to see Kitty come. Hate it more to see her go. Hope they can write around the Del Gruner thing so she can come back…Maybe Gruner dies without talking and so there’s no point in pursuing it and no leads to follow. Great actress who really built empathy for her character.

    • All of the people who didn’t like Kitty at first and kept on moaning and moping about how the writers should get rid of her, are now wanting the writers to bring her back. It’s ludicrous! Obviously, these TV shows are doing a very professional job and their shows need to have the proper rating for the show to be commercially viable. So, when fans/viewers keep on complaining about a character in the story and the actor in particular in large numbers, then they will decide on their story accordingly. Politicians do tthe same in their campaigns too. Intelligent and reasonable people should normally have the wisdom and the patience with a TV show that they like and stick to it and if there’s enough quality in the show to keep the story anchored, along with first rate actors, then they should trust the writers to do their work as I’m sure reasonable and intelligent actors do the same in putting their trust in the writers. Otherwise, everyone can be spoilt brats, starting from actors to viewers, producers etc. and demand the writers to change things at a drop of a hat. After all, this is just a TV show, chill out!!!! Who cares which actor goes and which one comes back, so long as the writers keep up the good work for which they have already earned a good and solid reputation for a hit show like Elementary? Sure, their ratings have gone down a bit, but hey, that’s life! Jonny Lee Miller is still giving his best as a brilliant actor with a compelling portrayal of Sherlock, Lucy Liu does a great job as a female Watson, the casting of guest stars is always great and the stories are often engaging. That’s all you need from a 42 minutes of entertainment from the box!

  49. Gary Bruce says:

    Give Kitty her own show spin spin spin

  50. Jesse Ramirez says:

    I liked Kitty why did she have to leave. Gonna miss her.