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Post Mortem: Suits Boss Talks Louis' (Unforgivable?) Actions, Donna's Sex Confession and Multiple S-Bombs

Suits Season 4 Spoilers

Be careful what you wish for.

That adage might come to haunt Louis after Wednesday night’s winter premiere of Suits, in which the lawyer finally got the name partnership he craved. But will the terms of his deal at the firm — he’s now a co-conspirator in keeping Mike’s secret — tarnish his achievement?

“Louis is always in that kind of situation, because part of his problem is that he’s not really satisfied with himself, internally,” explains executive producer Aaron Korsh. “He’s always going to find dissatisfaction in whatever he gets.”

His prize also came about through some questionable behavior and personal attacks. So can Louis be forgiven for his actions? Donna certainly tried to make amends with him, revealing a major secret with the hope that it would help repair their friendship.

Below, Korsh talks about redeeming Louis and the power of what he now knows about Donna. The EP also discusses another broken bond with Rachel and the episode’s litany of profanities.

TVLINE | Louis did some pretty horrible things, said some awful things in the premiere. Was there any worry that he might come off as unlikeable or irredeemable?
I guess I would say that, first of all, you have to remember that people hated Louis in the first season, in particular, and maybe even into the second season. That was one of my goals: to take a person that you utterly hated and turn him into someone that you really loved, and the way to do that is to just show their vulnerability. Most people that are “villains,” they don’t show the people that they’re tormenting their own torment or where the pain comes from. But we have the ability in a TV show to show it to the audience. And also, to be fair to Louis, he will show it sometimes to Rachel, Mike, Donna, even Harvey. So the feeling was no matter what we do with him, you can always redeem Louis because he’s such an emotional character and he’s willing to show you his pain. Having said that, there was some concern – “Is he going too overboard? Will he not be able to recover?” – but that was dissuaded internally pretty easily. The other thing is, even within this episode, at the very end, you see the first crackings of maybe he’ll forgive Donna.

TVLINE | Are the other characters finding ways to forgive him for what he’s done? And should they?
I just want to mention for a minute that the five of them all kept a massive secret from him that also put his career and his firm in jeopardy while letting him resign over what he did. So I wouldn’t say they are completely faultless when you’re looking at it from Louis’ perspective. He’s not just being mean for no reason. They’re reaping a little bit of what they sowed.

If you think of it like a family, for someone to be truly unforgiving, that would be a tough thing to do. Family tends to fight and get incredibly mad at each other, but always have the ability to regroup and re-bond. So we’re going to explore that in the back six [episodes] with Louis and everyone. I’ll call it a semi-healing process with Louis attempting to gain the forgiveness and re-bond with some of the people that he was at odds with.

Suits Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | Some of these people, Louis always had a contentious relationship with, but he and Rachel were quite close, and the way he attacked her was on a pretty personal level. What kind of lasting effect will that have on their friendship?
Let me just say first of all that we didn’t really put it in the “previously on…” in the episode, but just to remind you and maybe the audience, Rachel went and lobbied on Mike’s behalf last year in Episode 312 when maybe Gerard was going to find out about Mike’s secret. Louis just thought that Mike cheated on his grade, and Rachel went and essentially lied to Louis’ face and said all he did was cheat on a grade, in essence, and he loves the law as much as you do; forgive him. So she didn’t just let Louis believe Mike was a fraud; she went out and directly lied to his face about it. He is feeling particularly betrayed by Rachel — even more so than Jessica or Harvey, who never specifically went and lied to him regarding Mike. So that’s why he went after her so personally. He also went after her as a way of going after Mike. But there’s no doubt that we explore in Episode 12 the consequences of Louis doing that with Rachel.

TVLINE | How are Mike and Rachel doing? Is all of this weighing down their relationship?
They went through a lot of turbulence in the first 10 [episodes], and we were looking to try to not continue that turbulence. … If Louis is really mad at Rachel or really mad at Mike, it’s like you can fight with your own family, but if someone comes and attacks some member of your family, be it your mom or your dad or your brother or your sister or your wife or your children, that’s going to make you bond together a little bit more. That seems to be what’s going to happen to some degree with Mike and Rachel over the last six.

Suits Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | At the end of the episode, Donna opens up about the fact that she and Harvey did have sex once. Is that something that is going to come up again? That’s a big piece of information that Louis now has.
Yes. We were writing [Episode] 411 and it just emerged in the scene because Donna says, “Louis, put yourself in my position. I have professional loyalty to Harvey, and I’m not going to betray him. What would you have done?” And it makes him think, alright, he wants to ask something personal. He wants to make her give something up of herself to him that’s not professional, but is sort of regarding Harvey. He wants her to choose him over Harvey in a way… So will it emerge again? My answer to that is yes and no. It’s in the ether. It does play into things. He doesn’t, at the moment, actively use it against her at this point in the last six, but it’s always there. It’s a piece of information that’s always there for Louis. You never know what Louis is going to do, and he now has that piece of information.

TVLINE | Finally, did anyone keep a tally of how many times the word “Sh-t” or “Bullsh-t” was said in this episode?
I’m sure someone does! I don’t know.

TVLINE | I think you might have broken your own record.
It’s possible. Sometimes, people seem to think there’s too much cursing on Suits, and there may be, I don’t know. Sometimes, we try to bring it down, sometimes we forget. I worked on Wall Street for five years and nobody watched their language is what I will say. Nobody gave a f–k about how many times they said the word “sh-t” in real life. So that just came out as I wrote it. We don’t put it in there to try and put it in there. People just curse and they don’t really think about how many times they’ve used a particular word. Sometimes it just seems appropriate to the situation.

Suits fans, what did you think of Louis’ behavior? Was he right to lash out? Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick.

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  1. Bwhit says:

    The way Louis acted was pretty much like the friend in the group who always seems to be outside the circle. I think he went way too far with Rachel though, yes she lied but come on, that was a very personal and hurtful attack. I cheered when Mike finally told Jessica to stop with the, ‘you did this’ crap because it’s true, she’s gone along with it so quit acting above it all. Great performance by Rick Hoffman as usual.

    • Chester says:

      So when you are always on the outside of a group of friends, you go make other friends. You don’t spend 20 year trying to be friends with someone who does not like you.

    • Tiffany says:

      Yes! My favorite part of the episode actually was Mike telling Jessica that she used his secret repeatedly and that it was her secret now too and then shifting to her telling Louis basically the same thing.

  2. Dennis says:

    Louis was one of my favorite characters but man I wish they would just hire someone and bump him off now

  3. Dj says:

    I hate there are only 6 episodes, because Rick Hoffman plays such a great villain. The whole show I wanted someone to kick his butt.

    • Cobra says:

      Well, with the preview for next week, you might get your wish. Harvey says “something’s going to happen between you and me, and I can’t guarantee it ends with you keeping all your teeth.”
      It’s going to come back to haunt Louis. He’s burning too many bridges for him to not suffer any consequences himself over it.

  4. Joey Padron says:

    Louis was such a big jerk to everyone even more to Rachel. Glad Jessica thought of a plan for him not to tell anyone of Mike’s secret. I think Donna shouldn’t give him another chance. Awkward for Harvey to ask Scottie for a favor.

  5. Mo says:

    I am not surprised that Louis lashed out the way he did. But, yes, he pushed it too far. Kudos to Rick Hoffman for making me want to stab him in the face by the end of the episode.

    • rowan77 says:

      Ditto. I couldn’t stand Louis the first season, found him amusing the second season and by the fourth season he was my favorite character. My heart broke for him in the first part of season four and I loved that everyone was trying to help him out when he screwed up and resigned. This episode I though Louis needed to dial it back after a little while, but that wouldn’t be Louis. Right now, I want to slap him for lashing out and abusing people simply because he could. He’s such a child and very much his own worst enemy. I just hope we see him trying to rebuild instead of staying in this mode for much longer. It’s exhausting to watch. Hoffman is the boss!

    • I couldn’t possibly agree with this any more than i do. I SOOO wanted to stab Louis in the face. Great bit of acting, as per usual.

  6. Anandasky says:

    I used to look forward to Suits for its smart, Cary Grant throwback style with Harvey at the lead and Donna right there too. The focus on Louis and his unending and over-the-top unlikeable manner is making me skip the show at this point. I hope they get back to their original formula … smart women & smart men putting their brains to work in amazing ways.

    • Chester says:

      Agreed. Not a fan of Louis. Certainly never grew to like him, never mind love him.

    • Rachel says:

      I agree as well. Also, Anandasky, so glad you made a reference to Cary Grant – I ALWAYS thought Harvey was a spiritual successor to some of the best Cary Grant roles (His Girl Friday especially).

    • Rustybugs says:

      I agree. I want the show to go back to the first and second season stories. Tough cases and the work that gets them won, a few sexy stuff thrown in to even it out. AND they must have more scenes of Donna walking either towards the camera or away. I Know its sexist and all kinds of politically incorrect. I can’t help it. I love Redheads and Donna is just sooooo sexy.

      • lkh says:

        I’m not sure that’s sexist or politically incorrect–you think she’s attractive. However, if you were her boss, ahem, we’d have all kinds of problems/trouble.

  7. Steven says:

    There’s no doubt that for a while there at least, Louis held the moral high ground. But his horrifying actions over the last two episodes have gone a long way toward making him lose it. I had a hard time finishing the previous episode, and that same discomfort returned during this episode as well. “Suits” works so well as a show because the writers do an excellent job mixing light moments in with the dark to break the tension and keep the characters from becoming absolutely irredeemable. Face it: no one likes lawyers. They’re evil. But with “Suits”, you can forget that for a while with a lighthearted moment or two to remind us that they’re still human. While I understand that Louis learning about Mike’s secret and becoming invested in protecting it was a defining moment in the series, the writers are spending too much time in the dark, murky, angst-filled waters of the story. These episodes were extremely uncomfortable to watch, and other than the backroom hookup between Mike and Rachel, there were no lighthearted moments at all to break the tension. It is my sincere hope that the story returns to at least a sense of normalcy in the next few episodes, and gives us some banter to go along with the heavy-handed dialog. Watching Louis shoot himself in the foot again and again is no fun for anyone.

    • m3rcnate says:

      Exactly, what we fell in love with in season 1 (and 2) was the bromance, and the romance, and the sexiness of the show, and the humor, and the quips, and the sharp fights of good guys vs bad, and some grey area infighting…but this show took off the deep end last season totally frakking everything up by having Mike & Harvey fight, ruin the Rachel character by showing her be a disgusting home wrecker (remember SHE seduced the married man, its not like she was the innocent one who was seduced) then cheated on Mike (while being a bad GF in general), and completely removing all of the humor and heart from the show replacing it with fighting and dark melodrama.

      Well now the shows back, and at least in this first episode (and by the trailer it looks like next weeks which is 2 of only 6 eps) the show has more fighting, and Louis being horrible (not that i expect it to change in just one episode but still). I honestly dont get how a show can take everything that garnered all of its fans and then replace it with exactly what those type of fans DONT like to watch. We love heart and blue skies and humor and sexiness and what do we get this season? Flashbacks of disgusting cheating, and current story of cheating, dark and depressing and not fun arcs with our two main characters (harvey and mike) fighting and more. Showrunner you gone and frakked up.

      • Personally, i think this episode is exactly what we needed for a winter premier. Yes, it can be said that all of the lighthearted ‘bromance’ is gone, but i think this is a natural evolution for the show, in particular a drama such as this. While season 1 and 2 were the exposition; setting up character narratives, backgrounds, interactions – showing us the why and how – the last season has seen all of that come to a head in spectacular ways. We’re now getting to see “the Secret” play out in ways that we never expected, and the effect that is has on everyone the more people that find out the truth. I don’t see the show losing any of it’s heart or soul at all. It’s the heart of the show – ‘the Secret’ that is at the core of this tremendous show in the first place – that is giving us all of this amazing drama. Anything less would be doing the narrative a disservice. I think now that the Louis knows the truth, we will start to see a return to more of the Suits that hooked us in the first place.

      • D says:

        Yes I agree. I found myself so unhappy after watch the first half of the season for all the fighting and yelling and cursing and the demolition of all these great relationships.
        It doesn’t look like any things changed. If anything, it has definitely ratcheted up a level.
        That is not enjoyable TV for me. I’m out… Another USA series gone.

  8. Sarah F says:

    We turned it into a drinking game. Every time someone says “sh-t”, “bullsh-t”‘, “dammit” or “g-d damn”, you take a sip of your drink!

  9. m3rcnate says:

    I don’t think that sh*t and god-damn are over used per-se, but i do think the lack of any other cursing makes them stand out like sore thumbs. If the show was on HBO and could use any curse word, the words used would have variety and would stick out less…but its “GET ME THE GOD DAMN BRIEFS!” and “THAT’S SH*T AND YOU KNOW IT!” every 10 minutes.

    I liked the episode…Rachel is still ruined to me, it doesn’t that they didnt show a single residue in this episode from the past ones this season (her disgusting actions), they have brushed that completely under the rug like it never happened and now we are getting cute and smiley and sexy and flirty and sex in the office Mike and Rachel. All that drama and ruining of the Rachel character just to have them end up back where we enjoyed them most? Happy together and being sexy/fun/cute? Sad. Not every couple on TV has to have horrible cheating in their arc.

    Overall Suits isnt exciting for me anymore, its still fairly good and i still like enough stuff to watch but still….i feel it has less heart. My biggest hope is before this show gets cancelled like every other USA show is getting, in the finale season they find a way for Mike to be legit, that or quit and find a new profession (that hes legit in) and live his life happy (at this point, happily with Rachel i guess). I get right now its only season 4 but if this show does last say 3 more seasons….3 more seasons of his secret being a plot point? Idk if i can take it.

  10. lkh says:

    Holy sh-t!!! Louis was in a snit and now he’s in a spot! Blackmail doesn’t always go the way one plans!

  11. James says:

    I Hate Him!!!!

  12. Kyarra says:

    Man! Love Louis! Hated the ending of the ep. If they would have done it by Jessica just beating him, it would be good, but Mike smiling and it all being as if Louis was the wrong one made it suck. Mike, Harvey and Jessica are the wrong people, Rachel went too much the minute she came in the office and got what she deserved, and still they are going to make it more as if Louis did too much. Man that sucks!

  13. jami1331 says:

    Louis was soooooooooooooooo angry!!! Every commercial break I was like “wow, he is PISSED”. Kudos to Rick Hoffman. He was a force to be reckoned with in this episode.

  14. hud says:

    Being a fan of “bad tv” I have a hard time with the entire premise of this series. Educated people don”t always make the right decisions, but this claptrack is right up there with “Lost In Space”.And yes, I have watched since day 1. Endanger your profession,company,jail-time for a fraud..really?

    • tvgeek says:

      It always amazes me that people complain and complain about a show. If you find it dumb and stupid why do you continue to watch. It is okay to stop watching a show you don’t get any enjoyment from.

  15. Luis says:

    I am glad to see someone acknowledge that there is a factual basis for Louis’s rage. Everyone else kept a secret that put Louis’s job, license to practice and financial future at risk. I think that, in that situation, any one of us would feel incredibly betrayed and want to lash out in anger. None of this justifies Louis’s actions, however. He isn’t just burning bridges; he’s napalming them. Rick Hoffman really knows how to dig into his characters’s inner darkness and he doesn’t hold back when he unleashes the bad man within. Good stuff. Looking forward to seeing how Harvey, Mike et al. survive this tempest.
    BTW, I totally knew Harvey and Donna had to have done it once!

  16. clay says:

    I like the show, but i hate that the show uses the Lords name in vain.

  17. Jessica was great in last night’s ep!

  18. Ange says:

    I hope they get to the point that they ignore Louis. I know by the end of the episode I was

  19. suzyku says:

    Donna is way too smart to tell Louis about herself and Harvey, that was just plain old disappointing, actually the fact that she tried to make up with him at all was a little disgusting!

  20. Deion says:

    I think Suits spent a lot of time in redeeming Louis from the beginning, creating relationships between him and the people he sought to antagonize in the first 2 seasons, even making Harvey admit that he only antagonized Louis for his own pleasure and not because he really disliked him. It would be terrible storytelling to destroy all that work because Louis feels betrayed for a short time. They will bring him back around, but I do hope that they do it while showing Louis that his own immaturity kept him in the dark about the secret, as well as kept his name off the door. Because while the characters all developed bonds with him, he never learned what the problem was with himself in the first place.

  21. John Moshier says:

    great episode as for the s word that was last year thisr its rear nudity they always have one new thing each year

  22. HAP says:

    A couple of fun facts: Meghan Markle, who plays Rachel Zane, was actually born Rachel Meghan Markle. Second, Meghan and Abigail Spencer, who plays Scottie(Dana Scott) were born on the very same day!

  23. Helen says:

    Hate Louis, his behavior is alway that of a 4 year old and it is getting harder and harder to take. I DVR this show and I am ready to fast forward through every scene he is in. Might I also mention that he alone could be the cause of the rise of antisemitism.

  24. Maria Ledesma says:

    I believe Louis had some right to be upset but to go as far as beating on Rachael that was unbelieveable

  25. jamee says:

    I think Louis is an ass. They all can be but, he is just down right cruel. It’s none of his business if Donna slept with Harvey. He’s mean. Loved Michael telling miss almighty Jessica that she is to blame as well. Love this show …have from the beginning.

  26. Skaddadle says:

    Louis annoyed the hell out of me in this episode. I kinda wish they would just get rid of him already.

  27. Kate says:

    I’ve been watching this show from the beginning, and I think I’m just done. I’m 23 minutes into this episode, and it’s so negative, so mean-spirited, that I don’t see the point in watching it anymore. I understand Louis’s anger to an extent, but it’s just over the top for me. I usually don’t mind cursing in an episode, but wow, can the writers be a little more creative than just using the phrase, “I don’t give a s$%^” over and over? Also, Mike’s secret was great in the beginning for shock and awe–when Donna found out, when Rachel found out, when Harvey found out, and when Jessica found out, but now I’m just over it. I hope the show gets better because I really like the first few seasons, but I’m afraid USA will cancel this soon, as they have White Collar, Covert Affairs, and others recently.

  28. Nee says:

    I do not care about Louis’ state of mind, THAT’s how unlikeable they made him this episode. I was always sympathetic towards him, even in S1 and S2 where people seemingly hated him. But this episode what he did was unforgivable specially to Donna and Rachel. If they forgive him easily then they have no self-respect.
    Not to say Louis isn’t redeemable but he went too far. He made something strictly professional very personal.

  29. Vivian Hight says:

    I’m already tired of Louis.

  30. jdhight01 says:

    If Louis keeps up the arrogance and everyone covers him, the show is dead to me. Kill him off, send him off in shame, but take his name off the wall or I will never watch the show again. Also, have Mike take some classes and get a degree. The repeated story lines are also getting stale.