Scandal: Shonda Rhimes Teases MIA Olivia's New Direction, Stands By Fitz

Scandal Olivia Missing

When ABC’s Scandal resumes Season 4 this Thursday at 9/8c, no time will have passed since Olivia went missing in the midst of a piano-top tryst with Jake.

And then, less-than-no time will have passed…?

No time will have lapsed,” series creator Shonda Rhimes states. “And negative time will have lapsed.” Meaning, there likely will be a tiny jump backwards, to shed a bit more light on what exactly went down when Jake jogged down the hall to fetch that crucial blanket/pushin’ cushion (as recounted in the promo below).

Given Scandal‘s standing as the most secretive of the Shondaland shows, Rhimes would be remiss to reveal much more about Olivia’s vanishing, other than to confirm, “It’s definitely not going to be a one-episode, short little thing.” Rather, Liv may be missing — yet still on screen, don’t you worry — for weeks.

And while one might surmise that the abduction of the leader of the free world’s girlfriend and the West Angola of it all was cooked up to spark a big, new, Defiance/Remington/Albatross-like mythology, Rhimes counters, “The big new thing it triggers is Olivia.”

Elaborating on that pronouncement, she says, “We’re taking Olivia to a place that she hasn’t been before” (and the uberproducer doesn’t mean geographically). With this storyline, “We are growing Olivia in a different direction. And we are growing the show in the direction that we’ve been headed towards for a while.

“It’s going to be an interesting left turn for the audience,” Rhimes adds, “but it is definitely still Scandal.”

Surveying the midseason Scandal premiere’s place in the Shondaland annals, Rhimes says it is “probably my favorite episode that we’ve done, ever. It’s my favorite episode that I’ve written, of anything that I’ve written. But it’s probably our favorite episode that we’ve done ever.”

Of course, when last we tuned in, Fitz was livid to learn that Andrew Nichols had targeted Liv in the name of leverage, after the Grant administration failed to declare war against West Angola (an act that would have lined Andrew and RNC honcho Lizzie’s pockets with kickbacks). Does the vice president indeed have his boss by the short hairs? “I think he thinks he does,” Rhimes answers. “He hopes he does.”

In discussing the overall state of the Fitz/Olivia dynamic, it is suggested to Rhimes that POTUS has acted a bit more aggressively as of late, perhaps motivated by his lady love’s growing closeness to romantic rival Jake Ballard. (See, for example, the clip below where Fitz repeatedly beseeches Liv to “kiss me,” whereas in days past their lips would meet up in a jiffy.)

While deeming that view “interesting,” Rhimes maintains that Scandal‘s commander-in-chief is the same as he ever was. “I actually don’t think that that is true — I think Fitz is never more aggressive than he was in Season 2…. I don’t find him as being more aggressive at all. It feels the same to me.”

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  1. Matt C. says:

    I can’t wait for a new Defiance-esque storyline. The B613/Papa Pope storyline was SO played out. Hopefully the second half of season 4 returns the show to its glory days.

    • Carol says:

      Yes, that B613/Papa Pope/Jake storyline needs to end now. Shonda can give them a separate show if she is so obsessed with it.

      Let’s get back to Olivia and OPA handling crisis. I do not want to watch a spy show.

  2. Carol says:

    Please, Fitz is not aggressive. He always let’s Olivia decide what she wants. Fitz was playing with Olivia to show her that she is fooling herself with Jake. Olivia always starts quivering for Fitz even when he is only on the phone, on TV or looking at a magazine/newspaper. Fitz knows Olivia loves him. Jake is just a plaything for now.

  3. David4 says:

    This will last weeks? This is Scandal, it should last 10 minutes before a comet is discovered heading towards the white house which is deflected by some secret UFO project and yadda yadda. Weeks in Scandal time used to be SEASONS for other shows, now it’s just dragged out more and more.

    • mary says:

      Wow well said. I hope this left turn don’t stop her from making an fast right she will cause this show to loose ratings.

  4. Lindy says:

    Fitz is definitely more aggressive & he’s become so insecure and all the times they have kissed this season it’s only after Fitz begs and Olivia gives in, which was never like that before.
    If Fitz knows that Liv loves him and not Jake then why the insecurity and predatory behavior.
    I hope the show’s new direction will have Fitz’s character becoming more ruthless & unapologetic like everyone else who surrounds him, he’s such a wimp.

    • Sam says:

      Predatory? It’s funny because I recall Olivia Pope being a grown woman who can make decisions on whether or not to kiss someone
      The truth about this show is that everyone is just terrible no character is completely good as you would expect even Olivia has some deep rooted flaws
      It appears Shonda is tending more to this “triangle” than her actual lead character


      i do not recall him being unapologetic as he was beating Jake tied to a chair..They all can’t be Cyrus ….who’s character is as close to ruthlessness as J.R Ewing. Really …planning to murder you partner on his way to testify before the Supreme Court . GO SHONDRA….great twist

    • Eloise Minn says:

      I agree Lindy. I did not like the writers dumbing down Fitz’s character.

  5. OG says:

    The direction of the show will be making Olivia a murderer. I’ve said this before and stand by it because this is the only shocking thing left for Shonda to do at this point. It’s ridiculous nothing will ever change– I will check back in with the show at the end March and see if anything changes with Shonda’s wash, rinse, spin and repeat writing. This way I can binge watch through the BS and don’t have to be frustrated from week to week. Hopefully things will improve and the show will find its way out of the dark alley of sex and sensationalism if it doesn’t improve I will be done with the show.

    • Johannes says:

      The freaking show is called Scandal, and you don’t like all the, well, scandals on the show??? Amazing… many jealous of Shonda’s talents…..her writing is not that much different than all the shows men write…….so hilarious.

      • OG says:

        I never questioned the title of the show. I am definitely not jealous of Shonda. I do question Shonda’s ability to develop the characters on the show. Everyone on the show is involved in a love triangle…think about that and name all the characters on the show and they are presently in one or have been. Fitz and Liv remain at an arrested development and we are 4 seasons in with no divorce and no growth in their relationship. This is why I question her ability to write a storyline that she allows to develop. Shonda writes to shock and twist every week not to develop the story. The writers who have displayed this ability to develop a storyline and characters write for House of Cards, Breaking Bad and The Blacklist. Like I said if Shonda can turn things around I will continue to watch. If not I will walk away.

        • abz says:

          Exactly. Almost four seasons of basically no progression between Olivia and Fitz (if that is the intended endgame). It’s reached a point, for me at least (I don’t know about others), where I’m just tired of it. MOVE ON with the story line already. To be honest, its all been starting to look like for a while now that it’s just the fantasy of it all and the forbidden love aspect of it that makes them think they’ll want to be together. In the end, if they end up together, it’s probably gonna just be blah and they built it up in their heads. So many shows have done this. I just want the writers to help Olivia grow back into the strong woman she was who’s learned from what she’s been through and not continue to regress her character growth like when they made her tell Fitz “There’s hope.” (eye roll).

          • CottonMather says:

            There can’t be any “progression”, he can’t divorce his wife while still being an American President…..not even Americans are that whimsical I don’t think….perhaps the Italians or French. I know our Chancellor could not have expected to remain in office while divorcing and bringing in an ex lover turned husband. I am certain that from watching the first season, Olivia and Fitz have always been the endgame…..this is a woman who committed treason for this man….it would make her look insane to not be so in love with him, like she just goes around risking her freedom for just anyone on a whim (and the irony of a colored woman being so cavalier about her freedom would make even less sense if she wasn’t madly in love with this man). Many a wonderful relationships have come from affairs folks…my grandparents’ did and Lord knows my first wife was Satan….sometimes, a man just marries the wrong damn woman and the perfect one comes along later on. And at times, they get together and stay together until death. Women might not like this, but it is a fact of life. So, there might not be any lesson for her to learn, if the endgame is for her to be the wife after his last term.

          • abz says:

            Yep, which is why I am for the show moving on in a different direction (what that direction may be, I’m open to other ideas). His ambitions won’t allow him to leave his wife. I don’t care about the affair aspect of it. Infidelity has become apart of almost every show nowadays. My issue is that knowing he can’t leave his wife, all that leaves us with is their back and forth pining for each other which is not really interesting anymore.

        • Johannes says:

          Ha! IMO, Blacklist is now ridiculous….as Red seems to be the only person on the show with a brain and none of them can do anything right without hints/help from him. And some of the violence seems out of place with too much gore that adds nothing to the scenes—I get the need sometimes to show weird looking bodies of characters killed in even weirder fashion, but sometimes it just seems like a fake way to appear cutting edge with unnecessary ballyhoo. Not to mention short, diminutive, small framed females that can beat up so-called highly trained male American clandestine operatives is just a joke to a big man like myself—A JOKE! And then you are comparing oranges to cabbage because none of those shows you named are pseudo-soap operas with a penchant for old school styled story telling, so the comparisons don’t even make any sense. You are not objective at all, IMO. I want to point out this is just my opinion………and just like with these so-called better developed shows you pointed out, Shonda is NOT the only writer and things like advertisers, sudden pregnancies to write around, and other producers clashing with her can change the show’s direction in ways even she may not like. I still suspect that if you found out The Blacklist was created by Shonda, you would find flaws you didn’t before. Shows with melodrama and soapy undertones are NOT for everyone.

        • mary says:

          Well said I understand. I have already pulled the plug on the have and have nots????

      • abz says:

        She is talented and her shows are entertaining, but it doesn’t mean every single thing she does is perfect. Scandal has many flaws whether you care to hear/read about them or not. Same goes for Grey’s Anatomy. It’s still too early to tell for HTGAWM.

        • Johanns says:

          Every show written by every creator has flaws….kind of a needless to say moment. But some folk just seem to see more flaws in her shows than others that I basically see the same problems in their writing, but no where near as many critics pointing them out. I never said her shows were perfect by the way so please read with comprehension. And HTGAWM by the way is not her creation, and no doubt you will probably find zero flaws NOW after I just told you a man created that show and not her….so gay American created that show and she helped him get it produced.

          • abz says:

            I read your comment just fine. And well when you make childish comments like “so many jealous of Shonda’s talents” on a comment board where the purpose is to discuss television shows, then you sort of, to me at least, give off the impression that you love the show way too much to see its flaws. Of course, flaws for one person may not be seen the same way by another person, but that’s what this discussion board is for–to express thoughts and opinions and discuss.
            And I am aware of who created HTGAWM (not sure why you needed to emphasize that he’s gay). That doesn’t mean she isn’t still affiliated with the show in some capacity.
            Also, why are you bringing in gender into this? I don’t think I’ve seen anyone here specifically saying Scandal has issues because Shonda, a woman, is running the show. HTGAWM may just well have issues of its own soon and it has nothing to do with the creator being a man. It’s just that HTGAWM is still in it’s infancy unlike Scandal and Grey’s.

          • Johannes says:

            There was nothing childish about my comments….you Americans are so freaking sensitive!!!! It was my right to use that descriptive as it was my opinion, as you say, which we are coming on here to voice those OPINIONS.

          • abz says:

            Lol I’m not even American.

          • Johannes says:

            I bet you are American and are just saying that because I insulted Americans. But even if you aren’t, you certainly act as silly as they do and perhaps have been too influenced by them?

          • Johannes says:


          • Johannes says:

            If I want to bring up his sexually, that is my right….I brought it up really to point out something about the writing style that might have made you think she created it but never mind…..I rarely comment on boards as I am normally too busy and too rich to give a damn, but every now and then I venture on some of these outlets when on the train for work back home or on a rare weekend I don’t work and get bored. And then I run into a poster like you and get reminded why I don’t like being over here so many months every year (although I think Southerners/Atlantans are terrific and “fun” most of the time) and why I don’t comment on issues much. I will wish you a good night and sign off as this is no fun anymore. Take care!

      • MELLOWESE EVANS says:

        well said

  6. abz says:

    I wish you guys would have asked when they are finally gonna end the B6-13 storyline and get rid of Rowan/Eli once and for all. It NEEDS to end. Seriously!!
    Yeah, I’m really over Fitz. Not interested in his character at all anymore. He’s just become a whiny, insecure baby who’s affection for Liv has reached the point of obsession.
    I’m glad that we’ll continue to see Liv given that this storyline will last weeks. Better than watching for several episodes till Liv shows up at the end of an episode for shock value.

    • Carol says:

      The two most whiny people on Scandal are Mellie and Jake.

      Mellie is constantly whining about being bored as First Lady and about her brilliant Ivy League education. STFU woman and go get your life. Take some action and start your political career and find a man who wants you. Stop clinging to Fitz like a life raft.

      Jake is constantly whining to Olivia about save me, run away with me, stand in the sun with me. Let’s play make believe and just have sex, drink beer and eat burgers not act like grown ass folks. STFU man up and find a woman who is in love with you and will go live on some tropical island with you and not have a career. Stop clinging to Olivia like a life raft.

      BTW, David Rosen is joining the whiny list with his constant crying to Abby and blaming of Olivia for his pathetic life. No wonder Abby moved on to Leo.

      • Lindy says:

        Fitz is by far the worst character on Scandal, he has become such a baby way more than usual this season. His life is all about Liv this, Liv that..He is a terrible POTUS, father, husband and now he’s not even an exciting philanderer. Goddamit his son died, why not concentrate on helping his family heal rather than obsess about his mistress and always begging for affection! His insecurity and obsessive nature is unbearable.
        Mellie is holding her own this season like she always does, Even when she was in mourning, she always stole every scene. Of course she should cling to Fitz, he’s her HUSBAND! Fitz needs to get a divorce if he wants out.
        Jake is on the verge of becoming as boring as Fitz thanks to this terrible triangle, I miss his B613 days and his ruthlessness & unpredictability. Its obvious Liv will pick dreadful Fitz, so why can’t she pick already and lets move on with the show. Jake deserves so much better than brooding over Liv.

      • Lindy says:

        Fitz is by far the worst character on Scandal, he has become such a baby way more than usual this season. His life is all about Liv this, Liv that..He is a terrible POTUS, father, husband and now he’s not even an exciting philanderer. His son died, why not concentrate on helping his family heal rather than obsess about his mistress and always begging for affection! His insecurity and obsessive nature is unbearable.
        Mellie is holding her own this season like she always does, Even when she was in mourning, she always stole every scene. Of course she should cling to Fitz, he’s her HUSBAND! Fitz needs to get a divorce if he wants out.
        Jake is on the verge of becoming as boring as Fitz thanks to this terrible triangle, I miss his B613 days and his ruthlessness & unpredictability. Its obvious Liv will pick dreadful Fitz, so why can’t she pick already and lets move on with the show. Jake deserves so much better than brooding over Liv.

        • Carol says:

          ROFL – Mellie is a victim of Fitz. Hell No, Fitz wants a divorce but Mellie is afraid to stand on her own without a powerful man. So she stays with a man she despises and denigrates so she can be unhappy. What a weak willed moron. Mellie is rich attractive and educated privileged white woman but likes acting the victim – mourning as if she was close to her son and ever maternal and ignoring her other kids as usual and telling Cyrus that losing James was not as painful to him. WTF

          Mellie is a caricature now with her constant whining. In season 1, Mellie was interesting because she went her own way. Then after season one she became a clingy whiny political wife – boring. Mellie talks a lot and does NOTHING. She runs her mouth and causes problems which Cyrus, Olivia and Fitz have to fix to make her not look like a complete idiot.

          Sometimes, I wonder what show some fans are watching. As Fitz said to Mellie when she said she would handle the Karen sex scandal (how?), delusional fans want to re-write the history of the show to make Mellie into Mother Teresa.

          • Lindy says:

            Oh Boohoo Fitz is the biggest cry baby on this show, telling Liv that he cannot survive without her and always begging for kisses. His puppy dog tricks were adorable in s1 & 2 now they are just annoying and make him a terrible character.
            He was more upset about Liv & Jake more than the death of his son. All his energy is spent of all this Olivia, he does not have much depth to him.
            Getting jealous becoz Mellie is with Andrew, how pathetic and petty can he get when he has his concubine prancing all over the White house. Such a hypocrite.

            It’s not a lie that Mellie wants to milk as much as she can from Fitz’ presidency, who can blame her, he owes her that much anyway after being such a horrible husband and father.
            Ofcourse Mellie is not going to ask for a divorce, she’s not the one who wants out. That wimp of a POTUS is the one who is too cowardly to do what needs to be done so he can be with Olivia officially. He has been talking of a divorce since s2 and nothing has come out of it.
            Lol Fitz fixing problems…omg that wimp cannot/does not fix anything on his own. Cyrus and Mellie and Liv are the reason why Fitz is still POTUS and why his presidency seems smooth on the outside. They do what needs to be done. Honestly Shonda needs to stop being so blinded and realise Fitz’s character is dreadful

        • Kat Aston says:

          I watch for Olivia and everyone else just falls in line. Also, there will never be any other couple on Scandal as the main couple Olivia/Fitz. It’s time to bring them together, maybe they can have Fitz have a secret divorce, so the public won’t know about it, but whatever they do it’s way too late to try and make us believe Fitz is no longer in love with Olivia. The Mellie character is the same season after season. She’s constantly threatening Fitz to leave Olivia alone, but her threats are worthless. The way she’s written her character does not exist, speak, or walk without Fitz. Unless, they write her going off to campaign for some cause (assisting rape victims with speaking out) and then maybe bring her back a few episodes within the season, she’s never going to start her own career.

      • MELLOWESE EVANS says:

        well said…

    • Johannes says:

      You all are ridiculous…you are totally watching the wrong show if you don’t like Fitz!!! It was their chemistry that got the show the buzz in first place! Olivia’s character can’t exist without Fitz because getting him elected while he was the last candidate analysts thought could ever have a chance to win is what created her legend and got her enough clients to open OPA. The show revolves around her doomed love for this powerful, but unavailable silver fox. Sometimes I wonder if folk are intelligent enough to catch all the show’s obvious meanings as well as the hidden but still noticeable meanings. The Scandal is that this beautiful woman can fix everyone else but herself….that while she makes a killer living handling crisis after crisis for others, the biggest Scandal of all is HER life and love for the married president of the most powerful nation in the New World (my Germany is most powerful in Europe)–which is also the reason she is so good at fixing even the toughest scandals because she is always knee deep in her own. Oh I could go on and on…..Fitz’ character was ALWAYS a spoiled rich brat who never got to stand on his own because his domineering father was always orchestrating his every move–so it isn’t “whining” but rather an inner spoiled rich kid finally trying to find his groove in his 50s—I can relate to him as I was a spoiled rich brat running around like Eurotrash and then father died and I almost felt liberated, but also scared to make my own decisions. The black guy that plays Rowan is an amazing actor and I really enjoy watching him deliver his lines. Again, it seems like you never understood the show–or maybe you came in like the middle of season 2 or something.

      • abz says:

        I do understand the show and I have watched it since the pilot. Not liking a character doesn’t mean one doesn’t understand the subtleties of the show or the “hidden but still noticeable meanings” as you put it.
        Just because their chemistry started the show doesn’t really mean as much as some people like to keep pointing out. Shows evolve and change as they age. Scandal isn’t the same now as it was the first two seasons. I know some might be happy when the show ends to see Fitz divorce Mellie and be with Liv, but I don’t think I’d find that to be a satisfying ending at all.
        Fitz is just not a likable character to me. And I am growing tired of how almost every single show nowadays thinks love triangles and relationships on shows that go nowhere in several seasons are so interesting. The only thing worthy of pointing out that has come of the Olivia/Fitz relationship is the fact that her character has been a complete mess as a result and when she tries to pick herself back up and be the badass heroine of this show, the show continues to bring her back down. You said that yourself. She can’t fix herself. To me, there comes a point when that becomes tiring. There’s character development and then there is being stuck in an endless back and forth storyline that goes nowhere which is pretty much what Olitz is.
        I thought Joe Morton (the actor who plays Rowan) was good when he came on, but he is absolutely terrible now. I think his acting/delivery of his lines has stunk for the past year. Of course, the writing of his character and the stupid endless monologues they think are so cool are a major contributing factor, but aside from that his whole character and the B6-13 storyline have outstayed their welcome IMO. It’s basically become The Initiative storyline from Revenge, but at least that show realized they needed to end it.

      • niki says:

        you tell em girl you know what’s up :)

  7. Tracey says:

    I want the formidable Olivia Pope back

    • Pooches2 says:

      ME TOO Tracey. I want B613/Rowan/especially Jakes gone, NEVER to return or be heard from AGAIN. It is just pathetic.

  8. cdeno says:

    As a fan of all of Shonda’s shows I’m insulted that she would pick a favourite ( although not surprising it’s Scandal).

  9. Gladiators*NotB*tches says:

    Weeks? The Olivia missing story line will go on for weeks? I’m seriously wondering what happened to this show. The first half of this season seems like a spin-off of the original where a group of series regulars left such an impression, the network decided to give them their own show.
    I agree so much with what some of you have said. I’m over Fitz in a way that I can’t fully explain. I don’t know I’m supposed to believe this weak, lovesick puppy, who, left to his own devices makes a mockery of the office of the President. Aggressive? You’ve got to be kidding me. For the life of me I cannot understand what Mellie, let alone, Olivia see in him. ZERO appeal. The love triangle, turned pentagon (yes, pun noted) with the addition of Jake and now Andrew is just too much fluid swapping. Mellie/Fitz Fit/Olivia Olivia/Jake Andrew/Mellie.

    As much as I loved the B613/Papa Pope storyline, even B613 no longer seems like the badass organization it was once told to be.
    I miss the days when Scandal’s scandals stretched beyond Olivia’s box and family issues, and Olivia Pope was portrayed as a strong woman.

    • CottonMather says:

      Olivia was never “strong” when it came to Fitz though, not ever. Cliffhangers, “sex in the afternoon, and love triangles by the way are some of the staples of a soap—and Scandal was always a pseudo-soap.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Just figured this out. Shonda Rhimes is taking the show in a different direction to create longevity. Smart move on her part! It’s one of the highest rated dramas on television and ABC does not want it to end anytime soon. ABC also likes the B613 aspect of it. So to keep ABC happy Olivia Pope is going to be head of B613. But it’s not going to be as evil as her father made it. It’s going to have the OPA gladiator aspect. This will solve a lot of problems. For one, she will be just as powerful as Fitz. She will also create a role for Scott Foley who currently has no role other than trying to be Olivia’s boyfriend. He probably is going to be her second in Command. She still can be involved with Fitz. When his Presidency ends the show will not. It will continue but with a different President and the show will still have a purpose because Kerry Washington will remain powerful as head of B613 which the show will revolve around. This also solves the problem for Tony Goldwyn because he will be able to remain on the show as her husband.

    • herman1959 says:

      OMG, Anonymous, O.M.G.!

    • Sheila says:

      Sounds great! Maybe Fitz could work in a different influential position…head up a company. for a global conglomerate. As for Olivia’s romance, I think Jake is hotter. New direction means longevity for the show. Go Team Olivia!

  11. Gail says:

    I am almost sorry I have read the recent stories on the season 4 second half. The more I read the more I feel I should not waste my time. It seems I am going to be very disappointed and I have wasted too much time on this show. I pretty sure we are not going to get the Fitz Liv happy ending I have invested four seasons to see.

  12. meret says:

    This show is getting ridiculous

  13. I must be the only one who thinks that she should be with Jake. Fitz cannot have his cake and eat it too. He needs to support his wife who went thru hell and back to stand by him. He may be the President but he is a toal douche.

  14. Brianna T. says:

    Stop watching if you don’t like whats going on instead of complaining on articles about said show you are whining about.

  15. T says:

    I am completely willing to be written into the show to be Jake’s love interest when Olivia decides to be with Fitz. I use to think I wanted to see Jake and Olivia together but that was only because I didn’t care much for Fitz. Now I think Jake deserves someone completly into him. That could be me!

  16. Eloise Minn says:

    I don’t care how she changes as long as she stands by FRITZ.

  17. Eloise Minn says:

    I don’t care how she changes as long as she stands by “Fitz”

  18. mary says:

    Scandal I’m confused and lost so I hope something changet not used to seeing scandal like this?

  19. Susan Martin says:

    The show is almost over. It is the worst episode I have ever seen. It’s too scary having her in an Arab country and not interesting at all, not seeing Fitz. Just awful. I am very disappointed.

  20. jennifer says:

    Ridiculous waste of an hour. Won’t sit through another like that one.

  21. Kings queen says:

    I too am OVER b613, Rowan has to go, and jake also! I just watched season 1 and 2 again and there were a lot of good story lines. There has to be a change in season 4 we need gladiating, strong Olivia solving problems, and Potus and Olivia. State of affairs, covert affairs. And Madame secretary are taking over my interest,

  22. Bill B. says:

    The first episode of 2015 fell out of the south end of a northbound civet cat. Did all the good writers quit?

  23. Brianna says:

    Lord, last night kept me on my feet. I hope and pray Fitz finds her, oh lord gosh i hope Fitz or Jake finds her!!!!! don’t let her die in there!! Let her go home!!! Let her be in Vermont and dance with Jake!!!!!!! Vermont is beautiful but same time dancing with Jake is awesome!!! Lord I am so opposed with this show!! You don’t even know!!!!!

    Secretly, I think her dad is putting her here, because he wants to keep her under his fingers….

    Fitz find her…..

  24. diamondgirl says:

    I was totally disappointed in this episode. I realize that shows are meant to move forward, but this is a direction that I find a bit boring. We started watching the show to begin with because of Olivia’s character and the way she “handled” things and the hook was her relationship with Fitz. To think that Ms.Rhimes is taking the show in an entire different direction is frustrating. Ms. Rhimes may like what she’s doing, but it’s the fans tuning in every week that keep the show running. I’m not sure I will.