Arrow Recap: Black-and-Blue Canary

Arrow Recap Laurel Canary

If you were among those caterwauling about it being too soon for Arrow‘s Laurel to ably assume the Canary persona, boy oh boy, this episode was for you.

At the top of this week’s episode, Laurel-as-Canary goes to save a damsel in distress, and though she gets a few licks in, she soon enough is on the losing end of the fight, her bacon only saved by Roy/Arsenal, who says: “I think we need to talk.” Uh, yeah!

The thing is, Danny “Brick” Brickwell is tearing through Starling City, kidnapping Aldermen in the name of leveraging madame mayor into pulling the SCPD from the Glades, so that the crime boss may rule unchallenged. As ADA, Laurel procures intel on Brick’s whereabouts, and uses that advantage to wiggle her way onto Team Arrow, despite Diggle’s wholly reasonable concerns. And sure ’nuff, when she and Roy go to rescue the Aldermen, Brick gains the upper hand and lobs Canary aside. Roy then puts a pointer in Brick, but that only incites the goon into popping one of his hostages, leaving Roy and Laurel laden with guilt.

All the while, with Canary seemingly back in action, Quentin believes his missing daughter to be returned — and Laurel plays along, even phoning him as Sara at one point. Then, rallied by Felicity — who has rejoined Team Arrow after learning a lesson from Ray about fighting for the people we care about — Laurel suits back up and a new offensive is launched at Brickwell. This time, Roy and Laurel score more hits than misses, and even when Brick corners Canary, she makes a splashy getaway by leaping through a window and grabbing onto a ladder dangling from Ray’s borrowed helicopter. Later, Quentin again talks to “Sara” (obscured atop a fire escape, in shadows), wondering why she’s avoiding him. She promises to explain everything, another time.

Elsewhere in Starling City: Malcolm scolded Thea for not packing to leave town, but she challenged his reasons. Ultimately, Dad came clean with a version of the truth about Ra’s and why the League put a target on his back. Thea, though, shows some glorious gumption by countering, “Why not stay and fight? Why ask me to be afraid now? My father taught me to stand my ground… [Ra’s] should be afraid of us.” A lovely sentiment, but as we later see, Thea’s DJ crush is actually a League mole, who reports to Sarab that Merlyn has no plans to leave Starling.

Meanwhile, on Oliver’s side of the story….

Recuperating with herbs and penicillin, Oliver urges Maseo not to return to the league, fearing he’ll pay the ultimate price for betraying Ra’s al Ghul’s wishes. But, as Tatsu notes, whereas Maseo might listen, he who is now known as Sarab will not. The debate is interrupted by the arrival of several League members suspicious about the tracks leading from Oliver’s death site to this cabin. A fight breaks out, and Maseo and Tatsu dispatch with the lot of ’em. Afterward, Oliver invites Maseo to return with him to Starling City, but Maseo seems resigned to returning to the League. (In flashbacks, we saw that Maseo was willing to cede the Alpha thingamabob to China White, in trade for Tatsu, explaining to Oliver, “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for family.)

* “Well, they’re not lasers. That’d be ridiculous. They’re compressed hard light beams.”
* “You can’t fix this with money, Palmer.” “I don’t know, I’ve got a lot of money.”
* “I’d feel a lit more competent in your aeronautic abilities if for instance you knew that helicopters don’t have keys.”
* Question: If you’re one of the two surviving Aldermen, when this Canary shows to rescue you, are you almost like, “Nah, we’re good”?

What did you think of “Midnight City”?

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  1. CM says:

    I was aware Arrow was doing a comedy episode this season.

    Other than the cabin and flashback scenes – Bwahahahaha!

  2. Mena says:

    There was a lot of action. Brick is a formidable foe. Dig and Roy drinking to Oliver. Felicity returns to the lair. The crime fighters are really trying to do good. As for the Ray and Felicity thing, meh. After 2.5 yrs watching Felicity and Oliver make their journey this didn’t make sense to me. Laurel said to not give up believing Oliver was alive last week, now they all believe he’s gone. I don’t like how Laurel’s lying to her dad about Sara. Thea and Merlyn plot is meh for now. But, the DJ is a mole for Maseo. The flashbacks were good. As a whole this was fairly good.

  3. Cassidy says:

    I’m really over the flashbacks.

    But I am enjoying Laurels story. It’s very realistic and something we have not seen in the show yet. A Vigilante slowly growing to become a hero.

    • Jill says:

      Slowly? After 3 months of boxing lessons, she did better than Diggle fighting Brick and she jumped out of a window to grab on to a rope ladder dangling from a helicopter in the air.
      The Laurel/Felicity scenes are ruining Felicity. Last season she was so honest she risked losing Oliver’s friendship to tell him Merlyn was Thea’s father; now she’s helping work up tech so Laurel can keep lying to her father about Sara. Last episode she was worried about her friends being killed, now she’ talking Laurel into fighting as the Canary. The writers are willing to twist everything that was likable and honest about Felicity to help make Laurel the Black Canary. Guess that shows us who’s the boss.

      • Shelley says:

        Thank you. My sentiments exactly. I realize Felicity went under a rock, as she said; however, the writers shouldn’t change her elementary characteristics to suit a story line for BC. That part made no sense at all.

      • Shei says:

        Like how Oliver told Thea he wouldn’t lie to her? Because Thea knows he’s dead and that he was the arrow? That Malcolm Merlyn brainwashed her and had her kill Sara and is an extremely extremely evil threat to her well-being?

        Heres the thing. I think I know what it is. Over the course the series maybe Felicity has evolved to understand that some secrets aren’t hers to tell, despite what she thinks is right or wrong, sometimes the people involved have higher stakes in a situation than she does.

        The thing is Felicity is being honest. She’s admitting that the mission Team Arrow began, was not Olivers alone, and they need to support each other in protecting the city and the people they care about when nobody else will.

        • Jill says:

          Quentin needs to know Sara’s dead. I understand why they don’t tell Laurel that Thea shot Sara, because they don’t know what Laurel will do. But Quentin is bound to find out and he’ll be even more hurt to know Laurel and Dinah lied to him for months.

          Laurel said she didn’t want Quentin to know because she didn’t want to lose him. I can understand she did it because she’s grieving but it will end up huring him more in the end and I don’t like it that Felicity, Diggle and Roy are supporting her in doing it. At the very least, Felicity shouldn’t have done the tech so she could sound like Sara.

          There’s a difference between not telling someone’s secrets and helping them lie to another person. I don’t like this Felicity.

          • Shei says:

            I’m talking about Thea knowing about Oliver. Felicity knows much more about Thea, that she is potentially in actual danger. I agree that Quentin should know, but making it seem as if Felicity not telling Quentin and Felicity not telling Thea (dead brother, father blackmailed him into his death, brother is arrow) seems off to me. The only difference is one is for Laurel and the other is for Oliver. It doesn’t seem out of character to me. I get that Laurel doesn’t think her father can handle it with his heart condition and eventually he’ll find out, but I think Felicity cares about her friends enough that she’ll help them even when she might think they’re wrong, because necessarily her thinking they’re wrong doesn’t mean they are.

      • Cassidy says:

        She has had more than boxing lessons and she kicked him in the groan that’s why she got the upper hand. Its like the haters have to distort facts to make their hate sound factual

        • Ann says:

          Agreed. The writers are showing that the Canary isn’t a great fighter, she’s just got a lot of will power and smarts. She tried beating down on Brick. I guess no one noticed when she was jumping down and tried to strike him, he didn’t even budge. The only way she was able to take him over was to kick him in the groin…that’s the number one lesson every woman learns in self-defense classes. Her jumping out the window and hanging from the helicopter ladder is a little less believable, but hey…if a big bad guy was coming after me, I’d do what it takes to get away from him and not be killed.

        • onelastemperor says:

          She took punches and kicks from a man, who was twice her size…….she should be dead right now, or at least unconscious with severe concussion……but she’s ok and jumping out of the windows and grabing helicopter ladders…..that’s not hating, that’s just facts, Laurel storylines are stupid, and poorly written, they are ruining the show!

          • Rob Watkins says:

            Oliver fell from a mountain and survived. They take liberties. This has nothing to do with Laurel and just you coming up with reasons to hate on the character. What ruins the show is romantic melodrama.

        • Teresa Rhoda says:

          For Cassidy I know this was just a typo and you meant to say “groin”,but it made much more impact when you wrote “groan.” Really felt the “Freudian slip”. LOL

  4. Cassidy says:

    Also please can we have more Laurel and Felicity scenes

  5. Jill says:

    Well, I pretty much hated everything about that. Hated how Laurel was out in the field while Diggle stayed at the comms, hated Felicity spending all her time propping Ray (not to mention flirting with him) and encouraging Laurel to put the Canary costume on again, hated the whole team helping Laurel keep lying to Quentin. Hated Laurel being a better fighter than Diggle or Roy and I guess boxing lessons teach you how to jump out a window and grab on to a rope to a helicopter.

    Hated the mayor being such a pushover. Christina Cox was completely wasted. Bring back the dominatrix she was on House.

    I really really hate how Laurel keeps lying to Quentin and everyone enables her.

    Malcolm Merlyn has become boring. How did they manage that?

    Felicity is the reason i got into watching Arrow but if they keep using her to prop Ray and Laurel, I may be out of the show for good. Why did they have to turn her into an idiot who tells Laurel to be the Canary and seems to have moved on to Ray so fast?

    it’s a shame because I used to really love this show.

    • Cassidy says:

      Just like the team is lying to her about who killed her sister

      How does one get taught to jump throw a window of a worn down building.

      Hmmm did you not watch the episode. Laurel was getting her as handed to her. She did not come off stronger than Roy or Diggle.

      Bye Felicia!

    • Kyle says:

      We get it. The show should become a procedural with a villain of the week, where Oliver goes out and Dig and Roy play second fiddle. Let’s only pander to the Olicity relationship and ignore that her positivity and light toward everyone is what makes her a great character, yeah, she should mope around until Oliver comes back and nothing else. Here’s where I learn that supporting someone means flirting with them, I mean seriously Ray and Felicity were practically making out, right? Right?

      I mean I thought it was clearly stated why Laurel was out there. It wasn’t for her ability, it was the mask, to show that the Canary was still out there. And where was it shown that Laurel was a better fighter than Roy or Dig? I knew people were going to complain if Laurel went out there and succeeded, but they went with a realistic approach of her stumbling and being out of her depth and people still complain.

      By no means did I think this was a perfect episode, but the blind hate for anything “Laurel” is getting annoying. She’s nowhere close to a favorite character of mine, but she’s improved over the course of this season. I don’t find anything anyone did this episode to be out of character, its just what happens when Oliver is out of the picture.

      • Jill says:

        I want the characters to remain who they are, not change to prop the current storyline. Last season Felicity was willing to risk losing her friendship with Oliver to tell him the truth about Thea; now she’s helping Laurel lie to her father about Sara’s death.
        Last week Felicity wanted to keep her friends safe; this week she’s talking Laurel into putting the suit back on.
        Yeah, Felicity and Ray were too close and tender considering she’s supposed to be mourning Oliver’s death from last week.

        Roy was good. Diggle was good except when he stayed behind and worked the comms so Laurel could be out in the field. That was ridiculous.

        • aunni says:

          u want a cat fight between laurel/felicity..?? i don’t get it, either she is too emotional or she didn’t show emotion!! wht is it

          • Jill says:

            I don’t want a cat fight. But I also don’t want Felicity to be written out of character because the writers think that that’s the way to get viewers liking Laurel.

        • lizzie says:

          I love Felicity too! but I think the situations can be viewed in a different way. Moira indirectly asked Felicity to lie to oliver: Felicity is too loyal to oliver to do that. she has no such loyalty to Quentin or Laurel. also, given her grief over oliver, perhaps she wants to spare Quentin the same sadness? her encouraging Laurel to me came from her conversation with Ray. he basically told her to that you fight to protect those you love. that is what she relayed to Laurel.

        • Kyle says:

          She still is mourning Oliver. She’s not jumping Ray’s bones. She’s being a functional person despite the anguish she’s feeling. I think this speaks to her strength that she can still be a positive force in people’s lives despite the pain she feels over losing Oliver.

          Her helping Laurel is more about her understanding Laurel for not telling him. She’s there for her friends. It’s not like Sara was hit by a car or something, she was murdered in cold blood, that certainly will impact him and could kill him, Felicity can’t predict what will happen.

          The last episode was about her losing her resolve, that keeping her friends safe meant them not fighting, that Oliver was their only hope. This episode was about her finding her resolve again, that she was doing this not just for Oliver’s sake but for everyone she cares about, for people that can’t defend themselves. I liked Felicity this episode, I didn’t like the one last episode.

        • aplwrites says:

          What? How does telling Oliver about Thea have anything to do with Laurel and her father? In no way are the situations the same and should not be compared. There isn’t a single common thread.

          We saw Felicity’s progression from the last episode to the end of this one. She was grieving fully in the last episode and so distanced herself from the entire thing. Now, some time has passed, grief isn’t controlling her action nearly as much, she got attacked in City Hall of all places, saw firsthand how the police CAN’T protect this city since they were being called out of the glades, and Ray’s speach about protecting people still alive rather than being hung up on the lost. How are you ignoring all of this? Do you not understand character development? Are you not actually watching the show? If you were a good person like Felicity, and you knew you could help the glades when you see the police wont, you wouldn’t do it because last week you wanted to keep your friends safe? Please, the progression from grief stricken “I can’t lose anyone” to a more level headed “we can’t let those we lost scare us from protecting those still here” was 100% there. Besides, her whole thought process, according to Ray and then subsequently her speak, was protecting those she cares about, which falls into the wheelhouse of last week EASILY, she is just going about it by facing it rather than running from it.

          • Casey says:

            I completely agree with you. I thought Felicity’s progression through her grief was spot on. I also agree that the circumstances of the lie is completely different. Plus the fact that Felicity never trusted Moira and she won’t lie to Oliver as it might compromise his mission. Lying to Quentin could well be saving his life (even though I don’t like that he’s in the dark)

        • murley says:

          I know I am not going to change your opinion of Laurel but it seemed to me Felicity wasn’t helping Laurel lie. They were using Laurel as Sara to try and get intel on the location of the hostages from Quentin. In fact Laurel looked pretty upset the whole time and not exactly thrilled to have to lie to him on that level. And Diggle was on the coms because 1. The whole thing that was explicitly said about the canary being a symbol and 2. Until Felicity came back who else would it be? Laurel doesn’t have the tactical experience or the familiarity with the equipment etc. it made perfect sense that Diggle would run the coms. That is actually the more skilled job than backing up Roy in that scenario. I loved that they had her fumbling through and making mess of things. As long as they keep on this track the journey to black canary has potential.

          • Jill says:

            1. Why wouldn’t Quentin have given Laurel the information instead of Laurel pretending to be Sara? As an ADA, she’s entitled to know police stuff whereas Sara is not.
            2. Laurel said the Canary was a symbol and Diggle immediately pointed out, until they saw her fight. The bad guy at the beginning when Roy had to save her even said that she’s not the blonde woman who was the Canary.
            3. Why did anyone have to be on the comms? Oliver and Diggle did okay without them before Felicity joined. It doesn’t make sense to leave the best fighter at home and send the two newbies.

        • moname91 says:

          If you really wanted characters to remain who they are then they will Always be flat characters, who never grow and change with new experiences. If that was the case Oliver would still be stalking/pinning over Laurel. I wasn’t really convinced of his 180 change of heart from Laurel to Sara to Felicity, but that was done to appease the Olicity lovers movement. A reminder that Felicity Believes 100 percent that Ollie is dead and is moving on accordingly. I do Believe in this episode that Laurel said we still don’t know if Oliver is dead for sure, but we do know that Sara is dead. With the Arrow not around these people: Diggle, Roy, Felicity & Laurel are trying to deal with the situation the best they can. There are new Dynamics in the Arrow Cave. What I can see is that they are all on equal footing (this does not mean skill level of fighting), but that each of them has something unique to add to the mix. No one of them is in charge they are making decisions together and I love the bonding between Felicity and Laurel. When Arrow gets back, he will be surpirsed to see that Life goes on without him.

        • blackconvoy says:

          Then you want a boring show with flat characters. Laurel lying to Quentin is her burden and her secret. She chose that for herself. So it is on her to break that news to him. Laurel is also going to go out and do what she feels is right. So Felicity and the rest of the crew might as well help her to stay alive. It’s the same logic with Ray. He’s going to work on the ATOM suit. So she might as well help him to stay alive. This was also Felicity’s The Dark Knight moment. Realizing that they’re more than just vigilantes. Their symbols to the people. That Oliver’s mission is more than him writing his father’s wrongs or going after the bad guys. It’s about protecting the innocent.

        • Charles says:

          I want the characters to remain who they are, not change to prop the current storyline.

          I don’t think that’s the case at all. For the most part as MANY people grow and gain experience, they DO change. Felicity admitted she was wrong and that she gained a new perspective.

        • Brigid says:

          What are you talking about? It’s not out of character for Felicity to help someone keep a secret, she does it every day when she keeps the secret of Thea murdering Sara and not telling Thea that Oliver is the Arrow. YOU are the one changing the character. Felicity changed her mind as you saw in the episode after Brick starting murdering people. She decided that it was worth keeping the mission because there were too many people worth saving in this world and if these few people wanted to risk their lives it was their decision.

    • blackconvoy says:

      Laurel sure didn’t look like she was the better fighter. In fact, it was Roy who saved Diggle and Laurel from Brick. And I hate how Laurel is lying to Quentin, but that’s her secret and her burden that she’s placed on herself. And why not support her being a vigilante? It’s obvious that she’s going to do it anyway, and if she’s out there on her own she’s going to be killed for sure.

  6. James says:

    I don’t understand the Laurel hate. For me, she is the most well developed of all characters. She started like the “good lawyer who helps other people” on S1, then turned into a drunk because of Tommy in S2, and now she is using the anger she built up from the past seasons to turn into Black Canary. Like someone said above, it’s nice to see her journey towards coolness, and how it’s not as simple as one could imagine.

    • James says:

      Also, I like Felicity with Ray way more. They have so much chemistry! (Don’t hate me, Olicity fans!)

      • Heidi says:

        I agree. They need to develop that relationship.

      • Josh says:

        Ugh Ray is Creepy and Olicity has way more chemistry. Ray only wants to protect her the city be damned unlike Oliver who wants to protect his sis Felicity Dig Roy Laurel and the city. Felicity has more chemistry with Barry than Ray. And Raylicity is barfworthy I don’t hate you man No Worries LOL

        • Jame says:

          I agree. I prefer olicity to Ray and felicity (ugh). I did not like this episode. I felt everyone was out of character. Its as if the writers want us to like BC that’s why they allowed felicity the fans favourite to encourage her. I am not really interested in laurel as BC. I prefer watching thea progress.

          • Patricia says:

            Olicity all the way. Laurel as BC was hard to watch. I think if they had casted a better actress I would have no problem with BC. This episode was quite boring. Good thing Oliver is back next week.

          • Amellfan says:

            Patricia, I mostly agree with you. I didn’t care for this episode at all. Because I have no feelings for Laurel. Nor am I interested. I hope for Oliver’s return. I didn’t mind Diggle and Roy’s kinship. Thea is going to be so devastated when she finds out. I’m more inclined for Felicity to be with Oliver, but, this season has been a downer as a whole.

      • Tim says:

        Yes!!! It’s because the actor who pays Ray is fantastic! The Arrow is actually the worst actor in the cast.

      • Sasha says:

        I rather they introduce someone new for Felicity if her an Oliver can’t happen.

        I dont like Ray, he is creepy. I know he’s supposed to fall under “adorable nerd” who is hot but I can’t.

        He really creeps me out.

        I dont know what it is.

    • Shelley says:

      I’m glad you see it that way. For those of you who like Laurel I’m glad for you to see her experience some growth. However, I’m not alone in not seeing what you do. For me I’d rather see Oliver every sec of every episode over Laurel. She is getting her chance to shine these episodes. This was not a favorite episode IMO.

  7. Alichat says:

    “I thought you were leaving town.” = Lines that should give Thea pause.

    Hello….how did he know? For someone who was “trained by her father”, she’s not very observant. I must admit, I was impressed with Laurel’s will. Now Diggle and Roy need to teach her a few things. And am I the only one who thought the dream at the beginning was Felicity’s and not Oliver’s?

    • Shelley says:

      No, I think it was Oliver being full of regret. He wishes he chose otherwise. But, it seems he will make a huge entrance next week. So glad to see Oliver.

      • Alichat says:

        Yeah, I understand why it was Oliver’s dream, but as it was first happening, I thought “aw Felicity is dreaming about him”…….and then he began to spit blood.

  8. Heidi says:

    Under Arrow Points – Qeustion is spelled wrong. Great episode. Lots of humor, but Oliver needs to heal fast. Bring Tatsu and let her take over Black Canary for a while. She’s got major chops. Thanks for the quick recap!

  9. CM says:

    Olicity fans need not worry. Felicity will find her way back to Oliver – but only after she sleeps with Ray.

    It’s how Hollywood sees relationships – Two people can’t get together until they’ve slept with someone to realize they’re meant to be with the other person.

  10. Drew says:

    Laurel and Felicity should totally get together. Flaurel shippers unite!
    Joking aside, not a bad episode. People will complain about Laurel going out too fast, but it’s not like normal law enforcement or military people train for five years before heading out. She’s still learning. I just thought it was funny that Roy was acting like the boss this week, when Diggle is clearly the senior officer here. Why was he staying back at the base?
    I still say that Maseo and Tatsu should get a spinoff or miniseries of some sort. It’s cool to see them fighting assassins together.

  11. Dude says:

    Loved the episode! Laurel’s story was really well handled and I love getting to watch her develop into a hero instead of just taking some miracle drug. Katie killed it this week and I like getting to watch her spend more time with Roy, Diggle and Felicity. One of my fav eps this season.

  12. JC says:

    Pretty awful episode.

    • Silly says:

      I’m not calling it awful. But, it did nothing for me. Lots of action scenes. Brick is a really good bad guy. The scenes with Oliver in flashbacks and at the cabin with Tatsu and Maseo were more interesting than the rest of it. Episode 13 Oliver returns. This is what I’m excited about.

  13. James D says:

    good episode. It is very awkward and unnatural to see BC getting her butt kicked but I’ll go along with it because it fits the theme of the show even if it throwing 68 years of character cannon out the window i know I’m splitting hairs here but it sort of annoys me sorry. with that said I give mad props to Katie she preformed the set pieces admirably. I’m digging the weird relationship between Malcolm and Thea it’s very well played by both actors especially JB. Love Brick Vinnie Jones always plays a good heavy. The Oliver thing is meh I mean it would be one thing if he was put in the Lazarus Pit because that’s part of the Comics but herbs and penicillin tea are suppose to miraculous cure him the dude was not only stabbed through the heart he was dropped of the edge of a cliff onto jagged rocks, i thought that was poorly done even with the herbs he should of been less mobile IMO.

    • DarkDefender says:

      He was stabbed on the right lower chest.. lung, spleen and liver maybe.. Definitely not his heart. Ra’s would also know that.. I am sure he wasn’t really trying to kill Oliver, unless he was going for the “slow death” of bleeding out at the bottom of the cliff.

      • James D says:

        Yeah maybe. I guess I have to watch the scene again i thought he got him just below the heart. I guess my point was more to the fall than anything else. it just seemed a little to easy for my taste. It’s cool that he’s back to life i thought they should of at least made him a little weaker then he appeared. not a big deal really we all knew he was coming back, it just irked me I don’t know why.

        • DarkDefender says:

          I agree. Either make it less look like he could really have died (from the fall) or take longer for him to heel.

    • John NYC says:

      The human heart is nowhere near the lower right quadrant of his chest where he was stabbed. Though his bleeding immediately from the mouth did imply his lung got nicked at least… OTOH this is a world where when particle accelerators explode people get REALLY fast….. Being based on comics after all, physiological accuracy? That ship sailed a long time ago.

    • Briggs says:

      This isn’t comics. Laurel doesn’t have all the training she did in the comics. So she *is* going to flounder quite a bit.
      ‘Based on the comics’, people. *Based*.

  14. G. says:

    I’m worried that at this rate, I’m going to lose track on when to start watching Arrow again. I always knew the likelihood of Faux Canary beginning was possibly the beginning of the end of my Arrow interest … I just didn’t expect it to be this soon.

    First episode I won’t ever watch … just read a recap of.

    • brenna says:

      You should definitely watch it. It was a very good episode with lots of action. People are going to like different things. I thought the entire episode was great and handled the developing characters well.

    • Boston2AZ says:

      Yep. It’s been deleted from my recording queue, too. Sad, but as long as others can enjoy it, great! It’ll be other shows for me.

      • Sil says:

        This ep was one of my least favorites which I most likely never watch again. That said, I’m glad others enjoyed it. It’s an ep that doesn’t interest me in the least. Every show is that way. People like different things with different meanings to viewers. I don’t like when people hate on characters either. I’ll give Laurel her due.

  15. DarkDefender says:

    I get the slow evolution of Laurel to become BC, but Caity Lotz played it so perfectly as Sara, that Katie Cassidy may never catch up. The comparisons are inevitable. I am trying to like Laurel, because I know she is the long game, but I just don’t like her or buy Katie in the role as BC. I like Felicity with Ray, because I don’t see true chemistry in Olicity (just my opinion, folks).
    Diggle was under utilized this week and that needs to change. Also I agree with a comment above.. When did Malcolm Merlyn get so boring?
    I know the age is wrong.. But for a moment.. I thought the DJ was Tatsu and Maseo’s son.
    Regardless.. ARROW is still one of my favorite shows on right now.. But I can’t wait for Oliver to return to Starling City.

  16. NC says:

    Anyone else catch them referring to Roy/Arsenol as “Red Arrow”? Maybe this is the start of them distinguishing them by colors……… ie: Green Arrow finally!

  17. nikki says:

    Poor Quentin. I’m sensing a fresh heart attack. Laurel was awesome. Felicity finally realised that there are other people in the world beside Oliver Queen.

  18. Dj says:

    I really don’t like the Laurel/Sara sub plot of her lying to her Dad. Tricking him twice in the way she did makes me not like the character. I like Thea and Malcolm story I can’t wait to see what happens when Thea finds out how truly evil her dad is.

  19. Dj says:

    Can they give the Canary a different wig and costume. Every time she comes on screen I think wow she looks really ridiculous.

  20. Mary says:

    I believe that Ray say that he would feel a lot more confident about Felicity wanting to use the helicopter if she knew that they didn’t have keys.

  21. Rick Katze says:

    I liked the episode especially the DJ reveal. Looks like they are setting it up for Oliver to return, although how healthy he is, is still a question to be answered and Laurel is likely to continue her training. Eventually a lot of secrets will be revealed. Suspect Thea will find out about Oliver before Quentin finds out about his dead daughter. Roy and Thea may get together again as a result of the DJ’s action. And eventually Palmer has to meet the family, if for no other reason than Oliver is missing and Arrow is missing, then Oliver returns and Arrow returns, not to mention that he knows Felicity has a connection to both Arrow and Oliver, and Palmer is not a stupid person

  22. Toni-ann says:

    The only problem I have with Arrow right now is everyone lying to Quentin. It makes no sense? Laurel says it’s because she’s scared he’ll have another heart attack. Umm, he’s the police captain which is plenty of stress, plus he gets in shoot-outs with thugs every week???! If he doesn’t get a heart attack from that, I don’t think the news will kill him. I can see that Laurel doesn’t want him to go through losing his daughter again, but lying on this big of a scale with pretending to be Sara is ridiculous. And Felicity should have never agreed to help her with that lie.

    Everything else about the episode was great. I like this Brick guy as the baddie, Oliver dreaming about Felicity was precious, and I’m liking Ray more and more with his comic relief, as long as the writers don’t make it out of character and actually turn him and Felicity romantic after she just lost the love of her life. Can’t wait for next week!!

    • Arsenal says:

      If Quentin is kept in the dark for awhile, the reveal will be more dramatic. It’s television’s M.O. He’ll find out eventually, but I think the writers want the viewers to be completely invested in it for now.

      As for Felicity losing the love of her life, I think that’s a bit of a stretch. They weren’t (and aren’t) in a romantic relationship yet. Now if they were actually a couple, I could see that being the case. Just my thoughts.

  23. E says:

    I really like Laurel and Felicity together and Roy stepping up is freaking awesome!

  24. ducttaupe01 says:

    Laurel’s butt double needs to hit the stairmaster…….

  25. rick says:

    Um is it me or am i the only one who sees felicity getting bigger in the belly and wearing coats in alot of scenes

  26. puck says:

    Oliver get well soon, without you, this show has become rather boring to me.

  27. P.S.L. says:

    Ok people, everyone is complaining about Diggle staying behind but who else was going to fly that helicopter if something had happened to him, if he had went in with them to rescue the two Aldermen?

  28. Maryann says:

    My only complaint about this episode and the one before it is that there is no realistic sense of how badly Oliver was injured or of him actually struggling for his life. The seriousness of his injuries just seems…whitewashed, or skipped over. No detailed or logical information was given for the extent of his injuries, or how he survived them. And the issue of his fall wasn’t even addressed — surely someone should at least have expressed amazement at how incredible it was that the fall alone didn’t kill him! I just hope we get more detailed info on this period of time in flashbacks in a future episode.

  29. Joey Padron says:

    good episode. Laurel had a rough start fighting crime. she needs more training. glad Felicity came back to the team. it was good to hear Sara’s voice again. Hong Kong flashback scenes were great.

  30. Joey Padron says:

    and surprised DJ guy is a spy for The League.

  31. brenna says:

    I thought this was a great episode. I loved the Felicity/Laurel scenes, the Ray/Felicity helicopter scene was LOL, the bar fight in the flashback was a great action scene, Oliver’s dream sequence. I still think EBR has chemistry with anyone she is on screen with. However, Oliver and Felicity are still the best. You could tell by Merlyn’s smile in his last scene with Thea that he is still manipulating. Now, I’m really looking forward to Oliver’s return next week. He’s been gone long enough.

  32. Sarah T. says:

    I loved last night’s episode and thought it was one of the strongest this season (which is saying a lot because I still missed Oliver working with the team). I thought Felicity’s emotional progression felt real and raw. I liked the interaction between her and Laurel as well. And I’ve never been a huge Laurel fan (she’s just not my favorite character). However, she’s grown on me this season. I liked that she still has some learning/growing to do in the fighting department. Though I do think she needs to tell Capt. Lance about Sara’s death, I think her main objective is avenging her death before she tells him that so to help ease the pain. Is her logic skewed? I think so but I also think she knows that if she were to tell him before she was able to find Sara’s killer, her Dad would never want her to suit up and that would break his heart even more if she were to defy him. I think it was fairly obvious that she didn’t want to pretend to be Sara but they needed to get the necessary info so they could best fight Brick. As far as Ray/Felicity, I liked their progression. I didn’t really think Felicity was flirting with Ray. She’s still not “over” Oliver, it’s just that Oliver is dead and she wants to help protect the city. She sees that Ray does too and gets his reason why. That gave her a better perspective on how she was handling her grief.
    Also, I liked that the dream sequence at the beginning was Oliver (at first, I thought it was Felicity). It’s clear he misses her and wishes he would have stayed. I think he sees his relationship with Felicity mirrored in Maseo and Tatsu which I think is giving him a better understanding of what Felicity is going through too.
    All in all, solid episode. I’m looking forward to Oliver being back next week.

  33. BrianR says:

    Laurel would have better luck using the fighting pole as a fighting sticks so she doesn’t over swing and get in bad position when she misses.

  34. Tarasin says:

    What is going on this season with the show is not the same as last season. Things are so off. Oliver being alive too soon, then they con tinue to keep Quentin in the dark about SAra’s death, then Laurel arealdy the Black Canary and she is no fighter, then Felicity is now a totally different person not the same one we all used to love liek she is having bipolar personality, last week she said one thiong about keeping her friends safe and yesterdays she want everyone to fight and help Laurel as if Laurel is Arrow. Thea also being kept in the dark about who is her father ?

    So far the only good characters I had seen so far this season are the villains, they are the only ones with good performances

    What is going on can anyone explain me? I hop[e in future episodes the writers or the EP wil fix tyhis mess they are doing with this show, they are ruining the show I fell in love with, Why they need to change fron the core the personality of the characters?

  35. Arsenal says:

    Oliver’s dream made me wonder if it had a double meaning (or any at all). It was either a kiss of death or a kiss to die for. Personally, I’m leaning toward the former because I’m not a fan of Olicity/shipping. The other was to show I had an open mind.

    Anyway, it was a good episode overall. Felicity admitted she was wrong, which was expected because she had to get back with the team before Oliver returned. There were a lot of good moments throughout for all characters involved. Ray brings a little more comedy to the show, as does Laurel with her Black Canary mishaps. Looking forward to next week.

  36. Gail says:

    With Ollie alive, Sara’s death is still not avenged. Why wouldn’t Ra’s al Ghul go back to Starling City and start killing people until Sara’s killer is found ? Does Ra’s al Ghul think Ollie did it or does he assume or know that Ollie is protecting someone? This was the threat that caused Ollie to fight Ra’s al Ghul in the first place.

    Why wouldn’t Dinah Lance tell her ex husband that their daughter, Sara, was dead when she found out? I thought when she appeared in the Christmas episode it was so that she would be there when Quinton found out. Her coming for Christmas, confirming her fear that her daughter died, and then leaving didn’t seem to add anything to the story,

  37. Lucia says:

    So Tatsu and Maseo’s kid is dead, and Oliver is some how involved. Did not see the DJ thing coming!!

  38. Gerald says:

    I thought the show was great. And I have no problem with Laurel transitioning into Canary, but I did find it odd that “because she lost her sister” is not a valid excuse to not have Diggle (a much more experienced fighter and marksman) help with the fight to get the alderman back and in the warehouse, and why couldn’t he don the Green Hood again? A third person would have been really handy both times. But it was more important that he do Felicity’s job and talk them through the fight and fly the helicopter? Even still I loved this episode.

  39. Sasha says:

    I rather they introduce someone new for Felicity if her and Oliver can’t happen.
    I don’t like Ray, he is creepy. I know he’s supposed to fall under “adorable nerd” who is hot but I can’t.
    He really creeps me out.
    I dont know what it is.

    • John NYC says:

      For a show as overall dark as Arrow he’s played just the far side of innocent and that’s a bit jarring…

      • Sasha says:

        I suppose but take Barry for example, to me he works. Whether in the The flash or Arrow.
        He meshes, has a likable personality and as innocent in a lot of ways but it works?

        I’m not sure if i’m getting my point across LOL

        Ray gives me a hibbie jeebies (sp?)

        No idea how to spell that.

  40. Dominique says:

    watching laurel fall flat on her a$$ was the best thing. she think she can take a couple of weeks of sparring lessons and she’ll be the canary’s equal. nope.
    i loved watching diggle and roy take the spotlight.

  41. John NYC says:

    I like that she’s being far from immediately successful. Much more realistic, which given this is a world where particle accelerators explode and people get REALLY fast….

  42. C2theLo says:

    Is everyone forgetting that in he first season Laurel kicks ass when Tommy and Oliver are getting a beat down from the club they were spying on. She has always had fight in her. Her rage and anger over Sara’s death is I think what’s holding her back. Every back back off Laurel.
    Also I am kind of over Felicity because I like her humor and not when she’s melodramatic mess. I support her and Ray. Because if Ray ends up evil it’s ok. And I just still believe Laurel and Oliver are endgame even though is anyone less tolerable of Oliver this season? Also Roy tries to act like she is so much wiser than he is. Also I am hating Diggle more and more each episode. End rant.

    Anyone else think the flash is more enjoyable and better written?

  43. Carolyn says:

    Are we really not going to comment on how RIDICULOUS Laurel looks in costume? I mean Pahleeeese! Her wig is Hilarious…it doesn’t even fit…she just looks stupid. I cannot get into her character. It felt very rushed to me…..and it all started with a tiny black jacket.

  44. Ms Thing says:

    I enjoyed this episode and I love the evolution of Laurel to BC.

  45. Pat says:

    I was a little concerned when Laurel was trying her best at first, but did not accomplish trying to save the councilmen in the van. Roy, of course was there fighting off the other bad guys but then had to help Laurel. In the end, they all started to get their acts together and they saved the men. With Oliver returning, I know that he will be mentoring Laurel to finally become The Canary. Poor Thea, she will I am sure find out what her father has done to her in having her kill Sarah. Anyway, I did enjoy the show last night and of course I was yelling at the TV during some of their fight scenes, especially the ones at the beginning which as I mentioned before were not going to well and my husband who was not in the room heard me and thought I was nuts. Next week, looks fantastic and I cannot wait for Oliver’s return.

  46. AW says:

    Laurel/BC was awesome last night! Katie Cassidy did great!

  47. Chris says:

    Loved this episode! I was never fond of Sara or her being the Black Canary, and I was skeptical about her death being the driving force behind Laurel’s transformation, but I’m pleasantly surprised with how much I like the storyline. One of my biggest pet peeves with Arrow has been how fast everyone picks up on being a vigilante or villain. Like Roy, for instance. It’s like all the sudden he went from a scrappy street fighter to a parkour mastering ninja. I like that they’re taking their time with Laurel by showing her failing just as much as she’s succeeding. It’s a nice change of pace. And I love the dynamic between her and the rest of the team, especially Felicity. I’m actually excited for what’s to come, something I haven’t felt at all this season.

  48. Briggs says:

    I’m feeling a bit better about Laurel being BC, but I want to see what happens after Oliver gets back. Despite what other people have been saying (including certain after show hosts), I don’t think the show has jumped the shark, yet. I trust the writers. Her scenes as just Laurel have vastly improved, too. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.
    Well, not everything she’s done as Laurel is something I approve of. Her not telling him Sara is dead is really getting old. And that scene where he thinks he’s talking to Sara on the fire escape… oh, the feels. The awful, terrible, heart-rending feels. I was, at least, happy that Diggle and Felicity were obviously not happy about Laurel continuing to lie to him. Gah.
    I liked that Thea wouldn’t just jump when Malcolm told her to. He doesn’t have the control over her that he wants, which I approve of. His omitted truths will come back to bite him at some point, but I loved their scenes together.
    I knew it! Chase has a purpose! Thank you, Arrow writers, for proving me right! Now, what his place is within the league is still up for grabs, but I’m willing to wait.
    Felicity was, as usual, absolutely wonderful. Another one out of the park for Emily! Her scenes with Ray (so cute I find myself shipping-conflicted, which I never thought would happen), her scenes with Laurel (more chemistry, friend-wise, than I thought), Team Arrow… all of it was so good.
    Loved the Oliver/Sarab (Maseo)/Tatsu scenes. Very nice. Having him right back with two people charged with watching over him before doing so again had to have done some serious deja vu to Oliver. And present day scenes with those were absolutely heartbreaking. I hope we find out what happened soon, though I greatly suspect that something happened to their son. Poor little guy…
    Flashbacks have been far more interesting post-winter finale, I have to admit. And look! Oliver finally washed his hair! LOL It will be interesting to see how he winds up back on the island.
    Can’t wait for the next episode!

    • Anne says:

      I did not enjoy this episode. I am still trying to like Laurel but I find it very hard to. Felicity was better in this episode more than in last week’s episode. She has chemistry with all the cast members, Ray, Oliver and even Laurel. Looking forward to next week when Oliver returns.

  49. Luis says:

    There was so much about this episode I was happy with, starting with the opening dream sequence. A perfect counterpoint to the heartbreaking Ollicity scene in Episode 9, and I liked that it was Oliver’s dream, rather than Felicity’s. So grateful to the writers to show Laurel trying and failing to emulate her sister. She knows she’s not really ready for this work, but she also knows that with Oliver gone, every one of them had to step up to take his place. I was so happy in the final battle scene that they gave her a baton and took that staff she had no business wielding out of her hands. I liked seeing Ray’s heroics in the Mayor’s office and his admission that his motivation was no longer vengeance for his wife, but protecting the ones he cared for, like Felicity. I actually liked Thea’s gumption in standing up to Malcolm – he has largely kept her in the dark about the true nature of his activities, so I get the sense in her wanting to make a stand in her home town. I loved the Dig/Roy scene over the vodka bottle; it was a touching moment of male bonding. The flashbacks and the cabin scenes were well done. I assume Maseo joined the League as penance for something that happened to his son; the look of devastation on his face as he walked out of the cabin was saddening. I love Vinnie Jones and I love Danny Brickwell -I hope he isn’t lost at the end of this arc.
    Then, there was the bad. First, Laurel is a trooper, I’ll giver her that, but jumping through a window and catching a rope ladder from a hovering helicopter? A bridge too far – not at all credible. Laurel has to end this deception with her father – it has reached the point of active cruelty. It’s unfair to a good character. Also, is it odd that Felicity showed up for work at Palmer Tech after the speech she gave Ray about his suicide mission?

    So looking forward to next week.

    • herman1959 says:

      I went back over the episode to see what happened to Maseo’s son, but I still couldn’t tell. I guess this means more Hong Kong flashbacks. You’re right about the helicopter ladder – I was ok with Laurel still learning how to fight, but the helicopter was too James Bondish – she should not have know how to do that at this point.

  50. Celine says:

    Laurel character is getting a bit much…. Sorry, but her acting skills are terrible, maybe for a high school play… Write her out or get a new one….I hope the full story of the flashbacks are coming to an end this season, you can run with that for only so long. Felicity is a strong character, keep her in and a lead role, prefer to watch her over Laurel…wondering is Katie Cassidy the daughter or wife of an executive producer? Honestly, just not sure how she stays on this show…

    • Rita says:

      I agree with you Celine.

    • EmilyBettfan says:

      Celine, I agree with u. People say writing has been her demise, but, I say the actor is who brings a character to life. And Laurel is just not a memorable experience IMO. Come back Oliver. I wish they gave a major story arc to others. Diggle, Roy, Thea, Felicity, Quentin, Ray. Anyone else since Oliver was supposedly dead. TBH, for me, with her as a character is mixed with Team Arrow, I’ll have to record it first. Then watch it later. And I love Arrow, just not that character. Tatianna from Orphan Black, now she brought several characters to life. I love that show. Arrow can be wonderful.

      • Arsenal says:

        Your name suggests favoritism toward a certain actress, who hasn’t actually done much other than Arrow. As for Laurel not being memorable, that really isn’t true. You’ll always remember how much you dislike her. :)

        • EmilyBettfan says:

          No, I’m not biased for favor of Felicity. I’m talking about a young actress making her 1 episode in s1 so memorable that she was asked back and made a regular. Felicity has a lot of fans, I’m 1 of them. She is so likable that her character melds well with most characters of the show plus Flash. I’m not alone in my feelings about Laurel character. Many people like her and I’m glad for all of you. But, as I’d said that an actor brings a character to life and creates that character’s personality, making them great or forgettable or somewhere in between. There several after shows for Arrow that have hosts who don’t like her. Many people I know don’t like her. But, on Facebook there are many who do. I have to say that I am not showing favoritism, I’m saying I enjoy another character immensely over Laurel. Felicity, Sara, Thea, Lyla and many more female characters and all the male characters are more interesting and enjoyable over her. We will have to agree to disagree.

        • Celine says:

          I don’t mind the character, the actress isn’t good at delivery…she’s getting drowned out by the other actresses…it’s too bad, it is what it is, they need a stronger lead actress, Felicity, Thea, etc…Sarah would’ve been the stronger actress so they should’ve kept her character and killed off Laurel. …in my opinion. :) there will be no memory of her.

      • Becky says:

        I also agree. don’t like the way Katie cassidy acts either. I have been trying to like her but her character is all over the place. Am glad Oliver is back next week. This weeks episode was boring for me.

        • Celine says:

          I agree with with Becky and Emily, Katie Cassidy is a weak actress.. It’s not a negative statement, it’s fact, a good actress can bring a character to life, good or bad, you like or dislike….there is neither with this actress, it’s boring and not at all believable. I think this show could be better without her….I think they killed the wrong sister….