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Kate Gosselin 'Shocked' by Apprentice Firing: 'It Should Have Been Kenya'

Kate Gosselin Celebrity Apprentice

For the record, Kate Gosselin was just as blindsided by the results of Monday’s Celebrity Apprentice as you were.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Gosselin tells TVLine of her firing. “I’m not a sore loser, so I had a great experience, but I was genuinely shocked. I did not see that coming.”

Read on for our full Q&A with Gosselin, including her “no regrets” attitude and her thoughts on the villainous Kenya Moore.

TVLINE | I feel like most of the people watching from home assumed it would be Kenya. Do you think she should have been fired in your place?
I got a lot of that, as well [on Twitter]. It definitely was Kenya who should have gone. I played this game the way I would want someone who works for me to play it. But this is TV, so you can’t deny the ability of drama to get ratings. The drama that played out in front of us had something to do with it. It was what it was. In my real life, hard work, doing my job, working well with others and finding solutions without drama has never gotten me fired before. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Watching the show, especially the confessional interviews, were you surprised by anyone you thought you knew?
I have a good gut instinct about people and their motives, so I knew what people were like when we were filming. Still, it’s disappointing to see how low people will go, and how they’ll compromise who they are to get somewhere. I wouldn’t do anything differently. I have no regrets.

TVLINE | You came out looking good. Was it your goal to protect your image?
Well, my goal was definitely to win. [Laughs] Having said that, I went into it being who I am. In every project I do, I’m unwilling to compromise my values and morals and ethics. That’s very important to me. I knew I had to practice what I preach, because I’m preaching to my [eight!] kids. Don’t be the mean girl, work hard, take any job. It doesn’t make me feel good to be conniving and manipulative. I can’t do that. I’m of the belief that I’d rather outsmart and outwork people than doing it the ugly way.

TVLINE | Do you know who wins? If not, who could you see going all the way?
Watching him work, I think Geraldo [Rivera] definitely has what it takes. He’s very smart. Maybe he’s a few generations beyond his competitors, but he’s just so knowledgable and wise. Leeza [Gibbons] also definitely could win it. She’s smart and had a lot of great ideas and she definitely played the game well. She made friends with everybody.

Apprentice junkies, do you believe Gosselin deserved the boot, or should Moore — or perhaps another contestant — been let go instead? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Belle says:

    Should have been Kenya…no doubt about it!!!!

  2. J says:

    Why would it be Kenya? She made no mistakes and all of her critiques were accurate and agreed on by Trump and his advisors. Very confused why she would go…? For me, based on the challenge, Trump and his advisors, it seems that Kate or Vivica should have been fired.

  3. Babybop says:

    Definitely should have been Kenya. Very impressed by Kate. She changed my entire opinion of her being on this show.

    • Ross says:

      WHAAATTT? C’mon Jon, really?

    • Nancy Burian says:

      Babybop: How in the world do you know what Kate G. did when not on camera? On 1 project, she didn’t raise any money at all. The following project, she came up with a check for $30,000 and I think that one was from her bankrupt, boyfriend. and the check probably bounced after the show anyway. One project she had to shop and off camera, she probably was sitting at a little cafe drinking coffee and chatting on the phone. She’s not one to work anymore, she’s lazy and she kept a low profile all the time just like Shawn Johnson. And I have to say one more thing: why would anyone let that Kenya Moore sing on that boat cruise? She was terrible.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        There’s a scene during the Nordstrom challenge showing Kate telling Vivica on her cell phone “We aren’t wasting a second ” and immediately afterwards they show both Kate and Shawn playing around on their cell phones.

        Kate was playing passive-aggressive games .

    • darcel says:

      Kate told Donald Trump sons lies about Keisha and Vivica. She was a backstabber and thought she could win the game by backstabbing, lying and not coming up with any real good ideas. If you are impressed by her, maybe you missed some of the shows, I saw them all.

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    Kenya takes no responsibility for anything, unless it’s a good thing of course. Anytime anything goes wrong it’s always somebody else’s fault. Kenya should have been fired BUT Kate was project manager and unfortunately she couldn’t get past the “girl drama”. I feel if she had spoken up more in the boardroom instead of just sitting there letting Kenya and Vivica argue she would not have been fired.

  5. Sam says:

    She should have been fired weeks ago. She has been as interesting as a piece of boiled cabbage. In this task she deserved to go. As much as Kenya Moore is a troubleshooter, she has proved to be creative. But her days are numbered too.

  6. Robin Wiegele says:

    I think Kenya should’ve Been the one to go. Mr. Trump got this one really wrong.

    • Jon says:

      Kenya certainly said some nasty things, especially to Vivica (that “at least *I* haven’t had plastic surgery” crack made me gasp), but Trump has proven time and time again that he respects people who fight HARD in the boardroom. Earlier in the season, it was obvious he didn’t want to fire Kevin Jonas, but his boardroom tactics were sub-par. Kenya knew that and argued her case far better than Kate.

    • darcel says:

      I think Mr. Trump got it right. In one of the episodes Mr. Trump told Kate she has a dirty mind and Kate could even laugh it off, but had to have the last word. She is so conniving that she said Keisha did not give any directions, she called Vivica a project manager without direction and Kate is manipulative and a backstabber who dug holes for other people and finally fell in her the hole by getting fired. Mr. Trump got it right.

  7. Ginger Snap says:

    Kate Gosselin is delusional.

    There’s ample evidence throughout the season that Kate Gosselin underperformed during every challenge . Kenya may have pushed the envelope but she showed a lot more understanding about how to play the game .

    Kate was an ineffective project manager TWICE.

    • bkisses says:

      lack of intelligence made Kate fail.. she was up under Vivicas behind, when Vivica tried so many times to get her fired.. and still this ignorant person kept sucking up to Vivica,..

  8. R says:

    Girl, bye! You never delivered on any task besides maybe lunch.

  9. William Jackson says:

    Unfortunately it’s a roll of the dice on this show. As pointed out Geraldo seems to have his finger on a lot of what goes wrong/isn’t liked by the sponsors in numerous campaigns but his tail is generally covered. IF the supposed rumor that Joan Rivers had a pre-shooting deal to win, I’d assume that Geraldo has the same this season.

  10. Matt Barnes says:

    Really??? In the headline???

  11. Ray says:

    Spoiler alert! I haven’t gotten around to watching just yet (usually time shift by at least a day), but now the fun has been sucked out. :\

    C’mon TV Line, you’re usually better than posting elimination spoilers in the title–especially for a show that just aired the other night.

  12. Ginger Snap says:

    Kate was project manager in the first part of the episode. Kate was clueless about the cloud product. Lisa Gibbons had to take over the commercial because Kate could not get her act together. The team won because of Lisa Gibbons.

    In the second part of the episode, she undermined her team by spending 6 hours shopping with Shawn. She was part of the back of the house delay in getting food out of the kitchen during the Luvo challenge.

    Trump accused Kate of “lying low ” during the Cosmopolitan challenge. Her teammates felt she spent her time shopping.

    She promised to deliver $25,000 during one fund raising event and deliver nothing. She promised to deliver $50,000 during the wedding dress fund raiser and delivered only $30,000.

    During the Nordstrom challenge, she was seen shopping with Shawn again. She seemed unable to grasp Vivica’s vision of the shoe display.

    Her contributions to 2 episodes was to bring in her hairdressers. And she held up production of a video while her team waited for her hair to be done.

    She never was able to verbalize a vision for the challenges, lacked creativity, imagination or organizational skills to complete projects. She was great at criticizing others but never brought anything meaningful to the projects she participated in.

    She knew the Hooters idea was horrible and said nothing.

    Why did Kate’s team lose?

    The client thought:

    Ian’s team delivered great luxury, they understood the property and interactivity.

    Kate’s team delivered the kids/family. There was no Trump luxury. It lacked interactivity with the client.

    Kenya’s complaint was that Kate didn’t understand the luxury side of things. By shutting Kenya out, Kate is left with full responsibility for failing to understand the requirements of the project. And she failed to delegate to the members of the team who did understand the project.

    It falls on Kate’s shoulders. And it was the second time that Kate failed as a leader. It was her vision and she failed.

    At the end of the day, you have a very clear picture of someone who underperformed during every challenge. She never showed any leadership.

    It was time for Kate Gosselin to get fired.

  13. jake says:

    The only thing Kate has delivered is 8 Kids.. GO AWAY..

  14. catherine newell says:

    Kenya should have gone. Trump missed on that one.

  15. Team Kenya says:

    If you lose the challenge and your the Project Manager then you should be fired. Donald Trump is a smart guy and if he felt Kate was capable or talented enough to be the next celebrity apprentice he’d have kept her. Looking forward to next weeks show- I hope Kenya and Vivica continue bickering because it makes the show so fun to watch.

    Did I mention? I love this show!

  16. Ella says:

    I can’t stand Kenya and I agree that she’s a backstabbing, below-the-belt-hitting cow who brings negativity and doubt to the team she’s on. However, Kate was the reason they lost the task, she had zero concept of luxury and her interactive promotional event fell flat. She deserved to go this week but I really hope Kenya AND Geraldo get fired soon. Geraldo is just awful, his ideas, his ego, his everything just need to be PUT DOWN.

  17. bkisses says:

    Kate.. go back home take care of your kids and be a nice mother for once.. quit trying to blame Kenya for you lack of failed and believed Vivica was your friend she stabbed you in the back when Kenya tried to warn you..

    • darcel says:

      I watched every show and Vivica never stabbed Shawn or Kate in the back. Vivica told the truth about Shawn’s lack of enthusiasm and told the truth about Kate also. That is not stabbing people in the back, she spoke truth. Kate is the big backstabber. She approached one of Donald trump sons in the episode with Keisha and talked about how Keisha did not give clear directions and in another espisode, I think the last one Kate approach the two Trump boys and talked about how Vivica and Kenya had girl drama. In another show Kate said Vivica was a project manager without direction. So clearly you are in error with your statement about Vivica backstabbing anybody and Kate thinking Vivica was her friend.

  18. Hooooly says:

    Should have been Kenya without doubt. I think Donald kept her around for the drama and the ratings it brings… She is a pain in the “you know where”. I would never have her work for me. She can not be trusted. She is not a likable person at all.

  19. Connie says:

    I think Kate got fired because Mr. Trump wanted to keep Kenya on the show. Kenya is adversarial, and at times, nasty and controversial. The bottom line is that a “nice” person has to win, but some conflict along the way keeps his show in the news and his ratings up.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      Kate got fired because her team lost. Stop apologizing for her.

    • Ellen says:

      I think there’s some truth to this. They try to keep the antagonistic people on as long as possible. Geraldo and Kenya are better for ratings than someone who’s nice and low-key.

  20. Nancy Burian says:

    Kate G. should have gone at the beginning. She really didn’t do much work on any of the projects, she was staying in a low profile to hang in there longer. She didn’t raise any money for one project (she said her people didn’t get there in time for the deadline – yeah right. she has no friends!) . the next one, she got $30,000 and I think that was from her ‘bankrupt boyfriend millionaire and probably the checked bounced afterward anyway, but she didn’t get any other money that time, did she? the next project, she shopped and who knows what she did other than shop, but I’m sure she was sitting around at some coffee shop playing games on her cell. She doesn’t work. she thinks she’s ‘above’ that. what she needed to realize, is that she is NOT any kind of a celebrity, she doesn’t have those kinds of friends with the right connections and money, and why oh why did she have to have a body guard on that show? Who would want anything to do with her? Wasn’t she on a previous Celebrity Apprentice before? Why would Trump put her on again? She’s a LOSER…………………………

  21. Yo says:

    Of course it should have been Kenya, but Trump doesn’t fire people based on performance or ability. He fires them based on how they will help ratings. And her baldly self-aggrandizing flattery didn’t hurt. Trump should be smart enough to have seen it for what it was – his son did – but his ego may have gotten in the way.

  22. DAR says:

    Unfortunately, Kate and many viewers were distracted by the Kenya drama. In the end, Kate and her team failed the task and Kate, as project manager, couldn’t control her team and didn’t have the marketing smarts needed. If she couldn’t manage the ladies, Kate needed to win the task to avoid the boardroom…then she wouldn’t have had to answer for her failings.

  23. Chris says:

    They lost because it wasn’t classy. Kate failed on that. She should have let Kenya build the set like she wanted. I would have been upset if Kenya went home, because Kate just didn’t deliver.

  24. A Baldwin says:

    Kate should have never been on to begin with. It’s “Celebrity”, not reality show nightmare.

  25. darcel says:

    Kate should have been fired because Kenya offered to decorate in an upscale fashion and Kate sent her shopping instead. Kate then said that if Kenya wanted to be the project manager she should have stepped up. I watched every episode and Kate is a backstabber that got what she deserved. Brandy seems jealous of Kenya to me and everybody seems to take up for Brandy. Kenya has her faults too but Kate should have gone home. Kate purposely dragged her time with her hair in the one episode. She purposely tried to be against Vivica and lied on Vivica and Kate seemed to have problems with the black women on the show and take up for the white women. Anybody watching with non-bias racial eyes can see what when on. Shawn and Kate called themselves talking any kind of way to Vivica and Vivica has been a professional the whole time. Leeza, Vivica and Ian are all winners to me.

  26. Nancy says:

    Should have been Kenya, I know its all about ratings but it was unfair to Kate, she did a great job and Kenya is a trouble maker….

  27. Belinda Smith says:

    Lay off Kate Gosslin. I thought it was an insult when it was suggested,she really did not have the class of the rich,in society. Those other two ladies should have Kate’s job. She is a mom,a
    nurse,homemaker,Chief CEO,chauffeur,secretary and has many other good titles. How many
    people could do her job? Mr.trump should have fired someone else. There are a lot of bottom
    kissers as a lot of viewers witnessed. Kate, hold your head high,you do not have anything to be
    ashamed of. Your idea for the kids play area was fantastic. My personal opinion is that you
    should have been rewarded for that idea.

  28. Deborah says:

    I was surprised to see Kate in the line up and was prepared to dislike her intensely. What a surprise! I have done a complete 180 degrees in my opinion. I’d like to see more of Kate in the future, based on this showing. I wish she had been a bit more aggressive when Kenya said she’s not accustomed to luxury. Kate may not be a world-class jet-setter, but her experience as a nurse, mom, and reality star gives her a different kind of skill set and experience that Kenya has no clue about.

  29. I was surprised to see Kate on the line up and was prepared to dislike her intensely. Wow. I did a complete 180 degrees in my opinion of her. I’d like to see more of Kate, based on this showing. However, she could have been a bit more aggressive in pushing back on Kenya’s claim that she is not familiar with luxury. I thought Kenya was extremely bigoted toward moms. Kate may not be a world-class jet-setter, but her experience as a nurse, mom, and reality star has built a skill set and knowledge base that Kenya can’t imagine. Kenya’s emotional immaturity was showing and in the end, took her down. Good riddance!

  30. Therese Gosselin says:

    I’m so glad she is gone,we want to see someone with some sort of smarts.
    Thank you

  31. Mark says:

    If it wasn’t for so-called reality TV shows, Kate would have to get a job like anyone else. She is hardly a star or celebrity.

  32. patty crosby says:

    Kate Gosselin is a nobody!