Gotham Recap: Fish on a Hook

This week on Fox’s Gotham, Jim Gordon took out some trash, Penguin surveyed his new dominion, Fish tried to wriggle free and Selina sent Bruce mixed signals.

If you heard a groan echo through the canyons about midway through this episode, that was me reacting to Fish resurfacing at her club after Penguin had barely been able to kick the tires. Yes, it came on the heels of a triumphant moment for Butch, who rode to the boss lady’s rescue after managing his own escape from Falcone’s goons. And he and she then had that warm moment on a bed, as she caught her breath afterward. But Penguin was having such joy, impressing his kvelling mother with his new club, the visit from “friend” Jim Gordon… I hated to see the wind taken out of the guy’s sails. Worse, to see him then literally kiss Fish’s feet.

Luckily, Fish’s resurrection was short-lived, interrupted by Victor Zsasz and his mute molls. They peppered the place with bullets as Butch ushered da boss down the back hall and out a window, then literally took one for the team. I have no fear that Butch is still alive, to return another day — just as Fish will, having been secreted out of town at night by boat, after giving Bullock a goodbye kiss at the docks. “Always” what, hmm?

Meanwhile at the GCPD, Gordon and Bullock tackled two homicides — the second being a concerned citizen hoping to ID the killer of the first, but dispatched with an ice pick while at the cop shop. Gordon soon enough saw which way the dirty, corrupt wind was blowing — narcotics division douchebag Flass was behind the uptown drug trade and was covering his steps. Jim bumped up hard against the blue wall of silence, but after soliciting an assist from Penguin he was able to solidify his case with hard evidence. Alas, Jim later realized that Penguin’s “favor for a friend” did in fact come with a price, the knowledge that a drug mule’s wife and kids had been threatened — and that the contrite snitch believed Detective Gordon sanctioned the tactic.

Elsewhere in the hour: Edward Nygma continued to become more and more captivating (e-nygma-tic?), with his ardent, sweet (yet not aggressive) wooing of Kristen Kringle. Is the show ever so slowly laying the foundation for his inevitable “snap”/ascent into Riddler-dom? (Maybe if his lady love were to die at the wrong hands?) Also, Bruce got a message to Selina via mangy Ivy, and then gifted Miss Kyle with a snowglobe from his recent trip, only to see kitten wield her claws and hiss she was lying about seeing his parents’ killer, and that she wanted him to stop hassling her. Obviously, I think, Selina was leveraged into backtracking/giving the lad the brush-off, but we have yet to see who put her up to it, if that is the case.

What did you think of “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon”? One of the better post-hiatus episodes?

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  1. Jeff hunter says:

    I loved the ep.,its going to be interesting how the rest of the season going to go from here.Thankfully, we have scarecrow and the teenage-ish Gray sons coming and Red Hood.I”all between Gotham and a snow-in Raw,its a great night for TV.

  2. JulieAnn says:

    Harvey and Fish… huhmm, well, that was unexpected and incridible sweet.

    • Grey says:

      Harvey and Fish made me wonder if maybe, just maybe, Fish is not really a criminal but just really deep undercover for the law. Not *that* would be a twist.

  3. Joey Padron says:

    Good episode. Preview for next episode looks good. Excited for 2 part episode!

  4. Dea says:

    Is it wrong that I just wanted to see Mooney literally swim with the fishes? Loved the episode, especially Penguin’s creepy, celebration dance, but I’m so over that character.

  5. drhenning says:

    I didn’t notice Bunchy last week but they got him this week..

  6. Jane says:

    Loved Penguin and his nutty mother. Glad Fish is gone. Edward is getting creepier every week. Poor Bruce really needs a Mother-figure in his life to soften some of the blows. The Harvey/Fish scene was sort of sweet. However, the basic problem with this show was very apparent last night. Whenever they were on Jim and the case he was suppose to be solving I lost interest. Once again he was fighting corrupt cops in Gotham. How many times can they do that storyline? Getting old. The only interesting part of it was the way the confession was gotten and that didn’t involve Jim.

  7. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I like Mooney JPS plays her so well but for how long will she be gone? The Penguin he’s F-in nuts but also like him too. Can’t wait to see the 2 part episode as well this is a REALLY GOOD show!

  8. ninamags says:

    It was another good episode.

    I was feeling as helpless and overwhelmed as Jim was, I’m sure. My god, the level of corruption in that department is mind boggling!!
    How can anybody stand it? It’s depressing as hell.

    I disliked Fish in the beginning but either JPS has toned down her performance or the character has just grown on me. She can’t be gone too long.

    I still feel sorry for Nygma. Is that woman supposed to be important? I don’t like her.

  9. colig says:

    this is why you never leave enemies behind you or show mercy.just kill them and you don’t have to be concerned with them any more. i also understand not killing off fish mooney because keeping her around gives the writers lots of options. i just can’t stand jada smith.she is a horrible actress ad i know other people have said it but i felt the same way in episode one,that she was basically doing eartha kitts catwoman.

  10. A says:

    Loved this episode. A few thoughts:
    — I sure missed Alfred the last two weeks.
    — I’m sure Butch has a long arc ahead of him. I’m starting to see him as the Wild Card in the mob war — working behind the scenes, turned on his best friend … When the dust settles, he’ll be one of the few smiling.
    — The Nygma storyline is so delightfully creepy and sad at the same time.

  11. John says:

    I don’t think Selina was threatened into lying to Bruce. I think she found his condescending stalking annoying and wanted him gone. She was happy with snow globe, until Bruce said she should live at the mansion because it was better than her place. Even if objectively true no likes how the live being demeaned.

  12. Sheldon W. says:

    Worst ep of the season. Scattered, unfocused, too many things going on for any one (or two) of them to be handled satisfactorily.

    Which is not to say that there weren’t moments that entertained – just that this could easily have been two eps and been far more enjoyable.

    I did enjoy seeing Butch be gallant, and Selina walk back on her budding friendship with Bruce (but I don’t believe anyone got to her, I think she just got freaked out by Bruce actually wanting to be her friend).

    Also, I want to see more of whatever that thing is that Fish and Harvey have got going on. They’ve been fun together ever since the series premiere.