Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Sea Sick

Celebrity Apprentice Season 14

Monday’s Celebrity Apprentice offered up a new recipe for disaster: Take nine ferocious celebs (at various points in their careers) and just add water.

The first hour tasked Teams Infinity and Vortex with planning duel boat tours of New York City, and as even the most casual Apprentice viewers could have predicted, there was some serious drama on the high seas.

Despite Team Infinity’s initial setback — its original theme was Mardi Gras, an experience unique to New Orleans — a quick course correction by project manager Brandi Glanville saved the day. (No comment on Kenya Moore’s performance. It was a thing that happened, and now we can all move on.) As for Team Vortex, it could be argued that its biggest misstep was sexing up its tour with Hooters girls… but I’m pretty sure that Geraldo Rivera blurting out “Screw the terrorists!” was far more damaging.

First Celebrity Fired: Sig Hansen

With only eight contestants remaining — Moore was moved to Vortex to balance things out — the teams were asked to shift their collective focus towards the Trump National Doral, a massive hotel/golf course complex in Miami, Fla.

Under the flawless leadership of Ian Ziering, Team Infinity crushed its competition by crafting an interactive experience highlighting the best of Miami. Meanwhile, per Rivera’s suggestion, Team Vortex created a literal mascot for the Doral’s “Blue Monster,” but that was hardly Vortex’s greatest misstep; Moore brought her personal brand of crazy to the team, throwing Vivica A. Fox under the bus at every possible opportunity, and generally bringing Vortex’s vibe way down.

Unsurprisingly, Moore and Fox threw down in the boardroom. Phrases like “backstabbing” and, of course, accusations of bus-throwing flew fiercely over Rivera’s head. (Speaking of Rivera, how much of a pro is he? He might just make it to the big finale.) In the end, though, neither feuding contestant got the boot; it was project manager Kate Gosselin who was sent packing! I know, I can’t believe it either.

Second Celebrity Fired: Kate Gosselin

Time to sound off: Did Gosselin and Hansen deserve to be fired? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jen says:

    I wonder how much say the producers have when deciding who of these illustrious celebrities get the ax. That said, I could see why Trump fired Kate. Luxury seemed to fall low on her list of priorities.

  2. Mel says:

    I don’t care if Kate was the project manager for the losing side, Kenya should have been sent home. What was it she said to Trump towards the end – the Trumps were like the First Family in the U.S.? I can’t recall the words exactly, but seriously? What a way to butter him up (and kiss a$$) to try to stay on the show. I guess it worked, though.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      You know it was Kate ‘s 2nd time as Project Manager. She was ineffective the first time and her team would have lost if it were not for Lisa Gibbons.

      It was time for Kate to go.

  3. JB says:

    Trump/producers are either gearing us up for a Geraldo/Ian finale or Vivica/Kenya finale. And may I state that I hate that I got sucked into this show. But hey, at least it’s not the Bachelor!

  4. Lovely says:

    I can’t wait to see Kenya get fired next week for stealing Vivica’s cell phone. She’s not a good leader or team player or even like able. No way she could ever win CA.

    • dont care says:

      So Kenya is getting fired next week? Well that’s it for me. Wasn’t a fan of the show before, only watched this season because Kenya was in it. This week is my last time. Good luck to the rest of the contestants.

      • macy says:

        They’re just predicting that — it’s not guaranteed that Kenya is going home.

        • Sam says:

          The press revealed that last May when said episode was being filmed. Donald apparently calls her “the most evil woman i’ve ever met im my life” before firing her ass.
          She stole Vivica’s phone and sent a mean tweet from it.

          • Lovely says:

            Yup. Kenya’s gonna be gone with the wind. And its about time. She really has no skills and is not fit to be CA. She’s just a big ball of crazy that’s entertaining to watch but she should have honestly been gone a while ago.

    • Carl says:

      Who knows what’s going to happen remember when Joan Rivers won and she lied in the finale.

  5. Lovely says:

    Poor Kate got stuck between hurricane Kenya and VIvica. She was toast no matter what. She looked like a deer in headlights.

  6. lawrence taylor says:

    I love the show always watch it, but this season to me, the one who ready needs to go is Geraldo Rivera should have been gone a long time ago.

  7. Brooke says:

    Absolutely not. Kenya 100% should have been sent home. Just goes to show that Donald is all about the show’s ratings and does not care about who actually got caused the problem. I will no longer be watching this show.

  8. Nana says:

    Get rid of Geraldo and Kenya!!!!

  9. Nana says:

    Trump should be ashamed for keeping Geraldo and Kenya. Very messy. Ratings will plunge if he doesn’t start firing the one who deserves to go. His 2 you were right sons and mini me daughter are always going to agree with him. Do the right thing.

    • CK says:

      This season finished filming in early 2014. Trump is not going to respond to ratings or broadcast details that he wasn’t aware of in his firings. It may come into play during the live finale, but not in the episodes.

    • Dys says:

      Since decisions like this are far from being new on the show, I don’t think that he’s too concerned with any potential backlash. He already knows how people will react.

      More often than not, and no matter how much he contradicts himself for firing someone but keeping someone else for doing the same thing, he’s likely to keep the celebs that cause the most drama or have the biggest personalities.

    • Linda says:

      I agree. This is way to “Urban Housewives” and “Jerry Springer” for my liking. There’s a reason I don’t watch that trash. Geraldo is such a db. I feel bad for Leeza and Johnny. Maybe it’s time to stop watching.

    • dont care says:

      Heard he is firing Kenya next week and I personally will not watch again so you see that people like Geraldo or Kenya do have a fan base that tuned in and ratings will also plunge when they are fired. I get tired of people threatening shows with bad ratings as if they have the power or know the minds of millions of people. People threatened bravo that if porsha was removed and Kenya was kept that ratings will plunge but yet the show is having their biggest highest rated season. Am willing to bet that Geraldo, Kenya and Brandi , Jonas have the biggest rabid fan base.

  10. Judy says:

    Moore should have been fired tonight. I’m so SICK of her DRAMA that I can’t stand to watch the show anymore and I have NOT MISSED an episode since “The Apprentice” first aired !!!

  11. dont care says:


  12. dvwright says:

    What’s with Kenya Moore playing Donald Trump by saying his family was the real First Family of America throwing Presidential Family Obama under the bus? And “The Duck” fell for it!

  13. colleen hall says:

    They keep kenya moore just for the drama ratings. She is a touble maker and should have been fired long ago.

  14. kates2424 says:

    I feel like Geraldo is going to win because he should have been fired multiple times. Out of all that is left he is about the only one who seems like someone Trump would “hire”.

  15. Chris says:

    Geraldo should have been fired, not Sig. His comments are what polarized the guests. Also this year the teams were full of non celebrity celebrities. Sig was the one. He is gone and now so am I.

    • I agree 100%

      Geraldo should have been fired ages ago, it’s not fair really. I love Sig, he was great to watch. And I’m also a big biased since I’m a huge fan of Deadliest Catch. And Geraldo’s comments were not necessary at all.

      At least Sig didn’t get totally screwed, he got 25,000 for the Coast Guard. Just wish he was still around and he didn’t get thrown under the bus. The ‘Sexiest Catch’ theme wasn’t the problem entirely, it was the screw terrorists comments that Geraldo did.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      Sorry but the Hootees idea was horrible for crowd that features women, childre and men. He drove that idea.

      He deserved to be fired.

  16. Ginger Snap says:

    Thank God that Kate Gosselin is fired. Could not stand her.

  17. celebrity says:

    Kate’s train wreck of a blue monster in the midst of Trumps luxury resort was enough to get her fired! She failed to think through what the Trump image represents. Kenya although the monster of the show was not the reason that Ian’s team murdered Kate’s team. Trump fired the right person.

    • NYCMommy says:

      Actually the Blue Monster character was the ONLY THING they liked about Kate’s teams interactive display. It was for the kids club and executives loved it. everything else not so much.

  18. Ron says:

    I was on the fence between Kate and Kenya over who should be fired. But, and I never thought I would kinda sorta defend Kate Gosselin, I think Kate is/was a better more effective player than Kenya, and Kenya did contribute to the loss. Ultimately it should’ve been Kenya. But of course Trump kept Kenya because she brings the crazy. It also kinda put a bad taste in my mouth that the sentence out of Trump’s mouth right before he told Kate she was fired was “And it’s just your time” or something similar. Almost like regardless he was gonna fire Kate just because he didn’t want her there anymore. Also, Geraldo is a mess and should’ve been gone several times over. However, I’m saying it now, Geraldo will win. He and Trump seem to have a preexisting buddy-buddy relationship, have similar views, and Trump likes the “bigger” names–and as much as a whackadoo as Geraldo is, he technically is the biggest “star” of those remaining. Simply because of how much he has screwed up yet still around, I’m convinced when casting occurred Trump had already decided Geraldo would be the winner before filming even began. I think the final four will be Geraldo, Vivica, Ian, and Leeza, with Geraldo and Ian in the final two (two very different but equal kinds of crazy) and Geraldo winning.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      Trump didn’t make this decision based on one turn as a project manager, Kate had functioned in this role twice and was rescued by Lisa Gibbons the first time . It was time for her to go .

    • Fran says:

      I totally agree. I think Trump has his sights on Geraldo to win, but he is a Mr. Know-it-all and I can’t stand him. Even Kate had him figured out. You can’t disagree with him because he is always right. You have to talk to him in a way that doesn’t make him look wrong-even though he is! Kate should not have been fired. It should have been Geraldo for his stupid tour guide remarks, or Kenya for being such a trouble maker and back stabber. She can’t get along with anyone and she thinks she’s all that! Can’t stand her. Leeza should win. She has the most brains and class of anyone there!

  19. Tina says:

    HAROLDO needs to go he is the one looseing for everyone,,, HE SUCKS

  20. Robin says:


  21. Me. says:

    I stopped watching when Kevin Jonas was sent home. I just thought keeping Geraldo was stupid after he was so rude when the execs came during that episode. I never understand Trumps reasoning on who he fires.

  22. lola says:

    I agree that Kate should have been fired. However I hope Kenya is next to go. She almost blew the NY cruise challenge with her vulgarity. Like the people said when they voted…..she has no class! She has also proven that unless she is “queen bee” in charge she creates dissention and drama.

  23. Lynda Gsgnon says:

    Kate Gosselin should not have been fired! Never! Should definitely have been Kenya Moore. She is the epitome of a liar. Mr. Trump and Celebrity Apprentice have done this for rating purposes only. Expect people to tune it to see the girl fight go on. Kenya should have been fired when she made the remark about Brandi and her ex. No more Celebrity Apprentice for me. Can’t take any more of Geraldo either!!!!

  24. Don says:

    Anyone know why Sig Hansen was a no show on the Today Show?

  25. Marty Thompsen says:

    I had to laugh when Kenya put the blame on Kate for not having the class to show the luxury of Trump Doral. Kenya has zero class and it was clearly shown with her obnoxious twill bit. I think Trump and the producers are keeping the classless Kenya and Brandi. The words that come out of their mouths should not be on TV. SACK THEM BOTH for being extreme losers. If one is not fired next week I will not watch anymore. This is just tasteless entertainment.

  26. Slim says:

    Only reason Kenya was not fired because she is a flunky from Trumps pageant. I been watching this show for a long time and i was shocked Trump didn’t fire Kenya. The self proclaimed world traveler and part time thief will be gone soon.

  27. T says:

    Kate wasn’t great at this but in this case she shouldn’t of been the one to go. I am surprised she lasted as long as she did but she really wasn’t the major problem on this one. It is getting hard I only have a few people I can stand anymore on the show. I think the only one left I really would like to see win is Leeza. Johnny could win too but he hasn’t done as much to deserve. The rest even Ian to me don’t deserve it. Brandi saved him by actually reading up on the facts of the hotel and he couldn’t even get the name right.

  28. I know Donald Trump claims not to drink, or ever has, but how he fired Kate without being somewhat altered, is beyond me!! If you have a disease, which Kenya Moore is, and has showed it many time, I don’t understand why she is not gone???? I think your sons even wanted her gone! She is So Narcissistic not sure why it is not obvious to Mr. Trump???

  29. armstronganita60 says:

    I’m done watching this season’s Celebrity Apprentice! I can’t stand watching Kenya! I just have one word to describe her–OMAROSA! ICK!!!

  30. Laura says:

    Ughhhhh!! Kenya should have been sent home. She was a distraction to Kate, and the whole team during the task. Kate should have spoken up more in the boardroom, and told Trump to look at the 40 messages Kenya sent just to save herself. I’ll miss Kate. :(

  31. Pat says:

    I believe Mr. Trump already knows who wins from the beginning. There are arguments why some should go home but he still picks just who he wants!

  32. Dinah sandoval says:

    Yes, I am glad she is gone. They really do anything.

  33. Valerie Connell says:

    Of course Kate should have been fired. She is nothing and thinks she’s all that. Go back to Nursing.

  34. Betty says:

    Sig’s Hooter idea was what made them lose and also Giraldo’s agreement with the idea. Geraldo’s droning on to the crowd didn’t help. Giraldo is sure getting a free ride for all his bad ideas and pushiness. Kate should not have been fired. She was the only one working the first day. I guess the drama effect won out….not the work effect.

  35. Bernice Smith says:

    Kenya Moore is a trouble maker. As soon as she and Vivica began their shopping trip, she started bad mouthing Kate Gosslin ( who I do not car for), stating she should had been over the project and not sent out to shop because of her expertise and talent.

    As Vivica stated, Kenya will throw anybody under the bus and do anything to get what she wants. To say that the Trumps are America’s first family was an all time low to get what she wanted. I have never heard the Trumps referred to as “America’s first family.” She intentionally kept calling Kate to make people think she was concerned about getting back in time. The only person Kenya Moore thinks about is herself.

    Smart people have sense enough to not do what Kenya does to get what they want. What goes around comes around.


  36. jake j. says:

    Kenya should go because she is absolutely nauseating. Period! That song and dance on the circle line was pathetic. I’m sure she’s convinced she has great talent. She’s got Obama Syndrome. Pure narcisist. There are always one or two people every season that think they are better then everyone at everything, and they never win. The producers know people will keep watching just to see those idiots get canned.

  37. I used to love this show, but each year it just gets worse and worse as well as more predictable than ever. I have to say that Geraldo Rivera makes this show unbearable to watch for me. Between the smug narcissism to downright embarassing self promotion, I get physically sick to my stomach. Also YOU DONT MAKE A VIRAL VIDEO IDIOTS. You can make a video and HOPE it goes viral, but you just dont purposely MAKE a viral video. The viral part if up to US!

    I NEVER thought I could ever have such strong negative emotions towards another human being, until I saw Geraldo appear. As far as I am concerened, this I am pretty much done with this and other “reality” shows. These peoples wouldnt know “reality” if it bit them in the ass.

  38. As long as Kenya Moore is around Donald Trump will not have to buy any more toilet paper!

  39. Deaf lady say says:

    I can’t believe Donald Trump fire Kate ! Kenya is big baby. She alway act me me me me. She spoil brat lady! I think Donald don’t want get involve racist.

  40. Geraldo Rivera is taking advatage people. He is bad. He trying making people confuse. He want to win! He acted like I want to win!! He is bad guy.

  41. gary says:

    Kenya is AMOROSA reincarnated to haunt the apprentice!!!!!

  42. Mike sample says:

    Donald your program sucks. Kenya has been a detriment to every team she had been on. You only keep her there for the drama. Sad …Sad…Sad…….