Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Once, Empire, Defiance, Grey's, Bones, The Following, Supernatural and More

How is Once Upon a Time turning the tables? Will a Grey’s Anatomy secret keep? How will Sweets return on Bones? Who’s in a “bad place” on The Following? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Is there any chance for Captain Swan scoop from Once Upon a Time? I miss them dearly! –Sarah
Series cocreator Adam Horowitz tells me that when Season 4B arrives on March 1, “The tables are turned” for the Storybrooke lovebirds when “Hook, after having Emma return his heart, will now have to fight to protect Emma’s heart.” From what, I/we can only wonder….

Can you give us Greys Anatomy fans anything on Jackson and April?! – Mark
As you can imagine, a “powerful” story is ahead for those two in the wake of Jackson overhearing Stephanie discuss with Dr. Herman the dire complication with April’s pregnancy. “For Jackson, who is a man of science, and April, who is a doctor filled with faith, it is going to be a very interesting struggle,” series creator Shonda Rhimes shared during our Season 11B preview Q&A. But know at least one thing: This won’t be about Jackson keeping the news to himself. “That would just make him an awful human being,” Rhimes said, “so we’re not playing that.”

Is it too soon to ask for Empire scoops? This show has become an instant fave in my house. — Aria
Lucious is poised to get some very good ink toward season’s end, when he is profiled by an audacious and irresistible magazine reporter. Thing is, drumming up good buzz about Empire’s looming IPO offering is far from this lady journo’s true agenda.

Can we expect any Hodgins and Angela storylines — together or separately — in the second half of the current Bones season? –Rachel
“Hodgins and Angela have something exciting happen to them – which is like the worst, most vague spoiler ever,” Michaela Conlin told me, laughing. Perhaps T.J. Thyne happened to elaborate? Previewing Cyndi Lauper’s next appearance on the show, he said, “Avalon ‘sees’ Sweets, which pisses Hodgins off, so Hodgins and Avalon go at it, with Angela caught in the middle. And that gets pretty intense!” (On a presumably lighter note, Conlin also teased an episode involving a poker game.)

Do you have anything on The Flash? –Sandy
Episode 16 is a real family affair, introducing both Captain Cold’s sister (played by The Tomorrow People‘s Peyton List) and Cisco’s brother (Sleepy Hollow‘s Nicholas Gonzalez). Of the latter casting, showrunner Andrew Kreisberg says, “We’re definitely going to see Cisco in his home environment, which is fun. Some of it’s based on the comic book work that Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates and I did, and some of it’s our own invention.” Bonus scoop: Episode 18 will unleash on Central City a bee-a-utiful tech wizard who rocks oversized shades and red lipstick… and has devised a clever-slash-amoral-slash-wildly unstable scheme to weaponize bee-sized ‘bots.

Longtime reader, yet a long time since you’ve shown love for The Middle. Care to change that? –Becky
Well, speaking of L-O-V-E…. Can you think of a reason why we’ll be meeting Sue’s boyfriend Darrin’s wedding-obsessed aunts in Episode 16?

Have we seen the last of Michael’s shady brother on Jane the Virgin? — Katie H.
Hardly! Ryan Devlin returns as the suspicious bro in Episode 12, airing Feb. 2. “We love Ryan,” executive producer Jennie Urman says. “So I’m sure he’ll pop up again.”

Do you have anything about Nurse Jackie‘s final season? Anything at all? –Stephanie
Be careful what you wish for, because showrunner Clyde Phillips is not a “happy endings” kind of guy. “No, I’m a believer in authentic endings,” he says, “and I think that the end of this season is as authentic as it can possibly be and will be really satisfying to the viewers.” Showtime boss David Nevins meanwhile describes the series finale as “a really appropriate ending. It’s funny, it’s frustrating, it’s emotional — all the things that Jackie is. There are a lot of complicated feelings at the end. I will say that I cried.”

Do you have scoop on either Defiance, Dominion, Once Upon a Time, TVD or Extant? –lilslim
I choose… Curtain No. 1! For Season 3 of the Syfy drama, I can confirm that Linda Hamilton will be back as Pilar McCawley, and there will be the introduction of a new alien race. (Ugh, just when I had all the others finally figured out.)

More Supernatural spoilers, always! Thank you. — Dee
Previewing this Tuesday’s episode, EP Jeremy Carver says, “Charlie definitely comes back from Oz somewhat different — and that’s an understatement. Things happened. And typically, what happens in Oz, stays in Oz, but not this time. It’s all coming back. Suffice to say, we’re going to see a Charlie that has been substantially changed.”

Is Jill Flint returning to The Good Wife later this season? Lana is so connected to the Bishop/Kalinda story arc. –Eve
Although Flint at this time is not (yet?) scheduled for another visit, she recognizes that Lana could (should?) figure into Archie Panjabi’s exit storyline. “There are a lot of fans who hope that that would happen – which makes me happy,” she shared at TCA, where she was promoting Season 2 of NBC’s The Night Shift – the source of occasional scheduling conflicts. “For a couple of seasons, [The Good Wife has] tried to give me an extensive arc with Archie, but unfortunately… we’re like ships in the night. We’ve never been able to fully realize it,” she noted. For her most recent, fall arc, “What they tried to do is take, like, eight episodes and cram it into three. So when Archie and I are together, we always try to infuse as much of the relationship as possible. Everything between the two characters is always between the lines.”

The Following‘s hiatus is a killer! Do you have any scoop on Max and Mike you could share? – Anna
Most simply said, per Shawn Ashmore, Mike is “in a bad spot” when Season 3 picks up, about a year after the events of Season 2. Because though Ryan is “in a happier place” with “the right woman for him” (played by Lost’s Zuleikha Robinson), Mike’s dogged pursuit of Mark Gray, the last surviving member of the family that killed his dad, has taken him overseas. “I’ve sort of taken off and let that relationship go, so Max has moved on,” Ashmore shares. “And I’m trying to get her back.” Bonus scoop: Ashmore also gave fair warning about this season’s new Big Bad, played by Sleeper Cell‘s Michel Ealy: “We cannot find a chink in the armor, we cannot find a weakness. It’s a totally different take on the extremely evil, powerful, demented villain.”

Can you give me any info on Chicago P.D.? –Miriam
“I think you’re going to start meeting Halstead’s family members within a few episodes,” Jesse Lee Soffer shares. “Possibly siblings coming somewhere in the next four or five episodes.” Meanwhile, Lindsay’s mother Bunny is set for an encore, “stirring up some sh-t and causing drama,” Sophia Bush says.

Amy and Jake have been seriously lacking on quality scenes together on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Anything coming up with them? -Raven
Melissa Fumero told me, “It’s really fun where they take all of that – because it’s not going to be what I think people expect it to be.” When we spoke last week, she said, “We just shot some really fun Amy/Jake scenes, getting to see them be partners and do some cop stuff again…. It’s been a while!” – to which I of course had to say, “The title of Amy’s sex tape!” And we laughed. Good times.

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. What_EVAA says:

    ugh, enough with Captain Swan… we don’t need any more news on them, we already know that everything is alright with these two… How about some real spoilers for OUAT instead?

    • 10sfreakoid says:

      Amazing this show was originally targeted at adults, isn’t it?

    • Joey says:

      It warms my heart to see disdain for Captain Swan all over the comments in this article.

    • Len84 says:

      I like Emma and Hook. The question was very specifically asked about them!

      • abz says:

        I don’t get why some people don’t understand this. Send your OWN questions in and if they have scoop to give you an answer to it, they’ll post it. I’m not crazy about Rumbelle as I find them completely dull together, but some people like them and they send their questions in, so you gotta accept that and either read it or skip to the next Q&A. Sarah’s question was about Emma/Hook and she got an answer.

        • Mer says:

          I wonder if they filter questions out. I can’t imagine that the number of people that display their displeasure of Captain Swan, don’t send questions. It is obvious by ABC’s marketing that they want to shove that relationship in that face. I don’t think they display intelligent questions that challenge the logic of that relationship.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Actually, if one pays attention, this column (and site) alternates between covering a wide variety of characters/topics about OUAT. I challenge anyone, “Mer” included, to prove otherwise.

          • merwordup says:

            In response to Matt Webb, respectfully, I am not challenging the validity of a OUAT not answering a wide variety of different topics and plots in regards to the show. They do answer people questions Queen of Darkness, whether Robin will be back, and such.

            What I am wondering is if a question would ever be broadcast that challenges relationship that is quite apparent that ABC markets very heavily, for instance Captain Swan. Like, this is a respectable question. Would Emma ever find out of the some unfavorable deeds that Hook has been involved in that will change her perception of Hook? That is not offensive question, and I think it has some validity.

            For instance, Emma believing that Hook helped Ariel find her prince. That single event instantly changed Emma’s perception of Hook, and he became Killian. We know that he was no hero in that regards. It is perceived to me and others that some whitewashing has been done for Hook. Whereas Regina’s and Rumple’s misdeeds from the past get referenced and is having real life consequences for them right now in the season, we see none of Hook’s misdeeds every brought up. A&E even admitted, in regards to Hook doing deeds while his heart was taken, that he’ll get a pass which is understandable. But heck, even things he has recently done that were unsavory (blackmail, piracy, Ariel situation, threatening Will). He still has the girl, he is on “Team Hero” even though the absence of villainy doesn’t make him a hero. Heck, for most of season 3 and 4, he has been a liability or just not overall useful to the magical plots in Storybrooke. Maybe some things of his past will be brought up in 4B. That will be pleasant surprise.

            Or how about the fact that Hook blackmailed Rumple first, and threaten innocent Belle, yet again? A woman that he has tried to kill 3 or 4 times and gave a half-hearted apology too. I mean, with the introduction of Ursula, once can speculate whether Ariel will be back. That is a valid question to ask because that whole instance could be brought up again.

            So thank you Matt for giving us scoops. All I am wondering, and you can help prove me wrong Matt, I’m not a moderator for questions that has access to the writers, but has there ever been a question like the one above in regards Captain Swan to be published on mediums such as articles and scoops? Questions that real dig deeper in the relationship then wondering when the next date is, when Hook is going to get new clothes, and such. I’m sure it has been asked, but would it actually be published, I’m just an ordinary fan, I don’t know. CS will be richly deepen if there was focus on more adult conversations and for Emma to actually get to know the man, and not just throw magical obstacles in the way to create angst in the relationship.

            Heck, we don’t even have a conversation of her learning about his family, lol.

    • Brandon says:

      At this rate they might as well give Captain Swan their own show. Then CSers can be happy and have all the interaction they need. It’s not like Emma interacts with Henry, Regina, Snow, and Charming anymore anyway. I don’t actually hate this relationship but I’m just sick of seeing them. It’s like Rumple, Belle, Henry, Charming, Snow, and Regina have been forgotten.

      • Vari says:

        Pretty sure Emma did have scenes with the ppl you just mentioned more so. and like one or two scenes with Hook in each episodes after the date…

    • Lns says:

      One of my favourite TV couple is Emma/Hook #CaptainSwan :)

    • Ginger Snap says:


    • Brigid says:

      Ugh, Ask a question yourself?

  2. TQ says:

    I don’t understand the writers of OUAT. Hook is not a good main character because his only purpose on the show is to be Emma’s boyfriend. So why not stop forcing him so much. Everyone except maybe those who are totally into the ‘ship’ with him and Emma can tell the writers have to create articifical obstacle after articifical obstacle to act like he has any purpose and it’s beyond tiring. Especially the unconvincing way in which they remove everyone else from Emma’s life to make Hook the only one who can help her. Again, only to act like he’s somewhat relevant. Which he is not. Just stop.

    • Vari says:

      Did you miss Elsa or something? coz she was important in helping Emma this season. Or you purposely ignorant to what actually happened? And your boyfriend and the person who loves you is important element in helping to heal you and grow so i dont see the problem. Hook is good main character and standalone character – he is Emma’s boyfriend and much more – a brave man, and a fighter NOT some coward who runs away or deserts her

      • Mary says:

        Hook a stand alone character? Yeah, right. That’s why he was Cora’s and Regina’s flunky during the second season because he’s a stand alone character. He’s been poorly developed from the beginning and they’ve done nothing to change that.

        Doesn’t desert her? I guess that wasn’t him that ran off with the magic bean at the end of the second season. I guess it also wasn’t him who called her worthless, dried up, and useless either comparing her to the magic bean he stole off of Anton.

        • Vari says:

          He came back. That was the whole point. When he realised he wanted to be part of something. Explained and showed in the actual episode :)

          • Vari says:

            Oh and dont bother replying Mary (if you are the same Mary person who keeps bashing in each article as usual) thanks!

          • Mer says:

            His come back was actually his guilt in selling Bae to Peter Pan. He wanted to help with Henry. If Emma and Regina didn’t destroy the trigger, his return would be for nil. If he cared for Emma, he wouldn’t abandoned her family. What happen to Hook when Emma was no longer around in Enchanted Forest? Deuces! That is what happened. He is selfish and cares for no one except himself and how to sell himself to Emma that he is worthy to be with her.

      • kacerho says:

        Elsa is totally irrelevant because she was always meant to be temporary. Most of her interactions with Emma should have been with characters who are actually main characters on the show. I see you like Hook, but I as a viewer find him pretty useless. He hasn’t been interesting since he was Cora’s sidekick. My son is 11, and Hook is his least favorite character on the show because he doesn’t do much and my kid thinks he’s a jerk. He is not a true main character, he is a love interest and they are not the same. He is still a sidekick, he’s just Emma’s sidekick now. Emma’s relationship with her parents and her son are the most important relationships in her life and should be portrayed as such. Boyfriends come and go, but her family is forever. As for Hook’s cowardice? It’s been shown time and time again (a reason why my kid doesn’t like him), but that’s Hook in general, not just on this show.

        • Vari says:

          Hook is not a coward! pretty much told us from the start. And Emma and has her family and so on. She is happy and so on and with Hook.

          • Mer says:

            Hook not a coward?! He only attacks people that he can get away with. All except for Rumple, and that is just because he is stupid. He willingly started a fight with a disabled man. Hit defenseless women (Belle several times). He never ever tells Emma the whole truth about anything. I know Rumple has been branded a coward, but Hook can be spineless.

        • Mer says:

          I completely agree. They had Regina to help with Emma’s magic several times. To throw all that progress away and insert Elsa to that role doesn’t make sense. Heck, they didn’t even have to introduce the sister concept with Elsa/Anna when they already had Zelena/Regina. So much more could have been explored if she was alive, but they have a pattern of killing all villains that are introduced mid season except for Hook.

      • ritabug30 says:

        Thanks for the scoop on Once upon a time, I love Captain Hook! I am also a huge fan of CaptainSwan!!!!! Haters don’t matter. Hook or Killian is awesome, he is a great leading man!!!! CaptainSwan forever!!!!

      • merwordup says:

        In season 4, how exactly have he been integral in helping Emma this season? Elsa was the one to help her with magic. When Emma requested Hook to stay back because her magic was out of control, classic Hook ignored her and tried to reach for her, which coincidentally hurt her father.

        Hook didn’t find the magical portal for Elsa/Anna, Rumple did and he just used Hook. Again. For clues for the Snow Queen, Hook was present but he wasn’t useful. Her parents and Henry are integral to her healing in her accepting a family when she grew up without having one.

    • Len84 says:

      Hook is one of my faves :)

      • Stormy says:

        This is off point, but I kind of freaked out watching Pinocchio [Eion Bailey] as a psychopath on Stalker last night. And it’s a recurring role! He’s Maggie Q’s nemesis. BTW she is so skinny she looks like a doll made of pipe cleaners.

    • meresger says:

      Exactly. Just like they had to retcon a bunch of stuff to make Elsa relevant to Emma’s laughable sudden magic problem, Emma’s relationships with other characters have been back-burned or OOC’d to make Hook her savior and her boo… that she loves but has basically known for all of like a couple of months during which all he did was try to kill her and her family or try to get between her and her family to get into her pants. The fact that they now are recycling the heart plotline and just flipping it for the characters is one more indication that the writers don’t give a crap about writing a real relationship or even making the two of them compatible in any believable way. Nevremind redeeming Hook instead of just saying “he’s a hero now because he loves Emma!” They are pretty together. That’s it. But the writers will milk that for all they can, even if it means further destroying Emma’s relationship with Henry and her parents who will all, inevitably, inexplicably decide that Hook is the biggest hero ever for either doing absolutely nothing or cleaning up the problems he’s responsible for in the first place. Just the promo for 4B which has to insert Hook not doing ANYTHING just looking at the camera between the characters standing around in the woods and on Main Street looking afriad, is proof of just what OUAT has become: a mash-up of Once Upon A Hook & Once Upon A Recycled Plot Device.

      • Olivia says:

        Gotta make those teen girls squeal, ya know. Hook destroyed the show for me. I stopped watching because I know that despite the occasional good scene/line it will all come back to saint Hook and it’s not something I enjoy watching. His very presence led to contrived plots and incredibly lazy writing which, given the awesomeness of the first season and its intricacy, is baffling.

        • Flynn Sullivan says:

          I admit the first season is the only one where you could take the show seriously, but what’s with the “there’s too much Hook” talk? All he’s done since season 2 is be around and get cursed. There needs to be MORE of him and more of Emma actually being involved with this relationship.
          The character right now is very shallow, but it’s O’Donoghue’s performance that begs to be given better material.

  3. Drew says:

    Hopefully the Charlie that we see coming up on Supernatural will be one that is so changed that she is no longer annoying as hell. Unfortunately, I don’t see this character as salvageable and I have no idea why they keep bringing her back. This episode could have been given to a much stronger recurring character.

  4. nicolas from Poland says:

    ANOTHER Captain Swan scoop from Once Upon a Time?

    How about some news about Ursula, Maleficent, Cruella? From EQ and her relation with them? About Poseidon or king Stefan? There is a lot more interesting scoopss than BORING Captain Swan!!!

    • S. says:

      Sarah specifically asked about Captain Swan, so the answer was about Captain Swan. You want different, you ask a question about the other characters and they talk about everybody else. That’s how it works.

      • nicolas from Poland says:

        That’s how it works. In your perfect, little safe world.

      • meresger says:

        Pretty sure the point was that TVLine doesn’t have to pick CS questions to answer more than any other OUAT questions. It gets tedious and annoying to fans of the show who don’t care about or hate CS that the stuff THEY want to known AND ask about is more often overlooked in favor of answering CS. That’s how it works. Or seems to, anyway.

    • Vari says:

      I like Emma and Hook! and the question was asked about them. So i dont know what the big issue is

    • Brandon says:

      Yes!! CS is boring and predictable. Even if they have a conflict we all know they will overcome it. The whole Hook and his heart storyline was boring too. We all knew he wasn’t going to die that’s what they killed Neal for. Hook is a main character who is not going anywhere but do we need to see their romance every single episode for half of the show? Also must CS be in every scene together? Why can’t Emma spend time with other characters besides Hook?

      • Vari says:

        They werent in every scene lol. and Emma did spent time with other characters if you missed the season 4a – watch it again! and she with Hook, so they put in like one or two scenes in a episode after the date episode.

      • abz says:

        So much exaggeration. Emma barely spent much time with Hook, except for that date episode and the few moments that barely lasted for more than a minute or two each episode. If you look at 4A again, you’d see that Emma spend the majority of her time with Elsa, Ingrid and even Regina. This first half of the season has been pretty balanced in terms of screen time. Regina got a lot. Emma got some much needed focus because of her connection formed with Elsa and her history with Ingrid. Rumple got a lot of focus and even Belle got her share. Hook got some focus as well. Snow/Charming are really the only ones who didn’t have much to do during the first half and even they are going to have greater focus per the spoilers already given about 4B. You don’t like Hook, fine, but it is an ensemble show and he will get his share of screen just like the rest of the cast. Sometimes he may get more for an episode or two and sometimes he’ll be shoved aside. There’s no sense in whining over it because he isn’t going anywhere. It’s been two seasons now almost over this non-stop complaining over his character.

        • Angela says:

          There’s no sense in whining over it because he isn’t going anywhere. It’s been two seasons now almost over this non-stop complaining over his character.
          No opinion on Hook specifically, since I haven’t seen “Once Upon a Time”, but this particular message is one that I wish could be sent out to fans of TV shows in general who feel the need to constantly go on about how much they hate x character. If it’s clear the character people hate isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, then fans who hate them really need to just start figuring out some way to deal with it, or if they can’t do that, then just move on.
          Heck, they could also make suggestions of things they’d like to see the character do in order to make them more likeable, too.

          • Ginger Snap says:

            The way to deal with it is: FF through their scenes and stop watching the show.

            Overnight ratings on the show continue to slide,which means that many have opted for #2.
            Gut check : Hook has no purpose on the show other than to be Emma ‘s sex toy . The 2 actors have zero chemistry together.

            My secret wish is that TPTB would cast Joshua Jackson as Emma ‘s soul mate. This would be real chemistry .

          • abz says:

            I agree with you. I can understand disliking a character when they first come onto a show and even complaining over their first season on a show. I think most of us TV watchers have done that at some point with a show or two, but when it reaches a point where it’s pretty clear the character isn’t leaving the show, has plenty of fans who enjoy watching them, the creators have expressed their joy that they were finally able to bring him onto the show after waiting a year to clear the rights to the story, etc., then it’s time to accept it or move on. I don’t see why it’s so difficult for people to do that especially for a show like OUAT which has an ensemble and I think they do an okay job of balancing out the characters pretty well and if some characters take a step back for a while because of the plot, then they are brought back to the front at some point down the line. I don’t love every single character on the show, but there are enough that I do like and the story is good enough to me so that I continue watching.
            Most of the complaints about Hook taking over the show have all become hyperbolic. Some concerns are valid like the requests asking them to show a bit more meaningful interactions between Emma and Hook, but a lot are exaggerations. There are several episodes that have had nothing to do with Hook and Emma and if they are together it’s for no more than 1-3 minutes sometimes. (Sorry for going on about this as I know you said you haven’t watched OUAT :)
            To give another example of a character that can’t seem to catch a break, just head over to the Arrow articles over the past year. The constant negativity over Laurel Lance still hasn’t died down.

          • Angela says:

            @GingerSnap: Well, if that’s what works for those people who don’t like a character, then so be it.
            Like I said, I have no comment on Hook specifically since I’ve never seen him or the show. But I have noticed similar behavior with people constantly expressing their hate for characters on other shows as well and I just don’t get the point of the endless venting (aside from, perhaps, making oneself briefly feel better to let it all out). I guess I wonder what people who keep going on about hating characters that aren’t going anywhere think will happen. Okay, so some people hate them. That’s fine, they’re certainly entitled to their opinion…and…?
            I’m sorry if there’s a character that’s ruining their viewing experience that much, but I don’t know what exactly they want the show to do beyond that point. And complaining in comment sections won’t achieve nearly as much as actually sending said complaints to the people who work on the show will, either, so that makes the ranting here seem even more pointless.

          • abz says:

            @10sfreakoid: And who are you to speak for all of the ORIGINAL fans? I’ve watched the show from the beginning too and I’m not sick of him. He and Regina are the two who consistently make me actually laugh while watching.
            EMMA and Hook ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP. They are DATING. To expect them not to be seen together is childish and silly. We rarely see Snow do anything without Charming right there beside her. He is not being shoehorned in. They are slowly bringing him into her life and thus he will interact with the people in her life as well.
            And how exactly has he been “ruining her relationships with everyone else”? I don’t see any other character over the past first half of the season expressing any problems with Emma dating Hook except comments from Regina about the two of them, but that was only because of Regina’s own bitterness with her love life and also Emma’s relationship with Regina is still developing. Does Henry hate Hook? I don’t think so, but we haven’t heard his opinion on it yet. Does Snow hate him? Not that I’ve seen. Does Charming hate him? Doesn’t seem like it anymore. He actually seems like he’s been warming up to him a bit over time. So your whole point about him ruining her relationships with everyone else doesn’t make sense to me.

          • Angela says:

            @abz: No, that’s okay, it’s interesting to hear the details and explanations :). And yeah, there’s nothing wrong with not liking a character-not every character will click with some fans, and I can certainly understand it if people feel a character they do like isn’t getting as much screen time and the one they don’t like is. And there’s nothing wrong with not liking the way a character’s storyline is going, too.
            But then fans should be focusing on those sorts of complaints and critiques instead (and to be fair, it looks like some people here are doing that, giving actual reasons for their feelings). Instead of insulting fans of a character or wishing them dead or gone or whatever, people should focus on coming up with ideas of what they want to see on the shows they like, and maybe even make suggestions about things that might help them change their view of a character they don’t like. ‘Cause if showrunners read nothing but hate, all that’s going to do is make them dig in their heels. But give suggestions and legit critique, and they might listen.
            I haven’t seen “Arrow”, either, but I’ve certainly read about that whole thing with Laurel here many a time. And then of course we’re all more than aware of the debacle that is the “NCIS” fandom, and there’s a couple shows I watch where similar sorts of things happen with characters there as well. It’s a thing with fandoms in general, apparently.
            Course, I’ve never really understood hating TV characters that much to begin with. They’re fictional. The sort of hate I see some people spew at TV characters seems like something that should probably be reserved for real life people who actually do bad things that have much more of an impact on their lives. I guess if a show is getting my blood pressure up THAT much, I’d personally prefer to just watch something else that won’t send me into a rage fit. *Shrugs*

          • Ginger Snap says:


            Had a similar discussion with fans of The Good Wife. People often express their displeasure with Alicia ‘s choices. But this show is written to provoke a response from the audience . Apathy is not what the producers want. Positive or negative reactions are what they seek. And their ratings continue to be good

            OUAT is trying to create a male partner for Emma. Some members of the audience have bought it. Others have not. There’s a passionate segment of the audience who demanded the Hook romance . But there’s an equal part of the audience who is apathetic about this relationship. Not haters -they are apathetic. So the show ‘s producers have to tread carefully because apathy is a bad thing for a show.

            And apathy is what you are reading here

          • Angela says:

            @Ginger Snap: That makes sense-that’s a very fair point and distinction to make. I can totally understand the feelings of apathy, and like stated before, I do feel for people who are frustrated with the way a show they used to like (or still like, but aren’t happy with at the moment) is going.
            I just don’t know what they hope repetitive ranting or complaining would achieve, is all, especially when it’s clear the show is going to go in the direction it wants to go and stick with the characters it wants to stick with. I just think there comes a point when people have to decide whether or not to cut their losses and move on. And when the ranting crosses the line into insulting the actors or the fans, as has sadly been the case in a few discussions on here, then it’s WAY past time for those people to take a step back and learn to chill out. There’s plenty of ways to voice one’s opinion without stooping to immature and rude name-calling and insults.

          • Ginger Snap says:

            Angela , you read 2 reactions on this site . One is that they spend too much time on Emma and Hook (which might be all of 3 minutes ), and the other is they don’t spend enough time.

            It’s a ratings game. The show’s creators have to listen to both sides or they will continue to lose market share.

            Given that this article covered more than one show, don’t you think it is telling that the first reaction in the comments section was Not more Emma and Hook! That should tell you that people are bored with this couple.

  5. Will says:

    Of all the characters that are MIA on The Good Wife, I am more curious as to where is Robyn? What about Taye Diggs – they spent so much time introducing his character, for what?
    This season started out well only to fall apart IMO with the campaign story-line; I loathe it and actually hope Alicia loses so we can get back to the law firm (which is still in its infancy/building stages). So much potential for Alicia-Cary-Diane stories but idk what the writers are thinking with all the padded guest cast members

  6. anon says:

    Hodgins is just being a hypocrite…they used Avalon to solve two crimes and she saw the dead boy in Ghost in the Machine, and he didnt go mental on her….she knows them, she sung at B&B wedding for Petes sake she isnt going to tell lies and say say untrue things that are gonna hurt them delib…angry boy hodgins get a reality check…also shouldnt it be B&B, especially Booth who is gonna be most affected by what Avalon has to say? Angela & Hodgins barely spent anytime with Sweets at all, they only shared like a handful of scenes or eps per season…seems to me the Bones writers are focusing on the wrong couple here.

    • July Lark says:

      Boy, you got that right, the Bones writers are defo focusing on the wrong couple here, we need more focus on the core group and B&B and less of the guest/recurring actors.

  7. Casey says:

    I love Captain Swan, but, wait a minute, how is that turning the tables for them? Because Hook has been fighting to protect Emma and her heart for over a year now. I remember Adam or Eddy promising that Emma was going to be fighting for Hook this season, but so far it’s been completely the opposite. We know Hook loves Emma like crazy. I want to see how much Emma loves him! I’m still angry at how rushed and a letdown the storyline with Hook’s heart ended. That’s when we should have seen Emma fighting for him, but they resolved it in less than a minute, so we didn’t. The show is getting to be one disappointment after another, which isn’t good!

    • Vari says:

      I think something is gonna happen to Emma, i dont know i feel like something bad is coming.

    • Marco says:

      It isn’t a new state, though; we saw that with the way they treated Neal (killed off just so they could have Rumple go all evil AGAIN), or Red (surprised there aren’t any HAVE YOU SEEN HER? posters in SB), or Belle, who’s risen from being scenery only in H&V. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, including the rushed end of the Heart storyline, THE WAY IT BEGAN (I appreciate the nod to Evil Dead 2, but seriously! They made Hook a complete idiot – I mean, blackmailing RUMPLESTILTSKIN?) etc, etc…

      • Len84 says:

        Rumple was in the wrong here. Lying to everyone. And Hook blackmailed him to help Elsa and then to get his OWN hand back which was taken from him in the first place, and then Rumple took advantage of that. Hook asked for his hook back but Rumple wanted to drag him down which he did cruelly. So basically Rumple was planning to basically ruin Storybrooke and go off with his wife and kidnap Henry. Also nearly let Emma be murdered and then proceed to kill Hook. And constant lying to Belle and everyone. So really its Rumple in the wrong. He always chose power. That’s what I saw and understood in the show and narrative.

        • Marco says:

          Yes, that’s undisputable, but it’s the blackmailing itself that I found stupid. It’s Rumple, man, he can and WILL (and as we found out, did) turn it against you. He’s already untrustworthy enough when normal, not to mention he a) was out of control due to losing Bae, and b) hates Hook, so why basically offer him the rope to hang you with?

      • Vari says:

        Hook was the only one who sussed out Rumple was lying lol. And even said to him why choose power when you have love. Thats not being idiot thats being RIGHT. And as Len84 said – Rumple was completely wrong and selfish in this whole situation even before the blackmail

        • merwordup says:

          And what did your precious hero Killy Poo do with his information? He sure didn’t tell his girlfriend that had magic what was going on. He didn’t tell Team Hero that Rumple was up to no good. He used that information to selfishly be used for his purposes. What a great guy he is.

  8. A says:

    Thanks for The Following spoiler!

  9. Letti says:

    I OFFICIALLY hate CaptainSwan. It turned Hook into a one-dimensional puppy running after Emma. Now can we get some real spoiler about the storyline, the new characters, returning guests? I’d love to hear something about those.

  10. Jesse says:

    The writers of OUAT are doing a terrible job. Basically the show has become centered around Captain Swan and everyone else is just a supporting cast. They literally had an entire season finale dedicated to just them while all the others were just scattered around. In other words if you don’t worship Captain Swan there is not much for you to watch. We barely see Snow/Charming anymore, Bellle is sometimes forgotten about, Henry is not nearly as important as he once was, and Regina was missing for an entire episode in 4×02. So over Captain Swan it’s not even funny.

    • diane says:

      Really— I feel like there has been a ton of twisting to make the EQ a good guy and center point. We lose a ton of character interaction because of it. She spent the first half of season 4 angry that Emma had saved the life of her “true love” wife… then while said wife was in coma, got her cheat on, acted smug etc. Snow (after being a wife who was kept from her Husband BY REGINA AS WELL was like wellllllllll don’t worry to much you aren’t so bad) She has never actually apologized to anyone for what she has done to them, and in general has been angry when people don’t embrace her as pure whole etc. Capt. Swan get a ton of “time” but nothing happens, they go on date, Hook gets hand, WHY did he feel he needed his hand, how is Emma dealing with “Being the Savior” and actually having a life, what does she think about her parents getting a replacement baby and then removing her happy life in NYC to save said baby. Is she just the savior to them? etc.

      Admittedly, I think Captain Swan could use more meaningful short convos rather than more random scenes… how did Emma feel about losing Hook, what hell is Hook thinking being stuck on land away from his other true love the jolly roger, how is he winning over her family.

      • Kyle says:

        Not sure what Regina having a story too has to do with the complete lack of depth in the writing for Hook and Emma? I see a lot of often (imo) irrational hate thrown at Regina and Rumple from fans of that pairing, but there is no connection there. Regina and Rumplestiltskin are seperate character, characters who have helped to carry the show since s1. They have come a long way since the Pilot. It’s not their fault that Hook’s “redemption” was rushed and happened mostly off screen and now the writers are apparently getting bored with relationship between him and Emma already. I don’t even blame them. It’s a superficial dynamic as long as the fans want Killy to be a romantic hero instead of a flawed character who has to struggle like others on this show have struggled.

        • diane says:

          Sorry, to clarify, I am saying I dont think the show has been centered around Captain Swan, I think the writers are at this point just throwing everything at the wall and nothing sticks. Unlike season 1 where there were logical (for the most part) interactions and character development. Its plot point after plot point and twisting to make the characters make more sense— shoving the leads into stupid situations and forcing random characters into the plot line. Why’d they even bring back Marian? What did Hook have to do with the Frozen storyline, isn’t dealing with magic and losing part of yourself more something we should have seen from EQ? Why was Hook following Emma and Snowing all whaaaaaaaaaatevs, popcorn.
          Id be fine if Capt. Swan (and all the other ships except snowing) disappeared if we could get more of the logical interactions, how are the charmings/eq building a family, how is regina atoning, why did rump go evil (is it cause he finally did the right thing and then lost neal anyway?)

          • Mer says:

            Very intelligent questions that get pushed to the side because there are to much emphasis on the next villain(s) coming to town and 3 month/2week old romantic relationships.

      • Jesse says:

        To say Regina was the center of 4A is ridiculous. Hook/Emma got much more time than Regina and there is 100% PROOF of it. Mind you Emma has always had the most screentime but Hook now has the second most. Regina doesn’t even round out the top 3. They spend a lot more time developing those two than they do with Rumbelle, Snowing, and Outlaw Queen combined. So to say that they need more meaningful conversations is insane. All of the other relationships and characters have been completely neglected in favor of CS including Henry with either mother and Swan Queen. When was the last time we actually saw Emma really spend a meaningful time with Henry? Also the other relationships need more meaningful conversations than Hook/Emma anyway because they actually have real conflict. There is a strain on Regina/Emma’s relationship that needs to be discussed. There is a lot of issues in both Rumbelle and Outlaw Queen’s relationship that needs to be discussed. Hook and Emma are in a happy place, him losing his heart did not need a conversation. He was alive with his heart in his chest so the conflict was over even though we all knew he wasn’t going to die. So tired of them just pushing all other aspects of the show aside for this one couple. Where is the rest of the cast?

        • diane says:

          I think a ton of stuff was twisted in 4A to make Regina a “wronged” hero and setting up for 4B as a victim when she hasn’t been a victim character. But I guess my point was lost in my own off hand remark. The root of the issue is that to me one makes any sense any more on the show. Random characters aren interacting, everyone is sort of generally reactive but their reactions make no sense. If they want CS to be the new Snowing, then they need to show instead of tell… the telling is just random. Hook lost his heart, emma almost lost hook who she supposedly cares deeply for, next scene she’s drinking… randomly. Same thing with all the other characters… show stop telling us in columns what happened/ is happening and actually write the scene. Id give up ALL of the ships (except Snowing) to have the characters make some sense.

        • Buttercup says:

          I think they spend time on CS because their relationship is still developing. We know Snow White and Prince Charming are a given. We know Rumple and Belle are endgame, although they’ve hit a bump in the road. (I mean, they’re Beauty and the Beast, for crying out loud!). Tinkerbell established last season that Robin Hood is Regina’s soulmate. We’re still in limbo with CS. Yes, we know he loves her, but she still hasn’t said she loves him. We haven’t had true love’s kiss or anything like that with CS. I think they’re the only one of the main couples that hasn’t spent the night together (or “sleep,” as Robin Hood called it). Emma has built so many walls around herself that this relationship has been agonizingly slow (but beautiful) in its development.

          Anyway, I thought the spoiler was interesting. I wonder if it means Hook will be fighting to protect her heart in a metaphorical way, not a physical way. I think other spoilers indicated that in the coming battle between the heroes and the villains, Snow and Charming might not fall on the side we would expect. I wonder if we’re going to see problems between Emma and her parents in 4B. I hope at least Regina has her back.

          • Len84 says:

            Emma and Hook are really the slow burn couple of the show. And also they haven’t had the tag or labelled of true love and soulmates yet but what the show are showing us that every element and each action shows us that they are and they are building it naturally with being in a relationship and having a growth and strengthing the relationship… Emma can only feel and grow into that if she has a relationship that grows. Choose/Fight/Find, come back to them, belief in them, faith in them, loves them unconditionally and connection, choose them, find them, risk your lives for them, put the one you love first – these are the elements shown in this show how love and true love is. This couple has been building since the beanstalk episode…. both connected on that beanstalk and more.

        • Larox says:

          Where is this “proof” of which you speak? Regina got an entire episode to verbally abuse and whine at Emma and plenty of time to whine at everyone ELSE afterward. I only hope everyone can stop pretending that she’s “good” soon.

          • Shane says:

            LOL. You people seriously need to stop using words you don’t understand and come out of your bubbles. That doesn’t meet any realistic standard of verbal abuse considering she spent the whole ep trying to get away. Telling Emma truths from her POV isn’t abusive. Thank God Emma is more mature and compassionate than half of the so-called fans of hers. Also, they’ll stop pretending Regina is good when she stops being it. But for the last two years, she’s been pretty damned good aside from a couple slips that SHE stopped herself from. Like most addicts. Your misogynistic hatred of her character is overwhelming and has blinded you to the actual narrative of the show. And it isn’t that Regina is bad.

          • Ash says:

            “Verbally abuse”? You guys seriously need to stop using words so lightly while either not knowing what they mean or throwing them around to make your hatred seem justified. That’s not what happened. And if Emma had felt “abused” she wouldn’t have followed Regina around even though Regina had made it clear that she wanted to be left alone either. I know some of you have serious issues with bitterness or jealousy or whatever when it comes to Regina for some reason, but this is so far removed from what we were actually shown on tv that you’re writing your own fanfiction right here.

    • Vari says:

      Emma HAD the finale centered around her firstly. Lets clarify that – because its her journey and she is the main lead central character and protagnist. And then Hook who stood by and her and fought by her in her journey and its called build up and progression. It was a Emma finale!!!!

    • Brigid says:

      This is how I see it. Snow and Charming are boring, I don’t care about them. Belle is the worse character on the show. I certainly don’t see a lot of Hook and Swan together and totally don’t understand the hate for him. What show are you watching that an entire finale was dedicated to their relationship? Whatever, he’s in it for the long haul.

  11. Rebecca says:

    Why give us scoop on a couple that’s going to be ok? NOTHING is going to happen to them! That’s why they killed Neal so CS can get together, they don’t have a real love story! What obstacles have they overcome? U want an obstacle for CS? How about since Emma has TRUST issues she finds out about Hook not telling the WHOLE truth about being the one who about the dagger first or leaving Eric for dead? It’s NOT going to happen since A/E said Hook was going to get a pass. Rumbelle is the only couple that should be focused on since they have real obstacles & always has the fans wondering if they will have a happy ending!

    • Vari says:

      Neal was killed coz he was the plot device. Like it was so obvious that Neal was NOT the one for Emma. It wasnt even written like that. Watch it again

      • Rebecca says:

        Plot device?! Uh…I think u have to watch again. Since S1, Neal was important b/c he was the reason why the curse was made. He was actually an important part of other character’s lives (Emma, Rumple, Henry). If Neal didn’t exist then neither would Henry. Neal HAD a purpose on the show, Hook is nothing but a pretty face who hasn’t shown much of a purpose on the show but being Emma’s puppy.

        • Vari says:

          Neal was a plot device to create the curse to guide Rumple’s actions and story, Regina doing the curse. Emma and heartbreak and henry… thats it. Hence plot device!
          Also a man loving a woman unconditionally and being there for her and fighting by her side (where she never had that and was always let down in the past) and so on, it being called a puppy is just wrong. Because Emma deserves that kind of love and devotion by her side and to her.

          • Rebecca says:

            The show is about fairytale characters getting transported into our world and having Neal being the cause of it answered that question. Rumple created the curse so he can find his son. He ‘broke’ Emma’s heart so she can break the curse. He didn’t KNOW about Henry. I don’t understand why u and every CS shipper thinks he doesn’t give a damn about Emma & Henry when it was SHOWN that he was the only one trying to find a way to get back to them during the missing year.

          • Blah says:

            No…a puppy is exactly what that makes him. Saying that anyone “deserves” that kind of love and devotion takes away from the fact that the man is his own person, not just there to serve the woman’s every need.

            I just assume you are single and will stay that way a long time with that world view.

        • Letti says:

          ^Agree with everything you said.

  12. twin63 says:

    I know it’s not your fault, don’t shoot the messenger and all. But damn that’s literally the least interesting story on Once Upon a Time.
    Even if the writers have to give out spoilers about couples rather than their more series mythology like stories, why not at least for the couples that had real game changing development like Rumplestiltskin and Belle or Regina and Robin Hood.

  13. Heathers says:

    I think Nurse Jackie is going to die in the end, possibly from an overdose. Bring Jill back to Royal Pains, please!

  14. MintyFresh says:

    They need to move ONCE over to the Disney Channel where it belongs. No one over the age of 12 even cares anymore.

    Really loving Chicago PD! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  15. CJ says:

    I hope Jill Flint can come back for at least one more episode. I want Kalinda and Lana to be together when Archie leaves the show!

  16. aurat22 says:

    While I appreciate that there are those who don’t care for the Hook/Emma storyline, there are those of us who do like it and no not all of us our teeny boppers either. I want to Thank You Matt for giving us scoop on them and the other Once characters as well. I think it’s great that people root for their favorites, but kind of think it’s childish that some feel they have to constantly try to belittle someone else’s opinion and favorites to do it. I pretty much like all the Once characters but I don’t trash talk the ones that I don’t. Ithink it’s a good show or I’d simply use my remote to find something else.

  17. Amy says:

    Thanks for the Captain Swan scoop, I love them and am excited to see what 4B brings for them.

  18. Len84 says:

    Thank you for the Hook and Emma scoop. I have this feeling that Emma will be in danger more then usual and something will happen to her

  19. KLMB says:

    Some of us are happy to see Captain Swan scoop. So thank you.

  20. Len84 says:

    Can I say as much I love Emma and Hook individually and together, and slow burn couple and the build up. I feel like end of season 4 – something is going to happen which will separate them. There is no way Hook would ever leave her. I feel like something is going to happen for a separation which will be out of their hands.

  21. Linda says:

    Ugh, Captain Swan. A time-honored tale of a man badgering a woman long enough and ignoring her ‘no’s’ until he ‘wins’ her heart. I like both Emma and Hook as characters but come on, not as star-crossed lovers. Hook should have been used sparingly and just kept popping up as some hot comic relief not just standing around in every scene, personally setting the women’s movement back fifty years…

    • Vari says:

      She never said NO because – He never did badger her! . He said he will win her heart (because he knows her heart is precious) and it will be because SHE WANTS HIM!!!! which is what happened!

      • merwordup says:

        Did you completely missed the Neverland arc when he was too busy trying to “win her heart” when she was busy trying to find her son? And how does, “the kiss will only happen once” translate to her wanting him.

        That is a very dangerous road to insinuate just because a woman doesn’t overtly say no, that doesn’t mean a yes. Shoot, we have numerous cases of women saying “no” to men and dying for it. It’s a danger road indeed. But I guess she broke down and gave in to him. The problem with Emma is that they written her so inconsistently, they have her overtly saying things that she won’t kiss him, have her to look bored, and then sometimes a little interest, in regards to Hook. It’s messy.

    • Casey says:

      The ability of Hook/CS haters to completely twist canon is always impressive.That argument is so funny (and incorrect), given that Hook is nothing but supportive of Emma. He makes her feel stronger and more accepting of herself. He builds her up. That is exactly the opposite of “setting the women’s movement back fifty years.”

      You don’t understand Emma’s character at all if you don’t see that having somebody willing to put in work and not abandoning her when she put up her walls is EXACTLY what she needs. And she never, ever said “No, I’m not interested, I’ll never be interested, go away” except for in NY when she didn’t remember him. She always went back to him for talk and advice, proving that she DID want him around. She’s been like a skittish, abused stray cat because of her past. He had to put in the work to earn the trust and prove that he wouldn’t abandon her before she could open herself to trust him. She would never do that with someone who didn’t prove himself by sticking around.

      • Vari says:

        I agree. Canon speaks for itself. It is so important to understand Emma’s character – then you will get her and her thoughts and feelings and walls. Hook is literally written to be Emma’s FIT (this show doesnt randomly put ppl together like a typical teen or medical show or whatever) The man stood by her and NOT asked for anything. Even didnt let her know he sacrificed his ship which was his home and memory of his brother for her to get to her and find her and bring her home.

      • EnglishIsNotMyNativeLanguage says:

        To say that a woman needs a man to feel stronger and more accepting of herself. That women needs a man to build her up is what sends a women’s movement fifty years back.

        • Buttercup says:

          We all need people in our lives to build us up and make us stronger. That includes parents, siblings, friends, and, yes, significant others. Unless you want the poor girl to be a recluse, why push this idea that Emma needs to be alone forever in order to be strong? To me, one of the saddest moments in the whole history of this show was in the very first episode when Emma went back to her apartment after her “date” with the bail jumper and lit the candle on that little cupcake so she could celebrate her birthday alone. I’ve enjoyed watching that change–to see her find her son and her parents, to watch her make friends with other people in Storeybrooke, and to see her slowly falling in love with Killian. We all–male and female–find strength in the people we love and the people who love us. There is nothing anti-feminist about that. In fact, one of the things I love about this show is the message it sends that men are, in fact, attracted to strong women.

          • EnglishIsNotMyNativeLanguage says:

            Emma does not have to be alone. But she should not need a man (or woman) to feel strong.She should be able to feel strong even when she is alone. If she is in a relationship where she needs someone to constantly build her up then it is not a healthy relationship. It is one thing to have people in our lives, is another thing that we need it. I am not saying that this relationship is not supposed to exist in this show, but should not be told in this way.

        • meresger says:

          Exactly. Plus, Hook is such a misogynist AND so freak’n needy this season that it sets MEN back as well. Season 4’s Captain Emo and Pod Emma are happy together, I guess. RIP Captain Hook/Killian Jones (S2-3) and Emma Swan (S1-3).

          The real problem is that ABC’s PR (and Adam & Eddy for some reason that I cannot fathom) tries to present this show as being about strong female roll models and healthy romantic relationships. Dude, NONE OF THEM ARE THAT! At least ONE of the writers on the show gets that. As writer Scott Nimerfro tweeted in response to a critique about how the show has done a 180 in its family values/feminism to a weird anti-fathers, pro-misogynists and adultery theme “a television show — which is created to present drama — is not always the best guide for relationship advice.” Can that please become the new ABC tagline for the show? Because the increasingly problematic attempt to market the show by its Season 1-2 values is just ticking a lot of people the heck off. ABC (and A&E) need to give up trying to pretend that OUAT is anything remotely like what it set out to be. It was something unique and inventive when it started out, and it was about family. Now it’s about overdone tropes and sex appeal ships. Maybe A&E don’t want to accept that their innocent little baby grew up into a rebellious teenager who is sleeping around and copying book reports off the internet? All I can say is that OUAT seriously needs to go to rehab!

    • wendy says:

      Many of us are still watching because of Hook. How old are you? I am 45 years old and do not believe Hook is demeaning to Emma. He is probably one of the most supportive men on the show.

  22. amy says:

    I have been dying for some hints about Emmas storyline ( and her and Hook) I’m always amused by the people who use bts pap spoilers as official spoilers because I’m an admitted spoiler junkie and as far as official Emma spoilers especially, there are very few out there…so this made my day.

  23. WayneInNYC says:

    “Charlie definitely comes back from Oz somewhat different — and that’s an understatement. Things happened… Suffice to say, we’re going to see a Charlie that has been substantially changed.”

    I wonder if she’s coming back as A Tin Woodswoman – aka a Cybernetic Witch-killing Terminator. ’cause that would be cool.

  24. Sarah Stroud says:

    Adam, please don’t destroy my attachment to your show. Please keep Killian there, for a long, long time, if not for good….I’m worried after that CS spoiler!! :’o(

  25. holly says:

    Wonder if we’ll live to see the day when it won’t be Hook fans’ kneejerk reaction to take cheap shots at other Once charas when some has the nerve not to like their favorite.

    • Brigid says:

      Really? The first 20 responses on this post were fans who hate Hook spewing hate. Is it a problem for another fan to defend the character they like? Why is it only your opinion counts and matters? Grow up!

  26. Maggie says:

    Captain SWAN!!!!! – THEY ARE THE BEST!

  27. Sarah Stroud says:

    I’ll be honest. I never cared about Once Upon A Time before Killian Jones came along. Hook makes the show. Hey, it’s one thing to love a character, and be an obsessive fan. What what weirds me out and leaves me wide-eyed though, are people who find it so important to pump negative energy into the mix with hate toward a character; hatred toward the fans, toward the actor, toward the character, and even show creators. Downgrading Hook’s value to Once isn’t going to make him any less loved, or important to those who are surprised by their appreciation for him (like me). Is hatred for a character really so important for some people, that they have to spend their time spitting at someone and exploit their own political rhetoric for personal and selfish preferences about a FICTIONAL tv character? For crying out loud, people! Go watch the news for a while, and get some your perspective about where your passions belong (and where they don’t).

  28. Lns says:

    Some annoying comments here as usual from usual Hook bashers ( like they can’t wait to pounce lol).

    Thanks for the Emma/Hook scoop.
    What if Rumple takes Emma’s heart? He was going to murder her and didn’t give a damp about that and he is evil.

    Also Emma Swan is worth fighting for. And Killian Hook Jones does that everyday and is a fan of every part of her! That’s love and so much more. Beautiful. Thanks Matt.

  29. Various says:

    Thanks Matt for the q&a on Emma and Hook. Interesting answer there about Emma and her heart. What is going to happen. We know Hook will do anything and everything to protect her and love her and be there. I love theor relationship and connection and to see this relationship build on and grow. Emma deserves so much love.

  30. SANDY says:

    Hi Matt: I watch Once all the time, when I first started watching I saw some show about a boy that was turning into wood like a Pinnochio person but I missed the rest of the show and I can’t find it. Do you have any idea what it was? I don’t know if it was Once Upon A Time In Wonderland or what it was and my sister didn’t record that show.

  31. abz says:

    Anyone else disappointed by the huge deal made out about the Facebook reveal for OUAT? I read rumours about it being a new comic book, but was kinda bummed out. Wish they had revealed something about the actual show. Got my hopes up a bit seeing the Mad Hatter’s hat thinking Jefferson might come back.

  32. nicolas from Poland says:

    Captain Swan. They aren’t boring but keeping asking about them is boring.

  33. Carol says:

    Is there any channel in Canada that I can watch the new series of Sons of Liberty on?

  34. Ellie says:

    My go, honestly you should actually listen to yourselves bickering over fictional characters… I cringe when I read Emma/Regina spoilers, due to disliking SwanQueen, but I don’t go to articles written about tem or addresses them. Keep to your own fandom group and stop spreading hate. It’s like everyone is a bunch of 11 year olds. Sorry fellow CS shippers, but some of you are in that category as well. I can’t even enjoy a small spoiler….

    • It’d be really, really nice if just once CSers were allowed to enjoy a CS-related spoiler without relentless Hook & CS bashing. I never do that to other ships. I don’t rain on their parades.

      • Ellie says:

        Exactly and if we were to go on. SQ article and bash their ship, it would be never ending hate in twitter and and tumblr. It’s sad. Honestly.

  35. AW says:

    I want Max and Mike to get back togethe as soon as possible in season 3 of The Following!

  36. Britt says:

    Whine whine whine is all I see on the comments which I guess makes sense because the only people who comment on things are the tiny minority group who hate everything and are never satisfied. On OUAT scoop: people whine about captain swan and say how much they hate it, but if people hated it so much then it wouldn’t be promoted. The people who promote the show aren’t going to promote something no one cares about, so to say that everyone is changing the channel because of captain swan or any other paring is just stupid and completely biased. Hook and Emma have have more screentime because there is more to learn about them, whereas with Regina, Rumple, Snow and Charming a lot of their story has already been told.

  37. devin says:

    Ugh.why is hook gonna fight for Emma again? The writers said that she will fight for him this season.

    • Sarah Stroud says:

      I am excited to see what’s in store, but you’re right. I clearly remember an interview where Adam and Eddy said she’d fight for him. If that’s what it was in 3A, then I am disappointed the “marketing” for the “product” they sold didn’t match the dramatic package we anticipated. Instead of a story, that will have been a Cliff’s Notes. I hope we get what we are so thirsty for.

  38. stab@gmail,com says:

    Granted, as more of an OutlawQueen than CaptainSwan shipper, it does annoy me that EVERYBODY fogets that Killian was a loyal kings Lt before his bro died! A fully fledged “goodie” yet everyone disses the “baddie” he became. How different is he to Robin Hood really – robs from poor/unfortunate/available (as he said to young baelfire)???!!! Everyone willing to forgive Robin yet Killian still always the villian!!! Don’t get me wrong, Regina deserves her true love – she the only belivevable character throughout!!! Also Lana = best casting ever peeps!!!

    • Thank you! That’s a fantastic point and one that’s not discussed enough in the OUAT fandom.

    • Mer says:

      Excuse me, but even Hook’s background doesn’t make sense. He was a loyal Lt. He found out the king was no good. So why not focus on him uprooting the evil tyrant? No, he decided to become a pirate and harm innocent people. Ahhh, that makes you a baddie. Please don’t compare Hook to Robin Hood. It is not a good parallel at all. Thanks for trying.

  39. Fran says:

    You would think this article was only about Once Upon A Time… But yikes, I’m kinda glad I don’t watch the show. Everyone is so nasty to each other. Its sad. Anyway, thanks for The Middle and Nurse Jackie scoop.

    • Sarah Stroud says:

      I promise we’re not all like that. It does make us all look bad though, and that’s been one of my chief complaints for a while, now.

    • I’ll reiterate what Sarah Stroud said, we’re not all like that. But yeah, the OUAT fandom is TOUGH. I was warned before I joined, but I brushed it off. I thought, “how bad can it be?” It can be TOXIC. Certain fans are unnecessarily cruel to each other, to writers, and to various people involved with the show. The ship wars are epically horrifying.

      The show though is fun and worth watching. Sometimes though, I wish I’d never joined the internet fandom.

    • Fran says:

      Oh I know everyone isn’t like that- sorry if it came across that way guys! I watch NCIS and if you mention one characters name, its like kill or be killed. And it makes everyone look bad. Its just such a shame that some discussions have to turn into this. It should be fun to watch and talk about TV.

  40. Sarah says:

    Thanks, Matt for the OUAT/Captain Swan scoop! I’m admittedly a major CS fan, but I’m also a supporter of all OUAT’s major canon relationships (Rumbelle, Snowing, OQ).

    Reading the comments, I understand where people are coming from in regards to Hook having been relegated to Emma’s sidekick. Partly, I think the problem is that Hook hasn’t developed relationships with anyone in Storybrooke besides Emma. I’m looking forward to seeing him make true friendships with other characters and hopefully those friendships will expand his storylines.

    In terms of the CS focus of the show: I think the reason for this is two-fold:

    1) While, it’s an ensemble show, Emma is arguably the main character. As the main character, her romantic relationship is going to be heavily featured. If she were dating Will Scarlett, and not Hook, the same thing would be happening. It’s not about CS. It’s about Emma.

    2) Emma and Hook are still in the beginning of their relationship. They’re still developing. Snowing & Rumbelle have established relationships where we’ve already seen the first ILYs, the TLKs, and all that good stuff. We’ve yet to see that with CS. We’re witnessing CS develop first-hand. And since they’re not an already established couple, like Snowing & Rumbelle, there’s more foundation the writers need to set.

    Now, to say the midseason finale was all about CS is just inaccurate. CS had two scenes together where they interacted. That’s it. There was a lot of Hook interacting with Rumple. But not a lot of CS together. So, sorry the midseason finale was not the CS-fest that people are trying to portray. That’s just not true.

    I will never argue with the fact that Rumbelle is vastly underutilized. That’s an inarguable fact. The small amount of screentime they receive is criminal. The entire Rumple storyline in 4A made no sense partly because there wasn’t enough Rumple/Belle. I’m crossing my fingers Rumbelle is given the attention they deserve in 4B. There’s so much potential there. It would be such a shame to waste it.

  41. Darn, I was really hoping for Belle or Rumbelle scoop as we’ve heard little about them, especially Belle

  42. That said, to add on to what I posted before, we DID get a Rumbelle question recently; I don’t think Adam and Eddy want to spoil much of their story with details. I’m more concerned about Belle because she’s never mentioned in interviews; it’s like she’s a ghost

    • I think Adam & Eddy are keeping the Rumbelle & OQ spoilers fairly contained because their relationships had such MAJOR cliffhangers in the midseason finale. CS didn’t end in a cliffhanger, which is why I think we’re getting more information. Adam & Eddy probably don’t want to give away too much information in regards to Rumbelle, so are keeping their cards close to their vest.

  43. Kendall says:

    Thank u for the ouat scoop, love the show and love CS

  44. Angie says:

    hmm sounds like this season will be interesting for Captain Swan. Thank you for the Once scoop can’t wait for March 1st.

  45. beergas says:

    Thanks, good stuff. Now some pieces to look forward to.

  46. When Horowitz says “heart” , i think he was mentioning the physical one…
    Cora had failed taking Swan’s heart , so it’ll be great to see someone succeed.

  47. Gosh , during 4A people kept complaining about robin Hood and how terribly he acted , and now people are scolding the writers about CaptainSwan.
    I will never get this.

  48. Daisy says:

    Whis fir some Cass spoilers foe SPN, Bones spoilers are good, and Once should have been Rumbelle.

  49. Daisy says:

    Cool. Bones. Ok SPN. OUAT?