Glee Recap: Kissing Cousins

Glee Rachel Sam Kiss

Friday’s Glee was a veritable ‘shipping delight for those invested in “Klaine” and “Samchel” — depending, of course, on which sides of those ‘ships you sail.

For example, if you find the concept of Sam and Rachel to be utterly revolting, there’s a good chance you’re still cleaning up the mess from your hour-long projectile vomit sesh. But if you’re all for Rachel testing the waters with Mr. Evans, this week’s Glee — from the duo’s performance of “A Thousand Miles” to that gasp-worthy lip lock — probably went down real smooth.

Of course, the fact that Sam was under Sue’s hypnotic orders to seduce Rachel — and the fact that Sam ultimately turned down Rachel’s coffee date invitation, due to his lingering feelings for Mercedes — took the wind out of Samchel’s sails before it even got a chance to leave the dock.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted…

Glee Kurt BlaineOPERATION: KLAINE | But making Samchel happen wasn’t really Sue’s main objective this week. In the episode’s opening moments, she revealed herself to be the most rabid Klaine ‘shipper of all time; she’s apparently been devastated ever since their split. What she wants more than anything, she explained, is to see her two favorite blouses reunite once and for all, mostly so she can attend their “fabulous” gay wedding. What’s a “blouse,” you ask? Let’s peek into Webster’s Sylvester’s Dictionary:

Blouse (noun): a breezy, femmy top; Sue Sylvester’s favorite type of gay; incapable of sneaking up on someone because, for miles, you can hear their gentle *swish, swish, swish* on the summer wind.

The first step in Sue’s plan was to separate Blaine and Karofsky, and by God, she pulled out all the stops: She placed a literal bear in their bed, arranged for all of Karofsky’s bearded exes to dine at the same restaurant and even (somehow) proved that they’re related. But just when Blaine appeared ready to call it quits, Kurt assured him that Sue fabricated the whole “third cousins” thing. (Side note: “Why can’t she and everyone else understand that … we’re better off as great friends?” might be the trolliest line in Glee history. I loved it.)

Glee Season 6WHAT THE FORK? | And then there was Sue’s other crazy plan to destroy Will Schuester. Just when the former rivals were starting to form a friendship — or the closest thing to a friendship that can exist between them — Will did something so heinous, so unspeakable, that it set Sue back on the warpath. That’s right… he didn’t throw away his plastic fork after lunch. He just left it on the table, devil may care. Is it any wonder why Sue vowed revenge?! She even enlisted the help of Carmel High School’s principal — who, as it turns out, is Figgins’ identical sister Abigail Figgins-Gunderson (pictured) — to try to get him fired. There is truly no limit to her ruthlessness.

And now, we play the rating game…
Sue: “Bitch” — Rating: B+
Rachel and Sam: “A Thousand Miles” — Rating: A-
Vocal Adrenaline: “Rock Lobster”/”Whip It” — Rating: B

OK, it’s honesty time: What did you think of the Rachel-Sam pairing? How long until Kurt and Blaine give this up and get back together? Drop a comment with your review of the episode below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. B says:

    I’d be all for a Rachel/Sam pairing if it wasn’t under this incredibly stupid hypnosis plot.

    • JR says:

      They needed a plot device to initiate the inevitable Rachel/Sam pairing which the writers set up last season. After backpedaling (due I’m sure to plummeting ratings and significant fan backlash), the showrunners probably think enough time has passed (and really how much lower can the ratings go?). Now that they have kissed, am sure Rachel and Sam will continue to fight their attraction to each other until, well you know….typical clumsy Glee writing. Really sad that they continue to try and plug Chord/Sam into huge hole left by Cory/Finn’s passing.

    • j says:

      This whole season will turn out to actually be Rachel’s tv show, That’s So Rachel.

  2. Ronnie says:

    Okay, I was into the first three episodes of the season, but that was mediocre AT BEST.

    • Cody says:

      You’re too kind. This episode should be banished to hell together with the writers. That silly hypnosis plot, female Figgins, and too many scenes of Sue being rude and mean and evil. It’s like the writers bring out the worst ideas just so that the Samchel thing seems good in comparison. #conspiracy

      And seriously, is there even anyone left in the fandom who like Sue and Becky? They are overdramatic, overmean, overrude, and honestly, I don’t find them funny anymore. I hope they don’t get happy endings in this final season. They deserve a taste of their own medicine.

      The first two episodes are Glee at its S1 core. The third episode is S2-ish. And this episode is S5B level of crap.

      • Keith says:

        Cody I couldn’t said it better. I wanted to shoot the TV last night to put the show out of its misery.

      • Kobe Busia says:

        Well Cody, I agree with you, and if you’ve read my comment, u’ll know that I hated this episode as well. Also about Sue and Becky, Sue was irritating and not even remotely entertaining, and I think this is the first time Sue failed to make me laugh. As for Becky, while she’s a total maniac, I loved how she was dancing in that lobster costume, that was insane lol. So did they forget that Becky has a boyfriend now, or what, and what about Rachel’s dads getting a divorce, is that just thrown under the rug? Ughh, GLEE U IRRITATE ME!!!!!! Like I already said, the 2 factors that keep me coming back to this show are the acting and the music, that’s literally it. What about you, what keeps you coming back to this show?

    • Vi says:

      I wouldn’t even say mediocre. Hardly any songs and I didn’t like the storyline at all.

  3. Kat says:

    In my head, Glee ended after Rachel got the great review for Funny Girl. The rest is crap.

    • Mena says:

      Totally agree. I keep reading the recaps just because I loved Rachel and Kurt, but, now I see this comment. I felt that way 2 seasons ago. Haven’t watched it since. Sounds like Rachel in Lima is something else. I feel for you who still want great things from the show. I just wish it was the show it once was.

  4. Rachel Scott says:

    I’m really upset that they seem to be heading in the Sam/Rachel direction, especially because they keep making it seem like he’s not over Mercedes. It would be different for the two if Rachel and Mercedes hadn’t talked about Sam and Finn in New York, it’s like that conversation never happened. It would also be different if Sam ever showed interest in Rachel before, but he never has. Why can’t they just be friends and Rachel finds some new guy that hasn’t dated any one of her friends?

    • Tracy says:

      Actually I saw sparks with Sam and Rachel when he and Blaine visited NYC and I hoped Glee would revisit those sparks!

    • AngieD says:

      After Sam and Rachel had a momentary spark in nYC, Rachel and Mercedes had a conversation. Rachel was open about feeling something because Sam was familiar after everything that had happened (i.e. Finn’s death) but also realizing that it was more about being comfortable vs true feelings…. and that she was happy that nothing happened because of Mercede’s feelings. Rachel is back in ‘that’ place where she’s feels comfortable in their friendshi and is lonelyp. Recall, Sam made the move as far as Rachel was concerned and she decided to be open to it. However, Sam’s 180 will cause her to pause and I have a feeling that Sue’s part will be revealed.

    • My feelings exactly, who needs a friend like that – are they planning on killing my girl. Mercedes, so everyone’s mind would be at ease? Don’t think so -this has to be a tease!

    • Jae says:

      Correct me if I wrong but did Sam tell Rachel to her face that she was not his type? Which season was that?

  5. jeannie says:

    Friday night show..1/23 was the worst show Glee has ever done. Very silly! Sam and Rachel..yukkkk. Goofy dialog.
    Very disappointed. It has to get better…couldn’t get any worse. Where were the musical performances (2.?) That’s the best part of the show. Last week was great!

    • dan says:

      The puppet episode was the worst, this was a close second. Just a bizarre hour of wasted tv. This can’t be why FOX renewed the show, right? This had to have been an hour long inside joke.

  6. haydeemarm says:

    Chord overstreet (Sam) has either dated, or kissed almost all the original girls of glee! I never thought it would happen with Rachel! Ugh.

  7. Nana3 says:

    This was the worst episode ever. Too much Sueabuse. They only did 4 songs and the New Directions didn’t do any songs. What could of been a great episode turned into a trashy one. You would think that the last and final season would be all great episodes. I can’t wait for Glee to be over once and for all if this is what we are in for the remaining episodes. I did like seeing Rachel and Sam together. Again where is Emma?

  8. Riana says:

    I think Sam and Rachel could get back together in the series finale.

  9. Heather says:

    Ok… I admit it! I like the idea of Sam and Rachel together!!! I know I am in the minority on this, but I would much rather see Rachel end up with Sam then with a random who we have not invested any time into! I am team Samchel!! (Could not imagine myself saying that 4 yrs ago!!!

    • LOL says:

      yes because there is so much investment in Sam/Rachel. Its about as believable as some random and way less appealing because Sam is nothing but a wannabe low rent Finn.

    • abz says:

      Why must she end up with anyone? Rachel is just picking her life back up again and trying to find her way after all the mistakes she made in New York. With only 9 episodes left, the last thing Glee should be worrying about is her love life. They need to work on her journey with the Glee club and her life. If there was another season, then sure, they could explore her finally moving on romantically after Finn, but there is only a little time left. I am absolutely not a fan of Sam/Rachel pairing

      • gtr says:

        I do not need Rachel’s story to end with her having a end game but I do want to know she is ready to move on and find love again. But they could have done this better and without having sloppy glee club 7th.

    • Really tho says:

      It want last. And he’s under a spell. Not a real relationship.

  10. Tracy says:

    Loved Sam and Rachel! I want to see Rachel be happy and find love again!

  11. Tracy says:

    Hated all the Sue scenes and hate the way Glee is trying to make mean entertaining!

  12. Finn says:

    One of the worst episodes of Glee of all time and that’s saying something. Way too much meta by the writer where you say, “Enough already!” Why does a terrible person like Sue want Klaine back- where did that come from? Why would Rachel quit Broadway because she was “bored”? I liked Blaine calling her out on that crap. And how stupid is Sam? Every season he has gotten dumber. Sue needs serious help to invest that much time and energy in her hatred of Will and the glee club. Way too much of her and her nonsense. Sad what has happened to this show and what it used to be to where it is.

  13. Sam says:

    This was quite possibly the worst glee episode of all time and that says something considering the past two seasons. I’m really upset; the first three episodes weren’t all that bad and I thought just maybe the show was going to come back around and be something special again for the last season.

  14. Joey says:

    When Sue ships your couple, you know you’re bad.

  15. JJ says:

    The Sam Rachel paring is disgusting and Sam is stupidest character to ever be on Glee! No wonder people are leaving this show right and left! If Samchel is what S6 will be about I have no reason to watch! These two have the chemistry of 2 soggy stinky wet blankets.

  16. kd86953 says:

    OMG. This episode was a letter to Glee’s fandom, I swear they were on Tumblr…watching…reading…listening… I laughed out loud –A LOT. As for Sam and Rachel, I don’t think it’ll happen. I think it was a way for us to see what kind of state Rachel is in post-Finn’s death. The girl can’t be celibate forever. And even if they put her with Sam, wouldn’t you want it to be with someone who knew and loved Finn in ways that Rachel did? But again, I don’t think they’re endgame. Rachel will end up in New York again and Sam (who’s dream is to be McKinley’s football coach) will stay put. I also really love the angsty Kurt and Blaine. So glad we saw a shift a bit. They’re not quite exes, not quite friends. Also how CREEPY was Walter? The music was meh tonight but if the snippet we got in next week’s promo is any indication, episode 5 is going to have some awesome songs!

    • anon33guest says:

      As a Finn fan who thinks Rachel should move on I would rather she not be with someone who knew and loved Finn as I want her new relationship to be separate from her relationship with Finn. Instead her first post Finn attempt at dating is with a character they try to push as a low rent Finn.

  17. UGH! says:

    Its really offensive how they keep trying to make Sam into Finn. Its a slap in the face to everything Cory brought to Glee. Aside from the fact Chord can’t hold a candle to Cory, its totally disrespectful!

    • Wire Dreamer says:

      Chord is infinitely more talented than Cory ever was. Better singer, better actor. Period. Cory couldn’t sing without autotune and obviously couldn’t dance. He was a charming goofball and loveable character who so happened to be the lead. That’s it. Glee writers had a great new character in Sam, but almost overnight made him into a total idiot on the level of Brittany. It was sad.

      • anon33guest says:

        i think Chord is a lot less talented than Cory was. A less talented singer. A much worse dancer and by far a less talented actor. Still none of that is the point. This show never did well when they tried to bring on 2.0’s whether it was Sam as Finn 2.0 in season 2 or the newbies as 2.0’s in season 4. They should write characters as their own characters instead of trying to slot them into other character’s places on the show.

  18. Mo says:

    Am I the only one who believes that friends DO NOT date their friends ex-boyfriend? It must not be done. What kind of friend is Rachel? She is selfish and only thinking about hersel, as usual! Writers should have brought in another guy for Rachel. It’s not too late! Leave Sam Evans for Mercedes Jonas!!

    • TJ says:

      Rachel? What about ManWhore Sam? If it has a vagina he has to go after it. Both Mercedes and Rachel deserve way better then a loser like Sam

    • Kim says:

      Oh please if that was the case then Mercedes should have never dated Sam in the first place since he had already dated Quinn and Santana. And then she dated him again after he date Brittany. They has all done it so lets not pretend Rachel is the first. . Plus to Rachel he was coming onto her so she thought he must like her. Not sure why Sam is exempt.

  19. A says:

    Sam & Rachel pairing seems to b meta that RIB & Co. loves to do since lea michele is dating mathew a former stripper/escort & sam was a stripper/escort too.

    • Haha says:

      Lea is dating a male prostitute, they did that already with Brody LOL

      • H says:

        Which is why i think she may end up with Brody again (who truly cared for her). He would have to leave his side profession obviously, but they do share the same interests and passions in NYC. Art imitates life in this case.

  20. Rose says:

    Glee ended for me when Cory Monteith died.

  21. Kobe Busia says:

    Alright, I didn’t catch the episode on TV, but I was able to watch it on, under the link, VodLocker, and I just finished it. I HATE THIS EPISODE!!!!!!!!!! It’s really rare for me to actually hate an episode of Glee with a passion, but this is one of those rare moments where I do. First off, what the hell was up with Sue wanting to sabotage and annihilate Will, just because he accidentally left a plastic fork on the table, as he was leaving? Will’s no longer a threat to her, so her trying to take him down is absolutely pointless. Also, her trying to get Kurt and Blaine back together, and acting like she’s always been supportive and shown interest in their relationship is absolutely phony and it came out of nowhere, and ughh, I don’t care. Then she sabotages Blaine’s current relationship with Karofsky, by saying that they’re 3rd cousins, I don’t know, I don’t care, it’s so stupid. Also, when she hypnotized Sam so he could distract Rachel and make her fall for him was just apathetic to me and I didn’t care, and it’s contrived drama, and I felt nothing while it was happening, although, I did like the song they sang, that Vanessa Carlton song that I don’t know the name of, but I do think it’s a cute song and it actually made me smile. A few other positive things about this episode were Becky’s line where she said that Sue is a “super bad-ass coach”, and when she was dancing in that lobster suit, that was funny. Also the scene when Will was in Sue’s office and she went on that rant, she actually said some truthful things about Will, about how he ignores students who are basically not Rachel (Sugar, Joe, Rory, and even Matt Rutherford), so props to that. But overall, this was a terrible episode, and it’s one of those episodes where I just wanna pretend that it never happened. Also, why are the new kids in the background, what happened to Coach Beiste’s transformation into a man, is that just completely forgotten? I don’t know but I was really into the first 3 episodes, they gave me hope and set the bar so high, that this was such a huge letdown, but then again, when has Glee NOT let us down?

    PS: It’s rare that I truly hate an episode of this show, I may have disliked episodes such as Comeback and Funk, but besides this one, the few episodes I’ve hated were Saturday Night Glee-ver, and Sadie Hawkins. Also, if the acting wasn’t so good, and the music wasn’t so addictive, would I have continued to watch this show till the end? No I wouldn’t, and I know that sounds a little harsh, but it’s true, I’m sure there are other people who feel the same way I do. Anyway, this episode gets an F from me. Not being a hater, just truly wasn’t feeling this episode, I wanna pretend it never happened.

  22. abz says:

    What was with the terrible song choices for Vocal Adrenaline? I get that they’re supposed to be all mechanical and emotionless with none of that underdog magic that New Directions has had in the past, but seriously they were terrible.
    Not a fan of Sue shipping Klaine storyline at all. I have no desire to see Klaine back together really. I don’t personally see the chemistry there (at least not anymore) and they are just a tired pairing.
    I hope this whole Rachel/Sam nonsense ends with this hypnosis sillyness after the next episode. It’s ridiculous and stupid. Leave Rachel alone. Let her focus on the Glee club and picking her life back up after all of the mistakes she made at the end of last season.
    I’ve never been super crazy about Sam, but it’s really disappointing just how much of a dumb blonde they’ve made him over the years. I wish they kept some of his characteristics from when he first came on the show.

  23. Steph says:

    Frankly, the only interesting or engaging parts tonight were Kurt (w or w/o Blaine) esp w Sue, Figgins (both personas), some of Sue’s insanity and Becky’s Rock Lobster outfit. BTW, Rock Lobster & Whip It were both MADE for Chris Colfer’s voice (think “Bad Romance” w the s1 cast). Sam bored the hell out of me, as did Samchel. Walter was decent; Kurt is pretty open minded; they’ll probably keep to friends (thank heavens….Kurt needs someone mature, but that’s a bit over the top)

  24. Dude says:

    I’ve been on board with Glee this far this season because it’s been a lot more controlled and understated but this was Glee just throwing all their crazy out the window. Sue’s shrine to Klaine, Sue hypnotizing Sam, Bizarro Figgins. This was Glee at its worst and I hope they got it out of their systems and next week is a return to the more restrained Glee I’ve come to tolerate.

  25. jamz says:

    I don’t get what the writers were going for with a Thousand Miles. If it was supposed to be sparks flying between two people why were they singing about missing someone?

  26. Tish says:

    This season was going good but then this episode happened. I am reminded how bad glee can be.

  27. The Truth says:

    This has got to be the worst season yet. Glee should of been done 2 season ago or maybe even more. What the hell where they thinking when they brought Karofsky back just because he was a fan favorite? Are we really suppose to believe that Blaine would date someone who was so horrible to Kurt? Glee was getting better toward the end of last season but now its like they just given up.

    • Marco says:

      Seeing the way he treated Kurt, I’m not surprised. I’m surprised Dave would date the guy that almost outed him willy-nilly and then caused so much hurt to Kurt that he remembers A SEXUAL ASSAULT ATTEMPT as a good memory of their relationship.

  28. Rachel says:

    Personally, I thought Sam and Rachel were great together in tonight’s episode. I thought they sounded amazing together on “A Thousand Miles.” I hope to see more of this pairing in future episodes.

  29. brittany says:

    Noooo Sam should be with Mercedes!!!

  30. Sammy from Miami says:

    I really liked the Sam and Rachel pairing. The idea of them as a couple is the first reason to watch Glee in three years. Sam and Mercedes never made any sense, probably because Mercedes was played as a ridiculous character. Mercedes the huge national singing sensation al a Beyoncé?? Give me a break. Never liked it and never found it believable. But really like Sam and Rachel. Hope they continue to write for this couple. If not- I’m out. Again.

    • Really tho says:

      Yeah,what ever you say….

    • Kendra says:

      Well lucky for you it seems like you’re getting your wish and Samcedes is gonna basically be buried alive in a future episode.

    • Kristina says:

      I quit watching after Cory’s death and have occasionally read recaps. This is the first storyline to make me want to start again, as strange as that sounds. I can buy Mercedes as a successful singer, but I never could stand her character and really didn’t like her with Sam (who I did like).

    • Really tho says:

      So Rachel being the ridiculous overbearing annoying character that she is. All these 6 seasons. Hasn’t bothered you. But,Mercedes one of the most well rounded characters on glee bothers you. Mercedes has the voice and talent. To have a huge career as a Beyonce or Whitney Houston? So how is that not believable? Yet,you believe Rachel as Barbra Streisand. And she can’t even last on broadway. Without quitting? Give me a break. And of course you want Sam and Rachel together. No chemistry and forced. That makes no sense. I find it funny this glee fandom. Want Sam with anybody,but the woman he truly loves Mercedes Jones.

      • Paula says:

        I totally agree Sam and Mercedes, have had a chemistry between them going on for a long time, however the producers flirted…well, if one could call it that, with an interracial relationship scenario for only a brief period, why is that? Glee could break stereotypical boundaries of what is normally associated, to as the perfect couple and transform the mainstream media norm, the pretty slim white girl, brunette or blonde falling in love and living happily ever after is always the case, yet Mercedes is a voluptuous beautiful black girl, who has the right like all the others to fall in love. We as viewers, are all bought into the fabricated fantasy world of the film, media and commercial market that portray an unrealistic standard of beauty and love, this really has to change. Love has no colour, size, or religion it just is. I have also noticed, when there has been a romantic interlude, with the other glee couples they seem to be portrayed more intimately than that of Mercedes and Sam, it’s more secretive forbidden when they have a moment.

  31. ... says:

    Sue telling someone that they lost their charm long ago was some truly hilarious irony. When exactly was the last time that she was an amusing, enjoyable character? Maybe the first season? The premiere from a few weeks ago actually fooled me into believing that this show was possibly headed down a good path during its last season, but every episode since then has been a hot mess.

    • Kobe Busia says:

      Hey I like how u mentioned how Sue said that Will lost his charm years ago(since Bieber week to be exact), but that’s inconsistent(as much of Glee is anyway), because if u remember from the Saturday Night Glee-ver episode, she said that he’s been out of ideas since Madonna week. Just thought I’d point that out, if that’s alright.

  32. Really tho says:

    Such a waste of storyline. When there could be more Samcedes development.

    • Lauren says:

      Unfortunately the writers don’t care for Samcedes which is a shame. It seems they’re going full out with Samchel even going so far as to completely bury Samcedes in a future episode coming up. Sorry but it’s looking like Samchel may be endgame. As scary as that thought is.

      • Really tho says:

        Rachel will be back on broadway by the finale. Trust their fav want be stuck in Lima,Ohio by finale. Sam and Rachel will not be a legit couple. No way glee is gonna end with Sam and Rachel a real couple. People seem to forget sam his hypnotized. And doesn’t have real feeling for Rachel. And Amber Riley is still apart of the show. And will be returning.

  33. I hate the hypnosis plot too, but i think if Sam would not have made the first move Rachel would not think about him that way, i think in the end this works out for her. After Finn i always like Sam with Rachel.

  34. cuius says:

    A serious case of HIMYM-final season-itis – we’re all off looking for new jobs, and anything to fill another hour

  35. Dave says:

    I could only imagine Rachel with Finn. However, since he is gone, she has to move on at some point. I don’t like the idea of her with someone new. Sam is a good option because they are friends, they had sparks in New York, and he kind of is a piece of Finn for Rachel. They are very cute together. And this is coming from someone who from day one only rooted for Finchel. So I say lets make this Samchel happen.

    • anon33guest says:

      Also a Finchel fan from day one and I hate the idea of them together precisely because they are trying to tell me he is a piece of Finn. I want Rachel to open her heart again but I would rather that be separate from Finn instead of it being with someone the show has pushed and pushed as another version of Finn.

  36. buster says:

    This was just a horrible episode. Are we ever going to hear the Glee Club sing? Are they ever going to get enough members to actually compete? They don’t seem to be trying hard for Blaine and Kurt to be dating other people so they might as well just put them back together already. Don’t even get me started with the Rachel and Sam pairing. So far Sam has been so in love with Quinn,Mercedes, and Brittany and dated Santana and that nurse and made out with Tina. Why do we have to force him on Rachel now. If they really want Rachel to end up with someone why not bring back Jessie. That would make a lot more sense to me. Also Rachel needs to pack it up and head back to New York.

    • buster says:

      Just to add to my comment I want Rachel to head back to New York because she has way too much talent to be wasting it in Lima coaching Glee Club. I really hope that is how they end it. I want her to go back to New York and back on Broadway where she always wanted to be. If they want her with someone have Jessie there on Broadway as well. He obviously has the talent to do that.

    • Jae says:

      Even though Sam may have dated all the other girls. Mercedes was the only one that he lived with and is the only one that he has went after more than once. All the others were just what they were girlfriends. She has always meant more to him. More then just a some flirting moments and glances. ijs!

  37. Jeff says:

    If and when Rachel goes back to NY and stars on Broadway again (and I wonder if the writers will actually let us see how see repairs her bad reputation there and mends fences; probably not), I wonder if she’ll get “bored” again and quits? I have never seen anyone who achieved their dream and got it so relatively quickly (which seems a little unrealistic to me in itself but whatever) only to leave just as quickly. Her character has always been annoying but I respected the ambition. Now she’s an idiot at her old high school with no leadership qualities and only cares about herself. When they let Rachel win the Tony will she apologize to everyone she let down with her previous Broadway experience or conveniently forget that?

    How is Sue a principal when that same school should’ve fired her years ago? By now she should be fired, in jail, in a mental institution or dead with her insane behavior. What threat is Will to her now? Why was the glee club ever a threat to her anyway, because they took precious money/time/attention from her cheerleading squad?

    They only paired Sam with Rachel because he’s been with everyone else (the writers don’t know what to do with his character and the actor is bad as well) and is the only male/straight/available/series regular left. They want a straight relationship. It doesn’t feel right when in that very same episode you see Finn’s plaque and you know it’s there not because the actor wanted to leave or they killed him off, but because he is sadly gone

    • Kim says:

      Have you seen Mercedes? She got success/fame it even quicker than Rachel.

      The riuned Rachel’s whole arc so she could be fitted into Finn’s dream and get everyone back to Lima. It was the ultimate worth under the bus moment.

  38. Keith says:

    Worst.Episode.Ever. What happened to this show? Last night was filled with mean spirited jokes, over the top plot, ridiculous plot lines, and too much Sue/Becky. What was once a feel good, musical show and now become a painful sixty-minutes. Please just kill this show now.

  39. neaorlean says:

    People, you need to finally understand this – there’s no more continuity and consistency on Glee than there is on The Simpsons. Things don’t happen for a reason, they just happen, because they do. Also, it’s been a few seasons now that Sam’s been a fill in for every character they don’t want to cast a new actor for – the real Sam story is the one he started out with, then the stripper one, the Mercedes one, now the assistant coach one, that’s all. Every single other storyline involving Sam has been a story for another character that they didn’t bother to cast, and just put Sam to fill in. No consistency, no logic, stop looking for them. Imagine today’s episode with another actor playing another character – like somebody on the football team. Works better, doesn’t it? But it’s been one of those things on Glee. As for Finn – we all liked Finn, but Cory died, we can’t get the ending we were going to, but what were they supposed to do, cast Sam Palladio on his place and hope we never notice? They look alike, sound alike, so we’re good? By the time Cory passed away, they had already signed for two more seasons, there was nothing anybody could do.

  40. Ashley C says:

    That is a big nope to Rachel and Sam really Ryan Murphy?? I came for Samcedes if you don’t deliver I quit seriously.

    • Kendra says:

      Well then quit because it’s not looking like Samcedes is endgame anymore, it honestly looks like Samchel is gonna end up together and Samcedes was literally just a placeholder for them.

  41. VegasGamer says:

    Im all for Sam and Rachel, infact it should have happened last season!

    This show, which was once really good, is almost impossible to watch now.

  42. Reesa says:

    I used to watch Glee because it was a sweet reprieve from reality and episodes left me singing, feeling happy and uplifted. It used to be about underdogs overcoming obstacles. I don’t know what it’s about anymore. All I know is that I definitely DON’T feel happy or satisfied anymore. Every episode this season has been mean spirited and depressing. I don’t know where they are going with this, but they better hurry up, there are only a few episodes left and so far it doesn’t look good.

  43. Jan says:

    This may have been the worst episode of Glee I’ve ever seen. Is Ryan Murphy trying to totally destroy it before it ends?

  44. Spence says:

    I used to watch Glee and I occassionally check recaps just to see what is going on…. After reading this all I can say is: what the f@*! is happening in this show?

  45. annie says:

    Wasn’t Blaine’s mom named Pam? According to Sue it’s Cynthia…

  46. I.R.E. says:

    I will retire from watching Glee and also retire being a Glee fan at the same after its upcoming series finale.

    I hope Emma comes back a recurring reduced guest ASAP this season!

  47. Jason Lee says:

    Really I didn’t get this episode. the music is fine but the storyline is just uhh. I just feel like the writers are just holding onto Sue so much they are choking her and her storyline. They are just putting her on a pedestal and trying to rekindle once more that Sue inferno one last curtain call but I feel its absurd. with all the freakin hypnosis and all, I didn’t enjoy this episode at all. first two was the best, premier was stellar tbh. I know they jumped the shark but hopefully they don’t fall into the shark’s jaws.

  48. AngieD says:

    I agree with others that this was the worst episode of this season and one of the worst of the series. I can only assume it’s setup for part 2 of the Hurt Locker….. Other than ‘proving’ that Rachel is vulnerable (i.e. feeling a bit lost), I don’t see the point in Samchel. I really feel that it’s a momentary attraction for her – same as what she felt in NYC. A bit down and Sam is a good friend – he kissed her…so, she’s thinking maybe I should ‘try’, but I don’t think she has any real romantic feelings towards Sam…..

  49. Bobo says:

    Was there anything in Sue’s character that we were supposed to believe she was a hypnotist or a Klaine shipper?

    Is Beiste temporarily off the show to begin the transition? No references to that.

    Can’t Will punish his students for being mean and dismissive of him?

    I thought Artie and Merecedes were series regulars. Where are they?
    How will the New Directions compete once sectionals begin and you need the required amount of people? Will they just find random people to fill out the rest? The choir room is just sad and empty now.

  50. Stef says:

    I’ts true, I really loved the first two episodes. It made me forget the crappy season 5, even episode 3, but this? What are the writers thinking? With Sue’s monologues it’s like they’re criticizing their own job. I quote: “like that gross kid with the dreadlocks, or that poor Irish idiot Rory, or that black dancer whose name none of us remember because you rode his back to a win sectionals and then promptly ignored him into oblivion.”. They are right! I can’t possibly remember that dancer kid’s name from season 1. I’m only watching glee ’cause I wanna see how it ends. Seriously, it’s like a friend of mine says: Ryan Murphy doesn’t know how to make a season 2 of a show. season 1 was the best.