Pilot News: ABC Orders Biblical Saga, 1980s Crime Drama and 3 Others

ABC Logo 2015

ABC on Friday gave pilot orders to five drama projects, including a Biblical epic about kings and prophets, and a true-crime procedural set in 1980s Los Angeles.

First up, chronologically speaking, is Of Kings and Prophets, which spins a Biblical tale about a king, a prophet and a shepherd, all of whom are “on a collision course with destiny.”

Adam Cooper and Bill Collage will pen the script, with Jason Reed, Reza Aslan and Mahyad Tousi aboard as executive producers.

In addition, ABC ordered:

* L.A. Crime, a true-crime procedural set in 1980s Los Angeles. The potential first season would follow two officers on the hunt for a team of serial killers. Steven Baigelman will write and Mandeville Television will executive-produce.

* Quantico, which follows young FBI recruits as they complete their training at the Quantico base in Virginia. Written by Josh Safran (Gossip Girl) and executive-produced by the Mark Gordon Company, Quantico employs flashbacks and flash-forwards to reveal which of the recruits is actually a sleeper terrorist “responsible for the most devastating terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11.”

* Runner, the story of a woman whose perfect life is destroyed by a “simple twist of fate.” Her attempt to expose the truth will send her on a journey through the illegal gun trade between the United States and Mexico. Writer Michael Cooney will executive-produce alongside Ian Sander, Kim Moses, Peter Horton and showrunner Jon Cowan

Mix, an hour-long dramedy about several modern families — including “multi-cultural, multi-generational and those built through divorces, affairs and adoptions” — set against a family restaurant “at a crossroads.” Rashida Jones will executive-produce with Will McCormack, Le Train Train and writer Jennifer Cecil.

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  1. Dude says:

    Not really interested in any. Maybe Quantico sounds good?

  2. LynnH says:

    For all of the above, it depends on who they cast. Impossible to comment at this early stage.

  3. Drew says:

    How Biblical? Because if it is only vaguely inspired by a bunch of Bible stories and isn’t true to any actual Bible stories, they might as well not make it. If that’s the case, the never should have used the word “biblical”… It raises the bar by quite a bit.

    • Sounds like David’s anointing by Samuel to me…

      • theschnauzers says:

        It also sounds like it is using the same source material as NBC’s Kings a few years back.

      • Drew says:

        Without them naming names and simply calling it “biblical”, it all seems very nonspecific. That sets off some alarms.

        • No Dog In This Race says:

          Doesn’t Reza Aslan have some sort of pedigree here? Google says he’s a “scholar of religious studies”.

          I remember him from his appearances on CNN following the Ben Affleck/Bill Maher/Islam thing.

    • Cory says:

      What you don’t want is exactly how I prefer “biblical” stories… I saw Noah because it was part of a double feature at a drive-in and it was better than I expected because it took so many liberties. And I’d disagree with your sentiment as well, for instance, there are a couple other lion’s den tales that are all different from each other, yet only one was selected by a council to be considered religious canon. Most people would still call those alternative versions “biblical” though.

      • Drew says:

        Noah was not well received by most though. All I’m saying is that people will notice if they mess things up, and that usually doesn’t turn out well.

    • Isobel says:

      The pilot is being written by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, who wrote the original script for Exodus: Gods and Kings, i.e. the script that 20th Century Fox bought before Ridley Scott got involved and sent it out for rewrites.
      And one of the producers involved is Reza Aslan, the liberal Muslim whose book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth is also being developed as a possible feature film. The other producers are Jason Reed and Mahyad Tousi, both of whom work with Aslan through a company called BoomGen Studios.

    • Temperance says:

      I’d argue the opposite – if it is a direct Biblical riff… well, *gag*. The networks need to avoid religious programming (aside from perhaps an occasional holiday movie/mini). Not only isn’t it appropriate, the material was written for illiterate people with a third grade understanding of the world, so the core material wouldn’t support it.

  4. Spence says:

    Quantico sounds intriguing and Mix catches my attention only because Rashida Jones is attached.

  5. jj says:

    mix is the only one i’m interested in but its nice to see abc coming out with some interesting concepts!

  6. Annie says:

    Why bother watching when they’ll probably get cancelled after 6 episodes even if they’re great (cough Selfie, Pushing Daisies cough)

  7. Stormy says:

    Maybe L.A. Crime. No to the rest for a wide variety of reasons.

  8. Me says:

    Every last one of these shows has either been done before, or is a direct rip off of another show.

    Mix= modern family/ parenthood
    Quantico= homeland/ HTGAWM
    Runner= state of affairs
    La crime= la law
    And the bible one is just going to tick people off remember the naming issue with GCB?

    I wish networks would come up with something a bit more original . Oh well I guess this crap is what sells advertising. sigh

    • johnhelvete says:

      Some of your comparisons or “direct ripoffs” seem way off to me. State of Affairs is more of a Homeland meets Scandal show, so I dont get the comparison with Runner. If by LA Law you mean the David E Kelly show from the late 80’s early 90’s than you are way off, my guess is you mean a different show. Quantico sounds like the Al Pacino film the Recruit with HTGAWM flash forwards.

    • Simon Jester says:

      Actually, L.A. Crime sounds like a rip-off of True Detective, with a location shift from La. to L.A.!

  9. Lauren says:

    Runner is like a re-write of ABC’s Red Widow. LOL

  10. Et al says:

    I’m surprised how awful and generic these all sound. Hit or miss – abc has traditionally chosen more intruiging shows.

  11. Pati says:

    All of them sound like something I would watch except Mix. I hope they get the casting right for Quantico

  12. Ally Oop says:

    Nothing sticks out as great. Quantico, Runner and Mix have potential. Wasn’t Runner in development last pilot season?

  13. Ashley C says:

    Mix sounds interesting I like the description of it being multicultural

  14. Fido says:

    Quantico for me, and I’m calling it now, baddie will be the first recruit we see. :)