Idol Recap: NOLA, N-O-L-A, NOLA

A glittering purple unicorn landed smack in the middle of American Idol‘s Season 14 New Orleans audition stop — which in no way suggests that the show’s producers surprised us with a special return appearance by Nicki Minaj at the judges’ table. (People genuinely like Keith Urban, after all — they don’t want to see him break out into a PTSD-induced panic attack.)

Rather, I’m talking about the Idoloonie Nation getting the all-too-rare opportunity to see a 2-to-1 vote against sending a contestant to Hollywood.

Don’t cry for 28-year-old Sarah Quintana, though. Sure, Keith was the only one to give her a “yes” vote, but as a consolation prize, she got Harry Connick Jr. to accompany her on the piano during her solid-though-not-really-spectacular take on “St. James Infirmary Blues.” You win some, you lose some. And sometimes you even spark strongly worded Twitter conversations about the show’s perceived bias against performers old enough to legally experience alcohol-induced dry heaves on Bourbon Street.

Personally, I’d have given Sarah her Golden Ticket — and told that 16-year-old spirit-squad squeaker from Texas to refocus her energy on becoming 2015’s answer to Tracy Flick. But I’m the kind of old-skool curmudgeon who questions whether there’s any high-school sophomore on the planet whose talents are so extraordinary that she ought to abandon her education to pursue ’em. (I mean, yeah, you say Jodie Foster, but I counter with Lindsay Lohan and Kylie Jenner.)

Oh God, I just brought the Kardashians into this recap. Somebody stop me. Actually, I’ll stop myself — and get to ranking tonight’s 13 Golden Ticket recipients (plus Sarah) in order from least- to most-promising.

14. Tiffany Stringer, “Want U Back” | “Gimme an ‘N’!” “N!” “Gimme an ‘O’!” “O!” “Put it together and what’ve you got?” “NO!” Exactly.

13. Alexis Chappa, “Trouble” [Hollywood or Home poll] | I will sum up my feelings about this extremely dubious Golden Ticket with the following Tweet:

12. Dakota Suarez, “Dog Days Are Over” | Teenage drag queen seemed to be running out of air by the end of his ambitious Florence + The Machine cover. As Harry noted, the kid’s got a nice voice, but he’ll have to travel a few more miles before he’s anywhere near spectacular.

11. Hope Windle, “Stupid Boy” | Montaged chick looked so shy while attempting a Keith Urban cover that nearly faded into the blue Idol backdrop. I second Harry’s “No” vote and nominate her as a candidate for the Melinda Veto (see video below if you know not of what I speak).

10. Grayson Turner, “Chasing Shadows” [original song] | There was a surprising amount of maturity in this 15-year-old’s performance — if not in his choice of flip-flops for his big audition! — but ultimately, I didn’t hear the kind of control and breath support required to survive out in front of Idol’s bandzilla.

9. Sarah Quintana, “St. James Infirmary Blues” | I couldn’t totally disagree with Harry and Jen that this young Susan Sarandon-looking gal fell a little short in terms of the conviction she brought to her vocals. What made her rejection painful, though, was the fact that just two auditions prior, we’d seen the vastly inferior (but a full decade younger) Tiffany sail through on the strength of… her cartwheeling skills?

8. Tori Martin, “What Are You Listening To?” | The good news is, this country chick hit most of her notes square on the nose — which won’t hurt at all in her quest to be country radio’s next big thing. The bad news, though, is that her, bejeweled headband upstaged her actual vocal performance. No, being stuck in a three-woman montage didn’t help, but still — a headband is an inanimate object!

7. Ricky Dale Hendricks, “The Thunder Rolls” | Utterly charming teen possesses the kind of smile that would make even Tim Urban jealous — and even though that grin didn’t quite fit the mood of his Garth Brooks cover, I couldn’t hold his audition-room excitement against him. As the judges noted, though, Ricky’s vocal technique is a little inconsistent — which raises the question: Would a rejection and a free pass to next season’s Hollywood Week have been a kinder choice than “throwing Ricky into the ring with Mike Tyson,” as Harry so ominously put it?

6. Erica Washington, “Halo” | Stunningly pretty single mom’s “thick sound” left Harry impressed, but I found myself slightly less enthused. Sure, Erika’s feathery upper register was flawless, but she intermittently pushed certain notes of Beyoncé’s ethereal ballad like she was trying to break down a door with a battering ram — causing her pitch to wobble ever so slightly.

5. Nalani Quintello, “Counting Stars” | I’m not sure why Nalani got the dreaded montage treatment, but her stripped-down, slowed-down OneRepublic cover — which was more of a haunting lullaby than a driving pop anthem — was really pleasing to the ear, no?

4. Quentin Alexander, “Royals” | I don’t know why the judges were all pretty much shouting “take more vocal risks!” — seeing how this fashionable fella really seemed to be pushing himself to the outer egdes of his vocal range on Lorde’s ubiquitous jam. No, he wasn’t perfect — but there was a sense of purpose to the guy’s performance, a depth he brought to the lyrics, that makes me want to hear more of what he’s got. And yes, sir, please keep the crazy Amish-Tribal thing going! We need more Idol males willing to break out of the “I bought this at The Gap” school of fashion. (I know, I know, I shop at The Gap, too, but I’m not giving a weekly televised mini-concert for 12 million people, am I?)

3. Mikey Duran, “My Demise” [original song] | LSU student’s lilting, almost tremulous tone was utterly distinctive — and revealed a vulnerability that I wasn’t expecting based on his easy banter with the judges. Kid can write, too — and his attempt to break into the bridge when the judges tried to cut him short was actually quite endearing.

2. Adam Lasher, “These Shoes” [original song] | J.Lo nailed it when she pointed out that Carlos Santana’s nephew looked a lot like Jimmy Fallon — especially when he smiles. Thankfully, though, Adam’s original tune — a weary but ultimately optimistic ditty about the struggles of a musician’s life — was anything but goofy. Dude’s weathered, raspy instrument — and his impressive guitar skills — should make him a genuine Hollywood Week contender.

1. Jelly Joseph, “Rolling in the Deep” | Oh how I wish our trusty exec producer, Per Blankens, had had the good sense to kick off the hour with the chic, effervescent Jelly — who took just the right amount of risks on Adele’s melody and showcased her own husky tone in the process. Instead, Jelly got stuck in the No. 2 performance slot — meaning the hour started with a sad joke of an audition focused on the cousin of Harry’s childhood babysitter slaughtering “P.Y.T.” Has Fox not gotten the memo that in 2015, the point-and-jeer component of Idol is as marketable as Clear Pepsi?

On that note, I turn it over to you. What did you think of the New Orleans tryouts? Who were your favorites? Were there any Golden Tickets you’d revoke? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Runner says:

    It’s really hard to vote when thangs are so ordinary. I feel like some these folks had “potential” in a few years, but now? No. And the rest? Just very ordinary.

    • I agree that I also think there have been a ton of contestants that have “potential” and need “work” have been put through incorrectly, but I think that’s because it doesn’t matter to the judge’s if the contestant goes to Hollywood and then gets cut there. That’s why tonight was crazy that there was a 2-1 vote down. Because I think the judges that maybe are on the fence play on the side of rather hear them one more time then say “No” if one of the other judge’s say “Yes”. What’s another airline ticket or hotel room when the judge’s aren’t paying for it. I do think that Jelly Joesph and Adam Lasher were standouts tonight that could go pretty far in this competition. They were memorable, unique and just easy to listen to.

    • deedee says:

      Agreed. None of them stood out for me, although I could definitely see Ricky Dale Hendricks winning the whole thing.

    • Brandon says:

      I loved some of the talent tonight. And lots from other nights, too. I also know the judges have said in interviews they were surprised by those who stepped it up in Hollywood Week and the Showcase. I think it could really be a good season.

      • Im so sick of Harry needing to be the center of attention! He needs to calm down!

        • Jill Moy says:

          HEY BECCA,

          I’ve been saying that this year and last year. He’s like a big kid, always needs attention! I think he’s not all there! Plus, he lets through bad singers and says no to good singers…..a terrible judge!

        • neaorlean says:

          I’ve been reading lots of these comments, but I think Harry’s just bored, and they montage all the goofy moments together and that’s why it looks like he needs all the attention. They’re there all day doing the same, having the same conversation over and over and over again… I’d go a little crazy too, and most people would. Jen wouldn’t let herself go out of character and have a goofy moment or make a face, Keith usually either laughs at Harry or is right there with him doing something silly, so I think it’s just boredom and maybe a mild ADD :)

          • Tom22 says:

            I’d agree with the way you describe it neaorelan . It is an edited show. I’d also add that I think a lot more of the singers present more to the judges than the one song we see. When they’re doing that talking it could be that they’ve already seen enough and would have cut off other performers at the same point but only let it go on so they could do the shtick. It is a bit rude but so many things are purposely rough on contestants like making them wait after the commercial break to see if they’ve been cut and playing with the emotional strings instaead of just saying whether they made the cut or not like a polite person would in regular life.

        • Barbara Owens says:

          better harry than jlo…altho it would be nice to just concentrate on the people who want to try out

        • Jill Moy says:


          Remember last year when these three judges put through Briston Maroney to top 15 boys! OMG! He sounded so terrible I can’t describe what he sounds like….A Drunk Animal Of Some Kind! Just awful! Goes to show you how terrible these judges really are! Shame on it all!

  2. Jeff Marley says:

    I really loved Angelina, erika, tori, nalani, and Quentin the best. 😃

  3. Ron says:

    Michael, I’m totally with you–what was with sending that spirit squad girl through to Hollywood?!?! I was actually really shocked by that one. Overall, I had a handful that I really liked, but I think my favorite may have been Santana’s nephew, Adam. Jelly was an extremely close second. I absolutely loved both of their performances so much.

    • Angela says:

      I agree on “Spirit Squad” girl, too, and I had a similar thought about the age issue as well with Sarah. I don’t think Keith, Jennifer, and Harry themselves were necessarily thinking about her age when they turned her down-I honestly don’t think they really factor in one’s age when judging unless they’re very young.
      But I think the producers might have a hand in that-they’ll allow a woman like Sarah to audition, but they already know they’re not what the show is “looking for”, even if they actually weren’t too bad. Sarah wasn’t perfect, but hell, neither were most of the other people who went through, and the fact remains that she did have talent. But the people who obsess over getting younger demographics think she won’t hold any appeal to viewers. Which is lame.
      “Spirit” girl was cute and sweet (I do appreciate her being so accepting of Henry’s critique, no pleading or stomping off in a rage), and I too was impressed that she was able to rattle off that whole song without stopping to take a breath. But her enthusiasm overshadowed her performance, and if she’s that hyper ALL the time…yeeeeeah.

    • Angela says:

      I was surprised she went through, too. She seems sweet-I appreciate her being totally cool with whatever answer she would’ve gotten-and cute, and I too was impressed that she could rattle off that song without stopping for a breath!
      But her enthusiasm definitely overshadowed her performance, and if she’s that hyper ALL the time, then…yeeeeeeeeah.
      I also would’ve sent Sarah through, and I definitely think her age had something to do with her not getting in. I don’t think the judges themselves cared about her age one way or another, but I think the producers definitely did-they’ll let people like Sarah audition, but they already know they won’t be what the show is “looking for” contestant-wise. Which is lame.

    • S. says:

      I don’t think he said he was Santana’s nephew. I swear it sounded like he said Santana’s uncle’s nephew, which makes it sound like his Aunt so-and-so is married to Santana’s uncle. Ultimately he wouldn’t share Santana’s genes if I heard him right. Cousins by marriage? Is that what we’re talking?

      • Ron says:

        He said “I’m a nephew. He’s an uncle.” That’s what I initially heard. But just to be sure, I went back and watched it with captions, which confirmed that he did say “I’m a nephew. He’s an uncle.” So there is a direct, genetic relation.

  4. Mytake says:

    I loved Sarah and can’t believe they didn’t send her through in light of some of the completely crap singers they’ve been putting through tonight and the earlier auditions. Of course she’s female and the equivalent of being 97 yrs old in the eyes of the ageist judges. Makes me mad. Older men aren’t the highest on the judges list but I still think they get a fairer judging than older women. It freaks me out to even call someone 28 yrs old “older” but age bias on Idol has gotten worse as each year goes by. Pretty soon they won’t advance anyone over 20 the way they are going!

    • Tom22 says:

      You’re right about them pretty soon not advancing people over 20… I hope the cut is more like 24 or 25 but I think 27 or 28 is probably too late for Idol. The Voice is more about seasoned performers.. many of whom are making a living as performers who have albums for sale etc. There are a few reason’s I think Idol has been more sucessful in finding stars and I don’t think most of it was about help idol did in opening doors and more about the people they chose and their ablity to quickly learn from the trials of the contestant experience. Idol is about a story-arc of a young less experienced singer coming into their own in terms of stage confidence in front of us. I also think being attractive helps…that doesn’t mean skinny or perfect. I think Crystal Bowersox is generally pleasing to look at.. she has a nice smile and nice eyes. Candice has a beautiful face and features….. I’m not sure Candice fit the story arc but at least we saw some transformation of confidence and style with Crystal.
      My point is that attractive is important as I define it, and young , but not so young not to find songs that fit their sexual life experience which dominates music, and the optomism of youth is important.
      I do sort of agree with the double standard of “beaten down”…female vs male. I might even share it a little …for whatever reason though, I think there might be a bit of reality behind the emotions of the participants.

      It could be a self-fulfilling thing that women feel that way because society tells them in may ways to feel that way.. and how they feel comes across..whether it should or not. A single mom probably has a different level of desperation than a single father…Men I think tend to be more unrealistic in terms of thinking big success is just around the corner even as they get older….otherwise sane men can be that way…while more women are “yeah right” or “i’ll believe it when I see it” and want more realistic things when their biological clock or maternal protection is in full swing in their late 20’s

  5. Mytake says:

    Testing: I loved Sarah and can’t believe they didn’t send her through in light of some of the completely crap singers they’ve been putting through tonight and the earlier auditions. Of course she’s female and the equivalent of being 97 yrs old in the eyes of the ageist judges. Makes me mad. Older men aren’t the highest on the judges list but I still think they get a fairer judging than older women. It freaks me out to even call someone 28 yrs old “older” but age bias on Idol has gotten worse as each year goes by. Pretty soon they won’t advance anyone over 20 the way they are going!

  6. Mytake says:

    Once again my post didn’t go through. Since there are only 4 comments I suspect mine isn’t the only one that disappeared

    • Angela says:

      Nope, you’re not. I just tried to send mine for a second time and it didn’t show up, either.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        Don’t you just love it

        • Timmah says:

          You just have to cross your fingers and click your heels before posting.

          • Michael Slezak says:

            Are you guys including links or embedded video in your comments? (Or have you done it previously?) Would love to get to the bottom of this.

          • deedee says:

            Michael, in the last thread I posted a video with no problem. But in another thread I tried replying to a specific comment at least 7 times, and my post just wouldn’t go through. So, it seems there’s no rhyme or reason to it.

          • Timmah says:

            No embedded links here. The only thing I’ve noticed is that replies tend to go through more often than original threads.

          • HTGR says:

            Yeah, it’s very bizarre. Sometimes the site just bars certain posts for certain words or phrases for absolutely no clear reason. I once experimented with some post that it just refused to make show up and finally I found if I removed half of one of the sentences it worked. Very bizarre since there was nothing bad/fould/not-PC/no links/nothing but it just seems to auto ban certain words or phrases and it’s really hard to see why.

        • Ginger Snap says:

          Michael I have never embedded anything in my posts. Either to your Idol recaps or to any other article on TVLine. But I have found that I have about a 75% chance that the post disappears into cyberspace.

          I’ve simply stopped trying to put anything thoughtful here. Have moved on to other places,although I enjoy the regulars here

          • Angela says:

            I’ve never shared any links, either. Sometimes I have luck and they post (and post twice, as evidenced above), sometimes they disappear.
            I usually seem to struggle posting lengthier comments…maybe I just need to stop being so wordy :p?

          • Michael Slezak says:

            I’m looking into the issue. Love the robust discussions that happen here and will do my best to figure out the problem.

    • Jaszy says:

      Man, I thought I was the only one with this problem. I literally try to post the same comment over and over again, but it doesn’t show up. Then it says “Duplicate comment detected.” Seriously, the comment I was trying to post is NOT ON HERE, so how is it a duplicate?
      It is true that my longer comments tend to have more of a chance to disappear than my shorter comments…hopefully this comment will show….Please!

      • Mytake says:

        When I made my post, I was the fifth poster hence my comment above to that effect. The weird thing is I made a post, it didn’t show up. I posted the same words again (with “testing” in front). The system told me it was a duplicate And it didn’t show up. Finally I posted for the third time saying “once again my post didn’t go through blah blah (see above)” and that was the only one that actually did show up. That was Thursday night. Now I just come back here Friday night and see that all THREE of my posts now show. I have never put in a link. All my posts are straight text and nothing else.

  7. Puchinsmom says:

    I thought Sarah was as good as a lot of people they’ve put through this year. But overall there were some interesting people tonight. Really different but in a good way. I can see some of these guys having records. Michael’s top 3 were my favorite too, but I liked many of the ticket holders. And these guys were likeable. Hope they stay that way in Hollywood. The ones that get mean or selfish don’t do well in the long run.

  8. Larry McCoy says:

    Sarah Quintana, “St. James Infirmary Blues” [did not get Golden Ticket

    This girl needs to go to Hollywood. Don’t make this 68 year old heart patient come down there and show you the blues, Harry.

    By the way, you were good in “Copycat”

  9. Jill Moy says:

    JLO loved Sarah’s voice and the perfomance but said no! That is plain stupid! They all say no if they feel they can’t win the title! That isn’t the point! If you’re good you should go through! The teen who did a cart wheel was terrible but went through! Can she win the title?????

  10. Angie_Overrated says:

    Wow, only 20 comments? I can’t tell if that’s a lack of interest in the show or the persistent “no posts go through so why bother trying” issue that has plagued this site for months.

    • safado says:

      The show seems to be near death.

    • Mary says:

      My originals never seem to go thru on this site so I kind of gave up. My replies are a hit or miss so every now and then I give it a shot. At first I thought for some reason I was blocked but I really don’t remember saying anything that bad. I love this site but it is frustrating not being able to comment on a consistent basis. I always will watch Micheal and Melinda even if I can’t respond. Lets see if this goes thru.

  11. darcy's evil twin says:

    Oh, my – Sarah Quintana and “St. James Infirmary Blues”. Harry spends a considerable amount of time whining that no one sounds like “New Orleans”, and here comes Sarah, and he even accompanies her – but then Harry and Jennifer tell her no? She absolutely deserved to go through before Spirit Girl. My husband said “Isn’t this a singing contest”?

  12. Craig says:

    New Orleans American idol:

    Poor voting ; the drag queen , green jail bird shirt. Worst of the year so far. Jet Jennifer and last Keith allows IT thru , really. Crappy idol, worst city so far

  13. Kate says:

    Texas Tracy Flick gave me full-on PTSD to the nightmare that was Victoria Huggins.

  14. kcostell says:

    Strangest critique of the night: JLo giving special praise to the way Ricky smiled his way through “The Thunder Rolls”.

  15. Tahoe Mike says:

    I’m watching, and reading along, but I still haven’t found anyone who I’m excited about yet. I had hopes for tonight, but no one really has made me say wow.

    Did they really only do one hour in NOLA? I follow Kermit Ruffins on facebook, and he posted at the beginning of the season that we should look out for his daughters on Idol. I assumed that they would be on tonight, but there was no mention of them.

  16. Mikey says:

    Hope Windle is Hope Johnson from Season 9! I’m surprised you didn’t remember her. She’s obviously much better than that. I’m actually glad she squeaked by, I love her voice (even though she probably won’t even make it to the group round this time).

  17. Anna says:

    Last night was the dullest. I had a couple that I was interested in the night before. Hmmm..I hate to say it, but maybe we need a sob story or two.

  18. TrueConfessions says:

    I really didn’t like Dakota but it was the song choice. Ever since Pentatonix sang it so amazingly (flawlessly?) in the “Sing-off” their version has now become my standard! Oh well–

  19. GHGH says:


  20. Joe Strummer says:

    I hate those Port-a-potty deals they make the contestants wait in before they have to perform. Whose stupid idea was that?

  21. Barbara Owens says:

    I was not impressed with any of the New Orleans “talent” except for the woman who sang St. James Infirmary, who, ironically, they sent packing…judges are not very good

  22. PC says:

    Are we all watching the same show?

    Mikey Duran is BY FAR, the best of the season so far.

    Pure talent, pure, very distinctive voice, great personality. If America is paying attention, he could/should go all the way!

  23. Mel says:

    The good news is that ratings went up this week – compared to last week when Adam Lambert was a judge.

  24. Jaszy says:

    Angelica Joseph – To be honest, it wasn’t that good to me. She was going in and out of two different keys, it sounded. She was sharp and then she was flat. I don’t think that’s TOP 24 material. Sick of those freaking Adele songs. I used to love Adele. Now that everyone knows who she is, the thrill is gone.

  25. Jaszy says:

    Tiffany Stringer – Very bubbly teenager! Very! She’s so cute. She seems to have no filter; she just says whatever she is thinking. The song she chose is not a singy song. It’s more of a talking performance. Based on the vocals she exhibited during the performance, she’s not American Idol quality. I would’ve said no. She needs WAY more time to focus on her vocals. She is indeed very entertaining, however.

  26. Jaszy says:

    Mikey Duran – Okay first: a 2.8?! That’s awful!
    It’s good that he can sing…a little. I like his guitar playing more than his voice. It’s a tad on the thin, whiny side…but the song’s amazing! He should stick to music.

  27. Jaszy says:

    Quentin Alexander – Sick of overrated Lorde, but Quentin did good with it. He has vocal affectations that he should work on. If he hones in on that, he’ll be a keeper. I agree with everything the judges said about Quentin.

  28. Jaszy says:

    Alexis Chapa – I didn’t like it that much. If I were one of the judges, I probably would’ve said no. From what I heard, it sounded a little off. She seems like she’s fodder anyway, so…

  29. Jaszy says:

    Dakota Suarez – Very captivating character here! He’s so adorable. Love him. Harry was spot on with the “nice voice, incredible voice” thing. He’s good, but good is not great. Good is not awesome. Good is not amazing. But potential is galore in this one right here.

  30. Jaszy says:

    Ricky Hendricks – He seems charismatic, but his voice alone is not that good. He seems as if he has a limited range, he can’t sing too high or too low. Hate to keep using this word, but his voice is…average. I get no ‘feels’ behind his singing. Where’s the flavor? I got hints of it during the chorus part, but that’s not enough to be captivating.

  31. Jaszy says:

    Hope Windle – Looks younger than 24. Anyways, she seemed a little nervous. Her voice wavered a little, but she managed to make it not as big of a problem with her beautiful tone. She reminds me of Anna Nalick with a tinge of country in her. She has the potential, she just needs to get rid of her nerves.

  32. Jaszy says:

    Adam Lasher – Seems really cool and fun to be around. The beginning intro of his song sounds a tad like Adele’s “Someone Like You”, but even still, I really enjoyed that song. He’s very subtle with it and it’s as if he’s just rolling with the puches. Reminds me a little of Teddy Geiger mixed with Gavin Degraw. Love it.

  33. Jaszy says:

    Nalani Quintello – I remember her vaguely. She sounds great. She tends to sing a little on the sharp side, however, which to most people is not as noticeable as singing flat. Jessica Meuse from last year who was my favorite, she had a propensity of singing sharp as well. Nalani needs to focus on her pitch…or was it the guitar that was out of tune? You could barely hear it. Regardless, she did a great job.

  34. Jaszy says:

    I thought Sarah did enough for them to see her sing again. As cute as bubbly Tiffany is, Sarah’s voice showcased WAY more skill and talent. That no didn’t make sense to me when you look at the bigger picture.

  35. Jaszy says:

    Tv-line needs to go back to its old format. The new format messed up EVERYTHING. I had no problems of the sort with the old format. It’s like Windows 8: newer isn’t always better! Just a travesty!

  36. Jaszy says:

    I remember a time..long ago… when there used to be hundreds of comments, now each of Slezak’s blogs can barely crack 100 posts! There’s no end in sight is there? Get out your wooden planks and cardboard cutouts, people. It’s time to protest!

    • neaorlean says:

      Is that why you decided it’s a good idea to post a new comment for every contestant that got a ticket and fill my mailbox with it? Are you new to the Internet or something? It’s NOT a good idea, keep it all in one post next time, please.

      • Jaszy says:

        The only reason I posted a new comment for each contestant instead of one long comment is simply because my long comments never show on here. I found that my comments would be more likely to show if they’re shorter, hence all the posts. I did try to put it in all one post, but it would never show up.

        • neaorlean says:

          Well you copy it before you post and you keep on trying till it works, but don’t flood everybody’s emails like that. I know there is a problem, but still, you shouldn’t do that.

          • Jaszy says:

            Look, grumpy pants,I don’t know what crawled in your behind and died, but you are making a huge deal about nothing. I HAVE copied and pasted my long comments before, it NEVER works. The only thing that I found that does work is posting SHORTER comments, hence MORE posts.

          • Jaszy says:

            You’re not telling me anything that I haven’t already tried. If you don’t want to read the posts, just simply delete them. It’s what I do. I don’t get pissed over something so minute. Quit crying. You’re acting as if I murdered somebody.

          • Jaszy says:

            And I’m probably going to annoy you for the fun of it now, since you conjured up a problem where there didn’t need to be any. You think I’m annoying? I’ll show you annoying.

          • Jaszy says:

            And I will continue to post short comments because it’s the only thing that works.

          • Jaszy says:

            There’s a little box you should uncheck if you don’t want to see my comments via email.

          • Jaszy says:

            Box unchecked. Minute problem solved. YAY!

        • neaorlean says:

          So you’re 12 and new to the Internet. I understand.

  37. Jill Moy says:

    I see people on here are making excuses for Harry. He’s a jerk who thinks he’s funny and I think he’s a nut case! His worshipping of JLO is sickening…with his comments, etc., etc. JLO is no raving beauty anyway…a horrible singer and dancer. She isn’t a bad actress and as a judge, this year she has made more sense than K& that idiot Harry! I just can’t see this great beauty, etc., etc. What gives??????? At least prior judges weren’t as bad at putting through terrible singers! These judges shouldn’t be judging Karaoke! As far as Harry, he’s a singer who WAS great. Did you hear him sing on the show twice last year? He.
    Sang at a low volume and was off key. He complains about others singing sharp…off key, constantly, when he sings the same way. AI needs new judges for sure! These three are sub-par!

    • Timmah says:

      I never got the fuss over J-Lo either. She’s not *that* hot, and her music is terrible. I guess she’s a decent actress, that’s about it. They really need to wipe this panel clean and start over. They might consider getting some real judges who can give these kids some actual advice that they can use to get better, and not some vague crap about how they need to own the stage or whatever. Maybe someone from the industry side like Cowell was.

  38. High Velocity says:

    I am still “hearing” Mikey Duran’s original song in my head! I haven’t seen even a glimpse of him during the Hollywood rounds…group or otherwise. Does anyone know if he is still in the mix? I would buy Mikey’s song today if it were available.

  39. HTGR says:

    The whole explanation give for Sarah seemed like typical A.I. questionableness. It really didn’t add up compared to what they say to quite a few others. Part of the reason the comments and ratings are so down. Starting a few seasons ago it went from fake to fake even for fake.

  40. HTGR says:

    Zipped through, took a peek at a few.

    Jelly has a good voice, but I just did not really care for what she did to the song. I don’t like that whole Candice (also amazing voice) sort of overdoing it and changing the melody into strange things.

  41. HTGR says:

    Interesting, just found one reason posts won’t post. The phrase “butch#ring the melody” seems to be one that is automatically banned and sends a post automatically into the nether world.