The 100 Recap: 'Love Is Weakness'

“Tonight, we celebrate our newfound peace; tomorrow, we plan our war,” Lexa announced on The 100‘s killer winter premiere. Unfortunately, the peace was short-lived — and the war hit very close to home.

Despite meeting all of the Grounders’ demands — including burning Finn’s corpse at the site of his massacre — the Sky People collectively remained public enemy No. 1 near the end of Wednesday’s episode after one of the Grounders was (allegedly!) poisoned by Raven. Fortunately, Clarke was able to expose the true culprit, Gustus, who intended to frame the Sky People and put a stop to their alliance with the Grounders.

And let’s talk about Clarke for a minute: Just as Lexa predicted (“What you did tonight will haunt you until the end of your days”), Finn’s ghost was never more than a few steps behind the show’s heroine, but new words from that same source (“The dead are gone … the living are hungry”) eventually turned the tides. Plunging that knife into Finn’s chest turned out to be the first step in Clarke’s journey to leadership; the second step was embracing the idea of equating love with weakness.

Do I like the idea of a cold, heartless Clarke? Of course not. But do I prefer it to a weak, victimized Clarke? You bet.

Season 2, Episode 9

Over on Mount Weather, Monty managed to break into the control room and un-jam the signal which was preventing their S.O.S. from reaching their fellow survivors, but his victory — complete with a Hiro-style pose — was short-lived when a suspicious guard saw through his flimsy disguise. Now he’s trapped in the same cage as Harper; let’s just hope he doesn’t also share her fate.

Fellow Earth People, let’s hear your thoughts on Wednesday’s winter premiere: Did you get the Finn-closure you were hoping for? Are you happy about this new, badass Clarke? And which beloved Sky Person will be next on the chopping block? Drop a comment with your reviews and predictions below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alichat says:

    I really hope Clarke’s mother kept those ashes, and we see Finn one more time. I don’t want a victimized Clarke either, but I want a cold, heartless one less. I hope at some point she realizes that love isn’t weakness and can really say good-bye to him.

  2. Gina says:

    Ugh I’m so upset they killed Finn off. :( oh well

  3. sawyer says:

    I have a feeling Raven will feel more of a loss than Clarke in regard to Finn’s death. I can’t imagine the show not working towards a Bellamy/Clarke pairing eventually. I wan’t a strong Clarke, as the show has consistently portrayed Clarke. I get it no time for love. She is the leader of the Sky People which always makes me laugh. There is too much chemistry between Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor for the writers not to take advantage of that. I would have to say if the series strays to much from the books that would be very disappointing.

    • FatherOctavian says:

      I agree. I hope Abby passes the ashes on to her.

      Speaking of Raven, I really appreciated the moment when she was watching the ritual death of the commander’s bodyguard, and finally accepted that when Clarke killed Finn it was an act of mercy.

  4. LaPiquante says:

    I loved tonight’s theme: “We aren’t so different.” The parallels in the groups were great to see, to humanize the ‘bad guys.’ Two sides of the same coin.
    And I loved the “love is weakness” turn for Clarke. I know it’ll be great to see her deal with all of that; pushing people away from her and stepping into her leadership role. It’s great for a slow-burn romance, too.

    • Tami says:

      I definitely saw a hint of a potential slow-burn romance in the phrase “love is weakness” when Clarke first said she couldn’t lose Bellamy, then told him he should go to Mt. Weather stating that her earlier reason for him not going was because she was weak … i.e. she loved him. At this point I still think the “love” she feels is on the strong friendship level, but it was there if only for a moment. Now she’s pushing all kinds of feelings away, who knows when she will warm up to anyone again, much less Bellamy.

      Now that she’s buried her feelings underneath a shield of numb-as-strength-leadership I hope the writers are willing to let Clarke fully explore this phase of her life before they go off and “save” her.

      • LaPiquante says:

        Exactly! To me, the best ‘love’ stories are about characters who are like magnets: they repel each other as much as they’re drawn to each other. The writers know exactly what they’re doing. I still say mid- to late-season-3 for Clarke & Bellamy to figure out what it is between them. Can’t wait to watch it!!!

    • 123idfwy says:

      They stole the love is weakness theme from once upon a time

      • LaPiquante says:

        It’s a pretty common theme. It’s a philosophy. I don’t know that you can steal a philosophy; you can only use it to best tell your story, in this case.

  5. Ren says:

    Bring Finn back

  6. ? says:

    Best part of this episode? Gustus frisking Raven and taking like eight hidden weapons off her, ha.

  7. Ashley says:

    Well I’ll be the first one to say that I will no longer watch this show. The writer have dragged this show into the ground. I’m very unhappy with what the writers did to Finn’s character and it’s ridiculous!!! Bring him back!!

    • Alice says:

      Oh my god. My favorite character died in a dystopian survival show. I just hate everyone forever now.

      Seriously, get over it.

    • Whitney says:

      You really liked Finn? I mean he was cool but he wasn’t even in the books! They made him up, as soon as I realized he wasn’t in the books I realized how expendable he was to them. If I was going to stop watching the show it would have been when they killed Wells- What wasted potential! Anyways- the show is great and to stop watching because they killed Finn is crazy.

    • So…you were a fan of a cute boy and now must pout because he died. Don’t try to blame the writers for doing anything other than ruining your school-girl crush. The show is centered around Clarke. Everyone else is expendable.

    • Jadie says:

      I completely agree with you! Finn’s death was the hardest character death for me EVER. I cried so hard and now that Clarke is a heartless *****, and this whole “love is weakness” crap is being played out, this show is so disappointing now. If Clarke comes back to her feelings, hopefully the show will re-invite those who are disappointed and heart broken.

  8. jj says:

    personally i’m glad finn is gone his character didn’t fit with the new direction the show is taking and the actor was by far the worst on the show

  9. Holly says:

    This show just gets better and better. I really just got into the show this season. The writing team is amazing. Cant wait for next weeks episode

  10. Vovo says:

    Finn’s character got assassinated by the writers before he actually died. From Peacemaker to a total psycho in such a short period of time made no sense.

    I do understand Clarke did the right thing by killing him instead of a slow painful death. However, I feel that Raven should have gotten the ashes instead of her.

  11. I love this show and think the writers are amazing. AH-MAZ-ING.They really THINK about how certain events will affect their characters, and try to portray that in a realistic way. Even Finn. His storyline played out maybe a little too quickly, but I would argue that his personality didn’t “change” – something happened that made him snap. We as viewers had the benefit of knowing that Clarke and the 47 were alive and NOT taken by Grounders. But Finn didn’t have that information. He went crazy, sure…but I don’t think it was unreasonable to expect someone in his situation to do that (and I don’t think he just “became” a stone-cold killer with no remorse. He snapped, did something absolutely horrible, and REALIZED it. He knew he deserved to pay for his sins. So many shows let characters go on these rampages but “it’s okay” because they’re only killing bad guys. THAT”S not realistic imo). Which is what I like best about the series, I think, actually. That the characters act in realistic ways. Kane and the adults come down and they’re like “dude, you’re kids. We got this.”….until they realize they don’t. Clarke tries to save Finn added agony…and she pays for her choice. Just some really amazing writing, in my opinion.

  12. Remy says:

    I miss Monroe & her awesome braids. Are we ever going to see her again???

  13. Geald says:

    Ya I’m done with this show. They killed the only likable character in the mid season finale. I never bought Clarke as a leader and now they have the Grounders following an equally unbelievable young girl leader. And the adults just roll with it through all the alliances and killings. I am hopeful for the kids in the mountain, but I don’t care enough about the rest of the show.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I love the show but I do have to agree with you regarding the adults and other capable characters following these kids. That’s bothered me from the start but I can overlook it for the most part.

      • Radha says:

        These “kids” were sent to Earth as expendable by the very same adults that you feel should be in charge. They had to survive down there by themselves WITHOUT said adults and went through so many attacks that made them lose several of their people.

        So now that the adults come to Earth, you think they should just be back in charge? Uh uh. Maybe the adults can have their own society and be in charge of that. But I know that I would resent them to the end of my days if they came and wrest the position of leadership from me. Those kids went through too much crap–they aren’t kids anymore. Life or death situations tend to change that. Being chased by people who are intent on killing or eating you tends to change that.

        THAT is why the adults, who know practically nothing about this new world, are following the kids. The fact that you are acting like this is a regular modern society where people get in their cars and go to work or school–where kids WOULD follow adults then–is mind boggling.

    • Carole says:

      Finn and Raven were the only characters that I liked. I never liked Clarke as she is forever bleating on about this and that. They destroyed Finns character as a plot device. Have you noticed that characters suffer deep cuts to the face that would leave huge scars but they are gone the following week. Classic cw.

  14. BrianR says:

    Clarke and Lexa need to hook up.

  15. Paula Vought says:

    No I do not like the new Clark. Was hoping to see her and Bell get together. Not happy to see Lincoln and Octavia going separate ways again either.

  16. Efftrain says:

    Seriously. You need to stop posting spoilers in the search engine results.

  17. Davina Critchley says:

    Does anyone know if find is still alive it is killing me or does any one know a website where I can watch it