Chicago P.D. Stars Preview Lindsay and Halstead's New (Secret!) Romance

Chicago PD Season 2 Spoilers

Chicago Fire may be NBC’s go-to hour for infernos, but it’s Chicago P.D.‘s Lindsay and Halstead who generated the heat when they finally gave in to their feelings on last week’s episode.

On Wednesday’s hour (10/9c), the long-awaited pair “picks up right where they left off” – which if you recall was in the throes of passion (photographic evidence below) – star Jesse Lee Soffer previews.

The twosome will keep the new development in their relationship a secret, “but they’re going to play with, ‘Alright, we’ve put our feet in the water now. Do we tell people? Do we not tell people?’” Soffer continues.

Chicago PD Lindsay HalsteadAnd there’s one person, in particular, whose potential reaction has them worried. “The big question is, do we tell Voight?” costar Sophia Bush says. Adds Soffer: “I’m sure he’s going to find out at some point and we’ll see the wrath of what that looks like afterwards.”

But thus far, the dilemma of whether or not to fill in Voight on their romantic status “has not been answered yet,” Bush reveals.

Meanwhile, the actress is happy to be “adding another layer to peel away of the onion of who these people are.”

“A relationship that starts out of a years-old friendship, obviously, is very different from one that starts because you meet someone at a bar and you go on a date,” she describes. “There is rapport. There is intimate knowledge. There’s a shorthand. I think that’s what the fans are excited about. That’s what we’re excited about exploring is how are all those things affected [or not] by this new dynamic.”

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  1. Partyqueen says:

    Stupid stupid romances are always ruining good shows. The other characters are treated like they don’t matter thanks to these two idiots giving in to their horny desires. I’ll just fast forwarding through their annoying scenes.

    • fernando933 says:

      This show has always kept these two in the back burner, they have never taken screen time from anyone so I don’t understand your complaining. Every person on this show has gotta their time to shine and now it’s time for Linstead to shine

      • Partyqueen says:

        I don’t care, actors like these two are always the reason why some actors never get a chance to shine.

        • Jenna says:

          Wow, you sure are a party pooper not a party queen….

        • DYS says:

          What you are conveniently ignoring for the sake of being a pessimist rather than a realist is that “actors like these two” are part of the reason that viewers watch and have an opportunity to see the other actors that you speak of, actors who will also likely get their chance to shine again one day. As Fernando pointed out, everyone already has had that chance . It’s a shame that you’ve somehow managed to not notice that.

          • Party queen says:

            Too bad those actors that do shine don’t get half the attention that these rwo attention whores get.

        • Dude says:

          Are you one of these actors Party Queen? Did you get your pink slip from Chicago PD? Bitter

          • Kelleigh says:

            They didn’t write their scenes. The writers did. Don’t get mad at the actors and call them attention whores, that certainly isn’t the case. The writers paid attention to the fans and this is what they WANT!

        • yusuf malik says:

          u sound like a five year old kid who is watching with his dad and gets slapped in the face by hime because he doesn’t u to watch this stuff

    • jaelyn96 says:

      They have never taken time from any of the other cast. Their scenes were short. The writers listened to their fans and majority wanted Linstead to happen.

  2. Tran says:

    The real reason I’m hooked on Chicago PD: SOPHIA BUSH.

    • Partyqueen says:

      too bad she’s not the only freaking character on this show.

      • Jen says:

        You’d never know she wasn’t the star from the way she’s constantly on social media and doing every appearance and interview that she can.

        • Party queen says:

          That’s cause only SHE matters to the fans and to the media. Who cares about jon, Jason, Elias, marina, laroyce right? People only care about Jesse cause he’s with that attention whore.

          • Anne says:

            How is she an attention whore?! She tweets and insta grams like every other person. And compared to most celebrities she’s one of the good ones in terms of charity work, so I’d really like to know how it makes you feel to make such judgements about someone who’s done nothing to you??

          • Party queen says:

            Too bad, Anne, that you will never have your favorite actor being pushed into the background thanks to actors like Sophia. You must be happy seeing sophia get all the attention while my favorites are CONSTANTLY ignored. Congrats sophia fans, everyone loves her.

          • CAL says:

            Looks to me like a lot of them are on Twitter, not just her. Marina is why I watched past the second episode. I’d agree that the focus is on Lindsay too much, kind of like the focus on Chicago Fire is on Severide too much. The shows are kept fresh by rotating stories among all of the characters, and we’d get bored with the most popular more quickly without the others; that’s why ensemble shows work and last so long (ER and Grey’s come to mind as far as shows with a large ensemble and mix “plot of the week” with character development). That being said, if Linstead is what people want and the relationship suits the character development for them, well, you’ll just have to fast forward until the story rotates to someone else again for a while. Or watch a different show.

          • Kaylie says:

            OMG partyqueen! Nobody wants to hear your negativity and crap. Take it elsewhere!! I have loved Sophia since her OTH days. Shes an amazing person and doesnt shove crap down your throat on twitter she says what she feels and is more grateful than some stars you see on tv so take a chill pill and stop attacking everyone who doesnt agree with you!

          • jaelyn96 says:

            I love all of them and they are all on social media. I love Sophia since her one tree hill days and I love how she interact with her fans on twitter as well as the other cast members. Jesse got his own following and isn’t because of Sophia.

      • Dude says:

        She’s not the only character but she’s the BEST CHARACTER. Don’t be jealous.

  3. m3rcnate says:

    My biggest and really only concern…which is bound to happen because it happens on shows like these (types to squeeze every last ounce of drama they can get out of situations) is that they ruin these two. I really like them together and how it has been played so far (equal attraction but respecting each other and holding off while its against the rules). But its season two…what are the odds on this show of all shows that they keep them together the length of the show? Odds are strong they break up cause she comes back to work & work is more important to her, and then one of them starts seeing someone else and then its the jealously story line..then eventually they get together in a season finale, then eventually one cheats and they break up again…
    i mean you’ve seen what they did to the couple (Casey & Dawson) on Chicago Fire right? The are milking that for EVERY ounce of drama they can get. They finally get them together, they are happy for a short time and show them getting engaged, then they go right to them being a crappy couple, her being a idiot, him being a idiot, and then her ending it like a 15 year old (“if he wanted to stop me he could have, why didnt he stop me?” wtf is she 15?) and now they arent together…but of course they will milk all the drama out of one or both of them dating new people and all of that.

    I mean come on (a new article): When asked if love was in the air for Casey, Jesse Spencer tells there will be “numerous” new romantic partners. One in particular will cause some tension back at Firehouse 51, and not just because he’s still working with his former fiancée. “There will be a person that he doesn’t realize has a connection to the firehouse, which kind of makes it a bit controversial,” he says. “Casey is a really good guy, but when a good guy steps out and does the wrong thing, he can really get himself into big trouble.”

    Its so typical of network TV…they set you up with the couple you are rooting for, they get them together, even potentially engaged, then write them to be idiots or immature, break them up, have all sorts of drama filled stuff happen then 3 seasons down the road get them back together for even more drama…

    So, i hope that doesnt happen with Linstead. But it will, but i hope it doesnt. I like them together a lot and i dont want to watch fighting and off-and-on dating and cheating and all that crap. Shock the world, have them be a stable healthy awesome fun relationship that lasts the series.

    • Jenna says:

      Amen! to all that.
      I will never get invested with a ship on a network TV show. Too many cliches. I enjoy Bones because I can finally just sit back and enjoy the crime stories without worrying about the couple. At least for now…

  4. MIKE says:

    Sophia, Jesse, and Patrick Flugher are my main reasons for watching the show.

    • Kelleigh says:

      I wonder if eventually Jay and Erin break up, Adam and Kim break up and Jay starts dating Kim and Adam starts dating Erin! Nahhhh but I do think that something is going to start up with Burgess & Roman!

  5. IDontKnow says:

    So boring. This partner/partner relationship is what every cop show does. I was expecting much more from PD. More than the usual dymanic where they like each other, the boss doesn’t want any relationship in his team and they end up breaking up. So so boring and already seen. My personal opinion? Lindsay/Severide were so much better. So different from the usual pair. They were the chance to go back and forth between two good shows.
    I guess I’m done with both shows, never really liked PD so much and Chicago Fire is not the same anymore!

    • Audra says:

      I disagree erin and Kelly were the same people and she broke up with him and they are only friends now glad about that hate crossover relationships!!

    • jaelyn96 says:

      Lindsay and Severide were the same people, why would you want to date someone similar to you. Severide didn’t even know her and was never there for her. And if anything was boring it was Severide and lindsay. Plus with Taylor and Sophia being big on their own shows, they couldn’t find time to get these two people in a scene together. Plus not everyone like both shows. I don’t care for Fire so it better they stay on their own show. The crossover relationships suck

  6. Hallie says:

    I don’t see this taking away from anyone we spent the first part of the season with ruzek and burgess doing the same thing and it didn’t really change the element of the show. It will get complicating though we do know that lindsay is heading back to intelligence. It seems that this was the sole reason she left in the first place to give the writers a way to put th together that made sense. Having burgess turn down intelligence (which made no sense since that seemed to be her for us up to 5 sec before she walked into voits office) but it was a sure sign lindsay was heading back.

  7. Audra says:

    Love that Linstead is happening!!! so glad Linseride is over completely over!!! don’t think these 2 characters take anything away from the others they add to it!!! Nothing has ever been taken away from anyone else in the show. So glad that the crossover romances are over didn’t like them except for platt and mouch!

  8. Kerbear says:

    Jesse and Sophia are my favorites and I love them together. This relationship was bound to happen! I also love the entire cast. Party queen you’ re very bitter, even though your favs are getting plenty of air time to shine too. You never answered if your a pink slipped actor?

  9. suzybel58 says:

    Glad to see Lindsay quit her new job, and Halstead is the main reason I watch the show. I’m waiting for the fireworks when the boss finds out these two are canoodling, again. But I don’t think the romance is going to last.

  10. kabiv says:

    I think showing Lindsey’s ass was just wrong. If it happens again, we won’t watch anymore.