Arrow's Stephen Amell Says Every Hero Must Fall — 'And Hopefully They're Alive to Learn the Lesson'

Arrow Oliver Dies AmellHeroes must occasionally fall, says Arrow star Stephen Amell.

And Oliver Queen has fallen, hard, run through with a sword and pitched off a snowy cliff by the mighty Ra’s al Ghul at the close of the CW hit’s midseason finale.

Oliver surely will live to fight crime another day, yes? Amell won’t say as much. But in this TVLine Q&A, the show’s super ambassador gives reason for true fans to tune in (as Season 3 resumes this Wednesday at 8/7c), teases must-see stunt sequences and surveys the chance for great love on the action-packed drama.

TVLINE | That was a pretty bold move they did there with the trial by combat. That’s the stuff of season finales.
It is the stuff of season finales. Absolutely. You know, the break that you take in the wintertime is almost as long. So yeah, very bold, but that’s always been the move of [executive producer Greg] Berlanti & Co.

TVLINE | What can you say about Oliver’s circumstances right now?
In the present day? Nothing. Dragged on a rickshaw through the cold and the wind and the rain and snow, and hopefully heading for recovery.

TVLINE | Will we get to witness this crucible ahead for him, or is this fodder for future flashbacks in later episodes, later seasons?
Clearly, we’ve seen from the preview, we’re going to revisit the spot of the duel with Ra’s. And then as far as recovery goes… again, hopefully. But Oliver’s story, however it plays out, will continue to be told in real time, and the flashbacks will continue. The basic construction of the show will remain the same.

TVLINE | So we’re not done with the Hong Kong flashbacks. They didn’t end with Maseo’s wife disappearing?
No. Not at all. There are Hong Kong flashbacks in Episode 10 and 11, and then 12 is someone else’s flashbacks.

TVLINE | Why do you think it was important to put Oliver through this right now?
Well, I think that as much as I like being victorious over the Dark Archer or Deathstroke, there is an important element on any television show, and that is that you have to defeat your protagonist every once in a while, so that hopefully he or she learns something. And hopefully they’re alive to learn the lesson.

TVLINE | It’s a peaks-and-valleys thing. Coming out of Season 1, Oliver was at rock bottom. Out of Season 2, riding high, king of the world. And now he’s been knocked back down.
Yes. In fact, the whole first nine episodes [of Season 3] have been incredibly difficult for him — save for the first three acts of Season 3, until his dinner with Felicity gets blown up. It’s been tough sledding since then — to say nothing of his mother’s death, which we always try to honor when we’re discussing recent events on the show.Left Behind

TVLINE | Will what’s happened here in essence trigger the back half of the season?
Absolutely, because it forces other people into roles that maybe they weren’t ready for or didn’t think they were ready for, but now they’re forced into them.

TVLINE | People like Roy….
People like Roy, people like Laurel. People like Ray Palmer. There’s a void.

TVLINE | You mention Ray — is Oliver’s latest death public knowledge?
No. For the team, he’s missing. For the public, Oliver is not really in public life anymore, so pretty much the only person who’s concerned about his whereabouts is Thea — but she is being misdirected by her father.

TVLINE | So the most that Ray might notice is that the Arrow hasn’t been out doing his thing.
Correct. And [Detective] Lance as well. Probably Lance more than Ray.

TVLINE | Are the Lazarus Pits part of the Arrow TV show world?

TVLINE | OK. Because I know the producers have always had a set of rules about what’s real, what’s…
How the Lazarus Pit works, I think, is up for debate. That being said, I’m pretty sure it was confirmed that when we first met Matt Nable’s Ra’s al Ghul, he had been in a Lazarus Pit. When he said, “It’s been 67 years since someone challenged me,” unless he was negative-15 when that happened, he’s looking pretty good!

TVLINE | What do you have to say to fans who are concerned that we’re going to be betting a little less Oliver these next couple episodes?
I would say that if you’re a fan of the show, you’re a fan of the show because of the story that the writers and producers have crafted over 53, 54 episodes. You should just trust and be patient.

TVLINE | Like you said, it’s a time for other heroes to rise.
Absolutely. You can’t have a television show that is going to sustain interest and continue to grow and become better if it’s just the same all the time. If you don’t elevate new characters and make them as important as the main character, then you’re dead in the water. You’re going to become stale. So, I want to see a discussion in the Arrowcave where Roy steps to the forefront and says, “I’m making the decision, let’s go. This is going to be my show this time.” I think that we have characters that are ready for moments like that.

TVLINE | One bit of housekeeping here: Why did Oliver not tell Thea his secret when he was confronting her about the trip she took? If he’s trying to convince her what a bad man Malcolm is, why doesn’t he come out and say…
Right. I think it’s because at that point in time Oliver thought he was going to win the duel [with Ra’s], and maybe he could have that discussion with her on the other side of it. But for the time being the focus was on having the opportunity to tell her that he loves her and that he’ll do anything for her.

TVLINE | On the romantic front, Sarado you think there is a place on Arrow for a great love? I mean, Smallville had Clark and Lois, the Spider-Man movies always involve Mary Jane or Gwen…. A female is always a part of the hero’s journey.
I think that both Laurel and Sara, for Oliver, were loves that were principally from the past, from before the boat. And any other sort of brief relationship that he’s had has been flawed. Felicity has clearly, over the course of two-plus seasons, grown into that love for him. It’s just a matter of whether or not they can ever find a spot where they can make it work on an ongoing basis.

TVLINE | If/when Oliver resurfaces, do you think he and Felicity will be moved to be a bit more frank about their feelings for one another, a little bit more selfish, and just kind of go for it?
I don’t think that they could be any more frank than they’ve been, or certainly than Oliver has been. He’s told her that he’s loved her three times, actually, because clearly he meant it in the finale of Season 2, and she’s never said it back. But I think that they’re pretty much on the same page in terms of he loves her and I think that she reciprocates. I think. I don’t know, I can’t get inside her head. She certainly hasn’t said, “I don’t love you,” so it’s about whether or not there’s a time for them.

TVLINE | You’re always so great about teasing upcoming epic fight or stunt sequences. What’s an episode to watch?
From an action standpoint, I get special feelings about certain episodes — and I have that feeling about Episode 15, which we’re actually filming right now. But also, I think that Episode 14 is the biggest nod to the fans and will be one of the most enjoyable episodes that you’ll get to watch if you’ve been a fan of the show since the beginning.

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  1. Rick Katze says:

    Is it Wednesday yet?

  2. Shelley says:

    Thanks for the info. Stephen is always generous with his fans.

  3. BTM says:

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Oliver was really dead, but we see him in flashbacks for the remainder of the series, even if that’s another 20 years?

  4. Corinne says:

    Great interview. The guy who is “dead” on the show is the only to have gotten me excited for these upcoming episodes. I look forward to Oliver’s return, and I am beyond interested in how that return happens.

  5. A says:

    Thanks for this interview, it was very illuminating.

  6. GildedRose says:

    Should be interesting. Curious to see how Oliver returns and when. Looking forward to seeing Diggle and Felicity step up in the team in his absence. Totally love Oliver and Felicity. They definitely are and can easily grow to become the new generations Lois & Clark. Can’t wait to see them come together.

  7. Ashley says:

    Great interview! Love Olicity and agree, Felicity is Oliver’s great love. Very excited for Oliver’s return, and looking forward to seeing how Diggle & Felicity cope and lead Team Arrow in his absence, along with Thea and Roy.

  8. Ashley says:

    Every show should have a Stephen Amell. Someone who is genuinely in love with the show he stars on and believes in the material. He’s one of the coolest people to watch when talking about his show.

    • jbj says:

      Agreed! After the 1st season Paleyfest, I remember thinking that The CW really found a gem in Stephen Amell. Not only is he good-looking and athletic, he’s articulate, funny, hard-working, and most importantly, a team player.

    • Totally agree. Stephen Amell is great in a lot of ways! He has a great sense of humour, love doing his job and is always great in interviews! Bless Stephen.

  9. Joey Padron says:

    Great interview you did with Stephen. Can’t wait to see how Oliver returns home and see Lazarus Pit. Can’t wait to see episodes focus on other members of Team Arrow.

  10. Gail says:

    “Yes. In fact, the whole first nine episodes [of Season 3] have been incredibly difficult for him — save for the first three acts of Season 2, until his dinner with Felicity gets blown up.”

    Should this be “save for the first three acts of Episode 2 ?”

    Great article. Thanks.

  11. Kate says:

    Arrow is SO LUCKY to have Stephen Amell as their lead. I’m not sure anyone else cares as much about their show as he does. He’s a real gem!

    I can’t wait for the Oliver/Felicity reunion!

    • Mena says:

      His enthusiasm is infectious. You see it in the scenes of the show. You see it in all the comments from the fans. Good and bad. He makes me feel on pins and needles for each next episode. He is a consummate professional. Thanks for your interview with him.

  12. Kate says:

    Wow. Felicity is Oliver’s great love! Music to my ears. I didn’t doubt it but to hear it from him is so wonderful!

    I can’t say I’m excited about the show without Oliver because this is HIS show but I’m interested to see how they figure things out without him for a while. No one could ever take his place though.

  13. Trish says:

    And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is how to get people to watch episodes they have zero interest in because Arrow isn’t on ARROW. And I do believe this is Captain Stephen Amell telling people what they can do with their decades old canon “this is how the story is suppose to go arguments”. Now, can we please bring Oliver Queen back to his show and resume with the business of ARROW? God Bess Stephen Amell for cutting through all the B.S. and being THE star of this show.

  14. SG says:

    Great interview. Love how he confirms what we see and know. Looking forward to Wednesday!

  15. Sammy says:

    So don’t care about the show without Oliver. Sorry. I wish I did. I look forward to episode 3×13 or whenever he comes back.

  16. GirlvsTV says:

    I’ll be back to Arrow when Oliver comes back. I love Digg and Felicity but I’m just not interested in the show without the main character : (

    • Rob Watkins says:

      He’ll be on the show, just not in the present for a handful of episodes.

      • GirlvsTV says:

        Yeah, I should have specified ‘Present Day Oliver’. Flashback Ollie usually rates a ff’d so I’m not really here for that either.

        I was interested in some of the Thea/Felicity stuff that was teased, but that has since been pushed off until later . . . And why no one is telling Thea to get the hell away from Malcolm is mind-boggling to me, so it doesn’t really seem like her story is going anywhere for the next few eps either.

        • Rob Watkins says:

          Ugh, I hate when people say they FF. You miss out on a lot. Please don’t say you find it boring. How would you know, you FF. I see no point in watching a show and not watching all of it. Thea’s story doesn’t require her to find out in order for her to progress.

          • GirlvsTV says:

            Usually with the flashbacks I just find myself looking at the clock, waiting to get to back to the present day timeline. I thought the Hong Kong stuff might be a nice change from the island, but it hasn’t really added much to the present day and often feels ‘tacked on’ to an episode.

            I didn’t use to ff’d any of this show, but the further we get into this season the less interested I’ve been in the storylines, which I feel are not being given enough time to develop properly. It is difficult to care about certain characters when you’re being presented with a ‘cliff’s notes’ version of their storyline instead of seeing how they grow and change over time through their actions.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            In season 1, the island flashbacks were completely detached from the present narrative. This season they are linked thematically and a number of characters have appeared or will appear from the past, so I don’t know how you can say they haven’t added much to the present, especially since we’ve only begun to see where they’re going.

            I can understand your issue with feeling some of the stories feel underdeveloped, but we haven’t even got to the halfway point of the season. My only wish would be that they stop giving us episodes like the Secret Origins of Felicity Smoak and the Cupid episode. They felt detached from the rest of the season, didn’t add much, and could’ve better served the season by developing characters like Thea, Laurel, Roy, Malcolm, and Ra’s al Ghul. I could also do with a little less romantic melodrama. Not none, just less.

          • GirlvsTV says:

            Usually with the flashbacks I just find myself looking at the clock, waiting to get to back to the present day timeline. I thought the Hong Kong stuff might be a nice change from the island, but it hasn’t really added much to the present day and often feels ‘tacked on’ to an episode.

            I didn’t use to ff’d any of this show, but the further we get into this season the less interested I’ve been in the storylines, which I feel are not being given enough time to develop properly. It is difficult to care about certain characters when you’re being presented with a ‘cliff’s notes’ version of their storyline instead of seeing how they grow and change over time through their actions.

            I thought Thea’s story could be really interesting at the start of the season, but I despise how they have taken away her agency and made her Malcolm’s puppet. The only way for her story to progress is for someone to tell her truth, and I can’t believe Roy, Felicity and Diggle would just leave her under the influence of a man who drugged her and turned her into a murderer against her will. As far as everyone knows Oliver is dead. What is the point of keeping everything a secret especially if it leaves her in a dangerous situation?

          • GirlvsTV says:

            Eh, I’ve skipped through several of the flashbacks and managed to keep up with characters and themes just fine.

            The pacing of episodes this season has been awful. Solving Sara’s murder could have created some great moments, but the whole thing lacked any sense of urgency at all. R’as gets introduced then disappears until the mid-season finale. Laurel, sigh, I just haven’t a clue what is going on there. It would have been awesome to see her have an arc that included her being an active participant in uncovering Sara’s murderer, but instead she just took some boxing lessons and has been waiting around for Team Arrow to do the job so she can ‘have her vengeance.’ So much wasted opportunity.

            We can both agree to hate the Cupid episode. Stupid villain and such a lazy, obvious way to write a ‘romantic conflict’ story. Just terrible. And l love Oliver and Felicity, but their relationship deserves better than to be mired in silly soap opera like melodrama. The writers usually do pretty well by those characters, which is another reason that episode feels so out of place.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            And you could probably watch a several minute video to catch up, that’s not the point. You’re missing the details which are the best part. Solving Sara’s murder went fine, the big deal wasn’t whodunit, it’s the fallout from the answer which I feel more than delivered.

            So you can figure out what’s on with the characters and themes from the flashbacks just fine, but Laurel learning to fight to avenge her sister has you confused? Although I agree that I would’ve liked to have seen her be more active in the investigation, she is growing as a character. Her reactions haven’t been a lot of self pity, rather they’ve been constructive. She’s working out her anger with Wildcat. I think many of Laurel’s detractors are starting to come around to her.

            I am in agreement about Ra’s. He’s supposed to be the big bad, but he’s been in very little. Felicity’s episode and Olicity has taken a little too much focus this season. Lastly, while this is small in comparison, I wish when Oliver remembered his loved ones before he “died” it wasn’t just his family and Felicity. It should have been everyone close to him, including Roy, Laurel, Diggle, and even Tommy.

  17. Kay says:

    I can’t wait for Felicity and Diggle to step up and lead the team. I’m here for it! Also can’t wait for Felicity to tell Oliver she loves him. It probably won’t happen until the end of the season but I think they’re made for each other so I can deal with the slow burn. Their love story has been so good to watch! Until then, more Diggle and Felicity please! Also Roy. I don’t mind Roy either.

  18. nikki says:

    Pretty interesting interview and then the Olicity-questions. Why must all Arrow interviews include the most boring couple in television history?

    • Rob Watkins says:

      You think they’re the least interesting couple on TV? Do you watch Bones? Cam and Aristoo have ZERO chemistry.

      • Andrew says:

        Wow! I agree Rob, I love Bones and that couple is like zero chemistry. I also adore Olicity once I came upon that ship I had to re-watch Arrow again to see their bond grow with different eyes.

    • Trish says:

      Because clearly, they’re not boring to the fans that write in and ask questions abut them for each and every interview. And because they have been the leading romance for the show. And because it’s the star of the show’s romance. Why wouldn’t he talk about it?

  19. BrianR says:

    Come on he was stabbed and then fell into a snow bank that staunched the blood flow allowing him to find an abandoned cabin, sew up his wound and heal until he hitches a ride back home.

  20. Drew says:

    Smallville’s Clark/Lois relationship was nice. Unfortunately, they spent seven seasons of mopey, overly dramatic boring barn romance between Clark and Lana, who we all knew would never end up together, before they got to Clark and Lois.
    Oliver and Felicity would be much more enjoyable if they just went for it and it wasn’t a big deal.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      I enjoyed Lana and Clark until they started flogging a dead horse.

      • Drew says:

        That was around season 2, right? :)
        They just kept making excuses and undoing character development. One week Lana pretty much knew his secret and the next she was clueless.
        The Lois/Clark scene that sticks out is when Lucy kissed Clark in the barn. Lois saw it and there was zero drama. She told her sister off and never doubted Clark. It was refreshing.

        • Rob Watkins says:

          No, actually, I think they still had plenty of gas in the tank. I think their breakup in season 5 should’ve been it. Until then there were still places to go for them.

          • Drew says:

            They messed Lana up pretty bad. She should have learned about Clark in season 2. She kinda knew after the tornado, then forgot for no reason (or possibly because of repeated head trauma). Then they kept trying to put her on the same level as Clark and Let, so running a coffee shop wasn’t enough and they just pushed way too hard. The funny part is, the girl next door who works in the coffee shop and is completely grounded would have been much better for Clark and the series.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            She never forgot about the tornado.

          • Drew says:

            She didn’t forget about the tornado, but she was on a clear path to learning his secret and then just forgot all of that progress and spent the next five years clueless.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            You used different words, but the same meaning. She never forgot anything. She wasn’t clueless, but she decided not to push since she figured that she knew Clark was a good guy who just didn’t want to tell her, and pushing caused Clark to get defensive.

  21. Lucy says:

    Stephen Amell is an awesome ambassador for his show and for DC. I love his Oliver Queen. Along with Emily Bett Rickards and David Ramsey, he has created magic.

  22. Ritas says:

    Oliver’s character development has been amazing this year. I think his arc so far has been my favorite part of the show. I love the telling of hero’s journey on TV. This is the first article that’s come out so far that actuLly has me excited for the show to return. As long as I see continued growth for Oliver this season, Diggle and Felicity lead team Arrow as the hero’s they already are, oliver and Felicity’s continued relationship struggles I’ll be tuning in each week.

  23. Leola says:

    I wish other actors could take lessons on how to be gracious, generous but maintain their personal life. He does that balance very well.

  24. Glena says:

    Amell affirms Oliver is dead, Lazarus pit, and Oliver feeling Felicity love…..yes…but no one goes into a Lazarus pit and comes out the same…the drama will be “is the ARROW ” dominant now, or Oliver Queen ? It might be a while before relationships deepen…adjustments are more likely ! It will be must see TV , for sure.

    • John NYC says:

      He confirmed the Lazuris pit is in the show’s world: referring to Ra’s al Ghul being so young for having been challenged last 67 years ago. He never confirmed that’s how Oliver would survive.

  25. Ella says:

    I certainly hope Laurel isn’t a love of “the past” and things come back full circle to Arrow and Canary as in the comics. Stephen, like a lot of actors, puppets what most people want to hear but I for one trust that the writers will explore this Olicity arc, wrap it up neatly and then return to the gospel of the comics. I miss Oliver and Laurel together A LOT. I was sucked into the show because of their love story and this fan service has really become a joke now. Felicity has clearly, over the course of two-plus seasons, grown into that love for him?! Laughable, inorganic and show destroying.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      To each their own. I actually enjoy Laurel’s journey, but Felicity and Oliver’s relationship has grown organically. My only issue is that this season has introduced more drama into it than I think it should have.

    • wonderwall says:

      2 whole years full of life and death situations isn’t enough for two people to fall in love with each other? Lmao okay. That’s just ludicrous. People fall in love within months, I hardly call 2 years of building a relationship a stretch of imagination/inorganic. And show destroying? Now you’re just exaggerating.

    • DRules says:

      “The gospel of the comics”… You’re kidding right? The gospel where Oliver and Laurel got divorced? Or the gospel where Dinah Laurel Lance doesn’t even exist and Dinah Drake is BC? Comic canon is an ever changing medium. Nothing is forever in comics, not even Lois and Clark anymore, as Superman and Wonder Woman are now together. Not to mention the numerous times the writers and EPs have clearly stated that they are writing a TV show, not a comic book. Look, ship what you want, but don’t assume that anything in comics is gospel and set in stone. Especially when it’s being transferred to a different medium.

      • anonymous says:

        ^YES, thank for saying this DRules. People are allowed to ship what they want, but the “becausecomics!” argument is so completely false and wrong and flawed and it makes me want to bang my head against a table when people keep throwing it out there. And you DRules explained exactly why. And like I said people can ship what they want but at some point they are going to have to accept that these writers and EPs are not simply replicating the comic books and that so called comic book canon means nothing. The Arrow writers are going to write Arrow how they see fit for these versions of the characters, they are not stuck with the stuff that happened in the comics. Honestly I think people are only setting themselves up for major disappointment if they don’t accept that Arrow is not going to be a carbon copy of the comic books (of which there are many versions anyway)/

        That being said. Oliver/Laurel was awful. A disaster not worth repeating.

        • Rob Watkins says:

          While I agree, I can’t find fault in someone wanting to see a book/comic they grew up with and love faithfully translated. Laurel/Oliver being a disaster is a little strong.

          Regarding someone’s point about Superman and Wonder Woman. That won’t go the distance. Eventually Clark will end up with Lois again, as he should.

          • anonymous says:

            Disaster may be strong but I think it fits and that’s my opinion. And no offense but if someone is looking for the Green Arrow comics to be faithfully translated this is not the show for them. The EP’s have been very clear on that. It’s not going to happen. They are writing their own story here. They make take some stuff from the comics but they aren’t interested in totally repeating the comics. And again their are multiple versions of these comics and I believe Stephen and others affiliated with the show have said the version closest to the show are the New 52 comics (and that’s only like relatively speaking) and in those comics GA and BC don’t even know each other. Obviously anything could happen especially since this show definitely has several more seasons in it but the “becausecomics!” argument is simply invalid. And that’s not my opinion, that’s what the EP’s have said clear as day. Comic book canon, which is ever changing anyway, means nothing on Arrow.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            You said the exact same thing but in a slightly different way. I understand that comic canon is nonsense as comics constantly change, I merely stated that I understand and empathize with someone wanting to see something they love done the same or similarly in live action.

            Mind explaining why you think Oliver/Laurel is a disaster?

          • DRules says:

            Really? Can you read comic canon futures? No? Interesting…

          • Rob Watkins says:

            It doesn’t take Carnac to figure out that eventually Clark will end up back with Lois at some point either in the New 52 or some other continuity.

          • anonymous says:

            Laurel/Oliver are a disaster for many reasons. He was cheating on her for almost their entire relationship, with her own sister and with random women one of which he knocked up. Every flashback to that time in their relationship just made things worse and their relationship more of joke. He clearly didn’t love her or he wouldn’t have continued to treat her like crap with the cheating and the lying and the leading her on about things like apartments together. I get that he was young and a playboy then but in present time he took back up with Sara and didn’t care at all what that might’ve done to Laurel. Also there was the whole debacle with him telling Tommy to fix things with Laurel and Laurel telling Tommy she loves him only for O/L to immediately have sex. And they don’t even have good chemistry going for them. Laurel also doesn’t know post island Oliver very well and the flashbacks kind of proved she didn’t know pre island Oliver very well either considering she seemed clueless about his cheating. Their history is pain, lies, cheating, and just immeasurable amounts of emotional damage. They are good for each other and they drag each other down. There is no moving forward and growth with them just dragging back into their effed up past. They’ve moved on and they need stay moved on. There is nothing to gain for the characters or the show to ever go there again. Do I need to keep going?

    • joe says:

      Sorry but Oliver ending up with Canary is about as likely as it was on Smallville…which is to say never happening…star of show even admits it and good thing too as laurel is super annoying and has 0 chemistry with Ollie…Olicity is Arrow canon just like chlollie was Smallville canon

      • Rob Watkins says:

        The difference is on Smallville, Oliver and Chloe had very little romantic chemistry. I think Arrow’s Ollie and Laurel work fine, but not as a couple.

        • joe says:

          Totally disagree that chlie/Ollie had no chemistry but my point is that on Smallville the comic canon card kept getting played by fans and yet the chlollie relationship ended up canon…So two different TV versions of Green Arrow are in neither is canary/arrow canon…

          • Rob Watkins says:

            The reason he ended up with her is to give her something to do, and Dinah wasn’t a regular on Smallville. For the record, Ollie did end up with Dinah in the DCAU.

          • anna says:

            As a massive chollie fan, smallville played it close.I can remember that the finale didn’t show them togeather but let you interpretate the ending… was it their child, was chloe with someone else. . .
            Yes, they were together on the show but it was not as this great love.
            I got to say, bit frustrated that SA referred to Sara love as pre boat as season two appeared to show her as his equal and that they grew
            togeather on the island

      • Arsenal says:

        You’re kidding yourself if you think Oliver & Laurel won’t get back together at some point in the show’s remaining lifespan (I’m guessing seven or more seasons yet). There are only two main female characters left to whom he could be involved with; and they can’t keep doing the constant runaround with Oliver/Felicity the entire series. He’ll probably go back and forth between the two, much to my displeasure. It is a TV show after all. This stuff happens all the time in television.

        • Briggs says:

          Stephen Amell said something about the show portraying the O/F relationship as one between adults. Most adults, in my experience, don’t piing-pong between two women. And he’s said that O/L, as a ship, has sailed. I see no evidence that it’s returning, even if she’s BC, now. One leather outfit does not a rekindled romance make.

          • Arsenal says:

            So, it comes back to this again. The old “Stephen Amell said this so it must be true” argument, which honestly has no substance. He can’t predict the future, and he’s not a writer. That and his word isn’t gospel. I couldn’t care less what he has or hasn’t said. My point: This isn’t real life; it’s a television show. As for the “ship has sailed” comment – Guess what? The world is round, which means that ship could end up sailing right back into Starling City one of these days. I’ll use the argument of “nothing is set in stone”. You may not like it, but it is possible.

          • Briggs says:

            He’s certainly been right, more often than not.
            It’s not a question of my liking the ship. I *was* a Lauriver shipper, once upon a time. But then they screwed with the ship so badly, I’m surprised anyone’s still on it. I’m sorry, anyone sleeps with my sister while dating me, he’s not welcome in my front yard, let alone in my life. Just because the ship was in the comics for 40 years doesn’t mean Arrow has to work back around to it. Since they’ve used just enough canon to make the show recognizable as a version of Green Arrow, I see no reason why they need to involve him with BC again. Especially since, in the comics, they got a divorce before the reboot.
            Actually, if you think about it, them being exes when the show premiered? Very canon.

  26. Briggs says:

    Clearly, how Oliver comes back is going to be a big thing over the next few episodes. Can’t wait for the journey to start!
    I’m curious as to whose flashbacks will be in ep. 12.
    Roy taking charge will be fun to watch. And seeing everyone adapt to their new roles will be a ride, I’m sure.
    Oh, boy. I wonder if the A.T.O.M suit will look anything like the fanart I’ve seen for it.
    Can we please get some positive stuff for Thea? Please?
    Watching Oliver and Felicity find their footing as the B-story *it’s always been* will be interesting to watch. And we still need Felicity’s POV on this.
    They keep hyping episode 14. Given how the crossover paid off, hype wise, I’m excited to see what we’re going to get. :)

    • Rob Watkins says:

      How do you not know how Felicity feels?

      What do you mean by “some positive stuff for Thea”? Can’t it just be interesting?

      • Briggs says:

        “And we still need Felicity’s POV on this.” What part of this says anything about what I think Felicity’s feelings are?

        Well, do you want me to go on with the laundry list of bad things that have happened to Thea in the last year, up to and including her mother being stabbed right in front of her? Or am I just allowed to want her to have a good reason to be happy without someone utterly misleading her?

        • Rob Watkins says:

          Because you’re asking to find out how she feels, and if you already know, a scene where she reiterates how she feels is redundant.

          It’s a story, so her being content isn’t exactly the most exciting thing.

          • Briggs says:

            Those two statements probably looked as if they should be the other way around. But vitually nobody else seems to have a problem with it, so I won’t argue the point. Half the time, the articles get ‘Most Commented’ because someone got into an argument with someone else (HELLO, NCIS!), and I’d like it to be because people genuinely loved to see Stephen’s interview.

            Her being content isn’t exciting, but after all the crap she went through last season, she at least deserves *some* happy, I would think.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            Briggs, we already knew that stuff about Felicity, all we got with that mediocre episode was a goth chick and an annoying ex-BF. Yes, the show is about Oliver, but sometimes I don’t think many of these comment sections understand that.

          • Briggs says:

            Rob, the next three eps are about fleshing out the secondary players, as well as Laurel’s journey to becoming BC. I anticipate that we’ll delve more deeply into everyone’s motivations while Oliver’s away.

        • Rob says:

          I liked his interview fine, but it wasn’t exactly anything we haven’t heard before.

          Thea is happy right now. She’s training, her relationship with Oliver is solid, and she’s seeing someone. Granted, her new suitor is a mook, but whatever.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            I’ll see if I can get Stephen to speak Swahili next time, Rob.

          • Briggs says:

            LOL Thanks, Matt! There’s really only so much Stephen can reveal at this point.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            I didn’t claim he said nothing, and you’re right, for a spoiler, he’s not giving much away, nor should he. I was simply saying that I haven’t read anything in this interview that I haven’t read in plenty of other places, but that’s because I’m a big fan of the show and I read this, IGN, and other sites, twitter feeds, to get anything I can on the show.

          • Briggs says:

            From experience, I can say that it doesn’t matter how many sources you have, most of them are going to have the same info. You want some new stuff, you go to IMDB and wade through the shipper stuff to find the promos.

          • Briggs says:

            I said without her being messed with in any way. At last count, three men in her life are still lying to her.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            She’s lying to Oliver, and I don’t think he’s lying about anything other than being the Arrow. Things are going to get worse before they get better. I’m far more interested in seeing her discover Malcolm’s duplicity and where that heads more than her finding contentment. I’d also like to see that her new BF isn’t just a knob, otherwise it’s a step back for Thea when she was just starting to get interesting.

          • Briggs says:

            Arrow has a history of introducing characters and paying them off later, so I greatly suspect the DJ-she-isn’t-dating-yet has a deeper purpose.
            I didn’t say she had to be ‘content’ soon, just at some point. And it’s not like the Arrow is Oliver’s only secret. Not even Team Arrow knows a fifth of what happened while he was gone, supposedly on the island for five years.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            I think the DJ is more than he seems. Some have speculated that he’s Joe Wilson.

            I like Felicity but it’s starting to wade into romantic melodrama and I think the writers might be pandering to the shippers with things like saying she’s the reason he’s become less brooding. That may be true, but she’s not the only one. I honestly feel Diggle has more to do with Oliver’s transformation than she has. She’s played her part, but things Oliver’s loved ones flashing before his eyes before he died bugged me because it was just his parents (whom he had a complicated relationship with), Thea, and Felicity. Why weren’t Roy, Tommy, Laurel, Sara, and Diggle there? I think that would’ve made the moment land better for me.

          • Briggs says:

            *sigh* And the season isn’t over, either. How about we watch the show and stop speculating? Honestly, Felicity has done *a lot* for Oliver, and I think the ep with her mom and ex was just the start of us really understanding her as a person. Besides, I heard she might try to talk Ray out of his endeavor after she finds out what happened to Oliver, so I don’t know that the love-triangle will feature all that much in the coming eps. In all honesty? All the chars have a part to play in Oliver’s evolution, and it doesn’t really matter who’s done it the most. The show is about him.

  27. tyler says:

    Oliver Queen as the green arrow should never fall at any point.

  28. FishOnForLife says:

    Has anyone here checked out Alaska: Battle on the Bay on Animal Planet yet? I am really enjoying it. Second episode was a big improvement in episode one. Anyways, thought this group might be interested in checking it out. It is like deadliest catch, but with salmon.

  29. Claire says:

    I’m watching 3×10 because I really want to see Felicity and Diggle’s reactions, and while in theory I like the idea of Oliver “missing” so that others can discover for themselves why they are in this fight, I think it was a poor choice to have him missing for so many episodes and focusing on other characters that have 2.5 years of failure in their back pocket. I am ready to see Diggle step up and show his leadership, I am ready for Felicity to come to terms with her feelings for Oliver and I am ready for her and Diggle to lead Team Arrow while Oliver is away.
    What I hope to get from 3B is less focus on “costumes make heroes” and more focus on the heroes who don’t require a costume. I want to see Thea learning the truth once and for all and sharing scenes with Felicity. I want to see Oliver fighting for Felicity once and for all and fighting for Queen Consolidated. I want SOMEONE to tell Quentin the truth — as a parent/daughter/sister this is the WORST story line. I want to see Original Team Arrow working again with Quentin. I even want to see Ray and Oliver share the screen again! There’s more, but you get the picture.

    • Mena says:

      Claire, I’m with you on all counts. But, the creators made this drastic drop off to make the others come to terms with their identity, since this season is about identity. Those Left Behind have to step up assume the responsibility which Oliver took on all by himself. I’m all for the BC stepping up and becoming part of the team, but, as a back up. I’m all for the show creating a fighting force to assist the Arrow. Because as time goes by he’s going to need help, serious fighting army against some foes in the season or seasons to come. It can’t always be the Arrow and Arsenal with Diggle on the side. He can’t always depend on the LoA and Nyssa to come help. The show has to grow. That means to give screen time to Laurel/BC, my least favorite character as of now. Quentin’s not being told of Sara’s death is a horrible idea which I think Laurel will come to regret. This storyline for Quentin is rather dull. Personally, the nerd in Ray is adorable but crass and creepy. I, too, would love to see more Oliver and Ray scenes together. I adore Oliver and Felicity together. But, Oliver is still tormented and conflicted in his own psyche. Felicity loves Oliver and has shown it from the start. I think that Felicity needs to find out how to live her life without Oliver, even if that means seeing Ray. He’s good to her and includes her in his life. Something Oliver has never done. I think the back half will show in flashbacks about Oliver’s past 5 years giving us a taste of what and why he became what he is. I hope we will get to see an Oliver who resolves his fear of his dual persona and fights for a life with people in it. Meaning Felicity. I know, Laurel was his love in the comics. But, this is Arrow, the TV show. As Sara told him, they are not the masks they wear, they needed people in their lives. I’m anxious for tonight’s episode. But, I will definitely miss my favorite character, Oliver. Thank you Stephen for being a great steward for Arrow.

      • Claire says:

        I am all for growth. I love growth, especially when it supports those characters we already love, it’s when that growth comes at the expense of those beloved character’s story or character in general with which I do not agree. Although Ray is a tad bit creepy, I do like his story and hope to see his not quite so stalkerish self involved as a support member of Team Arrow, just Roy is. I like Roy’s continued involvement—just don’t sacrifice Diggle’s involvement to make Roy relevant. As for the other character, I am sorry, but I have been with this show since it debuted and she became irrelevant to me in episode 1×02. I don’t care for her and after 2.5 years of trying fix her and killing characters to make her relevant it’s beyond crazy. I. Just. Don’t. Care.
        I look forward to the day that Oliver realizes it is not just “his” mission and that there are others there to take the lead when he cannot. I look forward to the day that the show and show runners acknowledge that not every hero wears a mask and that both Diggle and Felicity are (and HAVE BEEN) heroes.
        As for Oliver excluding Felicity from his life, he included her in Team Arrow which was and is his life. He included her and John Diggle. He listens to her and takes her advice above all others. These two have a truthful and trusting relationship — there have never been lies between them. So inessence u disagree with that statement. Felicity has seen and come to know the true Oliver when the rest of the world has just seen a facade.
        I agree about Felicity needing to show growth — away from Oliver — and applauded the addition of Ray hoping Ray would be a supporting character of said development. However, this show turned the tables, and made it more about Ray’s origin of Atom and using Felicity as a supporting character of said development. I am here for Felicity’s development, and when we get more character development for her on another show (Flash) something is wrong. Bring characters on to support those that we love, not to make them supporters of the show runners newest toy.

        • Mena says:

          Ditto your statement. The core characters are complex and need to evolve hopefully not at another character’s ( BC, Atom) chance to grow. I love Felicity so much. She is Oliver’s Rock who helped him be a better person. But, what I spoke of was in generalities as the show evolves. This is that year. Not my favorite thing to see BC up front or the Atom but their are important elements to introduce this season for the Arrow comrades be a force to be reckoned with. Personally, I’d like for Ray the Atom to be a spin off. But, we’ll see how it goes. I want to be positive about this growth period. This entire segment might need to exist so that future story lines will be fulfilled and believable. I wish to put trust in their plans for now. “For Now”

    • Rob says:

      The writers never claimed costumes make heroes. Can you just be upfront, you simply want more Felicity. BTW, the original Team Arrow was Oliver and Diggle. Felicity didn’t become a part of the team until halfway through season 1.

      Laurel was fine in season 1. She worked with the Vigilante. In season 2,sure she was a drunk, but that wasn’t the entire season, and she saw through Blood when no one else did. This season, she’s training with Wildcat. Sure she hasn’t told her dad about Sara, but Oliver kept plenty of secrets from his loved ones. Thea is keeping secrets from Ollie, but apparently that’s not the worst because she’s not Laurel. Laurel has said she will tell her dad when Sara’s killer is dealt with.

      And the team has been constantly working with Quentin.

      • DRules says:

        Wow, okay. First of all, the writers and EPs have said multiple times that Original Team Arrow is Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity. Why it’s good enough for tptb and not for you is beyond me. Second of all, Laurel found out about Blood because Thea, Roy, and Sin put her on the trail. Give credit where credit is due, and it’s not with Laurel. Third, Laurel not telling Quentin is ridiculous. If anything it will ruin her relationship with him once he does find out. Fourth, Laurel has trained with Ted for a maximum of 3 months. If you can be a freaking ninja after three months of boxing training and some self defense courses, well then I guess that makes me qualified to be a vigilante too. Lastly, and this is very important: Why is it a bad thing to want more of a character you like? You make it sound like the original poster should be ashamed for wanting more Felicity. Clearly you want more Laurel. Are you ashamed of that? No? Then afford others the right to want to see more of their favorite characters as well.

        • Rob Watkins says:

          It doesn’t matter what they said, they weren’t the original in that they weren’t the team in the beginning. Oliver started his mission, then added Diggle a few episodes later. Ergo, that’s the first Team Arrow. Felicity came at the halfway point. Maybe it’s just me being pedantic, but that logic is sound.

          “Blood because Thea, Roy, and Sin put her on the trail. Give credit where credit is due, and it’s not with Laurel.” Fine, but you do the same. They put her on the trail, but Oliver didn’t get the trail either. She reached the conclusion and no one believed her despite her being right. No one else followed the trail.

          So you read what the ptb say regarding Felicity being a part of the original team arrow, but not that they’ve said numerous times that just because she has a costume, she’s not a fully formed hero anymore than Roy. She had a base of self defense, so she’s not learning from the ground up. She’ll learn on the job as well. Yes, there will be some strain on her relationship with her father (he might surprise us), but I doubt it will be permanent, and I doubt it’ll be any worse than what happened between Thea and Oliver. You seem to hold this more against her than Thea’s secret relationship with her mass murdering father.

          I should be clear, it’s not that they want more Felicity that’s the problem, it’s that they want more romance in an action show. It comes off like someone wants her to be the main character. It’s first and foremost an action adventure show. She and romance has a part to play, but not the primary part.

      • Hattie says:

        The writers have inferred heavily that costumes make heroes. At the recent TCAs they actually titled the panel “Costumed Heroes & Villains” and put all the costumes on display for the journalists. Laurel only knew about Blood’s shenanigans because Thea, Roy and Sin practically handed it to her on a silver platter. She pursued it once she got the file from them. I agree with Claire that somebody, anybody at this point needs to tell Quentin his child is dead. That’s just beyond sad and he deserves more respect than what he’s been given. Hate to watch him grieve, but he deserves to know.

        • Rob Watkins says:

          They didn’t infer, you did. They didn’t imply that either. They’ve said explicitly many times that costumes don’t necessarily make you a hero.

          • Trish says:

            Good Lord, what do you do? Live on here and troll every comment people make? Stop making definitive statements, as if your comments are gospel, while attacking others for their opinions. It’s annoy as hell.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            I didn’t attack, and I get notification of new comments that I can reply to via email. Trolls are people who don’t bring anything of substance. I was reiterating what I read from the writers because the previous poster claimed that they implied you have to be in costume to be a hero. Even on that panel, they had David Ramsey, and Diggle doesn’t have a costume.

  30. B says:

    I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode! I like Laurel/Katie and think the fans should give her a break

  31. brenna says:

    Amell is the best! Can’t wait for tonight’s episode and for Oliver’s return. I love Arrow and I’m in this for the full story they are telling!! (And Oliver and Felicity – the best on tv in my view!)

  32. sarah j says:

    Oliver can not be dead. I love this show but do not think I would like only seeing him in flashbacks.
    However this would make it twice that people though Oliver was dead but then he isn’t. Not sure which way they show will go but I really hope he will be back!

  33. KarVer says:

    Would like to see arrow vs barman. Then be friends.
    Maybe the Flash will come over an help in Arrows absence?…

  34. Peyton says:

    *Typos grammar and spelling errors all through this so be aware lol*
    A lot of people tune into these dc comic remakes for television to see their childhood comic book played out on tv…..for me I would love to see my imagination from when I was younger or whatever age come to life…..comic books for me are all about the heroes and the villains and when I watch a tv series I mostly get excited about the interactions between the two are even better than what I imagined or when I end up loving the villain because the actor is so great at delivering that character onto the screen. Relationships and love is not my main concern that’s not why I watch……I want to see the relationships evolve past the comics….thats why I’m so hooked on Gotham….it’s truly giving me Heroes vs Villains and Villains vs Villains …

    you do have to be realistic about people who are not comic book fans and just tune in every Wednesday for their favorite couple paring….those fans play a huge part of the show so we can’t just throw their opinions out the door just because we feel like they’re ruining the show by their “ships”

    Felicity and Oliver……Ehhhhh
    I don’t know with that one the writers deviating from him being with the black canary is surprising…..I don’t think felicity and Oliver can be compared to Louis and Clark though….I think the writers will drag this out some more and possibly get them together on an on & off situation with lots of complications or drama…..the writers said they were not following the comics exactly but they have already done more than that just by adding Emily as main character and making her apart of team arrow…I just think they’ll probably keep the relationship going between these two until they near the end of the series if it makes it that far…..then idk kill her off or write her character off or put her in another relationship….who knows…..they might just keep felicity and Oliver together… long as I get to see the black canary grow and evolve….and not just rushed….I’ll be happy I just want to see laurel be bad ass….the fans can have Oliver and felicity I don’t mind if they end up together……please please I hope eventually black canary will not be apart of team arrow….she deserves her own path away from Oliver and his team….just occasionally help them out here and there lol…it’ll be too many people in suits and mask down there for me to handle

  35. Alison Tabour says:

    The EPs and the writers are keeping most of the conflict compelling–although they are precariously teetering on quantity more than quality in the supporting character story lines. At this point in the series I just don’t care enough about Ray, Roy or Laurel to want to watch an episode that is centered around them. And the Hong Kong story line is just a snore-fest. What I really miss on this show is the FANTASTIC karate inspired fight scenes. Lose the guns. Bring back the parkour….and Stephen Amell’s abs.