Revenge's Nick Wechsler Talks Emily and Jack: 'We're Slowly Getting There'

Revenge Emily Jack

Could Revenge‘s fourth season end with a Jack-Emily reunion?

With the threat of Malcolm Black finally behind them, it’s time for Emily and her fellow Hamptonites to look towards the future, which, for Jack and Emily, could also mean looking towards their past.

“We weren’t going to push that,” Nick Wechsler tells TVLine of Jack and Emily’s romantic relationship in Season 4, especially so soon after Aiden’s death. “Jack’s been hanging back, waiting for her to feel ready, but he’s been into her this whole time. We’re slowly getting there.”

In fact, Wechsler says we can expect to see some Emily-Jack sparks in the near future: “In an episode we just shot, there are some larger strides made in that direction.”

Of course, there is still that little matter of Ben being all up in Emily’s business — she seemed to warm up to him after Sunday’s big rescue — but Wechsler assures us that Jack “will try” to keep Bemily from happening.

In other Jack news, it sounds like the Hamptons’ golden rookie will soon strike up another surprising friendship.

“[Louise is] about to meet Jack, which should be really fun,” Elena Satine tells us. “I wonder what they have in store; I really don’t know.”

Revenge fans, are you hoping for a Jack-Emily pairing by season’s end? What do you expect from Jack’s interactions with Louise? And what are your thoughts on Ben? Drop ’em all in the comments section below.

Reporting by Vlada Gelman

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  1. More Louise. All Louise, all the time. Also, more of Carolyn Hennesey as her momma.

  2. Dani says:

    UGH, nobody wants this.

  3. luvi says:

    luv jack and emily hope they get together soon

  4. Maryann says:

    I haven’t watched at all this season, after never missing an episode before that; I have just read recaps in protest to the direction this season has gone in. However, if they are actually going to bring Emily and Jack together, I just might have to tune back in.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Same here! I’ve always like them together, so if they do in fact finally go there, I may have to tune in instead of deleting the recordings from my dvr and just reading Andy’s recaps.

    • dude says:

      This season is the best Revenge has been since season one. I was leery about bringing David back but his addition (not so much him but the drama he’s brought with his) has breathed a lot of new life into the show.

    • DL says:

      I think the season’s been pretty great overall. If you’ve watched this far, no reason to stop now. It’s certainly miles and miles better than the show’s season 2 low point.

  5. Dennis says:

    I don’t know but I LOVE Louise and would watch a spin-off with her character any day!!

  6. Julia says:

    Looking forward to FINALLY getting the Jack and Emily relationship. Also sort of liking Louise…she is so much better than Margeoux (however you spell her name!).

  7. Kelly Deeny says:

    This headline made me all sorts of happy. It makes sense for the characters to not rush into a romance, especially after Aidan’s death. Plus, she’s been protecting Jack (and her heart) since Day 1/Episode 1 – though not always successfully. I enjoy the strengthening of their friendship throughout the season, because they are redefining it as adults.

  8. Azerty says:

    Unfortunatly I don’t see Jack and Emily together anymore. It worked on season 1 and they had attraction but after everything, this season it feels like a great friendship. After the death of Malcolm Black I am very curious about the rest of the season, I thought he would be the big bad. I hope they will have better than Margaux’s revenge and Louise’s story. I don’t hate Louise but she keeps Nolan away from the main story and that I don’t like that.

    • Letti says:

      I hated Daniel in season 3, and season 4 made me love him again, I’ve even started rooting for him and Emily. And it was just a few episodes. I’m sure they can fix Ems and Jack just like that.

  9. diane says:

    Hopefully we will see something occur between Emily and Jack. I am tired of waiting.

  10. LKE says:

    Last night’s episode could’ve been a season finale or a series finale. It was that good! I can’t wait to see where they take the next revengenda…and definitely want to see Jack and Emily together in the end.

  11. Shannon says:

    Revenge fans, are you hoping for a Jack-Emily pairing by season’s end?

    Heck, I’ve been waiting for a Jack & Emily pairing since the 1st season.

  12. Heather says:

    The idea of Emily and Jack is the main reason that I watch Revenge!!! Hope it happens soon!!!

  13. baronessa says:

    we are counting days for this moment..please end this story with jack and amanda in love and together..stop series..

    • Kim says:

      I feel Jack/Emily is way past its sell by date. I t would be more character development if Emily would see it for a crush she had, remnants of her childhood and has left it behind. I have absolutely no interest in Jack/ Emily at all, as adults a paring should be of equals and Jack/Emily are not.

  14. N says:

    Nemily! If not…Ems and Jack

  15. allison says:

    I still would love a nemily pairing. But that hinges on if Louise and Nolan actually got hitched for realizes

  16. Johana says:

    Emily and Jack have no chemistry and if they end up together it’d be such a cliche!

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      Agreed. I just can’t see their relationship as anything other than a friendship. Lovers? Uggggg. No way! It would be like kissing your brother!

      • Annie says:

        I wouldn’t go as far as comparing Jack to a brother just because they don’t have the same romantic chemistry anymore. Considering Jack and Emily’s history of kissing each other… Friends? Yes. Brother and sister is how I’d describe Emily and Nolan. Emily and Jack had a chance in earlier seasons but the show’s changed too much now.

    • GuyAwks says:

      This. I used to ship them but they’re just stale at this point.

  17. Sarah says:

    Jemily ALL the way!!!!

  18. Nosey says:

    Actually like the Louise addition and her psycho mom. Was hoping Louise would also be pregnant by Daniel and there is revenge between Louise and Margaux. Not sure if I like the Margaux revenge against Amanda, prefer the Victoria revenge. Makes no sense for Margaux to go after her.

  19. lara says:

    finally some good jemily spoiler I’VE BEEN WAITING FOREVER for them to finally bring them together

  20. Anna says:

    I liked Jack/Emily all through season 1, but I just don’t think they work where they are now. The characters have changed so much and I don’t want these two to end up together, for me it wouldn’t feel true to the characters and the story.

  21. Annie says:

    As long as it’s not Ben, I’m happy. I really liked the idea of Jack and Emily in the earlier seasons. They might not have much chemistry now but it was definitely there back then. Either way, if she ends up with Jack it would be at the very end and they wouldn’t have a lot of scenes together anyway. So either way, it doesn’t matter. I just want her and David to be happy (even though there’s a big chance he’ll die).

  22. Essie says:

    Louise is a great addition. Love her character. Maybe Jack will help her look for proof she didn’t kill her own father, I’m really hoping she didn’t.

  23. BrianR says:

    I really wanted Emily to kill Malcolm with her katana blade. That would have been way cooler.

  24. Madeline says:

    I would love to see these two together. Those complaining of their lack of chemistry need to go back to the first season and watch because in the beginning it was pretty apparent Emily still loved Jack.

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      That is exactly our point. There may have been a smidgin of chemistry in season one but it has been gone for so long (three seasons) that is can never get back. One kiss, a couple of lingering glances……..then nothing. But Jack has had relationships with Fauxamanda, Margeaux, and Agent Kate and Emily has had relationships with Aiden and even Daniel, all of which have been believable. A Jack and Emily relationship is just not believable now.

    • Netty says:

      Yes in Season 1 chemistry was there but it went out of the window as the seasons went on… They have dated /loved other people and Aiden and Emily def erased any chemistry that Emily and Jack had. Jemily have a great friendship and if & when they get together its all for convenience because they are the last two left so they might as well. Forced chemistry more like.

  25. would love to see Emily and Jack reunited they deserve each other all they have been threw together and he never leaves her side.

  26. lezlee says:

    I am so confused. I have not missed an episode of Revenge but last night threw me for a loop. Am I the only person that saw Victoria stabbed, then choked, by M. Black but, after all was said and done, she didn’t seem to have any stab wound or needed to be seen by the EMS. What am I missing???? Yes, I saw him choke her AFTER he stabbed her but never saw her suffer from her stab wound. Please, someone, straighten me out!!!

  27. marcia yiapan says:

    I don’t want this to go and on ad nauseum. It should be wrapped up this year. I’d like to see Emily wind up with Ben, Jack being too short and not quite sharp enough for her. What is up with Victoria’s escaping death by knife? Don’t get that at all. We’ve had enough of her, although her altruism at the end of last night’s climax was a nice twist. As for Nolan, I hope he has been able to escape his demons and go straight with Louise. Let’s not start a lot more ugliness with that family. I for one will not hang around for another season of revenge plots.

  28. Msc says:

    Yawn. Jack and Emily have no chemistry

  29. Ella says:

    I hate Louise. I hate Ben. I am fed up of everyone and their uncle getting in the way of a Jack/Emily reunion. Seriously, enough pointless, annoying love interests. Build on THIS because it is golden and it is ABOUT TIME!!!

  30. GuyAwks says:

    I’d rather Emily die, go to heaven and be with either Aiden or Daniel. Seriously, she has far better options in the afterlife than on freaking Earth.

    • Sofie says:

      Lol, THIS! Emily and Jack are so over. I always liked Emily’s chemistry with Daniel the most, but since he’s gone I’d rather see her alone than with Jack. The Jack/Amanda crush is 20 years old, and it’s not something to base a grown up relationship on. They are friends now, leave it at that!

    • Netty says:

      Hahaha hilarious
      I get what you mean, Chemistry btwn Emily and Jack is gone and the writers better make it believable if they want to bring these two together. I miss Aiden and Daniel and Conrad.

      • ksjuk says:

        I’m sorry to break it to you guys but “Your so wrong!”. The writers know we want it so they use it as an appetiser and snatch it away because believe it consciously or not it is one of the main reasons people watch revenge. Cliches are good when done well. Regardless of how it looks deep down we all are telling ourselves “will they won’t they” and I hate cliches but love, not romance. Love doesn’t get old. Peace ;)

  31. T says:

    I am back on team Jack and Emily. I took the detour and was upset when Aiden died as I liked them together. Now the only one I can see her with is Jack.

  32. AM says:

    I agree, they should have killed Margaux instead of Daniel. I miss Daniel! I hope they don’t kill David. Emily deserves more time with her father.

    • NutsnBolts says:

      She’s gotta go. Maybe if the entire truth and details of every crime Victoria has committed are revealed to Margaux (including being the reason for Daniel’s death) she will just pack up and move back to France forbidding her to ever see her grandson. Lets hope.

  33. Netty says:

    I love Jack but there’s def zero chemistry between him and Emily. Whatever they had in season 1 stayed there & was not carried through the other seasons. Emily even had more chemistry with Daniel in their fake r/ship. And then Emily and Aiden was epic, made us forget all about Jack & Emily.
    Jemily at this point have a great friendship and any romance will seem so forced unless the writers execute it like they did with Daniel’s redemption. It was so well executed that by the end I was rooting for Demily again.
    This needs to be the last season, Victoria is defeated and has lost everyone and her will for revenge. There’s nowhere else to go.
    I really miss Aiden, Daniel and Conrad. Ben is growing on me, he’s not too bad. I cant stand Louise, love her psycho mom & bro though.

    • Charles Semones says:

      The show has to end eventually and I hope they actually resolve things and make a real ending. In the mean time, Jack and Emily have to be together, that is the whole story from the beginning. There have been times I would have liked Victoria dead, but she has stepped up recently and except for helping Mar- which is a huge mistake for them both- She needs to actually make amends with David and Emily and work together to save her grandchild and her memory of Daniel (whose death was her fault) and don’t forget Charlotte. Nolan is great but Louise and her mother (and brother) are extremely dangerous for all the good guys and unfortunately Nolan may have finally made a very big mistake in his relationship with Louise. Ben is another story. While hot for Emily I suspect he will end up dead in some crazy thing with Louise and her family and/or Mar and her revenge plots. I am not so sure he will remain loyal to Jack and Emily, especially if jealously enters this relationship. Going to be fun to watch. It is an excellent show.

  34. timesinfinity says:

    i would say jack and emily is first love, daniel and emily is summer love while aiden and emily is true love. i just hope this season will be last season, and for the closure i hope emily and his father will go off grid, and live happily everafter.

  35. aidenemily says:

    i would say jack and emily is first love, daniel and emily is summer love, while aiden anf emily is true love. i hope this season will be the last season and for the closure, emily and his father, david should go off grid and live happily everafter……infinitytimesinfinity

  36. Lisa says:

    Margauex needs to go. She will ruin this whole show. I can’t deal with her now trying to plot her revenge since it’s Victoria’s fault for everything that happened. As for Jack and Emily or Amanda yes, I say yes it should happen. I’ve been waiting for it since the beginning. Louise and Nolan seem to be good for each other, hoping their marriage is real and they take her mother out of the show. I absolutely love that Amanda and David are finally getting to know each other. Love love love this show.

  37. Marg says:

    UGGGGGGGGHHHH! They killed this show when they killed Daniel who was just coming into his own, as a powerful force, and he could have been back with Emily. A terrible mistake. go back to the beginning and see why the show was so great – the Hamptons glamour, the beautiful elegant people, power and money, scenery and clothes etc and also secrets and lies. Fabulous to watch! Now it has spiraled down to gruesom murders and darkness. Shame on you writers! For the love of God, Montresor! To watch a guy get burned alive in a furnace?? What is going on here? I am angry that I watched this since day 1 and waited in anticipation all week for the next show. Can you save this show? Get out of the gutter and spare us these milk toast characters like stupid Ben, crazy Louise, and Margo. I’m tired of her. For Pete’s sake, can’t you bring back Daniel somehow??? Even Tyler was killed on the beach in a white tux – classy! You don’t kill off your main characters and expect people to be happy!!!
    NEVER get rid of Emily-Nolan-Victoria-AND- Daniel

  38. What is Ben going to do now that he’s overheard Victoria telling Margeaux her biased partial truth about Emily/Amanda? Will he believe it, or will he go to Emily/Amanda for the truth? I read in an article last week, in TVLine I think, that Ben’s Ex-Wife is coming to town, that should make things very interesting

  39. You’ve got to admit, as death’s go- Malcolm Black pretty much got what he deserved. The main theme of Revenge is “Let The Punishment Fit The Crime”! I’d say his “Punishment” (his death) definitely fit his Multitude of crimes, and not just those against David, Emily & Margeax. His crimes against Victoria, well she brought those on herself & even if Emily did Avenge those, well she did it for her self, not Victoria!

  40. Ellen says:

    Yes!! Jack and Emily!! We’ve been teased since season 1 and since the fake Amanda came and Emily almost shared her feelings for jack!!

  41. Katelyn says:

    I definitely want Jack and Emily to be together in the end somehow!

  42. Sabrina says:


  43. ksjuk says:

    Jemily chemistry is real fans. Their relationship has matured and become a ball of complex emotion. The rejection and bad timing that has been shared between them are all factors. Ben has known Emily 5 minutes in comparison but to confront the past and bond to something deeper is a scary thing people. The love is real just annoying as hell to wait for. I agree it could end the show. We pine with them (wipes tear lol).

  44. Amanda says:

    ben and emily! Jack and Margeaux or louise! Ben and Emily are like a breath of fresh air. a mix of daniel and aided. Jacks too boring for her. He needs some like louise a lil more fun in his life. Besides ben and Emily look better onscreen and so does their chemistry.

  45. diana says:

    I keep watching, waiting, and hoping for Jack and Emily to finally be together just as it should’ve been all along…it would’ve been if it hadn’t been for “Amanda” getting pregnant with Karl. Here’s to Jack and Emily, finally together!

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      If it wasn’t for Fauxamanda getting pregnant, if it wasn’t for Emily marrying Daniel, if it wasn’t for Emily being in love with Aiden, if it wasn’t for Jack getting with Margeaux, if it wasn’t for Jack sleeping with Kate………
      Then you could add: if it wasn’t for Jack not being clever enough for Emily, or tall enough, or brave enough……..
      Those two just aren’t meant to be together. Did you marry the “boyfriend” you had when you were nine?

  46. eggplants says:

    i know most people will disagree with me but i really want Louise and Nolan to end up together. they make a really cute couple

  47. Sarah says:

    Jack and Emily have to get together and have a happily ever after. It has to all be worth something! This show is always about bad! Please let it end good.

  48. Anamika says:

    More louise and nolan <3 They look sooooooo good together!
    Plus there has to be a jack-emily story by the end of this season. like PLEASE! @REVENGE.

  49. None says:

    I want Jack & Emily to be together ❤️❤️❤️❤️ And they do have chemistry they’ve been through everything together and I kinda already knew Jack liked Emily .-. And yeah more Louise *-* she’s so purrrrttttyyyy!!

  50. KMarz says:

    Jack and Emily is this story and everything leading up to it, They belong together or they should have had someone else always be there for her. she deserves to be happy and so does Jack not putting them together is like writing this story wrong:( why would you do that nobody wants to see her with Ben yuck stop messing this up:/