Castle Recap: A Clutch Victory

So, Castle viewers, it appears we are 2-for-2 thus far in the private eye arc.

Because whereas last week’s episode found much merriment in Rick’s very first case, one which pitted him against Beckett and the boys, this time around there was the entertaining wrinkle of him working his own case — the search for a telenovela star’s valuable purse — which was at first only tangentially, but then directly, related to the murder at hand.

Sure, Rick’s P.I. business has yet to take off, website revamp or not. (Did anyone else freeze-frame the screen to search for Easter eggs in the text?) But maybe his involvement in this glamorous case will get the phones ringing?

Other sustained positives over these first two “Castle, P.I.” episodes: Rick learning the ropes of obtaining information/”canvassing,” even when it requires peeling off some Benjamins. Ryan’s turns as “Baby Castle” continue to amuse. And the focus on Perlmutter (who is positively reveling in Castle’s absence from the 12th) is allowing him more opportunity to serve up sass.

And maybe it’s the time spent apart, and/or Rick’s Philip Marlowe-style narration (of his own workdays), but Beckett’s been rather randy as of late. (“I’m just a girl looking for a private dick”?!)

On the downside: The murder case itself was wrapped up a bit too easily — A sparkly purse isn’t seen and snatched from a NYC sidewalk planter over the course of days! The killer near-instantly confesses! — and Kamar de los Reyes’ involvement was oddly passive. (Why couldn’t he have played or been the killer?)

What did you think of “Private Eye, Carumba!”?

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  1. Irina says:


  2. Teri says:

    The PI arc is fun and entertaining and I love it more than I thought I would. Castle and Beckett’s cases are being interwoven so the two can connect on cases. Funny and well written dialogue. This show is just awesome.

  3. leigh says:

    Agree. Kamar’s part could have been expanded. Maybe there will be more on the DVDs. But this was good. 😊

    • Lyn says:

      At first sight I thought Kamar was Jay Rodriguez from Queer Eye and thought wow he looks old. Then I realized who it was.

  4. Cece says:

    The entire premise of the show has changed. I checked out, emotionally, on Castle after the disaster of the s6 finale but as a fan from episode #1 .. thought I’d give season 7 a chance. I gave them 12 episodes .. that’s it. Done.

    • Rae says:

      I would say you are not a real fan then…… this show has been great this season!!

      • Frustrated says:

        So a “real” fan is someone who accepts anything the showrunner decides to dish up without question? It seems the 3M who have stopped watching since the premier don’t agree with your contention that this has been a great season. S7 is proving to be marginally better than S6 but still not a patch on what came before Still. Why can’t you accept that we’re all fans and care about the show or we wouldn’t have kept watching, just because some of us are watching more from hope than expectation now doesn’t make us lesser fans, the “real” fan accusation is gettin stale. The showrunners claim to understand what is the heart of this show and yet this season could be described as the season of separation, I don’t think we’ve had so many episodes where Castle and Beckett have shared the screen less.

        • KCC says:

          I believe the term “real fan” is inappropriate because who defines what a “real fan” is. But if you are no longer watching because you love the show, I would say you are no longer a fan. Just because you considered yourself a fan at one point does not make you a lifelong fan. There are plenty of shows I considered myself a fan of but at some point stopped calling myself one because I no longer enjoyed the show consistently. If you don’t like the direction the producers of the show have gone it’s your right, but I would say you have become a critic. I don’t mean that as an insult either. You see faults with the way the showrunners are developing the show and you’re pointing them out, something a critic does. But a fan or “fanatic” will always like the end product. Once you stop liking it you’re no longer a fan. At least that’s my definition.

          • lkh says:

            always and never are difficult words

          • KCC says:

            You’re right lkh, I should not have said “always like the end product.” Although, I pretty much do always like Castle episodes, just some more than others. That’s why I call myself a fan. It’s just a pet peeve of mine when someone calls themself a fan but they apparently don’t enjoy what the show has become. When a “fan” thinks they know better than a show’s creators what the heart of the show is, I take exception. All the fans do is watch the show. The showrunners, writers and actors created the characters and stories and know better than anyone what they’re trying to accomplish and it might not be the same as any single “fan” wants.

      • i agree with Rae, if you really love the show it’s been fun. it’s not completely awful that we can be peaceful for a few eps

    • S. says:

      You’ve watched these last 2 eps and gotten no enjoyment? The show’s not only the same show it’s always been, Nathan’s been given some old school Castle comedic opportunities that are pretty hilarious. The heat between the two of them has been amazing. If you can’t enjoy this, you weren’t watching the real Castle from day 1. It’s sad because you’ve invested years in something and didn’t fully appreciate it. I really have no idea what it’s possible to have fun with if not this. To answer the question from the article, the killer always seems to blab without asking for a lawyer. It’s a running issue to the point that I can’t decide if it’s supposed to be a joke or just something that many crime shows do because it’s not like they can then go on to a trial. The show’s about finding out whodunnit. The ‘who’ has to cop to it, pardon the pun, for resolution. Still, I wish there was another answer.

  5. K says:

    I really am enjoying the PI arc. New and refreshing. What I loved about the episode is when Beckett sent a client to Castle because she wanted to support her husband. She really cares about his new gig that he has. Also I loved that scene in Castle’s office. Castle role playing and Beckett going along with it was sexy and fun. I am wondering if they are setting up all these sexy scenes because Beckett will eventually be pregnant. Beckett seems rather horny lately. Castle being a PI must make her crave the D badly.

  6. N says:

    I guess I don’t like Castle as a P. I. Next week looks good :-)

  7. Kate says:

    I thought it was another really fun episode! Even though we know Castle will eventually end up back at the precinct, it’s great how they’ve fully committed to the PI thing for now. I love his PI voice overs and also how his office is decorated. It’s also fantastic to see them acting like a newly married couple. Whatever’s gotten into Beckett- I hope it continues! :-)

    • K says:

      Castle being a PI turns Beckett on or she must be horny because of all the sex she didn’t get when Castle was missing during those two months

  8. Melanie says:

    I liked it. The novela scenes were funny, and Espo’s obvious love of that genre was hilarious!
    Also,for those of you old like me who used to watch, “Picket Fences,” the young man who played the opera usher played the youngest son.
    All in all, a good episode..

  9. christina says:

    LOVED IT! I thought the case was great and the Castle & Beckett moments were fun. I am really enjoying this P.I. arc. While I have no doubt Castle will return to the precinct soon, this story line adds a little something more to an incredibly awesome season. I feel bad for those who quit watching after the season 6 finale because this season has been so on point. I cannot wait for the next episode.

  10. Sarah says:

    Fun episode, once again. So far, I’m enjoying this PI arc. But, I’m really bothered by Esposito’s attitude towards Castle, he seems to really be enjoying mocking Castle and just being plain rude and mean to him for no reason. It’s like he doesn’t even like Castle anymore and enjoys watching him be miserable. It’s really taking away from what has been a fun arc so far.

    • Emma says:

      Well with what Castle said about his training I can understand … That was rude and stupid.

    • Debra says:

      I think Esposito is acting like that because he feels that castle screwed up being involved with the mafia and because of it being kicked out of the precinct and changing the team aspect. He’ll come around.

      • Lisa says:

        Espo has been acting like that for the past season or two – it wasn’t just this week

        • John NYC says:

          Indeed, that’s been Esposito’s style for a number of years and I’ve not liked it the entire time. It seemed to just come from nowhere and they’ve stayed with it…

          • carbono says:

            Yeah it has been a couple of years at least. 1 of the writers Rob Hanning has talked about it on twitter so they do know that’s how he is coming across but I wonder if they’ll ever explain what it’s all about.

          • Grey says:

            I hope it doesn’t turn into some unrequited love thing for Kate. Please no. Eww!

    • I am watching other shows. I like the cooperative teamwork and not competition. If I want a backstabbing storyline, there are plenty of “reality” shows to watch. Cutthroat Kitchen, Survivor, Amazing Race, Celebrity Apprentice, Top Master Chef…and the list goes on. I do not mind tension but this went too far. What I need after a hard day is something that engages my mind and my heart.

      • This was suppose to be at the top. What I was going to say here was that I saw the attitudes in the trailers and said no thanks!

      • S. says:

        Since when did anybody on Castle “backstab” someone else on the team? Castle’s writers are not under an obligation to go along with your compartmentalization of wanting to see competition from some shows and not others,but in answer to your implication that they haven’t given you plenty of reason to expect that already: 1) they did a storyline of competition in a previous season (Beckett and Castle v. Ryan and Espo, trying to see who could solve their respective case first). 2) They’ve also had Castle competing with guys interested in Beckett during a case they were all trying to solve, 3) also the precinct vs. people in the fed government 4) People from different areas of the force like in “Headhunters.” 5) Castle and Beckett have competed to come up with something first and ended up helping each other by accident on multiple occasions. Plenty of competition. The reality shows you watching are essentially written. Sorry to spoil that for you. They create narratives like anybody else. They may not be able to control a choice a contestant makes all the time, but the producers absolutely manipulate. Personally, I like to see well written fiction. It requires more creativity and artistry. Competition is an opportunity for drama which an essential element of writing shows and it would be irresponsible to write a tv show without considering a pretty easy way to create drama. You watch a lot of “reality” tv. I’d rather see fake characters doing this stuff to one another rather than people who are supposed to be real human beings competing and backstabbing. Your version is a worse commentary on human nature. Seeing it on a fictional show and seeing it with heart, not greed and ‘look at me’ ambition for fame, is far better from where I sit.

  11. Rachael says:

    Loving Season 7! PI arc has brought a new spark to the show.

  12. lame're says:

    The two episodes since the hiatus have been fun. Much better than the extremely uneven fall portion. The lights finally were turned on in the writers room, Castle and Beckett are the primary reason fans watch,duh. What a foreign idea. Look, you’re gonna win an Emmy, so have fun.

  13. Matthew Weber says:

    Really liked it. Love how the PI arc is bringing Castle and Beckett Closer together. Two weeks for the next episode can’t come soon enough.

    Still despise Esposito. He’s a douchebag, and seems to hate Castle for no reason. (Maybe he’s jealous and is secretly in love with Beckett?)

    Liked that they had Perlmutter on again, but looking forward to Lanie’s return.

  14. Maria a says:

    I really enjoying the castle p.i., even I know he will be soon going back to the precity specially for the two parts 3xk episodes, I don’t think I am looking forward to those, please somebody get a lock for the doors in the office and the loft again I really enjoy the last two episodes…..

  15. Just one thing says:

    I really hope they address Esposito’s beef with Castle before or during the two-parter. Though I see it as brotherly concern for Kate and residual mistrust from Castle’s disappearance, that arc has been tabled for quite some time. They need to tell, not show, sometimes.
    As for next week’s episode, if Castle doesn’t ask Beckett if she is setting him up again – this time out of pity – then I’ll assume the writers have no longer -term memory unless it suits their needs

    • lkh says:

      Hi JOT–don’t you think that’s just Espo’s personality and general approach to life?

      • Just one thing says:

        Hey! On some level, yeah that’s just his personality. But there definitely seems to be more hostility since The Wedding That Wasn’t.
        I suspect Castle and Espo will have to work together toward a common goal during the two-parter, and maybe that’s when they’ll bury the hatchet.

        • lkh says:

          yikes! bury the hatchet–seen that phrase used in another way :D

          I went back and watched last night’s episode-something I haven’t done this season(or last) just to see the animosity folks are feeling. I think the character ‘Esposito’ is aggressive, certainly assertive, is challenging, has lots of testosterone, is ex military but not disrespectful, impudent or rude, just him-at least from my perspective. He certainly doesn’t use the same tone he uses with Castle or Ryan or others with Beckett or Gates. But in regard to ‘saving’ Castle’s life, both he and Ryan wanted those basketball tickets-Ryan mentioned it first-I think. And, although he gave Castle a bad time about Castle thinking he subdued the woman with the gun, Castle should have been challenged about that-actually Beckett should have done the same thing-Castle needs to know that that behavior is dangerous and in this case perhaps that he wasn’t in as much trouble as he could be in the future. Espo has always been more cynical and critical of Castle’s ‘theories’ as has Beckett while Ryan tends to go along with them. I think Espo was just as hard on Ryan last night as he was on Castle. The other characters seem to put up with it-didn’t see Castle reacting in a negative way to what Espo was saying either. Castle doesn’t get angry about it. I would hate to see all the characters be written so they have similar personalities. I might be missing what others are seeing, Espo certainly has a critical eye and no nonsense. Perlmutter on the other hand is openly disrespectful, which is fine with me and this doesn’t seem to bother the fans as much as Espo character’s behavior.

          I haven’t been as enamored with the series since season 6 so maybe I’m also feeling a little hostility toward Castle :) dunno-just wondering. Thanks.

    • John NYC says:

      But that’s no sudden thing, he’s been sniping and snarky for years now. Sometimes more overt sometimes less, but it’s always there. Didn’t used to be but he’s been consistently that way for a very long time so I don’t see any reason that would get resolved any time soon if ever. The writers just started him on that path and have let it go.

  16. DarkDefender says:

    I like the P.I. arc (way better than the Pi arc).. Having Beckett and Castle not together at the precinct all the time allows them to be spontaneous and sexy because they can “theorize” elsewhere and it be organic. In the past (at the PCT) it would have been unprofessional and you can’t have a police procedural (rom/com version included) that takes place only in the bedroom or anywhere in their apt for that matter.
    So far 7B has been liberating for Caskett, opened up the sassy side of Perlmutter and has managed to bring Castle back to some competency in solving cases (he is 2 for 2).. All the while having him learn (and actually understand) the ropes of day to day police detective work.
    My only beef – and I realize they want to keep it light until the 3XK 2-parter – is that Castle has been in a few scary situations since his 2 month absence. The cowboy (honeymoon) shootout and this week’s near slicing. I would have expected Beckett to at least been more firm with him once he was safe, cause he is being pretty risky/reckless right now (like her and her investigation of her mom).. And I’d think she’d want to be clear that she doesn’t want to go through another mysterious disappearance or worse him actually being severely harmed.
    Regardless, I really like season 7 and the entire crew, actors, and writers seem to be stepping up their game with the things fans want (Casketty romance/sexiness, Castle being a more competent investigator and Castle not always being the jokester).. Looks like everyone has an eye towards getting renewed.. And I hope it’s for at least 2 seasons. [fingers crossed]

    • m3rcnate says:

      I usually write out my own thoughts (just as long) but this is literally, word for word what i was going to say. However i think my angle on the Castle getting in harms way thing is a bit different than yours. You would expect Beckett to be a bit more firm with him, i (at the very least in this episode) was expecting Beckett to be more…emotional. I mean i get life and death is fairly common for these two but her new husband was just found being held hostage, seconds from being tortured by knife and potentially killed…yet she is chillin, totally normal Beckett, sitting down on her desk chillin, i mean we have seen her more emotional when he forgets to get her coffee lol. Come on writers…
      I would also expect some firmness like you mentioned, specifically because if the writers are being true to their character, Beckett’s mother was murdered and that had a HUGE effect on her…the writers have shown her have many issues from that, and i believe one would be her being very scared of losing her new husband and love of her life. The idea of having him be murdered or die would destroy her…i mean when he went missing she became obsessed trying to find him.

      • DarkDefender says:

        I totally agree. I think we both expected a firmer, more emotional response from Beckett… At the very least to the level of concern we got out of Castle when he questioned Beckett going out on her own to investigate (he was away on a book tour) in VERITAS.

  17. Artist says:

    It’s not worth staying up for antmore. I go to bed and record it to view at a later date.

  18. lkh says:

    Wow-this isn’t something I say really often anymore-but I really enjoyed it. I think what put me in a good mood were the pencils–I used to do that, stick them to the ceiling (I know :[ ) and when he was looking for one and it fell, I had to laugh-out loud (my timing was never like that). And, I love that office and all the furnishings-the radio is great.

    I think it can become a rule of thumb–if someone shows up for about 1-2 minutes for really no apparent reason, they’ll be the murderer. I see a pattern.

    One negative thing-Beckett’s hair and that blue blouse. Not so much.

    Just the right amount of silly. Ryan could back his up some. Everyone, leave Espo alone please.

    I wouldn’t mind if he stayed a PI ’til the end–but I know folks are anxious for him to return to the 12th–not me. Guess I got tired of that formula.

    • Just one thing says:

      Yeah, it was a fun episode. I agree, just the right amount of silliness. The pencils were a great X-Files callback.
      As usual, the character dynamics carry the show more than the writing itself. Can’t complain when the actors are all in sync like that.

    • Like you, I’m not interested in seeing Castle return to the 12th. Come on, enough cop shows already and every cop in NYC has cringed with the idea of a “consultant” showing up and solving cases. It doesn’t work that way. As a PI the arc can get much larger, out of NYC and really allow Becket to move up to a special crimes unit or something. KEEPT THE PI ARC PLEASE!!!!!!

    • Asta says:

      I really enjoyed it and the pencils put me in a great mood.

  19. Carla Krae says:

    Lots of fun!

  20. Alex says:

    Not bad but not great either. And they should really stop their 40s references, everytime Nathan start talking with that accent I cringe so hard …
    Good think is that we got Castle and Beckett scenes at home but seeing them investigating apart is boring …

  21. Frustrated says:

    This P.I.arc has now lasted one too many for me, not enjoying the new work dynamic, not quite as bad as the DC arc, but the lack of Castle and Beckett physically sharing scenes was more noticeable than last week. The more amorous Caskett was another bad reminder of the DC arc where I felt they were included to distract from a potentially unpopular storyline. And what is it with Castle keeping his shoes on when he lies on the bed?

  22. greysfan says:

    Its not the same Castle. I’m a huge fan of the show but this episode for me got very predictable very early and i actually got bored. Its a good change but if this is how its going to be week in week out then we might have a problem. I’ve never been bored with a Castle episode, ever. I hope something changes very quickly because i would hate to see them ruin it.

  23. giggles says:

    Surprisingly, I continue enjoying this arc and this season. Not Emmie worthy or anything, but fresh and fun, especially compared to the previous season.

    My two gripes are: they’re totally ignoring Castle’s disappearance so it starts to look like the writers just don’t know how to go on and have no explanation prepared. The second one is Esposito’s behavior this and previous seasons, he continues to act as if Castle killed his kitten and is the lowest scum of the Earth. How come? “He’s just looking out for Beckett like a brother” doesn’t fly with me. He used to do it but still be Castle’s friend in the earlier seasons, now he’s just always pissy and mean. He used to rib him good-naturally, now it looks like he barely keeps from spitting in Castle’s face. I find myself cringing in advance when he appears in a scene because I just know that he’s gonna suck all the joy and charm out of it.

    • Allie says:

      100% agree on the Esposito situation. I understand they may want him to be the balance of Ryan’s Castle appreciation, but they go to far with it. It makes him seem petty and ungrateful. I can’t believe Kate or Castle has not called him out on it.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I can see now that Richard Castle character has a 50-50 chance of being written off the show! Richard Castle has become an interloper to the N.Y.P.D detectives and is viewed as that. ABC should either drop him or spin off to a new show. With him being a PI takes away from the show.

    • Afan says:

      Main character, the title character, written off a show named after the main character? Wow. Really? Might as well put the show out of its misery right there. Is that we’ve seen in shows like Chuck, Frasier, Seinfield, Ally McBeal, Dexter, Nikita, Becker?
      ABC can gamble renewing Castle for one final season to milk out as much money as they can. The network has other shows like Revenge, Resurrection, Forever, that are dying and they’re nowhere near as old as Castle and can hardly even reach Castle’s series low rating.

      • Anonymous says:

        Kate Beckett Castle is the *Star now in “Castle”.

        The Writer now PI is not part of the NYPD 12th Precinct Detective Squad. Richard Castle does not belong.

        The show would save 1/4 of it payroll by writing Richard Castle out of the show.

        • KCC says:

          They could save 100% of the payroll and production costs by cancelling the show. The show is Castle AND Beckett. Anyone else is expendable.

          • Anonymous says:

            At the start of that was the case but when RC got booted out of the 12th – became a PI; NYPD is one storyline and RC another!

            Surprise that the Captain is letting RC inside the 12th!

        • Harry_Wild says:

          Just got done reading the gossip on Castle TV series and the rumor is that Stana Katic also wants to have more $$$$$$$$$ and is sick of the series too! She feels that her role is to repetitive! Maybe she should think about unemployment!

          Both Nathan Fillion and Stana are burnout it seems and wants to end the series! It would be an excellent time to end it this season and save some money from a business stand point for ABC! The ratings are only fair and it not getting better with the extreme plot twist from one end of the season to the other end of the next season. I think most viewer want to have the same team concept as the past 5 season where they are together working with the detectives to solve cases. It too bad who ever decided to shake things up did not know it was bad for viewership! LOL!

          I too like the them working toether as a member of the NYPD and not separate! But it would set up a good break for the cast and in a couple of years; maybe a new series: Castle: PI may appear on ABC or one of the other networks!

    • John NYC says:


      The 12th is the expendable part if anything not the *title* character. (though so radically changing a winning formula for the show is not at all likely).

      • Anonymous says:

        Fillion contract is up in the Spring; reports are he is sick of the show and what’s more $$$$$$$!

        Castle is up for renewal too!

  25. Michele says:

    I did not like the way it started. I did not show what happen to Castle when he was in the accident or the wedding. Very disappointed in that

  26. lisa says:

    I don’t like the narration voice, it’s getting on my nerves and the PI arc is a no sense!

  27. Ally says:

    Did I miss something? where’s Lanie?

    • maria says:

      She’s out buying Beckett more shirts that she can keep buttoned all the way up to her neck. (Does the wardrobe guy not realize how strange that looks on a woman?)

      • Kosha, Slezak's Sister says:

        I LOVE Beckett’s modesty. I find female detectives/leads dressed provocatively distracting and unreal. I don’t mean to sound like a prude, but I like that she isn’t hanging out all over. I don’t think many real life detectives wear tank tops and low cut blouses. Keep it buttoned Beckett!!

        • maria says:

          I like her modesty too. But that closed top button just looked odd to me.

        • DarkDefender says:

          ALT Beckett a while back dressed smokin hot in suits… And looked way better than our world counterpart. I’m pretty sure the button to the top blouse is for moments where Caskett is spontaneously ravishing each other (see Valkyrie). It is a plot device… Takes more time to unbutton the top 2 buttons on that shirt… Keeps them looking all sexy, ripping clothes off without actually getting the clothes off..although I was surprised to see most of Vastle’s chest before the telenovela woman walked into the room.

      • Ashliz says:

        Actually the costumer said on Twitter last night that the high button blouse was to counter the open shirts and low cut clothing on the Telenovela characters. He has his reasons for doing things a certain way in clothing each week. Ryan’s fairly busy tie was a link to the Telenovela set since Ryan never went there with Espo.

    • They’ve had Lanie and the other guy on rotation for a fair while.

  28. nitemar says:

    I like Castle, but I liked it when they weren’t married best, when there was the unresolved sexual tension .Now the show has lost its luster overall. Seem the writers have no clue where go next. JMHO of course.

  29. dp2 says:

    Had been a Castle fan since the first show. However, this season has gone off the charts for campy show and bizarre shows. The new private detective story line has changed the show…and not in a good way. This will be my last regular Castle I watch…may check back from time to time to see if the writers ever get back on track with what made the show so good. Sorry to go but gave it a chance…now gone (at least for a while).

  30. BetiSA says:

    fun episode but it won’t help the ratings at all.
    a comedy-romance-procedural show without action and no violence or blood, are you sure that this is the kind of show that people want to watch?

  31. Allie says:

    The Perlmutter “sass” is getting old. We get it. He doesn’t like Castle, he doesn’t have to throw it in Kate’s face every time he sees her. And you notice these past two episodes when he does throw his sass at her, she gives him an annoyed look. Bring back Lanie.
    As for the Espo situation, it’s becoming more and more irritating. It’s to a point I don’t care if we see him at all during the episode. He takes any opportunity to discredit Castle’s thoughts or theories, yet as soon as Castle can do something for him, he’s all about Castle and his connections.
    Other than these two points, I am enjoying the PI arc. The reality is after 6 seasons there has to be something to shake up the dynamics. They are doing a good job keeping the case of the week tied to Castle and his investigations, allowing everyone to be a part of the show. It also helps seeing Martha two episodes in a row. She makes any episode just that much better.

  32. i mean it was entertaining, but knowing that 3xk is coming just has me looking for more. also i’d be totally ok if kate is preggo. Even if it is a trope. Sue me.

  33. Hoping this PI arch doesn’t go on forever – it’s fun now, but will be boring really fast. What ever happened to Rick the Writer? More focus on Rick, less on the rest of the cast. Short term please – find a way to bring him back to the gang.

  34. T says:

    Castle continues its slide off the cliff. This episode was no better than so-so. Castle as a P.I. is no longer the story of a writer and his muse. If fact Castle himself said that his new series of P.I. novels will be inspired by himself; he will be his own muse. For me, the problems with Castle (the show) are now much larger than this P.I. arc. The smart, flawed, made for each other Castle and Beckett characters of earlier seasons have left the house. Even the show details are sloppy. For Castle to mention Beckett’s double top button shirt (really, two top buttons?) one would think she would have buttoned her right collar button when she was talking to Martha.

  35. Barbara Cottingham says:

    The format is taking away from the relationnships of all the cast –a big minus! I do not like the split between Castle- Beckett and the rest of the players. Old plot lines much much better!! I won’t continue watching if it keeps going this way. Where is Laine?

    • Ashliz says:

      Lanie is always missing a few eps per season, she is not contracted for all of the 23 episodes per season. Tamala Jones has some time off for other things….

  36. Loved this track. More of the Phillip Marlow and randy Beckett. We are soooo tired of the dead beat negative worn out becket. Now someone needs to call the hair dresser and get her hair and wardrobe under control as well. Espo’s anger is boiling, not bad, a different side of him, Ryan’s “little Castle” is cute and now we need a hard case for Castle he gets himself out of with some true shooter’ up macho, but no one knows. His “Bourne” side that can shoot the eyes out of a flea, like season one showed us, needs to come out, only no one knows it and he doesn’t get credit for it. The PI thing is a god-send to save the series.

  37. KG says:

    Enough already, is it only me that thinks it is really strange that no one including his wife or family just let the 2 months missing thing go buy. It would be much better if at least in every episode a memory comes back or we see someone watching him. You know how ticked my husband would be if I went missing on our wedding day and just showed up 2 months later and its never spoken about again. The PI adventure is fun, but each week I wonder, where the heck were you for 2 months. This is where I am losing my flavor for the show.

    • lame're says:

      What’s even more unbelievable and annoying is that a precinct full of detectives have all but forgotten about his abduction, imprisonment and memory alteration. They are treating it as an everyday occurance that happens to everyone. What happen to the guy who never stops, never quits, keeps on digging for the truth no matter what. What ever drugs were given to Castle must have a contagious quality, because everyone at the precinct and his loft have lost all memory of his abduction.

    • carbono says:

      They did mention his disappearance last night & have actually mentioned it quite a few times over the season. They are planning a couple of episodes just about his disappearance later in the season.

  38. chad says:

    I like the show alot,but I wish Rick was a little more like his space persona.

  39. Grey says:


    Oooo, big word! :-0 LOL. :-)

  40. Grey says:

    Btw, thanks for doing these recaps because there’s a certain other so called TV site that has completely abandon them.

  41. bobby says:

    I stopped watching when he became a private dick. I was an avid watcher

  42. Really loving the new dynamic this season has brought. Hope the PI arc continues for a while, although I doubt it’s easy to keep coming up with reasons why Rick and Kate would work the same case over and over again.

  43. Astrid says:

    I’m enjoying the PI storyline very much!

  44. adh says:

    I liked the direction and the dialogues and the caskett moments. …… For the first time I felt that the crime plot could have been more intriguing as we know that CASTLE is a P.I. now. But in 40 mins we should not be expecting too much since two parallel investigations were being conducted separately.

    Still being a fan these thoughts didn’t occur while watching the episode :D

  45. Dj says:

    I thought last week was one of the best episodes of the season this week not so much.

  46. John Moshier says:

    there was a show called hart to hart similar to there new idea its all right but lets go back to the old show pretty soon

  47. John NYC says:

    A more comedic interlude for a few episodes is fine. And they do them so well.

  48. jules says:

    Loved it…I love the fun of the last two episodes, the light-heartedness, & the romance! It’s a fun show to watch & the actors are great!! I know they throw in the ‘heavier’ episodes here & there, & I like those as well…..but my favorite are still the fun ones like the last few!!! Keep it up Castle, I’m lovin’ it!!

    • Viv says:

      I completely agree. I realize I never rewatch the heavier ones, only the fun ones. I really enjoyed the last two.

      Hey Matt, maybe you could do a poll? Who wants the PI arc to end now, who loves it and wants it to the end of the season, and who likes it but only if Rick comes back to the 12th in 2-3 episodes.

  49. I am enjoying the PI arc more than I thought I would. I hope Castle gets more cases on his own.

  50. lame're says:

    I’m not disagreeing, 7.11 like 7.03 were a couple of the better episodes in some time with 7.05 like “flowers for your grave” the two best written episodes ever. But the disconcerting fact is less people are watching and it all points to 6.23. The outrage that scorched Castle web sites was biblical, proclaiming in their anger never to watch again. Problem is a large portion of those viewers were true to their word. Castle went from a season six average of 12.63 million viewers per episode with a 2.2 demo, to 8.77 million viewers with a 1.6 demo thus far this season. Till 6.23 the slogan “in Marlowe we trust” was all over Castle web sites, since 6.23 that slogan has vanished completely. Even so, viewers seemed willing to hold on to see how the abduction arch would develop. As the season has moved along and the abduction all but disappearing the slide in viewers has become continuous. The argument can be made that the approach or lack there of to the abduction broke Castle Canon. It is up to Marlowe and Amann to regain the trust of fans and at times a part of the season should be serialized.

    • Harry_Wild says:


      Totally agree with your comment on Castle! Who ever thought up this idea should be fired. It took away from the show and now it going crazy with different slants every mid season now! It just too many changes happening to have stability in viewing; at least for me! I like a stable character viewing environment! Castle is going full blast at doing the opposite. I think this may be the end of the entire series!

      I look forward to the reruns on over-the-air channels instead of cable when this show ends which seems to be near! I was hoping for a season 8 and maybe 9 but the show seems to be falling down in terms of viewership and too much change in last season’s episodes and now this happens – Castle is separate from the squad and an one person PI. Not sure if this the beginning of a Castle spin off show! But if it is; I welcome it! I love to see the current Castle with out Richard Castle for a change! LOL!