Revenge Stars on Emily's Reveal, Jack's Fate and the Next Death: 'It's a Big One'

Revenge Season 4 Spoilers

As we delve deeper into the second half of Revenge‘s fourth — and potentially final — season, we find ourselves wondering: Will everyone soon know Emily’s secret? How will characters’ loyalties shift? And, of course, who will live to find out?

TVLine caught up with four of Revenge‘s key players for the scoop…

JACK V. BLACK | Is Daniel saving a spot for Jack in Revenge heaven? Nick Wechsler tells TVLine we should be “fairly worried” about the Hamptons’ new rookie cop, as Malcolm Black is “going to come after whoever it is that [killed Kate]. I’ll be honest, he’s coming after me. He’s coming after all of us.” As for Emily, Wechsler says Jack will be very much involved in rescuing her from Malcolm’s clutches. “It’s a team effort,” he explains. “Jack will be damned before he lets anything happen to her.”

Revenge Season 4 SpoilersBODY COUNT | Looking for comfort about Jack’s fate? You won’t get it from Gabriel Mann. The real-life Nolan Ross tells TVLine, “Any one of us could be gone without proper circumstance. They have no qualms about anyone dying on this show. … We’re going real, real, real big this year. It feels like anything further from this show [beyond Season 4] would need to be a variation on what this is. Whether that involves these same characters, or new characters, none of us really know.” As for who might soon be six feet under, Mann says, “It’s a big one. Our creator, Mike Kelley, envisioned the end of the series as a beach covered with the bodies of our characters, with Emily and Victoria climbing over them to get to each other.”

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER | Now that Margaux knows the truth about Emily — or at least “the truth through Victoria’s eyes,” as Karine Vanasse explains to TVLine — she’s going to be faced with a major decision: “Should she release this information? And if so, how should she do it?” The truth has also opened Margaux’s eyes to the amount of damage, both emotional and physical, Emily has caused. “Everyone has experienced so much loss because of this girl,” Vanasse says, “so Margaux’s like, ‘We have to stop her.'” (That said, a “brief” scene between Margaux and Jack might just quell Daniel’s baby mama’s rage because “she doesn’t want to betray Jack.”)

Revenge Season 4 SpoilersLOUISE 2.0 | Prepare for a whole new Louise moving forward. “She’s not going to let herself be a fool,” Elena Satine tells TVLine, following last week’s reveal that her family’s been drugging her. And speaking of family, we’re finally about to meet Louise’s mother (played by Carolyn Hennesy) in the flesh. That reunion will peel back their “abusive” relationship and reveal why Louise has been so focused on Victoria all this time. “I don’t believe there’s an ulterior motive with Victoria,” Satine explains. “Louise is just a lost girl looking for acceptance.” As for Louise’s future with Nolan, Satine says, “My only hope is that we stay on each other’s good side.”

Tell us, Revenge fans: Who do you think/fear will be the next character to die? And what would you like to see, in the chance that this is the show’s last season? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

Reporting by Vlada Gelman

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  1. kn1231 says:

    If Emily dies, which some are suggesting may be the next step, the whole show to me would be pointless and I will be upset I spent so many years watching it. I don’t care if Victoria is killed or not, but the only satisfying ending this show could have (in my opinion) is having Emily be alive and happy about the current status of her life. Anything less is a disservice to fans.

    • johnhelvete says:

      I never thought Emily would get a happy ending. Was it season 2 or 3 that she agreed to eventually go to prison in exchange for Mason Treadwell not spilling the beans about her identity and her framing him for the house fire? She has already lost at least two people that she loved (Amanda and Aiden). IMO a happy ending to the series would seem kind of fake to me.

      • Julie says:

        She’s already not getting her happy ending. Any hope of that went away when Aidan was killed. Now Daniel’s gone too – not that they were “happy” but she’s fully aware of all of the damage she has caused. I do t think she and Jack would ever be truly happy together, knowing all that has gone on. I really never wanted she and Jack to get together – the whole childhood sweetheart thing was too cliche for me. But I don’t know who else is left for her.

        I personally think the next “big” death is going to be David. Mike Kelley never wanted to resurrect him to begin with. And besides Jack, I don’t think you can kill anyone that matters. Killing Nolan would be putting the final nail in the coffin, I picture Emily and Victoria as the last two standing, and no one will care if Louise or Margaux go. At least I wont.

        • ngirl says:

          I agree. I will be totally cheesed off if Emily dies. And screw that…Emily suffered enough just growing up for 20 years in hell without her father. She has lost Aiden and she may have permanently lost the ability to have kids. The Graysons deserved everything that has happened to them…not one of them was clean. Charlotte and Daniel were just a little less evil. I want for this series to end with Emily going off into the sunset with the new love of her life and finding out that she’s pregnant after all. I want for Nolan and David to be right there with her. Whether Victoria lives or dies, I give a flying crap.

    • DL says:

      I dunno, of course I’d be thrilled with a happy ending, but anyone who went into this series expecting that has been fooling themselves. After all, as the classic Confucius quote goes: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”
      I could easily see Emily and Victoria ending up on a path of mutually assured destruction. I’ll be sad if Em dies, but I can’t see Vic making it out alive, and as long as she bites it too I will be satisfied.

    • kn1231 says:

      I’m not saying there has to be a “happy ending”, I’m saying I want email to be happy or content. That could mean that everyone has died and she is left with no one, but as long as she’s fine with it, I’ll be good too. Not necessarily a happy ending but I just want Emily to be fine.

    • Dude says:

      I don’t need a happy ending but I do not want the show to go on without her. This really needs to be the last season.

    • Of course she’s not going to die.

    • Mary says:

      If Emily dies, it´s the end of the show – as clear as that!

      • wingsstef says:

        If it is the last episode, I can deal. Remember the first quote of the series, “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” Though, I was always figuring it would be Emily and Victoria at the end. Sad, but it would make sense. This Malcolm Black thing is silly and killing Jack for this reason, seems so cheap… *sigh* Though to be fair, even though I wasn’t a fan of Aiden, his death was extremely cheap. At least Daniel had a decent death. However maybe I a bit biased. Still blah…

    • Sandy Brown says:

      I have watched this show since day one, and do not want to see Jack killed off!!!

    • Sandy Brown says:

      I 100% agree,

    • diane carder says:

      I agree that would ruin everything

    • Alison Usher says:

      I do not care if Victoria,Louise or Margaux get killed or not. But I think Emily should live no matter what as she has suffered her whole life and lost so much already. I like Nolan too. Emily and Jack do not need to get together but it would be nice to them have some kind of happy ending.

      • Jenn says:

        Louise is so goofy and obnoxious and Margaux is an annoying little witch. I like the idea of Amanda and Jack together but they don’t have the chemistry it takes. Amanda and Nolan should be the sole survivors in the end :)

    • Margaret Gerhardt says:

      I agree whole heartedly, Emily needs a happy ending.

    • Margaret Gerhardt says:

      Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Idiots, Idiots, Idiots, Give Emily a happy ending.

  2. baronessa says:

    all that i know is I watched for 4 years this show just to see Ammanda/Emily with her real love Jack..please please do not betray me and more fans..

    • Sue Daniels says:


    • Julie says:

      Ugh it seems like due to a lack of other viable options, you’re going to get your wish. Personally I think out of all her “potentials” she had the best chemistry with Aidan and then Daniel. I don’t think Emily Vancamp and Nick Wechsler have chemistry at all.

      • Brandon says:

        I do! Love them together.

      • Radha says:

        Well, that’s you. I hated her with that idiot Daniel and Aiden was terrible. Never have understood the hatred of Jack. Never will.

        • kiwirevengefan says:

          It is not that people “hate” Jack. It is just that they think he is no match for Emily. He doesn’t have her brains, her cunning, her “balls” or her height. If they ever got together it would be a divorce waiting to happen! They are simply not right for each other.

        • wingsstef says:

          Another Jack and Emanda hopeful here. They had some good times.

      • Jenn says:

        I agree! Aiden and Amanda were pure fireworks together. I couldn’t stand Daniel (and even have a really hard time picturing them together in real life!). The idea of Amand and Jack is cute bc of the childhood relationship but there’s no chemistry there at all.

    • MGL says:

      I agree. i would stop watching if they killed Jack or Emily.

  3. Whatever says:

    I have to say it.. I don’t give a rats behind about Louise.

  4. Jimmy says:

    It wouldn’t sadden me if Revenge ended. The story went off the deep end in Season 2 and was never able to fix the damage. Season 4 has been better, but it’s still not as great as Season 1. If ABC decided to end it I hope they give the producers an opportunity to end it the right way. Maybe even bring back Mike Kelley.

    • ... says:

      Mike Kelley drove the show into the ground in season two. No thanks.

      • I love Revenge says:

        Why does everybody hate Season 2? I have heard from everyone this was the worst season but I don’t understand it. I loved the 2nd season personally. I am a rabid revenge fan and have re watched each season at least four times and have no idea what’s wrong with season 4!! It’s not like Revenge could continue the weekly takedowns because not that many people were involved for them to have season after season of weekly takedowns.

        • mediaanon says:

          Most of the viewers left and now it’s really down to the hardcore fanatics who love anything this showrunner and these hack writers do.

      • mediaanon says:

        Sunar completely ruined the entire premise of the series. At least Kelley acknowledged his mistakes unlike the hacks that are beating this dead horse.

    • I stopped watching after season two……I keep up with the storyline reading quips on the internet and to be honest, it saves me 59 minutes every Sunday night, lol! Like so many shows, the producers somehow felt adding a whole freight train full of unnecessary characters would add interest – it did NOT….it cause a train wreck. The original storyline and original characters could have provided many years of great entertainment on their own.

  5. Cornelius says:

    This show needs to end while it can still deliver a proper ending. I was okay with it being renewed for one more season but not a 22 episode one. Maybe a 10-13 one but definitely not a full season order. Especially with the writing nowadays cause it feels like this Malcom character was just thrown into the story. Hopefully they do flashbacks with him and David to clarify some stuff. And don`t get me started on all the useless side characters that take up way to much screen time.

  6. Cas says:

    This should have been a cable show. Then they could have had
    13 episode seasons that would have been more quality. They could still be focusing on the take down of Victoria and Conrad. And then just be done with it. I still enjoy it but it isn’t what it use to be. Personally, I am starting to hope Emily and Victoria bury the hatchet now. And that Margo comes to her senses.

    • I love Revenge says:

      First of all she is French so her name is spelled Margaux. Second of all I have loved every single season of Revenge. It’s amazing

      • Cheryl says:

        It’s a television show for entertainment. I’ve loved the ride and will be sorry to see it end this year if that’s what’s going to happen. Why speculate?! Just watch and see!!

  7. ... says:

    The only characters I think are safe until the finale are Emily and Victoria. I could see Jack or Nolan being the big death toward the end of the season.

  8. Kelly Deeny says:

    No more deaths, please! What I liked best about REVENGE was that “Emily’s” retribution focused on financial, social, and personal payback – it wasn’t about death. Her intelligence, perseverance, and bravery made her a character to root for while we felt the emotional struggle she endured. Then again, she started the series alone (without her father, Nolan, or Jack) so ending it the same way would be an interesting, though morbid, twist.

    • Jeff C says:

      This whole show has about a war. So sure enough, there will be casualties on both sides until A) one side assures the other’s destruction or B) Both parties agree to walk away from it all. After 4 years, I think they’re too far down the rabbit hole for Option B.

  9. KalEpic says:

    This sounds totally cool and exciting. I cannot wait to find out. This season has been nothing but a perfection. Revenge was never this good. I’m a happy die-hard fan.

  10. Sue Daniels says:

    No!!!! Not Jack!!!😫 I’ve waited too long for Jemily to happen damnit. Don’t yank it away before it even has a chance!!

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      The only time Jemily had a chance was in season one. That ship sailed far too long ago to be resurrected now.

  11. sarah says:

    If they are going to kill anyone else I just hope it’s either Margaux/Louise/Ben because I’m tired of them killing off all the good characters and leaving us with the crappy new characters

    • I love Revenge says:

      I’ve heard this comment on numerous occasions that all the good characters have been killed off. In my opinion Revenge characters get killed off when they no longer play a crucial role in the series. I would have loved for Aiden to stick around revenging in the Hamptons but that was a decision Barry Sloane made and the show wanted to respect that. Next for Conrad after he was imprisoned by Emily he had no purpose in the show anymore. Even if he had gotten out of jail he would not have been able to stay in the Hamptons because he was a criminal. Therefore he was killed off. And finally Daniel was killed off because I’m sure the writers felt that he was no longer needed. Seasons 1-3 he played an important role as Emily’s fiancé off and on but after their divorce there was no chance of them getting back together. And so Daniel redeemed himself and only then was he killed. I think the writers and producers do an amazing job deciding who will die next.

      • mediaanon says:

        And yet all those characters are much more interesting than the new ones we’re stuck with. Unless you’re a hardcore fan, it’s not interesting to anyone else.

    • Emery says:

      I agree!! I am SO ready for Margaux and Ben to go. Wouldn’t mind if it were Louise too. None of them add anything to the show

  12. AhmadElsayed says:

    I don’t think a happy ending is possible anymore in this show. I used to ship Aimily but sadly Aiden died. So I thought that the writers might bring back Demily wish was about to happen at a certain point during this season but then again they killed off Daniel which was very devastating to all revenge fans because Daniel has been there from the beginning. Right now the show is doing very good and it has become unpredictable. It would be reasonable if all the characters die except Emily and Victoria but then again that would be too poetic.

  13. mediaanon says:

    Of course another S1 would be gotten rid of to make room for these new characters. Good luck keeping your remaining viewers at the rate they’re going.

  14. N says:

    I still love Revenge! My faves are Nemily!

  15. Letti says:

    I don’t want any more deaths. Or at least not the remaining original ones (Emily, Nolan, Jack, Victoria) If someone could die, it should be Margaux, Ben or (a big one) David.

  16. Brandon says:

    “Our creator, Mike Kelley, envisioned the end of the series as a beach covered with the bodies of our characters, with Emily and Victoria climbing over them to get to each other.”


    • nikita says:

      OMG! This is probably one of the most randomest things I’ve heard! Seriously what does that mean?? They want to get to one another??

  17. Stacey boone says:

    This is my favorite show on tv other than general hospital please don’t kill anyone but victoria. Jack, emily, and Nolan forever

  18. Billy Martins says:

    I”ve hope that revenge get to see a least another shorten season of 13 episode but to be shuffle to Midseason next season what they needs is to freshin the storyline up like have more new characters to add to the place called hamptons ?hears another suggestion is have heather locklear to make some cameo appearances as Margaux mother.That”ll probably boost the ratings!!!

  19. Bee says:

    At this point I don’t believe anyone is off limits. The show is dead. The ratings are getting worse. They have nothing else to lose. Given Gabe’s comments about the show possibly continuing with new characters, they may try to continue the show with the theme of revenge with a new cast. Probably what Paul Lee meant about loving the brand. Are they going to do an overhaul with the writing staff and showrunner too? That’s the only way I would consider watching this reboot. God help them if Louise and the other newbies are the faces of the reboot. Emily vs. Victoria is practically dead. I thought Aiden’s death would heighten there war, it never happened. Their both kind of pathetic now. What was the point of making Victoria the one that killed him? David’s return has been annoying and as awful as I thought it would be. Malcolm Black is no Conrad Grayson. If there is any justice IMO David or Victoria will die or both. It could be anyone though. Emily said last season could have been the finale, I can’t imagine it being as fun for Madeline anymore now that Henry is gone, Nick has mentioned wanting a tragic ending for Jack. The only thing that would shock me is if one of the newbies died. I hear Ben’s ex is coming next. Maybe she will kill everyone, except for Ben, Louise, and Maragaux of course.

  20. will says:

    Well Mike Kelley did envision Emily and Victoria clamoring over all the bodies. Also it’s going to be huge. So it must be Jack.

  21. Lauren Cambell says:

    Who cares about Louise and her family? Lets get back to the revenge cast and do it well please. Quit act like your making it up as you go along.

  22. BuffyP88 says:

    I just know there is so much Story’s to Unfold In Revenge as We are Promised to see Mason Treadwell is so post to Wright Ems coming out Book of her Self as Amanda Secret and why she kept her ID hidden only the inter Circle are to know who Ems really is? I also like See Kara Ems/Amanda Mother Reaction to who is really Daughter really is? I will like to see Charlotte comeback too? Another Reason why I like to see Mason comeback is that we need to see Victoria Reaction of she thought he was Dead and same for Stivie Grayson Jack mom also need to come back too? So yes I am hoping that we have another season if this show get Cancels my Suggestion to make this show into a Movie and put it on the Big Screen and I will pay money to see this any time and not have see any TV ADDS to mess up the Viewers Attention as we get off track every time it goes TV ADD? So and yes the rating is Bad but also I feel that the Network fault for putting it on Wrong day and time slot it need to be back on the Original Time Slot on Wed where is belong and I Gagarin-teen you that the Rating will go way up on a bet? So on the Network fault for putting this show on a Bad Night as all the show are really Failing the Rating Including Once Upon a Time and Resurrection as well.If they make that night a Sic-Com Night with all the 30 MIN show on that night will do better for the Rating and leave mid week with 1HR Drama to take our mind away from our Bad days and bring our mind to another would and forget our day is best to look forward the best Advice I can give you? We need GOOD TV SHOW TO TAKE OUR MIND TO A NON FICTION WOULD And Revenge is very Powerful show that does for me. I will be sad if they end this show to soon. We need to see Good Women Power fighter show for teaching Women that they can fight for themselves. SO I AM HOPEFUL FOR SEASON FIVE. LETS NOT TALK ABOUT DEATH UNTIL THE END OF THE SEASON IS OVER JUST MALCOLM BLACK CAN BE DEAD BUT WHAT WILL THAT DO NEXT BRING MORE BAD GUYS HE WORK WILL BE NEXT COMING VILLAIN? I LOVE THIS SHOW AND WE NEED ONE MORE SEASON TO FINISHED ALL STORY’S FOR ALL CAST???

  23. I’d like to see Victoria and David destroy each other. They are bad people and they do not deserve happiness. It’s a silly idea for Nolan and Louise to get married, but why not? I think Jack and Ben get killed trying to save Emily. She kills Malcolm Black. Then runs away to that island where she and Aiden we’re going to go to. Emily sends lots of money to Margaux’s baby out of guilt. The End

  24. Noelle says:

    Bring back Aiden for Emily.

  25. Emily has to be the last man standing and I.d like to see her go off and hide on the island where she and Aiden we’re going to go. Seems the perfect ending to me. Maybe Jack and baby Carl could join her, maybe not. Maybe Margaux survives and Nolan. Everyone else is killed.

  26. Tamara says:

    I could actually see David being the next fatality. I know it would piss people off to bring him back and kill agin, but nothing would fuel
    Emily’s revenge fire more. I terms of a “big” death, it would alienate fans a lot less than killing Jack or Nolan.

  27. Maryann says:

    Well, the death of either Jack or Nolan would make me stop watching if I hadn’t already stopped.

  28. LJ Bissonnette says:

    I think it would only be fitting that EVERYONE in the Hamptons be made undeniably aware that Victoria had been responsible for both of her sons’ deaths and how. She manipulated events that culminated in Patrick’s death, and Daniel’s death was the unintended consequences of Victoria’s decision to have Amanda murdered. It would be just if she would somehow be forced to face up to, and never be allowed to forget the devastating ramifications of all the self-serving, greedy choices she made during her reign in the Hamptons. The Grayson’s viciously took Amanda’s childhood. Years later the Graysons robbed her of her ability to have her own family. It might be fitting if Amanda and Jack did marry and ended up adopting Daniel’s child along with the child of two of her three very best friends, Jack and the real Emily and Nolan. Although I don’t foresee a fairytale ending, I do hope Amanda finds some semblance of normalcy which might appease the child she had once been. Amanda’s revenge be complete.

    It stands to reason that Amanda isn’t the only person whose life had been left in ruins by the rich and powerful. And the Hamptons certainly have enough to choose from. Louise appears to have plenty of reasons for seeking her own revenge on Victoria’s equally evil twin, aka her mother. She’s being taken off the drugs and she has Nolan as an ally. If Amanda stays in the Hamptons…well they’ve already proven Amanda and Nolan and Jack work very, very well together. Louise does have motive…

    I agree. Get rid of all the peripheral characters. They’ve served their purpose and it’s time to focus on the next story of Revenge.

    • LJ Bissonnette says:

      Ooops! “Amanda’s revenge WOULD…”

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      I don’t think Patrick is dead. He was shipped off to Italy or somewhere to study art with some prestigious artist.

      • Marcy says:

        yes you are right. and bringing him back to be with Emily so she can steal another son away from Victoria would be the best revenge. He will have to become straight, but Nolan does it when its convenient for the story line so Patrick can to. Plus he was gorgeous.

    • Letti says:

      Patrick is pretty much alive.

      • LJ Bissonnette says:

        Actually, I think you may be right. For some reason I was thinking that someone had murdered him when he had been the one to commit murder. I still think that murder had been the unintended consequences of his mother’s self-serving manipulation.

  29. Lopez says:

    I feel in order to satisfy us we need Jack and Amanda together. The writers can make him as good for her as Aiden. They wrote that characters sexiness into the show. They can makehim just as perfect for her. I can really see them making a life together. She needs to end up with a future of happiness. If David dies so? Your right he never should have been brought back. If Nolan marries Louise and she good and loyal to him that’s good. After all the bull let us have a story book ending. As far as Victoria and Marque go, Voictoria needs to confess to all she has done to distory Amanda and she needs to confess it to Marque so she realizes Amanda is who she is because of Victoria. Besides she hasn’t done any bad things to good people. She never killed anyone. Victoria killed two,people and distorted David and Amanda’s life. Marque needs to know this. Save Amanda and Victoria kill Malcom off. Get Ben out ,go back to the original plot if you are ending this. Give us the viewers what we want .

    • Kim says:

      The last thing I want it Jack and Emily together. As adults they are not equal in any way, shape or form so their relationship is pure fantasy. It works as an idea from childhood but a story book ending would be nauseating.

  30. Things are getting quite interesting. Tonight episode seems crazy and I cant wait to watch

  31. James says:

    Emily isn’t going to die, she will disappear like her dad probably taking Margaux’s baby after she dies giving birth. The only other character likely to remain is Nolan who seems fated to suffer the self inflicted angst of a full life. It is a soap show folks so budget and ratings is the only reason it wont carry on with brand new characters.

  32. Jake says:

    The problem that this show has is that they keep killing off the interesting characters and don’t know how to write the ones that are left. Season 1 rules– too bad they were never able to match it.

  33. It's Me says:

    At this point as long as Nolan survives. I’ll be happy.

    • LJ Bissonnette says:

      I agree. I really want Nolan to survive, but I also want Amanda to find a way to live some kind of relatively happy normal life. I stopped thinking of her as Emily shortly after her true identity was no longer a secret. I love that she had the chutzpah to take on all the rich and powerful people who indulge themselves with champagne and caviar after nonchalantly wiping their bloodied feet all over the devastated lives their greed had left traumatized and broken.

    • Anna says:

      Me too. Kill everyone if you have to, just leave Nolan alone. Poor guy needs some good stuff to happen to him…

  34. blakecolby1 says:

    I think Malcolm Black dies tonight. The actor is listed on IMDb for only 3 episodes and he thanked Madeleine Stowe last month on Twitter for being such a great actress and the great work they had done together.

  35. Mer says:

    I dont care who dies as long as Victoria gets a somewhat happily ever after. Even though with Daniel dead she can never really be happy. But still. After all this torture she deserves some peace.

    • Madoqua says:

      I just noticed your “I don’t care who dies as long as Victoria gets a somewhat happily ever after” comment. It seems to me that Victoria has had many years of happiness. Conrad didn’t force her to betray David. That was her choice. Don’t you remember how she gloated as they were removing a kicking and screaming Amanda from her home after arresting David? There was no mercy, no sympathy, no pity in her eyes for that terrified little girl. Victoria looked like she even relished Amanda’s fears. Victoria thrives on the tears and fears of the innocent. Of all the players in this show, it is my opinion that Victoria is the least deserving of a happily ever after.

      • Lopez says:

        I hope Victoria is going to die now

        • Madoqua says:

          I’d much rather see Victoria lose everything she holds dear–which obviously wasn’t her children! Money, power, and possessions are her “gods”. She’s the quintessential “material girl”. She hasn’t lost all of her possessions and if she ends up with Grandpa Grayson’s millions–well I’d like to see her lose THAT too. I’d also like to see at least one of her “friends” stand up to her. If one stands another will follow. Rich people don’t like being told what to do or how to spend their money. If Victoria loses her money and possessions, including all her jewelry, then she will lose her power. But Grandpa Grayson’s millions ought to keep her lust for more power well financed and fueled for a few more seasons. Eventually, I’d like to see Emily, Nolan and Jack happily ride off into that proverbial sunset while a broken and hopelessly defeated Victoria watches after them. I don’t care how the writers arrive at that finale. I only hope they do.

  36. Robert says:

    Victoria dis tonight it pretty much spoiled it in the promo.

  37. B says:

    I haven’t watched this season but now I think it’s time especially if this is the end to jump back on because Im sure Revenge will conclude with an ending that is satisfactory

  38. Emily runs away to her and Aiden’s secret island in the end and takes Nolan and Louise and Jack and baby Carl. Vicky should go to jail for a long time. Margaux should return as her magazine fails. David and Malcolm destroy each other.

  39. pat says:

    I would like the next cha racer to go to be Malcolm Black not another main character I would like to see Emily and Jack be together
    If this is the last season (which I hope it isn’t I would like to see Emily Jack and Nolan have a happy ending

    • Madoqua says:

      Everyone wants Emily (Amanda) and Jack to be together. Why? We seem to forget that it was the real Emily with whom Jack fell madly and hopelessly, head-over-heels in love. He fell in love with the PERSON who just happened to be using his long lost childhood sweethearts NAME. I can’t understand why we catch a glimpse of Jack “mooning” over Amanda since Emily’s death; we fall in love with people not names. Jack and Amanda love each other very much, but it’s more like the love Amanda and Nolan share. A platonic love filled with loyalty and trust. My most favorite characters are Amanda and Nolan. My next two favorites are Nolan and Amanda.

      Revenge is a dish best served up cold. It’s been 20 years so it’s not like Amanda has been acting impulsively. I love that Amanda, Jack, and Nolan are NOT going to willingly allow Victoria to continue living the powerful and lavish life that Amanda had been forced to sacrifice everything, at such a young age, for so that Victoria could have that lifestyle. All the deaths thus far have been the results of Victoria’s obsessive need to manipulate everyone around her to maintain her status quo. Her lies and manipulations got her son killed and they got her grandchild killed. She turned her firstborn and her daughter into murderers. Finally, it would seem as though Victoria has effectively ended the Grayson bloodline.

  40. lorna says:

    I liked emily with aden but im a jemily girl at heart. S1 was so magical between them and then the writers shoved them apart. Honestly, it never seemed like she loved aiden until right before his demise. Just my opinion.

  41. Danielle says:

    I’m guessing it’s going to be Jack, David, or Nolan. I sincerely hope it’s Victoria but I doubt it. Killing anyone off that isn’t Victoria just seems incredibly stupid to me. She’s out of storylines, in my opinion. Everyone else HAS someone. They still have potential story. I’m afraid it’s gonna be Nolan though because they really haven’t done a whole lot with him this season.

  42. Narain says:

    Most of us are rooting for Emily and her team as the “good guys” but her plan has adjusted again and again through the series and she keeps creating her own version of justice. If the series ends showing us that revenge is not a righteous path, I will be satisfied. But I also want Nolan to have a happy ending! :P

    And did we ever find out about the secret Aiden knew about their sensei? As in “the real reason” why he was training Emily? I know it was a while back but I feel as if it got lost…

  43. Jassii says:

    The thing about Revenge i think is that anyone can have revenge for anything. If the producer and ABC want to take a risk, what I’m going to explain next could work.

    Wrap up everybody’s story line this season. Have Emily complete her revenge and give her whatever ending they deem appropriate. Then bring in a whole new cast, the final minutes of this season could be used to set up a new Revenge story for the next few season with fresh and compelling characters, new ideas, maybe even a new setting. Emily’s story was a good one but it has to end, they shouldn’t drag it.

    If American Horror Story can tell a new story every season (albeit with almost the same cast), so can Revenge every few seasons.

  44. matt says:

    Maybe amandas mom should come back into it. HA. She should have been at the nutter facility Victoria was in.

  45. Ruth says:

    Please, pLease, let there be a Fifth season!

  46. kw says:

    Margaux employee finds evidence that only proves that Victoria is the guilty one. Emily is finally vindicated and the truth that she has not killed anyone ever is proven.

  47. nix9017 says:

    I have a feeling that Margaux is going to something to Emily like kill Jack thus making Margaux the focal point of a new revenge plot.

  48. Sam says:

    OMG last season are u kiddin me – noooooooo! Jack and Emily should definitely end up 2gether. There’s still so much to do to get back at Victoria. Pls just add new characters but don’t end it!

  49. Lopez says:

    OK, so now they are all safe after last nights show. Malcom is gone. So here we go to another person with the help of Victorian is going after Amanda. Why are they doing this to her. Why can’t you cut her a break. Let her bond with Daddy. Also now is the time for her and Jack to be developed. Marqaux needs to be told the truth. Victoria needs to be brought to Justus for killing Aidan. Why is ABC giving her so much. This is Amanda’s show, we want her to have some love. I think they need to develope her into a fixer. To help people that need her expertise with problems. Between her and Nolan they can help people that can’t go to police. Just let the three Amanda, Nolan and Jack work together. Sunil likes Ben, let him be a good friend and helper. The writers showed how much they can develope Jack. B

  50. Michelle says:

    Sorry but if they kill jack makes no since there was a spoiler before that theyll have thier happily ever after…but spoilers have been wrong before