NBC Execs Talk Sad State of Affairs, Cutting Ties With Cosby, Blacklist Move, Chicago Med and More

State of Affairs Ratings

State of Affairs‘ state of affairs has been understandably disappointing for NBC brass.

Despite having been trained to “expect the worst” as a broadcast executive, NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt told TVLine on Friday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, “I’m disappointed in what it’s been doing [ratings-wise] the last couple of weeks…. It’s a show that I think is a really fine show, so I’m scratching my head a little bit about why we can’t get more people to be there for it.”

Greenblatt, along with NBC entertainment president Jennifer Salke, went on to theorize that the freshman’s drama’s increasingly serialized element possibly turned some viewers off, while precluding new sampling.

Other topics tackled by Greenblatt and Salke during their TCA Q&A:

* Since “Thursday has been a problem for us,” because it’s “the definition of insanity” to keep trying new sitcoms, and since it’s an important night (largely because of theatrical advertising revenue), the execs stand by the decision to move The Blacklist away from its Monday home (starting Feb. 5, four days after its post-Super Bowl outing). “While the move is risky, it’s the only way to reinvigorate that night,” Greenblatt said. Hammocked at 9/8c between the new dramas The Slap and Allegiance, “We’re trying to create a new night of high quality drama.” Salke noted that Blacklist enjoys significant DVR gains regardless, since a “high percentage” don’t watch it on Monday night anyway.

* In the wake of Parks and Recreation‘s “up” final season premiere numbers, Greenblatt said he emailed Amy Poehler and series boss Mike Schur to (jokingly) ask, “You want to do another season?” But in truth, he reiterated, “The time is right to end it,” in part because the likes of Chris Pratt and others are being pulled away to do other, bigger projects.

* On NBC abandoning its new Bill Cosby comedy project, Greenblatt said the network will never again do business with the veteran comedian and target of numerous sexual assault claims. Back when the Cosby project was in development, “We heard some of those accusations, we knew there were settlements and what not, but it didn’t seem to be [at] critical mass…. But when that many people come out [with accusations],” as has happened in recent months, “there was no way that we could move forward with it.”

* The status of the freshman drama Constantine — which has struggled in the ratings and saw its episode count cut down — is not surprisingly “up in the air,” Greenblatt said.

* The oft-rumored next Chicago Fire offshoot, Chicago Med, “is something that we’re seeding into the system,” Greenblatt said. “We’re seeing if there’s a show there that could eventually spin off.”

* Also on NBC’s docket: A series of TV-movies based on the life and music of Dolly Parton, a miniseries about the Underground Railroad, and the Jennifer Lopez-fronted cop drama Shades of Blue (which starts production in June).

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  1. chris says:

    I can tell you in two words why state of,affairs isn’t getting more people to,watch Katherine heigl people still don’t like her for trashing her two,biggest breaks in the entertainment business

    • dude says:

      People should get the f— over it. She’s a good actress. Chris Brown hasn’t gotten the backlash that Katherine Heigl has. Let it go.

      • Stacey says:

        She is a great actress but a very unappealing personality that turns off millions of people. She is very polarizing. And some of her recent statements show that she hasn’t seen the light of her behaviour!

        • Patrick says:

          Yep. An act or statement of sincere contrition would do wonders for her. Further, in todays world of internet fandom, every thing she or her momager does on set is reported on almost instantly.

        • Temperance says:

          Actually, she doesn’t – most of her so-called ‘personality issues’ are media generated. Seriously, mentioning that Apatow’s dreadful, misogynistic movie was pretty bad got her into trouble. Sorry, she was kind… it was walk-out of the theater mid-movie, ‘what the heck were they thinking’ bad. Since when did the truth become a problem for AMericans? Oh, yeah… FOX News.

          • rowan77 says:

            Sorry, but Katie Heigl made her own bed. Too many people who have worked with her on set have attested to her difficult behavior. It’s all in how the approaches things. She asked tact and had no problem biting the hand that fed her – multiple times.

            I don’t think in this case, that she’s the issue. The writing is just not good. The dialogue is alternately trite and ridiculous – as are some of the actions they have these CIA analysts take. I don’t know how much control Heigl has creatively, she isn’t the show-runner, but whoever is running the show needs to revamp.

          • radmcawesome says:

            Knocked up wasn’t a dreadful and misogynistic movie. It was a fairly entertaining movie about a woman making her own choices (which is a major tenant of feminism, btw).

            It’s cool to still be a fan of Heigl if that’s your thing but pretending her unpopularity is caused by “the man” is disingenuous. She was ungrateful and toxic to work with- after a while, no amount of pr in the world can cover that up.

        • Grey says:

          Double “yep” to what Stacey said. And I’m actually surprised the question of people just not liking *her* as opposed to the show itself wasn’t asked of Greenblatt. I’m sure he would have found a diplomatic spin around it but it still would have been interesting.

        • Nancy says:

          What statements? I think you are confusing her with Shonda Rhimes who CONSTANTLY trashes KH in the media. KH has said NOTHING but nice things about Shonda every time she is asked. What statements? I have seen NOTHING. And FYI? She has EVERY right to speak up if she does not like a role or storyline. Please don’t act like she is the ONLY actor to ever do this.

          • Dee Litner says:

            @nancy. The mistakes were hers and she needs to own up to them. Otherwise she comes across tone dead and arrogant. She should never have signed a new contract with GA only to want to break it before it expired. And, no matter what anyone thinks of Knocked Up, presumably she read the script BEFORE she took the part. Her remarks about the film were way out of line. If she had issue with the content then she should have passed on the part. Her poor decisions are just that HER POOR DECISIONS.

      • Joe says:

        Sorry I can’t stand her as a person, ( when other actors left hit shows and came back to TV with their tail between their legs , David carouso I watched them) but she rubs me the wrong way

      • lechatnoir says:

        your best example should be Sean Peen and Charlie Sheen , those are actors .Keep it real.

      • She’s a good actress, just not on that show. I think her performance in Killers was better than anything she’s done on State of Affairs, and I hated that movie.

      • Sandymoschetti@hotmail.com says:

        I agree, I think she is a good actress. I love the show..hope the give it a little more time.

    • Simon Jester says:

      I doubt that. If Heigl’s reputation were the issue, people would never have tuned in to begin with. The decline in ratings suggests people sampled it, but didn’t find it appealing enough to continue.

    • DougMac says:

      And more so the show is terrible. It really is that simple

    • Temperance says:

      Well, she really didn’t say anything that wasn’t true, and the so-called ‘trashing’ was blown up by the e-press for ratings (which you can confirm by actually watching the video). Of course, Heigl is intelligent, moral, and honest, which apparently some Americans don’t like in their (usually passive, dim, and lemming-like) actresses. Though I like Heigl in a bit lighter role (Charlie is so dark, it’s kind of a waste of her skills), State is actually pretty good.

    • bj says:

      I don’t think the majority of tv viewers hold grudges that long over some actress they don’t even know. Heck, I don’t hold grudges that long over people who’ve wronged me in the past.

      • Gern Blanston says:

        I think that you’d be suprised. Just look at Tom Cruise. How long has it been since his couch jumping fiasco and people still don’t go see his movies, domestically at least. I think that people have a pretty low tolerance for actors that come across as entitled, know it all, whiners. I don’t really have a strong opinion of Heigl one way or another but, I know many people that do and that is how they see her. And they all refuse to watch her in anything.

    • Zenobia Jackson says:

      I don’t think that is it at all. I don’t think that Heigl has done anything so horrible that she shouldn’t be able to have a career. I think the reasons for the show’s failure 1) it is a mediocre ripoff of Homeland 2) it is on NBC which is doing horrible in the ratings 3) Network viewers have short attention spans and want things to be tidy and wrapped up in a half an hour or an hour. That is why CBS does so well…one simple procedural after another.

      • Angela says:

        Eh, I’d disagree a bit on your point #3. Just because people watch network dramas/procedurals doesn’t mean they automatically have short attention spans and want everything wrapped up all nice and neat within the hour. There’s plenty of other reasons why that sort of programming is popular, too-they might like the actors involved, or the characters, for instance. And many of them actually would like to see certain storylines on those types of shows continued, not finished up within the episode, too.
        That assumption might be true of some network TV viewers, but only some.

      • tata8608 says:

        No dramas are 30 minutes long!

    • Nancy says:

      OMG she did NOT trash anything! She stated her OPINION. And she happened to be RIGHT. She did not deserve an award for the crap that she was given on Greys. Please don’t act like she is the ONLY actor to ever have a problem with their roles. Because they aren’t. And the movie? I never saw it but it sounded awful. So I don’t blame her for it. Please don’t blame KH for the shows failure. Because if you actually WATCHED it you would see that she is a great actress. BTW? She has APOLOGIZED repeatedly for anything she has said and done. If you want to blame someone for this? Blame Shonda who REPEATEDLy trashes KH in the media. KH has tried to keep quiet about it but people keep bringing it up. It’s Shonda who has the problem.

      • Dee Litner says:

        @nancy. Its not that she had a strong opinion. She signed a new contract at higher pay with GA and then wanted out. When she had trouble getting out of it she caused problems. Her mistake, no one else’s. Hopefully, she read the script for Kncked Up before she took the part. Whether she did or didn’t read the script, she still shouldn’t have trashed the movie that SHE AGREED TO BE IN. Again, if she thought the content was misogynistic, she should have PASSED NOT TRASHED. Lots of actresses out there who want work and are less unpredictable.

        • Ashleymarisa says:

          Often the script that the actor reads is not what actually ends up getting made. It’s possible that after she signed the contract, they changed the ending or several details that made the movie misogynistic. Thus she was trapped. Speaking her mind is not trashing it. As for Grey’s, Katherine signed the contract before she knew how crappy her storyline was going to get that season. Shonda should write better content if she doesn’t want any criticism. Katie is being punished for speaking her mind because she is a woman. Plenty of male actors have done what she’s done and worse, but they are getting a pass b/c they are men.

          • Smh says:

            At the time she was trashing the writers they were giving her stuff she asked for. Kh tried to use her rising star to hold sondage and company hostage. It back fired. I would forgive someone that tried to screw me over but if shonda holds a grudge against someone that caused several seasons of problems, messed with the creative direction of her show and more importantly interfered with shonda’s credibility and livelihood I won’t hold it against her.

    • Runner says:

      I am inclined to agree, Chris. I just don’t like her. I think she is a good actress though, I just can’t bare to watch her. I did try one episode – but that’s it. The show is not only dreadful, but it is also too derivative of recent – better – shows.

    • Bill says:

      Your absolutely right. Whether or not it is justified, many people don’t like when stars bad mouth the shows and people who gave them a big break. Plus many perceive Heigl as a primadonna when she is not.

    • You’re absolutely right – I HATE KH, and even though I adore AW and liked the story, I didnt go back after the first episode.

    • This show would be great if ANYONE BUT KATHERINE HEIGLE were cast in the lead role. Really, anyone.

  2. Brandon says:

    Wasn’t there already a Chicago Med show called, oh I don’t know, ER?

    • Belle says:

      And do not forget Chicago Hope

      • Zack Quinti says:

        or the Chicago Cubs

        • Belle says:

          LOL!! Poor Cubs!! It used to be the Red Sox and the Cubs but now the Cubs have the title. I live in Boston and would love to see the Cubs win a World Series. Actually I am sure the Fox Network would love to see a Red Sox/Cubs World Series with the Cubs winning in 7 games. Their ratings would be through the roof.

          • titoveli says:

            Red Sox/Cubs nop Fox would like and kill for Yankees/Cubs games 7 … it will bring big ratings for sure … NBC sucks they new about Bill cosby but only cause the press bums t up they cancel his show .. poor NBC without NFL nobody would watch that channel

    • Dys says:

      There was also Chicago Hope but despite the obvious similarities, the fact that this would be part of the Dick Wolf Universe makes it different in the respect of crossovers and things of that nature.

  3. Dylan Baker should reprise the doctor role from Chicago Fire for Chicago Med.

  4. Tran says:

    This whole Heigl hate cannot be ignored and I am going to be very disappointed if State of Affairs gets canceled until the finale on February 16th. As for The Blacklist (my absolute favorite), the move to Thursdays @ 9 beginning February 5th should perform well and it could be its one and only hope to probably boost its Thursday night line-up for NBC along with Allegiance which in my opinion looks promising and it should topped Elementary in the 10 p.m. Thursday night time slot.

    • Tea says:

      Your posts 90% of the time sound like press releases. Has anyone else noticed?

      • Tran says:

        Don’t know what you’re whining and complaining about. Stop acting like a hypocrite because I don’t want to throw a temper tantrum at you even if you’re trying to hurt my feelings or go all Jack Bauer.

      • H says:

        Yes, everybody did.

      • Fran says:

        Yes, and if you reply to the comment you will get the standard “whining and complaining” and Jack Bauer/wrestling response (even when it doesnt have anything to do with what you said in the first place). Its kind of amusingly bizarre.

        • Tran says:

          You’re trying to bullied me Fran? Better stop lying to my face and act like a so-called liar even though you’re making up “conspiracy theories”.

    • Julie says:

      I don’t know if I agree with your confidence in the Blacklist move to Thursday nights. Going up against the strongest of the 3 Shonda machines. I love The Blacklist and hope it doesn’t go anywhere I just don’t know if going up against Scandal is the right move. I’d probably watch Blacklist live and DVR Scandal but I’d rather Blacklist remain on Monday nights.

  5. sarah j says:

    Yes please Chicago Med!
    I think moving Blacklist to Thurday’s and an hour earlier is a bad idea, but we will see.

  6. Stacey says:

    I think it’s pretty clear why people aren’t watching. It’s not because it might be serialized but because of it’s star. Who is remotely NOT believable in the role, and she so damn polarizing right now. She really needs to settle down take a massive look at herself and maybe find a role that is right for her, believable but out of the box. The idea she could play such a role is funny unless they really went realistic. But then some shows hit big despite how unrealistic it is. But she is so damn the problem! Not the actual show. Most probably would watch if not for her… Madam Secretary is very unrealistic but you buy Tea Leoni as Secretary of State…

    • Temperance says:

      Nah. There’s nothing wrong with Heigl – but there are a lot of misinformed and (frankly) jealous people out there. The role is pretty limiting since it’s a pretty dark one, so it’s not a perfect fit, but the show is decent (in a number of ways much better than Madame, which I also like).

    • Robb says:

      Totally in agreement with you Stacey

    • m3rcnate says:

      I dont know if id say Madam Secretary is VERY unrealistic but i totally agree with everything else. I love MS and since the first preview/trailer for State of Affairs was released i knew i wouldnt watch, that its exactly the type of show i cant stand. Its a network TV (worst of all, a NBC) Homeland rip off. Staring who? Heigl? Yikes. Don’t get me wrong, idk if shes really a B***h or not…but i cant get it out of my head (no matter what i hear or see) that she is, so she is unappealing as a lead of a show, besides the fact the show doesn’t interest me at all because I like realism (or at least trying to be realistic) in my political/military/white house shows…Homeland, MS, The West Wing, etc. I’m not a fan of what i have seen in the trailers.
      I predicted the show gets cancelled within its first two seasons when i first saw the trailer on TVline’s “pilot trailers” post and i stick by it. (I have a pretty solid record of predicting which shows will be cancelled or not, and which will be hits or not).
      The show has the same kind of problem Revolution had…when i watch something like that (in Revolutions case a post-apocalyptic show) i want realism, i want realistic deep characters, i want really great character acting….like TWD, Jericho, in a way i’d argue BSG…those shows have those things and Revolution didnt. Well personally the same goes with military/medical/political/white house shows…i like realism, well acted and written characters, believable actors/actresses, and solid plots…not “explosions and melodrama and packed full of drama!” BS.

      • NOmeth17 says:

        State of Affairs is just another homeland. It’s I’am prepapred to say. i will not be suprised if it gets canned.

      • Barb Clark says:

        i ;pve this show and am disappointed it is being cancelled. but I also love Covert Affairs but who cares…I am back to watching non stop Law and Order.

    • Runner says:

      Thanks, Stacey. She IS completely unbelievable in the role. I tried to watch but I just didn’t buy anything she was saying. This was bad casting. Her reputation doesn’t really help the matter though…

    • MC says:

      I agree with you, Stacey. Heigl does not bring any gravitas to this role and the entire show has a tendency to be too pulpy and sexual. There have been some realistic storylines, but the miscasting of KH detracts from the impact of some scenes. I don’t have any problem with KH airing her opinions in public, but you always risk burning bridges by doing that.

  7. Ray says:

    Don’t front, Greenblatt. Constantine has been canceled. NBC just doesn’t want to announce it since they’re already embarrassed by their current State of Affairs with other programming.

    • Mythosjunkie says:

      Which is unfortunate, bc I’ll bet it’d totally pull an X-files and grab a HUGE cult following if they gave it at last 2 seasons in a consistent spot. Cut the fx a little too save $ and give it a go. It’s not like they’ve got much else right now. I mean, jeez, have you seen Supernatural? It’s on basic cable in season 10 and it’s pulling numbers Constantine would drool for. The genre is literally screaming for something new. (And don’t say Grimm – nobody counts Grimm)

  8. Tom says:

    “It’s a show that I think is a really fine show, so I’m scratching my head a little bit about why we can’t get more people to be there for it.”” ~ Katherine Heigl maybe?
    The oft-rumored next Chicago Fire offshoot, Chicago Med, “is something that we’re seeding into the system,” Greenblatt said. “We’re seeing if there’s a show there that could eventually spin off.” ~ Didn’t they already do this? Wasn’t it called ‘Er’ or something like that?

  9. Kar says:

    NBC really doesn’t know why State of Affairs don’t have viewers? Change the lead and try it again. Katherine Heigl is the reason.

  10. Daya says:

    SoA was good for the first few weeks, but then I got bored with it.

    Of course, this week’s (unpublicized) scandal that James Remar’s twitter account was yet another fake doesn’t help anything, either.

  11. ninamags says:

    Eh, moving The Blacklist to accommodate that show, ticked me off. Why move this proven ratings hit for some other crap show? That’s why I never started watching. Now I’m gonna have to dvr Blacklist instead of watching it live.

    • Sandymoschetti@hotmail.com says:

      I dvr all of my shows, the commercials are so damned long and still loud. Never watch live tv unless it is the news.

  12. Dave says:

    Coming next Fall: Chicago Real Estate, Chicago P.I., and Chicago Cab Drivers. But hey, as long as Jesse Lee Soffer is appearing on all of them and you promise me they won’t all be Dawson-centric, I’ll probably watch.

  13. johnhelvete says:

    The major networks are always apprehensive about serialized shows. Make a good show with great characters and cast it well (in this case I dont buy Heigl in the role) and viewers will stick with serialized shows.

  14. saynay says:

    State of Affairs’ ratings: Never underestimate people’s ability to hold a grudge. If Katherine Heigl wants to get back to being successful on TV, she probably needs to be part of an ensemble cast with a more limited role. It will give people a chance to warm up to her again.

  15. Ella J. Wade says:

    I think Katherine Heigl is doing a great job. Maybe it isn’t doing well because it is on against NCIS: LA and Castle, two big hits. You might want to think about giving it a better time slot.

    • Angel says:

      I absolutely agree. Putting State of Affairs on against those two hit shows will be the death of this show. I watch Castle live as I have watched it since the first episode. I watch NCIS:LA and State of Affairs on Demand. I think moving the show will help draw in viewers. All this talk of Katherine Heigl being the problem is ridiculous. If people don’t like her because of past performances of her’s that they have seen, then I understand. But if people aren’t watching because of things they have heard or read, then I suggest they give the show a try.

    • Dee Litner says:

      But State of Affairs lost to repeats of Castle and NCIS: LA and by a pretty wide margin.

  16. yurie says:

    Sad “State of Affairs”… ROFL

  17. HL says:

    Of couse “State of Affairs” is NOT being watched; people like me, after hearing how horrible Katherine Heigl is to work with and what a prima donna she is, would NEVER want to watch a show with her in it!

    • Temperance says:

      Perhaps you shouldn’t act like cattle and believe everything ‘people’ say. Considering the people (seriously, think about it), it’s not usually a wise move. She show is actually decent.

  18. HLreynolds says:

    No one wants to see a show with Katherine Heigl in it. She has such a poor reputation, no one really wants to waster an hour watching her in ANY role!

    • Temperance says:

      Obviously, you have issues with strong, intelligent women. And understanding what ratings mean…. millions of people watch Heigl…. again obviously.

      • Jack says:

        “Strong” and “intelligent” are not words that apply to Katherine Heigl. “Arrogant” and “self-impressed” fit.

  19. Jared says:

    Katherine Heigl is just an unlikeable actress plain and simple. State of Affairs might be great but having her as a lead I think limited viewers interest in the series.

  20. will says:

    SA is really a good show.

  21. Katherine215 says:

    I hope the people criticizing Katherine Heigl for being “difficult to work with” and refusing to watch her show because of it do the same with works by Christian Bale and all the other difficult male actors out there. Somehow I doubt that…
    Having watched every episode, I’ll say that I don’t think the role is a good fit for her (and I do like KH), but that’s not the main problem. The show is dumb and unrealistic and poorly written. I only watch now to see that Nick character take his shirt off, since he’s doing it with regularity the last few episodes.

  22. dman6015 says:

    Chicago Med? Didn’t they already do that, and called it ER?

  23. DMCo says:

    NBC please keep State of Affairs. Yes it needs some tweaking, but I love having Kathrine H back on TV. Its great acting with storylines that do keep me interested.

    • Dona says:

      So from NBC re. Cosby, “We heard some of those accusations, we knew there were settlements and what not, but it didn’t seem to be [at] critical mass”…so they are ok with a few sexual assaults. I wonder what that number is before they would nix a Cosby project or any project. I guess NBC doesn’t let integrity interfer with their decisions.

  24. Babybop says:

    Gees, isn’t it just a rumor that she’s hard to work with? I don’t have anything against Katherine Heigl (27 Dresses is one of my favorite movies), I just didn’t find the show’s premise to be anything exciting. I’m sure people tuned in and realized it’s just like the other five million political dramas on TV and wanted to watch something different.

    • cuius says:

      Agreed – it’s strange that another allegedly “she’s hard to work with” actor, Téa Leoni, is relatively successful. In the end it comes down to to overall production – the plot, the cast, the writing. If people were turned off by divas, TV screens would be blank most of the time

  25. Boiler says:

    Know Blacklist is good but a quality night of dramas on Thursday? Good luck with that.

  26. Matty says:

    The reason State of Affairs is failing has nothing to do with it being serialized it has to do with Katherine Higel and the fact that its a terrible show.

    So it sounds like NBC is giving up on comedy all together?

  27. N says:

    I love Katie Heigl. SOA is just too violent for me!

  28. Matty says:

    Has NBC thought about just firing Katherine Heigl and refocusing the series on Alfre Woodard? Who wouldn’t watch a show starring Alfre as the President with a solid supporting cast brought in?

    • Carrie says:

      i agree that would be a nice way to go. The Pres and First Husband are very interesting. Katherine Heigl and her 10 costume changes per show are not.

      • Mythosjunkie says:

        Aww, man? Are they doing that thing again where they cast someone who’s pretty so they essentially make her into a prop? That sucks. (I haven’t been able to get into SoA do I can’t comment on the quality)

  29. Dan says:

    The biggest problem with it was it is DULL, as in put you to sleep boring.

  30. herman1959 says:

    I wrote a long post which seems to have disappeared, so long story short:

    The ratings show that, despite reputation issues, enough people did give the show a chance but didn’t feel like it was worth sticking around for. The move toward serialization was a problem because the lead character was written as unlikable in the pilot. Viewers weren’t able to sympathize or connect with her. Also, for a copycat show (too similar to Scandal and Madame Sec.) to be successful, the writers really have to bring the stories every week, and that wasn’t done. Finally, If the show had been lighter on serial and more case-of-the-week maybe it could have worked, it seems to be working for Madame Secretary.

  31. Kalee says:

    State of Affairs is struggling because it premiered in the middle of November. Simple as that. Who the hell does that?

    It would’ve had a better chance at midseason where it would’ve gotten more time for marketing awareness.

    • Dee Litner says:

      But that doesn’t explain why the show went from 2.8 in the ratings with 8.5 million viewers to a .7 rating and 3.4 million viewers. 5+ million just tuned out and that had nothing to do when it premiered.

  32. Viv says:

    I watch State of Affair and I actually like it BUT… I catch myself fast-forwarding through a lot of Charlie scenes. Not because I hold a grudge against Heigl (honestly… I don´t care. I can´t stand many actors in interviews and so on, but I still watch their shows…) but I think it is too Charlie-centered and thus far I don´t care for her character. I would like to learn a little bit more about the others. But that is just me and I could imagine hat many viewers are in fact not turning in because of Heigl and all those stories.

  33. Samantha Marie says:

    Unfortunately, the reason people are not watching State Affairs is probably Katherine Heigl. As soon as I heard she was the lead I lost total interest. There is just something about her. CBS’s Madam Secretary is much more enjoyable. As for Chicago Med, I would be interested in watching a planted pilot! :)

    • Cas says:

      I think that’s ridiculous. I enjoy her and I don’t watch a show based on who stars in it. I watch it based on the premise of it. Plus most people probably don’t even care or know about her remarks. I mean not every one reads these types of sites.

      • Samantha Marie says:

        It has nothing to do with her remarks, I don’t even remember what she said or in what context. I am just not fan of her acting and as such I have no interest in her program.

  34. rowan77 says:

    State of Affairs has issues with the writing above anything else. Heigl’s a good actor, as is Adam Kaufman and I think we all know that Alfre Woodard is slumming it with this show. They all deserve better storytelling and dialogue. I had to stop watching after four episodes. It was too painful to watch.

  35. delfiteblu says:

    I’ve been thinking there should be a Chicago Med ever since they had the big explosion there; would LOVE that. Be nice if they put them all on Tuesday night, too.

    I was absolutely positive I wouldn’t watch State of Affairs, but because there isn’t another show I watch at that time I’ve BEEN watching it. I held a grudge against K Heigel, like any Grey’s fan, but I’ve gotten to the point where I can separate them. I think the show is still feeling its way and telling us things we need to know, like POTUS’s husband being a bad guy and more. I hope they’ll give it more time. It’s not my MOST favorite show, but it’s a drama to watch and those are getting harder to find except Weds on NBC and Thurs and ABC.

  36. Constantine is the best show you have going right now, NBC, and if you cancel I don’t know what other shows you have left that are actually decent.

  37. bj says:

    The fact that State of Affairs is so heavily serialized has turned me off. Too many series these days are turning into never-ending stories. I’m not interested in investing the next few years of my life in a story line to see how things end.

    And I think if they eventually want to go with a Chicago Med series they should be slowly introducing more staff from the hospital into both Chicago Fire and Chicago PD so that people begin to think…hmmmm…I wouldn’t mind seeing more of these people. Then go with the offshoot. I think that would be more effective than a one episode crossover introduction.

  38. Important feedback. says:

    State of Affairs is actually a pretty quality show. It’s like a well-written cross between Homeland and Scandal. I think people just really hate Katherine Heigl, which is understandable. Plus NBC debuting it in November long after everything else didn’t exactly signal network confidence to the viewer.

  39. S says:

    The average TV watcher (people who simply tune in, don’t read celebrity news or follow sites like this, etc) is likely totally unaware of the so-called controversy around her.

  40. Lizo says:

    So they were perfectly fine to work with Cosby even though they’d heard the stories about him, and it wasn’t until culture en mass started talking about it that they cared?!? Classy right there. Shows they don’t actually care about violence against women.

  41. Lizo says:

    The time slot that State of Affairs premiered is why. Has a November start date been successful for any show?

  42. Thanh says:

    I wanted to like State of Affairs, because the trailer seemed promising, and I really liked Madam Secretary, which seem to be similar in material. After three episodes of State of Affairs, in which I, more and more, felt the need to fast-forward through each episode, and actually dreaded having to watch the next one, I decided it wasn’t worth the effort to watch the show any longer.

    The characters are not able to make me sympathize with them, or care about them, or even have me be all that invested that any one of them survive into the next episode.

    The writing and editing seem to jump from one point in the story to the next, and pretend that they’ve done the work to get to that next point, without actually showing or stating anything about that missing part. Other shows have done this, but with tighter writing, directing, editing, and acting, the result was much better than the unsatisfying feeling I felt when watching State of Affairs.

    There are more numerous reasons as to why I personally didn’t like the show. Maybe others felt like I did after watching a few episodes. That State of Affairs wastes a lot of potential, and turned out to be a really disappointing show.

  43. Robb says:

    Katherine Heigl-I purposefully do NOT watch anything with her in it. She may be a good actress like others have sited and say to move on, but to me and many others it’s more than acting, it’s who you are as a person … And she sucks! They should have not thgt she would make the show a hit!

  44. cj says:

    Dear Greenblatt, RE; State of Affairs. So I was interested until a few weeks before premiere and started to see previews. For one, I don’t buy heigl in the role. I also, don’t like the gimmicky yet another black president thing. It also looks like some kind of weird/forced connection between heigl and the president’s son. Story looks too similar to other shows. Looks like a mashup of Blacklist and Scandal. And blacklist is already ripping off Alias.

    • JD says:

      I hear you on the black president thing. So unrealistic. And then they call a show BLACKlist. Enoughs enough.

      Also, your racism is showing. Might want to tuck it in.

    • lizo says:

      yet another? There’s like what – two shows with a black President? WHoa, stop the ride, I want to get off. That’s just too many!!! /sarcasm. This line of thinking of yours is seriously racist.
      Also, if you can get Alfre Woodward, you hire her for ALL THE ROLES. There is no role she can’t do.

    • Dee Litner says:

      Because it is soooo unbelievable that the U.S. could ever have an African American President. It will never happen. EVER. SMH.

  45. JD says:

    Re: his comments on state of affairs…. Because serialiZed drama isn’t working on abc Thursday nights?

    And wasn’t Er set in Chicago. Can’t we just call Chicago med a reboot?

  46. Susan says:

    Everyone hates Katherine Hiegl -that’s why the State of Affairs is floundering.

  47. m3rcnate says:

    “in part because the likes of Chris Pratt and others are being pulled away to do other, bigger projects.”
    Lol when you first started watching Parks & Rec and saw Andy…could you have imagined that a few years later he would be the hit mega super star in some of the biggest blockbusters in the world and would be the guy needing to be out of the show because of being so busy with huge super star roles? Lol wow, so crazy but awesome, i love Pratt. Go Hawks!

    (Btw by blockbusters i mean Guardians, and of course Jurassic World, lead voice in the Lego Movie, a fairly solid role in the award winning Zero Dark Thirty, etc).

  48. Elise says:

    State of Affairs is an Excellent show! I think the reason more people don’t watch is because number 1, there is almost no advertising of this show; and number 2, most of America has no idea what the show is about. People today just want to be “entertained” with light stupidity. I for one am grateful this show exists. I love the discussion of modern day events. So, my word to NBC, publicize the show more and give it alittle more time to catch on. There are plenty of us who love this show and want it to continue.

    • lawgroupcomm says:

      I love this show and do not miss an episode and agree it should be publicized more in every good way. Who has time to get into what an actress was like or what mistake she made eons ago and what does it matter? She’s doing a great job on this show as are the other actors, particularly the male lead and the actress who plays POTUS. I wonder if we’d even be having this discussion if the parts of POTUS and the lead on the book were being played by male actors. Excellent acting, excellent scripts so why is this even a discussion.

    • lawgroupcomm says:

      Agree 100% with your comments. And would like to add, God forbid we should have a show that doesn’t give a salute to stupidity.

  49. kate says:

    Katherine Heigl – that is why!

  50. Julie says:

    Matt – I’m interested to hear your thoughts on Allegience vs The Americans. I personally think The Americans is the best show on television right now and cannot wait for S2. But Allegience seems like a rip off? Have you seen it? Am I off-base?