Glee Recap: Love the Way You Lie

Glee Brittany Santana

Friday’s Glee was all about mashing things up: songs, relationships and — in the case of Becky and her new beau — bare gennies. But it was also about honesty, which didn’t exactly come naturally for most of the gleeks.

In fact, Santana remained one of the few brutally honest people at McKinley, and she dropped a steaming truth bomb on Kurt “Negative Nancy” Hummel after he objected her engagement to Brittany. (Oh, that’s right, Brittana is engaged!) Kurt argued that Santana and Brittany, like he and Blaine, are too young to get married, but as Santana pointed out, age wasn’t the main factor in Klaine’s downfall.

Per Ms. Lopez, here are the nine (incredible) reasons that Blaine doesn’t want to get back together with Kurt:

1. Kurt’s mouth looks like “a cat’s ass.”
2. Kurt equates cooking macaroni and cheese with being “at the apex of the gay rights movement.”
3. Kurt looks like he “just removed the top row of [his] dentures” when he smiles.
4. Kurt looks like an extra from “one of Andy Dick’s more elaborate wet dreams.”
5. Kurt is a “breathier, more feminine” Quinn Fabray.
6. Kurt is obsessed with old people.
7. Kurt drapes himself on every piano he passes, “entertaining no one.”
8. Kurt is a “sexless, self-centered baton twirler” with three dance moves.
9. Kurt is “utterly, utterly intolerable.”

That said, it was still heartbreaking to watch Kurt remember all the good times he shared with Blaine as the new New Directions crooned mashups of Carole King and Alanis Morrisette. (And I have to agree with Brittany: the thought of Blaine and Karofsky boning does conjure mental images of a U-Haul mounting a moped.)


Glee Brittany SantanaBECKY’S B.S. | Much of this episode revolved around the romantic drama of Sue’s mini-me, who also came back to McKinley this week, causing even more confusion about where these kids all go to school and how much time they can take off. Aaaaanyway, Becky brought her new boyfriend to visit and had to admit that, despite everything she told him, she was not the president of every club in school — and she definitely wasn’t in the glee club. It was a refreshing take on honesty, and the conversation about whether or not Becky should be sleeping with her boyfriend — who does not have Down syndrome — was enlightening.

THE BEISTE WITHIN | When Coach Beiste began exhibiting strange behavior — taking lots of personal days, popping pills, lashing out at her team, etc. — Sue decided to confront the gentle giant, only to learn… she has cancer! Except she doesn’t. She was lying to cover up the fact that she’s beginning her transition into a man, and Sue says her his job will be waiting for him when he’s done with all of his procedures.

And now, we play the rating game…
Kurt and Blaine: “It’s Too Late” — Rating: B+
Brittany and Santana: “Hand in My Pocket”/”I Feel the Earth Move” — Rating: B
Jane and Mason: “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”/”Head Over Feet” — Rating: C
Quinn and Tina: “So Far Away” — Rating: B-
Everybody: “You Learn”/”You’ve Got a Friend” — Rating: B+

OK, your turn to talk about this week’s episode: How amazing was Santana’s Kurt-takedown? What were your favorite performances? And how surprised (or not) were you by Beiste’s revelation? Drop a comment with your review of the episode below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. F says:

    I miss my Klaine

  2. SB says:

    The Brittana proposal, the beautiful bedroom scene when they said they would love each other until infinity, the duet, Santana’s verbal smackdown of Kurt, Brittany’s genius coming through with telling Kurt he needs to get over Blaine. Heather Morris and Naya Rivera were amazing as ever. Britt and Santana are gone for a few weeks then come back and only have a couple episodes left before their storyline is wrapped up. I am gonna miss the characters, but mostly these amazing actresses. They make everything so real, even on a show as meta and mostly crazy as this show is.

    • Alison says:

      So that is what she was saying to Kurt. Girl was talking so fast non-stop. Like damn

    • Angela says:

      I liked all the stuff with them this episode, too. I’ve always liked their interaction on the show and like them as a couple.
      And as for Santana’s brutal smackdown of Kurt (whom I also like)? All I said to that (out loud, even), was, “Me-yow.” That was just…damn. But I do love Santana’s refusal to ever sugarcoat anything, whether one agrees with her sentiments or not.

      • storyteller says:

        To talk nicely while being honest is not sugarcoat, but it is called polite. That word doesn’t exist in Santana’s head.

        • MC says:

          There are plenty of polite people on the show, but Santana and Sue are there to remind us that the world is full of blunt people who will always speak their minds, whether you want to hear it or not. Frankly, we sometimes need to hear the truth from someone else. Personally, I think Kurt’s self-pity mode is annoying and Santana was just trying to shock him out of it.

          • storyteller says:

            Self-pity mode? He’s having a hard time in his relationship. So you must hate Blaine from season 4-5 then with all his extra excessive self pity mode. ^_^
            So, many USA viewers agree on that – this fact can be shown in daily lives where people tend to hurt their friends huh?
            Kurt was a good friend to her and she showed no respect. I think her long rant is only half necessary-in the beginning. It didn’t need to happen. Brittany talked nicely and Kurt accepted. It was always like that in this series.
            I see no point why people would be so damn rude to their long time friends.

    • storyteller says:

      Santana’s rant was too long and absolutely unnecessary. Kurt only said 2 sentences and it was quickly dismissed by everyone. He wasn’t being mean and vicious. He was just trying to give advice. Santana’s makeup in that episode was creepy and it enhances her mean rant.
      I hate the fact that Glee ALWAYS made Kurt apologizes for every single thing he did while no other character ever does the same (I don’t recall Santana apologizing).
      Geez if I were in Kurt’s shoes (and a woman) I would’ve slapped Santana right in the face so hard. Kurt is a man so he doesn’t hit women.
      This is Glee writers doing something that’s (again) UNNECESSARY and – what did they want to show? That it is okay to stab your hurting best friend after he only said 2 words in that moment? Whoever told you to propose in front of your friends then?
      He gave her place to live while in New York.
      Did Glee want to show us that people tend to forget how good their friends were in the past? That once that friend makes a mistake then she would punish and humiliate him spectacularly in order to make him feel so bad?
      I would never suggest this episode to any naive young generation ever.

  3. LilAngel says:

    it is sad to have such a weak episode when the last season has only 13 episodes. Could they focus on Rachel and regulars and not on guests please

    • Tom says:

      Look, Rachel is my favorite character, but the show is also made of supporting characters which also deserve a nice and proper send-off. We had like a whole Rachel-centric episode so I don’t get your point. Rachel will continue to be one of the major plots of the season as she has always been.
      Plus, the guests that were featured were loved characters by the fandom so I don0t see a problem on focusing on them… They are characters as important (or okay, maybe a bit less) as Rachel when it comes to the show itself. Glee is made by everyone.

      • MC says:

        There were some great emotional and funny scenes in this episode. I love Rachel, but I don’t want her to be the focus of every episode. That would be fine if this was the spin-off of the original show, but Glee itself has always been about the blended and diversified high school experience.

      • storyteller says:

        I agree. Rachel is the major character there – used to be with Finn, too.
        Although she’s not my favorite character. And apparently not everyone’s fave too, so other characters deserve screen time and stories, too.
        I also wonder why in that episode she seems to be always wanting Kurt to stop talking – that’s so not nice, Kurt has the rights to talk, too, no matter how wrong. And what he said were not always wrong – many were right, too. But then I remember they want to show how struggling that duo is in terms of power and leadership.

  4. Daniel says:

    Santana speech to Brittany was beautiful. It was really sweet.

  5. Gigi says:

    When Santana was ranting to Kurt. Holy crap how did Naya Rivera remember all that?

    • Andy Swift says:

      Right? I can’t imagine how many times they had to film that.

      • SB says:

        That rant reminded me of Santana’s verbal smackdown to Finn in Season 3 Mash Off. Which obviously also featured Mash Off songs. Coincidence or not? Not sure. But only Naya can deliver lines like that. Santana can be so tough and aggressive and fierce and then so super sweet and adorable and thoughtful with Brittany. The acting is off the hook. I think Naya and Heather knew they were only doing a handful of episodes and decided to just go for it, and put it all out there, no holding back. And that’s exactly what they have done so far.

      • Gigi says:

        I imagine the amount of bloopers from this is a lot.

    • Rose says:

      This was me “:O”

    • Hanna says:

      Best drag ever.

    • Angela says:

      I was wondering about that, too. I always think about that whenever I see a character on TV spout a monologue/rant/ramble about something-if that were me, I know I’d be reading and re-reading those lines every hour to even begin to get them down :p.

  6. James says:

    The Brittana scenes were great, and it’s sad they’re not in more episodes. THEY (as well as Quinn) need to have more of a presence during the last season of Glee. No one cares about Becky IMO. The Klaine stuff is so damn played out and just…ugh. At this point, Kurt needs to just wake up and realize that there are plenty of other fishes in the sea. He’s way too good for sir-clings-but-cheats-a-lot Blaine.

    • Angela says:

      I won’t argue Becky’s become obnoxious in a lot of ways, but I did like the story with her and her boyfriend this episode. I like that it wasn’t played for laughs, and that she does have a chance at a legit relationship with someone-the ending with them, when he said he’d have her back, was rather sweet.

  7. Olivia says:

    I feel like we’ve had more Brittana (quantity AND quality) in this single episode than the past two seasons combined lol. I loved every single Brittana second of it, and that rant was EPIC. I loved it, and Rachel’s face was priceless haha… Kudos to Naya for delivering that kind of stuff, as usual :)
    Heather was great too, and I loved that Brittany was quirky but not dumb/child-like like Glee has often portrayed her (and they remembered that she has claws, too, finally!). I’m a bit sad with the portrayal of Quinn and Tina (esp. Quinn) re the Becky stuff because that’s so not her. Of course they had to cut the Quinntina duet! Ugh. I am conflicted about the Beiste plot because on one hand it’s nice that they do that with respect (for now at least) but they used to stress on the fact that despite her roughness and looks she really was a real woman, with her insecurities and feelings etc. What they’re doing is going against that completely. Oh well.
    Brittana is engaged! They TALKED like adults. They had a scene in a private setting, complete with PDA and love dialogues. I’m still processing tbh. THANK YOU GLEE.

    • abz says:

      Yeah, this whole transitioning plot is just another Glee PSA-type storyline and goes against pretty much everything that was previously established with Beiste’s character

      • Princess Adora says:

        My thoughts exactly. The Beiste plot line didn’t feel congruent with past seasons.

        Also, Becky’s boyfriend better be as awesome as he seems to be, because so far this is a PSA storyline I can get behind. I found it very interesting.

    • Angela says:

      I loved that Brittany was quirky but not dumb/child-like like Glee has often portrayed her
      I liked her doing her little history lesson thing at one point :).
      And I know what you mean on Beiste. I feel conflicted about that, too, for the very reasons you mentioned.

  8. Riana says:

    How can you cover Jagged Little Pill and skip “Ironic” and “You Oughta Know?” They can’t say the censors wouldn’t allow it because they performed “Whistle”

  9. Alison says:

    So that is what she was saying to Kurt. Girl was talking so fast non-stop. Like damn

  10. A says:

    Santana’s comment was unnecessary Kurt was just hurting over Blaine because he knows he messed up so her saying those nasty things to Kurt was uncalled for also Brittany had no right to tell Kurt to move on or about the moving in thing about Blaine it wasn’t her place to tell him at all. Whether you like them or not Klaine are getting back together.

  11. Joey says:

    When Kurt compares himself and Blaine to Santana and Brittany, I just felt a #SureJan was coming.

  12. Jeff says:

    Always get sad seeing Finn’s plaque and retired football jersey hanging in the locker room of scenes.

    Becky is just loud and annoying and not funny, even though I think the writers believe she is.

    Puck has aged and wasn’t really needed here. And where was Mercedes? Artie?

    Quinn is so pretty but she’s had better hairstyles on this show.

    How can the New Directions prepare and compete for sectionals or whatever when the grads keep hogging most of the songs? And there are what, 4 people in glee club who actually go to the school?

    • MC says:

      I agree that Puck was superfluous in this episode, but the writers may have something planned for his character. I think you answered your own question about Mercedes and Artie. The grads, as you said, are hogging most of the songs. Why have two more around for that purpose? The main priority for the writers now is to find closure on everyone in the original cast because the planned spin-off will probably never materialize (for obvious reasons).

  13. Raven says:

    I’m DVRing all the episodes so at some point I can go back and watch the show. I stopped watching in S3, tried S4 and gave up and haven’t bothered with S5 or S6. But someday I intend to try and watch them all so I can at least know the ending. For now I just read the wonderful recaps and comments :)

  14. Masht says:

    Kurt is the absolute worst. Watching him act like an absolute dick season after season yet still get validated as “right” from the other characters is obnoxious. I’m ready for the non-regular status actors to leave. They’re barely trying, it’s distracting and obnoxious.

    • Jenny says:

      Thank You! I thought I was the only one to feel that way. I really need to see him get knocked a peg or two like Rachel has.

      • noblam says:

        Rachel is always knocked down a beg or two by her “friends” since season one. Kurt may not get things easily but his freinds jsut take his self righteous BS all the time.

    • storyteller says:

      Which scenes in season after season that showed Kurt’s BS??
      He’s the most.honest and still polite/decent character. He’s hurting and has been Glee punching bag all the time. Episodes 5.15-19 showed how genuine he is. Also seasid 1-4. Santana is honest but too rude. I wouldve slapped the face had she said that to me.

    • juliette says:


      I loved Kurt early in season 1, but already since the second half of season 1, I find him more and more unbearable, he is selfish and self-centered, even more than Rachel.

      • storyteller says:

        I bet you didn’t watch season 2-3-4-5 because they all showed how caring Kurt has been to ALL characters – Blaine, Rachel, Finn, Santana, Brittany, Tina, Mercedes, Sam, etc. He’s been punching bag all the time.
        Life is hard for a teenager, so that’s acceptable. I find it harder to accept Santana’s rude attitude.
        Wait, so it is okay to be very rude and always telling friend to shut up like Rachel and Santana, but it is not okay to be a bit “selfish”? Kurt also helped another non character in season 5 episode 15 (Bash) and you still call him selfish?
        also the amount of time he had for Rachel and Santana? geez.

        • juliette says:

          Ayant déménagé énormément, je sais très bien ce que c’est que d’être harceler à l’école, j’y ai eu droit toute ma scolarité, et ce que j’ai vécu était bien pire que ce qu’a vécu Kurt. C’était seulement durant la saison 1 et 2 où il a été victime de discrimination, par la suite, est-ce qu’on peut vraiment dire qu’il a été une victime les saisons suivantes?! Certainement pas.

          Santana est comme ça avec tout le monde, Sam ça fait des années qu’on se moque de lui pour ses lèvres, Rachelle, elle s’est sur sa taille et son nez, pourtant personne ne vient les plaindre, Une seule fois Santana attaque Kurt sur son physique, et là c’est un drame.

          Comme je l’ai dit, Kurt était mon personnage préféré, mais plus ça va et moins je le supporte, car oui, il est totalement auto-centré. Il ramène toujours tout à lui, Au lieu de se réjouir pour Santana et Brittany, il faut qu’il gâche tout, comme s’il s’y connaissait mieux que tout le monde en amour depuis son histoire avec Blaine.

          Quand Blaine avait des doutes sur son orientation sexuelle, Kurt s’est montré aussi étroit d’esprit que n’importe quel homophobe avec ces propos sur la bisexualité, là encore comme s’il avait la science infuse.

          On peut aussi citer la fois où il s’est montré ingrat envers ses amis qui ne cherchaient qu’à l’aider lorsque son père était à l’hôpital. Je suis athée, mais si mes amis veulent prier pour un de mes proches ou pour moi, ça me touchera, je ne vais pas leur sauter à la gorge sous prétexte que c’est contraire à mes convictions.

          Et des exemples comme ça, tout au long de la série, il y en a des tas. Et le fait qu’il ait voulu jouer les héros en faisant face à des agresseurs ne le dédouane pas de son égoïsme et de son nombrilisme habituels. D’ailleurs, si cette agression, en tant que gay, ne l’avait pas autant touché personnellement, aurait-il réagit de la même manière?!

          Même si c’est étrange de voir Blaine avec Karofsky, au moins ça fait plaisir de voir Blaine avancer, car quand il était avec Kurt, il était totalement soumis.

  15. kiki says:

    i am unhappy with quinns story line. i made a point to watch this season of glee to see her character wrapped up and hear her lovely singing voice. there has been very little interaction with her and puck, whats up with that? Rude that we had to listen to another blaine and kurt song but they cut tina and quinn short. wtf! Quinn has something that makes you unable to take your eyes off of her. she santana and britney could have carried the show in a much better direction.

  16. Mistah says:

    Santana is far from my favorite character, but Kurt is even worse and that takedown (+ plus Lea Michele hilariously reacting in the background) is the BEST!!

  17. Nana3 says:

    I could of without the Becky nonsense when she was ranting at Tina and Quinn at the beginning of the show. That was uncalled for and shouldn’t have been written into the episode that being said I did like her with her new boyfriend. The Britana proposal was tastefully done and the mashup song was was sung to perfection. I am hoping that through the finale that Kurt will stop moping about his ex Blaine and move on just like Blaine has. I think we still need to see more of the newbies sing. Where is Sue’s daughter? She has never been shown on screen. She is around 3 or 4 now. Who takes care of her? Has this been mentioned?

  18. Disturbing says:

    I wonder how Chris Colfer feels about going from being bullied in high school to being bullied by his bosses. Sorry, but no, half of those insults from Santana were about CHRIS as well and it was incredibly disturbing and sickening to watch. And I’m sickened that you actually took the time to write them all out, just in case we missed the colossal way the show just dumped on a character and actor that have brought nothing but good things to this show. Going on AND on about how ugly the character – and the actor – is not a “truth bomb.” It’s repulsive. I feel so sorry for these actors. Only a few more weeks, though, I guess.

    • Disturbing says:

      Oh, god, and I just saw that you described Santana’s smackdown as “amazing.” Can you please tell me what is amazing about her being femmephobic and screaming about how ugly and terrible Kurt is? I’d love to know.

      • Andy Swift says:

        Her *delivery* was amazing. You also need to take this show 1,000% less seriously.

        • Joey says:

          No, you don’t take this show less seriously, Andy. Because the show doesn’t want you to take it less seriously. If they wanted that, they wouldn’t have shoehorned the Beiste is trans storyline in, or any of the other super serious storylines that they are utterly incapable of writing well. If it was still like Glee S1, then you might be right.

        • Stacy says:

          Did you really just tell a reader to take the show less seriously? This show has meant so much to so many teenagers since it premiered. This show has clearly resonated with viewers and the storylines and characters have fans that identify with them. The show wanted to make social commentary, and while it has its campy moments, it has also succeeded in its goal to bring important issues to the forefront of the cultural mindset.
          If this is the way you are going to treat your readers, I can without question say that I will be avoiding anything written by you in the future.

        • storyteller says:

          If the show wants to be taken less seriously, why bother writing it in the first place? No wonder the ratings fall spectacularly.

    • Niki says:

      Tearing down a person for their appearance and his terrible breakup with his fiancé is typical behavior of Santana and shouldn’t be celebrated. She has always been a bully and has never grown past it. Yes kurt was wrong to voice his opinion about their engagement right after it happened but at least he thought he was actually trying to be helpful. I wish some would to
      Ake her down a peg or two. Does she not remember what it felt like when Finn called her out a few years ago. What a colossal beeotch. I would never speak to her again.

    • Hanna says:

      Where was this comment you glee boss made fun of Lea Michele, Amber Riley and Naya Rivera physical appearance? Hmm

    • Hanna says:

      They make fun of Lea all the time. He can handle since he’s making millions off them. As for Kurt, he’s lucky he didn’t get socked.

    • Alexis says:

      The amount of jokes they have made about Chord Ovestreet lips. You will survive

  19. Thomas says:

    Did anyone else feel that this plot with Coach Beiste becoming a man was a little forced and very confusing? I haven’t seen anything in her past story arcs that indicate she wanted anything except to be loved by a man, and not actually BE a man. I hate that they put all of these “Cause of the Week” stories on Coach Beiste, as if she were only their to be the source of their latest cause, i.e., spouse abuse, transgender, etc. Coach Beiste is a fantastic character portrayed by a fabulous actress and I don’t think this arc is fair to Dot as an actress just because of her appearance.

    • Joey says:

      Most of her prior story was about being accepted and respected as a woman. And the writers are throwing it all away. I think we should be asking ourselves how offended we were by the whole thing.

    • Brandy says:

      I totally agree. It feel so random and inconsistent with her storyline. They could’ve used that time to give Quinn and PucK some actual lines.

  20. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    Coach Beiste’s arc is a little odd to start when there’s 10 episodes left in the series. It explains why she’s promoted to series regular though.. In addition, I was reminded of the season 2 premiere, Coach Beiste’s debut, she becomes infuriated when Finn casually calls her “Dude” and kicks him off the football team if I remember correctly. This goes from being taking a firm stand for her gender identity as a woman, but a denial of her true self as a man. I can’t tell if that’s hilarious or harsher in hindsight though

  21. SoozinCA says:

    I loved all the Brittana scenes and I haven’t always been a huge fan of the pairing – stellar tonight. Naya’s Santana can sure deliver a smackdown like nobody else. I LOL;ed at the “UHaul mounting a moped’ line, but I don’t feel any connection in Blaine and Dave. I always love the shows that feature Dot Marie Jones (Coach Biest) and this one was the best yet, especially her interactions with Jane Lynch’s Sue. Very moving, and while she isn’t a key player or an original, I do care about her even if she is only on occasionally. I hope they have a way to keep the originals around for the whole final season, for a fond farewell.

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  23. JDH says:

    Okay. Kurt as a character has reached the point that I don’t understand how any of these people are friends with him anymore…

    Not to be a history buff, but Mr. Shue, (when he was doing his version of teaching), didn’t insult his students. In fact the only time I recalled him doing this, was when Kurt attempted to act straight, & wasn’t singing with his natural voice.

    Plus, showing all the Klaine flashbacks during The New Members performance wasn’t really cool to the new kids. Yes they aren’t regular characters, but to be fair, neither are most of the people in that room anymore. It kind of takes from their performance, when you could have just had Kurt clearly upset, which was established & evident before the performance began.

    Somebody give Santana a medal for telling Kurt every reason why they don’t work, plus a few hard truths thrown in. I just wish she wasn’t acting all chummy with him at the end, cause it will probably make him think Santana didn’t mean it, when it’s really painfully obvious they’re all fairly accurate.

    I’m pretty confident the Youtube videos of New Directions out there, would be all their public competitions… Of which Kurt rarely featured. Heck even including the Warblers, Kurt was featured in one duet, & had a small part with Blaine in a Nationals performance. I would much rather Rachel as a sole teacher if I wanted to be the best.

    Side note; Becky is not Quinn & Tina’s friend. Like at all. They should really stop identifying her as their friend. Santana strikes again with her truth bombs. Daryl is so likeable that it’s sad he’s with somebody who is as mean as Becky…

    Sorry for the rant. You can probably tell I relate to Santana the most.

    • storyteller says:

      Did you actually watch this episode or just reading everyone’s comment? I watch this episode like a couple of times and I totally think what Kurt said are not rude and insulting. NOT INSULTING. Had I been Santana or the new kids, I would totally be okay receiving those words.
      And No, I think Santana should not get a medal. Half end of her speech is totally unnecessary.
      And i see you relate to santana the most – duh.
      Kurt has been an amazing character portrayed beautifully by Chris Colfer and there’s no validation otherwise. He’s brave, had a lot going on, hurting a lot but still open to his friends. Nobody is perfect though, just like Santana always forgetting her friends’ kindness, rude (inviting herself to her friends’ apartment, slut shaming in front of everyone, etc), and Blaine (cheated but pitying himself and then dated his ex bf former bully), Rachel (always wants to win and never listened to her friends).

  24. cyclone says:

    Brittany and Santana with “Hand in My Pocket”/”I Feel the Earth Move” was by far the best performance of the night and deserved an A+. Not only has Brittany’s (Heather Morris’) voice improved but they sound phenomenal together unlike Kurt and Blaine whose voices NEVER blended well.

    • Ugh says:

      Oh lordy.. stop with the Klaine hate already. You got your Brittana scenes, go enjoy them and leave the Klainers alone.

    • storyteller says:

      Huh? Kurt -Blaine/ Chris & Darren always deliver very good duets. Their voices blend very well. Well, you don’t need to agree with me.. but it’s mentioned everywhere that their duets have always been the best and most Favorited. (which I agree)

  25. Marco says:

    Remember the good times Kurt had with Blaine? It would take a minute. There was the kiss in season 2, the school dance in season 2… and that’s basically it.

  26. Tracy says:

    I hated Santana’s rant against Kurt but then I don’t find being mean entertaining! In fact, this whole ep was a wash! I don’t care about Becky and don’t see why so much time was dedicated to such a secondary character! Having Beiste transition to a man is just absurd! Beiste is large and not classically beautiful but she has always been such a girl at heart that this is just Ryan and Brad playing sexual politics instead of telling a good story! Enough already! If this ep is an example of the rest of the season then this season will be even worse than I thought! This ep was terrible!

  27. Marco says:

    Oh, and Santana should’ve taken BLAINE down a peg or two hundred, not Kurt.

  28. buster says:

    I loved this episode. The very adorable bedroom scene with Santana and Brittany was perfect. They were actually allowed to be a real couple talking about their relationship and feelings. That is something I think we have all been waiting to see. The proposal was also perfect I just wish Kurt wouldn’t have tried to ruin it like he does everything else. He deserved the Santana smackdown because he tried to ruin one of the best moments in her life. He can get very annoying always thinking his character is perfect and like he knows all the answers. I wish they would have just had Rachel doing the Glee Club. I just can’t wait to see the wedding. Naya and Heather are really bringing it and putting a perfect ending to their characters. I love it!

  29. Cate53 says:

    Great Brittana stuff in this episode! Naya certainly can deliver a smack-down! However, there was definitely a maturity to their relationship,that made it different to what we have seen in their high school past.

    While I likd the mashups, the sameiness of the tempo bugged me a little. Couldn’t they have jazzed up a Carole King some instead of slowing down all the Alanis ones?

    Bit too much Becky for me, but I liked what they had to say about relationships for Downs people. It remains to be seen how the Bieste transitioning story will go, but with not many episodes left, I am a little worried.

    Wish Dianna Agron would get rid of the bleached blonde look, and also while it’s been lovely to have Quinn around, we know NOTHING about what is going on in her life. Puck is just hovering around in his uniform. Maybe we have something coming up soon about them.

    Some nice meta humour. Tina saying something about she has just sat and smiled for three years in stead of questioning made me laugh.
    Reasonable Sue this week
    No to the Karofsky/Blaine
    Slightly lazy overuse of Klaine flashbacks, WE GOT IT Kurt is sad.

  30. Jill says:

    Seriously, you though the Quinn/Tina duet was the poorest. Are you deaf? It was the best of the night. The Brittana duet was obviously done with a broken autotune machine, as was the newby mash-up. I kept wishing the newby mash-up was Jake/Kitty.

    The Brittana proposal is ridiculous, Santana weighed down to that pile of rocks is a sad end to a great character. It seems fitting they added in a homophobic rant to really finish her off.

  31. abz says:

    This entire Beiste storyline is ridiculous given the amount of time the show has spent working on Beiste’s confidence and acceptance of herself as a woman who wasn’t very feminine and the fact that she will find someone to love her for who she is. This transitioning storyline basically goes against everything they’ve done with her character. Don’t know why I’m surprised though that they chose this storyline. Also the fact that there is only 9 episodes left makes it ridiculous that they even chose to do this storyline. This final season should be about the kids and the Glee club/newbies and alumni. There’s no time for too many external storylines.
    I seriously hope Kurt and Blaine don’t get back together. I seriously can’t stand them together. Also, I’m with Kurt on the Brittana engagement, but this is Glee so whatever. They will do what they want.
    The minute Tina started to sing I knew her performance would be cut short as usual. Just once I’d like for them to allow her to finish.
    I’m really enjoying the newbies so far even though we haven’t seen much of them. Really wish they were introduced two seasons ago. Mason and Jane’s voices were really nice together. I wouldn’t mind hearing them sing a bit more.
    I don’t know how they are already practicing for sectionals when they basically have only 4 members (5 if you include the football kid who’s obviously gonna end up in the club somehow). They’re probably gonna end up having the old cast come back on sectional night to perform with them which makes no sense, but I guess we’re used to these kind of things.

  32. Balleng says:

    Ouch santana! My god I couldn’t believe it. She was right though but … Ouch! So 3 things- 1. does this mean kurt is finally over blaine? 2. It looks like everyone’s storyline is wrapped. So now what? 3. I really would like to hear amazing music cause even without a concrete storylines, glee songs have always been great!

  33. Finn says:

    Daryl or whatever his name is seems like a very smart and caring person. Why in the world is he interested in Becky who is mean and awful to everyone in her path?

  34. Alexis says:

    Santana has a way with words.

  35. mamalyn says:

    I’m finally through w/ this show. Just too mean for me.

  36. lina says:

    What a waste of potential this episode was. I felt excitement over the first two episodes. And Wap they brought the excitement on down to season 4 and 5 status. What’s with focusing on Becky and the coach. Who cares. Turning the coach into a Transgender seems off character for sure. It’s like Shannon has accepted she is z bigger burlier lady appearance wise so she may as well add a kickstand between her legs and accept being manish. She is being wronged character wise. If they had been hinting of this all these years fine. But how random. Quinn and puck are also being wasted. I agree she has real star quality and not using her to full potential is s mistake. She is magnetic. I’d like more quinn and cheerios time. It’s most entertaining with them. I’d like to see her and pucks relationship properly too. They have had very small lines. What a waste.

  37. Molly says:

    I really wish the smackdown of Kurt had less to do with stupid things like his teeth or him hanging out with old people and more to do with the characters actual (glaring) flaws: his self righteousness, his victim complex, the fact that he just isn’t as talented as everyone on the show always says he is (Finn suffered from that exact same problem.)

    • gtr says:

      Amen. He is judgmental and self righteous. Has been since day one and no one seemed to care when he is passive aggressive/mean to others.

  38. James says:

    I think we all know how it’s all going to end, so it’s just in how it gets there. There’s going to be an epic GLEE wedding sequence where every couple from the GLEE club will get married. Surprised by the Bieste sequence, too, and I agree with others, i went against everything we thought we knew about Bieste. What’s coming I hope, when the show closes, Rachel needs a new man, not Sam, not any past Glee club members, but a new man of her own. As for the others, they still have their respective partners, but Finn is gone and she needs someone new. And last, don’t stop believin’.

  39. Steph says:

    Santana’s comments are (as always) totally vicious and seem to criticize Kurt for having a heart (old people), helping friends (horrors), being sexless (ask the guys in stage combat class if that’s true!) and seem to be forgetting that Kurt broke the engagement, not Blaine. That being said, Kurt took it like a Hummel, knowing he put a mood-damper on Brittana’s proposal. He later apologized to Britt (while she was ALSO insulting him…Kurt needs new friends). Santana later “apologized” by her usual quiet hug. All that being said, I love Kurtana. Kurt’s stable maturity (yes, judgemental, at times) & Santana’s far-too-brutal honesty are sugar ‘n spice. My favorite combo was the NYC 3: Kurt, Rachel & Santana in NYC.

  40. Sonia says:

    I know GLEE is a completely alternative universe, where no one ever leaves high school (to that point, I did coach my old HS Speech and Debate coach as soon as I graduated, though I wasn’t a teacher– just an after school coach and it was a private (Catholic) school. But the old Glee Club just can’t stay away. Bieste’s storyline was very disappointing and out-of-character. Given the nature of this plot twist, this is something everyone should have seen coming, rather than a shock-360. Becky’s storyline would have been compelling, had she been given one redeeming quality in all those previous seasons. I’m amazed people are still nice to her, and it’s just unbelievable that she would attract such a seemingly-wonderful guy. She’s mean, insecure, and never smiles. I am not a fan of this episode– and I totally blame the writers. (Did I see Puck? Didn’t hear him at all, just saw him.)

  41. T says:

    Santana is by far the most entertaining part of the show – her and Puck always have been and always will be. Puck was just kind of background this episode so I took what I could get.

    Hate-Hate-Hate the whole Becky-Potty mouth- Temper thing. I could of really liked the story line she was in if they would tone that stuff down.

    Don’t like The Beast story-line either . Perhaps without all of the back story before where she never seemed conflicted about her gender before it would be easier to understand.