Jessica Capshaw: Grey's Anatomy Won't Taunt the Callie/Arizona Fans

Grey's Anatomy Calzona Breakup

Comfort doesn’t get much colder.

But, according to Jessica Capshaw, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy will be merciful to “Calzona” ‘shippers by keeping the separated marrieds… well, seperated in the wake of their heartrending break-up, when Season 11 resumes on Jan. 29.

“It’s respectful to the fans that really want them to be together,” Arizona’s portrayer told TVLine at a Television Critics Association press tour soiree, “because they don’t have to see them almost be together in every episode.

“It’s so smart of [the writers],” she added. “It hasn’t held any sort of inauthenticity. If you break up with someone, you would want some space.”

That distance not only is affording the audience a period of mourning, it’s also allowing Callie (played by Sara Ramirez) and Arizona to reboot as individuals. “The best thing the writers could have done, which is what they did for at least these next six episodes, is have [Arizona and Callie] just be on their own,” the actress noted. “They haven’t had to butt up against each other or be sad. They both dove into their own lives and have lived there.

“In a lot of ways, it harkens back to when Arizona first showed up [in Seattle],” she went on. “She’s working with Bailey again — Bailey is still putting it to her, and she’s still pushing back; she gets to work with Amelia Shepherd on [the] Dr. Herman [case]; and there’s still Karev, who shows up for her in a very significant way.”

Of course, in time, someone else is almost certain to show up for Arizona and/or Callie — as in a new romantic interest. (Paging Dr. Lauren Boswell? Oh, how we wish.) But perhaps also out of respect for Calzona fans, Capshaw insisted that she wasn’t aware of any new hook-ups on the horizon. (“You have to remember that Callie likes men as well,” she reminds, “so… who knows?”)

One thing of which Capshaw is certain is that the marriage is thoroughly damaged. “[The separation] wasn’t without thought,” she said. “It was very well-explained. They walked [viewers through] every facet of it.” (With reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich)

Except possibly our grief. What do you think? Would you prefer to see Calzona in or out of one another’s orbit as they adapt to singlehood? Hit the comments.

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  1. NC says:

    No one wishes for Lauren Boswell to be back.

  2. RMR says:

    Ok, so in few words, Callie will hook up with a di, ups, sorry, with a guy. Oh well..

    • J.B. says:

      That is her MO every time she breaks up with Arizona.

      • Babygate says:

        Right. Like all those times she had sex with an intern after she left Arizona for cheating on her. Oh wait…

        • Ellen says:

          How about all those times she went to Mark’s bed? If Mark was still alive, she would have been back in his bed in a heartbeat.

          • Babygate says:

            Cannot recall a single time she was with him while she was in a relationship with anyone. She was in his bed while Arizona was in Africa and they were broken up. But I’m sure you know that. And as far as what you think could have happen, speculation is an argument that can hardly be supported since it never actually happened.

        • jaleesa says:

          Thisss!!!! 😀

  3. Greys Emmz says:

    You say, “Paging Dr. Lauren Boswell? Oh, how we wish.” – I say, “Absolutely not. I have a very strong wish for her never to be even spoken of again”

  4. Tina says:

    I think they will find a way back to each other, they will need some time apart but they will end up together later this season or next season

  5. Ellen says:

    We are definitely going to see Callie hook up with a guy. They have made a big point about her being bi, which I find really stupid. The way they are putting it, bi people can’t be with their partner their whole life, because they will always want to sleep with both genders. The writers has totally ruined what could have been a great story line. It seems that the character Arizona has just been used a phase in Callie’s life journey. And JCap/Arizona deserves better than that. As does the fans. It is one thing to break up a couple, that happens. But the way they did it, was total BS. Why have Arizona clearly love her wife, and Callie seduce her one day, and the next day she dumps her?! Their relationship has always been on Callie’s terms, even the ending. If they are over for good, the last 2 years is a total waste of our time. They should have broken up a long time ago. The writers make it seem like Arizona is always the bad guy, and I’m sick of it. One thing is sure; if JCap (God forbid) leaves, then so will I. If she leaves, there is no reason to watch it anymore, because the writers has ruined the show. Congrats on that!

    • Mike R. says:

      What? Callie being bi has nothing to do with their relationship ending, and being attracted to both genders does not equal being unfaithful as proven by Callie, who unlike Arizona has never cheated. Check your outdated beliefs of bisexuals at the door. This show has done a rather good job at portraying Callie’s sexuality, without her falling into stereotypes you describe, and I do hope they will explore Callie with both men and women.

      • Ellen says:

        I’m not talking about being unfaithful. What I’m saying is that the writers make it seem like bi people can’t be with one person the rest of their life, and they are wrong. I didn’t say cheat. But when you mention cheating; Callie HAS cheated. Not on Arizona, but on Erica. Twice actually. Sure, they weren’t girlfriends yet. But they had started dating, so it’s still cheating. Don’t blame me for outdated beliefs of bisexuals, because I didn’t say it was MY beliefs, and it’s totally not.

        • Meredith says:

          I don’t think they said bisexuals can’t be with anyone for the rest of their lives. They said that one person (Callie) can’t be with one other person (Arizona) for the rest of her life. They certainly didn’t say Callie couldn’t be with Arizona because she was compelled to sleep with men. They never even implied it. It could be argued that your inference says more about your feelings regarding bisexuality than anything else.

          • Ellen says:

            Then WHY do they need to point it out time and time again?! Why does Callie need to point out that she’s bi when she’s married? That shouldn’t be an issue at all. If I have bad feelings regarding bisexuality, well, NEWSFLASH, I’m bisexual myself. You have to read what I really say, and not your version of it. What I am saying is that I’m not happy about the way THEY are making bisexuals seem, because they are wrong.

          • Mike R. says:

            Because it is still an Important part of her identity, just because she is dating a women or a man doesn’t change her identity. You should know better than anyone that erasure is struggle many bisexuals face, so just the fact that the show saying the word is a big deal. All I wonder is why this bothers you so much. Whatever it is your comment was poorly worded

        • abz says:

          Callie’s cheating on Erica with Mark is irrelevant here. That was in the past. This is about her and Arizona not her and Erica.

          • Ellen says:

            It’s relevant when they say that Callie has never cheated. And btw, I certainly don’t like that Arizona cheated, but she had understandable reasons for it.

          • abz says:

            Um I believe they were referring to the Calzona relationship specifically and not their past romantic history

          • Mike R. says:

            Understandable reasons for cheating….what?

          • Era says:

            “Understandable reasons for cheating” lol
            In this show everyone seem to have “Understandable reasons for cheating”.
            What reasons? Beyond her own imagination, beyond her own internal little world?

        • Brit says:

          Are you 13 years old? Because, as stated above, the writers HAVE done an awesome job portraying this couple. This is a mature relationship between two women, both of which have gone through incredible tragedy. Arizona’s PTSD was so beautifully crafted into the story lines…which…entail led to the affair and all the aftermath. The affair was a side effect of a greater pain. It wasn’t about who cheated on who when they may have been or not been dating.

          • Ellen says:

            Another one who clearly don’t read what I write. It was another person that pointed out that Callie has never cheated, and I only replied to that. And I said Arizona had understandable reasons for cheating. So you should shoot the messenger, not the one replying. What I don’t like, is the way their relationship ended, With Arizona pooring her heart out about how much she loves Callie, and then Callie breaking them up, leaving Arizona heartbroken. I would have preferred that they both realized they needed to break up.

          • Era says:

            “Are you 13 years old?” No, why? Do everyone who doesn’t share your biased opinion is immature or emotionaly challanged? Great argument! Very smart and mature your line of argumentation. Attacking others is a proven way to show that we own the truth. And no, theirs is not a mature relationship at all, is ill and disfunctional for a long time and should have ended long time ago.

          • Era says:

            Does everyone who doesn’t share.

        • Babygate says:

          The word “sure” in this context is a pretty significant qualifier because Callie and Erica were not exclusive. A fact that Erica clearly understood since she never accused her of cheating. They weren’t committed to each other. And as soon as Callie told Erica “I know I want to be with you” and Erica accepted, she broke it off with Mark. This may not fit the narrative of the evil Callie but those are the facts. Also, since Arizona was not Callie’s first lesbian relationship and they were together for five years and raising a child, I don’t think the word “phase” is accurate to describe Callie’s commitment to Arizona.

        • Catty says:

          “They weren’t dating but it was still cheating”….yeah that isn’t how relationships work. You seem to really misunderstand Grey’s A. relationships and Callie’s character in general. 1. She’s Bi and its part of who she is, that is why it is mentioned. 2. Callie has never cheated, but she has been cheated on TWICE in BIG ways. Callie actually might be the most emotionally abused character on the show when it comes to relationships. 3. Where does it say ANYTHING about Bisexuals not being able to be with one person? Callie and Arizona are in a normal relationship that has run its course. So why does Callie acting like a normal person somehow equate to the GA writers stating that Bisexual people can’t stay in one relationship? If anything it is far more true to life for them to breakup after the train wreck that is the “Calzona” relationship. It is time for them to get out of it (also Arizona needs to get some serious relationship counseling because she’s horrible at them, good doctor though).

        • Faith Iadevaia says:

          Erica and Callie weren’t officially dating, so that is not cheating. She was free to do whatever she wants. In all actuality, she has never cheated. Through this relationship, only one person cheated. Arizona. She cheated once. But I am not taking sides. I love them both. I feel so bad for Arizona and hate how Callie broke up with her. I think seperating was for the best.

    • abz says:

      They didn’t break up because Callie wants to back to dating men. Callie and Arizona’s relationship had become toxic and that’s why they broke them up.
      This show is a primetime soap and one of the biggest things soaps rely on is the relationship drama to keep them going. Every single relationship on this show whether gay, hetero, bisexual or whatever has gone through ups and downs, breakups and reunions. All of Alex’s previous relationships didn’t last long, Cristina and Owen were a complete disaster, Meredith and Derek have a long history of drama and Callie has had a terrible romantic history of her own. It has nothing to do with bisexual people and whether or not they can sustain long-lasting relationships. I think the show makes a point of displaying all types of relationships equally in a way regardless of orientation.

    • the writers just love having a couple walking on egg-shells around each other. Owen and Christina’s rough path lasted 3 seasons – they broke up and got back together way too many times until she left. The Calzona has been 2 and a half seasons of them being misarable with each other. Now they are going to do the same thing with Mer-Der for the rest of the show’s existance.

    • Zan says:

      I agree. The last 2 years have been heartbreaking. I hate to think they are going to make Callie that bisexual that can not stay in a relationship. They have massacred their relationship to the point of ridiculousness. I love Calzona but I honestly feel Callie and Arizona have been very selfish. Relationships are hard and marriage is forever. They needed to work through their issues instead of ignore them. Television is a great escape but as sometimes just not flattering.

  6. kn1231 says:

    Well, I have made it no secret I love this couple, so it’s going to be rough for me the next little while. If they don’t get back today (and don’t get me wrong, I definitely want them to get back together), I hope at some point they can be great friends because the chemistry between the actresses is great.

  7. I expect Callie and Owen to have a drunken one night stand. That would give Owen and Callie the child they both want before Callie goes back to Arizona.

    • Ellen says:

      1: Callie can’t have more kids. 2: they have done that story line before, it would be stupid if Callie got pregnant the same way twice. 3: Owen wants a child he can raise, not be a weekend dad.

    • Dodi says:

      Not sure if we’ll see Calzona together again. They were pimping Callie/Owen lately a lot, probably we’ll get new couple Cowen in S12.

      • Faith Iadevaia says:

        I vote for Cowen. The flashbacks had Callie with several kids and never the “experience” with another woman. If Cowen got together, it wouldn’t be anything like that. Callie can’t have any more kids. She has been with women. Their whole situation would be different and I want to see what happens. That’s my opinion:)

  8. Grey's Fan says:

    I’m betting the much talked about story of a “male-to-female” transgender story will be a love interest for Callie. See: Callie will have a relationship with a man, but then with a woman. :)

    • Ellen says:

      I’ve said that too. He can keep his wiener, get melons, and then (s)he’ll be Callie’s dream come true. Problem solved, haha ;-)

  9. Hundley says:

    They have to be together for Sophie’s sake. Maybe not as a couple but as mothers for Sophie unless they r getting rid of Sophie.

  10. Simon says:

    Looks like Ms. Ramirez finally got precious bi journey for her character. Too bad Calzona sacrificed for this.

    • Ellen says:

      Finally someone who sees it as it is. And it’s actually not a journey anymore either. It was a journey when she had only slept with men, and discovered that she likes women too. That’s a journey. Not sleeping with men, discover that she likes women, and then going back to men again.

      • Meredith says:

        For someone who self-identifies as bisexual, you seem very confused about what it means to be bisexual.

        • Ellen says:

          Ok, so if she keeps going back and forth between men and women, that’s a journey? She already knows what it’s like to sleep with men, she doesn’t have to go back to men to know that. I’m not against her being with a man, I’m against their need to point it out time and time again while she’s in a relationship. It shouldn’t matter at that point. What does she want to achieve by pointing it out? They way they are putting it, it seems that Arizona was never enough for Callie, because she enjoys sleeping with men too. Btw, I bet most of you who doesn’t understand this, are Callie fans. Because Callie wasn’t the one stumped on. SHE broke them up, leaving her wife heartbroken. I wish they would have agreed on breaking up, instead of one of them getting their heart crushed. If you are in a relationship, would you like your partner to keep reminding you that he/she is bisexual (if you were straight/lesbian)? That seems like a threat to me.

  11. abz says:

    I’m glad they’re over. Their relationship just became toxic and very tedious to watch. They both need time apart for themselves.

  12. Ellen says:

    Mike R: the reason why it bothers me so much, is that they have used the character of Arizona as a phase in Callie’s journey. Now that they have had the gay story line, Callie will go back to men. Reading interviews and stuff, they make it seem like Callie and Arizona actually never should have been together, that their relationship was a lie, and that’s sad. I might not always explain myself very well, but English is not my first language, so I guess you’ll just have to excuse me.

    • Babygate says:

      Since Arizona was not the first woman that Callie has been involved with, I’m not sure it is accurate to describe their 5-year long relationship as a phase. And honestly, anyone who has been paying attention can see that these two have been in trouble since S7 when Arizona came back and jumped to accept Callie’s baby without thinking through what that would entail. Callie rushed her to make a decision and I imagine that after walking away at the airport, Arizona was not planning to walk away for a second time. Especially since she loves Callie. But that was the beginning of the end. And then came the leg and the cheating which were never properly dealt with and what you have left is a house built on sand just ripe to be blown apart by the next strong wind.

  13. makots2014 says:

    I’d rather have Erica than lauren back! I’d like to see callie talking with erica and Arizona getting jealous.

    • abz says:

      Ew Erica Hahn was such an awful character. I don’t think I found anything likable about her in all the time she was on the show.

  14. Adam says:

    Erica Hahn should return

  15. jojo says:

    Ready for it to be over and show us the fire back as doctor’s and what they bring to the hospital and cAring for patients. Really miss the medical helping characters of Grey’s

  16. Matty says:

    Any chance Brooke Smith as Dr. Erica Hawn could return? She was Callie’s first big female love interest before Arizona. I know she was fired under some sort of scrutiny any chance they’ll revisit that?

  17. Babygate says:

    Boswell back? Gross. The woman who knew that Arizona was married and pursued her without any regard for the fact that she was off limits? That was worse than George cheating on Callie with Izzie. At least those two actually cared for each other. Boswell was a stranger. There was no history or context to cheat other than the fact that she was attracted to Arizona and she didn’t care about the fact that she had a family. This is the kind of person you want to see Arizona end up with? A player and a cheat? Wow… I’m a Calzona fan but I’m glad they are done. I’ve never seen the romantic chemistry that everyone raves about. To me, they always seemed staged and rehearsed. Callie had more chemistry with Erica. At least when they kissed it seemed organic instead of a one-two process. Imo.

  18. Ellen says:

    Babygate: I didn’t say Callie slept with Mark while she was with Arizona. You pointed out that Arizona slept with Leah after they broke up last time. And all I said was that Callie usually turned to sex with Mark whenever she had problems. And that she probably would have done it this time too, if he was still alive. I’m not saying it was wrong of Callie to do it, but it was not wrong of Arizona to sleep with Leah either. But I do find it a bit annoying that it’s always about sex for Callie. Mark kept interfering in Calzona’s relationship, and Callie always took his side. Until it got in the way of HER getting sex, THEN she told him to back off. After the plane crash, Arizona was struggling like hell, and what does Callie do? Pressure her into having sex. In 11×05, Callie complained about how much she missed sex. It seems like she missed sex more than she missed her wife. She breaks the rule, seduces her wife, so that she can get what she needs. And by doing that, possibly sabotaging the wanted outcome of the break.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic says:

      I wholeheartedly agree. Callie has been so selfish since day one. Even with George — her completely insecure and petty jealousy towards Izzie is what drove him to her in the first place!

      Then with Arizona, the first breakup (Africa) was because Callie couldn’t handle doing something for someone else. Then Arizona comes back, fights hard for her, and then the plane crash… which Callie makes all about Callie. I need sex. I lost Mark. I have to live my life helping you. SELFISH SELFISH SELFISH.

      We’ve been rewatching the series over the past few months, but after the last few current episodes, I’m struggling even seeing Callie on screen now. I see all her selfish behavior in such a clear light and it saddens me. She used to be one of my favorite characters, but seeing where her behavior pushes other characters and knowing how it ends up makes me dislike her intensely.

      • abz says:

        Like Arizona, Callie has her faults, but it isn’t selfish to grieve for your lost loved one. Mark was the father of her child, her best friend, her confidant. He was so much to Callie and for you and Arizona herself to belittle Callie’s loss as if it meant nothing is just as bad. Arizona was understandably miserable, but that didn’t give her the right to put Callie down for grieving for Mark. The whole situation was terrible.
        And so because his wife was a bit insecure and jealous, that made it okay for George to have an affair with Izzie? Yeah that makes sense. You can’t blame her for wanting to feel close to her husband at the time and wanting to have just a bit of the kind of relationship he had with Izzie.

        • Ellen says:

          Of course Callie should grive over Mark, he was her best friend. I obviously don’t agree with that line in DWF’s comment. I don’t believe Callie was the reason George slept with Izzie either. He never took Callie’s side. Just watched an episode the other day, where Callie tells George that Izzie likes him, and wants him. His respond is to laugh. Callie tells him not to laugh, and he says he isn’t. “It’s just…….Izzie is a supermodel, and I’m just George”. Yeah, I bet that would make Callie feel secure. A lot of people seem to have forgotten how George treated Callie, because they want him to come back (if that was possible), and for them to be together. One thing I find strange; a lot of people want Callie to be with a man again because she was more happy then. Really?! They must have watched a different show than I have.

  19. Zan says:

    I personally would like them both to date. Sometimes you need tgat palate cleanser. I think love will find a way. I liked Lauren Boswell but it would be distasteful to bring someone Arizona cheated with back as a relationship. Callie is bisexual,and it breaks my heart that she may end up with a man. I think it will tear them both apart to see each other move on. It may even throw them together. Who knows what may happen in shondaland. I love calzona. I just want them to be happy. It has been heartbreaking to see them so miserable.

  20. I will not wTch the show anymore. They were the only reason I watch the show.

  21. Devon says:

    I think time should be spent on the characters as individuals not as a couple. However, they should be together in the end.

  22. Laurie says:

    I believe that Callie is discovering how much she does love Arizona and that perhaps by tragedy will bring them back together — Callie had hinted to Arizona numerous times — it’d be great to watch these two unfold — they are soul mates. I’d love to see Callie be the aggressive one in the elevator scene — so much chemistry.

  23. suzybel58 says:

    This storyline was getting boring, like the show. It needs a reboot.

  24. Ellen says:

    Era and Mike R.: you wanna know the understandable reasons for the cheating? Let’s see. Your best friends waits 6 years before he comes to you for help with his cancer (when it’s too late). The best friend you shared with the brother you lost. Your best friend dies too. Then you’re in a plane crash, you lose your leg, and gets PTSD. Your wife looks at you like you’re broken and damaged, that you are something that needs to be fixed. Then you have a miscarriage, and instead of comforting you, your wife gets angry at you. So yes, knowing a little bit about how the human brain works, things like that can lead to cheating. Even Shonda said they had done research on it. I know Callie told Arizona she is beautiful after she lost her leg. But she also said she’s a tiny bit less beautiful, and when you’re in a dark place, that’s the part you notice.

  25. DJ says:

    Sucks!!!! Keep them together!!!! Just another nail in the coffin for same sex couples. Why give same rights if you portray that it doesnt work with no reason to stay together. Give us HOPE!!!! Keep them together!!!!


  26. Norah says:

    I believe everyday that Shonda will be pushing Owen and Callie down the throat of those who will be watching. If Shonda makes this a couple, the character of Callie will not emerge from this, just as Addison sleeping with Sam made ‘Private Practice’ a byword, so Grey’s Anatomy will enjoy the same fate.

    I would really hope that Shonda would have grown and we wouldn’t have to witness Callie with her ex-roommate ex-husband. If Callie and Owen get together, to me it would seam that not Shonda, Callie nor Owen has any respect for Cristina, who was Callie’s roommate for two and a half seasons. And what would be Meredith’s reaction that her new friend is sleeping with her best friend ex husband when she heard Cristina say ‘it didn’t end’. It shouldn’t have to matter that Cristina is gone for them to respect that boundary. And if Shonda was true to the Callie’s character, Callie would not be with Owen. But then I remember how Shonda will adjust her characters to create an event.

    Callie and Arizona has only had one storyline that was developed, NURTURED, and played out on screen. And that was the issue of ‘Callie wanting to have a baby’. With that story line we saw the inception of the idea, the discussion, and finally the couple’s decision to part ways because of their disagreements. And since that SL everything Callie and Arizona has been an event. I’m sure in Shonda’s mind this is the ‘roller coaster/shock effect’, when in fact in comes off as bad writing. Callie and Arizona has been the subject of ‘event’ writing since season seven. The uncompromising, unsupportive, abandonment, pregnancy, car crash, wedding, amputation, cheating, miscarriage, house, bickering, the ‘therapy sessions were all events that not only came out of nowhere, but has yet to be explored or explained. And it’s really sad that the fans are to accept that the last seven years was explained in less than a minute in a forty day ‘therapy session’ that lasted one episode and ended their relationship.

    In the ‘therapy session’ I heard where Arizona’s head was, but didn’t get any information form Callie about the last five years. And again honestly after all the crap they’ve gone through the only reason they consent to therapy was to discuss ‘Callie wanting a baby’….seriously?

    This is why I am so very disappointed about Callie and Arizona, their story has never been told well. Any event that has happened to them has always occurred in two episodes or less and the missing parts the fandom had to fill in which we had to do quite often. I think this ‘wanting a baby’ is full circle for Callie and Arizona as this is where their troubles begin and it’s also a justification for a Callie and Owen coupling. And if this happens it will destroy the memory of Owen and Cristina relationship. It will destroy the memory of Callie and Cristina friendship, and it will crush the hope of any fan that think Callie and Arizona still have a chance of getting back together. Shonda has been alluding to the coupling of Callie and Owen lone before the ‘what if’ episode. No fandom wants to see this but as Shonda has stated she doesn’t write for the fans, she tells a story. And in her mind to justify it, she probably will tell a Callie and Owen story where Callie and Arizona fans are left wanting.

  27. Calzona Fan says:

    Pelease they belong each other, pelease at the end the true love of Callie and Arizona shows that the problems are in the past and the love more stronger than all the things.
    please they have to finish the serie together

    • berthault says:

      je suis tout a fait d’accord avec veux que callie et arizona finisse ensemble ‘ils ont surmonter tellement d’épreuves que sa peux pas finir comme faut vraiment vraiment qu’il finisse ensemble

  28. Faith Iadevaia says:

    I think Callie and Arizona should be done. Their relationship is damaged, but I believe they should stay as friends. For Sophia’s sake. Wanna know who I want to be together??? Callie….and Owen! They are cute and understand eachother. They both want kids and make one another laugh, which is what they need. They both want something good…that just most likely be eachother. I think they would be perfect. Ugh, Please! I vote for Callen!!!!!!<3

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  30. I love them says:

    I want calzona I love them and I think they will get trough it I love my mom’s

  31. I would be nice if calzona found a way back to each other, it’s obvious every relationship has its ups and downs but if you hang in there in the end you find happiness. People don’t realize when things are bad they separate and bounce to another person until it happens all over again. People need to stay in good times and bad thats how you find happy endings.

  32. Morgan Gish says:

    I NEVER and I do mean never liked Arizona. She is selfish, self-centered and totally narcissistic. She left Callie for Africa, she cheated on her, and every time she begged Callie for a “second chance”. BS. I really hoped AZ would die in the plane crash. Callie deserves way better than Arizona.