Scandal Stars Tease 'Hugest' Surprise: Longtime Fans Will 'Lose Their Minds!'

Scandal Season 4 Gladiators Surprise

Olivia Pope’s disappearance may give birth to even bigger surprises when Scandal resumes Season 4 on Jan. 29.

When last we tuned into the ABC drama, Olivia (played by Kerry Washington) had vanished from her apartment in the midst of a romantic rendezvous with Jake, leaving behind only a spilled glass of wine — “and on a white sofa that you know was super-expensive,” cast member Katie Lowes notes with a laugh. “So yeah, this is a Code Red, I would say.”

“Olivia’s gone missing and we address it head on,” picking up right where the midseason finale left off,  Darby Stanchfield adds. And that means all hands on deck, to crack one of OPA’s strangest cases ever.

“As you’ve seen in the first half of this season, Quinn has taken a step up as far as running things at OPA,” Lowes reminds, “so when Olivia goes missing, you can assume that she is going to put all her effort into the case.” In addition, White House press secretary Abby “has a bit of a gladiating moment. She gets to dabble in the OPA world,” Stanchfield shares. “It was fun for me and it’s going to be fun for the fans.”

Also fun, for longtime viewers, is the prospect of having the socks knocked off by a twist of unusual size.

As Stanchfield warns, “There is the most freakin’ hugest surprise that happens in the next four episodes that the original Gladiators” — meaning, viewers who have been with the show since Season 1 — “are going to freak out over. The only clue I can give you is that the fans of the first season are going to lose their minds.”

For Lowes, the aforementioned twist “was as surprising to me as that ‘Dad?’ moment at the end of Season 2,” when we learned that Command aka Rowan is Olivia’s father. “That’s how big of a shocker you guys have coming.”

Echoing Stanchfield’s words, Lowes adds, “It’s a real surprise for the original Gladiators, the people who have been here since the beginning. It’s a real OG situation.”

Original Gladiators, assemble and hit the Comments with your theories on the surprise to come.

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  1. I bet Henry Ian Cusick makes a surprise visit. That’s my guess.

  2. Michelle says:

    ‘give birth’ is an interesting choice of words.

  3. Guest says:

    Wow can’t wait for the s1 shocker. As much as I like this show, I hate how it’s now centered on that toxic triangle. For god sake pick one and lets move on with the show. As much as I want her to be with Jake, at this point if she picks Fitz, I wouldn’t mind as long as we move past that awful love triangle.

    • Yeah same I despise Fitz and Olitz but I don’t even care if she chooses him as long as the triangle is over

      • Nathalie says:

        As much as I wanted her to be with Fitz ( i love him , an Emmy to Tony , please!!!!) I would not mind now if she and live have an official relationship with Jake or another guy . For me , the triangle does not exist. I fall in love with Scandal Because of Fitz and Livvie . For me , their relationship is so unique that it can not be in a triangle. I need him to divorce Mellie and Fitz and have another love interest . Shakyira , i disagree with you about many things in Scandal mainly about Fitz purpose, and the way you portray him , i love your writing , your fan fictions.

    • David4 says:

      I agree. The show peaked with season two. The last two seasons haven’t moved forward at all.

    • abz says:

      Agreed. So over Fitz and the triangle as well. When she made the decision to be with Jake I was glad because maybe they could finally move on and end this nonsense, but then she had to tell him “There’s hope!”. Ugh, it was so infuriating. When will TV show writers begin to realize that love triangles are just NOT interesting. They’re okay in small doses, but when they expand for several seasons they just become exhausting and annoying.

      • Netty says:

        What I hate most about triangles is how it splits viewers and becomes the focal point of the show. I feel if Liv chooses Fitz then that’s it for me, I’m not going to enjoy Scandal as much & I’m sure Fitz fans will feel the same if Liv chooses Jake.
        Just look at how the love triangle has ruined The Vampire Diaries.

        • Max says:

          Fitz and Olivia have been together/apart back and forth since the beginning of the show, they are the central core couple. Jake has been brought along as yet another distraction to their love, Jake and Olivia could never carry Scandal. The triangle is not believable

          • Netty says:

            At this point Scandal has exhausted all that is “Liv and Fitz”, its all now just repetitions & overused cliches. All the heavy breathing and awful long stares & Fitz grovelling and whining is so s2 and there’s nothing new with OLITZ this season so far. Fitz and Liv carried scandal for the first 2 seasons but not for much longer. We’ve been waiting for a divorce since his attempted assassination.
            Jake and Liv on the other hand, so many possibilities & so many options for storylines esp the fact that Jake is so unpredictable & the ultimate badass, he can be a villain at one point and a hero the next. I hope his love for Liv will not soften him up too much.

          • abz says:

            Please, the whole “core relationship” means nothing. At least with Jake there’s potential for a future. With Fotz there is no futre. His political aspirations are too important to him. He won’t divorce Mellie but will still psychologically abuse Liv. And even should he divorce Mellie, he’d still be roasted by the public if he jumped into a relationship with another woman. The writers have weakened Liv for too long in favor of Fitz, a man who sometimes doesn’t even come across as if he truly loves and cares about Liv and her best interests in mind. He is deeply unhappy and unfulfilled in his marriage and his “control” over Olivia I think satisfies him. They’re relationship is tired and in my opinion has brought the show down. There is no where to go with Olitz and it’s just one continuous exhausted and toxic loop. Either get rid of Fitz or pair Liv with a new man and stick with it. Or better why can’t Liv just be alone for a while and have her self-reflect and see how far she’s fallen and try to pick herself back up again.

        • clemie eckert says:

          Last show she tells Jake-it’s a no go with him; end of show she’s luring him on-C’mon Shonda get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I can’t remember… Is Billy Chambers alive or dead?

  5. “was as surprising to me as that ‘Dad?’ Yeah, that’s how I know it’s probably not that big of a deal because Dad? wasn’t that shocking. And not to be a negative ninny but you guys should really stop listening to the cast when they discuss this stuff because they make oceans out of puddles

    • TARA says:

      you are so right about that, they hype it and its not surprising at all.

    • Grey says:

      Yeah and its not just with “Scandal.” There are several other shows I enjoy that I stopped reading cast interviews until after the episode in questio airs because they get you all hype up about an event or special moment and either the scene doesn’t play the way they described or it gets edited out all together! You’re waiting on this big moment and it never comes!

    • Sarah says:

      I totally agree with you, they always talk about how amazing and shocking episodes are going to be and then it falls short. Honestly, I wasn’t even that impressed with the midseason finale, we all know nothing bad is going to happen to Olivia and they’ll most likely find her pretty fast.

  6. Missy says:

    Olivia’s mom?

  7. Rachie says:

    I’m going with Finch! :)

  8. emw says:

    Im thinking Stephen will be back for a few episodes to help find Liv which is where Abby comes in at with OPA

  9. Yoki says:

    Unless it’s Harrison or the other Gladiator, no big surlrise.

  10. herman1959 says:

    I’m think the big think could be a surprise sibling or parent – GA fans know how Sonda LOVES surprise family members. I’d also like to see Stephen return if only for a short while (I think The 100 was renewed, so Henry Ian Cusick is spoken for).

  11. abz says:

    The only surprise I want to see is the show getting rid of Joe Morton and his awful character and horrible monologues.

    • herman1959 says:

      But that wouldn’t be a surprise!

    • chellbell says:

      I do respect your opinion but Joe Morton did indeed win am emmy for those awful (amazing) monologues. What I will agree is they are getting old. Like a kid finding a stuffed animal nd never putting it down.

    • Well that’s not really a surprise but I don think he’s already gone

    • Grey says:

      Oh, those monologs work my nerves!!! Some weeks I just can’t take it after a long day at work and I have to watch the show delayed on Saturday or Sunday. Good grief wish he and the writers would give it a rest!

    • clemie eckert says:

      Yes, yes-somebody finally said what I’ve been thinking for two season-get rid of him..

    • Andrea says:

      OMG you’re kidding me? Joe Morton’s Rowen is THE BEST!!! He deserves an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama. His evilness makes for such a great storyline.

      • abz says:

        The work he did when he first came on was good and he got an Emmy for that. But nothing he’s done over the past year merits an Emmy in my opinion. The acting and delivery has become terrible and annoying to sit through. Of course the writing with those stupid endless monologues is a factor, but I don’t find his acting to be that great in my opinion.
        And no I don’t think it makes for a great story line. He’s long outstayed his welcome on Scandal. Both his character and story arc have become tired and need to go.

  12. Tori Hall says:

    Does it happen to do with stephen coming back.

  13. fedup says:

    I’ m sure whatever it is It wont make any sense at all. This show has no loyalty to the original fans. I’m sure Jake the star of the show will be ok.

  14. Dara says:

    I don’t understand why long time viewers would want to tune in for something that won’t be fun for us. Are they trying to get rid of the original fans? Keep only those that hate Olitz and love Olake?

  15. hitshowstowatch says:

    It’s Stephen. Now I got to go back and watch all 8 episodes of Season 1

  16. Tracey says:

    Original Gladiators left Scandal a long time ago.Don’t give a crap.

  17. It’s no surprise that Shonda has Destroy Olivia and the relationship she had with Fitzs the original fans as I are not surprised Shonda has wrong Olivia with Jake and she will marry him with child they think the original fans. Will guess who the father Will be we not falling or going…what they say now? Bye Felicia

  18. SydtheSquid47 says:

    so does this mean Stephen is coming back? That’s the only thing I can think of that’s different about season 1

  19. TAL says:

    Let’s hope Stephen returns as a gladiator! I’m wishing and hoping for this :-))))))

  20. sanata says:

    I am soooo excited it has to do with Stephen!!!!

  21. LaLa says:

    Which means I need to binge Season1 before Jan. 29th.

    • Elizabeth says:

      No dear , do not loose your time. The plot is about making Jake and Olivia as couple. do not loose your precious time. there is other good show on TV

  22. LBW205 says:

    “Original Gladiators” — meaning, viewers who have been with the show since Season 1 — “are going to freak out over. The only clue I can give you is that the fans of the first season are going to lose their minds.”

    Enough of the OMG moments! Write storylines that make sense and aren’t full of plot holes. Original Gladiators left when their role in getting this show a second season and beyond was continually disrespected, taken for granted and never saw a single payoff!! It also didn’t help that Fitz became the reason for everything that was wrong, and Jake was foisted upon us as this shining alternative because he is “single”. Olivia & Fitz have chemistry that is INSANE but Scandal chooses to proceed with a triangle that many viewers wish was over.

    • Pooches2 says:

      Can I say AMEN, AMEN, AMEN.

    • Pooches2 says:

      “ARE GOING TO LOOSE THEIR MINDS”, is that good or bad thing? Based on what we’ve been handed since the END of Season Three, BEGINNING of Season Four & Season Four Winter finale, it has been ABSOLUTELY disappointing on ALL levels. I’m just hoping the Original Gladiators will be rewarded for “attempting” to stay loyal to Scandal while Shonda has almost made it a point to MAKE everyone Hate Fitz (Olitz) while FORCING Jake (SF) on us at every turn.

      • MickiLynn says:

        No one has to force Jake on me. He is an interesting character, both good and bad in one man. Plus he is so delicious.

    • olivia says:

      I agree LBW, many people fell in love with Scandal because of the CHEMISTRY of Olitz. People/critics/fans/non-fans/ discussed this amazing factor…couldn’t get enough of it!Why would they snuff that out? And as you said, they turned Fitz into an unlikable character so fans could turn away from him and appreciate this new guy,Jake (a cold blooded murderer) who is portrayed as a ‘good guy’ and he and Liv fall in love. The olake chemistry is non-existing, btw. My question is ‘WHY begin the show with the awesome love between Liv and Fitz only to let us down with this fizzle that is Olake.

      I believe we’re going to see Liv and Jake together, maybe married in the upcoming episodes. I believe this. They’re the only COUPLE on the 2015 Scandal calendar sharing a page. The other characters each have a full page…then there’s the Liv-Jake page.

      I don’t think I can watch Scandal minus Olitz.

  23. Pooches2 says:

    I just want Jake & Papa Pope dead. SF brings absolutely NOTHING to his character & while Joe Morton is “superb” in his delivery, I’m SO SO sick & tired of his long diatribes that constantly berate Liv like she is a little child. We KNOW OCP has the most diabolical parents known to man kind (NO wonder she has issues), the point has been made & Rowan/Jake need to go.

  24. Pooches2 says:

    I certainly hope this DOESN’T come across as condensing or snooty, but Scandal is about a wealthy Fixer and a billionaire POTUS who just happen to fall in love. Sorry, but I DO NOT want them to take the show down the out of wedlock/baby mama drama/don’t know who the daddy is scenario. The IS NOT a reality show (we have TOO MANY of them already), it is WAY above that.

  25. M Cortes says:

    SR has dumbed down Olivia so much, and have her inept, and stupid. Insulted us by putting her in a STUPID triangle with Jake. Jake now is the star of the show, and everyone else is secondary. I DO NOT watch Scandal anymore. SR surprises a re always marketing strategy, which basically has little to do with the Show.

  26. Dobra drukarnia zapewni im realizację takiego
    unikalnego projektu specjalnie dla nich, na ich wielki dzień.

  27. M Cortes says:

    SR cannot FOOL Season 1 gladiators anymore with her BS. The whole show has changed to facilitate certain actors.

  28. Rubie says:

    I believe its gonna be that the VP had Olivia taken because he is working with her get back at Fritz. And old boy isnt really dead

  29. Heidi says:

    I love this show but I want Fitz & Rowan BE THERE!!!

  30. Cali says:

    Is the Stephen Finch character coming back?

  31. sisterrow says:

    Popa Pope is not the father..Harrison kidnapped Olivia because he found out critical information about Popa Pope, Jake and friz. That’s why Olivia couldn’t scream she was so shocked that Harrison was standing before her eyes.

    • O_G_ Original Gladiator says:

      That would be awesome. The Harrison part, not the Papa Pope not being the dad part. Although….. that could open up another wave of endearment to him… I mean, he raised (and continues to protect) the child of the terrorist woman who also cheated on him.

    • That would be off the chain. Maybe he found out about VP Andrew’s plot while playing dead? I miss Harrison. :(

    • herman1959 says:

      After everything that happened with Columbus Short, there is no way ABC is letting him back on the show. But as far as Papa Pope not really being Olivia’s father, yes, that has been in the back of my mind for a long time. It explains why he is so controlling and possessive – he’s overcompensating. Wow, this show is so Psych 101!

  32. Abby Jones says:

    PLEASE BRING BACK COLUMBUS SHORT AKA HARRISON!!!!! I loved his character and even though he has his troubles off screen im sure he has learned his lesson please SHONDA PLEASE BRING HIM BACK!!!

  33. Marta says:

    Can’t wait! Is it the 29th already?
    Love this show!! #1scandal

  34. Cas says:

    All I can say is that if it is not the return of Stephen I will be majorly disappointed!

  35. Grey says:

    That British actor (sorry, I don’t remember his name) that left the show after season one must be coming back in some capcity. That’s only thing I can think of.

  36. FitzLeaveMellie says:

    The use of giving birth in the first sentence is weird. First thing that came to mind is Olivia had Fitz child sometime in the past. Stephen coming back would be okay but not a big shocker like they are implying.

    • Elizabeth says:

      The kidnapping plot is to make Olivia and Jake a couple , do not be fool

      • FitzLeaveMellie says:

        If Olivia and Jake were going to be the main couple, it would have happened already after they came back from the island. Jake is cute but he is basically a nobody. He has no power at the WH or B613. Nothing going on his life except chasing after a woman who obviously deeply loves someone else and will never stop.

        • Elizabeth says:

          You will be so dissapointed , because Olivia and Jake will be the couple married with a baby . Scandal has changed since season 2 . Same thing , plots and shock

          • FitzLeaveMellie says:

            What has changed? I see Fitz and Olivia still sneaking around desiring one another…kissing passionately. Episode 1 of Scandal showed this exactly so please explain what has changed? Lol…Don’t you think Jake and Liv should be in love before getting married and having a kid?

        • olivia says:

          I’m a huge Olitz fan, but Jake and Liv WILL be a couple. As I stated earlier, the 2015 Scandal calendar has Liv and Jake as the only COUPLE with a full page. Every other character has their own page…..then there’s the Liv and Jake page. I’m going to stop watching Scandal if this happens. It’s a betrayal to the original fans.

          • Elizabeth says:

            the originals fans , have left long time ago , because now Scandal is a game show now . there is no good story , just story to shock people . the only good guy on the show now is Jake with no story but only the toy of Olivia , because Jake is not made in China but made in Shondaland. . Now it is only for shocking moments

        • Elizabeth says:

          Did you listen and read all interview Scot Foley gave .It is so Clear ,Olivia and Jake will be the couple for the rest of the season. . I am sure , Olivia and Jake Will be a couple / Because Scandal has changed since season 3. Believe me . The next episodes will be boring Jake and Olivia . But I johe the writer will tell a good story because he is homeless now . No home , No work.. Jake need a good story

  37. Maybe Rowan sent Charlie to kidnap Olivia because he knew the VP was going after her. Remember when Charlie kidnapped and kill Amanda Tanner. Darby did say it was like the end of season 2, the ‘Dad’ situation.

  38. Joana says:

    I hope it’s connected with Stephen – he was my favorite character!!!
    And it’s what comes to my mind when talking season 1

  39. Mariah says:

    I sure hope it means Harrison is rising from the dead! I miss him!

  40. M.Lee says:


  41. Tracy says:

    I’m thinking two things, 1st that Olivia and Harrison are somehow related and he isn’t dead, comes back (Shonda feels sorry for us die hard fans about killing off Harrison :-) or Henry does come back but as the enemy and has been working for the other side, for what reason, we don’t know yet or he’s the one that kidnapped Olivia, again for what reason we don’t know. Either way, it’s going to be great to see what happens. Shonda you rock with all three series.

  42. itsme says:

    Maybe it’s Amanda Tanner’s dad avenging his daughter’s death.Who knows.

  43. Jane says:

    I can take anything as long as they don’t get rid of “Papa Pope!”

    • abz says:

      He’s the character they need to get rid of the most IMO. He’s ruining the show. If they need to have a villain, they should bring on someone new. He’s a tired annoying character.

  44. colleen says:

    I don’t want to speculate…I just want the wait to be over…I am having serious withdrawals here!!

  45. OG says:

    The show has lost its way because of all the sensationalism and its laser focus on this juvenile triangle. The cast members always give interviews like this and it turns out to be nothing. The original fans have grown tired because the storylines and characters are at an arrested development. Shonda and her writers are literally on wash, rinse, spin and repeat. They killed the true essence of the show that had drawn fans it’s a soap opera and lazy writing now. They will make Olivia Pope a killer before S4 ends for sure that’s my take and I won’t be shocked because they warmed us up to this already. She almost took her father’s life so they flat out showed us she’s capable of murder.

  46. Camilla says:

    Gladiators Unite!

  47. Unless it’s Fitz filing for divorce, Olivia being pregnant some time in the past or Harrison still alive, I don’t think I will even raise an eyebrow.

    • Nathalie says:

      I agree with you Evelyn. But i also miss Stephen

    • FitzLeaveMellie says:

      Amen to Fitz filing for divorce. What if though after Liv resigned from the WH, she had Fitz child and someone found out about it? That would be interesting and catastrophic. Mellie would burn everything down.

    • Elizabeth says:

      No way . Olivia has a child with Jake or someone else and Jake will adopt him. Be prepared Olivia and Jake will be the couple in episode 411 . do not be fool . Scandal played a lot with the fans . Scandal is now a Game only that . Enjoy the ride that set. this is just TV . play the game or get out of it

      • ScandalWatcher says:

        Shonda Rhimes said in an interview Olivia would not be getting a baby as it would slow her down. Olivia will definitely not be pregnant with Jake baby. Sorry!

  48. Elizabeth says:

    The plot line is Olivia is supposed to be pregnant will give birth in captivation. this is the huggiest plot we suppose to believe et to be shock. and the rest of of story will marry boring Jake. Scandal now is for shock value that set . this is not a smart how but this is a very hit show . The plot Line ‘s super supprise it : The Baby

  49. Elizabeth says:

    The plot line is Olivia is supposed to be pregnant will give birth in captivation. this is the huggiest plot we suppose to believe and to be shock. the end of the story she will marry boring Jake. Scandal now is for shock value that set . Scandal is not a smart show but a very hit show . The plot Line ‘s super supprise it : The Baby. people enjoy the show but do not take this show seriously ,this is only TV

  50. skatingfan 1 says:

    i wonder if Jerry will be alive . I am so sick of Fitz… and will stop watching if she picsks him …it is just so draining on Liv …etc…Wonder if Liv has a child with Jake and we just find out ….and he thought it was Fitz child….I need to think a bit more re possibilities.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Always the same plot . .. But I sure the huggest plot is Olivia will have a child in captivity . Do not be fool . , the kidnapping plot is to put Olivia and Jake together

      • ScandalWatcher says:

        LOL..Compare how Fitz and Olivia fell in love to Jake and Olivia scenes. First time sex scene for Olitz was romantic/sexy. Sex with Olake was done after Liv came over to his place because she was upset with seeing Fitz on TV with Mellie. Olitz both declared I love you, I belong to you. Jake told her he loved her and she brought up Fitz. Fitz never takes off the pin she gave him. Olivia never takes off the infinity ring which we know at some point will be shown in a flashback probably given by him. Anyone with eyes can see the story of Fitz and Olivia is being told on Scandal. Having a child with Jake is hardly a Scandal. Olivia giving up a child she had with Fitz would be huge.

        • Elizabeth says:

          You wil be so suprised. The hugest is Olivia has a Child with Jake or Olivia will escape and run with Jake and be married. Or Olivia was married to Stephen Before or Stephen and Olivia were bad people before when they met. Olivia is not a saint

          • herman1959 says:

            Or…what if Olivia secretly had Fitz’s child and gave It Stephen (and his wife) to raise in Maine? If I remember correctly, when season opened we learned that Stephen had married his fiancée and moved to (I think) Maine.

          • tls says:

            You sound like a broken record…lmao, please stop

        • Nathalie says:

          I love their love. Even if Fitz is married. Team Fitz. An Emmy to Tony Goldwyn, please.

        • Cena Gomez says:

          Yeah Jake and Liv are a joke. How can anyone in their right take them serious a via couple? Olivia and Fitz have Vermont, Jake and Liv only have Gettysburger, Its laughable.

    • Frida says:

      same plot and it will be to easy , they did this plot with Mellie and the baby