ABC Boss Weighs In on Castle and Revenge Futures, the #TGIT 'Phenomenon,' Rising Star and More

Revenge Recap

Though Revenge‘s ratings have waned in its fourth season, ABC isn’t ready to nudge the producers to wrap things up just yet.

“I’ve always loved the show, and it’s actually a critical brand for us,” ABC president Paul Lee told TVLine on Wednesday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. “We have some great storylines coming up … and there are ways to reinvent it, too.”

As for another of ABC’s longer-running dramas, Lee told me that with Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic’s contracts due to expire this spring, “We love Castle, we love those two, and we want to see Castle on the air for many years to come.” Though not officially announcing a Season 8 renewal, he ventured to say, “It will be coming back.” (But again, not a formal pick-up, yet.)

Lee also gave Nashville a vote of support and teased “great announcements” to come regarding guest stars.

Other topics tackled by the ABC boss during his TCA Q&A:

* Surveying the success of ABC’ Thursday line-up of Grey’s Anatomy/Scandal/How to Get Away With Murder, Lee noted, “#TGIT is really a big cultural phenomenon. We’ve encouraged millions of people to take out wine and popcorn and really enjoy watercooler television. We built a great night of television and people came.” Factor in the social media impact (including “a billion Facebook impressions”) and you have “a brilliant combination.”

* Given Rising Star‘s poor performance last summer (as well as predecessor Duets‘ similar lack of success), Lee said, “I don’t think were going to be trying [another singing show] for a little bit.” However, he hinted at “some really cool [new] reality shows for the summer.”

* Responding to Eddie Huang’s editorial for Vulture — which claims that ABC’s upcoming Fresh Off the Boat watered down his book on which the Asian American sitcom is based — Lee maintained, “We love Eddie. He’s a firebrand. I’m not making BBC documentaries. It’s a comedy. The show is not a documentary of his book.”

* Though last month’s Sony hack and the emails it dug up revealed that Shark Tank‘s Mark Cuban has felt insulted by recent contract talks, Lee reminded that the network is dealing with “the best negotiators in the world” when they hammer out new deals with this particular cast. “We love all our sharks,” he added. “We’ll be in good shape, we’re optimistic.”

* As for the previously announced Shark Tank offshoot Beyond the Tank, which will relate the “uplifting” and “tragic” stories behind accepted pitches, Lee confirmed that production is underway and the show could bow as early as summer.

* Though Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has slipped some in the ratings, Lee touted strong Live+3 DVR numbers and a solid performance among males, while Agent Carter, he claimed, thus far is delivering “double” what the time slot did last year. Asked if there’s corporate pressure to cut the Marvel shows more slack, Lee countered, “None at all. We drive this.”

More to come….

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  1. Steven says:

    Paul Lee on every low rated show: “We love the brand”

    • Dennis says:

      I know right?! I never trust a word, because its all about playing nice.

    • Grey says:

      Yup. I don’t mean to sound harsh but I’ve come to learn that his statements at these things mean absolutely nothing. I don’t even know why reporters bother to ask him, or any of the other execs., about the status and futures of current shows. It’s like trying to pin down a politician for a clear, specific “yes” or “no.” It’s not going to happen. At best you might pick up few new words for your next scrabble game. And probably the worst part with Lee and ABC is that they are always the last to announce renewals and cancellations come May. Sometimes we don’t get word until June! *That’s* what someone should ask; “How come ABC is always last to make their announcements?”

    • Robert says:

      Well if Paul Lee likes Revenge it staying so season 5 12 episode hence he said we have plenty of story to tell.

      • wingsstef says:

        I am going to watch the rest of the season, but the show has to work on convincing me to care about these new characters. The show has always been soapy fun, but this season, meh.

  2. Tran says:

    What if Paul Lee is planning a risky move for Castle to Tuesdays @ 10 next season? That could happen if I have to go “all in” like in poker.

    • Jessica says:

      Thats not very risky…

    • DYS says:

      It isn’t that risky. At this point the show can afford to go down in ratings because money lost in ad revenue can be made up for with the syndication money that it has been getting and will continue to get.

    • Grey says:

      :-) My question to that is always, “And replace it with what exactly?!” Prior to “Castle” everything they put in that slot died a quick horrible death and until “The Blacklist” nothing even put a dent in “Castle.” I checked once and there have been at least 12-15 shows that have gone head to head with “Castle” over the last six and half years and they either had to move or got cancelled. “Castle” has never been spectacular in its ratings but it has been a sure and steady thing for ABC Monday @ 10PM. Right now I think the only other thing that could actually survive there is “HTGAWM” or “Scandal” but then you would breakup ABC almighty hold on Thursday’s night. And I think trying to launch something new in that slot, or moving a mediocre performer there, is suicide by cancellation. lol.

      • TicaTica says:

        I agree with you, Castle has survived almost everything that the other networks had thrown at it. Like you just The Blacklist has done better, so hopefully there’s a S8! :)

        • shirley says:

          I don’t know if Lee can be trusted but Castle still has a stron fan base.
          Those of us true fans who ha stuck with the show since 09 are still there and wil continue to be.

          My Mondays would not be complete without it.
          I just wish theat ABC would advetize it more often.

          I just don’t understand that.
          Maybe I’m not supposed to, I don’t know.



      • lame says:

        Do both actors want to return to the grind of fourteen hour work days. If you remember there was a problem last season on that very subject.

        • carbono says:

          Yeah Lame, that is the question. I’ve read different comments by Nathan regarding the ending of Castle & I can’t decipher which way he is leaning. As for Stana; she said something about whether or not there’s still any story left to tell, but really I think w/both of them money will talk. Nathan should get a substantial raise in which case, Stana should get a very large raise because I think she is getting less than him. I think though at this point IMO, they should be getting paid equally. They both are in almost every scene & when the show started Nathan was the only recognizable name but now quite a lot of Castle fans are fans of hers. I don’t much care (I’m trying to put it nicely!!) for most of the “Stanatics” as they are often so petty & childish & most of them feel the need to bash Nathan in some idiotic (and again, childish!!) attempt to make Stana look better. However those “fans” ARE WATCHING the show, so if they help the ratings I guess they are a necessary evil. Hopefully enough people altogether are watching so that we get a season 8 cuz I’m just not ready to let go yet. I think if they all sign for 1 more year & come out before the 8th season starts & say “this is the last season guys” I’ll be ready for it to end then. I am still very much enjoying it this year & I think that the writers & the cast should have 1 more in them. Oh & before you Stanatics start whining; just know, I came for Nathan but stayed for the chemistry for BOTH of them. I think Stana plays a great Beckett!

  3. Amber says:

    Super excited about Castle!!

  4. Luis says:

    Lets face facts – its not #TGIT; its #TGIS – Thank God It’s Shonda

  5. TG says:

    I love Revenge and Nashville. Don’t expect renewals but hope I’m pleasantly surprised. Revenge is in the Sunday death slot – GCB, the Terry O’Quinn show, the plane show all died in this slot. Maybe Revenge gets just enough viewership to squeak by?

    • Boiler says:

      I think, or maybe hope, Nashville will be renewed. If he is happy with Agent Carter numbers, Nashville’s are better, at least recently. However I have never had much faith in Mr. Lee even though I watch a lot of ABC shows.

      • Steven says:

        Nashville is only 1 more season away from syndication. It will definitely be back. Revenge on the other hand is likely done and I wish they would just announce it already and stop dragging it out.

        • K J Smith says:

          I like both Revenge and Nashville, would be very disappointed if either were canceled. If they are , I’ll be going to CBS on their nights

    • David4 says:

      Revenge might come back as 8-13 episode filler.

      Nashville is fine because of music rights and Nashville the city pretty much pays for the show in tax cuts.

      • ChicagoDan says:

        Revenge hit 0.9 and 0.8 after short break. That’s very expensive ‘filler’ compared to airing a repeat of say ST or something else. Unless they somehow start gaining momentum and can reinvent, it’s done. It’s too bad because the format couldve made a great anthology series.

    • Grey says:

      “Nashville” has the best chance for renewal because of syndication possibilities. Usually when a show is so close to 88 episodes (“Nashville” is 14 shy of that mark) a network will renew it for a fourth season in order to get to that number. “Revenge” has already passed that number of episode so it’s in a slightly different boat.

    • Susan says:

      I wait all week searching spoilers etc. for REVENGE. I absolutely love the show. I think its time slot has hurt the show,but it is as good as ever. WATCH REVENGERS!

  6. Will says:

    Paul & Co. cannot be that delusional re:Revenge… it hit a series low 0.8 in the demo on Sunday – it’s done!

  7. K says:

    So excited for Castle. We want Season 8 and possibly more

    • I hope too for an other Castle`s season

    • Patrick says:

      Hopefully Stana and NF are negotiating as a pair. ABC has realized that they might have trouble replicating Castle’s numbers with a new show. With it being in Syndication, it will probably stay on for at least 10 years. Unless one of the leads just doesn’t want to do it any more, there is no reason this show can’t continue for at least 2 more years.

      • Just one thing says:

        Not sure if this will actually publish, since my posts here often get eaten on iPhones and Androids, but…
        … I don’t quite see why people think they need to negotiate as a pair. Whether or not viewers or the network see them as a package deal, if they have different goals, preferences, etc., then what would be the point?
        Either ABC sees the value in the actors, both separately and together, or they don’t. Execs can say they love people until the cows come home, but they’ll need to demonstrate that love with action.

  8. Joe says:

    I loved Revenge since the beginning ( stayed loyal even though season 2 slump) I’m finding it hard to watch this year , please set an end date, season 3 finale would have been a perfect way to close the show this new season strayed so far from the original premise

  9. Boiler says:

    Please get rid of the egos that are Shark Tank. Instead of summer reality crap find something better

  10. Teri says:

    Sign Nathan and Stana ASAP! Renew Castle for at least 2 years!

    • SOrms says:

      Ditto! or longer. Why not? If SK & NF don’t sign, the others would be out of a job for now. From what I hear, they are both caring people. ABC head wants them.

  11. Drew says:

    Yeah, there’s no pressure to keep Agents of SHIELD on, just like there was no pressure to include Frozen characters on OUaT. ABC is just becoming a billboard for Disney movies at this point. Agent Carter is a much better show (no Avengers BS forced into it and no Whedon involvement might help). Not perfect, but better. I hesitate to say that it should be given 22 episodes per season, but maybe they should just produce limited runs for different Marvel characters and let AoS go away.
    Revenge needs to end. The show was resolved and now we’re in an endless epilogue. The reason people aren’t watching as much anymore is because there is no point. It’s done.

    • lizo says:

      Whedon should be involved with every show on tv.

      • Drew says:

        Whedon hasn’t produced anything good since Firefly… the series, not the movie. The movie was kinda “meh”. Dollhouse sucked. AoS sucks. The Avengers sucked. Even the last season of Buffy sucked. The dude had talent, but he traded it in for ego long ago. He once wrote really compelling characters and worlds for them to live in. Now he just does things that he thinks will be “cool” whether they make sense to the story or not. The worst thing that ever happened for him was to get recognition. Now he’s a sellout.

        • John NYC says:

          Curious as to how Dollhouse was him being a “sellout”?

          • Drew says:

            The show was put into production before there was an actual plot. The show took a season and a half before giving the characters any character at all (and without character, why should we care?). And when the show was finally given a plot, it was some lame apocalyptic cliche that has been done a billion times and has rarely been interesting. Simply put, he had an idea, not a story. Yet there was money, so he ran with it anyway. And when he realized that there was nowhere to go with the series, he fell back on what was safe and familiar.
            But it’s not just Dollhouse. It’s the entire path of his career over the past decade. In his prime, Joss could be relied upon to create layered characters with complex stories. The Avengers was cheap fanboy crap with poorly written characters and a plot that made no sense most of the time. Seriously, the movie would have been five minutes long if A. any one of the characters showed a lick of sense and B. they didn’t spend time bickering amongst themselves while the plot sat on the sidelines for scenes at a time. It was full of stupid jokes that might have played well if someone cared about telling a good story, but they didn’t. And his lack of care or thought has carried over into Agents of SHIELD, which has horrible plotting, and really would anyone care of most of the characters were killed off? They have some better characters this year, but that’s really more because of the actors that they’ve hired than the characters themselves. Meanwhile, the season 1 characters are still buzzing around like annoying gnats.

          • John NYC says:

            Well, to me Dollhouse, like Firefly, looked more ego than money.

        • CMG says:

          AoS very much doesn’t suck. It only sucked for those people who watched the first few episodes and gave up. If you need to learn anything about a Whedon production, it is that they are on the whole a bit slow burning; they take a bit to setup the universe and the people in it, then the good stuff happens. Those that watch a few episodes and give up never get to the good stuff.

          Also, *Joss* Whedon isn’t involved in AoS, at least not on a day-to-day basis. In fact, for the vast majority of the run of AoS, he’s been over filming Avengers overseas. *Jed* Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen are the showrunners on AoS.

          As for Avengers sucking… well, I think you’re in a very small minority on that one. It wouldn’t have gotten the kind of box office results it did if it really sucked.

          • Drew says:

            Plenty of horrible movies make plenty of money at the box office. It’s hardly a measure of quality. And I’ve yet to see a compelling argument in the movie’s favor, aside from “It made a lot of money!”

            And no, I’ve seen every episode of AoS. More than that, I’ve seen every episode of Buffy. Every episode of Angel. Every episode of Firefly. Every episode of Dollhouse. And I watched each of them since they premiered. Many of these, I’ve seen several times. I used to post on the official Buffy boards where the writers and some actors from the show would post. I’ve read the behind the scenes stories and interviews. I probably know more about Joss Whedon than you do. And I also know that he isn’t running AoS day to day. But it is still his production. He wasn’t running Buffy toward the end either, but I will hold him responsible for the show’s decline. If you put your name on something, you are responsible for it. If the people running the show can’t do it right, they should be replaced.

          • Ray says:

            I’ve seen the entire first season of Agents of SHIELD and I am very much of the impression that it does suck. Marvel movies are usually on the money, but Agents is just an all around crapfest which is why in my household it’s called Agents of S.H.I…. well, you get the picture.

          • carbono says:

            Not to mention the critics even liked the Avengers! They hate almost every comic book turned movie. Whoever didn’t like Firefly though tell me what show you do like cuz if that wasn’t entertaining to you I want to know what is. I’ve never seen Dollhouse or Agents of Shield so you can’t berate me for being some sort of super Whedon fan but your assessment of The Avengers is way off dude! And ANYONE bashing Firefly just doesn’t like great tv. Ha-ha! Yeah Maybe I HAVE the ego problem!!

        • Brigid says:

          I completely disagree with everything you said. To me, everything Joss writes is incredible that he made Eliza look good on Dollhouse. The Avengers was one of the BEST written movies I’ve seen in a very long time. That movie was perfect. AOS is excellent but he has little to do with that show because of Age of Ultron which looks even better than the Avengers. He has no ego issues and can write circles around anyone. You have a different opinion than I but really have nothing to back it up.

          • John NYC says:

            I’d suggest his uncompromising commitment to putting out his vision (a good thing) is an ego thing, backed up by his writing talent. And yes, Eliza was amazing in that role.

          • Drew says:

            Not compromising the vision is admirable when you are out to make the best movie possible, with the best writing possible and the best directing possible. It is less admirable when you absolutely must see Thor, Captain America and Iron Man fight and you absolutely will cram that scene into the movie whether it belongs or not.
            I would disagree about his ego. I agree that he is a very talented writer, but he has neglected that skill and those instincts for over a decade now. When you look at the amount of thought and care put into Buffy or Firefly and compare it to what he’s done since, it’s like watching an entirely different writer. Every scene of The Avengers was more like the horrible “Do you know what happens to a toad when it gets struck by lightning?” line from the first X-Men movie.
            Maybe Joss was too connected to the comic books. Maybe he was determined to bring certain elements to the screen that he’d seen in the comics at some point, I don’t know. But while things might work in a comic book, they don’t always work on screen. On screen, we wonder why there are only a couple of SHIELD agents who appear to have weapons when their base is under siege. We wonder why these invading aliens are causing remarkable little damage. We wonder why the government would choose to fire a nuke at their own city before considering firing it into the giant hole in the sky where the alien invaders are coming from. In a movie when Fury declares that they’re going to “Level 7” because the threat is so great, and Coulson asks “What do we do?”, we wonder why they bother having different levels if there is no protocol to go along with them.
            Why does Black Widow decide to pull a gun on Bruce Banner. I mean, that’s just stupid.
            Why do they bring The Hulk onto their flying base? That’s just a bad idea… oh, they have a cage for him. Cool. So when he Hulks out, they can just ask him to get into the cage, right? (of course at the end of the movie, Hulk is weirdly under control for no reason)
            I could seriously go on for about three pages with all of the things that are wrong with the movie, ranging from bad dialogue to bad directing. Some small. Some larger. But a long list of small things is just one really bad thing. It could work in comic books. It might work as a cartoon. But in live action, with flesh and blood people, Joss needed to sell that reality and those situations, and he completely failed to do that. Instead, he made a fan film for himself.

        • WingsStef says:

          How does The Avengers suck? That movie was very fun and made lots of money. Perhaps you did not watch the other MCU movies. I agree that the movie is better if you don’t treat it as a standalone. I stopped watching Buffy before it’s last season though.

          • Mad Gouveia says:

            The Avengers doesn’t suck, but it’s a meh movie. It has no character development whatsoever, the villain sucks nuts (that’s a major problem with the MCU), the dialogue gets super annoying fast and a lots of stuff doesn’t even bother making sense. Sure, the movie made LOTS of money, but so did the “Transformers”.

            That being said, I don’t think AoS sucks. To be honest, I’m MUCH more invested in it, than in Avengers, I don’t think it’s a great show, but it’s good and I like some of the characters (specially Skye, FitszSimmons and now Bobbi).

          • wingsstef says:

            It is a very fun show this year. Very busy, but that is not really a bad thing.

  12. LDS says:

    If we were to go by these statements, everything is sunshine and rainbows. he loves everything, and nothing will be cancelled, ever!

  13. Et al says:

    I love Revenge but I’m a little annoyed he won’t just pull the plug. It deserves a proper wrap-up and at the longer its fate is uncertain and with the current ratings we aren’t going to get it.

    • LT says:

      AGREED. It’s time to wrap the show anyway.

    • ChrisGa says:

      I think this season of Revenge is a slight return-to-form–seasons 2 and 3 were hit-and-miss, ranging from good to terrible, with a lot of mediocre in the middle–and is the best it’s been since it’s first year. That said, the premise of the show has been beyond exhausted and I daresay some of the actors(at least based on interviews, not to mention occasional boredom onscreen) are ready to move on as well.

  14. Dennis says:

    You know what I find funny about all these interviews in the winter? They hold zero bearing, and mean nothing, for renewals.

    • LT says:

      It appears The CW may disagree with you…

      • Dennis says:

        lol I wasn’t talking about actual renewal announcements, I was referring to ABC always saying they love their shows and giving fans hope but then canceling them. I absolutely love TVLine and was not being rude or commenting on this site’s editors, I love all the hard work and journalism here.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      We’ll stop posting them then, thanks!

      • dave says:

        Matt I check TVLine at least 4 or 5 times a day for any new scoop on my favorite show and I for one appreciate everything you and your writing staff do for us all, please don’t let a few bad apples spoil the whole barrel!

        • bj says:

          Me too, Matt. Some people are never satisfied. I personally wish I had enough free time every day to search out articles I disagreed with and shows I hated, just to post negative comments. *insert eye roll*

          Keep up the good work.

      • Dennis says:

        No Matt, I love this site and all the work that you guys do!! Didn’t mean for it to come across that way, lol I meant that most of the time the executives say they are so proud of a show, love the show, etc…but they are just putting on a nice face and yet they cancel the shows anyway!! I think there is less transparency then assumed at times, that’s all!

      • Dennis says:

        Matt, my sincere apologies—I wasn’t being negative about your article or this site at all! I was just saying that sometimes these network head honchos at the winter press tours downplay their true intentions for cancelling or renewing a show and aren’t always completely forthcoming… They plan to cancel a show anyway but yet they put their game face on and claim all is well with a show’s future when in fact it’s not. Again, my comment was not about this post or Matt or all the wonderful hard work that goes into TVLine, it was a general statement about the TV buisness in general. I also check TVline several times a day and am a HUGE fan! You guys misinterpreted my comment, sorry about that!

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          It’s all good. People just need to recognize that all we can do is ask questions. We are not responsible for the answers.

          • lkh says:

            I can’t believe the amount of material you all put out every day. Sometimes I wonder if you ever sleep. Thanks.

          • Angela says:

            Haha, I wonder the same thing, lkh! But yeah, I’m with everyone else-thank you, Matt and everyone else for keeping this site running and giving us all fun, exciting scoop on our favorite TV shows. It really is appreciated.

      • Mary says:

        Please, DON´T!:)

  15. lizo says:

    I don’t believe for a minute that the Disney and MCU head execs don’t have any sway with the network. Shield and Carter are part of their Take Over the World With the MCU Plan. Which I’m happy about. I feel it is was up to the network exclusively, Shield wouldn’t have gotten a 2nd season. So I hope that the pressure from above gets renewals for both shows.
    Also, I friggen LOVE Shonda Thursdays.
    And yay! Castle!

    • Lerbert says:

      This! Your response to Lee’s answer made me chuckle.

      For those of us who have been with Revenge from the beginning we know it’s time to cross a red X through another season of this show.

      I’ll second your yay for Castle!

    • John NYC says:

      Ah but absent coordination with TPTB at MARVEL we wouldn’t have been treated to that snoozefest of a first half of season one either….. forcing the television show’s timing to coincide with the mothership hurt, in my view anyway. Strikingly different from how Agent Carter just hit the ground running.

  16. I like Castle, LOVE Nashville and am okay either way on the rest. I really want to know if Forever is going to get a second season. My fav new show of the season!

    • PS… I will stick by Grey’s to the bitter end, but I really, REALLY don’t get the hype over “Murder” and Scandal gets more ridiculous and soapy by the episode.

    • SW says:

      Even though I know in my heart that Forever isn’t going to get another season, part of me can’t stop hoping that just maybe ABC will decide to move it to another night with a better lead-in (I still think a Castle/Forever pairing would be magic and do wonders for Forever) since it has a lot of online buzz and support, and good DVR numbers. But, I know I’m probably being delusional because I love it so much.

  17. Yolanda says:

    Please, just tell Revenge writers to wrap up the thing! We know it’s gonna get canceled with those awful ratings so please, tell them to give it a proper closure. Ugh.

  18. Matt C. says:

    Is it sad that I was actually hoping ABC would use the TCA’s as an opportunity to announce Revenge would be ending this year? That would give the crew 4 months to put together a proper ending. The show is treading water at this point. Unless they come up with a really clever way to pit Emily and Victoria against one another for seasons 5…but I won’t get my hopes up!

  19. Lauren says:

    I hope the good news about the guest stars is that Laura Benanti is being made a regular! Love her, love Sadie.

  20. Letti says:

    Actually I love Revenge this year, and while I want a proper ending, I could definitely watch another season, whether it’s shortened or not.

  21. Brad says:

    big fan of Revenge here, having watched it from the start but I think Mr.Lee is fooling himself to think that the show can be reinvented yet again!! with Emily’s father having turned up alive and her having gotten revenge on the Grayson’s (they lost there fortune,her father killed Conrad,Charlotte’s a crazy junkie and now Daniel’s dead), the only thing left for us fans to see is for Victoria to get her final come uppance!!! If they drag it out any further than this season it’s going to become a parody of itself. Some of the storylines’ have gotten to be pretty silly but I have really enjoyed this season and would like to see the show have the great ending it deserves!!

    • Robert says:

      Paul Lee loves revenge wont get rid until get season 512 episode for syndication because it make money in syndication 100 episodes

      • Yes, i think even with these poor ratings right now, Revenge is still holding on in this terrible time, Lee loves Revenge, and it’s good to remember the Revenge still has a good Buzz and the story is getting very good again..the beggining of this season was a mess, but now things are becoming very interesting again. Epispode 5×12 was one of the best of the series! I think Revenge still may see a short final season in the future :) Plus, syndication is always a huge deal!

  22. John NYC says:

    Thanks, interesting tidbits.

    I’d like Castle to go on for a good number of more years. Here’s hoping!

  23. worthymagic says:

    Not renewing Castle would be ridiculous. Scorpion isn’t close to beating it out, and NBC moved The Blacklist away from it. Why would you get rid of a show that is winning its slot all the time?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Because you still need to re-sign its two leads. No easy feat.

      • Grey says:

        I think the thing that is most frustrating for fans is that when specifically asked, ABC (i.e. Lee, and the other PTB) will shift the issue into the actors’ court by subtly saying that their holding things up. Then when the actors are asked they say the exact opposite. (Paraphrasing), “Well you know it’s not really up to us. It’s totally out our hands. We have nothing to do with it. We just have to wait on ABC.” It’s worse than Washington DC! Just everyone get into a room, state your demands, work out a compromise – or not, make the announcement and stop jerking the fans around! I’d much, much rather all parties – the network, actors, and production team – say, “We’re not making any statements about negations one way or another, period.” Don’t sugar coat it or make ambiguous political correct statements and schmaltzy spin. I mean who do they really think is buying it??? Just say, “We’re only here to promote the new shows and schedule changes.” And yes, sorry Matt, but the media trying to scoop each other is a big part of the problem. Nothing personal against you or this site; I too realize how hard you guys work to get good accurate content out every day *but* I got to call it like I see it.

  24. lame says:

    Well it’s always encouraging to learn the Boss at ABC wants a season eight, Let’s see if it actually gets done.
    If they do get renewed, I would hope Marlowe and Amann lay out a season with some sort of order, not the purposeless meandering of season seven. It took the writers six episodes to finally get Caskett to act like newly weds. The question needs to be asked, “who’s minding the store”.

  25. BetiSA says:

    I don’t trust Paul Lee. May is still far away.

  26. Robert says:

    Paul just confirmed Revenge will get a season 5

  27. JJ says:

    Yasss to more REVENGE. At least let it reach 100 episodes!!!

  28. keith says:

    Love castle keep it coming

  29. sue says:

    With the fans that Castle has plus Stana and Nathan on their own in my opinion they should go on forever. Knowing that is unlikely this show is loved by many people all over the world and we move mountains when we unite about our stars. I have been watching tv for over 60 years and have never felt this way about any other show but I must admit it’s about these two amazing actors Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion. This show must go on!!!

  30. aurat22 says:

    Once Upon A Time is safe right? Any news about that Matt?

  31. DarkDefender says:

    Castle “for years to come” = music to my ears. YAY!

  32. kmw says:

    Matt is right they need to sign the leads first and then they can renew. Paul Lee says it will be back but if one of them doesn’t sign on it will change the dynamic of the show. My bet is that both Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic will resign ,but like every year it seems you wont find out is renewed until late April

  33. James D says:

    glad too hear ABC is sticking behind Castle hopefully they can work out new contracts for Nathan and Stana, I’m not super surprised though the ratings suggest it will get renewed. as for the Marvel quote not sure I believe him totally, I bet Marvel Studios threatened to send in the hell hounds if their only foray into live action prime time failed so soon out of the gate.

  34. Kate says:

    I’m really excited about his Castle comments! You can’t get much more definite than “will be back”. Is it realistic to think that he wouldn’t make such a strong statement if he knew there was a chance Stana and Nathan weren’t going to sign new contracts? I’m hoping that this is sign that their negotiations are done…

  35. christina says:

    Interesting comments from Lee about Castle. That’s great he says it will be back, but I’m not going to get my hopes up until I hear Nathan and Stana sign on for next year and the show is officially renewed.

    I’d also love a second season of Forever but the ratings suggest otherwise.

  36. Matthew Weber says:

    Really hope that I can take this guy’s word on Castle. The fact that they didn’t come right out and announce that this is the last year is very promising to me because I think that if they wanted that or thought that there was no way to resign Nathan and Stana, this would have been a great time to do it. Since they are still being all flowers and sunshine, I think that not only do they want a season 8 but they have hopes that they can convince both leads to go along with it.

    I also liked the whole “many years” quote. While I don’t expect it, seeing Castle on the air for seasons 8, 9 and 10 would be awesome. It deserves to see that 10 mark way more than Bones did (Bones has gotten better, but had some really bad seasons there IMHO).

  37. kmw says:

    In terms of renewals each network and EACH SHOW are different. Why does Bones have to be brought up in an article about ABC at the TCA”S. Whether Bones deserves to still be on the air has NOTHING to do with this article. FOX and ABC are in vastly different situations at present. While ABC is struggling on some nights, they are doing very well on others(Thursday being an example). FOX, except for Gotham and Empire and earlier with the World Series have not had what you would consider a banner year. Castle will be renewed unless both actors do not want to re sign.(I find it hard to believe that ABC would continue Castle without one or both of their leads). And just for the record I believe Castle deserves and HAS more life in it.

    • Elysium says:

      I don’t think it’s a given at ALL that Fillion and Katic want to re-sign at all. Fillion has said many times over the years that he wanted to do seven years and be done. I’m sure he feels a lot of pressure from his lunatic fans on twitter and than sure sh!!storm that will happen if he doesn’t resign. I think Katic is pretty bored with the show and felt pretty disappointed with the season 6 ending (as she’s always been a shipper). She’s also made comments on twitter (since deleted) about the fact that she’s an artist and want to keep growing as an artist – and I’m not sure the crap MilMarMan sling at those two week in and week out really count as such. TBH, I really don’t blame either one of them for wanting to be done with this dopey show, and I used to LOVE AND ADORE this show more than life. But it has truly skidded off the rails. I want it to be over so that we don’t have to see it turn into an even bigger mess than it already is. It should end with it’s head held high and not just go on and on because Paul Lee wants to make $$$ for the studio. Do you see truly great shows like Breaking Bad going on for 10 seasons? Uh no. I don’t want to see Fillion in another 4 years, looking even heavier, with even bigger bags under his eyes. The thought of it just pains me physically. Please, let this show end with some dignity.

  38. Beda says:

    No more Revenge for me. It has become a spoof of itself. The last episode with Emily and Victoria getting hit with tranquilizers was a huge groaner and eye roller for me. Not interested in any of the newbies. Put it to bed as it is a joke now. Should have ended after season 3 and kept some dignity.

  39. allison says:

    I do hope that the last peoples choice awards will prove to Nathan and Stana that they are still a hot show and want to renew. CASTLE is the best.

  40. cdeno says:

    If TGIT is doing so well (and it is) then why not renew it now instead of waiting for May?

  41. Shay DeShade says:

    Both Castle and Revenge are such utter bores these days.

  42. Apostolis says:

    Is it just me that finds the fourth season of Revenge the best so far??? :O

  43. Harry_Wild says:

    Looks like my comment got deleted so I will short it up to only a couple of sentences!

    “Castle” is now both Fillion and Katic are married and both have the same last name now! So, if Fillion wants more $$$; they can write him out of the TV series for a year or forever with no trouble since he not really a part of the interaction with the NYPD detective squad. He a PI and so he can be easily taken out of the show!

    Never had a comment here; not get post before! I spent about 20 minutes write it and it was one of my best too!

    • Kyarra says:

      LOL at the childishness of your kind of Stanatics! You actually think the show can go on without Fillion? Too many fans are watching for Castle, or fillion bro. Sure for Stana too, but taking out Fillion isn’t any easy, lol.

      • Harry_Wild says:

        Sure it would very easy! Since Richard Castle is now a PI; he could go back to Montreal and something happen to him there? Or he could just get kidnapped again from this previous enemy that got him just before the wedding. He could go out of town on a PI case and never be heard from again!

        Stanic would become the new “Castle” in the title and the show would go on without Fillion heavy salary; which would make it easy for ABC to renew the show for another 2 years or more; maybe as long as Gunsmoke’s run!

  44. Jeanne says:

    Re: Castle: This is the most entertaining, corny-yet-classy, sharply written, fabulous family relationships and cast (love Espo, Ryan, Laney, too) on commercial TV! Pure entertainment, each character PERFECT for the part – thoroughly watchable – the tongue-in-cheek element the best in decades!!! Liked Nathan on “Firefly” (corny as it was) but he and “Becket” – unique and fabulous!!! And they are so gorgeous!!! Each one of a kind!

  45. Joe Petitjean says:

    ABC better not move Castle to Tues but you can’t trust a word out of Paul Lee mouth

  46. Molly Lopez says:

    Please don’t cancell Revenge. I’ve been watching it since it first started. I love it !! Can’t wait until I can watch it again. I have never missed a show. If for anything I can’t be home I make sure I set my recorder. Please I want to know if Emily will end up with Jack. Thanks for all who work on these episodes they are just great Thanks A Million!!!!😍

  47. James says:

    I don’t know who this jerk is he seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth. If he screws with Castle he is going to lose viewers. It sounds like he is destroying Castle. The same thing goes for Revenge. If it works don’t screw with it. I don’t think to much of the “JERKS” in the front office who think they have all the answers. 9 times out of ten they end up destroying a good fantastic show by making stupid changes to the story line or character changes or additions. Don’t give me the story of your idiotic numbers. You usually get the bad numbers when you start screwing with the show. What your decisions tell me is that there are idiots in the front office.

  48. castlefan says:

    I love Castle and the creative ways to keep it relevant and funny after all this time while still having the perfect balance of drama and intellect. I hope that Castle and ALL the current cast has many more years to entertain me and my family.

  49. lisa dykes says:

    please renew castle for a 8th season.

  50. lisa dykes says:

    please renew castle lisa dykes