Vampire Scoop: 'Delena' Get Happy! — Plus: The Originals' Klaus vs. Elijah?

Damon Elena Spoilers

Are The Vampire Diaries‘ Damon and Elena on the road to happily ever after?

The upcoming episodes of the CW series will find the lovebirds “finally working their way back towards each other,” executive producer Julie Plec previewed at a Television Critics Association press tour panel in Pasadena on Sunday. As the couple strives for “a functional relationship,” fans will be treated to the beginning stages of their romance that they missed the first time around.

That pleased star Ian Somerhalder, who noted, “The three or four [or] five months that were skipped over, the honeymoon phase, you don’t typically get to see Damon in a time and space where he’s truly happy.”

“It’s great to see anyone happy at any time,” he continued, adding that Damon and Elena are “extremely deserving” of some happiness. “They’ve been through a lot. Love trumps all. So when you see, you want it to win.”

But everything can’t be peaceful on the show, so the Gemini merger will “culminate with a lot of drama and death,” EP Caroline Dries teased.

While no end date is in sight for The Vampire Diaries, Plec said she and Kevin Williamson crafted their “perfect” ending a while ago. However, since “the show is going to go on longer than we could have dreamt of,” the concept has “evolved.”

“But it’s still rooted in that same idea. We’re still on that same path,” she continued.

As for spinoff The Originals, the back half of the season will explore Esther’s origins as a witch, the deal she had to make and more of the family mythology. And of course, the looming threat of witch Dahlia to Hope’s safety is prevalent.

“The big question is will she show up and come for that child?” EP Michael Narducci teased, adding that Klaus might have a different strategy for protecting his young daughter than Elijah.

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  1. morgan says:

    yeah we dont listen to fan demands SAYS the EP who literally gave Delena stans what they asked for! She´s the worst and yay more Dullena that will be superfun! and i´d never thought that somebody shockingly would try to steal magic super power baby hope! such unpredictability…..

    • Onekind says:

      I just don’t see what a “honeymoon phase” adds: they already went through one back when they were cheating on Elena’s boyfriend/Damon’s brother. They already drained any story they got there. If Bonnie & Damon aren’t happening there’s no use to keep this on the DVR.

      • noooon says:

        My thoughts exactly. I don’t understand why they are acting like we never saw them happy together or saw a honeymoon phase. Enough of their relationship already! All the ever did was hookup.. do they expect to show them eating dinner and going to the movies…?!?!? This show and that relationship has gone on far TOO LONG.

      • Molly says:

        DELENA is total endgame and anyone who thinks there is a chance in hell that bamon is going to happen is kidding themselves like for real. DAMON and Elena have been through so much over the last few seasons and through out it all they’ve grown as a couple and throughout it all their connection and understanding of eachother has only deepened I am so excited to see delena develope more and more over the seasons and those who say they have no plot line. Well has elena said I love you back to DAMON yet? You really think they are going to have elena not get her memories back. Damon and Elenas relationship goes way past just sex they are there for eachother in times of need and as Elena put it in episode thirteen they always find there way back to eachother they are soulmates and that’s all their is to it.

        • June says:

          Ok, that is totally b……. With your commnt, because there are the fans that dont use there voices to express them self. But they have still the power to end a show. Have you seen the ratings from last episode 1,3 mill. In the beginning of this seacon it was 1,8 mill. Dont you see that it is going Down the Hill for the show. Yeah Delena have been through some bad stuff. But sorry i will NOT agree when you say they have grow so much AS a couple. Elena had to change so much to be with Damon, and i Dont like this Elena because when we meet her first she was the person who put her friends first and NOT herself and truly believe that she made the wrong choice to be with Damon. And the vampire diaries has become a series to just please one fandom scrue the others. The prouff is the famous “rainkiss”. I have giving up on tvd for quit some time now and just watch scenes on youtube. I dont like to support a couple wich only just about SEX SEX SEX i want for Damon to have some one that support him and is his equell. And i trully believe Bonnie is a better match for Damon. And had TVD cast Ian Somerhalder as Stefan. There had been no Delena support like today

          • Elizabeth says:

            I wondered about that I never read books but it seems to me they put damon and elena together because of fans thinking ian is hot! Well I think Stephen and elena together call me crazy but true love should not change from one the next that’s not.true love

        • pleaseenddelenaseason6 says:

          That is just because elena Think Damon is hot.

  2. Babybop says:

    Darn. I was sort of hoping for a Damon/Bonnie hook up. I quit watching because Delena made me sick.

    • Guest says:

      I was actually looking forward to see Damon & Bonnie and what them and Stefan & Caroline could do to brotherly dynamic. It’s the same old stuff, I’d rather continue with The Big Bang Theory, at least their characters are moving forward.

    • TG says:

      I’m hoping there will still be a Damon/Bonnie romance when she returns. That would be the perfect way to end the honeymoon phase – a kick-butt Bonnie return. Elena would never suspect Bonnie would be a threat to her relationship with Damon.

    • Ashley says:

      No one cares if you stopped watching . We love Delena, Now get over your self.

      • GeminiCas says:

        I agree with you Ashley… No way in hell would Bonnie & Damon be good together… I would stop watching too… BUT i do miss the originals being around…

        • Elizabeth says:

          I want Caroline with klous

        • Elizabeth says:

          I want Caroline with klous something about them. I want elena to become hymen again and pick Stephan, but even if she picks damon at least we will know its true love. When she was human she picked stephan and damon is so scared she will leave if she is human. That’s not love if he keeps the cure from her that’s selfish.

  3. Letti says:

    TVD a.k.a The Dullena Fanservice show is just the worst. Like yeah I’ll def check back to see Dullena’s honeymoon phase. Sic. The Kevin Williamson ending got me excited for a second but that was it. Let me see, what I loved: Katherine, The Originals, S1 Badass Damon, Defan, Stelena, Forwood, Klaroline scenes oh and the good stories. But Plec and Dries killed all. Thanks for making me invested, I had three good years with TVD overall. Who knows, I guess the ending will be a Delena wedding with a baby.
    For TO I really hope it will be good, because I care about Esther’s past and Dahlia and Freya’s fate, but I just hate recasts and want to see most of the original actors weekly. Anyway, if they really kill a sibling off again as I read, I guess I’ll quit. I love everyone (especially Kol and Rebekah) but Finn, and he just became a regular. But at least if I’d quit, I could cross Plec out of my life for good.

    • Liza says:

      I know what you mean, it is so sad what this show has become, i keep holding on for bamon and caroline going to visit klaus in the originals and maybe the return of stelena and katherine, but i think that none of those things are going to happen so maybe i should stop for good. She really did kill it all for the rest of the fans.

    • noooon says:

      I lOVED the exact same things about the show in season 1-3 (Stelena, Katherine, Originals, Defan, even Damon, Klaroline) and now the writers have turned the show upside down with ridiculous story lines.

    • AGH says:

      I’m becoming so tired of the whining of some of you. Why you need to be such a mood kill? Always having something negative to say about everything,ruing it for the others like us.If you don’t like it and really stopped watching it since season 2 or 3 as you say you did, so then you wouldn’t be here talking about this show. Also who doesn’t like Delena can as well move on with their life cause Delena is what making this show what it is. If you can’t understand that.that’s your problem,you might be too slow to understand that. I’m of the few people who have learned to not complain about almost everything in life and I’m of the few maybe who is okay with everything that is happening on the show. It’s a very captivating and interesting show, I dont know why some of you shallow minded talk so bad about it, but it didnt became bad after season 2 .It’s still a very good show,its your problem if you don’t like it anymore but you have no right to talk in the name of all the fans about the show becoming so bad,talk only about your selves cause there are fans like us who are very satisfied by it ok? Now i read a lot of negative comments about Elena,that her character got destroyed that she lost her original personality,that she cries for the smallest things and that she’s annoying. I have nooo idea where u get this things. Elenas character has evolved just like a real person in real life would evolved if all those things that happened to elena would happen to them.It’s absolutely normal to be like Elena is right now.I dont know how you want her to behave but i dont see anything negative about her character becoming who she is now. And lastly, who of you that are too shallow to not understand Delenas relationship let me tell you that remember when Elena asked Bonnie what she saw in her future? Bonnie said that she saw fog and a dark figure in the shadows,that dark figure is Damon and that makes clear, Elena meeting Stefan and falling for him was all leading up to her coming across Damon HER REAL LOVE . The show has always been giving us hints that Damon is elenas real love. Not to mention Delena are endgame in the books too,so you better get used to the facts or quit fallowing the show cause you won’t be much satisfied. Elena loves Damon and Damon loves Elena,love doesn’t need reason or justify.So no matter if want or don’t want them together,facts are facts.

      • Sandrapleasestopdelena says:

        I am sorry but you must be blind then!!!!!

      • Amanda says:

        Stfu you annoying little b**** yeah your obviously a Delena fan with all that whining and b****ing! you’re the reason the show is destroyed and is just a pathetic highschool love scene on repeat! Go f*** your Ian poster and stay off the internet you pea brained dumb a**!

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    It just gets more and more repetitive and boring. I skipped most of the first half and truly missed nothing.

  5. Lizo says:

    Cool. Was a bummer to miss seeing them happy. Hope there’s some more crossovers with the Originals. I miss Caroline/Klaus

  6. TVD Damon says:

    Oh… These are good news!!! Hope finally we get see Damon and Elena as the couple they should have been last season. Season 1 to 4 were so promising! Their love story and journey was one of the best on TV ever.
    Plus I hope they don’t ruin Defan again. Love them atm.
    The Gemini coven is interesting and I’m waiting for the friends to team up to fight Kai
    Ps: Kai is sooo good. Best billion next to Klaus.

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  8. kate'shomesick says:

    So…since Jeremy is going to be out of the picture…

  9. Jessica says:

    No! Enough Delena please!!! It’s tired and it’s boring! Stop forcing this ship down our throats!!!

  10. Fran says:

    I truly can’t believe they are going to continue on this path. I skipped the last two episodes before the winter break and I didn’t miss it all. I think I’m finally done. I’ll just stick with rewatching seasons 1-3.

  11. Katie says:

    Yaay! The Delena news makes me so happy! It’s true, we didn’t get to see them happy for very long, so it’ll be a nice reprieve from all the sadness and gloom that that ship normally gets.

    • KSW says:

      Yuck…. In case you haven’t noticed Dullena fans are in the minority which is why this show’s ratings are dropping except for 13 year old girls. They have lost all chemistry since they broke up in real life and it shows glaringly. Bonnie and Damon would be way more interesting

      • zed says:

        Bonnie and Damon story would be breaking the mould and would be so interesting and exciting. Damon has shown progression in character with Bonnie – and if they dare go down that route it would give the show possess.

        Now with Delena back on, which so doesn’t make sense, because Elena all of a sudden had forgotten the bad that Damon has done- or her mind is entirely blank, and she loves him for loving sake, it is like the show has taken two steps back. There is no evolution in Elena’s character at all. Actually, she degressed from human Elena entirely.
        Anyway, excited about Bonnie returning and hopefully she kicks ass!

        • Blank says:

          At least Damon & Bonnie would be a fresh story. we have never seen him with someone he can actually talk to Stefan about. Or Stefan with someone he can talk to Damon about, like Caroline. The brothers have never been on a double date, advise each other through dating problems or genuinely be proud of the other “getting the girl”. The love triangle robbed them of one of the most simple joys of brotherhood and they don’t even know it.

  12. JJ says:

    I’ve been really enjoying Delena and Kai this season. It’ll be really nice to see the parts of their relationship that we missed during the fast forwarded summer. Can’t wait. Hope they explore more of the origins of the gemini coven too.

  13. Lovely says:

    Thank goodness for the Delena news. It will be good to see them happy & drama/guilt-free and attempt to have a healthy normal r/ship. I don’t care if people say its fan-service anymore because at this point the only people who still care to watch the show are Delena fans so the EPs might as well give us – the last remaining fans – what we want.
    This is the best day ever, TVD & Reign getting renewed and then getting a confirmation that Delena is going to happen. I hope the death of a main character is not Damon or Elena.

  14. Jj says:

    Oh good. This means I don’t have to feel bad about not watching anymore!

  15. Dayenzo says:

    Sad to hear sweet Jeremy is leaving! Instead of delena honeymoon show what happened between damon and bonnie.they were together for 4 months,It couldn’t have been all pancakes and crosswords.;-)

    • TV fan says:

      I for one, want to know if Damon actually saw Bonnie sleeping. By the way he described it, he must have watched over her sleep more than a few nights to know for a fact that she didn’t know she talked while sleeping.

  16. julliana says:

    Well, as a fan of the show as a whole and not just a dissatisfied shipper, I’m very happy with S6 so far. Compared to S5, it feels like a completely different show in the best possible way. I’m actually excited to see Delena finally have a real chance to settle into their relationship. That’s a completely new situation that we’ve never seen onscreen before and their constant struggle was one of the worst things about S5 (and there were a lot of bad things). TVD just got bogged-down in all the pointless angst and romantic drama and it lost it’s way. Constantly focusing on the illusion of a long-dead love triangle was killing the rest of the show. Now that they’ve refocused on the bigger picture in S6, everything feels fresher, all of the characters are connected to each other again, and there’s an ove-rarching, cohesive story being told in S6. Way to go, show!

  17. It’s funny how most people refers to delena as dullena when they ship stelena, the personification of boredom!

    • TV fan says:

      At this point, I’d rather Stefan with Caroline and Damon with Bonnie. It’s the only way the brothers and the show will explore new dynamics/stories.

    • Gwen says:

      Right – not sure why any one would ship Stalelena – that ship is beyond old/ stale and just boring. They were high school students that fell in love which was sweet but they outgrew each other. Stefan and Elena are better at friends. It is more than obvious that Delena was the endgame since S2. When I saw Damon declare his Love for Elena, which was strong, confident, genuine, and sincere, I knew he was committed and their would be no turning back. Rose was spot on – Damon is the “BEST” for Elena

  18. Liza says:

    You got to be kidding me right? They got their freaking rainkiss do we really need more? and i’m sorry but they had their happy months, remember, when they didn’t give a damn about anyone else and didn’t even notice that stefan and bonnie were missing, while they had their perfect summer.? Got so terrible, this already shows again that the writers only think about the delena fans. All the other fans are ready for damon and bonnie to happen, they want something different, wish they would listen to them once.

    • noooon says:

      Exactly. I don’t understand how they expect to show them happy… dinner dates, picnics.. like lets be real people this is a show about VAMPIRES. Maybe if Elena was still human the relationship could still work.

  19. Gwen says:

    Finally, fans will get to see Damon / Elena happy. It has been obvious from the start that they were the endgame and it was difficult to watch so many roadblocks get put in their way just for the sake of dragging their relationship out. I can’t wait for S6 to return and hope for a Delena wedding in S7.

    • Blank says:

      Caroline & Tyler had/have roadcloks in their way, Caroline & Klaus had too many roadblocks stalling their consummation as a couple, Caroline & Stefan are in itself a roadblock – she’s just too awesome for Stefan to even think to go back to Elena – but Damon & Elena consummated the relationship. This is it for them. There’s nothing to look forward about them.

  20. AGH says:

    Delena is the best <333333333

  21. Hope Suitor says:

    I would rather have Klaus and Elijah working together, at least they are not fighting against Haley. They work best together and with Dalia coming back for Hope they all need to work together. I know that Klaus is always going to protect Hope and Elijah will want to protect everyone that is just the way he is. And that is what I love about him but at times I wish that he would think of his happiness first

  22. Roxy says:

    i’m totally for Damon and Bonnie. I can’t stand Elena’s character. Hopefully Katherine comes back.

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  24. saira awan says:

    delena is uncomparable and bonnie better suits as a sister of damon.

  25. donna says:

    It’s ashame how boring the shows gotten I been inlove with it for years now it’s just Delena corny love scenes an overly ridiculous story lines i watch out of obligation an cuz I love the cast but they need to change something I miss being excited for what’s next yeah Ian’s hot but I need more than Delena they’re boring like watching a soap opera…

  26. fbgngn says:

    I don’t think that delena will work out in the end or at least this is what i hope for!i mean it wouldn’t be right for stelena love to end like this without any glory!i think there is more to tell about the two of them!Paul Wesley and Somerhalder have confirmed that stelena is not out of question and delena may not work in the end even though they try for!I trully hope the ending to be fair and moral because in the name of what my heart trully desires many have suffered in this show!!!

  27. Sydney says:

    I think Damon and Elena were meant for each other