CW Boss Talks Dixie's Fate, Even More DC Comics Fare, Supernatural Spinoff

The CW might supersize Arrow‘s super world even further, it was hinted Sunday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

With Arrow and its offshoot The Flash flourishing in the wake of their two-night crossover, CW president Mark Pedowitz said, “We are having some preliminary discussions about expanding [that] universe, but we have not vetted them out.” Stressing the need to be “judicious” about adding more DC Comics fare, he posed, “Could there be another hour in that universe? Possibly. As long as there’s no audience fatigue.”

As for future Arrow/Flash crossover events, Pedowitz sees them being an annual fourth-quarter thing a la Doctor Who‘s Christmas specials.

All told, Pedowitz is happy with the network’s current balance of genre vs. non-genre fare. For one, he noted, “We’ve gone from a 70/30 [female/male viewer] mix to 60/40. So we’ve brought men back to the fold.”

Other topics tackled during The CW’s execution session at TCA:

* It is “not necessarily” Hart of Dixie‘s final season, Pedowitz said. With only the second episode of the current season airing this Friday, “We have to see the ratings.” As for this season’s last episode, he said, “If [Dixie] ends, it’s a great series finale. And if it doesn’t end, it’s a great season finale.”

* With Supernatural already renewed for the fall, the network boss made clear: “We are completely open to looking at a spinoff” — even after the last development cycle’s Bloodlines died on the vine. As the producers develop Season 11, “Hopefully, they will come up with something we can use.”

* Pedowitz estimated that Season 3 of Beauty and the Beast — absent from this morning’s midseason premiere news — will arrive in “late May/June.”

* Jane the Virgin is a critical hit, but its numbers aren’t exactly setting the world on fire. That said, “We didn’t have a very high bar on Mondays at 9,” Pedowitz noted. Thus his attitude toward Jane is “let it sit and give it time.”

* Pedowitz acknowledged that while The CW has improved its standing on most days of the week, “Our Thursday night [line-up] got hit by the fact that ABC to their credit… made it tougher,” opening the night with Grey’s Anatomy, leading into buzzy Scandal.

* Asked if a new Star Trek series might wind up calling The CW home, he said, “Hopefully, we’ll be able to look at it” — not that any new offshoot of the TV-turned-film franchise is on the books. “I have heard no discussions about it going out as a TV series, at all.”

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  1. Fabian says:

    What about The 100?!

  2. Boiler says:

    Renew HoD and pair with Jane. Not sure what he means by genre mix. His comparison isn’t genre related it is gender related. Also I think CW is perfect for 2 separate seasons!! Take advantage of reruns on other networks.

  3. ninamags says:

    That Supernatural spin-off seems like a hard thing to do. Lets be honest, if Sam and Dean aren’t on the screen, people might not tune in. I know I won’t. They should do a prequel series. Young Bobby and Rufus, young Daddy Winchester, the Men of Letters’ early days would be cool as well.

    • AJ says:

      I agree. Fans have been throwing around spin-off ideas about Castiel, Bobby, Rufus, MoL, John Winchester, etc. Yet CW tried to make one with characters nobody cared about. Give us some kind of prequel spin-off.

    • Carrie says:

      I like the idea of a prequel series, set in another decade, like the 70’s. We’ve been waiting a long time for them to bring John Winchester back and he was always such an interesting character. I really like the actor who played the younger version. Even a young Mary Winchester spin-off would be a cool idea.

    • Kim says:

      I love that idea! I would love to learn more about the Men of Letters. I don’t think they got deep enough into details about them and all that they can do. Even seeing how John juggled a very young Sam and Dean while they were growing up would be cool. Learning more about Johns family, his father, would be a great story.

    • bigmoe516 says:

      Yeah… But they would need a lead that will sell… And gritty story that maybe goes back to the earlier supernatural days

  4. I think if they were going to work on a new Supernatural spinoff, they should delve into the World of Oz.

    • Drew says:

      No. Please no. That episode was horrible and the only good thing that came from it was the fact that Charlie is no longer on Earth… Which is a victory that will soon be taken from me.

  5. Mike says:

    there a new star trek series in the works? what are the details

  6. B says:

    would love to see the DC universe expand on CW! I was a huge smallville fan and am obsessed with flash, curious what they might be considering next!

  7. Cheryl says:

    Please Mr Pedowicz put Castiel into that Supernatural spin off. He needs to go! Castiel and the Angel mythology have been shoe horned in for too many seasons. Its an anchor even Carver who has been doing an amazing job getting the focus back on the heart of this show, the brothers and their relationship and getting their journey moving forward again can’t be expected to carry for much longer.

    • ninamags says:

      Except Pedowicz has already said that Castiel would not be an interesting character to warrant a spin-off. I agree that Castiel and the angels need to get out of the show but a spin-off for that loser is never going to happen.

    • Trace says:

      Funny enough, the ratings tanked (0.7) during season seven when it was just the brothers. The ratings resurgence happened after Castiel was brought back for Carver’s run. Having both Cas and Crowley AND the new viewers from Netflix (to replace all those who bolted during Gamble’s run and watch for more than just the brothers) are why Supernatural will be the longest continously running genre show as of 10.23 (when theyovertake Smallville).

  8. Lizo says:

    I loved the Arrow/Flash crossover and look forward to more. If the CW does add another DC show to the lineup (which I would totally watch), I hope it’s focused on a female superhero

    • Mark says:

      I’ve seen several stories saying that CBS’s Supergirl series will be tied into the CW DCU. Is she female-hero enough for you? :)

  9. I figure Hart of Dixie has their series finale ready in case they do no get renewed since it was close last time about being cancelled

  10. TV God says:

    I’m hoping and praying for a DC series about Raven. She is the BEST superhero.

  11. Drew says:

    Supernatural has introduced a ton of characters that I would love to watch in a spinoff (especially if the shows are as closely tied as Arrow and The Flash). Or they could do hunters vs Men of Letters series set in the past.
    What they should avoid is making up a spinoff with entirely new characters that violates canon like last time.

    • Trace says:

      Not gonna happen, almost everyone still alive are “too old” for the CW. (i.e. Kim Rhodes tweeted that she was flat out told by the CW she was too old to be seen by casting).

  12. Leola says:

    i really hope Hart Of Dixie gets to come back.

  13. Matty says:

    I just wish they’d cancel Top Model already! that show has run its course and frankly has never produced a top supermodel.

  14. Tran says:

    This could be either good news or bad news for Hart of Dixie if the series doesn’t hold up.

  15. lola says:

    I really want another Season of Hart of Dixie

    • Rachel says:

      Same here. I’m trying not to get my hopes up… it would make my year. The first episode of season four was so funny, I still have such faith in it.

  16. Dan Mason says:

    Hart of Dixie better end fairly soon before Bilson becomes so tiny she flits away. Right now she reminds me of a willow wisp.

  17. He is blaming Thursday nights bad rating on ABC’s Thursday lineup? – don’t think TVD and Reign have the same viewers as Greys and Scandal – also wouldnt Greys fans have already been with Greys for like 5 years before TVD even started, just saying its a bad excuse from Pedowtiz

  18. Ram510 says:

    If they are so concerned with thier Thursday night line up cause of ABC and competing for female viewers, why not shake things up and make a DC night on Thursdays. Yes I know Thursday at 8 belongs to TVD but it’s aging and it can survive a change. Highly doubt this will happen but I don’t see the point in keeping so much teeny bopper shows when clearly the network is having success in other areas

  19. Erin says:

    If they wanted to do another spin off why not do another one from vampire diaries called the other side and follow characters that have passed on…they have plenty to choose from.

  20. Raz says:

    Would love to see a spin off of a young John Winchester and the boys. Want to see how they got to that point in 2005 when Dean breaks into Sam’s Stanford apt. Plus would be interesting to see Cas in young Jimmy Novacs body.

  21. I think THE CW needs to add Sundays back to it’s lineup as it did wonders for The WB and for the 1st few years for the CW as they could surely use and have like Hart Of Dixie and Jane The Virgin at least as that big night as it make it about the Drama’s.

  22. tjchurch2001 says:

    If “Supernatural” is looking at a spinoff, it had better include “Charlie”/Felicia. I read an article about her soon-to-air return that said each new season now can almost guarantee her coming back. Also, with the “Dungeons & Dragons” hinting at what her real name might be, & the “LARPer” talk about her returning to old names, you’ve got all you need for a “Gotham”-style origin-story show!!

  23. kate says:

    Love hart of dixie please don’t contact it!!! I love everything a out the show I look forward to watching !! It’s such a cute loving show

  24. Jackie says:

    Please don’t cancel Heart of Dixie. It’s such a feel-good hour of entertainment. Love this show!!!

  25. Please renew Hart of Dixie. I love the show.

  26. judy says:

    I look forward to fridays so i can watch my favorite show hart of dixie for the last 4 years.please don’t make this show the last season. I love all the characters. All ages watch this show in my family.

  27. ChristianNYC says:

    I would love a Zatanna series on the CW we have two male centric heroes series make the other a female, center it on the Supernatural and you might have a hit.

  28. ChristianNYC says:

    I actually liked Constantine as well. I am hohoping Supergirl doesn’t get cancelled but being on CBS ecen if it is good she will need lots of viewers I wish she was on The CW instead

  29. ChristianNYC says:

    The longest running when it was The WB was 7th Heaven. I was so upset becauset it did end at season 10 but they were debating “should we renew Charmed for season 9 or not?”. I am a huge Charmed fan but when they cancelled Charmed in favor of renewing 7th Heaven for an 11th season when they tagged the last episode of season 10 7th Heaven as “series finale” I wanted to break my tv set