Glee Premiere Recap: Brave New Lima

Glee Season 6 Premiere

“They say you have to lose everything before you can really find yourself.” These haunting words from Rachel’s dad fit perfectly with Glee‘s final season premiere, as Friday’s return redefined what it means to hit rock bottom.

Picking up several months after last season’s oddly hopeful finale, the two-hour premiere introduced several major setbacks for Ms. Berry: Not only is her career in the toilet — That’s So Rachel managed to offend every single special interest group, including NAMBLA — but her dads are also getting a divorce. Still, rather than power through the obstacles in her path, a message Glee has always stressed to its viewers, Rachel decided to tuck her tail between her legs and return to Lima.

Also on the outs are Kurt and Blaine, the latter of whom is now working as the coach of the Dalton Academy Warblers, following his depression-induced expulsion from NYADA. (You can read more about Kurt and Blaine’s love life, including my personal rant against their new story line, a little further down.)

Thankfully, and against all logic, the original members of New Directions — Quinn, Puck, Santana, Brittany, Mercedes and Artie — were more than happy to drop whatever they were doing to return to McKinley and help Rachel and Kurt rebuild New Directions, much to the chagrin of Principal/Dictator Sue Sylvester.

Now, let’s break down the specifics of this week’s occasionally baffling premiere…

Glee Blaine KarofskyKLAINE-OFSKY | Without question, the premiere’s biggest game-changer was the revelation that, not only have Kurt and Blaine called off their wedding — things got tense when they lived alone in the loft — but Blaine is now in a relationship with Karofsky. Yes, Karofsky. Rant alert: I’m all for temporarily splitting up Kurt and Blaine for dramatic effect, but the notion that either of them would date Karofsky after everything they went through is preposterous. And the very idea of Blaine thinking Kurt would be A-OK with them all hanging out together is kind of an insult to the fans who have endured their relationship’s many ups and downs over the years. In fact, Kurt bawling his eyes out in the Scandals bathroom was probably the only logical emotion any character exhibited this week. Am I wrong?

HOMEWARD BOUND | Ignoring for a moment that flying to Ohio for Homecoming would be nearly impossible for several of the show’s OGs, it was great to see the ol’ gang reunited. Sam attempting to get back with Mercedes (“Are you still a virgin?”) was hilarious, the two performances from the Unholy Trinity were flawless and the obligatory joke at Tina’s expense (“You said you’d wait for me to park the rental car!”) left me feeling warm and fuzzy all over. And while I would have preferred for Glee to incorporate more of the newbies from two seasons ago — Jake, Marley, Ryder, etc. — rather than introducing us to a crop of students we’ll only know for 11 more episodes, I’ll take what I can get.

Glee Season 6 New KidsTHE NEW RECRUITS | Speaking of newbies, Glee‘s final season premiere also introduced the five students upon whose vocal chords New Directions is being reborn: There’s Spencer, a “post-modern gay” who’s apparently allowed to call his football teammates “whiney homo”s without consequence; Jane, Dalton Academy’s first female student, who joins Rachel’s crusade after being rejected by the Warblers; Roderick, a perpetually bullied rocker (Sue calls him “White Precious”) who treats his oversized headphones like a comfort blanket; and the “incest twins,” Mason and Madison, who double as Cheerios. (Side note: “Incest twins” is Kitty’s nickname for them, and I really hope that’s not something to be explored down the line.)

And now, we play the rating game
Rachel: “Uninvited” — Rating: A
Blaine and Rachel: “Suddenly Seymour” — Rating: B
Blaine and the Warblers: “Sing” — Rating: A-
Vocal Adrenaline: “Dance the Night Away” — Rating: B
Rachel: “Let it Go” — Rating: B+
The Originals: “Take On Me” — Rating: B
Jane and the Warblers: “Tight rope” — Rating: A-
The Unholy Trinity: “Problem” — Rating: A++
Roderick and the Unholy Trinity: “Mustang Sally” — Rating: A
New Directions, Originals and Newbies: “Home” — Rating: A+

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  1. Eli Edwards says:

    Glee was… surprisingly good tonight.

    • Shaz says:

      It was!! I felt like it was reinvigorated! I saw a little of Rachel in Janes’ overachieving yet insecure demeanor, and White Precious, although nothing like Finn, reminded me of him somehow. It was nice, and I’m hopeful for the 11 next episodes.
      Again, I want to know why Rachel was walking around her place of work singing LET IT GO, while wearing hot pants……and closeups of her perky bottom. They gave us one of her crazy shirts, which was fun, but I was hoping for a pleated skirt that came below her buttocks, not booty shorts. Its her show I guess, she can do what she wants with it.
      Lastly, I dont mind Blaine and Dave being together. Breakups happen and they’re hard, and Kurt needed to learn that before he married the first person he ever kissed, they were a mistake. Dave and Blaine make sense, and they’re dead cute together! Give it a shot people, please!

      • tea says:

        Absolutely refuse to give the Blaine/Dave a shot!!!!!!! Ridiculous that of ALL the gay characters they could bring as a possible pairing and they chose the bully, sexually harassment guy that tormented Kurt?? NO. I am done with glee! The have ruined the one show I watched and enjoyed and ruined the last season…. I was depressed before but this??? I’m done, good bye cruel heartless show

      • Kaley says:

        Blaine and Karofsky are not cute together. This is the guy who bullied Kurt for a long time. Blaine dating him is just sick.

        • Evelyn says:

          Yes!. Kurt and Blaine are better than blaine and karofsky. I mean karofsky did BULLY Kurt for a long time. That’s just wrong.

          • Marco says:

            And Blaine keeps on bullying Kurt. UNREPENTANTLY.

          • KayKay says:

            But Blaine is even worst than Karofsky right now. I vote for better match for Kurt, someone handsome, little sarcastic and with chemistry between them. Hobbit can go f… himself! (sorry for mistakes, english isn’t my first language)
            @Marco – exactly!

      • Rhiane says:

        No no way Kurt and Blaine were made for each other The perfect couple when I hear the word love I think of Klaine. But Blaine and Karofsky is a disgrace and I think it’s an insult to Kurt. If the writers had to be so selfish to break up Kurt and Blaine couldn’t they at least put him with someone who we actually shipped Blaine with like Sebastian or Sam?

        • Marco says:

          So when you think of love… you think of emotional abuse. Wow.

        • AngieD says:

          Recall, Blaine being with Seb was Kurt’s 1st thought.

          Honestly, Kurt forgave Karofsky 100% as he helped David after his suicide attempt. He saw that he was fortunate to have family and friends who accepted him whereas David did not have supportive friends and thought his family didn’t either. They made their peace a long time ago – also, it’s apparent that David was no longer a bully when he and Kurt spoke at Scandals while Blaine danced with Seb a couple of seasons ago. I could understand not forgiving David if had chosen to go back into the closet and continue to bully, but the guy grew up into an apparently decent guy.

          Kurt has ‘lost’ Blaine due to his own immaturity in not working through his relationship issues with Blaine. David did not break them up.

          Why should Blaine just run back to Kurt after Kurt hurt him?

          Also, I never felt that they dealt with Blaine cheating on Kurt. They jumped into ‘just messing around’ to enaged in the blink of an eye. Kurt likely has niggling concerns and Blaine’s trying to hang on too tight – without really talking it out, I’m not surprised they would break up.

          • Julie says:

            Dave asked Kurt forgiveness at the hospital when he recovered from a suicidal attempt, of course Kurt would forgive him, he’s not a monster, he didn’t want to see him try again to kill himself but that doesn’t mean he fully forgive him ! Don’t forget that Kurt had seen his life threatened and was bullied for years, not a 2 minutes apology can fix everything !!!
            In season 5 when they mentionned him (in 5×18 I think) they said “Karofsky” not Dave when they talked about him, proof that neither Kurt nor Blaine were friend with him !
            And Blainofsky is strange, seems out of place. They bonded talking all night about Kurt, that’s creepy, sorry (remember how he was obsessed with Kurt) !! And in the first 2 épisodes, when we see them together, every time it’s Dave who initiate physical contact, Blaine seems to turn on himself, the relationship feel like one sided. Dave initiate and Blaine goes with it because he don’t know or something like that, it makes me uncomfortable to watch that.
            But on the other side, the longing look, the missed kiss at Scandal, Kurt holding Blaine’s hand really shows that’s not over, that they both still love each other.
            And everyone cheated on the show, not just Blaine, they were too young to get engaged but not too young for Blaine to cheat on him ???
            They both had made mistakes, they both need to work on themselves (that’s why they’re both seeing therapists) to fix their Relationship.

    • greysfan says:

      It really was! It was back to the way it was when it was so great. I hope it doesn’t take a nosedive next week though. This show seems to do that. I definitely will be enjoying it right to the end though.

  2. Buffy0531 says:

    Isn’t it Rachel “Berry”?

  3. Joey says:

    Hah, that was a bigger fail than Puppet Master, or whatever the heck that episode was called.

  4. LoloCurray says:

    I… Didn’t hate it???

    • Andy Swift says:

      I didn’t hate it, either. It entertained me, despite the Karofsky twist.

      • The Beach says:

        Flyin’ a bit fast and loose with those “A”s and “A+”s aren’t we, Andy?

        • Andy Swift says:

          To be honest, I felt I went a little hard on the episode, so I gave the songs some wiggle room. I probably won’t be this generous moving forward.

          • Shaz says:

            Some of the songs were too force, but not as shoehorned as they have been in recent years. I could have done without let it go, and suddenly seymour. The 4 new recruits are already leaps and bounds better than marley and jake and them, but I was sad to see Kitty be rude. I was looking forward to seeing Kitty again, and instead she was mean again.

            Also….what grade was Kitty in on season 4? With all the time jumps, how is she still at WMHS? Was she a freshman when the originals started college? Having the rest of the newbies transfer was a stupid way of explaining them away. Its not that easy.

          • Wish you had at least mentioned the political rant in the middle of it. No matter the side you’re on, it was horrible.

  5. Kaylee says:

    Better than expected. ‘Twas nice to see the great Rachel BERRY eat humble pie.

  6. Ronnie says:

    Kurt should sing in his lower register more often. I really liked the sound of his voice in the final song!

    • Steph says:

      Agreed! “Home” was fantastic! They cut his high register part from “Take On Me” (damn it…can barely hear him in that). Noah Guthrie and Sammie Ware were very good, too: “Mustang Sally” and “Tightrope”.

    • Angela says:

      Wholeheartedly agreed on this.

  7. Wire says:

    Please. Not another pathetic “Klaine” rant against a Karofsky/Blaine coupling. Bad enough we have to endure the clueless Gleeks on these types of comment boards spewing uneducated stupidity regarding the Karifsky character (e.g. “He threatened Kurt’s life!!!” Seriously, you fools?) but I don’t expect a columnist to trudge the same silliness. Besides, “Klaine” was the most pallid, unrealistic couple in TV history. Good riddance.

    • Olivia says:

      Don’t you know? Blaine can try to force himelf on Kurt and cheat on him and still be husband material but a self-hating gay boy who has since made amends is obviously to blame for everything.

      • Kendall says:

        Yeah sexual, physical and mental assault is all forgiven with a quick apology. Attempting suicide isn’t a cleanse of all his bad choices, stop acting like Karofsky actually did anything to warrant a redemption. Also seriously blaine didn’t force himself on kurt and kurt also cheated on blaine….yet no one seems to feel that kurt’s cheating is a way to crucify him for the rest of the show.

        • Steph says:

          Kurt cheated on Blaine??? He did MUCH LESS than Blaine did with Sebastian (flirting, meeting for coffee, etc)…when Kurt protested, Blaine ignored him and continued – for MONTHS. Kurt lets a dweeb flirt with him for a week, when Blaine has backed off and he’s a cheater? When Kurt got “distant” (work, anyone???), Blaine picks a random to flat-out screw. Talk about a hypocrite > Blaine. Two different sets of standards.

        • Kaley says:

          The new episodes weren’t all bad but god what they are doing with Kurt and Blaine and Karofsky is awful. Blaine being in a relationship with Karofsky now is just so messed up. Even if he and Kurt are broken up I don’t know how he can be with the guy who bullied Kurt for so long and who threatened to kill him. I’m afraid that Klaine will still get back together after this and it will be awful. Blaine cheated on Kurt and he lied to him and acted so childish all the time and now this. Kurt deserves better!

        • juliette says:

          “Blaine can try to force himelf on Kurt” ???!! sériously??! Obviously you have never been sexually assaulted or you will not confuse what happened between Blaine and Kurt and attempt rape.

          • Pie says:

            Please ignore this disgusting haters theyre ill

          • Marco says:

            Look who’s talking.

          • KayKay says:

            @Juliette – And in your opinion it was what? Friendly cuddles?

          • juliette says:

            If Blaine had been a woman, or even if the roles were reversed, none of you will talk about attempt rape.

            In a couple, if one partner is insistent but not violent and once he understood the rejection of his partner and respect that, is not a aggression.

            Blaine was Kurt below, not above. He’s not thrown on him.

            I was sexually assaulted, 2 times, and this scene between Kurt and Blaine has nothing to do with attempt rape.

            ps: sorry for my english, english is not my native language.

          • juliette says:

            Similar scenes in movies where drunken women behave like Blaine, it does not shock anyone, but because Blaine is a man and Kurt, in your logic he’s the woman, then you’re shocked. For people supposed to be tolerant and open-minded as are viewers of Glee, you’re still too influenced by gender stereotypes.

            Blaine did not try to force himself on Kurt, he was just too uninhibited and too insistent. A woman has the right to be insistent, but a man does not have the right to be, he is considered like an aggressor.
            It’s sexist, especially for women than for men. Consider that a woman is too weak to defend herself or say no and to be respected. And a man is necessarily dangerous and unable to contain himself, so we must not tolerate in him a behavior that is tolerated in women.

          • KayKay says:

            Jezz. It’s not becouse of gender! Man or woman it’d doesnt really matter. He throw himself on Kurt. It’s even worst, coz he think he LOVEs Kurt. Blanderson mix up love with some strange obsession.

          • juliette says:

            You have absolutely not understand what I am writing, He doesn’t throw himself on Kurt, seriously, how old are you?! Have you any experience in love or are you still too young and inexperienced to interpret a simple scene?!!

            There are several similar scenes in the cinema, and strangely, these scenes does not shock, stop being hypocritical.

            Sorry, but if I want to explain this more clearly, I must return to my native language, because my very bad English limit myself too. So in French …

            Des scènes comme ça, entre des couples, que ce soit au cinéma ou dans la vraie vie, y en a à la pelle, comment pouvez vous confondre un amant ivre trop entreprenant, demandant à son conjoint de lui faire l’amour avec insistance, car trop désinhibé, et un agresseur qui se jette volontairement sur sa victime en utilisant la violence physique pour la soumettre. Le comportement des hommes qui m’ont agressé n’avait rien à voir avec celui de Blaine, ils n’étaient pas en-dessous de moi à me dire “s’il te plais” et à me demander la permission. Non, ils m’ont plaqué et frappé pour m’immobiliser et ils ne m’ont certainement pas demandé, ni attendu ma permission.

            Et si, les stéréotypes sexistes ont tout à voir avec votre vision de cette scène, combien de fois au cinéma avons nous vu une femme ivre, hors de ses moyens, raccompagnée par son conjoint ou l’homme qu’elle aime, et qu’au lieu de se montrer raisonnable, elle se montre entreprenante et demande à faire l’amour avec insistance, quitte à être trop collante. Ces scènes là ne choquent jamais, car ce sont des femmes, mais quand les rôles sont inversés, ces scènes sont interprétées de manière totalement différente.

            Je sais que la majeure partie des téléspectateurs de cette série sont très jeune et manque d’expérience en la matière, et peut être qu’ils ont aussi une vision trop manichéenne des choses, mais ils ne sont pas totalement stupide, du moins j’ose l’espérer.

            Il serait peut être temps de grandir, la vie n’est pas toute rose, ça n’est pas disney, l’amour n’est pas tout rose et tout mielleux. En réalité, surtout quand c’est passionnelle, la frontière est mince entre amour et haine. Parfois on se trompe les uns les autres, on se ment, on se sépare, on se remet ensemble, on se déchire tout en s’aimant, un moment on se dispute et la minute d’après on fait l’amour.

            Quand Blaine s’est senti mit de côté et seul, il a fait une grosse connerie en allant voir ailleurs, de même que dans la saison 3, Kurt a flirté avec un autre garçon, car il se sentait délaissé par Blaine qui été devenu lointain. Tout les deux à ces moments précis avaient conscience que ce qu’ils faisaient était mal, mais ils l’ont fait quand même, car parfois l’amour ne pousse à faire des choses stupides et bien souvent, on fait bien plus de mal à ceux qu’on aime.

            Et comme c’est une série musicale, autant essayer de faire comprendre la complexité qu’il peut y avoir dans une vie de couple avec une chanson, une chanson de Jacques Brel, qui est resté marié avec sa femme malgré les séparations, malgré qu’il l’ait trompé et qu’elle l’a trompé, malgré le fait que parfois ils se soient fait la guerre.

            Je fais l’effort de mettre les paroles en anglais;

            The Song of Old Lovers

            Certainly, we’ve had stormy times.
            Twenty years of love–it’s a crazy love.
            A thousand times you took your luggage
            A thousand times I took off.
            And each piece of furniture
            in this room without a cradle calls back
            the flashes of old tempests.
            Nothing makes sense.
            You’ve lost your taste for the waters
            and I for the conquest.

            But, my love,
            my sweet, my tender, my marvelous love,
            in the clear light of dawn until the end of the day,
            I love you still, you know. I love you.

            Myself, I know all your spells;
            you know all my charms.
            You’ve protected me from pitfall to pitfall.
            I have forgotten you from time to time.
            Of course, you took a few lovers;
            time had to be spent well,
            the body must rejoice.
            Ultimately, in the end,
            we had to have a good deal of talent
            to be this old without being grown-ups.

            Oh, my love,
            my sweet, my tender, my wonderful love,
            in the clear light of dawn until the end of the day,
            I love you still, you know. I love you.

            The more time marches us on (toward our funerals),
            the more time torments us.
            But is it not the worst trap
            for lovers to live in peace?
            Certainly, you no longer cry as quickly;
            I tear myself apart a little later–
            we protect our secrets less.
            We leave less to chance,
            we’re cautious of the current of the waters,
            but it’s always “the tender war.”

            Oh, my love,
            my sweet, my tender, my marvelous love,
            in the clear light of dawn until the end of the day,
            I love you still, you know. I love you.

            Jacques Brel.

    • Molly says:

      The big issue is that Karofsky and Blaine have NOTHING in common. There was never any hint of a spark between them whatsoever. It seems like they forced them together just to create drama, because they knew it would maximize the angst if they used Karofsky instead of just introducing some random dude. Glee has an annoying habit of completely bizarre and nonsensical pairings like that (remember when Sam dated Santana for no discernible reason?)

      • Rachel Scott says:

        There has to be a reason people date each other. I thought people meet, get to know each other, and then date. How do we know they have nothing in common when have never seen them interact on tv? Also, didn’t Sam start dating Santana after he found out Quinn cheated on him, I always just though of it as revenge/rebound dating.

      • You make a great point! There is no spark between karofsky and blaine

      • Para says:

        I do thimk the point is Blaine date Dave to get back at Kurt. I liked it.

      • AngieD says:

        I don’t view Blaine dating Karofsky as revenge. I think it is a rebound relationship on Blaine’s end. As Blaine said, they bumped into each other and started to talk. Karofsky helped Blaine through the misery of the breakup. THey found themselves enjoying each other’s company, etc. You don’t have to have all common interests to be a successful couple. – how may wives don’t want to watch sports all day with their husbands or vice versa.

        Of course, I don’t think they will be a successful couple. As I mentioned, I think Blaine was rebounding. at some point, he and Kurt will give it a 3rd try.

      • Fox says:

        I really don’t have a problem with Blaine dating Karofsky. I think they need to add a little flashback to see how it happend so that it could be more believed. Blaine dating Karofsky is not only a rebound but it is away for him to not let Kurt go. If you think about both Blaine and Karofsky have a history with Kurt; therefore, Blaine could talk about Kurt all day long with Karofsky without feeling bad about it. It is Blaine’s way of keeping Kurt close but trying to appear he’s moved on. Clearly Karofsky is still kind of struggling with redemption. He really wants to be friends with Kurt because I believe if Kurt is truly his friend than he’s forgiven. Just my opinion.

    • tamar says:

      KURT: You kissed me, Karofsky, and I understand how hard this is for you to deal with, so no, I haven’t told anyone.

      KAROFSKY: Good. You keep it that way. ‘Cause if you do, I’m gonna kill you.

      lol but he was just joking! why did Kurt have to be such a drama queen and get all scared and change schools??? people can be such fools, sheesh!

      • Steph says:

        Joking? There was no “joke” involved. Not with the look on Karofsky’s face. That being said, I feel that he truly felt remorse in s3 (bullywhips) and they became (budding) friends. And Blaine is the biggest drama queen around. Kurt gets in trouble because he DOESN’T tell people when he’s having problems. Like full body slams that probably left full body bruises.

        • Angela says:

          I think tamar was being sarcastic with the “but he was just joking!” line, mocking those who don’t feel that Karofsky’s treatment of Kurt was that concerning.

    • Kaley says:

      I’m not a Klainer and I still think Blaine being in a relationship with Karofsky is all wrong. I guess you’re a Blaine stan who feels the need to defend him because he has once again messed up. ANd Karofsky did threaten to kill Kurt – don’t try to deny it. The scene is there for all the world to see.

  8. j says:

    The two episodes went by fast and I wanted more!

    • dan says:

      I thought the first episode moved quickly while the second was slow. The first hour was better than expected while the second wasn’t as good. I like all the originals coming back for Homecoming, but couldn’t we get a one sentence explanation from each as to what they’re doing now? Note to Naya Rivera: eat a cookie (or two).

  9. Tracy says:

    Rachel would not have accepted her failure and run back to Lima! Rachel would also not want to end up like Shelby and Shue coaching a glee club! Blaine got expelled for being depressed? Since when did Blaine ever have a depressive problem and what college expels you for that? Wouldn’t NYADA have suggested he defer attending and get some help? The Air Force isn’t going to give Puck time off to help build a glee club? And Quinn is taking a break from Yale while Tina does the same with Brown? These are big schools not the local community college! And Sue is still the same – what character has zero growth over a 6 year period? This whole episode was just plain STUPID and it confirmed the fact that Ryan Murphy is an idiot with zero respect for the history of his own show!

    • Ronnie says:

      Well they did say it was homecoming week (which most universities have, as well). I guess we’ll just have to suspend disbelief for a while and assume they were all the same exact week. lol As far as Blaine, he said he let his grades slip when he was depressed and that’s why he was kicked out.

    • Diogo says:

      I bet you watched Glee for the first time, lol!

    • The Beach says:

      Puck looked 35. And does it make me a bad person that I haven’t enjoyed the Becky Jackson character for several seasons?

    • Mike says:

      You don’t get expelled for being depressed. You get expelled for not doing your school work. So if he’s so depressed about the break up with Kurt that he does nothing school related then yes, he could get kicked out. And no, not all schools will help you. They expect you to be an adult and handle your situation. Blaine apparently didn’t.

  10. Simon says:

    I wasn’t going to watch but then my plans were cancelled and I caved. And to my surprise I’m glad it did. I really enjoyed. The second episode was a lot better than the first though. Can we please have the originals be in every episode.

  11. Riana says:

    I wonder how long it’ll be before Kitty’s back in Glee club. They might as well bring them all back. Let’s get Marley, Ryder, and Jake…and I guess Unique if they can’t find anyone else.

  12. Nana3 says:

    Tonight’s 2 hour episode didn’t disappoint. I do have to admit it had a different feel to the show with so many returnees and newbies. Where was Emma? Schue was with his new baby but I didn’t catch where Emma was. Overall I enjoyed the music and this set of newbies seem to bring it then the previous group which were inter-weaved with the original cast. I can do without Sue and her attitude. I do look forward to the final 11 episodes after tonight. With all that Big Apple stuff behind them I think they will finish the season on a high note.

    • powerturtle90sdudemon says:

      Well we know where Jayma was, but yeah Emma wasn’t in the school OR at home. Hopefully The Millers’ cancellation salvaged some Jayma availability for the rest of the season

      • Nana3 says:

        We can only hope. I still didn’t hear a mention of where she was. They only showed the baby once. When he had dinner with his former students no sighting of the baby. I do wish they got Jayma back for some episodes even though she was still doing the now cancelled the Millers. I also want to see Kurt’s dad and stepmom back.

  13. Olivia says:


    I actually liked it! A lot!

    The Unholy Trinity was everything OMG. The music was pretty good (some performances were even excellent: Problem, Tightrope, Mustang Sally and Home). There was dark humor, overall character consistency (Although some could’ve benefited from a change because Sam is still a moron and Blaine a Mary Sue). Dave, you can do SO much better, what the hell is wrong with you?! Those newbies should have been there in S4. From what we’ve seen of them so far, I like them all. I hope they don’t go there with the “incest twins”… but it’s Glee. I’m expecting anything. Especially if it’s bad lol.

    Oh how I’ve missed the originals being cute together, familyesque and all. And I’ve missed the UT even more!

    There was some stuff I didn’t like or care about but I can’t find it in myself to complain about it right now because tonight I’m feeling good after watching Glee. Truly shocking tbh. Next week’s promo with the proposal made me grin like an idiot :D

    • abz says:

      I feel the exact same. I was always planning on finishing the show till the end, but I kept my expectations low for this season. It wasn’t perfect, but I was surprisingly really entertained throughout. Just having the show back and the feel of it gave me the warm and fuzzies (as Andy put it). I find that no matter how messed up this show has become in so many ways, it still has the ability to make me smile at least several times while watching. Even seeing Sue journaling and having another fit of destruction which has been done to death on the show, I found amusing to see again.
      And oh how I wish these newbies came on the show back in the fourth season. I seriously enjoyed them all so far. And I have a feeling I’ll be laughing a lot because of the incest twins in particular. They all had nice voices and I’m kind of disappointed that we only have 11 episodes to get to know them. They seem so much better than Marley, Jake, Ryder, etc., all of whom had their good moments, but overall were pretty weak characters and incredibly boring at times, except Kitty.
      I will complain about a few things though lol. I don’t have a desire to see Kurt and Blaine together at all. Kurt needs to move on and realize he can do much better. I wish Adam Lambert was still available for the show, because Kurt and Elliott had much better chemistry than with Blaine. I just don’t think I ever bought Kurt’s “affection” for Blaine. In the early years maybe, but for the past two seasons, I don’t see it. Kurt doesn’t even seem to like Blaine half the time. Glad though that Kurt at least is still in NYADA. It’d be a shame if he quit just to come back and coach glee club.
      Also, not a fan of the Brittana proposal. Why is Glee constantly promoting these kids getting married? It’s enough already. Why can’t they just be young and date? None of them are ready for such commitments. Even Kurt himself said in the episode “We’re just kids!”
      I think I can get behind the concept of hitting rock bottom before getting back up, so I really hope that glee club coach is not the end for Rachel and she will head back to Broadway or wherever and learn from her mistakes. I mean I still think it’s still stupid the ease with which the show made her quit Broadway, but again young people do stupid things. She isn’t like Finn. She can try to be like him and Will for the time being, but Finn was destined to teach and lead. She’s destined for more and hopefully she’ll get them when she’s done making dumb decisions.

  14. MG says:

    brought me back to why I loved GLEE in the first place… Great premiere episodes and look forward to bringing it back to its best pieces to end the series. :) kudos

  15. Rachel Scott says:

    I liked the episode and I agree with all of the song grades except for Problem. I like the song, but it wasn’t worthy of an A++ with the three of them singing it, maybe a B at best. Also, the only thing I could think about during the performance was the Naya/Big Sean past conflict and the fact that he is now dating the Ariana Grande and that Naya was pretty much the lead in that song.

    • Thats what is great about it! Plus she sings it better than Ariana

      • Masht says:

        She really doesn’t sing it anywhere near as good as Ariana. And regardless, in the end it’s Ariana’s winning song and well, Naya’s just covering it on Glee. Just saying.

        • Dude says:

          Naya and Ariana are both extremely talented. Ariana is experiencing great success right now but a year ago she was just some girl from Nickelodeon so who’s to say this is the end for Naya? And out of the three Naya was by far the best (Dianna was horrific)

  16. Ronnie says:

    That was actually the best that Glee has been IN YEARS. If it’s just as good next week I’ll stick it out for the rest of the season.
    PS: Roderick and Jane can sing their faces off! Seems like they’ll fit in nicely.

  17. Molly says:

    The whole thing was actually really depressing. Rachel crashes and burns in her chance to be a star, dooming herself to working at her old high school? Blaine flunks out of college? Quinn decides that all her character development from a teen to a young woman with a new life was pointless and gets back together with the random high school boyfriend who knocked her up when she was 16? And at this point, are we really supposed to be happy at the idea that Klaine will inevitably marry given that they’ve proven twice they can’t successfully cohabitate?

  18. olita says:

    Ms. Barrie? Huh?

  19. Phee says:

    Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it but I have to say it was much better than the debacle that was the last two seasons. While I was never a fan of the original newbies, I would’ve liked to see them incorporated into this final season…then again with Ryan Murphy, who knows, it could still happen. Any guesses on what happens when it’s said and done? Who ends up running New Directions after Rachel makes it to the big stage again (assuming that happens)?

  20. Jayinchelsea says:

    GLEE probably cannot attain its early glory (and there were many moments of glory), but this was better and more entertaining than it’s been in quite a while. Like the new members, but loved seeing so many of the original members back, no matter how they got there.

  21. Cutiepie20 says:

    Is it mean that I was happy and laughing at how Blaine and Rachel just became failures, but I wish my baby Kurt success.

  22. dearlord says:

    I watched after having not done so since I gave up at the beginning of season 3 (thought I’d give it a shot since it’s ending). I loved the first season, the second season was good, but by the 3rd season I was pretty much, “We get it, Sue hates the Glee Club and wants to destroy it.” I was over it. Looks like nothing has changed: Sue hates the Glee Club and wants to destroy it. I get they need an “obstacle” to overcome, but as the song goes: Let It Go.

  23. JD Lang says:

    Even though there is no way Rachel Berry would have ever accepted defeat so easily, what I love about her, I’m willing to accept the premise because I love where they were going with her. I love her introspection, I love the return of rambling, hyper Rachel, I love her interaction with the new kids (she made a really great, empowering teacher for Jane), I loved her musical performances. As long this really is a temporary stop for her, I’m good and I’m very interested in the season ahead for her.

  24. Vola says:

    This was the most spectacularly bad episode of the whole series. The premises were ridiculous. The Sue Sylvester character was a parody of her own cartoonish self. The song selections were terrible. Vocal Adrenaline performers look to be pushing 40. When I think of how this show started out, it makes me sad. Don’t know if I can watch to the end.

    • JoMarch says:

      And to add to the mix, it was also BORING! I looked at the vote and was amazed that 64% thought it was awesome or above average.

  25. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    When Brian Stokes-Mitchell came in and told Rachel about the divorce, it screamed “WE CAN’T AFFORD JEFF GOLDBLUM!”

    • Rook says:

      Interesting I took it as “Jeff Goldblum has better things to do than be on Glee”

    • neaorlean says:

      They changed the dads once, why not do it again. Remember one of them was black in season 1?

      • Joey says:

        I kind of feel bad for you that you don’t realize that Brian Stokes Mitchell is African-American.

        • neaorlean says:

          He could be from Mars for all I care, he’s still not the same dad she had in season one.

        • neaorlean says:

          Also, I don’t think you thought that comment trough, why would you feel bad for me not realizing that he’s African-American? Do you want people to make the distinction? I honestly never realize people’s skin color, unless it’s as obvious as it is in this case – I remember the pictures of Rachel with her two dads, and one of them had a lot darker skin than Brian Stokes Mitchell, and it doesn’t make me racist to say so. If he was white and blond in the first season and white and black haired in the last, I would’ve noticed as well. Your comment makes you sound racist, not me, thank you very much.

      • powerturtle90sdudemon says:

        Brian Stokes-Mitchell IS black, but I know you mean darker black

  26. Dude says:

    I feel like Kurt’s line about “We’ll never be able to recapture that magic, you just have to go with it” was basically the thesis statement for this season. They know it will never be season one and they’re not even trying to recapture that, they’re barely trying to make it season four. It was fine albeit a tad dull but they didn’t go too over the top or embarrass themselves too much and that Rodrick guy is pretty good so sadly I guess that’s a win for them?

    Sidenote: Naya Rivera got all of one line of dialogue and had to sing a song by her ex’s new girlfriend. Bad ep to be a Santana fan.

  27. Jessie says:

    Surprisingly, I really liked it. I was really happy to see the old gang not only back, but singing. The new characters were introduced slowly and very carefully. We weren’t stuck with a room of a bunch of new kids we knew nothing about. They have created a decent storyline so far with the new season and I’m hoping the remaining episodes will be as good if not better.

  28. S says:

    The 6th season of Glee is Ryan Murphy’s social commentary of the arts in schools…a noble and necessary discussion that does not gel with where we left everyone last year. I actually can see Karofsky being with either Blaine or Kurt, especially since he faced many demons on his way to embracing his sexuality and himself. I think, no matter what, Glee will never be what any of us hoped due to the passing of Cory Monteith, and whatever comes will never satisfy the ending we dreamed when we first heard “Don’t Stop Believing”.

    • Amy says:

      You are right. Glee will never be what it once was or what we once thought it could be after Cory Monteith’s death and the horribleness that was last season. Still this season premiere was not bad so hopefully Glee can get back at least somewhat of what it was and finish out strong. Also I like Jane and Roderick. Too bad we won’t get a lot of time with them.

  29. veganpastor says:

    Yuck – Maybe don’t actually link to NAMBLA? No need to drive traffic to their site.

  30. Dude says:

    Can we talk about Max George’s glorified extra work as the Vocal Adrenaline lead? Wow, what happened?

  31. Cathy says:

    Where was Mike Chang?

    • dan says:

      I read that the actor was filming something out of the country and was unavailable for theses first episodes. Allegedly he will return at some point before the end. Of course, that is what I read online somewhere a few weeks ago so who knows if it’s true!

    • I thought the SAME thing???!!! Not one mention of Mike! :( “All the originals came back!” No they didn’t. Nobody even mentioned Mike, not even Tina! :'(

  32. Ashley says:

    It was way better than I thought it was gonna be, probably because I no expectations for this show anymore but it definitely had a season one feel that worked, especially in the second ep. Props to the new characters actually being interesting and likable this time. This is a promising start.

  33. Para says:

    it is kind of fun so I dont hate it.

    I also liked the premise this year, seems it could be a sustainable story__ Rachel found strength in Glee club again and go back to showbiz.

    I also didnt hate Klaine storyline, Dave Yogi Bear seems the logical third person, it will create a lot of drama and fun!!!

    Will keep watching and hopefully glee ends on a good note.

    the only problem though: the twin cherrios are annoying!!

  34. Many Questions says:

    If Broadway was supposed to be Rachel’s dream as we learned from the beginning of the series and her telling Shue just that recently, then why did she quit her dream so quickly? It seems pretty ridiculous how she got on Broadway so fast anyway, and shouldn’t she have known exactly what she signed up for and what the job demanded when she wanted to be that type of star since she was little? What, did she get bored and thought that TV pilot of all things would be a better move for her? And why didn’t she quit that pilot during filming unless she actually thought it was good? I think the writers wanted you to laugh at “That’s so Rachel” but it was just dumb and this whole storyline doesn’t seem to make much sense to me. How many people go back to their old high school in general?
    And why did Rachel tell Blaine he was too old to perform with the Warblers when Shue always performed with the New Directions so awkwardly?

    The newbies were better than I thought but the twins are weird. The Sue character is played out and has been since S2 and should be locked up. Becky screams every line, isn’t funny and is an awful person. Mark/Puck has aged badly. Always appreciate Finn references and want to see his plaque in the choir room. It’s tough to see group episodes now without Cory/Finn and I missed Mike Chang as well. I don’t know why Rachel said “everyone” when she introduced the group of characters for Kurt when it isn’t true. And how believable is it that Sue can transfer S4 newbies because they had the audacity for being in the glee club and are essentially gone from the show because of that move? Dianna/Quinn’s acting delivery is off and always has been.

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  36. Merlin Kun says:

    I always loved Karofsky, if it means it can bring him back just for a few episodes, I don’t mind the Klaine tension. Also, Roderick is hot as he is talented. Why would anyone want to bully someone as “precious” as him? Hahaha.


  37. Network says:

    If it stays this good (and now surprisingly I have some hope it might be) this will prove this show should have always been 13 episodes a season with more focused storytelling. The standard 22 was just too much time to fill. Greedy Fox is getting what it deserved. It could have had great ratings this whole time instead of dragging over the finish line. At least hopefully there will at least be a good ending

  38. Network says:

    Also, if it hadnt taken them so long to create actual interesting new glee kids this show wouldn’t be in it’s last season

  39. Steph says:

    The only reasons I could tolerate the premiere were (1) The music, (2) Chris Colfer’s freaking amazing performances – esp in the bathroom scene, and (3) I actually liked a cpl of the newbies 2.0: Roderick, Jane…jury’s out on the Bobbsey Twins, Madison & Mason. I’d like to bitch-slap Spencer, though. If we can expect such high quality performances as Chris delivered – and we usually can – and the newbies stay entertaining (great vocals, too), I may endure to the end. I agree 100% with the song ratings, by the way.

  40. soakedpancakes says:

    I was initially turned off by the idea of Blaine and Karofsky when I’d read the spoiler a while back, but after actually seeing them on the show, I’m fine with it.

    I took it as an unconscious spiteful motive of Blaine’s. In the breakup flashback, Blaine swore he’d never forgive Kurt. What if he unconsciously went to the degree of forging a romantic relationship with Kurt’s former tormenter just to infuriate the boy who broke his heart?

    I feel like that may have been emphasized by Blaine’s bored face at the end of Homecoming when he and Karofsky sat in the back of the truck. But maybe I’m misinterpreting things. I hope not, though, as I feel this could be an interesting storyline to venture.

  41. Angela says:

    I don’t really get all that invested in the shipping aspect of this show, so I have no major stance one way or another on whether or not Kurt and Blaine stay together (though I will certainly agree that after all they’ve been through of late a breakup at this point wouldn’t exactly be a surprise). That said, however, I completely agree with the Karofsky rant. Kurt’s reaction in the bathroom…I felt downright bad for the guy. I’m all for Karofsky turning over a new leaf and embracing who he is and all that good stuff, but yeah, like I said elsewhere recently, if I were in Blaine’s shoes, I’d just feel really weird about the thought of dating someone who used to bully a person I’d had a long, intimate relationship with.
    Bah. Anywho, as for the shows themselves, I loved seeing the old gang back together. I completely agree with the grades and top picks of the “Unholy Trinity” performance, as well as Rachel doing “Uninvited” (man, been a while since I’ve heard THAT song. Was neat to hear it again, I forgot how good that song is), and I really loved the “Take On Me” performance as well. Felt very early season “Glee”, that one. And I’m looking forward to seeing how Kurt and Rachel handle running the glee club, and going up against Sue. There were also some sweet moments between Will and Rachel that I liked.
    Of the new people, I like Jane right off the bat most of all-her “Tightrope” performance was fun (good song, too).
    So yeah. Not a bad start to the season. I look forward to seeing how this all plays out.

  42. Liam says:

    I haven’t liked Glee in 2-3 seasons and just tuned in because it’s ending and I loved it the first 3 seasons. The premiere was kinda old school. I hope most of the original cast hangs around till’ the end.

  43. E says:

    I’m not watching season 6 because every spoiler I heard about it beforehand put me off… plus Glee has really gone downhill since season 2… can’t wait until it’s finished and the actors can go on to do bigger and better things.

  44. Marco says:

    About your rant on Klaine and Karofsky, it’s way more preposterous that Kurt still stays with Blaine, who’s treated him like absolute crap and made NO MOVE to apologize and/or turn a new leaf. Do we or don’t we remember that it was BLAINE’S intervention that made things worse for Kurt (sure, let’s out the emotionally unstable guy ON THE STAIRCASES DURING SCHOOL and nowhere near any adults that could help), or that Kurt reacted to Adam’s complimenting him by saying how Blaine was better in a very Domestic Abuse Victim kind of way?

    It’s also believable that Blaine dates the guy who bullied Kurt (and then became Kurt’s friend, in a nice turn of events); he’s a spiteful little snot,and do we forget that when Kurt didn’t pay him complete, undivided attention he just went and screwed a dude he met on facebook or wherever? And that last season he was revealed to be pretty much a psychopath (Puppet Master)?

    At least Kurt and Dave getting together, after all these years (in-story) it would be believable.

  45. Stefanie says:

    What the hell happen. Karofky and Blaine have no chemistry at all!!!! I almost died she I saw it. Maybe Sebastian, and that’s just maybe. I don’t see Blaine and Kurt being apart!! They need to be together. Blaine and Kurt love each other and having then apart it’s stupid!!! , I really hope they get back together. Otherwise this show was the worst show I’ve ever seen.

    • Marco says:

      Blaine doesn’t love Kurt. He just thinks he does, but he’s never showed he did in actions. In fact, he’s shown to think of him as possession.

      Klaine = Emotional Abuse. That’s the equation Glee’s pushed since Season 3.

  46. neaorlean says:

    It’s been years now since I’ve stopped looking for consistency on Glee – it’s been more like The Simpsons when it comes to that since season 3, I don’t understand why people don’t see it that way – it’s completely on purpose too. The storylines mostly serve just the single episode, and not the whole show, and that’s OK, it’s a way to do things, why not? That’s not Glee’s biggest problem, but people can’t see past it for some reason. With that in mind, I didn’t hate Blaine and Karofsky together because of the death threats and whatnot, I hated them together because they’re just boring as a couple. Karofsky and Kurt would be more entertaining for me, and make more sense. The newbies are better than the season 4 ones, at least so far, the story is the same as always but that’s also on purpose. I’m so glad we didn’t get Marley and the knights of the inconceivable boredom, to me, they were the biggest problem of the last two seasons.

  47. Matthew says:

    Count me surprised. That kind of worked for me. It’s not at all where I thought the show would take me in the beginning but plot wise it works however illogical it is to have non college grads working at schools. Though that to was addressed. The over the top sue as principal stuff was hilarioua to me as a an educator for both how outlandish it was but also some of that stuff might be effective if it was allowed. Lol.

  48. Gerber says:

    How can anyone think Blaine and Karofsky are cute? Karofsky is Kurt’s bully. He spent years tormenting Kurt. Blaine and Kurt met BECAUSE they took a stand against Karofsky. Blaine and Karofsky spent the whole night TALKING ABOUT KURT. The fact that Blaine is now sleeping with him is a huge slap in the face to Kurt. How could Blaine think that Kurt would ever be cool with the three of them “hanging out”?

    • Katie says:

      Because it’s been years, and because Dave turned over a new leaf (you have heard that happens, yes?). Also, regarding the reviewer slipping their own opinion of the relationship in, I could have really, really done without that. Kind of makes me want to not come back to this site. Andy, may I remind you that after Glee wrote off Karofsky, Michael Ausiello was one strongly in favor of him returning? He brought it up constantly even though there had never been even a rumor of it?

  49. puck says:

    I really enjoyed Jane and the Warblers and White Precious, that’s about it.