Parenthood 100th Episode Recap: Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News

Worst. Party. Ever.

Even though Parenthood reached its pivotal 100-episode milestone on Thursday — syndication, baby! — the Bravermans were hardly in a celebratory mood.

In fact, this week’s hour was one of the family’s most harrowing yet, leading Camille to say the very words about Zeek we hoped she wouldn’t: “I don’t know if he’s going to make it through this.”

Got your tissues ready? Let’s recap what went down in “How Did We Get Here?”.

PAPA, DON’T LEAVE | The hour picks up right where November’s fall finale (rudely) left us: while Zeek is suffering a heart attack. One by one, the Braverman kids are called to the hospital, but once there, they’re given hardly any information about Zeek’s status. (Random thought: Is every TV doctor required to say, “We’re doing everything we can” at some point?) The lack of intel — combined with the trauma of watching Zeek lay motionless in bed — is too much for Camille, and she takes to the hospital’s chapel for a good cry. When Adam finds his mom weeping, he tries to reassure her that everything will be okay — but Camille finally admits that a much more grim outcome is possible.

Ultimately, Zeek’s prognosis is bleak. After suffering another heart attack while in the hospital (which will surely scar Julia for life, since she witnesses it) and having stents inserted, Zeek’s heart is simply “not as strong as it needs to be.” So, he’s got three options: 1) Go back into surgery to fix his faulty heart valve — easily the most dangerous scenario; 2) Leave his heart as is and run the risks of another heart attack, a stroke or a number of other terrible incidents; 3) Take some time to rest up, talk with the family and then make a decision. Even though Camille is prepared to talk it over with the kids, Zeek confesses that he wants the choice to be made by him and his wife alone.

Parenthood - Season 6Still, Zeek’s latest hospital visit does have a silver lining: It gives Drew a chance to patch things up with his grandfather, after the teenage Holt is wracked with guilt for spilling Zeek’s travel plans to Camille. When Amber and Drew are able to visit a recovering Zeek, Drew wastes no time in hugging it out with him. (Full disclosure: Drew’s earnest, “I love you, Grandpa” got me seriously misty.)

LET’S STAY TOGETHER | You know who else earned a small victory in this week’s episode? Those of us on Team Joelia. After the couple is seen in bed together (I know this is hardly the episode to celebrate, but still — yay!), Joel shows up at the hospital and stays by Julia’s side the entire day. He’s there to provide coffee for the whole Braverman clan. He’s there to translate all the medical jargon when Julia is too flustered. Basically, his transformation back into Good Guy Joel is almost complete — and even Julia admits that they’re on the way to getting back together. (All together now: FINALLY.)

Elsewhere in the hour:

* After someone breaks into The Luncheonette and completely trashes the place — I’m betting it was Alexandra Daddario’s Rachel, who’s still not over her unrequited love for Adam — Crosby and his brother discover just how big their insurance payout would be, should they decide to cash out and dissolve the business: $20,000 each, with enough money leftover to give Amber severance pay. Seems like a pretty sweet deal, yes? For Adam, totally. For Crosby… not so much. He’s not willing to give up on his dreams just yet, and when he tells Adam as much, the elder Braverman says… absolutely nothing in protest. (This is on you now, Adam. I adore you, but it’s totally on you.)

* Hank stays at the hospital to support Sarah (and also because Joel is there to support Julia, which doesn’t seem like a great way to justify things). Although it’s clear that he doesn’t quite fit in with the Bravermans — yet! — he admits to Sarah that he’s all in with their relationship… and proposes! The timing isn’t super (nor is the location, as someone gets wheeled by on a stretcher right as Hank is feeling romantic), but Sarah doesn’t say no. She doesn’t say yes, and she wants to talk about it later, but that sure isn’t a no. Put this in the win column for Hank….?

* Since Zeek’s health scare derailed plans for Amber’s baby shower, the Braverman/Trussell/Graham ladies bring the soiree to the hospital cafeteria instead. (Who needs ambiance, anyway?) Each mom at the table reads a page of parenting advice that she’s written for Amber, and I must confess, this scene has already earned a spot on my Top 5 Favorite Moments list (which, admittedly, no one cares about but me). When Sarah reads — well, attempts to read — her words of wisdom, it’s clearly an emotional moment for Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman as much as it is for their characters. Join me in an ugly-cry, won’t you?

Your turn! What did you think of Parenthood‘s tearjerking 100th hour? Grade the episode via our poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice.

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  1. Evan says:

    The scene with the mothers’ advice was just astounding.

  2. Alicia says:

    The feels, all the feels.

  3. Ralph says:

    There truly is NO better drama ensemble on TV. It is such a shame the “awards” have not recognized that fact. Come on SAG, Emmy, SOMEONE give this amazing show what it deserves while you can!

  4. Eric7740 says:

    OMG! A crying mess the entire hour!!! I’m not ready to say goodbye to this show!!!

  5. Tran says:

    This was one of the best 100th episode of any series in history. I give it an A.

  6. schu says:

    Ugly crying like TV has never done to a person before. Only the Bravermans (and Jason Katims and the absolutely incredibly astounding writing that is done for this magnificently crafted show) could have a person sobbing within the first 30 seconds of an episode and carry the weight of all the emotions until the final few minutes when it all uncontrollably pours of out of you, heart and soul, this episode was it, it is just…so. There aren’t even words, it really is just straight emotion, how often can a TV show provide such a feeling, it’s one of a kind.

  7. Kate says:

    There is truly no better show on television. I began sobbing in the first 2 seconds. What makes parenthood so incredible is the emotional rollercoaster that this show takes you on. The bravermand truly show life’s ups and downs and that’s due to the actors portrayl, the writing, the music, and scenery. I truly love everything about this show and am so sad to see it go. There is no other show like this sure every show has a couple of episodes where a character dies or there is some sort of emotional crisis going on, but parenthood is able to find emotion in the quieter moments, they know how to mix joy and sorrow. Anyway I love everything about this show in case you can’t tell

  8. Amy says:

    I didn’t stand a chance to not be a mess after that first wordless scene. Parenthood does wordless scenes so well. Such a fantastic episode. It was great to have the all back together. I loved Sarah calling out Julia’s walk of shame, Hank bonding with Drew, the grandkids seeing Zeke, Hank’s proposal, any scene Mellie was in, the baby shower. I also loved, loved no Ruby! Is it too much to ask to never see her again?

  9. Rae says:

    The opening scenes that where the kids getting the news were so incredibly powerful. No dialog, just music and the raw emotions. Well done!

  10. Laura says:

    Is it just me or did the outside of the hospital look just like the set of Scrubs?

  11. jen says:

    Don’t know how I’m going to make it through the next three episodes. I’m really going to miss this show. It filled a void that FNL left for that emotional family dramady and there is nothing else on right now to take its place. Ok Jason Katims, I need you to work your magic pronto and get me another hour long sob fest on the air!

  12. Joey Padron says:

    emotional and sad episode. poor Zeek & Camille. glad Joel was there for Julia & family. good Hank was there for Drew & Sarah. sucks Luncheonette got robbed. sweet scene with Amber & mothers. glad preview for next episode won’t be too sad as this one.

  13. Para says:

    Cried my eyes out

  14. mkayvee says:

    Put simply, my sleeves are soaked from the tears I shed. Tough 3 episodes ahead

  15. Theresa says:

    Ray Romano’s Hank is getting way too much air time, even more than the main Braverman characters and it is their dad who is in peril. I would like to see less of him and more of the others. Especially when there are so few episodes left to spend with this family.

    • 134sc says:

      You know, there were times that I would have agreed with you. However, in the last few episodes Hank has really grown on me. His character development has been great and Ray Romano has done a wonderful job.

  16. Arien says:

    That was a great episode. it was a good juxtaposition between the the close family members and the way the ‘outsiders’ Joel and Hank are treated and handle a crisis. Obviously it was very awkward on Hank’s side, but also very sweet.
    Job well done by Craig and Bonnie, they were the stars in all the family scenes around Zeeks bed this time.

  17. donholley77 says:

    As a patient in hospitals many times, I can assure you real-life Doctors say, “we’re doing everything we can” like Tv doctors do! In fact, they generally say LESS than Tv doctors do! The hospital scenes were very realistic?

  18. Will says:

    I have to be honest and maybe I’m the only one…but for me I think if they were going to kill Zeek…they should have done it at the end of last season…because that is the ONE thing Parenthood hasn’t done yet…showed us how a family gets on after the loss of a parent. It’s the truest form of ‘parenthood’…we exist solely so that our parents can die. Children are the legacy and going through all the permutations of wills, funerals etc…would have shown a real depth and then end with Amber giving birth showing life is still moving.

    At this point I have no doubt Zeek will pull through…but I think we’ll get a gut shot in that Camille after all this stress will have an incident and it’ll be sudden.

    Just my .02.

  19. herman1959 says:

    OK, I’ve avoided watching this season, except for the premiere, since I felt like the series ended for my last season. My plan was to wait to watch the series finale episode for closure, but now that I’ve read this recap I will be watching this episode on hulu. You got me Rebecca!

  20. Adam says:

    Just a couple of plot line thoughts. A) Adam and Crosby should have sold the studio a couple seasons ago when they had the chance. If I remember right the offer was in the Million(s). Even at the time I was shocked they didn’t (regardless of the current struggles).
    B) I wonder if they will explore the guilt of the family for all but talking Zeek into the operation to begin with. It has to be a thought going through each characters head.

  21. I can’t be the only one who bought stock in Kleenex in prep for these final episodes right? I loved the mom moment, but really it was Drew who made me pull out the tissues! Poor kid, the one with the best head on his shoulders right now thinking that the last thing Zeek would remember about him #broken. Props to Hank for being there

  22. jen says:

    I really wish that some other network would pick this show up! I hate that it is ending – this is honestly my favorite show on TV and I don’t want to give up my weekly visit with the Braverman family! It’s a shame the ratings have not ever been that great because this show and the cast they put together are more true to life than any other show out there. I am truly going to miss Parenthood!

  23. Eran says:

    Harrowing scenario, which frankly I doubt will happen as this is not Downton Abbey, but if someone is to die, what if it’s not one of the more obvious, elderly choices? Amber is due to give birth and that would be the mother of all curve balls (if you pardon the pun) if something were to go dreadfully wrong there…
    But like I said, this show doesn’t trade in shocking twists so doubting they go down that route. Certainly hoping they don’t!

  24. Yolanda says:

    I expect Camille to die in the end just to “shock” us. Meh.

  25. imnancee says:

    An A+ episode. Better buy more Kleenex – I know I’m going to need it. This show must win an award. I don’t get it. The kid who plays Max, as well as others have deserved to be recognized for their acting. No better family drama on TV at this time. It is very realistic.

  26. Jan says:

    Loved the scene with all the mothering advice. Loved Joy’s conversation with Crosby. Worried about Camille’s fate because I LOVE Bonnie Bedelia and, yes, I am that paranoid! Hank’s telling Drew that his worries about Grandpa “hating” him were unfounded was very sweet. Just as a side note, the description put up for the episode by my cable company said somebody broke into Adam & Crosby’s RESTAURANT. You think he/she doesn’t watch the series?

  27. Nic says:

    Jason Katims might be my new arch-nemesis. The show hasn’t been perfect in the 6 seasons that it’s been on, but when it’s strong–it’s really strong. I thought last night’s episode was well done. It was extra brutal, I shed so many tears. I love how this cast works together. I hate Ray Romano, normally. But I love him on this show. I actually do like Hank and Sarah together, but I’d really like Sarah to learn that she doesn’t need a relationship to be happy.

  28. Luis says:

    This show makes my heart want to explode

  29. Rebecca says:

    Love this show sooo much!!! Will miss it terribly! It is always amazing and tonight was no exception!

  30. Kevin Bulger says:

    show isn’t realistic enough. everything ends up perfect for everyone… I’ve have many tragedies in my life and never got the same positive results….Lets kill Zeek and celebrate that in the final shows the writers finally got it right. There are too many examples throughout the shows seasons where they didn’t get it right and everything ends up ok even when in reality it shouldn’t……
    Kill Zeek, Keep Joel and Julia far apart and maybe a little hateful as is the case in many divorced couples, Have Camille or one of the kids go financially belly up (the economy is still wicked bad you know), and throw in another bout of cancer for Kristina at the series finale where we are left hanging about if it will be knocked back to remission or not….
    This is reality… lets finish off this show right!!!

  31. Kevin Bulger says:

    show isn’t realistic enough. everything ends up perfect for everyone… I’ve have many tragedies in my life and rarely got the same positive results….Lets kill Zeek and celebrate that in the final shows the writers finally got it right. There are too many examples throughout the shows seasons where they didn’t get it right and everything ends up ok even when in reality it shouldn’t……
    Kill Zeek, Keep Joel and Julia far apart and maybe a little hateful as is the case in many divorced couples, Have Camille or one of the kids go financially belly up (the economy is still wicked bad you know), and throw in another bout of cancer for Kristina at the series finale where we are left hanging about if it will be knocked back to remission or not….
    This is reality… lets finish off this show right!!!

  32. Where was Hattie? If my grandpa was in grave condition and I was off in college trying on lesbian tendencies, I’d probably make more of an effort to get back. Do you think she’ll be in any of these last episodes, or no? Also – where was Max during all this? This is the only part of the episode that bothered me. Adam and Christina were both at the hospital for long periods of time. Max wasn’t in school forever. And who was watching the baby?

    Parenthood kills me every episode. Thank God it’s on Hulu so I could keep up after I cut cable. Was a HUGE fan of Friday Night Lights. Parenthood, when it began, reminded me of a movie. The first episode premiered and I remember telling my parents, the show just looks cinematic. Gorgeously shot, perfectly acted. I’m sad to see it go.