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Person of Interest Star Discusses Pregnant Pause, Grapples With 'Death' Question, Writes [Spoiler]'s Epitaph

Person of Interest Shaw Dies

The following contains spoilers from this week’s Person of Interest.

On Tuesday night, CBS’ Person of Interest — as it is now almost expected to do during its “trilogy” events — dealt viewers a devastating blow when Shaw put her life on the line (and seemingly lost that bargain) in the name of assuring the rest of Team Machine safe escape from Samaritan’s equally trigger-happy troops.

The bad news? Viewers may have seen the last of Shaw, at least among the living. The good news: The character’s exit was orchestrated for the most joyous of reasons, as Sarah Shahi is pregnant with twins. TVLine spoke with the actress about delivering her doubly good news to her bosses, getting an amazing death (or “death”) scene, Shaw’s tombstone and what, exactly, was behind her kissing Root.

TVLINE | First of all, congratulations on expecting twins — I have a pair of 12-year-olds, and it’s been an amazing, amazing experience.
And you’re alive!

TVLINE | Well, the first couple years can be hairy. When did you first go to the producers with your news, and what were your expectations for that conversation?
It was a series of kicks to the nuts, I feel like. I wasn’t feeling well when the season began, and the pregnancy wasn’t anything we were trying for. So you take the little test and it came out pregnant. So I was like, “Ahhh, s–t. OK…. Jonah [Nolan], Greg [Plageman], I should tell you something,” and they were like, “Wow, that’s great! How far along are you?” I then went to the doctor and he held up two fingers, and since he’s kind of a hippie, I thought he was saying “peace.” Then I saw my husband hyperventilating in the corner, and he had to spell it out for me. And there are no twins in my family at all, so he could have said, “You’re having a unicorn!” — that would have made more sense. Then I went to Jonah/Greg again and said, “By the way… I’m having twins.”

TVLINE | Which probably accelerates things, such as your availability.
Yeah. It was as early as the second episode that I went to them with the news. I was feeling so ill, there was no point in trying to hide it. They were wonderful and so, so supportive, even though I felt like I dealt them a series of double whammies.

TVLINE | What if they had turned around and said, “OK, we’ll make Shaw pregnant”?
Well, we talked about that, actually. Because that would have been much easier, in some ways. But they decided that there’s no way in which this character could be maternal. You can’t put yourself in front of death every single day and want to have a child, or have a child. It doesn’t make any sense for her, at all. Had they [written it in] I would have been happy because it would have been a bit easier to handle. It’s a lot trickier to have to hide things.

TVLINE | See, I didn’t even notice until I posted a teaser video the other day and a couple of readers were like, “I bet Sarah Shahi is pregnant, she’s been wearing big coats….”
[Laughs] I know, I had a few people say something to me too, and this was over a month ago. I was like, “What?! Why would you even say that?” But yeah, it is tricky to hide, and for the most part we just did a lot of close-ups. Also, you can take the “girls” out, because the ta-tas grow…. You try to distract the viewers’ eyelines and make them look up.

TVLINE | Do you consider your character to be dead?
That’s a very good question. A very good question. That’s one I have not been asked. Do I consider her dead…? [Pauses to think] Wow. I don’t know.

TVLINE | That’s fine. You can take a pass.
I mean, I’m genuinely thinking about it, and it’s just…. I’m trying to look at it from all perspectives.

TVLINE | The only reason I’d say “no” is because she is a come-hell-or-high-water survivor. You just don’t know with her.
That’s what I’m thinking, too, because you don’t actually see who had the last shot. I could have had the last shot. I can say “no,” but the intention is the writers’ and where they’re going with it. But I don’t think Shaw goes into any situation expecting to die. There was this debate on set about that kiss [with Root], about what it meant. “Is it a goodbye kiss?” I never thought of it as a goodbye kiss.

TVLINE | Oh, I never thought that either.
Yeah, I didn’t think that Shaw would go into any kind of situation — even if she’s outnumbered – thinking, “OK, this is it for me. I’m a goner.” She’s more like, “F–k these guys, I can take all of ’em.” So I do see a world in which Shaw was the one who pulled the trigger, and killed Martine.

TVLINE | As quote-unquote “death scenes” go, could you have possibly asked for better?
I don’t think so. It was pretty great. I was not allowed to work past the six-month mark — it was not considered safe — so we Person of Interest Shaw Diesneeded to do something, to set up an exit. Given the reality that the twins will be just a few months old by the time we start shooting next year, we weren’t sure what my condition was going to be like, if I come back, all of that, so they needed to do something that would cover their asses…. The one thing I kept stressing was, “Whatever way you choose for her to go, I don’t want my physical inabilities to curtail the character in any way. I want Shaw to go out with the highest level of truth. I want to honor the character and all the different things you guys brought to her. I don’t want to sacrifice any of that stuff because I’m pregnant. There’s a way we can work around the pregnancy and still keep the intention of the character alive,” and I think they did. I was very pleased.

TVLINE | Going back to the kiss: Did Root get a bit inside Shaw’s head, or was the kiss primarily to hush her, so Shaw could get on with saving the day?
I think there are a few reasons for that kiss. One, given Shaw’s “exit,” I think it was earned by the fans — they’ve been pushing for it for enough time, it was time to give them what they wanted. Two, I feel like it as a tactic for Shaw to just get out of the elevator and get done what she needed to do. At that point, she felt she needed to punch [Root] or kiss her, and the easier way to get her off her back was to plant one on her, throw her back into the elevator and shut the door. The third thing, I think, is there’s been a season-and-a-half of some pretty intense flirtation between the two of them, and though Shaw is famous for being guarded with her emotions, I do think that there is some kind of requited love happening – whether or not it’s happening to the extent that Root’s is, I don’t know. But does Shaw have feelings for Root? Absolutely.

TVLINE | And No. 4: “Amy Acker is a stone-cold fox.”
Exactly! [Laughs] That is so No. 4.

TVLINE | What would you put on Shaw’s tombstone? What’s her epitaph?
Another great question. And I want to give a great answer….

TVLINE | “She Died How She Lived — A Badass”?
Maybe “Pull the Trigger. I Dare You”? Or you could say, “She Had a Big Appetite for Violence.” She was such an adrenaline junkie, and she had this issue with violence — it made her happy. One thing I wish we had done with Shaw is gone into the Terminator aspect of her more. We did a little bit last year, but that always intrigued me. The initial character of Shaw really, really attracted me because I saw somebody who was so damaged, and I thought what fun it would be to go in and explore all of that. I mean, talk about therapy! That would be amazing.

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  1. I am beyond happy for Sarah Shahi, but I don’t think I can continue with this show. First they killed Carter, and I stopped watching until very recently when I caught up with this season. And now Shaw, who I absolutely loved. I really enjoyed the relationship between her and Root, and am glad it was actually addressed in some way (instead of just baiting fans with it), but to have that come as one of them dies makes the representation feel really empty. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll sit out the rest of the season and catch up in the future.

    • Ben says:

      Mikaylah – in many ways the death of Carter left the ensuing episodes feel very empty and the show definitely dramatically changed course with her death. It is a different show. On the other hand, I think the show was still really really fantastic. In many ways, it hit its stride. And look – they brought in two characters you clearly really enjoyed, in part because they needed new characters if they were going to lose Carter.

      I wouldn’t sit it out – I’d just recognise that for the next while the show will be bittersweet, that once again it will be changed, but also that it is likely to continue to be really good.

      • m3rcnate says:

        Its like real life, deaths change things but how the person impacted you when you are alive…thats what lives on…and multiple times in the seasons since Carter was killed the POI team has mentioned her and how she would have done things and why they have to do certain things a certain way in honor of her, or because she taught them its the better way….thats a beautiful thing. Death is a catalyst for change…now it can be done cheaply cause its a easy tool to use…many shows come to mind that have done it for the drama and for the ratings boost and such, and they didnt know what they were doing and they werent prepared for the aftermath of the death and where the show went after the death. HOWEVER there are shows like POI where they use the death in the best way possible…it becomes a catalyst for change, the group changes, the stories slightly change, the landscapes changes. Use the character death in a way to better your show, not leave a gaping hole in the show where everyone just feels like something is missing (in a bad way).

    • Sam Ben says:

      I really hate to see shaw out of POI. I admire her a lot infact she is the reason of me watching POI. Now the cast need to wisely carry the scene of shaw not being dead and probably introduce new characters that would please us to wait for sameen shaw.
      And not to forget many congratulations sarah. Be a good mother.

    • Sam Ben says:

      Hei, I kind of had the same feeling but the crew will give us the moment of joy to watch sarah shahi( Hope for the future) Until then lets support Sarah shahi and POI.

    • Diggy says:

      If major character deaths turn you off, this isn’t the show for you. Given the dangerous realm in which POI operates, it would be unreal if there weren’t casualties of this magnitude from time to time. On the spectrum of high stakes TV, POI is more toward the Walking Dead than Once Upon a Time. These days, shows have to evolve & continue re-inventing themselves to stay fresh. Can’t stay in the same case of the week paradigm for too long or it gets stale (i.e. NCIS which survives off the strength of its characters). Kudos to the creative team @ POI for all the choices they’ve made because they have grabbed us enough to invest & feel something at junctures like this.

    • Anna says:

      We don’t really know if she’s dead, the writers could easily make her come back when Sarah decides she wants to. Also, I don’t think they’d kill her off too early, sure they did it with Carter but I’m almost positive throughout the season Shaw is going to be missing. It’s going to be one long cliff hanger but I’m so sure she isn’t dead. Mainly because the next episode after the ‘Control-Alt-Delete’ is called MIA…And that is a little peculiar. My best idea is she’s either gone into hiding or Samaritan has her. Plus, why would Samaritan take her body? And, where would they hide her if she is dead?

    • cmahone says:

      Taraji wanted out ,, they did not KILL her, And for Shaw coming back.. this show is ending its fourth season , it will probably be renewed for a fifth as it has a syndication deal..With everyone saying they are done because of the deaths of two characters will cause the ratings to drop even farther then they hace & it will be cancelled in that case show for Shahi to come back to

  2. torimelching says:

    Love POI so no matter how they handle the death I will be fine with. I think they will leave hanging in the air for a while. She said in another interview she can’t imagine working for at least 2 years. Not sure POI will be on that long. I really like/d the Shaw character, Root will become more of a badass in the upcoming episodes I imagine.

  3. Tran says:

    Really going to miss Shaw on POI. The series has now killed off two beloved characters respectively. Last season it was Carter and this season it’s Shaw’s demise but my money would’ve been on Root aka Amy Acker. The series’ writing staff is still becoming a problem for fans of the show and I don’t know what CBS is going to do on the future of POI but I have a feeling that a fifth and possible final season is going to happen at some point in time.

    • Ben says:

      Why is ‘the series writing staff becoming a problem with the fans’? If you are implying it is because they kill characters – what were they supposed to do with Shaw?

      My money would have been on Root too, because I think her dying for the Machine is very true to character.

      • Tran says:

        What are you whining and complaining about Ben? You really don’t think this season’s POI had “jump the shark” like it did last season involving Carter’s demise? You’ll be the “TV critic” of that.

        • Dys says:

          All he did was ask a question so why throw a tantrum? At least you didn’t do your usual bit of threatening to go Jack Bauer on him. :)

        • Neither moment was jumping the shark. Tired of people who can’t handle death on dramas. Person of Interest earned both deaths (if Shaw is dead). It’s not like they accidentally fell down an elevator shaft for no reason.

          • Normandy says:

            There was one commenter on this site who posted in one of the post-Carter articles about how he wanted Person of Interest to be like Without a Trace where nothing bad happens and everyone goes home happy. I really don’t get what people think they’re watching with POI when they say they want it to be more like NCIS as a weekly procedural where everything is forgotten the next week. Maybe Tran can enlighten us.

          • Becky says:

            I agree TN. Deaths of great characters are hard to take, but these are dramas, violent dramas. People die and stories move forward in unexpected ways. That’s just one of the things that makes this show so interesting. I loved this episode, and I’ll really miss Shaw. I hope she comes back down the road. I’m looking forward to seeing the reactions of the characters and how this will change the path of the show.

    • m3rcnate says:

      Lol what? I really dont get fans like you…maybe you watch too much Network TV and not enough cable TV so you are used to all the characters surviving the entire 10 seasons of your network TV shows even though thats INSANE given how most of the shows are about cops/soldiers/firefighters/etc and are constantly being shot at and blown up etc.
      I’m a fan of realistic shows…it is not realistic to have characters in such dangerous situations live so long…i like that characters die, even when they might be a favorite of mine, as long as its not for a cheap ratings boost or something.

      Overall the best content (TWD comic, GOT books, etc) kills off characters, it has always been done (Shakespear)…its because telling years and years of stories without a death is insane. Its only popular because shows dont want to change anything when their show is printing cash with big ratings…they take no creative risks.
      Well for once network TV has a fantastic TV show, a insanely well written TV show, POI. And like other great TV shows (on cable/netflix/etc) they are realstically having characters die. I love it, feel free to stop watching.

    • DL says:

      I was sad they (presumably) killed Shaw, but I would’ve been equally sad if they killed off Root. I love that character–and Amy Acker–every bit as much as Sarah Shahi and her character.

    • Another viewpoint..... says:

      Well, considering the fact Sarah is pregnant (and with twins no less) what would you have them do–put her into a coma and wait? Plus, why not finish the last part of this story–which is next week before condemning the writers or accusing them of becoming a problem? Finally, do you speak for all “fans” of the show–or just yourself? I’m a fan since day one, and I can say you are not speaking for me! For the record, the expression “Jump the Shark” is so overused and trite–especially by people who don’t like something and just use it to express their disapproval.

      • KCC says:

        And they didn’t even use the term “Jump the Shark” correctly. A show can only “Jump the Shark” once. After that episode the series is never any good. To do it twice means the show got good again so it didn’t really “Jump the Shark” the first time. I agree, its often used when something happens someone doesn’t like. It’s really something that cannot be identified until a series ends.

  4. m3rcnate says:

    So excited for her, i love Sarah Shahi (since “Life”) and i hope the twins are healthy and great and she gets a lot of sleep…but damn it sucks to lose her not only on POI but as an actress for at LEAST 2 years….i mean she is having twins and already has a child and her husband works on a TV show….i know she is a legit parent that takes pride in being a real mom and raising her kid for real (not raised by some nanny or babysitting or w/e) so for all we know she could quit acting until they are like 13 years old….and Sarah Shahi is such a great & unique actress! So insanely gorgeous but Iranian (rare, not a lot of middle eastern female actresses) and is so versatile (great sense for comedy, great for action, great for a regular down to earth character, etc). I can see her playing a wife, a mother, a soldier, a cop, a model, a badass, a bad guy, a good guy, a girl next door, a “funny” chick on a comedy show….she can do it all convincingly.

    She will be missed on POI, my hope is in 2-3 years she can come back on in some form or another and at least take half a season and wrap up her character (assuming she didnt/couldnt just re-join the show full time).

    I’m surprised now one has asked if Shaw is bisexual or what the deal is….is it so obvious that no one asks? It seems to me she has said she sleeps with guys and had a MAJOR crush on that one guy a few episodes back (the heist guy) yet she has her attraction to Root…but she was SOOOO shut down and “its not gonna happen, maybe if we were the last two people on earth” about it…is she openly bisexual? Or just had a unique connection with Root but fought it off because she has never been attracted to a female or what?

  5. Jericho says:

    So is Shahi coming back next year? This interview indicated that she was going to, but other sources have said she “is done with the business for 2 years”. I would love to know which it is. She is a wonderful actress and I loved her work on PoI.

    • KCC says:

      That’s anyone’s guess. Anything said today might not be true tomorrow, too many variables. The show could get cancelled or excels without the Shaw character and they don’t want to mess with it. Sarah might love staying home with her kids so much she has no desire to return to acting or she might miss working so much she wants to return asap. I’m afraid we have to wait and see.

  6. Dan Mason says:

    Will miss Shaw. She left my favorite Det show of all time, LIFE, for the same reason. I would have preferred Root to go (no fan of Acker’s at all). Generally speaking, I think the show has gone down hill since Root and Samaritan became major players. I don’t watch it live at all anymore.

    • Kevin says:

      Root is POI most interesting character. so what are you babbling about

      • Dan Mason says:

        Your Opinion Kevin, and you have every right to it. I respect it, but have every right to disagree, politely.

      • Gill says:

        No Root is not the most interesting character on the show IMO.Acker is by far the worst actor on the show and her character is corny.I absolutely hate how she explains out loud every single thing she’s doing.I 100% agree with Dan that the show has dipped in quality every since she became a main character with this Samaritain storyline.Its just not as good as it was with Carter and HR.I fear that it’s gonna keep getting worse now that they’ve killed off Shaw.I wonder if the actress wasn’t pregnant would they have killed off Shaw instead of Root

  7. King says:

    I’ll miss Shaw. She’s my favorite on the show.

  8. ClearlyDemented says:

    I could see her coming back for a week here or there next season to explain what her character’s up to if she IS alive. But my guess is HBO or another cable network will lure her away with a great show and fewer episodes/season. I’ll watch anything she does. I’ve loved her since Life.

    Also, Does no one proofread anymore? I almost couldn’t finish reading it due to all the grammatical errors.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Hmm, I gave it another read, found one or two minor things (e.g. a duplicated word). Sorry if your experience was compromised.

    • KCC says:

      Grammatical errors? Odd, since I’m assuming they printed Sarah’s responses verbatim. It’s the way she speaks and seems fine to me in a casual conversation.

  9. ninamags says:

    I loved Shaw’s character and hate to see her go, however temporarily or permanently it is.

    The one comment of hers I vehemently disagree with is that it was “time to give them what they wanted” meaning, the fans.

    Why the hell do the fans have ANY say in what should happen?? Once you go down that path it can become a cluster**k of epic proportions. We fans do NOT deserve anything beyond which what the creators and writers of the show want us to have or are willing to give us.

    • Geo says:

      Agree 100% and I hope the person above who said “The series’ writing staff is still becoming a problem for fans of the show” reads what you wrote and understands it.

    • KCC says:

      I agree completely. I doubt it was even the kind of kiss any fans hoping for one might have wanted. Not romantic at all. More of a “just shut up and let me save the day” type thing.

  10. Great interview. I’m so happy for Sarah! But I really hope she comes back after her pregnancy leave. POI will lose too much if she doesn’t return. I’m excited to see what the writers and producers will make of this situation. A good opportunity for Root to get back to her previous vilan-self? Hum…

  11. Kat says:

    If Shaw is dead, I’m done watching the show. It won’t be the same without her. I’m really happy about her twins though!!!!

  12. Mike D says:

    Rough week so far, losing seeing Sarah Shahi and Piper Perabo on a weekly basis

  13. Paul Burgio says:

    No matter what, I’m done with this show. It was good for 3 years, then this lesbian perversion crap had to creep in. Goodbye Shaw, hopefully goodbye Root, goodbye POI.

  14. Betty says:

    This is a great show with great writers.. Anything can happen. Maybe Shaw is teken prisoner but develops a way to talk to root through the machine.. Just sayin anything can be written in or out. And as for Carter, maybe she was just badly injured and her friends on the police force put her in witness protection while she recovered. …there’s so many directions the plots can go in- i hope it has a few more seasons to go.

  15. A pity they had to remove her. I get Carter’s death, though I thought how it came about was a bit lame, when there were better options earlier in said episode. Sadly Shaw’s departure was due to necessity of real life rather than a sound narrative conclusion, but at least they made an effort. A shame though since two strong female characters performed very well and who are also diverse are now gone, and gone under similar circumstances.

  16. Vlry says:

    Why do you have to write the homo stuff in every show anymore? Can’t one, just one -be allowed to remain upstanding for some of us more conservative viewers? So we can have something we can still watch?!!

    • Maybe because you still have to learn what the rest of us have learned within the past 50 years or so. That they are human beings and you need to treat them as such should you ever meet one in person. They are 3% of the American population. They are our brothers, sisters, friends, sons and daughters. You aren’t in charge of anyone’s love life, so don’t act like any two people together are some kind of affront to your way of life. This should not be a liberal/conservative issue. This should be a human issue.

  17. Melissa says:

    First it was Carter who was killed and I really like her on the show and now Shaw, not sure if I can continue to watch this show because I felt like Carter and Shaw are good persons on the show and it seems like it is starting to get complicated going to the past and then the present, my husband lost interest in it when things started to get confusing so now I’m not sure if I can continue to watch it. might watch a few more shows to see how it come out.

    • Normandy says:

      Perhaps you should stick to episodic shows. There’s a lot going on plot-wise on Person of interest. However, the dialog they use to beat you over the head with what’s happening is completely CBS simplistic.

  18. M Achine says:

    I would tell you how I feel about Shaw’s death….
    but i’ve got a lot on my Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind

  19. Babygate says:

    At the end of the episode I just assumed that somehow she would still make it. Now we don’t know whether or not Shaw will ever be back and that’s sad. Shaw is literally the reason I started watching POI. Once I found out Sarah had joined the series I wanted to check it out. And then Root joined in and it was such a super fun dynamic and totally the main reason to watch the show. I’m happy for Sarah and Steve, but I do hope that she will be compelled to return to the show. That being said, last night’s episode was pretty epic. The one part I did not like was the kiss because it was so obvious Sarah was only kissing Amy’s cheek. It was so awkward that it completely missed the intention to honor the fans. It was extremely disappointing…

  20. dan says:

    great interview thanks

  21. Ruth says:

    How do I go back to having the summary of tv line? I don’t want to receive all the posts about a certain topic or question. I couldn’t figure out whether to check or uncheck the boxes.

  22. Susan says:

    This show is done without Sarah Shahi. Goodbye!

  23. I liked the character of Carter, but I think the show’s been better after they killed her off and did away with the HR storyline. I’m not sure the show will be anywhere near as enjoyable without Shaw. I also don’t believe they’ve killed her off for certain. If Shahi decides she wants to come back after her children are born, it wouldn’t even be unbelievable for Shaw to have survived and been held somewhere. Or survived and escaped and been in hiding for some reason. That would be completely in line with they way that character’s lived her entire life, so it wouldn’t even be a stretch. I’ll keep my fingers crossed because the introduction of Shaw, in my opinion, amped this show up to another level of fun.

  24. campvol says:

    I don’t think shaw is dead. hope she isn’t.
    I also hope the don’t continue with the root and shaw storyline. Personal I wish Root would go away. the show was much better without her and better with carter.

  25. KB says:

    POI is one of the most intelligent, if not thee most intelligent show on TV. Ms. Shaw was a great character – and the writers will need to be very clever in how they replace her. Cannot do a copy cat – not smart enough for this show. Congrats to Sarah Shahi on her pregnancy. You will be very much missed. But lots to work with the other great cast members.

  26. shan says:

    i might be alone, but I stopped watching because of the 2 characters who ‘lack emotions’ were boring. Loved Carter, so I went from a regular viewer, to sporadic, to off the DVR.

    maybe I’ll try again. I love the two lead actors, and the writing is solid. Hoping they get the show back to a good track like season 1 & 2.

  27. sarah j says:

    I knew Sarah was pregnant as soon as she was wearing the big coats, I even commented as such.
    I am very happy for her and Steve Howey.
    However she will be missed on the show.

  28. Ange says:

    I can just imagine Steve Howey sitting in the corner hyperventilating. Hilarious. Great interview.

  29. Rick Katze says:

    Having just watched the first two parts of the trilogy, the first time they did the simulation, it was a real surprise. So, could this be another simulation; maybe but I don’t think so. I don’t think she died(since the camera cut before the head shot) and I can see her having a long recovery which will explain her absence while at the same time creating a new identity so that she is not stuck in the subway system after she reappears. Looking forward to next Tuesday. Her real-life pregnancy does answer the question I was wondering about; namely her being identified and forced to spend most of the time in the subway system.

  30. enuff said says:

    The Machine shut down the simulation when Harold & Root died because the outcome was unacceptable, but it didn’t when Reece died? I guess John, Lionel & Shaw are acceptable casualties :(

  31. Bobby says:

    First, I joined the show last season and had a lot of catching up to do. Thank Goodness for flash backs and reruns. The minute Shaw walked into the story it was love at first sight. I watch an wait for her character to show up. Which means her being shot up like swiss cheese the other night and by that Bit*h devastated me. I went to bed saying that’s it I’m done I can’t have them killing her off and still watch. It’s my take that the show needs her and it need the heat her an Root have been teasing us with for awhile now. It adds a humanity to the the story, A humanity both their characters need. It doesn’t have to go anywhere, it just has to be there. If anyone out there watched Zena the Princess Warrior. Her side kick and her kept us guessing for years until the very end. They have to bring her back, but honestly I don’t know how you write around that ending shot without pulling a dream sequence out of your butt. Showing Martine standing over her only leaves you with two options and the the likely one is my dream girl took one in the head. I hope not. The option of Shaw squeezing off a round in Martine means Martine will have to disappear going forward and they have a strong story line invented in her. I’m so glad I found this interview if nothing else I get closure for Sarah and her character no matter what happens. Congratulations Sarah on the blessed duel event and I will pray and look forward to their healthy and happy arrival.

  32. rose says:

    was’t the kiss and death scene done before with reese and carter. couldn’t the writers come up with something more original. anyway doubt that shaw is really dead.

    • Bobby says:

      I don’t know why you can’t. Read the interview and watch the scene. It’s very much up in the air, for one thing she isn’t having the twins and running back. This show is a niche show it’s ratings aren’t great. I love it but I really don’t think it has but one more season after this, thats not not enough time to bring her back. This isn’t Law and Order, Mash or Gunsmoke here where it’s going to run forever and a day.

  33. Sheldon W. says:

    And, Sarah Shahi exercises her tap dancing skills when asked the big question. Really, though, did anyone expect her to just say, ‘She’s dead, Jim.’

    Shaw epitaph: Sameen Shaw – She shot the lights out!

    Here’s hoping that Shaw did, in fact, survive – but at the same time, accept that it’s possible she didn’t. I fully expect that Harold or John won’t make it to the end of the series (I see Root as that last person standing after the war between the Machines).

    Just sayin’…

  34. Cleveland Williams says:

    Bring back detective Carter, this would keep the faithful viewers.

  35. C.C. Murphy says:

    Losing Shaw is like losing Ziva in NCIS — and I still haven’t gotten over that — such compelling characters. I hope both will come back.

  36. Fluff says:

    I feel there’s hope because they left it very open-ended so they obviously don’t want to get rid of the character but I’m also not looking forward to the rest of the season. I was already thinking this season was pretty dull compared to the previous one, I’m shuddering at the thought of going back to season 1 dynamic with Mr Broody and Lionel running around saving people with Harold in the background.
    I think I’m also going to take a break and I’ll catch up next year depending on whether they bring back Shaw or not.

  37. Sandy Camargo says:

    I loved Shaw, so I think I’m done with the show now. I’ve been watching POI for the past two seasons as if it were homework, rather than something I enjoyed, ever since Root came on. It got even less enjoyable with the Samaritan-take-over-the-world plot instead of let’s-just-save-this-one-number show that it originally was. Too bad, really. I’ll come back if they get rid of Root and Samaritan.

  38. The Carpooler says:

    Great episode!!! Great actors, all of them. Sarah played her role so well tonight especially.

    Terrific interview, Matt, thank you.

    She was a badass til the end. Best of life with her new family.

  39. Jack Steel says:

    I guess POI is done. I was hoping to seeing the machines taking over and the POI team rescuing the world. Season finale.

  40. Mary L says:

    OMG you guys, i was traumatized enough when Carter was killed off – but now Shaw….all I can say is she better be brought back after her mat leave. I love her – she is quite the character. that last scene can be Root shooting that blond bozo rather than Shaw…I don’t think I can continue watching if both her and Carter are gone (I do love the rest but come on) stop getting rid of characters we admire and live vicariously through…..just saying

  41. Cee says:

    Don’t make Shaw and Root lovers

    • Fluff says:

      Kinda hard to do if Shahi is off the show, don’t you think? also, why not? They’re hot and they’re hilarious together.

  42. ABC says:

    Fans have to get real, here. In their “industry,” people get killed. Given the ungodly amount of ammunition used in each episode, it strains any level of credibility that only 1 (perhaps 2) characters have died so far. When she first joined the show, the episode focused on Shaw so my guess was SS was being set up for a spin off series. With the terribly missed “Fairly Legal” on her resume, Shahi more than proves she can carry a show as the lead. God bless her on this next wonderful adventure in her life’s journey. Samaritan is still out there threatening all life as we know it; Reese and company need to get back to work.

  43. well, as with any show, unless you actually see him/her die (like with Carter), they’re coming back. when?… that’s the real question.

  44. Anna says:

    Also, congratulations on twins, Sarah!

  45. solo-p says:

    I hope to see Shaw’s character take a break and then come back. I love Shaw’s kick butt character and roots chemistry. Please keep both of them on and bring in someone else pretty and a thrill seeker just as she. Maybe her younger sister or a relative or best friend of Shaw to get revenge.

  46. solo-p says:

    I hope to see Shaw’s character take a break and then come back. I love Shaw’s kick butt character and Roth’s chemistry. Please keep both of them on and bring in someone else pretty and a thrill seeker just as she. Maybe her younger sister or a relative or best friend of Shaw to get revenge. Congrats Sarah

  47. Bev says:

    I love this show!! I started crying my eyes out when they showed the first scenario with John dying! I was screaming “NOOOOOOOI!” Lol I was so relieved when it was just the machine showing different solutions but then Shaw died and I stareted crying again but I’m hopeful she killed that smaratian bitch! I’ve rewatched it many times and I think that may be the case because Harold says ” who ever treats life like a game of Chess should lose”
    On another note, Congratulations on the twins :)

  48. Bev says:

    I love this show!! I started crying my eyes out when they showed the first scenario with John dying! I was screaming “NOOOOOOO!!” Lol I was so relieved when it was just the machine showing different solutions but then Shaw died and I started crying again but I’m hopeful she killed that smaratian bitch! Such an emotional episode. I’ve rewatched it many times and I think that may be the case because Harold says ” who ever treats life like a game of Chess should lose”
    On another note, Congratulations on the twins :)

  49. Kiki says:

    It was tough to swallow when Carter was killed and now Shaw. This is very disappointing. My first thought was that Shaw did live and that she will be, or try to be, converted to a Samaritan. And that is how she will come back only for her to return to her true team. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I always watch Person vs Chicago Fire. I’ll probably catch Person now on demand, if that.

  50. Mel says:

    So glad to see Shaw go – never liked her and I came close to stopping watching because of her inclusion. Now I just wish they would get rid of Root.

    • Donald Jones says:

      I found the show by accident and the first scene was Shaw walking casually down the sidewalk eating an ice cream or lolly pop and then she is up on the roof with a rifle. I was hooked and she is my number one reason for watching the show. I also like Root going at the enemy with a gun in each hand firing away although there were some scenes with Root I did not like. I watch the show for these two and Reece. I evidently have missed a lot of the shows. My congratulations to Ms Shahi and her husband having twins.