Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Once, Castle, Glee, Grey's, NCIS, Chicago P.D., Criminal Minds, Librarians and More

Will Once Upon a Time’s Rumple and Belle ever reunite? Is private eye-ing good for Castle’s “private” life? Is Glee‘s Mercedes due for a romantic encore? Which Five-0 fave is in muy trouble? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Are Once Upon a Time‘s Rumpelstiltskin and Belle ever going to be together again? –Ann
Or, does the pursuit of power come with a price? When I invited the series creators to take us inside Rumple’s mad-for-magic mindset, Eddy Kitsis explained, “Rumple let us know in Season 1 that he’s a difficult man to love. And he’s let us know that he always chooses power over love, that is his fault. But he began the season with honorable intentions — he really was going to give Belle the knife – but when he saw the [Sorcerer’s] hat, that made him realize, ‘I did the noble thing and it ended up with my son dying and me being a slave. So if I can never have to wake up and worry about someone getting my dagger, why can’t I have everything?’ And as he learned, you can’t.” But to more directly answer your Q, Adam Horowitz offers this: “Rumple and Belle] have been through a lot together, and despite how it may have felt in the midseason finale, their story is not over.”

Any spoilers about the upcoming episode of Castle? –Fred
Monday’s episode — the first in which NYPD outcast Rick hangs up his shingle as a P.I. — is a tremendous amount of fun, though in a way that can’t exactly be replicated on a weekly basis (for however long Rick winds up going solo). The “competition” between Beckett’s team at the 12th and Rick plays out in a highly entertaining way, as each entity tries to out-scoop the other — or, at one point, tries to coax intel over copious amounts of red wine. (Along those same lines, the good-natured rivalry also feeds into one of the first “Wait, what did they do?!” bed scenes in a while.) Will Rick save the day in a way that gets him back in Gates’ good graces? How does Perlmutter react to Rick rummaging in his office? And who at the 12th does the best Rick Castle impersonation? You’ll get those answers and more.

Hi, I wonder if you have some info about Castle‘s February two-parter. –Kosma
Though past two-parters have pivoted around extra-special guest stars a la Dana Delany, Adrian Pasdar, James Brolin and Lisa Edelstein, that won’t be the case this time around. Outside of returning guest star Annie Wersching (24), as 3XK fangirl Dr. Kelly Niemann, showunner David Amann says, “It’s going to be mostly our people dealing with a big case that comes their way.”

Do you have anything on Looking? I’m dying while waiting for it to return. –Annie
Look for Richie to re-enter Patrick’s life in a surprising way. Speaking of Jonathan Groff’s lovably naive alter ego, a seemingly harmless rash sends him into STD panic mode.

Do you have any scoop on Grey’s Anatomy? –Kelli
One of the doctors will be involved in a car crash in Episode 15 – not that such a thing would slow down a healer! Rather, the doc – though pinned down herself – coaches a young girl in the wrecked car near hers on how to diagnose and help her mom!

Got anything interesting on Hawaii Five-0‘s Danny? –Sarah
Episode 18 sure sounds interesting, seeing as Danny finds himself locked up (and beaten up!) inside a Mexican prison. Even more worrisome: The phone call he is granted to secure cash to pay off a guard, he instead uses to say (gulp!) goodbye to Grace.

What can we expect for Mercedes in the upcoming season of Glee? Will she get a happy ending? –Alzeath
While it’s safe to say that every gleek will receive a happy ending this season — or at least Glee’s version of a happy ending — Mercedes’ future remains a bit of a mystery. What I can tell you is that a certain ex-boyfriend is still very much interested, and he’ll make his first move in Friday’s season premiere.

Can you give me anything new on the final season of Justified? –Matt
I’m now three episodes in, and just got done watching a very entertaining verbal volley between Raylan and Boyd, one of whom totally has the other’s number. Thus far, it looks to be the lean, mean final season that I wished for, laser-focused on the two fellas and Ava, who’s desperately caught in the middle (but isn’t afraid to suck down lotsa bourbon in the name of self-preservation). Of the guest stars, Garrett Dillahunt is sufficiently menacing (and not in an OTT, affected way, like some past villains), while I can’t wait to see more of Sam Elliott’s character.

Can you give me any info on Chicago P.D.? –Miriam
If you by chance saw Enlisted alumna Angelique Cabral’s tweet about guesting on the NBC sophomore, I can reveal that her character comes into Intelligence to help on a case. She worked vice with Antonio (played by Jon Seda) years ago, and at the time there was a mutual attraction. Now that he’s going through a divorce… hmm, who knows?

I love Bellamy/Clarke together on The 100 — is there any chance these two will finally get romantic? There is so much sexual tension there! –Katrina
Finn was always intended to be Clarke’s primary love interest, but now that he’s out of the picture — sorry, it’s time we all accept it — there could be a chance for Bellamy to swoop in. “Never rule that out,” executive producer Jason Rothenberg says of a Clarke-Bellamy pairing.

Please tell me The Librarians is going somewhere with Jake and Cassandra’s adorable chemistry! –Ashley
It may come down to the wire, seeing as the TNT drama has only two freshman episodes remaining. “Stone and Cassandra have a very complicated relationship,” exec producer John Rodgers tells the Inside Line. “They are going to get closer, but how close before the end of the world (and season) is a good question.”

Just curious as to whether you have any information regarding the new series Killjoys coming soon on Syfy? –Shannon
Though a premiere date has yet to be announced, production on the 10-episode space adventure — which stars Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore and Luke Macfarlane – is well underway.

Got any scoop you can share about Abby’s boyfriend on NCIS? How long might this relationship last? –Robert
Showrunner Gary Glasberg told me that with the Sergei Michnev story heating back up as well as other fish to fry, “We step away from [Abby’s romance with Burt] for a little while” — though not for forever. “Everybody really likes having [Johann Urb] around, so I’m sure you’ll see him again,” Glasberg shares, adding: “It’s been nice to have everybody kind of in pleasant relationships!”

Anything for Reid coming up on Criminal Minds? – Diana
All I can squeeze out of sources fight now is that Dr. Reid is due for “a great, emotional arc in Episodes 13 and 14,” airing during February sweeps.

I’ll take any info you have on Law & Order: SVU. –Shavawn
Once you can get past the idea of fresh-faced Dreama Walker as a police detective, tonight’s episode offers one of those compelling looks at how law enforcement officer’s who know better don’t always take the best steps toward getting justice served. Kelli Giddish does some great work as Rollins reflects on a dark part of her past, while Harry Hamlin (returning as Rollins’ former Atlanta PD boss) hints at some Phillip Stroh-like slitheriness.

Will Suits‘ Katrina come back, or is Amanda Schull too busy with 12 Monkeys now? –Christine
At the very least, Schull found time to pop up in the Season 4 premiere, which finds Louis before her on bended knee, popping a question.

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email reporting by Andy Swift and Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Tran says:

    Great inside scoop on Hawaii Five-0 Matt but is the series not out of the woods yet and what does the future holds?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      TVLINE’s hand-carved artisinal Renewal Scorecard is linked in yellow from atop every TVLINE web page.

      • hahahaha why, oh why isn’t there an option to “like” this statement. “Hand-carved artisanal…”

      • Becky says:

        I have to say, every time I see a post in bold and know that Matt is making a reply, I start to smile, ’cause it’s usually funny, answers the question, and always clever. Thanks, Matt.

    • Daisy says:

      Great spoiler for Once Upon A Time!😄 I am a huge Rumbelle fan. The story is still going. I knew they would get back together but the winter finale it let me confuse about everything so this spoiler is good. Thanks Matt!😄

  2. Abby says:

    Katrina would never marry Louis before they established a relationship first. Im sad their creepy-awkward flirtations are probably doomed to end on that note :(

    The only scoop I REALLY want on The 100 is confirmation of a season 3. No other scoops even matter if the show isn’t going to go on past the second half of this season, which doesn’t leave time for the establishment of Bellarke as a couple at all. She has to mourn Finn and they have to destroy Mount Weather. Bellarke isn’t suitable to the back eight, in my opinion, based on how the front eight left things…

    • Delante says:

      Louis is probably down on his knees begging Katrina to come back and be his associate. Almost like when Donna had to be begged to come back after getting canned

    • Naazneen (@miss_naazneen) says:

      ITA agree with this. And I think Jason Rothenberg’s “Never rule that out” isnt giving me any indication that Bellarke is happening this season. If this show is renewed, there might be some movement in that direction

  3. Adry says:

    OMG Bellarke <3 I can't wait for The 100

  4. The100Warriors says:

    Renew The 100! The100Season3 <3

  5. K says:

    Yeah Beckett wears Castle’s shirt and nothing, but his shirt in one of the scenes in 711 that airs on Monday. That scene is directly follows that kiss scene that was shown in the promo.

  6. Jaime says:

    I dislike the character of Rollins immensely (Love Kelli Giddish tho)!! And her and Amaro … uggg.

  7. Jaime says:

    Oh, and Glee’s scoop is hopefully not Mercedes and Sam. There is no heat there .. now Sam and Rachel on the other hand.

    • Lauren says:

      Yes please, please and more please. Samchel is smoking hot and have amazing chemistry. Totally for it. Way over Samcedes that’s for sure.

    • noblam says:

      Mercedes and Rachel both can do better than Sam. Sam and Blaine so Kurt can be free too.

    • Gail says:

      From what I’ve read online you will be disappointed.

      • Jaime says:

        If that’s true, I will just fast forward through it. :-) I watched in the beginning for the singing, and then for Rachel and Finn, and then the funny Brittany factor, and now I’ll probably just finish it out because I’ve invested this much time in it so why not. I will continue to hope for Samchel tho.

    • Daniel says:

      Samchel appears to be just hindrance in the Samcedes story.

    • Sandy says:

      I hope, too that the writers won`t bring Samcedes back again. Three times was more than enough for a relationship with zero chemistry. Their NYC storyline was the waste of screentime and totally pointless.
      Samchel has potential ( and chemistry) but I need to see them interacting on-screen and know how their story plays out first.

      Btw I think that there`s a mistake in that Glee scoop because Mercedes is not in Friday’s season premiere. So whether it`s about Sam or not, that information seems to be incorrect.

      • Really tho says:

        So when Finchel kept breaking up and getting back together. Okay tho. And Samchel isn’t a waste of screentime? What potential chemistry a few glances/body oil rub on the chest. In ”Moving Out” episode. They have barely take all six seasons of glee. Um,this is a professional source. All info is correct. You’re incorrect Mercedes is definitely in season 6 premiere episode.

        • Sandy says:

          You`ve answered your own questions: a few moments/glances were enough to show that they have chemistry, contradictory to long and boring Samcedes scenes.

          And no, Mercedes is not in the season premiere. That scoop probably refers to the writers` joke regarding the celibacy storyline and it happens in “Homecoming”, not in “Loser Like Me”.

          • Really tho says:

            No it’s not. A few weak glances and a chest rub. Doesn’t equal two characters need to be together. Besides the fact they’ve only spoken maybe twice out of six years of the show. But,keep wishing. The season premiere is two hours long. Meaning Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones) is in the premiere. Good Samecedes is long and boring. They gone be long and bodring right together. As they should be.

      • Jaime says:

        Sandy I totally agree with you! And don’t bother arguing with someone who can’t see outside of their own vision, it’s a waste of time.

      • S. says:

        Samchel is so snoozeworthy and wrong. It’s like when Rachel and Joey tried to have a thing on Friends–you cringe if it’s even brought up on the show, much less shown. Even though Finn’s gone, it still feels wrong to have her hook up with someone else from New Directions, esp, someone that big of an airhead, which he is. Finn was no Einstein, but c’mon, he wasn’t Zoolander either.

  8. Jess says:

    Thanksfor The 100 scoop! My first wish for the show is that it gets a 3rd season. My second wish is for Bellarke to happen in the 3rd season. :D

  9. Viv says:

    Noooo, only two more Librarians eps! Other question: are there any new for s2? I remember the huge premiere ratings articel, but other than that…

  10. Well I hope whatever the story line is for Mercedes Glee does it right. Love the idea of Sam being interested but of course he would still be he loves Mercedes. Unfortunately Glee doesn’t always know when it has something that works. Case in point would be the talk of Sam and Rachel this upcoming season. But no matter I will always have Sam telling Mercedes “no matter who I’m with or whatever I’m doing I’d rather be doing it with you.” So come what may in this shortened season I expect any new relationship will simply be a little bit of fan service, the writers trying to invoke some a-ha tune in moments and also maybe just some of the show just really not caring too much any more.

  11. nicolas from Poland says:

    Blah… Blah… Blah… about Rumbelle… HOW ABOUT “DID AUGUST HAD A CONNECTION/MET THE AUTHOR OF HENRY’S BOOK?!” Because how a 7-year old boy in “Land Without Magic”, who only knew how to repair watches and carve in wood, became a writer, during that 28 years?

    • Gail says:

      I hope August is back in the present and not just in flashbacks. Hopefully there will be a reason for Regina or someone else to age Pinocchio. I don’t think young Pinocchio has been seen since August’s last episode, so its not like the are using him. Has Pinocchio young or old ever had a scene with Archie(Jiminy Cricket)? Has “Once” called him Jiminy Cricket ? I think the name was Disney’s and not from the original story where it was just the Cricket.

    • Letti says:

      I’d be happy if he returned in present time. But I don’t think they’ll do it, unfortunately.

    • K says:

      Thanks, I’m much more interested in Rumbelle than in August’s return. (And we’ll probably get our August answers onscreen, while we’ll be lucky to have two minutes of screentime total in 4B for Rumbelle working out their problems.)

  12. Ka says:

    Is it a sure thing that the doctor in the car accident is female? I was kind of hoping for it to be Karev since him and Jo hadn’t had a storyline in ages it seems. Plus that would probably make Meredith and her grow closer.

  13. About time we got Reid love. And don’t have to wait long either, presuming the two will air before the next hiatus since we’re coming up on 11 next week and 12 after that. Can’t wait that long. Rick Dunkle owes us fans in episode 14.

    • Stephanie says:

      I just hope he doesn’t get put through the wringer again, poor thing. The writers really love torturing him, don’t they?

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, I don’t think there’s a hiatus until…February, if I recall rightly (and a mini one at that), so I think we won’t have to wait too long. Either way, I’m glad to hear it’s going to be coming up fairly soon. I look forward to seeing what storyline they have planned for Reid-it sounds very intriguing. Can’t wait.

  14. Grace says:

    Thank you so much for the H50 scoop, Matt! Your coverage of the show is so great and we fans love it!!! Danny is my favorite, so now I’m worried about him. Here’s hoping Steve can come to his rescue again. Poor Danny!

  15. Ruth says:

    When is House of Cards coming back? I can hardly wait.

  16. Johana says:

    Will Rebecca come back for an other NCIS episode in this season ?

  17. momo says:

    hoping that sam and mercedes on receive their happy ending! they’ve been through too much on the show not to end up together!

    • Sheila says:

      Really? Weren’t they only together for, like, 4 episodes?

      • Really tho says:

        Sam and Mercedes been on and off for 5 years now so….

      • Rachel says:

        Seriously? Sam and Mercedes first got together in season 2. They were back on and serious with each other in season 3 and, in season 5, they said that they want to be married to each other in the future. Obviously you didn’t ship them but they were together for much longer than 4 episodes. They didn’t get the screen time Klaine or Finchel got but they were very serious about each other.

        I hope that Mercedes and Sam both get their happy ending with each other since they can’t seem to stay apart for too long. They deserve their happily ever after as much as any really serious couple from the show. :)

  18. Letti says:

    1. I’m happy for that Rumbelle is not over. They used to be so charming before the last episodes. I hope they’ll work things out.
    2. I’m not happy for the huge Bellarke shipping. Ok, it’s obvious that I prefered Flarke, mostly because I’m afraid that focusing on Bellarke woud ruin the show, as so many popular ships did with others. I love The 100 and I hope it will stay the way it is, and won’t be a stupid teen romance show. I’ll be ok with Bellarke as long as it won’t be the main storyline. But Clarke really has to mourn over Finn for some time anyway. But I trust Rothenberg, I hope that he knows what he has to do.
    3. For Glee I hope for a Samcedes ending. I don’t really like the idea of Samchel, it feels so wrong now without Finn. I’d rather have Rachel end up with Jesse. Or at least I’d like him to return.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Completely agree on the Bellarke stuff. I hate what they did to Finn’s character this season, basically just to pave the way for Bellarke to happen. This show is at its best when they don’t focus on the romance AT ALL.

    • Isobel says:

      Agree with all three points, and I also hope Jesse returns, even if only for 1 episode or something

  19. Teri says:

    Upcoming Castle sounds so great. I cannot wait. If there is a bed scene, which I hope there is, the writers can keep bringing them. They are way to far and few between.

  20. Jane says:

    Thanks for the Justified info. I really want Boyd & Ava to have a happy ending but I don’t think that will happen. I know Boyd is a bad guy but I just really want him to survive. I’m really sad to see this show go.

  21. Really tho says:

    Blahaa,Samchel a ship that will never be a ship. Some stans are delusional to really thing Glee will end the series as Rachel and Sam a legit real couple. Writers wasting time with giving those stans something to even gasp at. When focus can go to other characters and storylines. In this short time they have. And of course Sam and Mercedes could get more development. Ending the series together. As meant to be.

    • Jaime says:

      This reply reminds me of an old argument two fan bases used to have over a soap opera; silly and very immature. The good thing is that I am allowed to think and hope for whatever I want as are you. The bad thing is there are always those “fans” that have to be snide and rude and can’t just let the little things go. Whatever happens on Glee that I don’t like I will not waste my time griping about it. I will just enjoy the show as it comes to an end.

  22. StrayCat99 says:

    In Justified, do Tim and Rachel seem to be getting more screen time this season?

  23. Marissa says:

    Yes to Sam and Mercedes! They are adorable together.

  24. Luis says:

    OTT? My wife and I use OTT as shorthand, but I suspect you’re using it differently.
    Nice to see Dreama Walker back on TV, but L&O:SVU? Might take some getting used to.

  25. shouw says:

    Yes for some Samcedes <3

  26. Cas says:

    I find it sad they couldn’t leave Antonio married. I feel they just wanted storylines. Which yeah is great but why can’t he just have the successful marriage?

  27. sarah j says:

    I hope Danny dose not die on Hawaii Five 0.

    I am find with a love interest for Antonio on Chicago PD.

    As for Grey’s, I wonder who will be in the car accident, I am sure it will not be Arizona or Callie. Will it be Meredith and that will prompt Derek to return and Mer and Der to work on saving their marriage?

  28. Lilybugsan says:

    Finally some news about Chicago Pd that isn’t about Linstead. I can’t wait and it’s time Antonio got something. Hopefully there is more to this “mutual attraction” thing.

  29. Belle says:

    Thanks for the scoop on Danny & Hawaii Five-0. That sounds like another epic episode.

  30. MattySi. says:

    I was really hoping to meet Mercedes mom before the show was over. Retta would be perfect for that role!

    • Jasmine says:

      Me too! It’s sad that she’s been there since Season 1 and we haven’t met ANY of her family. Same for Tina. Why they doin my faves like this?

  31. shea mandalay says:

    Chicago PD and Sgt Perez from Enlisted? That’s like Chocolate and Peanut Butter, two of my favorite things come together! And it’ll be nice to see poor Antonio get a bit of romance after the heartbreak he’s been through!

    • shea mandalay says:

      Seriously though, for those of you who have never seen Enlisted, Sgt Jill Perez was a totally badass character, so she’ll be perfect on such a badass show as Chicago PD.

  32. Reeshemah says:

    thank you for the information on Samcedes. I lovevtheir storyline in season 5 and I hope it is just as good for them. Samcedes are my favorite couple and I want them to be happy together where they belong!!

  33. Amber says:

    Oh my poor Reid. How much more emotional crap does he have to be put through?

    • Angela says:

      That description doesn’t automatically imply the emotional stuff will be sad, though. It could be emotional in a good way, too.

      • Courtney Larson says:

        And yet, when has the show ever had a storyline dealing with the emotional stuff for Reid ever been good? He tends to get beaten up emotionally more often than not. When he FINALLY got a love interest, what did they do? They killed her. Any team member he’s formed a very close emotional attachment to has also either disappeared or betrayed him in some way.

        However this storyline plays out for our good Doctor Reid, I’m just hoping it’s not in the same vein as the past emotional storylines have, but I’m not betting on it either.

        • Angela says:

          No argument there, he’s been through an awful lot. But I remember reading an interview with Gubler a few months back where he’d expressed a wish for his character to have some good stuff happen to him for a change, and I’ve heard the actors talk with the writers a lot and so forth, so that’s enough to make me think that maybe they will come up with a happier story for him as a result. The fact that the show’s made a point of stating that he hasn’t let the events of last season’s finale get him down, and that they pulled back from the talk of him possibly going back to his drug abuse that had been bandied about last summer, also indicates to me that maybe they’re going to allow him to get a break, too.
          I’ll be interested in what happens either way, but I too ultimately hope for some good news and events in his life, and will be thrilled if the show features that.

          • Courtney Larson says:

            I hope so, but I also hope it doesn’t play out like with the Maeve storyline, where Reid gets a good, positive storyline only to destroy it by taking her away. I can just see the writers doing that. Again. I hope not though. Doctor Spencer Reid is a character that gets beaten up on more than I like to see.

  34. Jon88 says:

    “one of who totally has the other’s number” Oh, Matt, really? Ouch.

  35. Matthew Weber says:

    Thanks for the scoops on Castle. I admit that I wasn’t looking forward as much to the return of the show this year as in years past because of my disappointment in the last episode. But after reading some spoilers it looks like it actually might bring Beckett and Castle closer together personally, which is exactly what the show needs. I will, as always, reserve judgement until after I watch it.

  36. Dani says:

    I just can’t wait to see what’s in store with Mercedes, we already know that she has a successful career and an amazing tour but returns back to Lima to help Rachel with ND but what is in store other than helping Gleeclub?? Also can’t wait for Sam and Mercedes to revive their flame once and for all :-) Samcedes is so beautiful!

  37. Meredith says:

    I don’t understand all the fuss…I’m just tired of some people trying to diss Samcedes in favor of their faves…It is not happening… Samcedes is beautiful and is endgame I can’t wait to see them back and end the show together…

  38. B says:

    Yaaas Samcedes b*tches. OTP mothertrucker! My ride or die! Remember when my ship talked about marriage and kiss, when they acted all domestic living in the same house, got a pet together (who chwed up Mercedes’ weave smh), the church scene lawd. They were at that alter acting like they about to get married and Mercedes serenaded her baby in front of all those people. Remember the I love you’s and when Sam said something like no matter what he was doing he’d rather he be doing it with her. My freak ing OTP. They deserve it alland they deserve the best.

    And Someone tell me why Mercedes is there. Why the mystery?

  39. B says:

    Yaaas Samcedes. OTP mothertrucker! My ride or die! Remember when my ship talked about marriage and kiss, when they acted all domestic living in the same house, got a pet together (who chwed up Mercedes’ weave smh), the church scene lawd. They were at that alter acting like they about to get married and Mercedes serenaded her baby in front of all those people. Remember the I love you’s and when Sam said something like no matter what he was doing he’d rather he be doing it with her. My freak ing OTP. They deserve it all and they deserve the best.

    And Someone tell me why Mercedes is there. Why the mystery?

  40. Maria says:

    Samcedes *-* cant wait for them to be together again. Like Sam said they are meant to bretogether. Please RIB give them their happy ending. They deserve it and so do their fans. We have been through a lot. We deserve happiness like klaine quick and brittana ♥ Thanks for answering thr question!!

  41. Jaime says:

    Love hearing this about Sam and Mercedes. They are soulmates. Who said that? Oh ya it was Rachel 😏

  42. Kerry says:

    Sam is MERCEDES soulmate Mercedes is SAM soulmate So they should be together by the end of season.

  43. Betty says:

    Thank you so much for answering about Mercedes Jones on Glee, been so long since we asked! and finally we have the answer :)) Samcedes is my OTP and I know they will end up together :))

  44. Yuka says:

    Here’s my problem with Hawaii 5-0: Danny committed cold blooded murder in Mexico witnessed by McGarrett. The show has not dealt with any aftereffects. Poor plotting and writing.

    • Grace says:

      I kinda think that’s why Danny’s going to end up in a Mexican prison, no? As for McGarrett witnessing it… he’d pretty much do anything for Danny so there was no way he was going to turn Danny in. I’m sure he agreed with what Danny did. The drug dealer killed Danny’s brother, jerked Danny around and made him think his brother was alive, and then brought him his brother’s body in a barrel. Doesn’t exactly make the execution OK but Danny was under duress.

  45. Jolihora says:

    Hope we get to see Mercedes Jones family before Glee ends and Samcedes need to be reunited finally and for good, they’ve come a long way since ending of season 2. Those hoping for Samchel to be end game make me laugh, so you want to ok a relationship forced together by hypnosis by Sue? I just can’t right now lol.

  46. Kristy says:

    Yaaaaaaaay Samcedes!!!! <3

  47. Kristy says:

    Thanks for answering, the attention to Mercedes is so so so appreciated! *sigh* Unfortunately it seems we can’t even get a blurb with a tiny bit of a spoiler for her without the haters and satchel shippers coming out to ruin it. That’s necessary. Especially when we’ve had soooo much information about ANYTHING she is doing this final season. (note: sarcasm) smh. Y’all are the worst.

  48. cherica says:

    I really can’t wait for the Samcedes of it all. Sam and Mercedes have so much love and respect for each other, that it’s hard not to ship them together. The chemistry between these two has always been there. From Prom to them living together in NY. So if you don’t see the chemistry between these two it’s because you don’t want to see it because you don’t like either Sam or Mercedes. Although based on some of these comments I can guess who. But Alas Sam is still in love with Mercedes even after 6 months of breaking up and being apart. As far as Samchel it’s going to take him being hypnotized to even look her way. So I just have a hard time believing that people actually want their character to be second choice. Because that’s exactly what it would be. Because “Whatever I’m doing or whoever I’m with I’d rather be doing it with you.” Sam Evans has such a way with words when talking about his feelings toward Mercedes. *swoon*