Post Mortems

Celebrity Apprentice: Kevin Jonas Explains His Geraldo Rivera Feud, Gilbert Gottfried Reveals His Regrets

Kevin Jonas Gilbert Gottfried

The Celebrity Apprentice‘s latest castoffs may come from two different worlds, but they both agree on one thing: the show’s female competitors are not to be trifled with.

“The women’s team always scares me,” Gilbert Gottfried admits to TVLine. “No matter how angry the men get, it’s no match for how vicious the women are to each other,” to which Kevin Jonas adds, “Brandi [Glanville] really gets in there. The women are going to surprise people this season.”

So, how does each each loser — and I mean that affectionately — feel about their respective strategy?

“I definitely wanted to go in aggressive, and I think I did that,” Jonas says. “I didn’t want people to think they could just walk all over me.”

Gottfried took a slightly different approach — the exact opposite, in fact.

“I really wanted to take everyone aside and tell them, ‘No matter how many pies or frozen dinners you sell, you’re not really going to be hired by Donald Trump,'” he says. “I think these people really started to believe Donald Trump is that stupid that he’d actually hire them.”

jonas-riveraAs for Jonas’ on-screen sparring with Geraldo Rivera, he says it was all part of the game.

“I have a lot of respect for Geraldo; his career is extraordinary,” Jonas says. “We both went into this wanting to win. I think he saw me as a threat, so like any good competitor, he went after me.”

At the end of the day, though, neither fired celeb regrets any of the decisions they made along the way — save for Gottfried’s desire for more sleep.

“Had I known how early they were going to let me go, I would have slept in and shown up later,” he says. “And when I got sick of doing all the chores, I would have just said, ‘OK, guys, I’m going to go take a nap now.'”

Do you think Jonas and Gottfried deserved to be fired? Who are you rooting for nowDrop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    I didn’t like Kevin getting fired. IDK if Geraldo is getting bad editing or what but he’s a complete a** and treated Kevin like crap. As for Gottfried, he deserved to get fired after that comedy sketch he did at the presentation. Nothing against him as a person but that was really disrespectful and out of line.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I think it’s like Kevin said, Geraldo’s just a really fierce competitor. He and his mustache are OUT. FOR. BLOOD.

      And I love Gilbert, but yeah, he wasn’t long for this competition. I’m just glad we got 3 episodes with him.

    • The Beach says:

      Gilbert has been using that same shtick about his wife with the exact same jokes for 30 years. I’ve heard him do it several times myself.

    • Susan says:

      I thought Jonas was the loser and so disrespectful. Glad he got fired.

  2. says:

    I constantly spentt my half an hour to read this web site’s posts
    all the tme along with a mug of coffee.

  3. Babybop says:

    Kevin shouldn’t have been fired. Gilbert should have been. The thing about this season is that there aren’t any obvious front-runners, and there isn’t anyone that I’m super rooting for.

  4. Bill Fields says:

    Geraldo was rude to the clients and his team mates. He’s apparently an insecure ego driven, narcissistic nut. That’s not his competitor stance.

    Face it – Geraldo is a nut.

    This is a person who on national radio stated quite plainly – “I supported Romney, I voted for Obama.” He is a nut, plain and simple.

    • Dana Franco says:

      Dito, my sentiments exactly
      Its Celebrity Gerado in his world
      I remember from his talk show from many a mustaches ago telling someone “you don’t know who your talking to!”
      Unfortunately we do

  5. J. Lytle says:

    Let’s put it this way!!!! I love watching the Apprentice, but Kevin was thrown under the bus, Geraldo was very disrespectful to Kevin and the team, not to mention the gentlemen who was selling the product….Kevin was Geraldo’s boss at that time and you don’t act that way in front of your boss…therefore, Geraldo should have been fired!!!!!!!!! And this is for Ian, watch your backside, it almost sounds like Trump is gunning for you!!

  6. Sarah Martin says:

    Kevin didn’t deserve to be fired, Trump knew Geraldo should’ve been fired, but he’s keeping him for ratings (jokes on him…I won’t be staying around to watch someone be a complete ass on TV first and last time I’ll watch any Celebrity Apprentice) He shouldn’t have fired Gilbert. Terell knew his type off humor and still put him out there. If you put a cheerleader on a gymnastics team, you can’t be mad that she can’t do all of the stunts the gymnasts can. You shouldn’t have put her in that position in the first place.

    • Kimberley Fram says:

      Same here! This was all about Trump wanting his fave to stay a while longer. He told Geraldo to be an Ass to keep the tension going on inside the team. As a Real Estate Broker, if any of my Agents spoke to me or any other Agent the way Geraldo spoke to Kevin, I would have let them go immediately. There’s no room for a team destroyer. Only Team Players. How could Kevin designate any job to Geraldo when Geraldo never gave Kevin the respect he deserved as the PM? Kevin asked and told Geraldo what to do over and over again and the only thing Kevin had left was to fire Geraldo. Same thing any business person would have done. What did Trump want him to do? Physically force Geraldo to respect Kevin’s wishes? Trump would not have done that so why would he expect anything different from Kevin? Because the show is scripted with certain people to cause issues. This is scripted for ratings and not reality. I’m done watching this show. It’s up there with the Kardashians.

  7. SKT says:

    I was so impressed with Kevin! I knew nothing about his business smarts or personality, really, other than his musical career. I thought he was so professional…I thought he could win it!! Anywho, maybe he will have a chance to come back in the end like they do sometime and get a little something for his charity. Also I’ve loved Gilbert long time but I kind kinda see where he might have had to go.

  8. Lisa says:

    I’m surprised they let Kevin go this early. I would have thought they would have kept him for ratings.

  9. Star Luna says:

    Trump fired Jonas because he should have brought Lamas to the boardroom. Poor Jonas thought he could out smart Trumps game by bringing in someone who did not deserve to be there. Well nobody puts baby in a corner. Trump didn’t want to let Jonas or Geraldo go. He wanted to fire Lamas for not directing a better commercial then Liza did. Poor Jonas saved Lamas but not on purpose I don’t think.

  10. JAMES A says:

    Geraldo was such a jerk! He should have been fired! This show should be called Celebrity Has Beens! Loved Gilbert for calling Trump “Mein Fuhrer!” Lol… I knew he would get fired quickly because he said he believed in climate change. Little Trumpy didn’t like that too much, and he’s not a Fox News contributer like Geraldo. Lame show! I see trump changed his hair/combover color. Guess orangutan orange is the new white!

    • Gigi says:

      Celebrity Has Beens,ahaha Thanks for the laugh! You’re so right. Trump is looking more and more like an orange. What’s the deal?

  11. JerryM says:

    How could he fire Gilbert? He’s the Gary Busey of CA4! The rest of the cast are boring, and its going to be the same old stuff again. Gilbert was the breakout character.
    Kevin Jonas was overconfident in the boardroom. Geraldo is an expert weasel and BS artist. who started out as a lawyer defending gangs in Spanish Harlem. As for his repeated reminders that he is a ‘survivor’ of various war zones, he neglected to mention that he was censured for giving away a US troop position on the air while imbedded in Iraq.
    Anyway, we should all know by now, Trump will never fire you being a jerk, which is why Kevin Jonas was doomed in the boardroom. Rest of the season will be a yawn.

  12. Renee says:

    Kevin Jonas has this all wrong- it was very apparent how he tried to throw Geraldo under the bus every chance he got. It is very apparent to me that Kevin Jonas is threatened by Geraldo- and I am so glad that Kevin is no longer on the show.

  13. Me. says:

    Well Kevin Jonas got fired I’m not watching anymore. I have no desire to see another night of Geraldo acting like an egomaniac. I canceled the season off my DVD.

  14. Cheryle says:

    Trump has made it clear its all about the ratings and he’s keeping Geraldo for that reason. They are both assholes and I won’t be watching. You can tell who temp wants to fire by his line of questioning. He’s the puppet master. It used to be a good show. Now it’s just turned into crap tv.

  15. holly says:

    I thought the show had picked brandi, kate, & Kenya so we could watch them continue to make fools of themselves. Then the sleeper, Jonas appeared.

  16. Jim says:

    How can Geraldo lose ???? Much like Joan Rivers and “almost” every other winner they are all personal friends of Trump. I still laugh at the injustice served to annie duke over Trumps stupid favoristisms.

  17. Christa says:

    Geraldo came off as a complete loser on the show, although my feelings about him were pretty much the same before I tuned in. Being competitive is one thing, acting like a d*** says a lot about his character. I think Kevin handled himself with an immense amount of maturity and I was looking forward to seeing him on the show longer.

  18. Janice says:

    A friend who no longer lives near me asked me to watch so we could chat on FB while we watched. She has been a regular, but 20 minutes into it, she stated that it was not looking good, so we’d catch up later. Never having seen it before, I thought I’d give the show a chance, but Geraldo is out of touch, and should have been fired. Kevin brought a younger perspective, and was spot on when he challenged Geraldo. There is a reason that Geraldo has such a diminished position on television now, and Trump had better watch, or he will follow in his friend’s shoes. No loss to him on a monetary level, but I suspect his enormous ego may enjoy being in the spotlight. I hope the show fails soon, making way for something more entertaining, that fits in with today’s demographic.

  19. Bakerlady says:

    Geraldo is Trump’s man until the end. I have watched 2 eposodes — won’t watch any more. I will NEVER watch another show with that egotistical ass again. Rudeness over the top. Someone like that will never think that he is anything other than the best.

    • drrlpppt says:

      Geraldo is an a$$, grade A ++. This is the first time for me, I have never watched the show for a full episode. Perhaps 10 mins? And… Now I know why. Kevin made a strategic mistake. Kevin was a better person for “The Donald” to keep around due to his fan base alone. Viewing by the age group Kevin is/was popular with has ended. That is a huge chunk of change for advertisers, Kevin didn’t get fired his FANS were along with their viewership. Poor mistake by Trump, Keven for bring Ian in, Geraldo extreme poor behavior in all regard. Hey Geraldo – What did you find in “Capone’s Vault” besides air?? :) On the women’s team; Jamie the Gold Metal winner was asked a direct question. While trying to answer this Kenya Moore starts talking over her. Yet when Jamie lets her (Kenya M) blabber on Jamie started to speak & that Kenya has the nerve to say “I am talking… that was rude”. Kenya M. has to go, she adds nothing but RUDE!! Kate Gossling – I actually have new found respect for.

  20. Ingrid says:

    Shame on you Gerald thought you were above all the bull but you act like a diva where was your team spirit everyone helped you but you didn’t come off as a team playet

  21. Ingrid says:

    Shame on you Gerald thought you were above all the bull but you act like a diva where was your team spirit everyone helped you but you didn’t come off as a team player

  22. Jeff says:

    Geraldo was acting like a spoiled little boy because the focus for once in his prestigious life wasn’t on him. I cannot believe his unprofessional behavior around the Neet executives while being obnoxious on the phone. Too bad Trump thinks Geraldo can do no wrong. What’s with the rose glasses? Mid life crisis perhaps.

  23. Anna White says:

    Donald Trump is obviously keeping Geraldo Riveria around for ratings. He can’t be serious with that guy. He must have already known what a narcissistic, arrogant pig Geraldo was and now we all do. Kevin is too nice and normal and didn’t follow the show’s boardroom selection protocol. Sad he’s gone but I hope someone breaks Gerry Rivers’ nose again before the end of the season.

  24. Vivian says:

    I have to agree with most of the comments, Kevin should not have been fired. Will miss Gilbert he did bring comedy relief to the show. And yes Mr. trump does look yellow/orange, I don’t know what the makeup people are thinking.

  25. Debbie ivey says:

    I think Donald Trump should have fired Heraldo because he intentionally sabotaged Jonas gig. Donald Trump won’t fire Heraldo until the very end no matter what Heraldo does does because it’s good Tv. Just like he won’t fire Brandy or Kenya until the end because it’s good TV.

  26. Chad says:

    Just catching up on the season, and felt compelled to write this. I can’t believe how my perception of Geraldo and Kevin Jonas flip flopped. Here’s a decorated war corespondent vs a tween sensation. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Geraldo is a disrespectful diva. Hold your head high Jonas, you carried yourself, and represented yourself very well. Jonas had no problem tapping into his 4.5 million Twitter followers for Geraldo, but Geraldo couldn’t even take his phone call in the other room?? You want respect Geraldo, try giving a little! Ego Maniac! Crazy!