Sleepy Hollow Recap: Winging It

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Recap

Sleepy Hollow must’ve read a few too many women’s magazines as of late, because this week’s episode really takes the New Year: New You! theme to heart.

Repeatedly, resoundingly, unrelentingly to heart. And while we can probably go a while without hearing Abbie draw parallels between trendy fruit and her journey as a Witness, the hour’s last few moments — where Irving resurfaces as one of the living! (or, at least, not one of the dead) — made up for some of the episode’s flaws.

Let’s review what happens in “Paradise Lost.”

HENRY HIGHTAILS IT OUTTA THERE | The hour picks up a very short time after Henry kills Moloch. We see Ichabod regain consciousness, and though it’s Katrina’s name he mutters first, the relief that floods his entire being when he sees Abbie alive and well is palpable. “Oh thank God,” he says as they clutch each other, and no matter what else I think about this episode, that moment is Ichabbie gold.

Jenny and Katrina also are OK, but Henry is missing. “He risked everything to save me,” Katrina says. Well, that’s one interpretation of what happened, yes.

Cut to six weeks later, as Abbie and Ichabod peruse a farmer’s market and wonder A) where Henry is, B) what’s behind the random weirdness they’ve encountered in the last month-and-a-half. (There’s also a mildly amusing discussion in which Ich mistakes the name of a hybrid fruit — grapple — for the verb.) Crane then notices a brimstone-smeared apple filled with worms and theorizes that it’s evidence that “something supernatural is gestating.”

Back at the archives, he’s wildly gesturing to corkboards full of supernaturally hinky photos and loudly asserting his out-there theories while his partner looks on, bored; all he needs is an “I Want to Believe” poster and a red Speedo, and he’s Fox W. Mulder.

Abbie, on the other hand, wants to talk about what their lives could be if they didn’t have to fight evil. “We have to reinvent ourselves,” she tells him — but he’s got a jump on that, because he’s already invented himself as someone sick of Katrina’s ridiculousness: Ichabod is sleeping at the archives while Katrina holes up at the cabin during a mutually agreed-upon time-out in their marriage.

TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL | To take Ichabod’s mind off his marital woes, Abbie agrees to accompany him to a farm where weirdness could possibly be going down — though she’s skeptical. While they scan the grounds, Crane and Mills discuss whether the apocalypse is over and what they’d have to do if it were… and goodness gracious, I forgot how much I love it when the Witnesses get to spend time together, talking about their shared duty, without interruption and/or fighting.

Of course, they find some robed evil beasts chanting some terrible nonsense, and just as the Witnesses confront the monsters, a black-winged angel swoops in and starts kicking tail with a glowing circular boomerang dealie. “I’m Orion,” he says. “Are you friend or foe?”

Orion knows the Witnesses’ whole deal, and he assures them “I mean you no harm.” Um dude, your crazy eyes suggest otherwise. Orion, shorthanded: He was a prisoner in Purgatory until the night of Moloch’s death, and now he’s on the hunt for those who want to amass power to bring about the end of the world. And Abbie is picking up what he’s laying down, big time.sleepyhollow_s2ep12_recap

REVERSE THE CURSE | Meanwhile, Katrina’s watching over a chained-up Abraham in the Masons’ cell — and from the look of her black, long-sleeved mesh shirt and black corset, somebody got a gift card to Hot Topic for Christmas!

She summons Ichabod to the chamber (via text, of course. God forbid the witch do something cool, magical AND useful) to ask him to help her separate Abraham’s humanity from the Horseman. She says the Witnesses owe her… hold up, Red.

I’m no hater (and believe me, you need all the friends you can get right now, if Twitter is any indication), but the idea that Abbie and Ichabod owe you anything is so insane, it needs a bed at Tarrytown Psych. I’m not sure that screwing up spells, failing to kill Baby Moloch and getting captured — not to mention stranding Abs in Purgatory — entitles you to anything more than a membership in the Lame of the Month Club.

Anyway, Katrina claims that her and Ichabod’s love for each other “drove him to this terrible state, and I believe our love can bring him back.” Ich looks skeptical but agrees to consider it.

Back at the farm, Orion mentions that he’s gunning for the Headless Horseman first. Abbie’s like, “We know that guy! Let me show you directly to him!” He’s so pleased, he gives her a charm. “Hold this charm and think of me” whenever she’s in need, he says. “I can find you.” But don’t forget to chant valar morghulis

EGG-CELLENT | Let’s take a minute to check in with Jenny. She’s working big hair and a little leather skirt as she flirts with a bartender at the pub, but a call from her sister puts her right back into research mode. She calls Hawley, who shows up with a giant egg — oh wait, I know this one! They’re going to exchange it for the location of a secret rave! No, I was wrong; they bust it open — after some flirting where he tells her he’s still into her and she’s all, “RESPECT THE SKIRT, bro” — and find out that the robed demons are meeting up at Headless’ carriage house.

BABY DID A BAD, BAD THING | By the time Abbie and Orion make it to the Masons’ cell, Katrina has set Abraham free on the condition that he (wait a sec, let me try to type this without dissolving into giggles) PROMISE NOT TO KILL ANYONE. He’s evil incarnate, guys! I wouldn’t put much stock in his vow, even if he crossed his heart and hoped to — yeah, nevermind.

Ichabod’s mad and goes to the archive to do some hate-researching, while Abbie finds Orion by summoning him. Ol’ Feathery talks a good game about how they’re warriors and how he wants to cleanse humanity of all its bad parts; just as he’s unlocking a new level of zealotry, Crane calls and warns Abbie that Orion historically has shown up before bad stuff went down (Pompeii, Syria, etc.). Suspicious, she brings the angel to the carriage house (thanks to the intel from Jenny and Hawley), where he immediately does battle with Headless.

Eventually, Orion sticks his blade into Headless’ back — and the Witnesses realize they have to save Abraham to stop Orion’s insane power grab. So they rip the weapon from between the horseman’s shoulders and destroy the circular blade. Then, in a move that makes me laugh out loud because what is going on here?, Ichabod hands the Horseman’s axe back to him. I know Abbie cites the “enemy of my enemy is my ally” idea, but wow.

As Orion takes off in anger, Ichabod reminds Abraham that if he kills anyone while Katrina’s looking into restoring his humanity, he’s toast. The Horseman of Death grudgingly agrees but yells that he won’t be a prisoner again. So the Witnesses leave, because apparently we just do whatever Abraham says now? Yeah? OK.

GUESS WHO’S BACK? | After briefly suggesting that he and Katrina “redefine” their marriage, Ichabod processes the day’s events with Abbie. She says it was good that they keep each other in check, and he agrees. “No matter what obstacles we face or how many disagreements we have, our bond cannot be broken,” he says, adding, “Witness represent!” (Heh.)

And now for the most exciting event of the episode: A barefoot man stumbles into a convenience store, takes a carton of milk out of the refrigerated case and begins gulping it down. Of course we know it’s Frank Irving, back from the dead, but it’s still pretty satisfying when the camera finally settles on his face. “Is this heaven or hell?” he asks the cashier. “Neither, man,” the kid replies. “It’s Sleepy Hollow.”

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did you like the return of the topsy-turvy camera work? How about Jenny in her going-out gear?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kate says:

    Tonight’s episode sealed it, I’m done.

  2. flo says:

    The Sleepy Hollow writers keep trying to wedge Katrina into Team Witness in between Ichabbie but fans just push her on out like an old turd. You can’t keep shovelling that sh*t down our throats. Team #chabbie! Team Witness!

    The Hawley suddenly back in love with jenny thing was WEIRD. As in, WTF WEIRD. He didn’t work with Abbie so they decided to put him back with Jenny. That was insulting. To us, and to Jenny.

    The best part was Frank stumbling back into our lives. Strange, again. But YAY.

    I gave this episode 6 donut holes out of 10 for Ichabbie and Frank and Jenny. And sexy Max Brown guest starring.

    • Yeah says:

      Ummm, this episode established that what you describe in your first paragraph is exactly what will NOT happen. Did you even watch?

      • flo says:

        Yes. I watched. And your point is? If you hate this show so much WHY are you even coming here? I don’t need to justify anything to you. GTF off my comment.

        • Yeah says:

          I love this show. You’re the one who’s crapping all over it with your comment, saying the writers are doing something when they in fact had done the exact opposite.

          • flo says:

            I have no idea what you are talking about but your brain obviously has been sent to purgatory. I have no time for immature foolishness.

  3. Babybop says:

    Literally screeched with glee when it turned out to be Irving. Did NOT see that coming so soob.
    I scoffed when Katrina implied that she was owed something. So ridiculous. Though, in defense of Team WTF, I believe the horseman was given his axe so he could kill Orion. Not that it was a good plan, but I’m pretty sure that’s why.

  4. Jerry says:

    I think this was one of the series’ worst episodes. And now it’s away for two weeks? And the next episode looks like a Monster of the Week one? Sigh. Take away those extra episodes the show got this season, it doesn’t know what to do with them.

    Hawley needs to go. The whole Abraham plot needs to go (he was much better before he got a head). What -should- have happened tonight is that Orion managed to take the Horseman’s power and command an army of demons. Doing that doesn’t kill the Horseman, but turns him into a human again. This would get rid of the plot of trying to redeem him that looks like will follow us to the end of the season. And then him and Katrina can run off to a cottage in the woods and never be seen again.

  5. herman1959 says:

    Boo! Except for the last 5 minutes when Frank Irving showed up (I knew he wasn’t dead) we could have skipped this whole episode – nothing of any consequence happened. Um, this is where some people might start shouting “filler”, and NOW Hawley is interested in Jenny again, please. Is the real writing staff on vacation or what?

    • Yeah says:

      So totally WRONG. Abbie learned that a little skepticism is a good thing–that her singularly focused MISSION orientation almost got them into big trouble. Crane completely recommitted to Witnesshood. The Witnesses supported and helped and saved each other, all while pushing each other. Katrina did something that really made us think she might be evil. Headless made huge steps back toward being the evil menace foe again. Another entity is out there that may help or hurt. A ton happened. Pay attention.

  6. Angela says:

    I’m very wary of the idea of letting Abraham go, too, and I agree that everyone’s being WAY too trusting of the guy. I have a distinct feeling this will not end well. That said, however, I will say that there did seem to be some sincerity in Abraham’s promise to keep his end of his bargain with Katrina. I think being around her allows him some true honesty, mainly because I think his feelings for her are genuine. Warped as hell, sure, but genuine nonetheless. That doesn’t mean I think he’ll actually keep his end of the bargain, however, especially considering how quick he was to anger when the whole thing with Orion went down. But we’ll see.
    I did like that Ichabod, Katrina, and Abbie hashed out some of their complaints. I really do sympathize with Katrina’s belief in the inherent good in people, especially those she’s had a close bond with. She made a good point that if this were one of Abbie’s loved ones turned evil, Abbie would probably pause before wanting to take them out, too (I’m wondering if they’re going to have a similar storyline involving Abbie wanting to save Irving now). I think a lot of people getting so annoyed with Katrina would change their tune if they were in her position, actually.
    But Ichabod and Abbie had good points, too. Wanting to save a son IS vastly different from wanting to save a former flame, and Abbie DID lose someone close to her as a result of the Horseman. So I’m with her on her lack of empathy for him, and Ichabod was right to be upset about Katrina going behind his back as she did. I like Katrina, and I want her to work with Ichabod and Abbie, but in order to do that, she’s going to have to take their opinions into consideration as much as they are hers. So hopefully they can start sorting that whole situation out and share a similar mindset.
    No surprise Irving’s back, I had a feeling he’d return. But still great to see him regardless, along with Jenny. Hoping they’ll be able to help out the Cranes and Abbie more often as well.

    • lisbeth says:

      Abbie already chose to take out a friend who was on the side evil: Andy Brooks. Andy Brooks who regretted choosing evil every second he was on-screen. Andy Brooks who never actually killed anyone. Yet when the time came to make a tough choice, she shoved a crowbar through his head.

      • Ella D. says:

        Abbie was also willing to take out Joe Corbin who was like a little brother to her if the wendigo spell didn’t wear off. Katrina needs to stop trying to save evil things. Beyond being stupid and putting people and the world at large in danger, it’s neutering our villains, turning them into whiny assholes instead of menacing harbingers of doom.

        • Yeah says:

          Actually, no, Abbie wasn’t willing to take out Joe Corbin. She wouldn’t let Crane do it. And as for Andy, he BEGGED her to. That was a mercy killing, not someone taking out the evil guy because he was evil.

      • Angela says:

        True. But just because she did it for one person doesn’t mean she always would-say it were Jenny, or Ichabod, turned evil? I do think she would hesitate in those instances.

        • Angela says:

          *Two, with the mention of Corbin up above. But my point still stands-I think there is, or would be, a limit to her determination to snuff out evil.

          • Ella D. says:

            Actually Abbie was also very wiling to take out the ghost of her mother when she thought she was killing patients at Tarrytown. Her own mother. She didn’t plead with Ichabod to find a way to restore her soul while give her time to kill more people. Face it, Abbie is willing to do what must be done, and she has lost way more than anyone else to the forces of evil. And even if she does try to save Irving, again, he never killed anyone, he never chose evil, he was forced into it and killed by KATRINA’S SON. Irving is 10000% undeserving of what happened to him, so I’m not sure you can argue it’s the same as HH.

          • Angela says:

            But they did find a way to make it so she didn’t have to do that, didn’t they? And Joe ultimately was able to be saved, too, wasn’t he? Either way, though, sorry, I still believe she has her Achilles’ heel, just like everyone else, and I think there will be a point down the line where she’ll try and do everything in her power to avoid killing, or considering killing, yet another person she cares about.
            And I certainly agree Irving isn’t deserving of any of what’s happened to him, I never said he was. You are right that his situation is far different than that of Abraham’s, and as I noted in my post, I am ultimately on Abbie’s side about Abraham, and Henry as well (though I do understand a mother’s love for and protection of her son, no matter what he’s done). I don’t think they can be redeemed (nor would I want them to be redeemed simply because I prefer them as villains).
            I’m just trying to look at things from Katrina’s perspective. I know if someone I loved had turned evil, even by their own choice, like Abraham did, I still couldn’t go through with killing them. I would want to try other options, too, or I’d have to turn the killing over to someone else, because I couldn’t bear to do it. So while I ultimately side with Abbie on this one, I still at least understand Katrina’s mindset. And despite all that Abbie has done so far for her mission, I’m inclined to believe she’ll have that moment someday, too, where, at the very least, she’ll debate killing someone she loves the way Katrina is.

          • Angela says:

            Adding on that not to mention, considering the way those presumed dead don’t always seem to stay dead on this show, even if they did kill someone, there’s no guarantee it’d be a permanent solution. This is a show that deals in spells and people waking up from 250 years in the ground and possession and whatnot, after all, so if someone evil really wanted to come back to life, they’d find a way, or someone affiliated with them would find a way.

        • Angela, stop trying to justify Katrina stupidity. The two demons she are trying to redeem are mass murderers and truly evil to boot. Why, can’t this show just let evil be evil. Yes, Abbie would hesitate to kill Jenny or Ichabod, but I truly believe in the end she would do the right thing.

          • Angela says:

            Not justifying anything. Once again, I am on Abbie’s side in this. I think Abraham and Henry will stay evil, and I prefer them to stay evil. I don’t know how much clearer I can make that.
            Just simply stating that I do understand Katrina’s mindset on some level, even if I don’t agree with her actions in last night’s episode. And I know if I were in her shoes, I might be feeling the same way if it were someone close to me who was turned evil. That’s all. Nothing wrong with trying to see this from another perspective.

    • christina says:

      Actually they are all in Katrina’s position and Abbie and Jenny was already faced with the dilemma of killing their evil mother [someone who actually raised them] and both decided that she had to die to protect innocent people from dying. I have no idea what show you are watching, Katrina isn’t the only one who have to make hard choices she is the only one making the wrong ones though. As for goodness Abbie already thinks that there is always another way but Abraham does not need saving first he is already dead and headless by the way what will they be saving. If Irving does indeed represent evil and he goes about killing I bet Abbie would insist on being the one to bring him down giving him mercy.

      The Abraham situation is the same as if a serial killer mother pleaded for his life or Hitler’s mom pleaded for his there is some amount of good in everyone but it never takes away from the bad that they have committed. Katrina needs to recognize that and take a step away from her guilt and selfishness.

      • Angela says:

        Never said she was the only one making hard choices. I know the others have had to do the same. I don’t know where people seem to think I’m implying otherwise with my post, but I’m not. There have been good examples of that noted above with Abbie’s mom and with Joe.
        But they (or in Abbie’s mom’s case, her soul) WERE ultimately saved, weren’t they? Now, of course, the fact that they didn’t willingly succumb to the evil does make their situations vastly different, and certainly more sympathetic, than that of Henry and Abraham, but the fact remains that it is possible to save people from their evil demons, so it’s not exactly illogical for Katrina to hope for the same for those she’s close to, despite the fact they willingly agreed to be evil.
        I think it could go either way with Irving. I do wonder if the show is setting us up for a moment when Abbie does waver the way Katrina is now, when it gets to the point where she’s tired of just shooting first and asking questions later, so to speak, and actually tries to find another way to save those she loves. I admire her dedication to her mission, but she’s also sympathetic when needed, too, and I imagine after a while she might be tired of losing more people she loves, and find herself desperate to save somebody she cares about from a terrible fate. Heck, the fact that she was ultimately willing to go along with Ichabod and Katrina’s pleas to hold off on taking Abraham out at the end of the show last night should be an indicator that she might be willing to change her tune, and find herself more sympathetic to Katrina’s mindset on some level. ‘Cause she could easily just go on this mission herself if she’s that fed up with the Cranes’ line of thinking.
        The serial killer comparison is very apt here with Abraham and Henry. But even then, if we’re talking real life comparison of that sort, family members do argue not to have killers put to death, hell, even some of their victims plead to show the killers mercy (yes, that’s happened in real life, many times). And even if one agrees a serial killer should be punished for their crimes, sometimes depending on the circumstances it is easy to find some level of sympathy for them, and sometimes killers do redeem themselves, too. So sometimes compassion does help, and it isn’t always a crazy, dumb thing to do.
        Once again, for this show’s purposes, I think Henry and Abraham will remain evil and Katrina’s sympathies, though understandable, are ultimately nothing more than futile hopes. I am on Abbie’s side in this situation, and think letting Abraham go is not going to end well for a lot of people. I’m just trying to express an understanding of her mindset, however. That’s all.

      • Yeah says:

        How do you kill a ghost? Their mother was already dead, too.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Everyone has good/explainable reasons for feeling like they do. Katrina believes there’s good in everyone, and she’s terribly guilty over Abraham’s life going like it did. And yeah, Abbie would try to save a friend or loved one in the same place, etc etc.

    • Yeah says:

      See, I think that this whole “I see the good in them” stuff in Katrina’s attempt to keep the Witnesses from killing them isn’t Katrina seeing the good in them, it’s Katrina trying to protect and save two of her most vital allies and soldiers. Because, you see, she’s the big baddie in this story. After last night, I’m more convinced of this than ever.

      • Deb says:

        She not evil she is feeling guilty and thinks that if she can save him it will make her feel better. She letting her guilt rule her right now. She need to realize that Abraham made the choice and I believe he would of made the choice even if he didn’t know it was Ichabod Katrina loved. I’m waiting for ep 15 called spellcaster when we find out the reason for the Salam witch trials. I believe we will find out her family has been fighting Moloch for a long time.

  7. Ashley says:

    This episode made me realize the only hope of salvation when it comes to Katrina’s writing is to make her a secret villain because there is no way she keeps making dumb, destructive decisions out of “good intention”. I don’t think Sleepy Hollow is unwatchable like some people but they need to figure out the Katrina situation because she makes it a chore to watch this show.

    • herman1959 says:

      You said it!

    • suzi says:

      I don’t hate Katrina, as so many do, but I have thought from the beginning that she was on the other side–as you said, it would explain a lot and make her character more interesting.

    • Babybop says:

      Thought the same thing too. Pretty sure that’s what’s going to happen.

    • jag says:

      That is true. Katrina has no redeeming qualities in the sense that she has no stand point. Her decisions is made out of emotional connection which is logical if your just an ordinary person. But for her being a century old witch (correct me if I’m wrong) doesn’t give any justice to her emotional decisions. She has no logical or skeptical thinking. Her character is bias (not naive) and selfish. And even how much writing is put into her character to make and look it important, she can be dismissed easily. If you remove her on the present time line, it will fell and look as if she doesn’t exist except on the flashbacks.

  8. Drew says:

    I think the show should have stuck to a shorter, more focused season. I also think that the style of the show’s monsters have changed and I kinda prefer the old style. Seeing Orion with wings, flying around like that just looked lame. Giving him wings at all doesn’t make sense since angels have only had wings since some old artists added them to distinguish angels from humans. Real angels wouldn’t have wings.
    This episode felt like filler. It is a shame since season 1 was so tight.

  9. Mikaylah says:

    I loved Katrina this ep. If anyone is bringing the show down via marital drama, it’s Ichabod. I wish Katrina would just walk away from him, lord knows she’d be better off.

    I still find it so baffling how people rag on Katrina for what, not being all powerful? Being human, having a heart? Caring about her family? Making sacrifices for the cause? Like literally ever “complaint” about her leads right back to Ichabbie. And how did Katrina strand Abbie in Purgatory?? She didn’t make up the one has to stay rule, and Abbie CHOSE to stay, so I’m failing to see how that’s Katrina’s fault.

    And sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but Katrina has been mildly helpful, not to mention she’s been fighting this war longer than our so called Witnesses. A favor isn’t super uncalled for, and trying to save Abraham’s soul is a good thing.

    • Yes, she has been fighting the war longer, but I feel that it was only to serve her own purposes. A lot of what has been revealed about her is questionable, but the writers are not talented enough to investigate what is true or untrue concerning the character. I really do not think that she is as innocent and compassionate as you think.

      • Mikaylah says:

        I really think she is as compassionate as she seems, and has sacrificed a great deal in this war – her husband, her coven, her son, her freedom. I think if she does go down a dark path (which I’m not opposed to, baddie Katrina would be awesome), it’ll be because it seems like no matter what she does it isn’t enough. She’s punished for her lies (in service of the cause) , for her choices (when all she had were bad or worse options), her faith and her love. She’s seen as weak for her compassion, which is a really gross idea to have take root in fandom. She doesn’t need to be more (more powerful, more hard, more violent) to be worth something. I frankly don’t care about Ichabod x Katrina, but I do care about Katrina and want good things for her.

      • Yeah says:

        That’s not it at all. The writers are HIDING what is true about her character.

    • christina says:

      Katrina is either a complete but powerful idiot or she is the evil mastermind or partner to that mastermind. There is nothing wrong with compassion all on team witness have it and have used it to their advantage when things have gone bad for them. Team Witness is fighting to save lives all lives, Abbie has preached about always being another way when force to kill someone who deserves a chance. The entire team witness have been making sacrifices. I could care less how long she has been fighting this fight and poorly at that as of recent, her actions now are what is being questioned. I could care less about her marital status or who is making more of them between her and Ichabod I don’t want to hear about them at all. I will give you Purgatory Abbie choose to stay there even if she didn’t have all the infomation about one in one out until it was to late for another plan.

      Katrina is mildly helpful and she needs to stay in her lane. How is saving Abraham’s soul a good thing is his soul more important than those he already took and if his soul is worth saving then how about every one who chooses to side with evil. Should the witness save them also?

    • delorb says:

      How is Ichabod bringing down their relationship? He’s never lied to her, but she’s lied to him constantly. She continues jeopardize all of MANKIND to save two people she didn’t care enough about saving when they were alive (Abraham) or a baby (Henry), but now that she will move heaven and earth?

      Her selective memory for the cause is what is so grating. She doesn’t tell Ichabod about Mary back in the day because avoiding the apocalypse is the #1 priority. But now that its present day, the apocalypse can take a smoke break because her son comes before everyone elses. Saving Abraham is more important than saving a billion people on the planet.

      It would be one thing if she’d been this way from jump, but she hasn’t been. She was married to Ichabod for 6 years and never told him that she was a spy just as he was. Did I tell you that they were spying for the same side? Getting their orders from the same people? Married all that time and she never told him she was a witch. That he was a witness. With the lie being that stopping the end of days was more important (wouldn’t it be important for a witness to know that they’re a witness? but I digress).

      But skip to today and its all about righting a wrong and saving two monsters.

    • wtf says:

      Didn’t Abbie’s ancestor die in a fire by Henry Katrina’s son. Grace helped her deliver her precious offsprint. Wasn’t Abbie’s ancestor the one they found in the tomb to find the sword of Methusella? So I don’t know where your getting this Katrina’s been fight longer than the “so called” witnesses crap from

  10. Alichat says:

    “I’m no hater (and believe me, you need all the friends you can get right now, if Twitter is any indication), but the idea that Abbie and Ichabod owe you anything is so insane, it needs a bed at Tarrytown Psych. I’m not sure that screwing up spells, failing to kill Baby Moloch and getting captured — not to mention stranding Abs in Purgatory — entitles you to anything more than a membership in the Lame of the Month Club.”

    This made me laugh so hard. Best thing I’ve read all day.

  11. prish says:

    The husband says it is a good episode, and he likes the angel Orion. I guess it is a guy episode.

  12. m3rcnate says:

    “He’s an angel, he’s one of the good guys”….bad writers, bad! Fallen Angels are demons, Angels that break “ranks” and rebel are the bad guys. (as shown by the last 30 min of this ep)

    Skipped over all “God” and “Heaven” answers because the writers are afraid to lock down and have their mythology be out there. Sad. You’ve established so much, like Purgatory and demons and the four horsemen and the Apocalypse yet they wont commit to having a rebellious Angel (its not like hes sworn to never tell) talk about Heaven and creation etc. Why? Fear of upsetting Christians by saying things that contradict current teachings? They already messed that up when the Angel said “it” has no name and names don’t matter. If the Bible is to be believed names do matter, he told us his name (as Abbie says in the old pronunciation and current)…and all it mean is “The Creator”.
    In the same vein, Angels dont need weapons, let alone the idea of their Halo being a weapon or being whats needed to defeat something like the Horsemen. The bible pretty clearly shows that even touching a Angel can cripple or kill…why would a powerful being like that need a gun? or a sword? or a Halo knife thing? lol

    Its really, really, really disapointing to see that the “Angel’s” CGI and wire work is just as bad if not worse than ScyFy’s (TV show “Dominion”). Wow that entrance looked awful.

    Katrina: Either extremely poorly written (highly annoying, nagging, guilting her husband, a crap wife, an emotional cheater, etc etc etc.) or she is a extremely well written bad guy. I dont trust the writers of network TV shows (or this show since watching Season 2) to be so smart as to have written her this geniusly with the foresight to make her a bad guy. All she brings to the show are those negative qualities i just mentioned and more, and when she is so heavily involved into each episode it really pulls the show DOWN. This show has a darkness about it (demons, apocalypse, etc) and the lead actress has resting-B-face along with a kind of coldness about her, so the last thing this show needs is marital issues/nagging/fighting/cheating etc. This show NEEDS humor, and heart…like the season 1 scenes between Abbie and Ichabod.
    I mean for goodness sake…she goes from releasing the HORSEMEN OF DEATH to freedom relying on a “promise” that he wont kill to wanting to bang life back into her marriage…she just selfishly betrayed her husband and the world letting the most powerful demon of death out into it, and she still thinks she has the high ground? This is the time of the end, the Apocalypse is due soon and shes releasing the horsemen of death out of personal petty guilt cause she still has feelings for her ex-fiancee? LMAO. I’m sorry but im supposed to believe that? Maybe if this show was on at 2 PM aka a Soap Opera…thats some twilight level writing.

    Overall i feel like i could very, very, very easily stop watching this show…and if something better to do pops up i will. Only thing keeping me watching is how highly attractive Nicole Beharie is and how much time i’ve already invested/wasted in the show. One thing i know, Fringe this show is not.

    • shrinknurse says:

      I agree with most of the things you said here, excluding the bible fantasies. The BEST part of this show is the humor & interactions between Abby & Ichabod, hands down. It’s not that hard to write more humor & ‘man in the wrong century’ vinyettes. I wonder why they include so little each episode, leaving us unsatisfied & hoping for more.
      Also, why have they used Orlando Jones so little?! Does he have another full time job? It’s very strange.
      I’ll keep watching for the same reasons you stated, except I love Tom Mison ..there’s something about his face & also how he’s written that fascinates me. He’s way too skinny, so I mainly look at his face .. A LOT .. haha
      I MISS FRINGE SO MUCH 😢.. & especially John Noble’s, Walter .. Henry is a poor substitute for Walter, but I’m still very happy to see his remarkable acting somewhere on TV.

      • delorb says:

        The thing with Tom is that he has his CHARACTER down pat. Nowhere else can he get away with saying his lines as he does on this show. But he does it and we laugh with him, get angry with him, etc. Same goes for Nicole. When she rolls her eyes at something crazy another character has said, I think, ‘that’s exactly how I would have reacted.’ Too often characters aren’t allowed to be flawed or human, but its great that they allow Nicole to express herself as she does. Orlando, is the same way. Love his reactions to whatever is happening. So yeah, looking at Tom is a good thing, but watching him as Ichabod is why so many people are still tuning in. HOWEVER, they won’t for long if they turn him into this easily manipulated idiot.

        • m3rcnate says:

          Yeah i dont get how we get a couple from 230 years ago and they happen to be the one couple that is a weak husband and a manipulative pants-wearing-in-the-relationship wife. I mean how gross is it for her to say and do everything she’s done, and to betray him and put the world and so many peoples lives in jeopardy all out of guilt and feelings for her ex-fiancee…then try to have sex with him to fix things? She goes from defending herself in the cabin, to putting her hand on him and saying (basically) lets jumpstart our marriage with sex….i mean wtf? She better turn out to be a bad guy or the writers should be fired and real writers replace them. You can’t have a character like her in so many scenes let alone pivotal scenes, and never make her likable.

    • GUEST says:


  13. Bella says:

    Just when I thought Katrina couldn’t be any more annoying. ..What a narcissist, first thinking that Henry killed Moloch because of her, then that Abraham turned evil all because she wanted Ichabod instead of him? Ye gods. Please! Kill her off!!! I’m so glad Frank is back. I hope he gets a lot more screen time now. In fact, give him all of Katrina ‘ s.

  14. juliebestry says:

    Nobody else has issues with Headless leaning in towards Ichabod, ranting in a loud whisper, and his breath was blowing Ichy’s tendrils around? No head, no breath, no blowy! (And Kimberly’s Hot Topic comment made me laugh loudly enough to wake my neighbors. Oops.)

    • Yeah says:

      Yes, I was wondering how Ichabod or Abbie could hear what he was saying. Katrina hadn’t done her “extendus” spell, so he had no head for them.

    • m3rcnate says:

      Or how she made the spell in the chamber that had the horseman chained up that no magic or anything can be in the chamber….so how can she see his head? The necklace is magic…her spell should have nullified the magic the necklace uses. PLOT HOLES.

  15. shrinknurse says:

    This is the 1st time I took the time to read a Sleepy Hollow recap. I usually read ‘deeper’ shows summeries (Mad Men, Fargo, The Good Wife, The Americans, Rectify, etcetcetc). I’ll be coming back each week to read yours, though, Kimberly, as I really love your humor, insights & writing style. Thanks

  16. christina says:

    Okay so this wasn’t the best but is sure is better than the first half episodes and hopefully things will get better. Katrina she is either the stupidest of the stupid or the baddest baddie out there I prefer bad and calculating.

    Abraham has no head, does not need to be redeemed and I wish they go back to letting him be the Horseman of Death.

    Orion I actually like him despite his fanatical ways and hope to see more of him.

    Sleepy Hollow already has to work on a team evil and go beyond monsters of the week. Setting up these people plus Henry is a good thing.

  17. Jhon says:

    Does anyone else think that Irving could turn out to be Famine? For me, the clues are there: pale, hungry, he’s sold his soul…

  18. Carla Krae says:

    Nice to see Max Brown again (RIP Evan). :)
    Hawley into Jenny again was weird, as someone else commented…’d wonder if the scenes belonged in a different episode. But whatever. Show isn’t about that.

  19. Dianne says:

    Katrina (and the drivel they script for her) is destroying this show. Let it (her) go!

  20. Kae says:

    Did they get new writer’s this season??? cause the sh!t they are shoveling is not working!! Hawley does NOT need to be in every ep. Katrina is nothing more then eye candy because she sure as hell has not proven herself to be this bad ass witch they keep saying…WTH is going on???

  21. Sara says:

    No offense to Hawley…but DAMN that bartender was HOT! Bring him back anytime!! I guess I am just a ‘tall, dark and handsome’ kind of girl.
    Sorry but I don’t think I’ll ever trust Katrina. She seems to think that she knows better than everyone else. She makes so many things all about her. Good or bad…I just don’t like her.

    • rory says:

      I am all for agreeeing with you about the bartender! Woo! Shoot, practically all of the men on the show are handsome. The bartender’s name on the show… Mike. I think? U.U

  22. darth2031 says:

    8:11 EST was the last moment of the show I’ll ever watch. Orion’s entrance was pathetic. These writers always come out strong but seem to get bored with their projects and writing. A 10 or 12 ep season might have saved it for me. From reading this Irving is back but we all knew that from seeing the opening credits. Damn!!! I really liked this show!

  23. onelastemperor says:

    Abraham is awesome, Katrina is awesome……and you guys suck!

  24. DonnaMaMa says:

    let’s talk about the Angel, Orion – – he had black wings, makes him bad, could be an archangel and since when do angel’s need weapons? Interesting to see what they are going to do with him. Will he be back?

  25. tracyg36 says:

    Actual text exchange with my friend last night:

    Me: “Can we send Katrina and Barbara Gordon on a permanent vacation somewhere, pretty please?”

    My friend: “Yes! And get Irving back?”

    We got 50% of what we wanted.

  26. DonnaMaMa says:

    So the 4 Horseman are: War (Henry); death (Abraham); famine (Irving?); could Katrina be Conquest??? Wouldn’t that be a bigggggg surprise and at this point welcome so she can be defeated and go away!

  27. dman6015 says:

    Forty-two minutes of meh and 30 seconds of yeah! Sorry, but they have to stick a fork in Katrina, she’s long done, and her presence is ruining the show. Who in their right mind would release the Horseman of Death on a promise not to kill anyone? He’s the friggin’ Horseman of Death!

  28. Maxsmom says:

    I am a few episodes behind but obviously don’t mind spoilers, I thought Irving was gone because of Orlando Jones’ interview where he seemed angry at, I thought, being fired. I like Mr. Jones but I never thought of him as great actor… or a bad actor just a guy I am always happy to see, but he totally convinced me he was a goner. Good on ‘im!

  29. Luis says:

    I said when this show premiered it was too ridiculous for words. My wife sneered at me. I feel justified in reading these updates knowing I was right.

  30. Delante says:

    Another great recap! But yea Katrina’s annoying the hell out of me! Chica better come correct! I agree Orion’s entrance was kinda just meh…I figured Irving would return but I didn’t think it would be this soon. I did figure that with him dying soulless and the gates to Purgatory being open would dictate his re entrance per se.

  31. Gey says:

    Okay, I think I’m done. :-( I fell asleep during the commercial break after Orion showed up (tired from work). Now after reading the recap I’m glad I did. I just really don’t care where this thing is going and how it’s getting there. Oh well, I always have season one.

  32. circular boomerang dealie—A chakram!!! Thank you Xena, Warrior Princess!

  33. GhostWolf says:

    Was bored for most of the episode. Tired of Katrina and Blondie (sorry, but what is the point of this character????) and what’s the deal of trying to free Abraham of his horseman deal (he made his choices long ago) – sigh. Happy Irving is alive probably because of Henry owning his soul but where is Henry.

  34. keenen says:

    I have always thought Max Brown was attractive, dating back to MI5/Spooks. This is the only time I’ve watched him in something and he did not appeal. The wings were terrible, and his dialogue was just rambling.

    Something is missing from the show. It is sad, but this used to be must see TV, now I can barely make it through an episode. As it stands, I did not watch all of last night and need to go back and fill in several parts.

    For what the show has become, Irving/Orlando Jones should wish his character was dead.

    The Hawley is jealous of Jenny after spending several episodes lusting after her sister was weird, and she deserves better.

    Katrina and Headless…need I say more?

  35. jenferner8 says:

    I love that Irving is back! Him and Jenny have amazing no bs chemistry. I assume with Moloch dead that Irving somehow escaped wherever he went, can’ t wait for more.
    I don’t know if anyone else noticed Ichabod calling Abigail “Abby” in the beginning but it was quite nice to hear!
    More Orion please.
    Thank you for getting Katrina out of those damn jeans! Seriously, she’s been wearing them since hospital escape and Abby just happened to find the one seemingly random pair that looks like they were painted on?

  36. kirads09 says:

    I came away feeling like “what was that?”

    Worst: NO JOHN NOBLE

    Best: Ichy trying to understand the modern world, and his feelings and comments about it (the fruit stand).

    Sigh – the Katrina issue. They either need to fish or cut bait with her character. That is, show us that she can be a useful member of team witness and demonstrate what a powerful, great witch she supposedly is. Or write her out in some way – ASAP. The way she is now doesn’t work and her actions don’t make much sense.

  37. kirads09 says:

    Oh – the greatest was IRVING. I really love him.

  38. Television says:

    “neither man, its sleepy hollow” awesome

  39. vanessa says:

    I love Katrina I just wish she contributed more.I hope it won’t. be become a love triangle.I’m sick of love triangles.