Revenge Recap: Good Mourning

Revenge Malcolm Black

Unsurprisingly, Sunday’s Revenge did not put the “fun” in funeral.

After weeks of lying dead on the floor of his former home, the flawed-yet-flawless Daniel Grayson was finally laid to rest in the winter premiere, making him the only person who did any resting this week.

In a nutshell: Emily took the blame for Daniel’s death (self-defense?), Ben reminded us all he’s the worst by sharing Margaux’s pregnancy with Emily and David revealed his plans to off Victoria: “If all this hadn’t happened,” he told Emily, “We’d be at her funeral right now instead of Daniels.”

But this week’s biggest move was made by none other than Malcolm Black, who managed to shank someone (R.I.P., Chief Alvarez!) within his first two minutes on screen. Welcome to the Hamptons, Malcolm. I’m already terrified of you…

(Side note: When Malcolm introduced himself to the captain, was anyone else expecting him to say “I’m Malcolm Black… bitch”? No? Just me? Well, OK then.)

Elsewhere in the Hamptons this week…

MARGAUX’S MISSION | To say that Margaux wants to see Emily pay for (allegedly) killing Daniel would be an understatement. In fact, I’ll just let the French firecracker speak for herself: “I know you’re lying. You played a game with the police, with Victoria and with who-knows-how-many others. But believe me when I tell you, I do not play. I know you murdered Daniel. … I’m going to make it my life’s journey to see you pay for what you’ve done, and that journey begins now.” (Oh, Margaux, you clearly don’t realize who the star of this show is.)

LITTLE JACK MOURNER | While most of our favorite/most tolerable Hamptonites were focused on Daniel’s death this week, Jack found himself riddled with guilt over the death of Kate Taylor — more specifically, over the fact that he pumped her chest full of bullets. And with Malcolm Black now in the Hamptons, it won’t be long before he’ll get to apologize to him in person. That ought to take care of it, right? A simply “Sorry for killing your little girl”? Oh, Jack, how nice you’ll look lying in the ground next to Daniel…

THE SPY WHO PAID RENT | Best. Houseguest. Ever. As a sign of her budding friendship with Nolan, Louise is spending a few weeks at Chez Ross — and the results are already spectacular. From her pill-induced baking (see the quote below) to her really amateur attempt at spying (she’d do anything for Victoria), I can tell we’re in for a wonderful couple of weeks. Oh, and speaking of Louise and Victoria, I kind of love how Louise is so desperate for Victoria to include her in her life that she’d even use her son’s death as a bonding excuse. Battle on, Crazy Pants!

And now, for the finest quotes of the winter premiere:

* “I think I’ll bake something for her before my Xanax wears off.” — Louise, who can cook for me any day of the week.

* “My cause is that you’re a sketchy son of a bitch.” — Chief Alvarez, who’s just the worst. (Sorry for stripping you of your title, Ben!)

* “You are one badass travel agent, Mr. Clarke.” — Nolan, who’s always good for a zinger.

OK, Revenge fans, let’s hear your thoughts on the winter premiere: Is Malcolm as terrifying as you imagined he’d be? Are you worried about poor li’l Jack? And which part of the Daniel-mourning process devastated you the most? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. April says:

    I’m just thrilled I didn’t have to wait long for Tommy Flannigan to commit crimes on my television. Best. Criminal. Ever.

  2. kn1231 says:

    This episode is definitely the only time I will ever give Victoria the benefit of the doubt, but just ever so slightly. Victoria has always loved her children, so the loss of Daniel would be absolutely devastating for her. To have to sit there and not only listen but pass along a lie that Daniel died because he attacked Emily would be so rough, especially since his death was heroic. I really felt bad for her in that sense. I really wish this all could have come out another way because I was dying for Margeaux to find out Daniel died trying to save his true love. Now that I have gotten that out, I will go back to hating Victoria and wishing for her demise.

    • Andy Swift says:

      And Madeleine Stowe played that off brilliantly.

      • kn1231 says:

        I agree! Stowe and Van Camp play both of their roles so well, and in my opinion this is pretty much the only reason why this show has been holding on!

    • tia maria says:

      I have no sympathy for Victoria because she is the reason Daniel is dead, if she never passed that photo to Malcolm Black daughter, Daniel would still be alive.

      • Alichat says:

        This. I am so tired of Victoria. Tired of how she’s never responsible for anything. Nothing is her fault. Nothing she does causes any of the pain brought down her or on anyone else. Sigh.

    • Kate says:

      Yeah, initially I was feeling bad for her (and that was odd) then she was manipulating Margeaux and using Louisa, neither of whom I particularly like, especially once I was reminded again that technically this whole particular situation is her own fault. I mean, if she never put Kate on Emily’s trail, maybe Kate doesn’t notice when she steals her SAT phone, maybe she never asked questions that put Emily on alert to steal it in the first place. But then there is just our knowledge that the last conversation that Victoria and Daniel had made it pretty clear that Daniel not only didn’t hate Emily but was grateful to her. In terms of sheer practicality and how there actually might have been some merit to their made up story, why was Daniel in the Hamptons even? And so close to Grayson Manor? I am kind of glad Victoria made one basic mistake, she should have taken the envelope from Louisa. Louisa was in a fairly sane frame of mind in the episode, she might leave it for some one of friends to actually find. I mean, Nolan will notice its missing fairly soon. And there was only one other person in his house. Louisa will give it back.

  3. Patrick Gillease says:

    “Revenge” has been my guilty television pleasure since it premiered four years ago, and even during its darkest days of the second season disaster known as the Initiative, I stuck with it. However, after tonight’s episode, I almost want to jump ship! The implausibilities throughout the episode are too numerous to believe. Once Malcolm’s daughter was shot, there would’ve been blood on the floor. The fact that Jack killed her with his own police weapon would’ve been an immediate forensics clue. I could go on and on. While I applauded the idea of making David Clarke actually be alive, killing off Daniel is just a disgrace, and bringing in Malcolm Black feels like a last ditch effort to try and tweak more “revenge” out of this obviously dying show. Viewers have fled in droves, and the show now ranks as ABC’s lowest rated drama. Tonight’s dreadful episode proves why! As much as I have enjoyed the series, it is time to wrap it up! ABC, please cancel this mess come May, and to Showrunner Nayar, give us the David/Amanda/Jack happy ending we so very much deserve after enduring 4 longs years of this misery!

    • Ken says:

      The police don’t yet know that Kate Taylor is dead so the “implausibility” of not investigating jacks police gun can’t be assumed as of yet because right now they are looking at Daniels death. I agree that the writers decision to have Emily claim the blame of Daniels death as self defence and Daniels death in general is questionable however being a diehard revenger i have faith that the writers have good reasons for doing so and hopefully they can amend current issues and make it the best its ever been however that requires time so i hope everyone keeps watching so we can get at least another season

    • anna says:

      I just watched it and after being a devout fan that never missed an episode, I was left wondering why I sat through this episode and was very let down. Where are the writers going with this? Talk about reaching– and how will they vindicate this inane episode– too bad the “Who shot JR dream” was already used, eh? Surely writers have better story line projection then “Epitaph”. Such a great show to be ruined with all the turn of events and little adrenaline filled details. More “soap opera” then edge of your seat drama like the first 3 years. I hope they don’t ruin one of the best shows I’ve seen in years. Here’s hoping it gets better. I didn’t wait all summer for this…

  4. Lauren says:

    I also 100% expected Malcolm black to say “I’m Malcolm Black, your worst nightmare. Where’s my daughter, bitch?”

  5. R. says:

    To a certain extant I can understand Victoria’s grief but her self delusion may have reached an unreasonable state for me. Almost every line she said this episode was coming from a person who doesn’t think she has ever done anything wrong. Especially loved when she said: “I won’t be responsible for anyone’s death”. Because Aidan wasn’t anyone, right?

  6. sammyfinbar says:

    I really don’t like David. I find him vicious and rude and amazingly stupid. I don’t like how he has decided to become the leader of revenge club and I hate how Emily gives him all this power over her. He is worse than Victoria because at least Victoria had that moment of realisation last week and confessed. He is so dumb and lacks any ability to self-reflect. For one thing, he should be on his knees apologising to Nolan and doing a lot more to make up for it. It would be so awesome if Emily killed him and as he lies dying, she’ll whisper in his ear, “you have not only failed as a father but as a human being”. Or she can laugh at him and be like “Hahaha I can’t believe I spent my whole life avenging a loser like you!”. Or she could tongue-kiss Victoria in front of him and be like “I finally realise why Victoria betrayed you. She certainly had the right idea, you pathetic rat.”

  7. Garrett says:

    I’m kinda hating Victoria because yes, she lost a son, but deep down she must have realized that she played a part in his murder? But no, she has to stroll around pointing fingers at everybody.

  8. ABC says:

    “Revenge” finished the 2013-2014 season without the producers knowing whether or not it would be renewed. As a result, they wisely closed with an episode sending Victoria Grayson off to the looney bin and Conrad Grayson murdered. A fitting end had ABC decided not to renew. Now, we know the alphabet network made the wrong decision.

    Creator Mike Kelley’s departure marked and end to a show that was actually a fairly well structured thriller. Now, it’s a maudlin soap aimlessly hanging on. I agree with Andy that Brian Hallisay is certainly nice eye candy (minus the body ink) but he cannot act worth a crap. And, none of the other cast they’ve added the last couple of years — including the unbelievably annoying Karine Vanasse — have added anything to the story line. The only performer still really working as though his efforts mean anything is Gabriel Mann — God bless him. But with the dreadful scripts he’s been given this year, he’s really just bailing water out of sinking ship.

    Ideally, ABC will put “Revenge” out of its misery and end the farce this Spring. Star Emily van Camp has looked bored and disengaged all season. I share her pain.

    • Joe says:

      I agree I stayed with this since the start and it should have ended in May ,( last night was the first night since the show began that I di watch it live , i dvr it)

  9. Dante says:

    All things considered I do still feel that this should be the last season I can’t see them going more than what they are at right now. You also left out one of the funniest scenes ever when David showed up at Grayson manor with Victoria telling Emily that she was going to be spending time there and they both just started yelling hell no!

  10. cookie says:

    OMG-GOSH I can’t wait for David to find out that Poor pathetic Victoria put Kate onto Emily. You saw her face when David wanted to know how Kate knew to come after Emily. Even when she’s holding dead Daniel she still can’t tell the truth. I was wondering why she didn’t cry more. I guess cause she’s rich?? And they don’t like to show emotions in public. But I did like it when David put her in her place regarding living a lie for 10 years. Haha take that Vickie!!!. The fallout is going to be enormous! !!!!.

  11. sarah says:

    MAJOR FLAW: 1st thing in a homicide, they swab the suspect’s hands for gun shot residue. Yeah they put Emily’s fingerprints on the gun, but where’s the gun shot residue at? If she truly fired the gun, it would be on her.

    • Dil says:

      I know right! You would think atleast emily would think of gun shot residue given that she stole Victoria’s bracelet one and went to the shooting range to frame her !

    • Kris says:

      Actually I think they would only do gun shot residue if they were actively looking for the shooter and didn’t know who did it. Emily admitted she did it so their are no other suspects.

  12. I was seriously sad seeing Emily mourn him… you could really tell that she cared and did love him and i thought that was lovely. tbh, i’m not over daniel’s death. Margaux really just needs to go though.

  13. Dil says:

    The scene in the interrogation room with Ben was so perfect…especially when she learns about margauxs pregnancy!

    I feel really bad for Daniel, died a hero wil be remembered as a violent psychopath…I was hoping they bring Margaux in the fold and atleast tell her!

  14. N says:

    I still love Revenge! Nemily!

  15. dee123 says:

    Margaux = Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Perfect if you have insomnia.

  16. Why couldn’t it have been Margaux that died? Her character is out of place and not needed on this show!

    • JMOM says:

      It would have been better if Daniel and Margaux somehow showed up together that night and Margaux died instead. Daniel would have been anguished over losing his unborn child and his chance at happiness. Then to find out that Victoria sent Kate after Emily, he would turn on Victoria and spend probably the last season working with the Revengers. I would have liked to see that version better than this one. I liked Daniel.

  17. Ella J. Wade says:

    When Revenge first came on the air, I loved it! What a great show. And now it has become something that is hard to watch. David Clarke, Margaux, Louise, Kate, did we really need to kill main characters to bring in these people? I’m so disappointed in the show. Emily Van Camp, Gabriel Mann and Nick Wechsler have continued to carry the show, but it is not the same without Henry Czerny, Barry Sloane and now Josh Bowman. The family, that the show centered on, is gone except for Victoria, and quite honestly I have never liked her character, good or bad. I really hope EVC and Gabriel Mann will find another great show. BTW, whose bright idea was it to bring David Clarke back to life? Bad choice.

  18. Netty says:

    I have nothing nice to say about this episode. Below average at best
    And honestly who is supposed to buy Margaux as a revenge seeker…Yawn!

  19. Kelly Deeny says:

    The acting was superb in this episode, especially by Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe. Kudos to the writers and the actors for creating two female characters who are strong yet vulnerable. Before Daniel’s death, I expected & hoped that Margaux and Emily would team up together. Now, I’m intrigued by pitting these two women against one another – two women Daniel loved who are more alike than different. RANDOM MUSINGS: Two of the men that Emily loved were killed, so I can’t imagine she’ll let Jack get too close right now…but she also would go to great lengths to protect him once she realizes Malcolm Black is around. I can’t see them killing off Jack unless the plan is to send Emily to the looney bin this season. Who else thinks that Louise is totally going to open that envelope and use the info to her own advantage?

  20. Sarah says:

    Did I miss something? Why did Margaux “allow” Louise to attend the funeral? She tried to kill her and she knows it!!

  21. Marg says:

    I once loved this show and couldn’t wait from Sunday to Sunday. I am so devastated that they ruined it. Killing off Daniel just killed the show. There is no redemption unless they pull off a Bobby Ewing in the shower. I am so betrayed and can’t understand how incredibly stupid an idea that was. For what? To watch crazy Louise, milk toast Ben whom I can’t stand, Margeaux whose storyline ended long ago, Jack whose character has lost all credibility (even his bar is gone), David who seems just as worthless as Louise etc. etc. You don’t kill off your main characters!!! Emily-Nolan-Daniel-Victoria. This is so unfair to all who watched since day one. Emily and Daniel should have united to become the power couple – the Ultimate Revenge – to take down all comers! How the writers could not see this is beyond me. I cannot express my utter disappointment and disgust. I just dread watching anymore. It could not get any worse.

    • r0ckmypants says:

      LMAO. “Milk toast.” Hahahahahahahaha.

      Just like all long-running shows, the main cast changes. Once the Emily-Daniel relationship ran its course, Daniel became a sideline character. Also Jack is and was always a main character, much more so than Daniel. So I think your initial logic is flawed to begin with.

  22. Lisa says:

    I think i missed it…what was in the envelop that Louisa stole from Nolan for Victoria?

    • Marlene says:

      We don’t know, probably find out next time..

      • Valerie says:

        It had a picture of Emily on it. Victoria sent it to Kate so that Kate could kill Emily. Kate had it with her stuff that Nolan & Jack took from Kate’s hotel room. When Victoria heard that Louise was staying at Nolan’s she made Louise do her bidding. When Louise showed Victoria what a good little lapdog she is and retrieved the envelope for Victoria, Victoria didn’t want it any longer. Hmmmmm I wonder why? Uhhhhh because her son’s blood is on her hands. That envelope is going to come back into play, I guarantee it. How could it not, they proactively chose not to destroy it for some reason.

  23. joy1013 says:

    I love this show! I have watched it from season 1 and am watching it from season 1 again with my husband, who now loves it, and we watch the new epis odes and they come on. I don’t get the whole Margo scene where she is out to get emily. Margo is annoying and I do wish daniel stayed over her, but josh bowman has been trying to get off the show for a while now and they let him go in a perfect way. I think the writers are amazing. Episode after episode for 4 seasons they haven’t failed to keep me addicted. Yes, tonight wasn’t the best episode, but I still truly enjoyed it. I do think they need to wrap the season up and let emily and Jack reunite and end up together. Every episode leaves you wondering with what the writers will do next! I would be disappointed if jack didn’t end up with emily. He is such a good guy. Watching the first 2 seasons over again made me want them together even more. If you are watching season 4 and didn’t watch the other seasons, I could understand why jack and emily wouldn’t make sense, but I believe they will find a way of getting close at the end of this season. Do you guys think victoria will end up getting along with emily in the end, or do u think she will be killed off? It’s hard to know what will happen. I have never watched a show where every episode was perfect and I really don’t see why shows like “once” are better rated and why this is so low on ratings. If your a real revenge fan, you will stick by revenge until the end and tell friends and family about it so ratings can go up. If they find a way to keep this show going, I will watch it. I just would rather have a happy ending sooner than later since I don’t want the show taking on random plot twists like Margo with emily etc. The ending with Malcom will keep me on my toes until monday:) I was worried about emily getting caught lying, but her telling the truth about daniel shooting her before and how she messed him up etc made it very believable. Yes, I want everyone to know how daniel died, but they can’t right now because Malcom is too dangerous.

    • Kim says:

      Joy, no offense, but Jack a good guy? He has made terrible choices. Kate is the third woman who has duped him ( Fauxmanda and Emily being the other two). Jack is a cop, saying he wanted to be different from the cops on Grayson payroll, right? So far in his brief stint as a cop, he has been ok with arson, murder attempt, tampering with evidence – oh and now covering up a shooting. A very bent cop is not really a good guy. And honestly, I don’t see any residual feelings in Emily for lil’ Jack.

  24. tigo says:

    LOL at this Malcolm Black phony cartoon character. This clown is just Helen Crowley and The Initiative all over again. C’mon producers can’t you come up with something better than this crap ? Should have killed off Karen Vaseline instead of Daniel. She is just annoying. Nolan – dump Louise into your pool and hold her head under water for a few days. Ben is the definition of a douche. Where has Jack jr been all this time ? Attending college or has he been sent to an orphanage.

  25. Melanie says:

    What I hate about Victoria is that even when she’s responsible for her own misery, she plays the victim and blames someone else. If she had not hint Kate on Emily’s identity Daniel would not have had to save her. Speakinh of Daniel, he and Emily were the best. Loves that short montage. I’ll miss him.

  26. Deborah Ragin says:

    How come Charlotte was not at her brother’s funeral? They did not even mention her.
    Also, where is Jack’s son? They don’t mention him either.

    • Alichat says:

      They mentioned Charlotte. When Victoria asked David who he was talking to on the phone, he said Charlotte’s doctor. Then they got into the argument about David telling the doctor that Charlotte should not attend Daniel’s funeral since it could set back her rehab. Then Victoria, in typical ‘I’m the victim’ fashion tried to storm out of the house…..pulled the ‘you don’t know loss’ card on David….slapped him….then he dragged her to Emily’s house.

  27. John Davern says:

    Who would stab someone and then put him in his vehicle to bleed all over it?

  28. No Longer - Hung up on Revenge says:

    They’ve killed off too many central characters for me. I really loved the red sharpie, encapsulated revenge sagas. Now we have another fresh revenge built on a lie (Margeaux against Emily), after all Emily’s time avenging her father’s lie (which they’ve never dealt with how she feels about that).

    And I must have missed this….Why did David steal money? And why would you steal it from the worst of the worst?

  29. bwayne says:

    The police chief must be one of the most ineffective cops of all time. I’ll break your tail light so I can pull you over to check the inside of the van and bust you, but I won’t follow you to the body dump site, I’ll wait until you return from the dump site pull you over to bust you. Who else saw the empty van trick from a mile away? Oh and they way he got killed at the end just proves the point, too.

    The writing this season has just dumbfounded me. David is schizophrenic, Jack as a cop was a dumb idea ,and his partner Ben .. .the most annoying TV cop ever created. The show should have ended last season.