An Undercover Boss Rewards Waitress With a Boob Job: Yea or WTF?

Undercover Boss Bikinis

This Sunday on CBS’ Undercover Boss, during the traditionally emotional post mortem with staffers the CEO spied on, one stellar employee was rewarded with a breast augmentation.

Given the specific circumstances, was it a savvy long-term business decision, or unarguably inappropriate?

The episode featured Doug Guller, CEO/Founder of Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill (a small chain of Texas eateries), going undercover at several locations as “Jake,” a poorly goateed trainee. In his travels, Guller got to know Bikini Babes (yes, that’s a job title) Jessica and Grace, manager Meagan and kitchen supervisor Henry.

At episode’s end, during which the “undercover boss” reveals his true identity and praises or sometimes razes his underlings, Guller gave Jessica the hook (for, among other transgressions, allegedly overserving a customer and declining to wear the required bikini top uniform on TV).

But the news was better for the others.

Henry got an overdue raise, back pay tied to his long-ago promotion and a $10,000 trip for his family, while Meagan received an 8 percent pay bump, better insurance, much-needed dental work for her daughter and $10K to go toward their move to a better home.


And then there was 23-year-old Grace, whose gung-ho attitude was rewarded with a leadership role in the chain’s new marketing efforts as well as a breast augmentation she had mentioned wanting during her talks with “Jake.” Provided she sticks with Bikinis for another six good months (on the heels of having an off-and-on relationship with her job), she’ll get the “full Cs” she has always wanted.

“If I had new boobs, this makes my job so much easier,” Grace gushed afterwards. “Like, I don’t have to talk as much, because they do all the talking. This is Texas — the bigger the better!”

The instant I matter-of-factly tweeted about Grace’s unique remuneration, the reactions came shooting back a la “I want to barf. And he fires the one who doesn’t want to show her boobs on TV,” “This is so sleazy” and “OK, where is this s–t restaurant?”

Did you happen to watch this week’s Undercover Boss? What do you think of the Bikinis boss’ manner of incentivizing?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Gilded Lady says:

    Gross, gross, gross. And that the official twitter feed is praising this as heartwarming? Gag me.

    • JVee says:

      I was appalled by this show – that Undercover Boss would show this. A boob job as a REWARD!! The recipient claims she’s too young (“I’m a 23 year-old girl.”) to put down her phone while working, but she’s mature enough to decide to surgically alter her body. Good God! I was cheering Jessica on when she was fired and saying thank God, more power to her. I thought it was cool that she wore the t-shirt when she heard she was going to be on tv. This show was completely awful.

      • Gloria Clinton says:

        A woman has the right to decide what she wants to do and she also has the right to fall when making mistakes. If a woman wants to get breast surgery, then so be it. If a woman applies for a job at a place where wearing skimpy outfits is required, then so be it.

        • Angela says:

          No argument there. If a woman wanted to work at a place like this, or alter her looks in such a way, that’s her choice and business, she can do whatever she wants with her own body. Not my thing, but to each their own.
          For a CEO to reward an employee with breast implants, however? That’s just flat out creepy. Especially after he just made a big deal over a girl feeling uncomfortable in skimpy clothing. His behavior doesn’t exactly reflect well on his attitude towards women.

      • Zippy deBrain says:

        Well while one might condemn all boob jobs, and I might not disagree with you, if you are going to get a boob job it is going to be in your 20’s. With few exceptions I consider them to be un-necessary. Girls, if you have a decent B-size cup or better, don’t ruin then by filling them with balloons. At least she just wanted to get bumped up a size, and not something totally ridiculous.

        While I am not sure Jessica should be anyone’s role model either she certainly seems to have too much self respect to take the job on properly. If you find it humiliating or embarrassing, you shouldn’t be there.

  2. Sarah says:

    This episode of Undercover Boss was horrible. The CEO is a disgusting pig!!!!

  3. CourtTV says:

    Completely gross. Of course, the one waitress wanted another job. The boob job as reward was offensive to watch.

  4. Mrs Day says:

    The guy introduces himself as someone who enjoys sexualizing women and ends the show by giving a woman a breast augmentation. It was gross and disappointing. Nothing but a publicity stunt that will have people talking about the show and the restaurant. That guy said he likes to cause controversy as publicity for his chain. This is quite a coup for him.

  5. blush says:

    So disgusting – – when he talked about his business, he sounded like an immature boy. I give credit to the girl who didn’t wear a bikini because she knew cameras would be watching. But not so happy about over-selling the customer with booze.

    Undercover Boss has dipped to a new low with this episode.

  6. Larry says:

    Undercover Boss has moved to an all-time low level; how does anyone respect a business “leader” that brings someone on TV to fire them for not wanting to remove her top on TV or rewards another employee with breast enhancements. This is what CBS calls prime time quality TV?

  7. Stacy says:

    I am disappointed and disgusted by the entire business model of Bikinis as well as it’s CEO. Basically he runs a legalized version of a cat house and uses young, inexperienced woman and their boobs to feed his bank account and enormous ego! No intelligent, experienced woman in her right mind would want to work in that atmosphere! No wonder he saw so many empty tables at his resteraunts and deals with rampant employee turnover. CAN and Undercover Boss loses credibility with me for even putting this sexist man and his company on the show. Is this really the kind company we want our daughters aspiring to work for?

  8. Tyler says:


  9. Steve says:

    It was totally unprofessional. At the most he should have rewarded her with money instead. Not too mention he fired the first girl because she didn’t wear her bikini top because she was on tv. What a dam pervert.

  10. penny88 says:

    So, he fires the one who isn’t “passionate” about being objectified. Who in their right mind would be passionate about such a job? It should be obvious that the vast majority of people work there until they finish school or find a better job. Then he rewards the one with a boob job? I’m extemely disappointed in CBS for choosing this company to represent Undercover Boss. Most other episodes have been really positive and gratifying. This one was salacious and perpetuates the objectification of women. Any job title with “babe” in it should not be considered for UB, unless it has to do with neonatology.

  11. Robert Daigle says:

    Worst Undercover Boss episode ever. CEO is so far out of touch about his failing business that his rewards are to fire his best and most honest employee, give a boob job to an average waitress and to pay a kitchen manager the back pay he is already owed. Really? What kind of businesses is this? Absolutely horrible. Made me happy I don’t patron the ‘San Antonio’ location featured on the show.

  12. Renee says:

    What a sleaze… disrespectful!

  13. webly3 says:

    Maybe this show just wanted attention. It’s been irrelevant for a while. Oh well, I think it’s funny.

  14. lm says:

    The CEO, Doug Geller, is a jerk. Firing the girl on national TV was a poor decision, reflecting his poor management style. He made NO mention of how (or how he doesn’t) train the employees on any company policy regarding drink limits or how to detect customers who have had too much. Does the chain even have a policy? Do they train new employees? He fired the girl because she didn’t want to show her blobs on TV, and because she didn’t see her employment as along term job… I don’t believe that he wants bikini babes that are over 25 anyway!
    He’s a jerk.

  15. anon says:

    So gross to watch. I hope the girl that was fired finds a great career she enjoys. And i hope this bikini bar loses business!

  16. Kathy says:

    I have watched undercover boss from day 1 and this has to be the most disgusting degrading one I have ever seen! Why would cbs ever promote this company! It shows how we gave gone back in time and how there is little respect for women! Done with undercover boss!!

  17. Kim says:

    This CEO is more like a pimp than a CEO. To reward an employee (who has been fired 4times previously) with a boob job and fire a girl who says she doesn’t want to work at a “BREAST-ER-raunt” as a career, but hopes to find something better. – I’m beyond amazed. I feel angry, outraged, disgusted, and disappointed in this poor excuse for a human being ((Doug, the CEO) and in the producers of Undercover Boss. What a despicable excuse of a show and what a deplorable waste to focus on such a disgusting business (and its perverted CEO)

    • BrendaC says:


      • Pauley says:

        What a load of crap this show was!
        I’m as pissed off at CBS for airing such trash as I am at the CEO.
        WTF. This is an idiot skirting the boundaries of a strip club!
        He rewards a young woman/girl with a set of boobs, rather than paying or training his employees.
        CBS, is as much, if not more responsible for this crap, they have editors who made the call.

    • Richard says:

      Exactly, spot on, this was disgusting, degrading, rude, crude and socially unacceptable !!

    • Jess says:

      She had no problem wearing the bikini when she was working and yet because she would be on tv she covered it. But that’s not the only reason why she got fired. She gave a customer too much alcohol for less money. This isn’t the only restaurant that objectives women (take Hooters). Not happy about the boob job he paid for and yeah Undercover Boss should not have shown this episode. But the other girl knew that was the uniform and she didn’t wear it, hence 1 of the reasons she was fired.

      • Kim says:

        It it cowardly and unprofessional to fire someone (on NATIONAL TV) if they do not ‘follow the rules’ in your presence – this was the first time the pervert/CEO had ever seen the girl who he fired. Anyone that works at any kind of respectable job knows that if he sees something amiss (i.e. A customer being over-served) you talk to the manager about how their bartenders are being trained – and are they providing TIPS classes, which specifically address how to handle drunk customer -my guess is Doug doesn’t affird this training to his employees. He was so angry that he didn’t get to see her breasts that he fired her in an ambush. A good leader teaches and finds out why an employee is unhappy. Doug didn’t care. In stead he rewards the girl (with a BOOB JOB) who was on her phone 90% of her shift and was fired 4 times previously- because she was passionate about exploiting her body. This show should have been thrown in the garbage where it belongs. To the producers (and all those responsible at Undercover Boss and CBS- your integrity and perversion matches Doug’s – a BIG SHAME ON YOU, for promoting this type of ‘Leader’ and this type of business, which takes women back to the Middle Ages

      • So Happy says:

        I completely agree with you Jess. I don’t like having to defend the boss, but he was well within his rights to let go.
        She also told the boss she would not be interested in advancing in that company. That is her right, and brava! You cannot be surprised that the boss let you go though.
        Did not care for the boss guy at all!

  18. anon says:

    We often watch US as a family and this was one of those times. I was disgusted by what we saw, but it gave me a great chance to talk to my 12 year old daughter about sexism, misogyny and self respect. So thanks for that, Doug. Now my daughter has a better understanding of how to spot a creep masquerading as a man.

  19. BrendaC says:

    The CEO Douglas is gross. He fired someone on national television and as an incentive gave someone a boob job. Shame on CBS for airing this episode. This guy has no respect for humans.

  20. Hanna says:

    What a disappointment! If this is an indication of the quality of future episodes this family will not be watching. What a scumbag. Kudos to the lady who chose to wear a shirt rather than a bikini top.

    • flutiefan says:

      isn’t the place called “BIKINIS”?! she knew the job description.
      not saying i like anything about this guy, but she can’t claim she didn’t know that bikini tops were the required uniform.

  21. katie says:

    I think there NEEDS to be a Go Fund Me account set up for the poor girl who got canned just because she had some pride and modesty. That guys is the worst of the worst assholes ever. If I ever get a terminal disease………. Please let the public know the identity of the girl who got fired. I will personally set up a Go Fund Me account to help her get back to a REAL job.

    And if that gets funded, I’ll set up another for the girl to whom he “gifted” a boob job *if she stays 6 more months*.

    This man needs to be offed, and I would hope to god that his business goes completely under if it wouldn’t mean that his POOR employees would be out of a job.

    Please, make it know the full name of the girl who got fired. She needs to be known as someone who actual pride — and deserves a job — a REAL job.

    • din says:

      I agree with you. Being fired on tv seems sad; yet it really saved her for a better career. We need to remember how many perverts feast on the girls. I can’t imagine the bikini babes retiring at 60. Happy for Jessica that she’s moved on.

  22. JoAnne says:

    This business and the CEO is disgusting. The bartender had some class, and he fires her! He seems to think the term “breast-araunt” is so clever and witty–what an idiot! Really hope this business fails–so offensive. And he calls the women “bikini babes” and gives one woman a breast augmentation?! Thanks CBS for “exposing” this Neanderthal! He just doesn’t get it!

  23. Mike Green says:

    Gross and insensitive to women! Poor subject choice!

  24. Bob M. says:

    I’ve watched Undercover Boss for years now and have never been more disgusted. I don’t disagree with the business, but I do think the CEO is a complete idiot. This guy should fire himself and I hope his business suffers. I hope the girl that was fired is given opportunity from this and never have to look back at this pig.

  25. zarah says:

    Worst Undercover Boss EVER. More like “Horrible Boss”!!! First time it ever seemed the nice gestures were to make himself look better and make his company and sketchy management style seem more upstanding…trying to buy respect…and proving it still works. EW

    • zarah says:

      And hooray for Jessica!!! She’s way too good for that place and will do great in life in the real world, leaving that joke of a place and boss far behind in the rearview!!!! Her integrity, bravery and self respect are a thousand times more interesting and inspiring than anything else that happened. I’d much rather see a show about how well she moves on than a single second of anything having to do with that dysfunctional place. When a lunatic runs the asylum, the sane don’t stand a chance. Run Jessica, run – and don’t look back! You have millions behind you now, cheering you on!! Go girl – we know you’ll do great!!! :)

  26. Shearer says:

    Disgusting – the worst episode in all the years I have watched this show — seriously what is he purpose of this ?! I would hire the one he fired and never ever xxx work here or have anyone I know work or visit this place !!!

  27. Laura says:

    This episode made me sick. Firing an employee on national TV is SO low-class — especially since the firing came in part because the employee was (justifiably) uncomfortable taking her top off on camera; I doubt her job description/contract involved a topless TV appearance.

    Also, Mr. Guller wasn’t generous with his employees, certainly not like previous undercover bosses have been. He basically just gave them stuff they should have already been given: back pay, insurance, etc. Even the boob job (ugh, gag me) came with strings attached and wasn’t actually awarded on screen.

    Bottom line: CBS, what were you thinking? I’ll never patronize this chain.

  28. poster says:

    This boss is the worst. No wonder the restaurants aren’t full. Good warning for young ladies of where not to work. Worst episode of Undercover Boss.

  29. Sierra Kirsten says:

    The worst undercover boss I have ever seen! The CEO fires the one who didn’t want to show her boobs on tv and rewards the girl by paying for her boobies that has been fired 4 or 5 times because she’s continually late and doesn’t care. Good job, Doug Gulley, pig!

  30. Robert says:

    Notice that the boss is surprised business is slow? Probably reason he is on TV. You can do gimmicky promotions to increase traffic short term but long term you need to provide customers with something. That can be good food, good service or entertainment. I think the lack of customers shows the ‘entertainment’ factor is not working

  31. Barbara says:

    What an ass this CEO is! Every other boss on this show managed to connect with the employees and gain a sense of appreciation and humility from the experience. Not this dude–he is so arrogant that he humilates Jessica by bringing her to corporate on camera to fire her.

    I’m done with this show entirely!

    • lkh says:

      ps Pleeeeze tell me that we’re dealing with some kind of ‘attire’ health code violation so this entire mess of a ‘business’ can go away.

  32. Mr. Really Really Difficult to Offend says:

    Nothing offends me. Ever. Or at least I thought until I watched this so called CEO, who has less class than a third-rate pimp in Wichita. His idea of success: If a customer wants it, then it must be right. Sure, you betcha. So why not hire carnival geeks to bite the heads off of live chickens? That will bring in more bottom-feeding customers too. What a brilliant concept. And compared to the business concept he has going now, it will class the joint up.

    • TheDuck says:

      “… why not hire carnival geeks to bite the heads off of live chickens?” Great, now he’s going to advertise the freshest chicken wings you’ve ever had…

  33. Donna says:

    This guy is a pig. He took a 6 month sabbatical to decide what he wanted out of life and chose to use women to build his enterprise. The first girl does her job, wants to not show her boobs on TV, and does not want to settle for a boobie bartender job….she gets fired. The other waitress does her job…if texting and walking away from a customer to meet a friend is her job… But shows her boobs. Not only does she get praise but the pig gives her bigger boobs to make himself more money!!!!
    Really, it’s clear why he is a balding middle aged SINGLE man.

  34. joe laurent says:

    Sad…social devolution at its wife and I love this show and wonder if they’ve changed personnel. Maybe they ought to do an undercover boss on the employees of undercover boss and see why we’ve got mayors with friends giving away money and breastraunt owners who give 8 % raises and boob jobs…wow…jump the shark?

  35. RF says:

    I am not impressed! Wrong and inappropriate.

  36. ken says:

    I will never darken the door of a Bikinis

  37. Javi says:

    I think most commenters are disgusted by the business and are projecting that onto the CEO. Was it really a shock that the CEO puts cleavage as the most important selling point of his restaurant called Bikinis? So many people are ignoring that the bartender was overserving a customer who could potentially go out an murder innocent people with his car. How is this not termination-worthy?? And the girl with the boob job asked for a boob job…. He gave her a boob job. What’s the problem here? If he had offered the manager a boob job, when she never said she wanted one, that would be an issue. But that’s not how this played out.

    • Sheila says:

      Couldn’t the employees have been warned/educated about overserving alcohol before bring fired?

    • An Upset Viewer of this Now Pathetic Show says:

      I totally understand where you’re coming from about being worried if the over-served customer could potentially kill someone. . . at least if he had been driving. They did explicitly ask him in the show if he was driving, and he said he was walking. Also, even if he had driven over, one of the people there asked if they could call a cab for him. I also recall seeing someone walk out with him by the time he was finished with his drinks. I know, of course, that doesn’t mean it was right to let him drink himself into a stupor, but there really was no legal issue here if he wasn’t driving home.

      And the problem everyone sees about the girl given the boob job is that she wasn’t even doing her job well (such examples as answering her phone while talking to customers, and being on her phone in general while at her job), and holding no actual value to her job after mentioning that she had been fired from that place 4 times previous. It showed us as viewers that she really didn’t care about her job, just as the other bartender girl did, but was rewarded because she wanted a bigger rack. Asking for something and receiving isn’t wrong, but the CEO’s reasoning behind rewarding her was twisted.

    • Angela says:

      A girl can ask for a breast job all she wants. It shouldn’t be the CEO’s place to give her one, however. If she wants a breast job, she can pay for it herself (or a family member or friend can help her out…though that still sounds weird to me, too). CEOs shouldn’t be in the habit of providing breast jobs for their employees, even if said employees want them. It’s a little too intimate a surgery for a CEO to be that involved. If there’s some sort of falling out between the CEO and employee later on, he could lord that “gift” over her somehow in a nasty way.

  38. Sonja says:

    This was disgusting! That poor girl! She seems strong though, she’ll definitely get a good job. She didn’t do anything worth being fired for. The girl thats getting boobs should have been fired, she left the customers for a phone call and has already been fired 4 times prior, this CEO is a pig. I wonder if this girl has brothers or a dad and they’re reaction to some man buying they’re sister/daughter boobs. This was just not worth my time watching.

  39. Galen Gruman says:

    What a horrible company and a horrible, selfish boss. He certainly is puerile, self-absorbed, and uncaring of people. “Gross,” a word used by other commenters, is apt, but is anyone surprised for a guy whose midlife crisis led him to start a Hooters clone? Like at so many Undercover Boss companies, the staff is grossly underpaid and lack benefitsand struggles to make it, yet this guy wonders why they don’t stay. But even in that Undercover Boss norm of companies that treat employees poorl and CEOs who have learned to turn a blind eye to it, the Bikinis guy sets a really low bar.

  40. David says:

    The woman let go for not wearing a bikini on tv represented herself very well even after being fired. The CEO is a classless boob.

  41. Be Respectful says:

    Doug showed how much mgmt disrespects the ‘babes’ by firing Jessica INSTEAD of acknowledging Jessica is WAY MORE INTELLIGENT than his business requires.

    Doug! Classier move WITH RESPECT for Jessica as a PERSON would of been to coach her on her shortcomings, ENCOURAGE and how some REAL commiseration. Then offer to use your connections to HELP Jessica get a SAISFYING job. Say… in exchange for OTJ enthusiasm, allow her to leave on HER timeline. Jessica is of Rolls Royce quality.. and your behavior is a junky old backfiring truck. I am THANKFUL my Texas daddy LEFT Texas! I am a strong woman who is disgusted by your usery for cheap pay. 8% raise for the woman, a STAR for your business? Really? Women… get an education and shut that man down.

  42. Mr D says:

    I have only visited the Arlington location about 4 times in the past year and Jessica was my waitress each time. I went there two days after her segment was filmed and she told me she had told the film crew she would only do the show if she could wear a tshirt instead of a bikini top. The crew was okay with that condition and that was the reason she had the shirt on. She has two kids and is a wonderful person.

    • An Upset Viewer of this Now Pathetic Show says:

      You should try to find a way to contact her and let her know that all these people support her over what happened. :) I’m sure (hopefully?) by now she will have found a stable and overall BETTER job that she deserves than what this piece of crap offered her. I wish I really knew what happened to her at least with a little more detail than the show gave. Saying someone ‘moved on’ isn’t much to go on. . .

  43. Alayna R says:

    Just watched this episode and I was shocked! Shame on the CEO, he’s a disgusting pig. I hope he loses his job and the poor girl who was fired gets some kind of comp.

  44. wolf frischer says:

    The young lady who wants the larger breasts must know that it is obvious that she will no longer look natural, that sensations may be diminished, and that she may have problems nursing children. I say that she looks amazing as she is. If she thinks otherwise, then she really needs surgery half way between her ears.

  45. JoeL says:

    Undercover Boss – Doug Guller, CEO of Bikini’s from Texas.
    What a jerk.
    First and foremost, a business that demands that the girls who work there wear a bikini as their uniform? Sexist and in todays environment completely wrong.
    I hope that there are womens rights groups protesting on this mans front door.
    Firing Jessica on TV, what a humiliation. I really hope this girl has a great lawyer and puts it to this guy. This is no way to treat an employee or soon to be former employee. Just because she didn’t feel that “Bikini’s” was long term didn’t mean she wanted to quit right then.
    I usually find that Undercover Boss does really well with the screening but this guy should never own a business like this.
    Even going as far as offering to buy one of his girls larger breasts after 6 months was insulting. She might like that, but you shouldn’t have a business that requires that

  46. DC says:

    I’m a male who enjoys the beauty of the female body as much as anyone, but seriously felt the need to take a shower to wash off the sleaze after watching tonight’s OB. That CEP (he should add “Corporate Executive Pervert” to his trademarked titles) is a royal ass. He had no real reason to fire the one worker. Yeah, she should have cut off the (looked to be set up) drunk guy, but where was the manager and what is his written policy? She probably was trying to diffuse a potentia situation do to cameras rolling. As for her wearing a tee shirt because of the TV show taping, she should have been rewarded for trying to add some class. So shocking she doesn’t want to make a career of jiggling her boobs. He’s just got a cheap, sleazy knock off of Hooters and should just turn them all into strip joints so he can get the jollies he so badly seems to need. What a freak.

  47. Anita says:

    Kind of can’t believe what I just saw..

  48. The thing that makes me sad is that she thinks in order to get ahead in life she needs to have bigger breasts. smh

    • Stacy says:

      Right?! She’s all, “Talking’s hard. I don’t like talking or having a voice or an opinion. I know – if only I had C cups I wouldn’t have to do ANY of that!!” Yeesh.

      • Who is this girl’s family? There’s no way she came to that conclusion on her own–few seldom do.

      • Angela says:

        Oh, that’s depressing.
        This sounds deeply effed up. A CEO should NOT be buying stuff like this for their employees. Doesn’t matter whether said employees want such things or not. It just screams “skeevy” and definitely crosses a line.

  49. April Smith says:

    I absolutely love this show, but tonight’s episode was awful. I understand about not being happy with the girl that over served and didn’t wear the bikini. She obviously knows that is a part of her job description and should be held accountable. I agree with him on that bc she knew what she was getting into when she took the job. But fire her? That was extreme. She should have gotten some better training and a write up. Then to say the other girl was a model “bikini babe” was laughable. She said herself that she was fired 5 times and she was more concerned with being on the phone. But let’s reward her with a boob job?! This episode was so pathetic and distasteful. CBS fail!!!

    • joey says:

      if i was hired to show my top to pigs in texas thats not tv. she should get a someone to bring him to court.his mother must be or have been a piece of trash

    • Barnie says:

      The problem I have with this is that when I am at work and no cameras are around I can wear the bikini top. BUT on nationwide television, I would like to have some class and respect for my family and friends. If I am a stripper should I be nude on television because it is my job? AND as far as cutting the guy off, he was the one who continued to service him. He should have showed incentive and cut the guy off? He is the owner. He should have came out of disguise and cut him off if he was worried about liability. This guy needs to revamp his business and have some with a good business mind help him run it.