Did Homeland Cheat Death? Is Benched Courting Big Laughs? Messy Affairs? Are Girlfriends Vapid? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Homeland, The Affair, Major Crimes and Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce!

1 | Does anyone find Saturday Night Live’s “Garth and Kat” the slightest bit funny? Let alone enough that it calls for Kristen Wiig to consume valuable Weekend Update time?

2 | Did any Homeland viewer not fret that Quinn’s truck was going to blow up? (And wasn’t it a relief that it didn’t?) And wasn’t it odd that Carrie embarked on her road trip to Missouri with so little luggage, especially when you consider she had planned to take Frannie along?

3 | The Affair‘s dual-perspective technique is cool and all, but weren’t Alison and Noah’s memories of the climactic gun scene a little too different? And if you’re Helen, do you take — let alone, invite — Noah back?

4 | Did seeing Bruce Campbell on TV again outweigh the utter silliness of The Librarians‘ Santa Claus plot?

5 | As angenehm an idea as the “sing-along” Sound of Music telecast was, can ABC pop up the coming line a half-second sooner next time?

6 | The extended Galavant promos during said Sound of Music sing-along: Savvy marketing, or setting the bar waaaay too high?

State of Affairs

7 | On State of Affairs, was Nick Verra’s tormentor wearing a Joe Carroll mask? And using a distorted voice that was almost impossible to understand? Also, the big reveal about Aaron’s death didn’t quite match up with the flashbacks, in which the shooter’s entire forearm was bared, did it?

8 | Are you a bit glad that Major Crimes’ do-right Rusty aligned with his new siblings and helped keep Jack’s fall off the wagon a secret from Sharon?

9 | Is every character on Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce unlikable, or is it just us?

10 | On Ground Floor, is boss man John C. McGinley’s voice a bit gruffer than in Season 1? (Or maybe it’s just flu-and-cold season?)


11 | Hulu-watching Selfie lovers: Did the show move past Eliza’s feelings for Henry and have her get back with Freddy too quickly? Then again, who can blame her for hooking up with that “Adonis carved out of Canadian-Italian marble” (aka the guy who played Reign‘s Lord Julien!)?

12 | Is USA Network’s Benched quietly kicking some comedy ass on Tuesday nights? (And on a superficial note: Has Eliza Coupe ever looked better?)

13 | How odd/sad is it to see TBS’ Cougar Town promos20Qs_ArianaGrandeminus Brian Van Holt/“Bobby”? Pennyyyyy… sigh, we can‘t.

14 | Did ABC’s family friendly Disney Parks Frozen Christmas Celebration pour Ariana Grande into quite possibly the longest skirt she has ever worn? And measured in seconds, how much of that special was spent not shilling for one Disney property/product or another?

15 | If you ignore the fact that It’s a Wonderful Life‘s Mary wouldn’t have met the love of her life, isn’t her George-less existence (she’s a librarian!) really not so bad after all? And did we hear Mary right in that early scene, when she told her nosy mom that George is “making violent love to me”? What could that possibly have meant in the 1940s?

16 | Did Up’s perpetually burning Christmas morning fireplace scene really need a #yulelog hashtag in the corner of the screen?

17 | Hasn’t USA Network’s day-in, day-out string of Law & Order: SVU episodes made holiday marathons of the show a little less special?

18 | Jenna Coleman announcing that she (and Clara) are sticking with Doctor Who: Best holiday gift ever, or total lump of coal?20Qs-Jared

19 | If this Jared Jewelers employee proudly touts herself as “The Perfectionist,” what’s with the hair?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. torimelching says:

    10. No it is absolutely gruffer. It’s like he is trying to make it that way.

    12. Benched it hilarious. I really hope there will be a season 2.

    13. I love Cougar Town but the last 2 seasons have been rough to watch. I can only imagine how much rougher they will be now that Bobby is gone.

  2. Gina Torr says:

    #3 – Does this prove Noah is lying, because NO I wouldn’t take him back.
    #9 – All are obnoxious, self absorbed, and yes, all are unlikeable.
    #17 – YES
    #18 – I wish I cared for Clara but she’s my least favorite companion. There’s just something missing.

  3. GeoDiva says:

    4. Bruce Campbell as Santa was great! I miss Burn Notice.
    9. Yes! I had to stop watching.

  4. A. D. says:

    I think Benched has great potential but needs a much stronger supporting cast! Eliza Coupe is amazing!

  5. James says:

    13. I still don’t understand why Bobby HAD to leave to “do other projects” (which he’s been doing the whole time ANYWAY), he couldn’t hold out for the whole LAST season?!

  6. Monica says:

    17. I think it is time for USA to retire the Law & Order SVU & NCIS Marathons.

    • Lisa says:

      I don’t mind the NCIS ones, perhaps because they haven’t been showing NCIS as often. I think they definitely need a new mix. It has gotten to a point that SVU is now on almost all the time, they rarely fit in even NCIS. For a while, they were showing NCIS LA, but it seems like even that stopped. They have had great shows in the past, like Monk, Psych, etc. Why can’t they filter some of those shows in? It would still create at least a little more of a mix.

  7. Ian says:

    1) Theyve never been funny. And Kristen should just go ahead and return full time to the show if she’s so available.
    4) I hated the Christmas episode. It should be beneath you, Bruce. And theyve made The Librarians way too family-friendly to be that interesting.
    9) I actually love all the characters on Girfriend’s Guide. It’s a hit.
    18) Hmm, a lump of coal I think. I like Jenna a lot, but I feel like Clara’s run her course, and the next big thing for the show to do is move on to the next companion. I think its now past time that Jenna should have gone.

  8. Luis says:

    1. “Garth and Kat” was never funny and vies with “Gilly” for Kristen Wiig’s most annoying SNL sketch.
    2.Bruce Campbell is a Christmas present to the world, 365 days a year.
    18. I’d be happy to find Jenna in my stocking Christmas morning
    19. Don’t be mean at Christmas!

  9. ... says:

    3. The show has made great use of the narrative device in the past, but it’s not been as consistently graceful with it as I would have liked. And it’s feeling like the device is concealing a pretty hum-drum drama underneath.
    9. I kind of like Phoebe, Becca, and Jake, but otherwise, yeah, the obnoxiousness has become a little much. Lyla is a sociopath, Abby’s kids are cloying (Charlie) and irritating (Lily), Max was dead to me from the moment he made the horrifying “marriage is forever” argument, and Abby herself has gotten worse since the pilot, where I liked her quite a bit.

    • Riley says:

      In what way is Jake likeable? He’s been a jerk with double standards since the very beginning. Abby is coping the best she can, honestly.

    • Netty says:

      I like Jake too but it’s mostly to do with liking the actor himself.
      I cant stand Becca & Abby’s daughter, and Abby’s free spirit kinda bi-bestfriend, she’s too unstable for my liking.
      Abby and Lyla are great, Max is gay but has conservative values I find that odd!
      Pilot was the best episode so far.

      • Riley says:

        I do like Paul Adelstein but Jake is hard to like. Like you though, I don’t like Becca, I find Abby’s daughter bratty and Phoebe is the girlfriend I relate the less.
        I enjoy Abby, Lyla, Charlie, Ford and now Max after the latest episode. I found weird that her brother would side more with her ex than his sister but it seems that’s getting better.
        I’m so with you about the pilot. It was my favorite.

  10. mentdijinn says:

    #4 | Did seeing Bruce Campbell on TV again outweigh the utter silliness of The Librarians‘ Santa Claus plot?

    Is my choice! I LOVE #TheLibrarians with Christian Kane and this kind of silliness!.. The Librarians is clean and wacky, silly fun that the whole family can watch.. Folks of all ages can watch it and enjoy !! Bruce Campbell ROCKED it as Santa too!! That episode was out of the norm for Christmas episodes.. another reason to love it! thanks!

  11. Denise hair says:

    Loved the Christmas ep of The Librarians. Bruce made a great Santa & really showed off his comedy chops, as did Christian Kane & the rest of the cast. Roll on the next ep. I personally can’t wait!

  12. ydreier says:

    4. I loved the plot, writing, cast everything. I enjoy Bruce Campbell, and he was good, not my reason for watching the show! The Librarians is delightful without. Rebecca Romijn, John Kim, Lindy Booth are awesome, add Christian Kane and it’s perfect. I am very happy to have Christian Kane and The Librarians on TV. #Kaniac

  13. Teri says:

    9. I adore Abby, Lyla, Ford and Will. I tolerate Jake, Phoebe, Becca and Max. I hate no one (well maybe Nate but he is gone) So i strongly disagree with you.

  14. prish says:

    Benched is the best show on TV! The Librarians have turned out to be silly, and I can’t believe I am watching it, but there is a place for lighthearted shows. I live in Portland, Oregon, where it is filmed, and I guess the town’s vibes are showing. That is a good thing. I enjoy Bruce Campbell in whatever he does.

  15. I don’t really watch any of the shows that you have listed except the Librarians, so my answer to #4 is: I loved it!!! I love this show, period! Hope they have a very long run!

  16. B says:

    4–I’m still undecided on The Librarians. Seeing Bruce Campbell is always a good thing though.
    12–I love Benched and hope people are watching or soon find it.
    18–Mixed, here, too. I’m a new Doctor Who fan thanks to Peter Capaldi, and I’m gradually catching up from the reboot forward (near the end of Series 5/Matt Smith — no Clara yet). So far, I haven’t been too fond of Clara’s behavior toward the Doctor. She needs to stop slapping him! It’s so disrespectful. That said, I loved (the rest of) last night’s Christmas episode; loved the way she hugged him; and literally teared up at the very end. The energy felt very different by then, so I hope going forward the dynamic will be more like the latter part of that episode.

  17. Amy says:

    All I can think of during #15 is….

    Are you even listening to yourself? You’re defending the library now?! Ron, the library. Of all the horrifying, miserable things in the world.” -Leslie, Parks and Rec

  18. A says:

    12) I wish I could watch it but it seem impossible unless you watch it on USA when it airs and I can’t

  19. BTM says:

    17. Those marathons (and the NCIS) ones kept my dementia-riddled mother entertained and mentally engaged for years. She knew some endings, figured out others and kept her mind going long after people told me she would. Long may they continue!

  20. Stacey says:

    4) LOVED this episode!!! Bruce Campbell made a great Santa :) You don’t have to be a child to believe!! filled with the magic of Christmas and Christmas spirit ;) #TheLibrarians is a great family show filled with humour, action, art, history….and magic ;) Excellent cast

  21. 18. Best gift ever. I know that many people do not like Clara, but I find her to be a wonderful character.

  22. Netty says:

    #9 I Love GGtD so far, I have not ruled out any of the characters as yet. Pilot epi was by far the best. I will give it more time.

    #11 I did not like the way they had Eliza throw herself at Henry in previous episodes, those episodes really made me cringe. It really did cheapen any real shot that they had.I know Eliza is immature and flaky but the writers should have allowed their feelings to grow & mature in the mean time Eliza also coming into her own, maturing and gaining real self confidence, becoming less vain & self obsessed.
    At this point if Henry gives in to Eliza it kinda seems like he’s taking advantage of her and how can he still continue to mentor her when they are dating, where would the line be drawn between bf and mentor. I’m glad the show moved on from that whole mess. I’m not sure how many more episodes we still have of Selfie but I would like to see Eliza and Freddie have a real r/ship before Eliza and Henry can have a shot.

  23. Nancy Mosher says:

    Answer to question 4 is yes

  24. Nancy Mosher says:

    #4Let me rephase my answer. I watch The Librarians every week because I love the show. I love the silliness,the magic. It’s something the whole family can watch. It feeds a childs imagination!Kids love silliness.

  25. jksword says:

    #4 | Did seeing Bruce Campbell on TV again outweigh the utter silliness of The Librarians‘ Santa Claus plot?

    Yes, my family had been waiting anxiously to see the Christmas episode of The Librarians with Bruce Campbell, so we have now watched it several times. I just love that the writers took a chance and did not do a typical Christmas episode. This one had a great message. The Librarians is such a fun show always. We need more shows like this on TV that the whole family can watch. My favorite character is Jacob Stone played by Christian Kane. I am looking forward to learning more about him in the coming weeks.

  26. Beth Kredel says:

    I thought the Christmas episode of The Librarians was fun and creative! A new and exciting twist on the story of Santa! Bruce Campbell was amazing as Santa and he obviously has the great ability to see a good part, take it and run away with it! I didn’t realize a television show has to have a restricted rating to be entertaining! I find that a refreshing change!

  27. Alichat says:

    2) Quinn had just asked Carrie to be with him after returning from attempting to blow up the bad guy, was introduced to Carrie’s remaining family at a funeral, and then the camera sat on him for what felt like five minutes before he drove away. Three “this guy’s gonna die” tv moments…..of course we worried that Quinn’s truck was going to blow up! What I’m wondering is why wasn’t Max or Virgil at the funeral….Carrie’s only other friends.
    3) YES!…..vastly different! Too different! It was too big of a moment to leave out. And since Noah’s memories always paint him in a more positive light or more as the victim, it made no sense that he didn’t remember protecting his wife and daughter from Alison’s “insane” husband and his ‘lecherous’ brother.
    4) No
    6) I’ve seen that pilot. I don’t have high hopes for those episodes…..so I’d say it was ABC trying to saturate the TV ether with the absolute hope that enough people will check it out.
    7) That flashback was anti-climactic and didn’t really reveal anything more than we already knew.

  28. rowan77 says:

    1. THANK YOU!! I have spent years wondering why people think it’s funny. It got old the first time they did and I’ve been fast-forwarding though their bits every since.

    15.Back in the 1940’s, “Violent Love” meant passionate, physically urgent sex. It is not an allusion to rape. A family movie would never allude to rape back then. Mary’s telling her mother that George is totally into her sexually to shock her mother into shutting up.

    18. Yes. I’m not a big fan of Clara, but I found myself happy that she’s staying on. It’s taken them a while to click. And it was great to get more Danny Pink as well. For a dead guy, he really gets around.

    • Emma says:

      Also, to “make love to” someone has a long history of meaning to flirt/to come on to someone verbally–a lot of nineteenth century novels use the phrase in this way. I don’t know when the word’s usage switched from this meaning to its more contemporary one–I would have thought it was a bit earlier than this–but it’s possible that people in the 40s still used the expression in the old-fashioned way, without any kind of physical activity implied.

  29. heidi says:

    Can’t speak to any of the other shows, don’t watch or care for any of them.


    4. Bruce Campbell was incredible as Santa in the #TheLibrarians. Better than any of the so called Christmas episodes this year and possibly the last few years. As for the silliness of the episodes, thats the charm of the series and another carryover from the movies. #TheLibrarians is probably the only and best actual family show on TV right now network and cable included.

  30. Jamie Crumley says:

    #4, I loved seeing Bruce Campbell as Santa. I also loved the show! I don’t know which writer developed their Santa myth for this episode, but what would be wrong with getting hope given back to the world as a gift each year?

    I have truly enjoyed the fact that The Librarians has brought fun AND magic back to my TV. I certainly watch several of the darker dramas and procedural police shows. The Librarians is an excellent balance for me.

  31. Karen says:

    I think The Librarians is a great show. The cast, creator, etc is fabulous! I was SO SO SO excited to see Bruce Campbell on the Christmas episode!!!!!

  32. G. says:

    18) Lump of coal.
    But then again, I stopped watching Doctor Who two seasons ago, so … [shrug] The people still watching it can have whatever they like.

  33. #8 – Yes, I was glad he went along with them. Think there will be hell to pay down the road though!

    #9 – Yes, and as a result, Bravo’s first attempt at a scripted series, is a major failure. You have to have someone to root for. Very disappointed since I like a lot of the cast. Just not in this show.

  34. swtwtrgin says:

    4) Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the silliness of the entire episode, Bruce was just the icing on my cakesicle. It’s not supposed to be serious people, lighten up. Not everything on TV has to be CSI or NCIS. We can have light hearted shows and they can be good.

  35. Trixie says:

    1. Thank you for being up that horrible, terrible, no-good sketch of Garth and Kat. I thought with Wiig and Armisen being off the show we’d never have to sit through that again. It’s not fair! It’s a waste of Weekend Update time. Ugh!

    And thank you for also asking what “Make violent love to me” would mean in that time. It’s always kind of bothered me.

  36. 13. Sad. I wish he’d stuck it out for one more season; the last season is going to be less fun without him, although I’m still looking forward to it like crazy.

    18. Mixed blessing? I LOVE Clara, and I want more time with her, but I worry what they have to do with her now that she’s had two completed arcs with both the Impossible Girl and Danny Pink done with. And the Clara/Twelve dynamic is fantastic and I want them to keep writing it, but it might also be time to see what a companion written expressly for Twelve looks like. And I feel like they finally found their footing with both Clara and Twelve, and I want to see what the writers come up with for this solid Doctor/Companion pairing now that they are on a hot streak creatively – season eight is the best we’ve had since Eleven’s first season – but the Ponds were on too long and sort of petered out towards the end, and I don’t want that happening to Clara or the show now that it’s back on track in such a strong way. So for now, I’m happy that I didn’t have to spend another Christmas depressed over losing a Doctor Who favorite, but going forward, I’m not sure how happy I’ll stay.

  37. m3rcnate says:

    9 | Is every character on Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce unlikable, or is it just us?
    I wouldn’t say every one is unlikable, but the two girlfriends are horrid. The one is the super typical bi-sexual flusie who’s banging her ex to get gifts/money and is a head in the clouds hippy, and the other is a barely caged rage beast that did something HORRIBLE to her husband/ex (getting him drunk, sleeping with him then calling the cops on him). As for the main character, my problem is i like mature smart people…and i think thats gonna be a issue with me for this show..i mean its on Bravo…what are the odds these characters actually mature and develop and start making better choices? I didnt ever watch Sex and the City but from my understanding from the pilot to the last episode they didnt get all that much more mature or intelligent.

    I wouldn’t mind a show that started off how GGtD did but then the characters started to grow and mature and learn from there mistakes. I dont imagine thats the show Bravo has made.

    • Ana K says:

      I agree. GG2D’s first episode was okay, the second episode focusing on the drama of Jake and Abby was its best so far. The third episode and the ridiculous window, pot and vibrator scenes followed by episode four with C Thomas Howell….just turned me off. Everyone says MartiNoxon is a great writer but there’s something wrong with this show. I am a huge fan of Lisa Edelstein and I’ve seen how she pushed her love for this show and she probably does love it but if it doesn’t pick up, I’m out.

  38. arial2 says:

    4. I loved the whole Bruce Campbell v. Matt Frewer idea. The story line was fun for a Christmas episode. Unlike all the SVU episodes, I’m glad something this week was all about the laughs.
    8. Rusty didn’t “align” with the other two; I think he felt they should have said something, but it was their decision, not his. I love how Rusty is maturing over time.
    17. Couldn’t USA have found some lighter fare for the week of Christmas?

  39. Alanna says:

    #8 – I don’t know if he aligned with them, but I was glad he didn’t say anything. Nothing bonds siblings like keeping a secret from a parent. Sucks for him that he’ll probably be the only one around when the truth comes to light though.

  40. Ldogg says:

    Yasss. I love Benched.

  41. DarkDefender says:

    18. Best.Holiday.Gift.Ever.

  42. Lauren says:

    #19 HAHA! I said the same thing to my mother the first time I saw that commercial!! great minds think alike!

  43. Kindra Watson says:

    #4-I absolutely love Bruce Campbell as Santa! I thought he was going to be another wacky crazy character, but he turned out to be lovable sincere and fun to watch. His Orin persona was hilarious in the bar brawl with Christian Kane’s character Jacob Stone. (including the fist bump) #TheLibrarians is a fun family show that everyone can enjoy without having to worry about language or violence. I will be watching every week.

  44. 4. I didn’t find The Librarians silly at all!! I thought it was funny and cleverly written by John Rogers and staff. However, Bruce Campbell made Santa suave and groovy, as expected! Christian Kane was a delight and the backbone of the show as always, and John Kim was adorable as the thief-turned-good guy with the help of Santa’s hat! It was an instant holiday classic as far as this Kaniac is concerned!

  45. John says:

    The world needs more Bruce Campbell.

  46. #9. Yes, it’s just all of you. At least your horrid suggestion kept me from reading the rest of the drivel.

  47. Saabgirlatx says:

    Sing a long graphics were soooo distracting! I may have enjoyed a “pop-up video” version better with bits if trivia but all in all don’t mess with a classic!

  48. jojo says:

    1. Weekend update has almost been unwatchable. Why won’t they give 3 minutes to Jebidiah Atkinson. Garth and Kat has never been funny. BRING back Jebidiah

  49. OUATrules says:

    9. What? Abby McCarthy is one of the most likable female characters i´ve seen in the last few years. Janeane Garofalo is fantastic as Lyla (unless you totally hate badass characters). Phoebe is funny. Sometimes it´s easy to hate Jake but deep down he is a good man who still loves his wife a lot and is trying to be happy without her. I would say all these characters are very human and i love all of them for that.

    • LovelyM says:

      My sentiments exactly, I love most of the characters on this show even Jake. He might act like a jerk but I feel he is hurting as well. Abby is super likable and alot of married/divorced women can relate with her. The show really touches on what happens in relationships. I love Lyla, her candour is very refreshing. The only characters i do not like are Becca and Nate esp Nate..my goodness he’s a trainwreck.

  50. n says:

    9 | Is every character on Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce unlikable, or is it just us?

    It’s just you. I think the show’s hilarious as well as capturing some truths about relationships.

    • Clarissa says:

      The show is losing its edge early on. It is sad to say this because I like Lisa E and Janeane G.

    • Georgia says:

      For a very limited % of the population it might be realistic, but damn I’m done with these white, rich ladies screeching about how unfortunate they are. Talk about men being teenagers trapped in a man’s body… I’m starting to hope they all burn.