2014 in Review, Part 2: Best and Worst Couples, CGI and Scenery-Chewing — Plus Death Scenes, Crushes & More!

Best Worst 2014 TV

Ahhh, 2014 — the year we got Flash-ed (in a good way), gave our hearts to Hannibal (only to have ’em turned into tartare) and thanked our lucky stars we didn’t have romantic partners like those on Nashville or Masters of Sex.

We’re continuing our trip down memory lane with a look at the best and worst relationships, death scenes and CGI moments that TV had to offer in the last 12 months — as well as revisiting the year’s most horrifying sequences, crazies sex scenes, biggest tearjerkers and more.

Click through this gallery for our picks in dozens more categories — and do check out Part 1 (including Best and Worst Comedy and Drama), if you happened to miss that celebration. As always, hit the comments and tell us what you think we nailed perfectly and which selections had you crying “no me gusta!”

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Hipper says:

    Patrick and KEVIN!?! Whatevs. #TeamRichie

    • Ladym05 says:

      Thank-you! I hate how certain type of press just have no regard for Richie!

    • Ladym05 says:

      On second thought, the fact that they said that Kevin and Patrick are the best couple on Looking is just offensive. That fact that gay people of color support show and projects that make is invisible has always been a mystery to me. Bye!

    • Ron says:

      I am honestly so torn on this. I think Kevin has it all and I love him. I like him better with Patrick than I do Richie with Patrick. HOWEVER, I really like Richie, too. He clearly loves Patrick, and that final scene between Patrick and Richie was heartbreaking–Richie had me in tears. Gah, I just don’t know. Can all three just be in a singular relationship together? Is that inappropriate? Is that weird? Probably. I don’t care…

    • Carmen says:

      Yeah, it seems Richie doesn’t exists for most of the press. Having in mine his love story with Patrick it was the main storyline in the first season

      • Ladym05 says:

        And we know why, maybe if Raul was a lighter Latino things would be different. That whole equality fight was not meant for all of us! I thought Looking was about the diversity within the gay community, you know race, class and gender. I think the mainstream press has sent a strong message, the only voice or personhood in the gay community is that of pretty white boys who are privileged. That is who represent “our” community and that is who is important!

    • Tim says:

      I like Richie, but I love infidelity story lines more. Call me a cheater, but I think they are very exciting!

      • Ladym05 says:

        And the unavailable white boy will always be better than the poor Mexican! The point is that Kevin and Patrick were never a couple in season 1 but the good folks at TV line made them one. The are creating buzz around the couple so they become a couple! Because the thought of their beautiful Prince being with someone like Richie was too much to bare.
        I have no doubt that you will have your storyline. I only want two things well maybe three A) stop trying to use people of color as a demographic when you make us invisible B) stop with “our” community crap because we know the truth and C) Stop trying to promote Looking as something it is not. It just like every other show that represents our community. It is one sided and exclusive. I hope for your sake that Patrick and Kevin live happily ever after!

  2. spindae2 says:

    So I’m shocked Abby and McGee didn’t hook up. I stopped watching somewhere between season 5-6, and was sure they were getting together. Huge surprise.
    I don’t have anything against Jane TV and but I hated the voice-overs in the Pilot. Did they improve? They were more than terrible.

    • Julie says:

      There has always been speculation that Abby and McGee hooked up when McGee first joined the show.he spent the night At her apt., possibly in a coffin. Kate and Tony Teased him about it. They even flashed back To that scene during the most recent episode. I can’t remember if they outright said they hooked up Or they just alluded to that fact But I’ve always assumed they did.

      • Carm says:

        On a recent episode they both talked about when they dated. So that confirms they hooked up before.

        • canadian ninja says:

          Dated and hooked up have different meanings here. And McGee seems like he’d stress out for awhile before hooking up so I just assume Abby dumped him before they did.

    • Ally Oop says:

      I don’t like the voiceovers either. They keep reminding me of the George of the Jungle movie. To me the voiceovers take away from the show. I like Jane the Virgin but the voiceovers keep it from being a must-see show for me.

  3. Tom says:

    How is Beth Greene NOT the murder we hated to watch?

  4. JJ says:

    yay for Juliette and Avery as best couple on a drama, absolutely adorable. And Emma and Regina as best female bonding!

    • Jenna says:

      Ditto..love Avery and Juliette’s crazy romance..Kudos to Finn and Alicia on The Good Wife for Best Couple (in our dreams)..hope they become a reality in 2015.

      • Ally Oop says:

        I like them too. My fave ships on TV are Avery/Juliette (Nashville), Deacon/Rayna (Nashville), Ragnar/Lagertha (Vikings), Klaus/Hayley (Originals), Jamie/Clare (Outlander), Wade/Zoe (Hart of Dixie), Branson/Mary (Downton Abbey), Scarlett/Gunner (Nashville), Oliver/Felicity (Arrow) and Cal/Sarah (Orphan Black).

  5. HeatherC says:

    Seriously, there was nothing from Chicago Fire or Chicago PD worth mentioning from this past year? Not even the cliffhanger when that building blew up at the end of S2 for CF which really shook everyone up last season. That’s kind of disappointing. It seems like you guys picked from one group of shows and left some out all together. =(

    • I agree with you Heather. I was yelling ‘Oh come on’ with the best bromance thing alone. But I also agree with you about the Chicago Fire part. That should have been among the best cliffhanger (albeit there was no actual cliff involved).

      I’m disappointed that there was nothing from Criminal Minds at all (again). I mean even Reid getting shot in the neck doesn’t warrant anything? And don’t get me started about bromance implications that get ignored too often.

  6. mk says:

    urg, olicity, that ship just drags the show down, i hope the power that be, wont listen to one vocal
    part of the fandom, when they start doing that, shows get worse.
    sorry about my english.

    • wonderwall says:

      Well it’s not just the fandoms but positive articles such as this one regarding this couple. Regardless, the EPs are doing what they feel is natural and right for the show so I doubt that anything would change if they were to stop listening to their fans.

    • wonderwall says:

      Anyways sorry you feel that it drags down the show for you :/ I feel like it’s one of the best parts of the show and one of the very few things it got right this season so far.

    • Briggs says:

      You’re welcome to your opinion. There are still others that say Laurel is dragging the show down, but that doesn’t mean I’m not giving her the best shot I can. I feel that Olicity is natural, but others don’t fee that way. I’m not obligated to understand, but I accept it.

  7. Lachie says:

    What about the trough scene from The Walking Dead’s premiere for most horrifying sequence?

  8. Neki says:

    Best siblings: The Hecks (The Middle). Period.

  9. bar says:

    I’m sorry, but the voiceover on Jane the Virgin is annoying. It would be fine except it is used like every four minutes, explains mundane and obvious details, and isn’t nearly as witty as it wants to be. Grey’s still has the best use of voiceover IMO. Simple, subtle, and it frames the context of the individual episode.

  10. A says:

    Great choice for Best First Kiss! I love Oliver/Felicity and I hope they get together soon.

  11. Angela says:

    *Looks at the “horrifying sequence” segments* Well, I picked a great time to start eating breakfast…
    Anywho, fun list. Loved all the “Sleepy Hollow” nods. Crazy year TV-wise all over, it seems!

  12. evababy says:

    I know Zoey from Nashville is about one of the least written characters on tv, but ‘Worst Girlfriend’ because she tried dial Gunnar back from blowing all his money on frivolous stuff? Because she didn’t want to quit her job and allow Gunnar to be her sugar daddy? Because she didn’t want to become an instant mother to a kid she just met whose own mother dumped him (who btw, gets off scot-free from judgment somehow)? For a boyfriend that took for granted that she’d do that no questions asked? For a kid it turns out wasn’t his the first place? No.

    Also, I am more convinced than ever Tvline simply does not watch Black-ish. Too bad, it is a funny show with some great performances, especially Tracee Ellis Ross and the little actress who plays the youngest daughter, Diane.

  13. Belle and Rumple was heartbreaking for sure. :( Great scene, but I’m still crossing my fingers for a reconciliation at some point. Pleeeeease.

  14. Carmen says:

    I can’t believe they put Patrick and Kevin in best couple….. WTF? I guess Richie is too poor and latín to be at least considered

  15. GildedRose says:

    Love so many of these moments but was especially thrilled to see Arrow make the list for all the moments they got. Moira Queen’s death was just horrible. I felt so bad for her and I still miss her character. Oliver and Felicity’s 1st kiss was amazing and so well done. I just love these two and I’m so happy that the show finally stopped sending Oliver through the revolving love interest door and actually had him (and Felicity) get into a groove and focus on each other. Such a great couple and I can’t wait to see them reunite in the 2nd half of the season. The Flash/Arrow crossover was fun but I really hope they don’t overdo it and it definitely showed me I don’t want powers on Arrow. I prefer the real, gritty vibe of Arrow. And that cliffhanger…. wow. Definitely deserved a shout-out.

  16. GeoDiva says:

    Castle’s wedding should have gotten worst CGI!

  17. Briggs says:

    Best Cliffhanger involving an actual cliff… yeah, that’s true. :) It helps that Oliver appears to have actually died…
    Not that Castle could kill Rick off. Unlike Arrow, there aren’t too many ways to bring someone back on Castle… unless you’re 3XK.
    Breakup runnerup? I question this being an actual breakup, seeing as Oliver and Felicity only went on one date, but… I can see why.
    Yes, running on water. That was *fabulous* CGI. Good job, Flash!
    Best dad? Yes, that’s Joe West. Father of the Year, right there.
    Well, at least Rick and Kate *got* married, this time.Runner-up is fine, as long as it’s the real Rick. Which, Conspiracy Theorists, I’d like to think Kate would be able to tell if it wasn’t.
    Best First Kiss? Oh, I could feel that one. Yes. Yes, it is.
    Best Love Triangle on Jane the Virgin? Yes! That’s the trope done right!
    I don’t even watch the show, and I loved knowing how Joffrey finally bit it.
    No!!!!!!!!!!!! TVLine, why did you have to show Moira’s death again!?! I thought I was over it, I’m not… but yes, this is in the right place.
    Half the humor on Jane the Virgin comes from the voiceover. So, yeah, this had better *be* the Best Voiceover…
    TV Event That Lived Up to the Hype: Yes, that was Flash/Arrow. I wasn’t aware there were contenders…

  18. Luis says:

    Sorry, but “Adele Dazeem” was the best award show moment in my memory!

  19. arial2 says:

    All choices were good, some were hilarious. And I’m so glad you recognized Rusty from Major Crimes. What a great character he’s become.

  20. neaorlean says:

    Funny how you keep saying the Emmys overlook Parenthood, and you only gave them the “most overlooked by the Emmys” “award” in 125 categories :)

  21. Letti says:

    I’m glad to see the opening of The 100 here, I love it so much. I wish more series had openings like that.

  22. Mary says:

    Didn’t realize that there were so many shows with characters named Emma.

  23. Thanks for including Major Crimes and Rusty! Yes his character finally is less annoying and proved how good it can be! :)

  24. kmw says:

    I was wrong, Bones did make your list and you are right. Emily Deschanel did a great job with Brennan’s eulogy. However I must disagree with your choices for Castle. Cheesy cliffhanger and even cheesier green screen for their wedding. Everyone knew Castle was not dead, based alone on voiceover at end of episode that said to look forward to more cases being solved by Castle and Beckett. Many also say the look for their wedding was meant to be surreal but that is not how it came off looking. I know they had already gone on location for their season finale but they should have made it look better. Otherwise I agree with your list

  25. Kim R says:

    Nick from Rookie Blue….totally. :D

  26. JC1 says:

    Emma and Regina….best female bonding, really? Are we seriously that hard up for female friendship on TV? I’m not saying I don’t enjoy some of their moments (when Regina is not screaming at Emma that she ruined her life), but they’re FAR from being the best IMO. I enjoyed Emma’s moments with Elsa more than her moments with Regina this season. Bo & Kenzi, Rizzoli & Isles…even Caitlin and Felicity would been my picks over Emma & Regina.

    • meresger says:

      I know, right? All of their “bonding” scenes were just blatant attempts to quell anger in the SQ fan community about their het ships. They made no sense in context of the show, which went from Emma still distrusting Regina in Neverland (regardless of her helping to save Henry) to suddenly wanting to be her BFF just to parallel the Frozen storyline… and with Regina rebuffing all of her attempts until the drink scene that lasted a few seconds. How is one scene (or two if you count the stakeout last spring or three if you count the blatant and lamely-so Frozen parallel other-side-of-the-door speech) bonding? You might as well pick Alicia and Diane on The Good Wife for banding together to screw over their old firm and the for subtext bonding over Will’s death while picking out their offices. Just as inane as far as actual bonding goes, but at least it made sense in the context of the plot! I suppose I should just be glad that none of the ships on OUAT were picked for “best” although I’d certainly put OQ and CS in a dead-heat for worst. And “creepy crush” should go to either Robin for loving the woman who murdered his wife (who was de-cursed atop Regina and Robin’s sex-stained crypt-couch) or Hook for loving the baby mama of the step-son he betrayed (immediately upon his death and without telling her any of that). I cannot comprehend why viewers and media blogs continue to find those pairings romantic let alone healthy relationships. Emma and Regina somehow have managed to have a healthier relationship/bonding with each other than with the Twilight-type jerks they love… even if its portrayal that way makes no frigg’n sense.

  27. Betsy Boo says:

    Best Non-guilty Pleasure: Hart of Dixie. (I love this darn show.)
    Best Comeback (Runner Up): Jack Bauer
    Best Roommates: New Girl
    Best Realistic Portrayal of a Female Detective: Erin Lindsay, Chicago PD (no disrespect to Kate Beckett)
    Best Family Dinner: The Regans, Blue Bloods
    Best Abs: So many! Steve McGarrett (H50), Cary Agos (TGW), Jake Ballard (Scandal)
    Best Male “Wounded” Character You Want to Take Care Of: Kelly Severide, CF

  28. Netty says:

    I would have loved to see more love given to Reign, so many moments deserved to be noted:
    – Actual sibling-bromance or best siblings runner up Bash & Francis (amazing how they covered up their father’s death)
    – Best Female Bonding/Heartbreaking moment: Mary & Catherine bonding after Mary’s attack by the protestants.

    Worst Boyfriend – Bill Masters? Is he now Ginny’s bf or they r still in the grey area. But yeah I get what you mean! Still love him though and his cheating ways.

    Best First Kiss – Mindy and Danny all the way, Olicity was kinda cheesy and we all knew it was not going anywhere.

    Best Skin display – YES! Scandal love Jake n Liv intimate scenes.

    Worst-award show moment: More like best award show moment, that was hilarious!

    And then finally OMG YES! Rookie Blue’s Nick. Watching him this season was so heartbreaking. I did not even enjoy RB this last season because of how Nick and Andy’s r/ship was made to seem so insignificant yet they spend the whole of S4 making the viewers fall in love with Nick and root for him and Andy and then nothing! Not forgetting how Nick always looked so defeated around Andy. Nick was really good for Andy and was/is drama-free unlike Swarek.

    • Ally Oop says:

      I agree about Reign. I really enjoy the Catherine/Mary scenes. Another girl bonding shout out I want to give is to Rayna/Juliette scenes on Nashville–I love it when those girls get together.

  29. Netty says:

    I think I’m the only person I know who does not watch Once Upon a time..I tried but can’t stand most of the characters. I only like Regina, Rumble and the little that I’ve seen of Hook

  30. ninamags says:

    The list is a fail without Sam and Dean being the best brothers.

    • Briggs says:

      Dismissing an entire list over one entry is like dropping an entire show because of one character/aspect. You’re missing a lot of good by just focusing on one wrinkle.

  31. Maryann says:

    Most extreme Scenery Chewing and Worst Villain should go to Papa Pope on Scandal.

  32. Jalayne says:

    Castle wedding runner-up. Castle wedding runner-up bad CGI.

  33. JAO says:

    Steven Weber was also on Reckless, wasn’t he? Speaking of which I loved Cam and the woman who played Jamie.

  34. Zed says:

    Most polarizing: HIMYM

  35. Gem says:

    thank you for including McGee and Abby (NCIS) on this list!!! so happy!!! and also love Crane and Abbie (Sleepy Hollow) and the Mills sisters ;)

  36. Liz says:

    Ahh… Outlander…

  37. azu says:

    How is carol killing Lizzie or Lizzie killing Mika not on this list. What about the terminal residents slaughtering and eating people? Wow!

  38. Jennifer says:

    Emma and Regina bonding is the best thing ever. So glad you recognized this.

  39. Ally Oop says:

    I agree about The 100’s opening credits–they are fantastic and set up the opening atmosphere of the show perfectly.

  40. Pavanne says:

    re: best breakup. No Way that Rumpbelle’s breakup trumps Olicity! What were you thinking?

  41. love says:

    Why is white collar not mentioned here! Best bromance(neal and peter)/ series ending/heartbreaking moment (mozzie and Peter morning neal’s death/best couple ( lizzy and peter) ..c’mon, truly amazing show..

  42. Mel says:

    That Grey’s Anatomy CGI was effectively awful. It felt like all their CGI budget was spent there for something not that much necessary. Get wiser.

  43. Best CGI moment for The Flash! Yes!

  44. Easily Entertained says:

    “Best Cliffhanger Involving an Actual Cliff or Embankment”

    This made me laugh WAY more than it should have…