Amy Adams on Today Show Interview Cancellation: 'I Still Don't Understand'

Amy Adams Today Show

Earlier this week, NBC’s Today show axed a scheduled interview with Amy Adams due to her apparent unwillingness to discuss the recent Sony hack — but that’s not how Adams recalls it.

“I expressed that I was uncomfortable,” Adams told the press Tuesday at a screening for her new movie Big Eyes. “I said I would rather not add my voice to this conversation, but it was clear they were drawing a hard line, that this would be part of the conversation. … I walked away from the conversation and went up to the room to do the interview. I assumed they were going to ask me about [the hacking], and I was prepared for that, to whatever degree I was prepared.”

That’s when Adams was informed that the interview had been cancelled, which she said left her “confused and definitely frustrated.”

“I still don’t understand [what happened],” Adams concluded.

Today released the following statement Monday, following the initial cancellation:

“As a news program, the Today show doesn’t allow guests to put restrictions on interviews. In this case, after hours of discussion we felt uncomfortable with the demands being made and we determined the best course of action for all parties involved was to cancel the interview.”

Looks like a case of she said, Today show said. Do you think NBC was right to pull Adams’ interview, or should they have spoken with her as promised? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. webly3 says:

    The Today Show just lost some of the little respect I had for it.

  2. webly3 says:

    The Today Show just lost some of the little respect I had for it.

  3. Et al says:

    Amy Adams seems like the least demanding ego-driven actress in Hollywood. I tend to believe her.

  4. K says:

    The Today Show is a joke, I have no respect for them now. She is a class act who is doing press purely to promote her no movie. She shouldn’t have to answer ridiculous questions that aren’t even related to her movie.

  5. Mare says:

    Funny how they didn’t push Bradley Copper but they push her. Today show lost any respect I had for them. They totally dissed Amy Adams for no reason.

    • catherine says:

      They wanted to ask her question about the pay disparity between the male and female actors in some of her movies to try and get her on the record criticizing it. They got mad because she wouldn’t give them their controversy.

      • Marie says:

        The movie with the pay disparity you reference is American Hustle and Bradley Cooper was also in the movie – he and Christian Bale were both paid more than Adams and Jennifer Lawrence. That is why Today’s failure to push the subject with Cooper is relevant: they had him on and the subject never came up in the televised portion of his interview.

  6. Skittles&Bits says:

    The Today Show is lower than trash; they’ve been trash for a long time now but canceling on an actress because she’s uncomfortable speaking on a still controversial topic that has nothing to do with her makes them lower than trash in my book. They could’ve discussed her newest movie, Big Eyes, but instead they completely cut her off b/c she’s not willing to pander to their sick interests. Bugger off, NBC. Amy Adams is the real MVP. Classy lady from the getgo.

  7. Shannon says:

    Shame on the Today Show. Amy is one of the classiest women in Hollywood. Not too long ago she was on a flight and saw a serviceman on her flight and asked to switch seats with him so he could have her first class seat….very classy. But the Today show doesn’t like that she isn’t comfortable commenting on the hacking so they cut her? She’s there to talk about her work not the scandal.

  8. The Today Show is not a news program, it is an entertainment program that contains some news. At the time Amy Adams was booked she was booked to push a movie and nothing else. Let her push the movie instead of asking her questions she most likely does not have the answers to anyway

  9. The Today Show has become a total joke over the years. It’s clear no one over there behaves in a classy manner and they are disgusting humans. Look at all the negative story’s from The show there has been in the last 5 years. Those people are ruthless… Amy is better for not having to deal with them.

  10. I think if the Today Show’s idea of journalistic integrity is the right to ask an actress to gossip about someone else’s leaked e-mails, they don’t get to call themselves a news program.

  11. Larry says:

    This looks like The Today Show totally misinterpreted the situation and then to save face they made a statement afterward to justify their posiition -maybe when they realized their mistake. I don’t see any reason for Amy to lie about this, so in my book -The Today Show made an unjust abrupt decision without getting their facts straight first. Now they’re going to have to live with that. But seriously, what did “Big Eyes”, that Amy was promoting, have to do wh the Sony hack? The Today Show was just trying to drum up attention to stolen e-mails about American Hustle.

  12. Mikaylah says:

    It’s ridiculous that they would even discuss the topic with her. If they wanted to speak with someone, it should be a Sony rep or an expert in hacking, etc. She shouldn’t have to speak on an unrelated topic that she was obviously uncomfortable with.

  13. Richard Jenks says:

    The Today Show has gone downhill ever since Katie Couric left ! Kudos to you Amy, your a class act :)

  14. Margo says:

    Boo to the sexist bullies at the Today Show. They never would have done this to Christian Bale or Bradley Cooper.

    • pantomin says:

      Oh, how I would LOVE it if Adams’s big shot co-stars and friends including Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Patrick Dempsey, Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, Clint Eastwood, Justin Timberlake, Joaquin Phoenix, refused to appear on the Today Show from now on. THAT is exactly what those idiots deserve. Journalistic integrity ? Please…everyone has the right to ‘no comment’ and they should know that. They messed up big time, they could have gotten away with, had this been some dumb reality star or douchey ‘singer’, but wrong a FIVE-time Oscar nominee who also happens to be a big movie star, loved and respected by the public and industry alike, and you are in serious trouble. If I were a publicist, I wouldn’t let my client anywhere near those unprofessional idiots.

  15. jc says:

    The Today Show is trash.

  16. Diane Hirsch says:

    I too have lost respect for the Today Show which I don’t watch. They can ask questions, but what about the First Amendment, freedom of speech; the guest doesn’t have to say what she doesn’t want to say. Amy Adams is one of the LEAST controversial stars I know!

    • KC says:

      The first amendment protects citizens from actions of the government. It does not protect an actress going on a television show produced by a private company to discuss her work in a film.

      Don’t get me wrong, totally Team Adams on this one, but it drives me crazy when citizens don’t grasp the most basic of their constitutional rights.

  17. V. Morris says:

    Amy has my support and Today should not have cancelled in the interview just because she expressed discomfort at addressing the topic. For the record, after being my mainstay morning “news” program for years, I switched to Charlie Rose and his team on CBS about 6 months ago because I was seeking less drivel and more real news in my morning information diet. This treatment of one of our finest actresses just confirms I made the right decision. Regarding the Today show’s statement….in what universe is Today a “news” program?

  18. dsrbroadway says:

    I’ve never cared for the Today show, and I hope all of Hollywood notices how they treated her and book their stars on other shows.

  19. Amie says:

    It seems so weird they would just offend Amy Adams and her people (and I would assume, anybody else from her movie) over something so stupid. Sure, if Cosby wanted to do an interview but not talk about his scandal, or anybody else in the middle of a current news story who didn’t want to talk about THAT story, but Amy Adams has nothing to do with Sony or the leak. She is an Oscar-nominated actress they may REALLY want to talk to in the future. Why tick her off for no reason when that could be a problem later? Maybe they thought she was Amy Pascal?

  20. Jan says:

    The Today Show was totally wrong! There’s no reason Amy should have to answer questions about something she was not there to discuss. I’ve stuck with Today for several years; however, as many others are saying, my respect for them is dwindling.

  21. Small Screen Girl says:

    So you cancel and interview with a 5-time Oscar Nominee because she won’t lambast North Korea? That’s outrageous and disrespectful.

  22. John NYC says:

    I see their point, rather than make a guest uncomfortable they left her off the hook and canceled the interview. It’s a bit like why the Sunday shows seem to softball their guests, since their returning is up to them. Possibly a bit different for a person on a film promotion tour which is sort of mandatory, but still…

  23. DidWork says:

    “As a news program, the Today show doesn’t allow guests to dictate restrictions on interviews,” said the morning show in a statement.

    LOLOLOL I call complete BS on this one. Both to the characterization of Today as a “news program” — This Morning with Charlie Rose is a news program, Today’s sole mission is to promote the Kardashians and their ilk — And oh please, if Universal doesn’t want a question asked of one of its stars in one of its own films, you can bet your sweet patootie, it doesn’t get asked. period.

    Adams is an actress, not a news consultant for Sony, she’s there to promote someone else’s film. And for Today to back peddle and try to make their own fiaso her fault with utter BS statements only shows them to be even more classless than they usually are.

  24. Anthony Fusco says:

    Freedom of Speech includes the right of not having to say something as well as saying it. That’s what is supposed to make America different.

  25. Canadian Transplant says:

    Don’t worry Amy, not too many people watch the Today show anyway. Why carry on with the hacking controversy. She was there to talk about her movie.

  26. jalahyacinth says:

    Amy has never seemed like a docs to me. Totally on her side on this (shouldn’t even be an) issue. I read elsewhere that her name DID come up in the hacked emails, but I don’t blame her for wanting to stay away from it. She was there to promote a movie for a totally different studio. Come on Today, get some class.

  27. Dennis says:

    Amy is a nice and talented actress, and everyone ONLY has kind things to say about her. “Today” was being a bully! Plus, what was Amy supposed to say?! This hack had nothing to do with her movie! And she loved working on American Hustle and is friends with that whole cast, what could she possibly say on air, “Oh, yeah it sucks I got paid less, uhhh…. But I still loved working on the film!”… Shame on you, “Today”!

  28. Brett Smith says:

    The right not to speak is as much a right as the right to speak. Today showing violating her 1st amendment rights. Today show are hypocrites, who are journalist when they want to be, and tv shills hocking junk the next minute. If “big eyes” was produce by Universal a subsidiary of NBC do you think Today show wouldn’t hock Big Eyes. Ask Today why didn’t ask bradley cooper about hack and for amy adams to answer for hack. Sexist double standard.

    • John NYC says:

      The Today show isn’t “Congress” and so the First Amendment doesn’t even remotely apply. Today is also not a government agency and so, within the modern interpretation of the First Amendment it STILL doesn’t apply.

  29. Abby says:

    They call themselves a news org, but they wanted her voice because it would be more of a tabloid-ready headline. If she got as upset about it as they say they had a right to cancel, but its still rich to see them claim they wanted to delve into the issue of her personal pay scale and call it news…

    • herman1959 says:

      Ditto, if they were really a news program, they would not have asked her ANYTHING before the interview. What they did was try to control the content of the interview beforehand – that’s not news! Plus, it doesn’t sound like the timeline jives – if this all happened when she was actually in the building pre-interview, how did they have “hours” for discussion. I haven’t seen Today in years, but I have been noticing that over the last year or so the content of the commercials and promos they’ve been putting out seem a lot sillier and trashier that I remember. I definitely won’t be watching now.

  30. Sue says:

    The Today Show hasn’t been a news program for at least the past 10 years! Nothing but fluff and sensational headlines. It’s like the National Enquirer of TV.
    Amy Adams is a class act and I support her. Today Show dropped the ball!

  31. davedeanda says:

    The results are unanimous: Amy Adams 1, Today Show 0. Let’s see if she ever wastes her time again bothering to go down and speak to these morons.

    Also, I am officially boycotting the show. Better things to do for sure.

    • John NYC says:

      She was promo’ing for a movie: she’ll go where her corporate handlers tell her to go. It’s just her job so I don’t see her taking it personally.

  32. Ginger Snap says:

    I am over the Sony hack scandal. Don’t care what Amy has to say about this and The Today Show needs to move on.

  33. RalphE says:

    “…….the Today show doesn’t allow GUESTS to put restrictions on interviews.” Ha, what a laugh. Let’s not talk with Adams, about Adams. Let’s talk to Adams about whatever we want to talk about, whether it be personal, and a topic she doesn’t want to share, or uncomfortable. NBC is totally out of line. Reporting does not have to go to those lengths to get attention. Amy would have gotten the show attention. And though she would not have gained that much by pushing on through an interview subject that she did not feel should be a topic of discussion she was going to carry on with it. That was a truly bush league move by NBC. The channel that she had just hosted Saturday Night Live for. NBC = Losers.

  34. D. Crawford says:

    why should she have to discuss something that she DIDN’T do!! She wasn’t the hacker!!! Today should grow a pair and not try to force words in someone’s mouth!!! Good for Ms. Adams. Don’t be frustrated you have always been classy…not trashy!!

  35. Drew says:

    This is why I hate the media. They’re trying to create stories by forcing people like her to make comments. It is all BS fabrication.
    Actors always tell these shows what they won’t discuss. Their excuse is bull.

  36. Boo Today Show says:

    The Today Show is not a “News Program.”

    I put it in the same category as any of the daytime talk shows.

  37. Walkie says:

    Amy Adams is the definition of class. Why does the Today Show feel the need to ask her a question about something that has nothing to do with her?

    Did they also want to ask if Bill Cosby raped her?

  38. Missy Kelly says:

    More to admire about Amy Adams. She was directly affected by the hacking after it was revealed how much less they pay actresses than actors and she knew that even with the information she had, she didn’t want to talk about something that she didn’t know about.

    Speaks more about poor journalism looking for reaction from people who don’t know what they’re talking about and putting it forward as “expert” testimony.

  39. Pam says:

    I’m laughing about this because just the other day, Matt Lauer pushed One Direction about the absence of one of their members due to a possible stint in rehab. It was really TMZ like in my opinion.

  40. rowan77 says:

    I’m sorry, THEY won’t comfortable with HER demands? She was there to talk about Big Eyes. It was a puff piece, not a hard-hitting interview. She said she wasn’t comfortable talking about it – and their producer overreacted. I don’t watch The Today Show. I’ve never like that show – but to claim Amy Adams was making demands, when they were trying to put her in the hot seat, demanding that she talk about HER salary being out out there, is unreasonable and not remotely journalism.

  41. Didn’t have much respect for Today before this and have less now.

  42. chadcronin says:

    I take her side. She shouldn’t be forced to talk about anything she doesn’t want to. Shame on them. If they want to do things like that, I’ll never watch, not that I did much before.

  43. cuius says:

    Amy Adams can take consolation in the fact that probably more people are now aware of “Big Eyes” than ever would have following a couple of minutes on Today – such is the power of negative publicity.

  44. The today show is not credible. I don’t watch that stupid show

  45. Joe says:

    When you have someone on to promote a movie, how can you call it “news”… isn’t it just a fluff piece at that point? I think it was NBC’s loss; I really like Amy Adams. I hope she & other actors don’t go the Today show – let them just focus on “news”, other shows will be more than happy to have celebrities on their show!

  46. Scout says:

    The Today Show is a “news” program? That is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. Idiots.

  47. i love amy adams since she first appeared on buffy so #teamadams

  48. Evan says:

    They weren’t really going to ask her about the hack per se, more about info that came from the hack. Part of the info found out in the E-Mails was how much money all the major cast members of American Hustle made and how both Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence got so much more less than either Bale or Cooper that what they really wanted to bring up was the disparity and obvious sexism in actors/actresses salaries but they only wanted to ask her about it because apparently men can’t really speak on it (in their mind) so Cooper didn’t get asked a thing.

    • CK says:

      It seems many organizations want to look like they care about an issue while not ruffling feathers. Hence, Mindy Kaling, Shonda Rhimes, and Actresses will get all the questions about diversity, pay disparity, etc. while directors, actors, and producers, who have more of a say in the boy’s club are left off the hook and never asked about these things.

    • Dennis says:

      And why would she want to comment on this anyway?! She is friends with that whole cast, the director and writers, and maybe she was just playing it safe because she would like to work for SONY one day and doesn’t want to publically burn bridges now. She was playing it smart!

  49. Athena says:

    Disgraceful of The Today Show…no class, as usual.

  50. AnnieM says:

    I quit the Today Show after the way they treated Ann Curry. I either watch GMA or our local Fox station which does a 1 hour local news program.