Legend of Korra Finale: Bosses Confirm 'Korra and Asami Fell in Love'

The Legend Of Korra Series Finale

Legend of Korra fans can stop debating the titular heroine’s feelings for former-rival Asami; the Nickelodeon series’ creators have set the record straight about the final scene of Friday’s series finale.

“Our intention with the last scene was to make it as clear as possible that yes, Korra and Asami have romantic feelings for each other,” co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino writes in a Tumblr post. “The moment where they enter the spirit portal symbolizes their evolution from being friends to being a couple.”

Co-creator Bryan Konietzko has a bit more to say on the subject. Read his Tumblr statement in full below:

“You can celebrate it, embrace it, accept it, get over it, or whatever you feel the need to do, but there is no denying it. That is the official story. We received some wonderful press in the wake of the series finale at the end of last week, and just about every piece I read got it right: Korra and Asami fell in love. Were they friends? Yes, and they still are, but they also grew to have romantic feelings for each other.”

The Legend Of Korra Series FinaleHe continues, “There is the inevitable reaction, ‘Mike and Bryan just caved in to the fans.’ Well, which fans? There were plenty of Makorra shippers out there, so if we had gone back on our decision and gotten those characters back together, would that have meant we caved in to those fans instead? Either direction we went, there would inevitably be a faction that was elated and another that was devastated. Trust me, I remember Kataang vs. Zutara. But one of those directions is going to be the one that feels right to us, and Mike and I have always made both Avatar and Korra for us, first and foremost. We are lucky that so many other people around the world connect with these series as well. Tahno playing trombone–now that was us caving in to the fans!”

“But this particular decision wasn’t only done for us,” he adds. “We did it for all our queer friends, family, and colleagues. It is long overdue that our media (including children’s media) stops treating non-heterosexual people as nonexistent, or as something merely to be mocked. I’m only sorry it took us so long to have this kind of representation in one of our stories.”

Korra fans, were you satisfied with the series finale? Do you support DiMartino and Bryan’s justification of Korra’s final ‘ship? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. SUSO says:

    I would hope that we have reached the point in our culture where it doesn’t matter that a gay couple ends up together and if it is button pushing or edgy or blah blah blah. What should matter is if it feels genuine to the story the creators told and true to the characters we know and love. It did.

    • Andy Swift says:

      Agreed. I love how Bryan explained that part, too.

    • Angela says:

      Well said.

    • Kristin says:

      It does in no way stay true to the story. It is nice to make it a reality for homosexuals; that it is real and exists…that’s fine. But if ur gonna do it then at least develop them that way more throughout the series…not just the last 5 minutes of the final season. I think it was a foolish decision that messed up the entire Avatar franchise; which was always known for its great story line, character development and consistency.

      • B*TCH says:

        Ikr?!Finally someone sensible

      • yogabbagabba says:


        • Pranav Rohit Kasinath says:

          I completely agree with you. This line of reasoning affected me even more because I got tipped off while watching the series that Korra and Asami were in the last scene together – walking off into the sunset and the like. I was really looking forward to more chemistry between the two of them over the course of season 4. But there was nothing!! One letter in the beginning, one outburst in the middle of a hotel (before Wu gets kidnapped) and then nothing…all the way till the end where they just suddenly decide they like each other. I like the concept, they make a great couple but you cant just ram it in the in the last five minutes of a wonderful series. It seems wasted…It could have been much more dramatic if you ask me.

      • Kaelan says:

        Sadly, as a gay man.. I completely understand why the writers did this the way they did. There is also a reason why they did not actually kiss in that last scene.. Never know what the nickelodeon contract allows, but i’m sure they may be a bit of underlined bigotry against promoting gay culture in a children’s cartoon. The way todays world has devolved… Many overly sensitive people could have been outraged and of course many try to play to their concerns rather than telling them to get over it. Making the series into a graphic novel however is something the writers have full control over and it shouldn’t impede on contracts with nickelodeon nor can parents complain since it is not freely accessible, but purchase able so if their high and mighty valued butts can’t handle their kids seeing it, they don’t have to buy them. Gotta look at the bigger perspective guys. Only so much a childrens network can allow, refardless of their personal views, because even with the great strides the lgbtq community has taken.. We still aren’t completely accepted as of yet.

    • #real talk says:


  2. Cornelius says:

    Saddens me that they cannot explore this relationship further seeing they clearly had a goal in mine which was for them to end up together. Hopefully they consider Korra comics but I would prefer another season or 3. It was and will always better than most live action shows on tv now :l

  3. Joey says:

    I saw a lot of chatter on tumblr after the finale that some people thought it was more of a deep friendship than anything else, so I really really commend both Michael and Bryan for coming out publicly about Korra and Asami’s relationship. I mean, some people, I guess, have been ignoring all of the potential seeds they’ve been planting throughout the entire series.

  4. Tim says:

    I don’t mind that they ended up together, I just dislike how it seems like it kinda came out of nowhere/was forced.

    • Websnap says:

      It didn’t seem forced at all – it was building over that last two season and there are even a hint or two around the second.

    • Mike R. says:

      I’d argue that while it wasn’t as organic as it could have been, it didn’t just come out of nowhere. We saw how closer they became throughout books 3 and 4. Asami was the only one she contacted when she was gone for three years. It was Asami with Korra at the end of book 3 and more. So while it might be argued that it wasn’t the perfect development, it certainly didn’t come out of nowhere.

      • B*TCH says:

        Ya but that was as FRIENDS there wasn’t anything that suggested them being together romantically!and I for one am very disappointed with how this ends

    • Allison Horne says:


  5. Deion says:

    I literally just finished watching this 15 minutes ago. Didn’t think they would go there. Bravo

  6. Felice says:

    I really don’t mind that Korra and Asami ended up together. If you look back at their conversations it makes sense. But I thought for once I would see as show where the main characters didn’t have to fall in love in the series and instead focused on friendship. That is what bothered me. I was happy that they didn’t address it. Until they did. An now the relationship according to the internet, which was only a brief fraction of what the show was became more important than the major plot of the series finale and the series as a whole. Yes romance is a part of life, but its not the only thing. I’m sad that Korra didn’t even have a moment with Bolin, who was in fact the first of the friends she did meet in season 1.

    There were so many plots I wanted to see more of and characters who didn’t get to shine in the final season such as Jinora, Kai, Bumi, Iroh Jr. (Where the heck did he disappear to after his two minutes in the penultimate episode), The Southern Water Tribe, The Fire Nation, etc.

    I’d give the finale a B for a well executed episode, but it just left me wanting to know a lot more that we missed out on =(

    • David4 says:

      This is my issue too. As a gay guy I love seeing more characters with different sexuality than just 100% straight (Because 100% straight is a joke.) but I would love for deep close loving friendships more than hooking up every character on every TV show.

      • Mike R. says:

        But Korra still is a show that has close deep relationships. Having Korra end up with Asami doesn’t negate the many other close relationships on the show. Korra and Mako still mean a lot to each other, just because their romantic history is done doesn’t take away the importance of their final scene together.

        Friendship and family was still the sole focus of Korra. Just because they decided to have Korra end up with someone does not take any of that away.

      • nathan says:

        I think that they falling in love like teenagers makes all the sense because they are all teenagers, and with their age, you can’t expect less than some kisses. If they stayed all in friendzone forever, that would be really weird. Even the Aang’s legend got a lot of relationships, and they were evento younger. ( nobody beats an eye about they )

    • joeynumberwho says:

      yeah, and more on that jinora and kai situation, they barely touched on that after season 3. and when it was brought up, kai’s expression hinted that they might have been having at least some relationship issues. but then they never really brought it up again, to the point where i forgot it happened until i read this comment.

    • Pranav Rohit Kasinath says:

      I agree with you about Bolin. I wanted more Korra and Bolin moments. I wanted to see more of Kya (did I spell that right ?) The comedic tension between Aang’s children is great. I guess its not possible to emphasise all the relationships but i think we should have had more depth instead of skimming them all on the surface once.

  7. Gern Blanston says:


    • Gern Blanston says:

      Sorry, there were entirely too many reasoned and adult responses to this article. It needed at least one asinine comment. I’d figure that I’d give it.

      • Angela says:

        LOL, nice one :D.
        It is good to see that people are responding in a reasonable manner, though. Especially since this happened on a show kids watch. A positive sign for how far we’re coming as a country on this issue.

        • WayneAdneyC says:

          Actually the whole interracial/gay thing has been going on secretly and sublimely in cartoons shows as far back as, for the best example, Looney Toons…remember Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudge “wedding scene kiss”. So they are jsut being less subtle and more out-front about these things, lol.

          Sorry but I think Mako and Korra still had something romantically, ya know their kids all grown up and fighting a new battle…and I could totally see Korra and Asaimi teaming up as a fighting comrade duo and kicking butt on a side project series.

          YES, THE FINALLY DOES SEEM FORCED 1. to keep up culturally and be politically correct 2. Because in reality, it does seem that it was thought up last minute and spun out of the computer. 3. …If you think of something better than what I’ve got posted.

      • Artemis (Silvernova900) says:

        Oh, I’m sorry if my opinion is just to dumb for you! And yes This is a show for Kids and they shouldn’t have ended it like that. But please, forgive me for wasting your time with MY stupid opinion! IT IS A KIDS SHOW! >:( (breath…) OK I don’t mean to over react but that comment was very insensitive, Because it is very important to me what my little siblings watch. And what they put into their little minds what is OK and what is not. My littlest sister is 4! – 17 year old concerned big sister

        • Mako says:

          They have the show on the wrong channel, they should move it to teen nick or something else. Nickolodon has shows a 7 year old would watch, just random stuff korra is not just some random stuff.

        • Mick says:

          i really don’t like the ending because I grew up in a home where I was taught that queers are wrong

          Yes I agree with you

        • Dakotablue says:

          See now some kids have same sex parents… So now more than ever kids need to know that gay is OK… I know that your grand parents tell you gay is not OK because they grew up in a time period where gay peopledidn’t come didn’t say they were gay… I understand what your saying… About being a concerned older sibling I have little brothers that are 2 and 5 and I’m 17 so I get that you want to protect them against what gram tells you is wrong… but what if that little sibling comes out will you bad mouth them like you did the ending of a show… And blam a loving gaze between two girls in a cartoon on them being that way…. Because trust me if that’s what dose it then every kid that watches it will be… that kind of thing dose not creat a GBLT… Like I said I get where your coming from wanting to procet them from something you dont understand… but that doesn’t meant that you can hide them from something that now is a part of every day life… and can not be charged and that there going to see…

        • rmt240 says:

          Then it’s good that your little 4-year-old sister is learning at such an early age that homosexual couples are A-OK. You have nothing to be concerned about.

          That is EXACTLY THE PROBLEM. That kids are never shown this. And they need to be, because only then will the world keep changing in the positive direction it’s been going. The more gay characters we get in kids’ shows, the better off the whole world will be.

          And honestly, we don’t have to be sensitive to your privilege. So get over it.

          • Artemis (Silvernova900) says:

            Kids Meaning like 10 and under) shouldn’t have to see this kind of stuff on their tv. They aren’t old enough or mature enough to understand that it is wrong. And I don’t want my little sister being brainwashed into thinking it is “ok”, or natural cause it isn’t. Now I don’t think it is ok for “gays” to be told they are a terrible person because of their sin or bad choices. I am by far not perfect. That is why I depend of Jesus to get me through the day. Their sin and lack of good choices should be between them and Jesus. However I am not going to go up and pat them on the back for it either, because it is still wrong. Just because society says it is great and just fine to be “gay” doesn’t mean I have to. Some of you will most likely post a not so nice comment about me “hating gays” or what ever to make sure I keep my mouth shut, well go ahead, but I will not be silenced.

  8. Nate says:

    That’s awesome

  9. Yeahman says:

    The show is good but the finale is garbage. And this whole thing was forced because of people wanting things to politically correct.

  10. Chris says:

    Poor storytelling. The argument could be made for Korra (since she blushed one time, I guess), but Asami didn’t seem the least bit gay. She didn’t treat Korra any different than she did Bolin or any of her other friends, and she never seemed attracted to Korra. I don’t think they should have really had any romantic ending at all, because there was no time or real focus of it in the past two seasons. Even if Korra and Mako got together, I would have thought it was a little out of nowhere. Mike and Brian really didn’t do anything great with his character this past season, which I hated. I hated that they didn’t do anything with Iroh either. I know they ran out of time and money, but they made time for what they wanted to make time for.

    If the creators say their romance happened off screen in eventual world, I can accept that. What I saw based on what they showed me was the bicurious Avatar wanted to turn out her pretty friend.

    • Joey says:

      How you perceive someone doesn’t matter. It’s how that person chooses to identify. I don’t think we ever heard Asami identify as exclusively straight, so there’s no reason for this post.

      • Chris says:

        We never saw her on screen hinting being attracted to anyone other than Mako. That’s my point.

        • Christy Mitchell says:

          Omg! Yes thank u. Korra gave the romantic glance at Mako in season 1, like Aang did for Katara, NOT ASAMI. I still say Mako and Korra still love each other, and they deserve to give their relationship another chance. They both matured enough than they did in the beginning. MAKORRA FOREVER!!!!

  11. Novas says:

    pandering to the abnormal market and for attention

    • steveo says:

      You’re a bigot.

      • Artemis (Slivernova900) says:

        Really someone can’t give their opinion, disagreeing with what is being said, without being called names?! We, under freedom of speech, are aloud to disagree with what we want! What is so wrong with posting your opinion?! Everyone else who agrees with the Finale is praised for their comment. But if you don’t agree you shouldn’t say anything, because that wouldn’t be politically correct.

        • Mako says:

          Ppl should just say what ever they want to say about “ANYTHING” the problem is that ppl say bad stuff about that, the soultion is to say what you want to say but talk about it as a fact to you. Just state ur fact and thats it.

          • Artemis (Silvernova900) says:

            I appreciate your comment to mine, I tend to listen to peoples points better (even if i don’t agree with them) when they aren’t yelling and getting all up in my face about why what I said, in their eyes, was wrong. And yes I do agree that some people go to far when they don’t agree with the gay community. They talk about how all gays are awful people and all that junk. But that is judging, and as a Christian, that is something I am called to try my best not to do. Even if the gay life style isn’t right. However I am not going to go around telling every gay they are a terrible person, or whatever, because I am not perfect either, an never will be. It’s impossible. I must love them as God does, not their life style mind you, but them as a person.

          • JohnnyHanson says:

            People* Your* ALL HAIL DA FRIKIN GRAMMAR NAZIS!!!

  12. Finn says:

    Can we stop referring to them as a gay couple? They’re not gay, they’re bisexual. They’ve both been romantically tied to men in the past.

    • Me says:

      Not trying to be rude so please do don’t take this comment that way: can you educate me on what the proper term would be for their relationship? I get that both characters are bi, but for this specific relationship where they are the same sex, what would the short hand be? Homosexual relationship? Gay relationship? Roommates?

    • Nope says:

      We’re not sure if they’re bi.

      It’s possible, like in real life, Korra was going through the motions of liking guys and confused a different kind of emotion for Mako for love.

      If she never finds attraction in men ever again, she’s gay, if she does then she’s bi.

      The authors haven’t stated that one way or another yet, so either way right now is fine.

    • Kristoffer says:

      Just because you have been with the opposite sex in the past does not make you bi – in real life or in the cartoon world. I had many relationships with woman growing up but I am 100% gay.

      • Dakotablue says:

        But there are no 100% gay people because if they are male they like some part of a woman… and if there woman they like some part of a male… that’s why people ask whos the guy and who’s the girl in the relationship… because gays still like some part of the opposite sex… and thats a fact you can take to the bank….

      • Sam Mallet says:

        …….. true, true

    • forg3tful says:

      We are, in fact, missing the over arching point. There wouldn’t be a label for the relationship. It would merely be a relationship. Whether heterosexual or homosexual, it is just a relationship. If any label fits, it would have to be romantic. A romantic relationship.

  13. nickie says:

    I love that Mike and bryan actually brought in the LGBT community in to play. But what about the other charcters the last couple minutes. Bolin, Kia, opal,Jinorah, Iroh jr, and maybe even tell us where Sokka(from the last airbender) is.
    I feel it would have been nice if korra and Asami had a nice cute scene huggin scene or kiss scene. Maybe Opal and Bolin coule have a small scene, and Mako finally meets a girl he won’t cheat on, and Lin could maybe meet her dad or fall for some guy at the wedding.how about korra and iroh jr??? They do seem cute together. Or Asami and iroh jr. And korra with the crowned prince.
    Just ideas floating around. But atleast show small clips of how everyone is doing. Right??????

    • Mike says:

      Sokka is dead, established waaaaay back in “Welcome to Republic City” Book 1, Episode 1, the scene where Korra and Katara are talking right befor Korra leaves the Southern Water Tribe for Republic City.

  14. cjeffery7 says:

    just keep piling on the reasons why i love this show and its creators.

  15. rachelle says:

    Loved it. It was natural and realistic and I personally didn’t think it was mere pandering to fans. This is definitely something that could happen in real life and I’m happy it happened the way it did, with no huge muss or fuss. Kids watching will just see it as a natural thing that exists in the real world and that’s what it is. Kids will/do see this in real life everyday. It was perfect!

  16. Trena S. says:

    I am so happy that they are together. I thought from the beginning they’d be good together. They balance each other out and despite all they went through with each other, they obviously had the strongest bond. I mean Asami was the only one she kept contact with while she was in the wind…that means something lol. I love it. I wasn’t a stretch at all and it was very natural…Way to go Nick, and thank you :) It’s time we start fighting fire with fire haha.

  17. I accept the ending i accept The fact that they have romantic feelings for each other. I Think though that they should make a couple side episodes like OVA’s to clear up what exactly happened with all of the Relationships in the show Where the Avatar and their friends go from here and how the citizens react to the giant hole in the middle of their city. I DON’T think that the episode was bad at all in fact it was an amazing episode, I as a loyal fan of the avatar series would just like some closure on certain things in the show that weren’t adequately resolved in that episode of action, and feelings of love.

  18. Dennis says:

    I had a feeling Korra was a lesbian since episode 1!!

  19. nicole says:

    im sooooooooo super happy it happened! KORRASAMI! FOREVA!!!

  20. Hoshikuzu says:

    I only wish this cartoon was around when I was a teenage girl who fell in love with her (female) best friend. This show mirrored my journey (albeit in a drastically different setting) and I just love that it’s out there. Bryke should take only pride in the beauty and complexity of this story.

  21. Shanaza says:

    Nope. Not pleased.

  22. Marcia says:

    I loved the ending.
    The whole series I wanted a romantic relationship for korra and I think Asami was a great choice, it shows how when someone is always being supportive and a great friend is true love and that it doesn’t matter who they are you can fall for them.
    I think it was a great way to end the series it was sweet, enchanting and just perfection.

  23. NoLongerAKorraFan says:

    Why oh why did they have to do it??? They could just have started a series where the protagonist is clearly established a queer, than force it on a favorite character of mine. Korra was established straight from the first season and that should be enough. Not that I have any problem with the LGBT community. If they established Korra as a queer from the first season, I would probably be okay with that. My problem is this shift in her gender preference from straight to queer. It’s really uncalled for.

    • Christy Mitchell says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I’ve got nothing against homosexuals or LGBT rights. But I’m very disappointed how Bryke handled the whole series. And I’m even more pissed off that they basically made Korra a guy, just because she’s a strong female character and a tomboy. But above all Makorra was the true endgame in book 1. And keep in mind Book 1 was meant to b the whole Lok series. Korrasami, while I have nothing against it, comes off more as a close sisterly friendship, like Anna and Elsa, and I like that. But I will NEVER EVER give up on Makorra rekindling in the future!!!

  24. Jeffrey says:

    Seems korra will have no bloodline heirs in the next Avatar series.. unlike Aang, which I think is a good thing to just start another series with a new/next Avatar. The Avatar state in this series has been reduced to a weakling compared to the avatar state possessed by Aang – which is a real ass kicker!

  25. Kushal says:

    is there gonna be another avatar series?!!!

  26. Aaron says:

    Is there going to be a season 5 or another avatar series?

  27. derp says:

    Im glad they did this its about time somone did this, but i was hoping korra would end up with bolin. They are kinda similar in a sense. Meh i still love the series and hearing about this isnt going to prevent me from finishing it and i think ill grow to love the couple soon enough im a few episodes away from where asami first comes in and all that so i havent seen the romantic relationship between the two so for now i’ll ship korra X bolin :3

  28. Sap E. says:

    No, i’m not satisfied about the ending i wanted more of LOK i want more seasons and episodes. I hope by next year there would be seasons to come, i want to know what happend to Korra/Asami to the spirit world. The episodes isn’t enough make it longer like the one Last Airbender. I don’t get it how come that series has more episodes than LOK? Pls continue LOK Legacy throughout the years. I will be waiting for the next seasons to come.. Ty

  29. eric says:

    the last episode sucked make a season 5!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. cela says:

    This is freakin dumb. Jus bc there woman who enjoy hangin out with each other does not make them lovers. They culd be goin on a girls vacation together jus like Toph and Katara had a girls day where they went to the spa. And in this case Asaimi and Korra culd be having girls time away from the guys and from responsibilities. Which is a girl thing to do. U guys obviously dont knw women.
    Plus in that time period woman didnt have be married to be happy. Korra is a independent woman that dont need no partner in this case, to be happy she has her friends!!!! BECAUSE THATS WHAT KORRA AND ASAIMI Are…….FFFFFFRRRRRIIIIEEENNNNDDDDSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  31. Amber says:

    I have gay friends,family,and classmates and I support it but I am a Makorra shipper fan!! I really hope that u guys make a season 5 or continue to make Avatar series!! I grew up with the last airbender!! I would like my little cuzins and nephew(s) and niece(s) to grow up with a show like this!

  32. ozan says:

    I liked The whole series including the final. It is your story everyone wants to watch so that’d be meanIngless to say ‘Ohh i dont like it so change it as I want’. Good job, hope you Continue this Good series with more stories.

  33. Brandon Alexis says:

    I love legend of korra but I don’t like the fact that korasami is real mako and kora was perfect now crazy XXX videos will be coming soon now its confirmed they say and I understand that u diddnt for friend and family but kids know about gays and what not so it does not mean you put it on a kids show if I had kids I would want my daughter to have kids of there own not want to like the same age or encourage it its OK to accept the people who are but its not okay too encourage it

  34. Zion Shadowsbane says:

    is there going to be more Avatar series? because if there are going to be more, i’d want more. xD i really love avatar series so i hope for more. please make more!!

  35. Sandi Abaya says:

    I shipped General Iroh (LoK) and Asami together more D:

  36. Marv says:

    Honestly at first i was confused and was like “HUH, what just happened?” so i wanted to find out if either korra and asami were just close friends or they were actually in love cause think about they both had mu’s with the same boyfriend. But in the end i found that they actually fell for each other at first i was a bit disappointed cause i would’ve loved to see korra with mako again but this was very interesting and it made me think what will the creators do next if they have another avatar series and im sitting here with the feeling of my heart about to explode cause im so excited what the creators would do hopefully if they make a new avatar series because this show out of many of the other animated shows is my favorite

  37. Yellz says:

    I just hate the fact that asami and korra are an item…or going to be. Idc! Its just…ridiculous7

    • Molebogeng Mathibedi says:

      It really is ridiculous

      • Christy Mitchell says:

        It really is, Bryke ruined a beautiful friendship between Korra and Asami, and deliberately shat all over the MAKORRA development, just for publicity. And their stupid and insensitive ‘Hetero lense’ comment really twisted the knife for me and I will never forgive them for that. I’m not against Korrasami or same sex couples, but this was just rushed and unnatural. Heck SpongeBob and Patrick make a believable couple than Korrasami. That’s just me. Long live Makorra, now and Forever!!!!

  38. Ken says:

    Awesome ending kinda of shocking but I can’t complain because I kinda had an erotic dream about Korra and Asami in a relationship

  39. silvernova900@gmail.com says:

    WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It adds nothing to their character! When I saw the end I wanted to throw to laptop across the room! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Avatar. I just don’t see why do people insist upon coupling characters! They were just fine as friends but no, they had to take a step backward! I wanted to cry. (not tears of happiness). Don’t you dare say this is hate speech, cause it’s not, I am entitled to say what I think. This is Free speech! (Breath) I don’t mean to offend anyone but I will speak my mind.
    The gay community isn’t just unnatural but unbiblical. And I am not trying to say I am perfect, or I am better than anyone else. I have done, and will do wrong. And it is no worse or better than being “gay”. That is why I have Jesus Christ in my life helping me get through the day. It bothers me that society is trying to force us to accept and praise “gays” for their life style. I refuse to convert to society’s demands. And because of this I would be looked at as a hateful, judgmental, bible-thumping Christian. I wish that people could have an open mind to what I have to say. But because I am a Christian, and homeschooled I am looked at as dumb, and un-socialized. Most of you might not even continue reading to this sentence, and instead right a nasty, and hurtful comment intended to intimidate me but I will not be silenced I will continue to speak what I believe.

    • Molebogeng Mathibedi says:

      I stand with u and it’s a kids show for chart’s sake

      • Rin says:

        Finally someone else that stands up to this. Funny how they preach acceptance and tolerance but if you dare to disagree with them they become just as bad as the people they claim to be against. They can’t seem to understand how hypocritical they are.

        • ArArtArtemis says:

          yes thanks i am 17 and i bothers me how people are forcing our generation to go along with this view. i’ve been taught all my life that we have the freedom of speech, but i seems now that we only have that right if we completely agree with what is being said. it is very sad the road our country is going down

          • crrx says:

            Thank you!! Finally someone said it. I mean, for one thing, it IS a childrens show that hasn’t had a blatant bi/gay relationship in the last 7 books (if you count ATLA) So I mean, come on, of course this will be a little out of the blue. Secondly, it would be very nice to see a relationship that wasn’t romantical, I mean there’s a lot to say for bromance. It sickens me that people will even go so far to ship siblings together (Frozen, Gravity Falls) I mean REALLY? does every form of love have to be directly related to sex? Thirdly, I just don’t support this type of relationship. Don’t call me a homophobe like I’m scared of it, or like I hate every person who is homosexual. I’m a Christian and I just honestly believe that relationships were made to be between a man and a woman. (Like when God created man and was making a companion for Adam, he could have easily have created another man, but he created woman instead.) This being said, I don’t expect people who don’t believe in God, or aren’t following him, to respect his plan, but will do whatsoever they feel like so long as it feels good. It says in 1 Corinthians “FOr what have I to do with judging outsiders? Do you not judge those who are within the church? But those who are outside, God judges.”

            Anywho, That got long and I’m really sorry, it also didn’t have too terribly much to do with Korrasami other than defending a few of the reasons why I don’t like Homosexual relationships shoved in my face through every cartoon/show that I watch. Especially when it comes to children’s shows. Like I said, I don’t believe that that was how God intended for relationships to be and telling children that its ok……well I suppose I can expect that from our culture. BUt I don’t support it.

            Please don’t say that I hate homosexuals, because I don’t. I know a few people who are homosexual and while I can’t support their choices, that still doesn’t mean I don’t like the people themselves.

    • Sam Mallet says:

      u read my mind
      perfectly man

  40. Kala says:

    I was kind of hoping for a little more romance between them (just a touch) before they officially began a relationship. But then that’s just me, I’m a sucker for a romantic build up.

  41. Molebogeng Mathibedi says:

    Arh this was a disgusting and disturbing way to end the show!!! Talk about ruining the entire show for me

  42. Jamie says:

    Personally, I don’t see how shifting a strong female lead to gay or bi is progressive. They did it with Buffy and even Sarah of “Arrow”. And countless other secondary characters in movies, TV, etc… This stereotype is getting annoying and offensive as if being female and strong is correlated to sexual preference. The lens which the “hints” were viewed for many of us is the female lens, the one where we finally see two strong women who are not intimidated by each other and actually care and support each other. So yeah, we missed it. Silly us. Cause everyone knows women can’t be friends and not be sexually attracted to each other, right? Only men and their bromance get to have that. I feel what would have been progressive is if they took the gay story line with the guys. Male homosexuals always start out that way, they never get to start straight and then explore their sexuality and change. That notion probably makes many men very uncomfortable, but women for the entertainment industry are tools and they don’t get to have an early command of their sexuality. I would have respected this more If Korra was gay or had any indication of being bi from the beginning, And the topic be treated as something natural and part of her, not something that happens to her cause the fans want it. Oh and no way I buy that Asami would fall in love with such a whiny, dependent and always seemingly lost person as Korra.

  43. Jose Perez says:

    As a fan of the previous series, Avatar the last airbender, the legend of korra series was it general a disappointment for me, specially the last three books; but the end was the worst of all
    They play the gay (bisexual) card at the end, without caring to generate previously a convince story about how the girls lead to became in love between each other, they decided to do it in the last scene of the serie; it was a plenty of room to make it clear during the development show, when they share the car would be the perfect spot for doing it, they decided to create a triangle (we can add bolin if want it) to use it to tame what was to be the most shocking end. The creators use this cheap trick to make this final to the headlines, and they did it but sacrificing the reputation previously achieved
    They do so to create a war between the series fans so those with a negative view of the final would be judged as homophobics and that it was something wrong; they put this kind of end to cover the holes in the story and make a more remarkable end without the need of a strong story
    I am not a homophofic, my best friend of highschool is homosexual and so far I have dated two openly bisexual girls without never have a problem, so I cannot be defined as a person with a bias on this matter. I would have appreciated that the authors created a deep story for that Korra-Asami relationship, I would love it if that was the case, instead of that, they choose a cheap exit for it; they stated that there were trying to get apart for the clichés by doing what they did, at end the got into another cliché, a muscular strong girl has to be attracted by girls, worse than, the rule that the hero needs to end up with a trophy girl needs always to be achieved

  44. Allison Horne says:

    But, why? Korra and Mako had so much history together! Why would you just throw that away to make her fall in love with someone she had no romantic history with! This is the worst finale ever. You left so many loose threads with the ending and so many unanswered questions. I liked Korra the most at the start of the series, when she better represented young women of our era. Thanks for ruining my all-time favorite show… -.-

    Btw, Sorry for the rant, but terrible show finale.

    • Susy says:

      You hate gay?
      I think the final scene is very beautiful.
      I like KorrAsami and I think they can have an new adventure together!!
      I hope you can understand me !!
      I don’t like Mako because he kissed Korra and Asami and again Korra etc. It’s all my think ok?

      • Artemis (Silvernova900) says:

        Why can’t two people of the same gender love each other in a non-romantic way? I mean really why does the world have to couple everyone? what is so wrong about two people, of the same gender, have a very close, strong and loving relationship, and still just be friends? why is that so hard for people?

    • Christy Mitchell says:

      Omg yes!! Bring MAKORRA Back Bryke!!! They’re so beautiful together and above all THEY BALANCE EACH OTHER!!! Long live MAKORRA!!!!

  45. madsky327 says:

    I loved Avatar! Korra…not so much. I watched it through, but it was slow moving, Korra was never on the same level as Aang (she was annoying most of the time)and the ending SUCKED! I only watched because you guys did such an amazing job with Avatar,I thought it’d eventually come around, but it never did.

  46. madsky327 says:

    I loved Avatar! Korra, not so much. Korra never had a place in my heart like Aang did(she was more annoying than anything). The gay theme, whatever, made no sense to me because it was more like they snuck it in at the end for whatever their reasons, and the whole show was generally slow moving. I only kept up with it because Avatar was so well done,I thought something better had to be coming. I was wrong.

  47. Zeru Smith says:

    make a season 5 please

  48. Susy says:

    I really really love this couple KorrAsami but I want see these two say I love you and kiss

  49. Susy says:

    I want see the legend of Korra season 5
    I really like this cartoon !!! Please !!