Why'd SNL Snub Sherlock? Was Once a Bit Sketchy? Did White Collar Call for a Pretty Cameo? And More TV Qs

SNL Martin Freeman

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Once Upon a Time, Hart of Dixie, NCIS and White Collar!

1 | Should we read anything into the fact that Saturday Night Live host Martin Freeman omitted Sherlock from his list of credits during the monologue? Which of Taran Killam’s impressions was more impressive: Alan Rickman or Gollum? And has the show offered up a less funny sketch this season than the inscrutable “Pine River Lodge Tree Lighting” (with Freeman and Kenan Thompson as jazz performers under siege)?

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2 | Did something about Once Upon a Time‘s cliffside Maleficent/Cruella/Ursula scene remind you of a 20Qs-OnceSNLlate-episode Saturday Night Live sketch? And did you go “Huh?” when Regina told Robin Hood that there’s a diner not far beyond the town line? (Doesn’t quite jibe with the pastoral vista we saw Emma /Henry drive through at the close of Season 3A, right?)

3 | Did you feel a little cheated that Amal Alamuddin — Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating Person of the Year — wasn’t available for an on-camera interview?

4 | Were you secretly thrilled when The Comeback‘s Valerie (finally) stopped being polite and unleashed some rage against Shayna and Ron — even though half of her complaints exposed her ever-present cluelessness? And when Jane held up Val’s scribbled message to Mark, was it more poignant and heartbreaking than you’d ever expected?

5 | On a scale of 1 to 10, how certain were you that Getting On‘s Dr. James was going to dive straight off the roof during the climax of the Season 2 finale?

Jane the Virgin6 | As great as Jane the Virgin‘s scene transition was between Xo putting on her heels and Nadine walking up to Michael, why is Detective Hansan wearing crazy heels? Who does she think she is, Kate Beckett?

7 | Did Hart of Dixie‘s Wade show off more restraint than you ever thought possible, when Zoe tried to seduce him?

8 | Which NCIS: Los Angeles moment warmed your heart most: 1) Joelle wanting to “meet” Callen, 2) Nell taking Eric home to meet her family, 3) Sam seeing his (recently promoted) son, or 4) The Kiss?

9 | Innovative as it may have been to let the Scorpion team communicate with the endangered boy via tablet, in what world would there have been a strong wi-fi signal in a cave on a beach?The Voice - Season 7

10 | Craig Wayne Boyd’s win on The Voice Season 7: The result of vote-splitting among Team Adam’s trio of finalists, or a reminder that, in the end, it always pays to be on Team Blake? Also, has anyone downloaded any of the finalists’ singles, or heard them on your local radio station?

11 | Peyton List on The Flash is lovely and all, but… where’s Luke Mitchell??

12 | Would the end of NCIS’ Christmas episode have been 25 percent more powerful had promos not shown a certain character in a dark suit, his voice cracking with emotion?

13 | Person of Interest’s Samaritan can keep all of the New York City buses and subways running on time? And we’re on Team Machine why? Also, for how long are we to believe Shaw was shackled to the subway bench? Did she get supervised potty breaks?

14 | How pissed must Tab have been that American Horror Story: Freak Show had Elsa purchase Ma Petite with Dr. Pepper?

15 | Didn’t Survivor finalist Missy go a tad overboard when she compared the jury’s looming decision to that “at a murder trial”? And are we sure Reed wasn’t rehearsing for some theatrical production when he gave his “Evil Stepmother” monologue?

16 | Are the “Bombshell” tickets on sale yet?! And what’s the most you’d pay — in cash, trade, or non-vital organs — to get your hands on one?

whitecollar_nealsara30017 | Now that White Collar has wrapped up, is there anyone (e.g. Alex or Sara) that you’re especially upset didn’t make a surprise return? Or would that have been unnecessary?

18 | Can we send McQuaid’s Covert Affairs quote — “You can do this job and die. And not do this job and die” — to every TV character ever? (Cough, Oliver Queen, cough.) And if you never again have to see a man killed by (involuntarily!) smothering a grenade, will it still be too soon?

19 | Do we think the “Brain Attic” website plot thread from Elementary‘s winter finale will carry into 2015 — and perhaps take Sherlock down a darker path — or was it just a one-off? And is Joan capable of a “normal” romantic relationship, or could Sherlock be right that such a thing may not fit with her true nature?

20 | Did Mom impress you this week with its well promoted yet nonetheless surprising revelation of domestic abuse?

21 | Were there even 100 people in the audience for the People Magazine Awards? And how far into the verrrrry boring telecast did you make before tuning out? (We lasted 33 minutes.)

22 | Have the omnipresent iPhone commercials revealed a scenario where there’s such a thing as too much Fallon-and-Timberlake?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tran says:

    Think they left out about Homeland where Peter BLEEP-ing Quinn went wrong and is Dar Adal hiding something? Should they got rid of Haqqani after the attack on the Embassy?

  2. torimelching says:

    4. I am really not enjoy The Comeback as much as I hoped. I don’t even think I will finish the season.

    13. Yeah Team Samaritan is the better choice, but you know the good guys will win in the end. Just a matter of how many bodies die for it to happen.

    17. I don’t care about Neal’s exes but if one needed to show up it was Sara.

    22. Yes the Fallon/Timberlake bromance is getting annoying.


    20. definitely impressed! this show can do anything.

  4. Ryan says:

    The NCIS flashbacks are annoying. I do what I can to avoid them for that reason. However, they are useful in knowing when to stop fast-forwarding on DVR.

  5. SHUT YOUR MOUTH. NEVER. 22 | Have the omnipresent iPhone commercials revealed a scenario where there’s such a thing as too much Fallon-and-Timberlake

  6. Jo says:

    Once has many continuity errors, but I’m pretty sure there was a diner or something like that outside of town when August/Pinocchio took Emma to the forest in season one.

    • JC1 says:

      Yes, there was.

      • meresger says:

        It was a lobster shack, near the tree where Emma came through. But it wasn’t close. It was daylight when they left town and very dark out when they got there. On the other hand, when Owen left town, Regina was still standing there when he got back with state troopers. Mixed signals, OUAT! (As usual!)

  7. “Did something about Once Upon a Time‘s cliffside Maleficent/Cruella/Ursula scene remind you of a 20Qs-OnceSNLlate-episode Saturday Night Live sketch?” Horrible costumes. Bad cosplay.

  8. Sam says:

    #3 Amal…I’m glad she didn’t make herself available. How insulting to be nominated because you married someone “hard to get”.

    • Angela says:

      Seriously, this. From what I’ve heard she’s had a very impressive career, seems highly intelligent, all that good stuff. Sounds worthy of recognition to me.
      But nah. Let’s all focus on the fact that she married a celebrity instead. Sigh.

    • rowan77 says:

      I agree completely. She’s impressive as hell without Clooney. Getting married to him put her in the spotlight (and it’s nice to see him with someone like Amal) but it doesn’t make her impressive or fascinating. Everything else about her does. That was not the only sexist reason someone was on Barbara Walter’s list. I think Barbara’s sensibilities are not valid in a 21st century world.

  9. Grace says:

    There will never be too much Fallon/Timberlake. Never.

  10. Nell on Wheels says:

    22 I had no idea those ads featured Fallon and Timberlake – I just thought they were stupid. Now that I know it’s Fallon and Timberlake, I still think the ads are stupid.

  11. dman6015 says:

    22. Bite your tongue. There’s never going to be too much of the Fallon-Timberlake bro-love-fest.

  12. Kim says:

    20. I caught myself crying when Bonnie told Violet about her dad and Christy wanted them to stop. Like that caught me as though someone sucker punched me to the throat. And when did Baxter get… I mean I wanted to hug Christy, Bonnie, Baxter, and Violet in that order by the end of the episode. Oh throw in Luke and Roscoe and make it a group hug! Wasn’t expecting that from a sit com.

  13. JBC says:

    White Collar’s ending was perfect. NO EXES NEEDED! Neal with his impressive conman talents was a treat to behold.

  14. 19. I totally think that will happen, especially with the scene at end, and will be only thing redeemable about that boring episode.

  15. Joe says:

    #1 I was pretty sure he listed Sherlock during the monologue unless I’m remembering incorrectly.

  16. RUCookie says:

    Sorry – but I laughed at those iphone commercials… those 2 crack me up!

  17. Timmah says:

    10b. Why would you want to?

  18. bj says:

    8. Definitely Joelle wanting to “meet” Callen.

    12. YES. Why do they always ruin great moments with ill conceived promos?

  19. Luke says:

    From what I can remember they have yet to cast Mirror Master or the new Weather Wizard on The Flash so who knows, Luke Mitchell may still have a chance; or he could just be a different villain/hero that might appear later on in the show, the series is still young there’s still time for him to appear; now we just have to cross our fingers and hope;
    What villain or hero do you think would fit him best?

  20. Ally says:

    # 8 NCIS LA: All of the above
    #12 NCIS: Yes it would; needed to see the team more supportive of Tim as well
    # 19 : The season seems a little drab altogether; so unless someone starts using BrainAttic as motive for serial killer tyoe arc just leave it as it
    # 17: Would have loved to see Sara; but its not about hat type of happy ending

  21. Babybop says:

    Am I the only one who hasn’t seen those ads? I grounded myself from TV during finals week.

  22. Lerbert says:

    #21 Definitely a non-starter…but it was most likely also the only time/place we’ll see Jon Hamm, Lisa Kudrow, Billy Eichner, and Mindy Kaling & Chris Messina accept “awards” for their work this year.

  23. Kim R says:

    8. NCIS:LA- For me it was the kiss.
    12. NCIS- It was very moving for me because I hadn’t seen the promos so didn’t expect it. I really enjoyed the entire episode.
    13. POI- The show, for me, is starting to get too close to that “you’ve got to be kidding me” line with the Machines running things. That being said, the young actor speaking for Samaritan was excellent.
    17. White Collar- I think it was unnecessary. I didn’t miss anything and thought the episode was perfect. I cried when Neal “died” even though I kept wondering about that bullet. I smiled right along with Peter when he realized he was alive. :) So well done.
    21. People’s Awards- I didn’t get through Nick Cannon’s opening. It felt so unprofessional.

  24. 17. I would have loved for Alex to have made a surprise appearance. It’s been a while, but I’ve always enjoyed her scenes.

  25. HAP says:

    #18- Am I the only one that felt like the last several minutes of the episode was a series finale?

  26. Lillian says:

    1. Martin definitely left Sherlock off his list during the monologue, it was startling to me. I was very disappointed that there wasn’t even a mention. People are telling me Martin’s international break was The Office, but I never heard of him before Sherlock and neither had my friends, but i could be wrong.

    12. Stupid me, didn’t even realize McGee was wearing a suit in the promo, so that didn’t tip me off. I got suspicious when he was getting dressed.

    22. Again, stupid me, didn’t realize that was JF and JT. I thought one guy was Justin Long. Now that I know who they are, I like them even more.

  27. luli says:

    11. YES YES YES just what I thought when I saw the casting. We need Luke Mitchell!

  28. Kate says:

    2. We all know that diner, its where little Pinocchio managed to get to from the tree with Baby Emma and its that calender he saw where he picked the name August.

    17. I wasn’t disappointed anyone didn’t show up (plus they are so going to do like a yearly standalone movie, huh?) but if I remember correctly, didn’t Sarah’s job take her to Europe?

    20. It was very well done.

    22. Quite possibly, as many of my shows have been off, I haven’t been able to skip commercials, so I see those a lot. On top of that, I have a Samsung Galaxy.

    • JBC says:

      17. Yes, Sara’s job took her to London.. after that it was nice watching Neal actually fall in love with someone, i.e. Rebecca, even though it was a con. Why would Sara be there at the end? Also, Alex didn’t need to be there either, unless she played part of the con, which would have been more realistic. So glad the Finale made Neal and Peter Shine in their skills as Conman and Agent.. that is why we first started to love White Collar in the first place… the bromance, Burke and Caffrey, Bomer and DeKay.. Loved the finale! Happy Ending!

  29. Tom says:

    9 | Innovative as it may have been to let the Scorpion team communicate with the endangered boy via tablet, in what world would there have been a strong wi-fi signal in a cave on a beach?
    cell signal?

  30. Gene Brown says:

    #17. Would have expected to be upset over Neal and Sara not being reunited but the ending ruined the whole show for me anyway. Dropped my season 1&2 DVDs (never bought any others) in Goodwill box because the Peter/Neal bromance was a fake. Neal is still a criminal and still didn’t have enough faith in Peter to help him with this problem. Won’t the Panthers be after Peter too and yet he’s still there for all the world to see? I think many of our suspicions are confirmed and Neal and Mozzie are living as a couple in Europe. Neal was never very convincing to me in romantic scenes with women. Too graspy and awkward and way too much preening for a man. Too bad because the first two seasons definitely had the promise of more with the witty dialogue, fun guests and plots, and budding mentor/protege relationship. The following seasons of ludicrous arcs, way too much Mozzie, and hateful Peter reduced me to an occasional watcher at best. It was past time for this show to go.

  31. Shannon says:

    12). I didn’t put two and two together, so no, it didn’t ruin it for me; but it was a bad idea and did take away the shock factor for others. Don’t put the biggest, best moments in promos!
    15). Missy’s comment seemed very insensitive to actual jurors for a murder trial. Everyone seemed put off. And the entire time the council was in session, I kept thinking, “Reed looks so PO’d!” I knew it was coming. But I disagree with the evil stepmother thing, Missy was siding with her daughter, and hated hurting her alliances.

  32. Rick Katze says:

    8. All of the above except Sam’s reunion because the others have been teased over several seasons and finally came to pass. Yes Callan’s situation is slightly different in that Joelle only cam-on-board this season but Callan finally meeting someone and having to open-up has been a theme of the show since its inception. But I don’t object to Sam’s reunion, just that it was not in the same level as the others.

  33. Bwhit says:

    17) when they panned out to Neal in Paris and there was a lady sitting at that cafe table in red, I thought for a split second it would be Sara. I didn’t really care either way, the show was always about Neal and Peter.

  34. Joni says:

    Regarding the promo with McGee in a suit and saying: “thank you”:
    CBS is notorious for giving away too much in their promos – and unfortunately NCIS is no exception to that.

  35. Joni says:

    “18 | Can we send McQuaid’s Covert Affairs quote — “You can do this job and die. And not do this job and die” — to every TV character ever? (Cough, Oliver Queen, cough.) And if you never again have to see a man killed by (involuntarily!) smothering a grenade, will it still be too soon?

    The grenade scene forced me to tweet: Holy Mother of God!
    McQuaid’s quote should be sent to ever to every TV character so therefor every TV writer. (Please USA re-new Covert Affairs).

  36. DarkDefender says:

    1. I found it very curious. Also, there were tons of material for the pickings… missed opportunity for a Cumberbatch impression..
    2. Couldn’t get past those god awful tentacles. and I can’t believe I am saying this, but I would have preferred bad CGI ones over what they used.
    6. Um… no one but Kate Beckett is… well… Kate Beckett.
    9. I am pretty sure that cave was right next door to Esposito’s subway car.. both have excellent wifi and cell reception!
    15. Reed’s monologuing, ironically, won’t get him any future acting jobs.
    21. There was a People Magazine awards show?? lol
    22. Um…. No.

  37. 8- THE KISS!!!!!
    12- I cried at the end
    17- I needed Sara so much!!!

  38. Briggs says:

    6 – All detectives want to be Detective Beckett. :) I’m an unashamed fan of both Stana and Nathan. But I love Katherine Beckett and how she runs in heels. LOL

  39. M3rc Nate says:

    9) Yeah that episode of Scorpion was the weakest by far, and one of the reasons being all the blatantly impossible stuff that happened. Question: If they can drill a hole down to him, why do they need to bring down a machine that can pump oxygen into his blood instead of just a long tube that the kid could suck on to get oxygen and exhale through his nose and when done breath out through his nose, and take another breath through the tube? It was overly complicated, and trying SUPER hard to be a “emotional christmas episode where the emotionless genius who doesnt believe in miracles breaks his beliefs and says its a miracle and has emotions.

    Which leads me to….why does every show that establishes a character to not have emotions (typically genius characters) do they work the entire series to prove they do have emotions? I mean even Sherlock does it (which i consider a very well written show, high quality), they say over and over he is a emotionless sociopath…then constantly show him breaking a smile or a bunch of other things that show he feels real emotion. Its stupid…i get it SOMETIMES but all the time? LAME.

  40. M3rc Nate says:

    18 | Can we send McQuaid’s Covert Affairs quote — “You can do this job and die. And not do this job and die” — to every TV character ever? (Cough, Oliver Queen, cough.)

    A-God-Damn-MEN! I dont get it….the chances of dying are just as high whether (lets say in this case) Oliver and Felicity are together or not. The real “safe/gentlemanly” thing to do if he cared about her well-being is to ban her from the cave and refuse to do hero work with her. She can work with Ray Palmer and make great money and be safe. But her odds of death are the same whether shes in the cave and dating Oliver or in the cave and not dating Oliver.

    It should also be mentioned that McQuaid is right that the option of “I cant lose you, so we are breaking up” is in fact losing him/her. Yes they arent dead, but to your POV (in your life) they basically are if you remove them from your life. You might as well play the odds, date/marry, be in love, and see if you both survive by the time you retire.

  41. AdultChildOfAlcoholic says:

    The episode of ‘Mom’ actually impressed me. Writers are naturally hesitant to return to the days of “a very special episode of ‘Blossom'”. There are enough comedy shows that like to incorporate elements of alcoholism and single parent/teen parent situations into their stories without addressing any of the truly ugly elements that are often part of the real world. 2 Broke Girls and shows like it settle for snappy one-liners and cheap throw-away lines that resemble the polite turning of a blind eye that happens all too often for people who believe it is better to not say anything. Good Job, writers, producers, cast & crew of ‘Mom’.

  42. Jimpy says:

    8) Eric is so clueless about Nell, I knew she was gonna have to make the first move. It may not be the part that warned my heart the most (that would be Sam and his family) but it wasy favorite

  43. JoyceT says:

    I thought it was odd too. Freeman is very proud of Sherlock, so it’s unlikely he forgot to mention it, unless it was just a case of nerves. He did win an Emmy for it, so I really doubt he forgot it. Very curious. As is the fact that his Santa Trap skit was very funny and very well done but was omitted in favor of lessor skits.

  44. cjeffery7 says:

    can there PLEASE please please be a mention for Legend of Korra next week? i mean… Korrasami though, right? ;-)

  45. Ed says:

    20) my favorite new comedy. The fact that it can make you laugh in hysterics to tears in a min flat is amazing. I hope MOM continues on

  46. I did comment on the Sherlock page about Freeman’s lack of mention of the show, and later added that perhaps he thought the SNL crowd too much of a lowbrow for Sherlock. I truly hope his castmates gave him whatfor….

  47. Stefanie says:

    8. NCIS LA the Kiss!

  48. Ella says:

    I wish Neal had gone to London to find Sara instead of Paris and Hilarie Burton had made a cameo. Neal deserved a happy ending like Peter and Elizabeth got. He got his freedom but he was still technically alone.

  49. MattySi. says:

    I’m curious to find out how the Queens of Darkness got to New York. And why is it always New York?