The Amazing Race Season 25 Finale: And the Winner Is...

The Amazing Race Season 25 Finale

The Amazing Race‘s 25th season reached its final pit stop on Friday, with four teams — instead of the usual three — competing for the $1 million prize. But which team was first to arrive at the winner’s circle?

Before a champ could be determined, the remaining four pairs — surfers Adam and Bethany; wrestlers Brooke and Robbie; dentists Misti and Jim; scientists Maya and Amy — headed back to U.S. soil after their stint in the Philippines.

Let’s hit the highlights of the final leg:

* Upon realizing that Maya and Amy were not, in fact, eliminated, Brooke and Robbie make the scientists feel real guilty about remaining in the race. “We didn’t make the rules, though,” Maya insists. “No, but we’re still allowed to be upset about it,” Brooke shoots back. O-kay.

* Speaking of Brooke and Robbie, they’re the first team to get eliminated after a number of wrong turns bring them to the road block last. But don’t worry: Despite their frustration at losing the race, they still find time to remind us — for the zillionth time — that they’re wrestlers.

* The remaining three teams are neck and neck (and neck) for the final challenge, which requires locating nine shipping containers marked with the names of cities they traveled to on the race. Memorize the numbers on those containers, write them down in the correct order and hand ’em to the supervisor. Easy! (Kinda!)

* Despite how close the teams are during this last leg, only one can come out on top. And that team is… Maya and Amy! From worst to first, indeed. (Misti and Jim nab second place, with Adam and Bethany bringing up the rear.)

Were you happy with the winner of The Amazing Race? Or, considering Maya and Amy should have gone home last week, were the results unfair? Cast your vote in the poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the finale.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kevin says:

    Fix was in, only leg ever without a speed bump for the last place finishers of the previous leg. Boooooo

    • Agnes pavlick says:

      I agree. It was almost designed for the scientists to win. They should have been eliminated when they came in last in a leg.

    • James says:

      It’s a superleg. The final four teams were not given mandatory rest period (except giving some time for their confessionals for Leg 11) and were told to continue on racing. Didn’t make sense to do a speedbump, at the final leg.

      And that all happened because the Save was not used. It’d be to costly to plan out addtional speedbumps for every leg in the event it was used in any of those legs.

    • dan says:

      It wasn’t a non-elimination round, the race continued with four teams going to the last leg then a “surprise” elimination. No fix. These things are planned months in advance.

    • Nosey says:

      It was not the only leg ever. I remember a season where a team was not eliminated and did not have a speed bump, and I also remember a season where the leg kept going and there was no speed bump. Can’t say the motive was to keep the team in. I thought it was designed for the surfers to win (think surfers and scientists were the favorites). If it was fixed it did not seem as obvious to me. To me the last time an all female team (Louisville Basketball players an I am from and live in Louisville) seem more obvious. In that season it was the Globetrotters, the Louisville basketball players, and the father daughter team from KY, Season 18. The final leg is generally some type of conceptual task involving the visited cities, but the final leg for season 18 was setting a table. Wasn’t really disappointed about the final 3 b/c they were all favorites. It was leg itself was just weak compared to history. This final leg in season 25 seemed like a strong chance for any team to win. Initially they drove themselves where they needed to go, the scientists where in 1st place and never have been good w/ directions. So if it was fixed the scientists would have had major help driving to their destination and major help in the last leg. Not saying it is impossible just saying it was not as obvious. The scientists messed up by losing their lead and so did the surfers. I thought it was entertaining b/c I could not tell who would win. And even if the scientists were eliminated, based on the result of the last leg the dentists more than likely would have won. But there are many reality shows that seam fixed to me including sports. But I never could tell who would win b/c not sure how many efforts it took each team to finish the last task on the last leg. But can honestly say I was pulling for the scientists or surfers b/c both teams had physical limitations. But cannot say the results is any indication of it being fixed b/ that team was the last team to get to the final task. There may or may not be some off camera actions that could have affected the results.

    • Big Ulf says:

      It was not a separate leg tonight. Last week and this week was ONE LONG LEG (“Keep On Racing”). Therefore of course there wouldn’t be a speed bump!

    • Bobby says:

      How long have you been watching TAR? No team ever gets eliminated at the mid point of a double length leg. Speed bumps only apply to teams who arrive last at the end of non elimination legs.

    • EithanVoc says:

      Sure, like the surfing fast forward wasn’t made for the surfers to win. *eyeroll* They spent the whole time talking them up.

  2. Patti says:

    It was rigged! Scientists should have been eliminated before the final leg!

  3. sara says:

    “The Candy Girls.” That says it all. These women are scientists yet people insist on belittling them by calling them Candy Girls. Good for them for proving the sexist idiots wrong!

  4. BHM says:

    Terrible…….change the rules and a last place team suddenly is equal….wrong….wrong…wrong….

  5. Vicki says:

    Stick with 2 teams not 4 teams

  6. Susan Gayle says:

    As long as the candy scientists or surfers won, I was happy. Considering Amy has a bum leg and worked through the pain, I felt they indeed deserved to be final three.

  7. Bill says:

    I agree wilh Kelvin

  8. Rachel says:

    Most disappointing finale in awhile. Scientists were unremarkable all season and I honestly didn’t even know their names until the last few episodes.

    • Moment says:

      That’s surprising, as the girls have had plenty of screentime over the past few episodes, and their names have been mentioned quite a bit.

    • EithanVoc says:

      No worse than Season 18 when the gay couple (sorry, forgot their names) after completely sucking all season.

  9. The surfers. Who can do what she’d with only one arm. Hope you two get the price!

  10. Connie says:

    I was partial to Bethany, but very happy for the girls. Wrestlers arrogant, glad they were eliminated. Race never disappoints.

  11. Tyrone Burroughs says:

    They had every right to be in this contest and if the others had a problem with that, guess what, that’s their problem. They played the game fair and square, they didn’t change the rules the producers did and the have a right to switch things up when they choose too. Congratulations scientist, you make persistence look good.

  12. Tyrone Burroughs says:

    They had every right to be in this contest and if the others had a problem with that, guess what, that’s their problem. They played the game fair and square, they didn’t change the rules the producers did and they have a right to switch things up when they choose too. Congratulations scientist, you make persistence look good.

  13. David says:

    I think Misti and Jim should be the ones who should be cursing….their good luck. I suspect if they had been forced to use their Save along the way, it would have turned the non-elimination point last week into an elimination one (since the Save would have done the reverse), and Maya and Amy would have been eliminated then. Then who knows.

    No problem with the result though- the game plays like it plays, and Maya and Amy were the beneficiary of it- and only the 3rd all-female team to win in 25 seasons…

  14. John bowman says:

    The fix was in. The winners should have been eliminated on the last leg.disgusting how they did not win one leg and came up the winners. the ultimate blatant manipulation by the producers.
    A point system should be used so that the winners would be the ones who proved themselves over the entire race and deserved to win

    • Jim L says:

      Pssst! You know how you prove you deserve to win the Amazing Race? You win the last leg.

      • Terry says:

        True enough. As disappointed as I am in the outcome, Bethany did start the last task first and if she had been able to keep her lead and finish it first, then Adam and Bethany would have won. But she didn’t, Amy overtook her and the scientists won so congratulation to them, I guess.

        • Nosey says:

          Agree cannot Bethany lost that on her own. She was the first one who started and the last one who finished. Amy was the last one who started and the first one who finished.

    • James says:

      Eric and Danielle in All-Stars 1 never won a leg but ended up winning their season.

    • Zenobia Jackson says:

      The producers were clearly pushing The Surfers as the sentimental favorites and you bought into it. Even if the scientists had been eliminated, the Surfers would not have won. You can complain all you want about the outcome, but the scientists won fair and square. They were the underdogs and did really well on the final leg…the final leg is usually a mental challenge of some kind and they succeeded where the others failed.

      • Melissa says:

        Good point! Everyone who is upset Amy and Maya were eliminated need to realize had they been eliminated the dentists would have won the race. I am not thrilled Amy and Maya won but I would definitely want them over the dentists!!

    • Charlie Fraser says:

      What fix?? Long before the show starts filming, they (producers) are required to submit the rules of how the season will play out. This was instituted years ago, when reality TV started (Survivor). This is to eliminate the possibility of ‘steering’ how the season plays out and influencing the outcome. So, no fix, just new twists that some aren’t happy with. I say good for them, they persevered and in the end they conquered.

      • Izzie says:

        Survivor was sued bt a contestant who said she was unfairly evicted to keep a more popular contestant. Survivor settled with this claimant. Makes you wonder!

  15. chloe says:

    I was shocked to see Amy and Maya win The Amazing Race. Wow. They did not come in 1st place not one time during the season. While I’m not upset they won – I was really pulling for Adam and Bethany; watching Bethany do some of these challenges with one arm inspired me.

    That one person is right…..if Jim and Pam would’ve used their save during the show, it would’ve ended up being just a regular final 4.

  16. Rianna says:

    I liked all of the final teams so I would have been happy regardless of the winner (which is rare) but I would have been ecstatic if Adam and Brittany won.

  17. Rose says:

    If the team didn’t win a person wanted to win they will find any kind of fault they can for the team who won. This is the way the Amazing Race went this season……if your team didn’t win – oh well! jmo

  18. Leslie says:

    There were a couple of non-elimination legs that shouldn’t have been….especially the last. You don’t start the FINAL LEG with 4 teams. Very disappointing. This race was a milestone being the 25th season. Production really ruined what should’ve been remembered as the best season of all. The finale ruined the entire race for me. A damn shame. 😟

    • J says:

      Theoretically, the last elimination leg should not have happened. But it happened, and it’s because of the Save. They had to throw an extra “leg” to compensate for the Save going unused. Had Misti/Jim actually used the Save (and not have that non-elimination leg when they were in last), the scientists would have been easily out.
      Also, the Production staff can start their final leg with as many teams as they freaking want. They dictate the terms and they can do whatever the ____ they want. It’s the 25th season and, in all honesty, some change is needed to keep the show interesting. If you don’t like any of the changes, then tough luck. Go watch something else.

    • Andy J says:

      “Dancing With The Stars” has four couples in the finale as well.

  19. Dalynn Anderson says:

    Maya & Amy should of be out last week. Bethany & Adam deserved the win. Beth is amazing & awesome young lady. And I’m soooooo very PROUD of who she grown into. She was just a little kid when she was attacked by a shark. She NEVER gave up. Stay true to who you are Bethany.

  20. Lynn says:

    I wanted either the scientists or surfer to win. Jim and Misty were too full of themselves especially Jim. I’m very familiar with dentists and their teeth look sooo fake. It shows they’re not very good dentists. Teeth are supposed to look natural. And Jim looks like he has woman’s boobs with his tight tshirts. The wrestlers were full of themsselves also – they deserved to lose.

  21. chris g says:

    what’s frustrating is the show says it’s a race but it’s a one day game. If one team would win every single race leg until the last day and then lose that one because the show makes them all start at the same place the next day would that seem fair?if someone beat them that day that’s fine, but what advantage did they get for winning everything up to that point? I’m not saying it should build up so that one team might get 13 hours ahead of other teams before the last race. But whoever wins a leg should get a time advantage at the start of the next one otherwise it’s not really a race it’s a stop and start every day and being a great team gives you no advantage then at the end and I think that’s disappointing for fans to watch. Just speaking for myself.

  22. Julia Jansen says:

    This was rigged – the scientists should have been eliminated. I am done watching The Amazing Race – it is no longer amazing.

    • dan says:

      How was it rigged? The wrestlers got lost and were eliminated. Bethany started the memory challenge first, but Amy finished it first and got it right on the first try (Misty and Bethany each made at least two attempts). Amy & Maya’s cab got them to the final pit stop first. So how was it rigged?

    • Andy J says:

      If it was rigged for anyone it would have been for the surfers. An ocean challenge? In the final leg? How convenient. The truth is I am sure that the show’s challenges are planned months in advance and I for one thought the outcome was great; it kept one guessing almost until the very end.

  23. Shirkey says:

    Not happy that they kept 4 teams with twist To elinate part way. Disliked.

    • Terry says:

      Agreed. I think it should have been only 3 teams in the final. But then again, if the wrestlers had ended up winning I’d be even more disappointed than I already am.

  24. Teri says:

    But was happy that the wrestlets and dentists did not win.

  25. Richard learned says:

    Race was rigged this time, last time I watch

  26. Jake says:

    I feel like this show manipulated the results to have two likeable teams in the finale instead of just one. Clearly the dentists and wrestlers were painted as the bad guys of the season so to have those in the end would not have helped. I liked the girls but they never won a single race, only came in 2nd only when there were 4 teams. Very weak.

    • Hailey says:

      How were they “painted” as villains when they do that to themselves. They say the things they say and do the things they do all on their own. Guess the low hanging fruit came back and bit ya in the but huh Dentist

  27. Jim says:

    The scientists were eliminated on the previous leg, they came in last, the other teams were the final three-and didn’t expect and shouldn’t of had extra competition for the last leg-the wrestlers had a speed bump on the next to last leg and came in 1st-changing rules in the middle of the race is not fair and I am one very annoyed angry loyal fan!!!!

  28. The Queen says:

    I feel the scientist we’re giving a pass to the final round because that last challenge was so strenuous, heavy an unfair for a woman to participate in against three strong men they never had a chance in this world to win that leg of the race therefore giving them a pass and sending them into the finale.

  29. Brandy says:

    The candy girls should have had a speed bump like every other non elimination leg. Why should you get to come in last with no penalty.

    • Nosey says:

      I have seen other seasons although few with no seed bump for non eliminating leg before, and believed it was done to keep the team from being eliminated. I have also seen where the leg kept going and believed it was to keep a team from being eliminated. But that is just the way it is. It would be boring if AR did everything the same every season. I thought it was entertaining to see the team who could have been eliminated come 1st the next leg two legs in a row. I knew this was a non eliminated b/c Phil said maybe eliminated instead of will be eliminated (normally he says will be in the Final 4). In all honesty I thought it would be fixed for the surfers (who missed their chance on the last leg), I don’t recall any team with any disability ever winning AR and thought it would be the 1st.

  30. Ok, reading all the comments saying it was rigged. Now, what IF the surfers placed 4th and they won? What if the dentists placed 4th and they won? What if the wrestlers placed 4th and they won? Same answer? I don’t think so. Technically, this was a “superleg”. It wasn’t even a non-elimination episode (Philippines Part 2). I’m not defending the scientists at all. I was rooting for the surfers to win, but hey…you can’t win everything. I watch the show because of the amazing places they visit. The teams are only secondary to me, that is. IMO, I like change. If this show continues to do the same thing (i.e, elimination at F4 for instance), it gets stale. I say give it a chance. Spoiler alert…they’re doing it again next season.

    • dan says:

      Thanks Will, glad somebody else understands what happened with this continuation of the previous leg. I wasn’t rooting for the Scientists, but I liked the twist of four teams racing for the million with one team being eliminated. I’m glad the producers decided to shake things up a little. I was pleasantly surprised that the Scientists won (similar to the season when the Beekman Boys came from the underdog position and won). Love this show!

    • Ange says:

      I agree with everything you have said from the watching because of the places they visit to the changes to the final leg. I thought it was brilliant. After the way they treated the scientist trying to discredit their abilities throughout the season, I am glad they won. Although Adam and Bethany were my favorites, the best team won.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Yes, same answer, Will

  31. Anna Mattera says:

    Wanted adam and Bethenny to win but glad dentists and wrestlers lost . Brooke and Robbie so annoying might have strength no common sense maybe that’s why they wrestle little brain power

  32. I’d have to think back harder to other seasons, but definitely feels like one of the most rigged finales ever on this show. I mean reality television if of course heavily manipulated (if not necessarily scripted) but this seems like a new low for the show.

  33. Zenobia Jackson says:

    I was glad the poor sportsmen wrestlers were eliminated. That aside, I think many of the challenges were designed to make Adam and Bethany take the race….I think the producers really wanted them to win. While I think that they are great athletes and probably nice people…I don’t think that Bethany is especially bright…and that cost them the race. I was happy with the win.

  34. buttercupp85 says:

    Okay, before I start on my opinion, I am a diehard surfers fan and was cheering for them from leg 1. In my opinion Candy Girls were the best second choice, but I was still super bummed.

    Having a four team finale weakened the race for me. I would’ve not minded it if it was a 2 hour finale, and a team was eliminated after the hour mark, but then it would’ve been a triple long stretch of a leg. Really, it needed to be a 3 team finale like usual, or 4 teams and 2 hour finale.

    Second nitpick… The last task famously makes teams put their brains and memories to the test and somehow incorporates places they were in the whole race. It is also ALWAYS a team challenge (to the best of my recollection… I’ve watched most seasons from somewhere around s8 on). I didn’t like how it was an individual challenge over a team challenge, it just didn’t wrap up the race well.

    As for the lack of a roadblock issue…I see both sides. I think it was slightly confusing how Phil told them last episode. First, he said that they were not out because four teams were competing …and then continued to say they were still racing. I think having both of these statements was the confusion. If he had said they were letting four teams in (kind of meaning it’s a non-elim leg), then it’s really not that fair that they don’t have to do a roadblock (last leg or not). However, since it’s the same leg (as the race is still continuing) then they wouldn’t have to do a roadblock- same leg! So I think he should’ve either said- it’s a non elimination leg and the race is still going or it’s a non elim leg and we’re letting four teams race for the finale. However, I think it’s more apparent that since the leg was continuing, it was a non elim and they were still racing. BUT I think it was a weak “twist” to not have an elimination right before the finale. I have no love for the wrestlers, but I can understand their frustration!

    Speaking of the wrestlers, as much as I hate them, I have been informed by my friend who grew up in LA that they were truly given some poor, poor directions. But also, know how to read a map. They actually were showing to be a formidable team in the end, but boy am I glad they were eliminated.

    I think it’s obvious TAR’s producers are trying to change things to surprise viewers since this show has been on for so long. Some things work (like when the U-Turn was introduced way back) and some things don’t (remember the terribleness that was the family teams of 4 season?!). This is especially apparent with the promotions for next season. I think having half the team as blind dates is a disadvantage to those teams! Remember last all stars when Mallory and that other guy from the south (I think) paired up and they were at a serious disadvantage not knowing each other?! I guess I’ll see when I tune in next season! I wouldn’t be surprised if this new experiment fails just like the family season did.

    P.S. Surfers are totally in the next All Stars. I think the wrestlers will be in there as well, and possibly the dentists. But I think surfers and wrestlers are a sure thing!

  35. Tay Teng Neo says:

    Adam n Bethany deserve to win. They are very good contestants n very determine even with the disability. No bad mouthed n had very good spirit . They deserve to win. The scientists should b eliminated. Thanks

    • Zenobia Jackson says:

      Even if the scientists had been eliminated, Adam & Bethany would not have won…the dentists would have. Bethany blew it on the final challenge and that cost them the race…not the scientists’ non-elimination.

  36. Aina Trivedi says:

    I am already mad at #sweetscientists I think the surfers should have won. The leg before the finale, the candy girls were supposed to be eliminated but, they were kept in the race. They should not have won. :(

    • Hailey says:

      You are really mad at them? It was the production crew you should be mad at if you are gonna be that silly about it. Those girls had nothing to do with the twist. Geeze! Also wonder what you would be saying if your team had come in last and didn’t get eliminated and ended up winning. Hmmmmm..

  37. manali says:

    The finale was not that was just not upto the mark :(

  38. Denise says:

    It was no fair as Maya and Amy were recipients of two non-eliminations.

  39. l patterson says:

    I do believe they should have been gone last week and not allowed in the finals I haven’t watched yet but if they won very disappointed they were not that strong the surfers with the handicap had the most challenges

  40. Maria Macalino says:

    They are the most deserving team to win. They played well and clean.

  41. Steve says:

    Very disappointed in the finale. Amy and Maya did not deserve to be in the last leg. They had showed nothing the entire race. I didn’t just love the wrestlers, but they played hard the entire race and the wrestlers should have been allowed to play to the end. Also, since they had raced around the world, the wrestlers should have been able to do the stunt. Didn’t like Phil’s attitude that you got here too late, so you can’t go through the window.

  42. g says:

    Fan of show since season one. Although it’s fairly obvious early on which are the stronger teams most seasons or to put it differently which teams will be eliminated over time usually due to physical weakness, intelligence, or bonehead errors it was a nice twist that a relatively unassuming team won. Would have bet on the the surfers, dentists, or cyclists. No problem with the way things went down here but do agree with another poster that this show has too many equalizers.This is obviously done to make things more interesting not make one team fall hopelessly behind (has happened but rarely).

    I think next season will be interesting and clearly established couples should have an advantage especially in deciding who roadblocks or which detour is better for them ( they will have to learn a lot about each other quickly like who has fear of heights, who swims, who hast a cast iron stomach etc). Will be a little harder to keep track of as all are couples – heck I may be the only one who liked the US family season

  43. John Bowman says:

    What an obvious, blatant fix – Maya and Amy winning the race who should have been eliminated in the previous leg. I guess that it was time for a black to win, as the last ones were in season 18, to keep the black viewers.

    • Phyllis says:

      As a black viewer, FYI, I watch no matter who wins. The show is about competition. Just as in life, the breaks, either inspite of or despite of your effort can fall either way. What’s “fair” is relative. P.S. I was rooting for the surfers. But hats off to the scientists.

    • Rosslyn says:

      You’re an idiot! A BLACK… I’m a Black and a long time fan. I pick who I wish to win if they are kind to other’s not by the color of their skin.

    • Zenobia Jackson says:

      With that kind of obnoxious comment, John Bowman, you lost any credibility from your other posts.

  44. Don & Fred in San Gabriel says:

    I was cheering for the Wrestlers
    , but the Candy Scientists were a
    Great Alternative. Kudos to the Girls!!!

  45. Grandma says:

    We thought that Amy and Maya were worthy, but our favorites were Bethany and Adam. Both teams were nice to each other and the other teams. The wrestlers were nasty and vindictive while the dentists were just arrogant. I liked the way the producers had 4 teams with a knockout during the final leg. It added some more suspense! Great season!,

  46. Marian says:

    I love the Amazing Race, I never really care who wins, the fun is watching the different teams coming thru each challenge. Yes, I admit to rooting and having some favorites, but, overall, I just like the show. With it being it’s 25th season tho, i do admit it would have been nice to see some new things happening versus just the same old thing over and over. I didn’t like that their were 4 teams at the end, as I think it should remain at 3, but it doesn’t matter, in the end it’s up to those who create the show and the direction they want to see it go in. The show is quite popular, until it loses some of that popularity, I doubt we’ll see many big changes.

  47. Stephen says:

    If not Adam & Bethany then Amy and Maya. The dentists are arrogant fools and the wrestlers are just arrogant a-holes.

  48. Molly says:

    I was rooting for the surfers to win. It reminds me of the season with the Cowboys and the hippies. The hippies were last but it was a non elimination round right before the final 3. Then the cowboys and hippies were doing the challenge memory of the countries right before the finish line, something to do with flags or something like that. The hippies got it right before the cowboys and won. (I was rooting for the cowboys). I wanted the surfers to win but I’m okay with the scientists winning over the other 2 teams.

  49. Ronnie says:

    Thrilling! People who didn’t bother to brag, insult, complain, but worked together–kindly–to come out on top is fabulous. Only other team we rooted for were Adam and Bethany. Watching Amy and Maya hit the home stretch had us screaming in delight. So much so, we’re saving the episode to watch again whenever we want to feel great about people who have stamina, generosity, and class.

    • Alex Strachan says:

      What a nice comment. And how refreshing to see a comment like this in an open forum, instead of the usual bile and vitriol.